Ladies and gentlemen, hospitals are for sick people, churches are for sinners, bars are for drunks and Airports are for aircraft. I wonder how some people in this community have attempted to cleverly devise a way to make an airport into the place for all of that?

Well it appears that the best laid plans of mice and men combined with what I believe to be the worst intentions of some have amalgamated into a huge problem for city officials and ultimately, you guessed it, the taxpayers.

Fullerton is being sued again, and this time it is not by the parents of someone murdered by some deranged cops, or someone who was molested by some pervert wearing a badge, nor someone whose ball joints have been busted by these busted up shitty roads. This time it is over what appears to be a case of crooked cronyism. The city of Fullerton is the subject of a 500 million dollar lawsuit between a local business and city officials and now the Feds are involved.

Public works director Don Hoppe. He is the airport manager Brendon Oreily’s boss.

City manager Domer needs to check his email today

Well, word to the Fullerton Informer is The City of Fullerton is now the subject of an open FAA investigation. The phone call and letter to city officials from the FAA is on its way to stop the agenda item on Tuesday night’s council meeting docket.

An official FAA Grants Assurance 22 non discrimination violation investigation has been opened at the Federal level brought about by allegations made by Mr. Blackstone on behalf of Air Combat USA who is also involved in a 500 million dollar breach of contract lawsuit with the city of Fullerton. The lawsuit alleges that actions of city officials involving collusion, alleged intentional misrepresentations and alleged interference, all allegedly intended to breach Air Combat USA’s contract.

The battle over the hangar at the Fullerton airport is between a 20 year Reserve La Habra PD Narcotics officer named Rob Sims who owns Hangar 21 helicopters who has operated at the Fullerton airport since 2016. He wants to expand his helicopter and events business.

Rob Sims

and a 25 year commercial airline pilot, named Mike Blackstone, who owns an aviation company called Air Combat USA who has operated at the Fullerton airport for nearly 30 years. He wants to stay at the airport and expand his business.

Mike Blackstone


In light of the pending lawsuit, it is almost unbelievable that in addition to a lease being proposed at this time for Hangar 21, the city staff has still gone ahead and prepared a staff report asking for the Fullerton municipal code to be amended. Specifically intended is a land use zone change to accommodate an aviation business to convert aviation property owned by the taxpayers, which is federally subsidized for aviation uses, into non aviation use for a event hosting venue ancillary business for the party that is intending to displace a 100 percent aviation business.
The city has gone to great lengths and has in my opinion has abused its discretion by evicting a 100 percent aviation business in favor of an aviation business whose intended use of the facility in question will be hosting party events in the hangar on airport property. It is a good thing the FAA has stepped in.

In spite of the city being made aware of the lawsuit which I have posted here —-FAC_Blackstone_8 , the potential grant violations, and requests of Mike Blackstone, Barry and myself to remove this item from the agenda forecast at the previous meeting,  city staff, under the auspices of our new city manager, Mr. Domer,

and with the clearance of our city attorney, Dick Jones,

still doubled down and had decided to place the item on the agenda anyway, ignoring everything before them. Even the entire city council ignored the lawsuit and everything that the three of us presented in public comments. The worst offender of all is the mayor (Tony Bushala bought and paid for plant) Bruce Whitaker who, as Barry Levinson had pointed out, ignored the potential for this action to compound the outcome of the lawsuit. He said and did nothing and still put this potentially crooked scheme on the agenda for the next meeting.

The other  (Tony Bushala bought and paid for plant) Greg Sebourn, also just ignored everything presented and rocked back and forth in his chair waiting for it all to end.

 (Police, and fire Union plant, bought and paid for union puppet) Doug Chaffee could barely keep his eyes open the entire time as this issue was brought up, He did nothing, and said nothing.

(Poker faced master of the municipal time card) City attorney Dick Jones just sat there ignoring and digesting (no pun intended) everything as usual.

(Shawn Nelson darling, Royce Hack, Curt Pringle operative, Tony Bushala’s teflon girl, Union puppet and Agenda 21 operative) Jennifer Fitzgerald actually had the nerve to laugh at the speakers during the public comment period.

I also might add that I received an anonymous comment that I should remove the picture of Rob Sims and that for my safety I should remove the entire article about the Fullerton Municipal Airport and the Air Combat USA, Inc. lawsuit, I take that as a threat against both Mr. Levinson and myself. We have taken the necessary precautions as well as have alerted those necessary. Both Mr. Levinson and myself have instructed several different people of this threat and who law enforcement including the FBI should look at if anything happens to either of us.

Fullerton is broke folks, these people are not helping and depending upon their behavior on Tuesday night, it may just get a whole lot worse for everyone. Huge lawsuits are not a good thing for a city that has no money left for even a firework show on the fourth of July.

Holding leaders accountable is 6th grade civics, and boy scout basic material. It is time for all of you to get involved because Fullerton’s leaders are not who you think you voted for and  the city government is run by people that are not who you think they are. Like Barry Levinson said at the last meeting he attended, the chickens are indeed coming home to roost. Yes they are one at a time.