The Fullerton Green Scene This Weekend-don’t miss it.

This weekend, at the Fullerton arboretum is the wonderful Fullerton Green Scene event. If you have a green thumb or maybe want to develop one, this event is a a must attend.

There are free seminars, vendors from all over So Cal who have everything from natives, tropicals, rare plants, herbs, rare fruit trees, patio furniture, earthworm farms or anything else related to the great outdoors in your front or backyard.


Pakistan Mulberries await the ripening scheduled for this weekend

You can see just what the climate Fullerton has been blessed with is capable of producing by looking at the amazing mature specimens at The Arboretum. Many of the varieties of trees in the arboretum will be available for sale. There is no better way to improve your health than by beginning to grow some of your own food. For the children, it has unfortunately become a lost art and it ought not be so, so come on out, bring the family, support the local grass roots economy and enjoy this awesome event.


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