Orange Unified Calls emergency meeting after listening to community over new sex ed curriculum

Most of you will go along with anything as long as they boil your children slowly. Take for example the forced vaccinations, as they pass laws that only affect your child let’s say, next year or in 2 years so you go along and when the time comes, your drag your child into the allopathic petrochemical poison pushing doctor’s office to get the poisons and the sterilants injectoned into your own flesh and blood. You self delusionally say well that wasn’t so bad knowing deep down inside what you have just done.

Take for example the technology programs that are sterilizing your children from the wireless radiation that they are being forcibly exposed to every day and by your own volition even in your own home. You deal with it every day as you dump your kid off to get irradiated so you can go get your nails done, go to they gymn, or stay home and watch TV all day. You will deal with these problems in a short period of time when your child tries to have a child. You will be carting your child off to see the fertility doctor and eventually the oncologist because one thing does indeed lead to another ladies and gentlemen.

Now we have this sicko kinky sex LGBT crap that these servants of lucifer are pushing. Well you will be dealing with a venerial disease clinic before all of the aforementioned and perhaps a clinical social worker or psychologist even sooner. You people who allow the devil to keep running the school district will soon be paying him your dues. The only legal tender lucifer accepts is your children folks and he likes them young and impressionable. The agents of the state who have sold their souls to him for their paltry paycheck are on trial here folks and you are now part of the jury who will decide whether they are guilty.

You can join the resistance or be one of lucifer’s tax collectors. The choice is yours.



  1. #1 by Demonizing the Opposition on May 26, 2018 - 3:34 pm

    Could Joe Imbriano refrain just a little bit in demonizing everyone he happens to disagree with?

    Does everyone truly believe that 100% of those who disagree with Joe are the devil incarnate?

    Is it possible that the opposition does not believe that wireless technology is dangerous as Joe says?

    Now each of the above questions does not take a side on the issue at hand. It just tries to give the reader a different approach, perspective on the subject.

    I for one would rather Joe or anyone who agrees with him on various issues, stick to the science and the arguments for reining in technologies such as wireless without assuming the opposition all have horns and are headed straight to hell once they no longer inhabit this planet.

    • #2 by Joe Imbriano on May 26, 2018 - 5:50 pm

      Barry you stood in front of Bob Singer at the FJUHSD board meetings how many times even reading verbatim from the studies as the science was being presented by even you yourself. I am forever grateful for all the hours you spent fighting for our children and would expect that you continue to do so even in light of the present circumstances between us. Bob Singer ignored it all Barry and REFUSED TO TALK TO THE ONCOLOGIST THAT DID THE STUDIES on wireless and cancer. Did I ever once make an issue out of the fact the most guilty and despicable board member in The FJUHSD Bob Singer was Jewish Barry? No because it doesn’t matter. How about worst one in the FSD? Never because it doesn’t matter. In my opinion, Bob Singer is an evil man. Horns in his head you bet, microwaving children in classrooms with metal walls makes a special place in hell for him. Listen Barry, you can’t have it both ways with your hate speech mantra, blocking me from your FB pages and talking first person to me like the ten people you have listening even wonder where my responses are. Get over this Jewish thing Barry. I am not anti semitic nor am I a holocaust denier and I am not unfriending David and you are mad at me because I did nothing. You are right I did absolutely nothing. Nothing at all and that includes answering your demands and that is why you are upset because Barry. You made demands to me and everyone I know to unfriend David and me and no one has. You continue to make demands that no one is following, and demand that I suppress speech that presents an opposing viewpoint on particular issues of Israel and their governments actions not the Jewish people Barry. There in lies the difference. I could care less if someone is Jewish, Muslim, Korean, Chinese or Hispanic or whatever. I fight evil no matter what color or flavor it comes in and fight for all of their children. Barry you are finally at a point where it is safe to call you a semitic supremicist. Who do you think you are that demands that opposition to anything be silenced while making excuses for the very things you fought against along side me for years like you just did? How can you also ignore the 1 hour and 30 minutes of parents exposing the vile and evil perversion that is being forced on children in this video? You instead only comment on how I need to stick to the science about wireless? Hundreds of thousands of people have seen my videos on the science now. What do you think all those handouts that were given to the board members for years were? I deal in facts Barry, facts that most people cannot handle and now even yourself. There are thousands of citations in the article linked in this post alone. Oh it is all about getting everyone to hate Joe now for you isnt it. Barry where have you been, as I have had the corner on the market on that activity for years with the establishment Barry. I have made a career out of making enemies in town for years buddy. Joe doesnt need your help on that one. I have royally pissed off all the evil people in town for years Barry. You are trying to appeal to people that already hate me, don’t know me or could care less. I guess your ethnicitity trumps everything and means more than anything else now Barry and that is really pathetic. The fact is that you are trying to personalize everything now and ignore the issues we are exposing as you substitute this Jewish thing into the equation as you continue to try to keep painting me into some corner that you want to label. It aint working pal. You are talking to the walls Barry. Stop acting like a lefty that you really are starting to look like with all your hate speech diatribe and demanding that everyone hate me. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me Barry and you should know that better than anyone. I am all about the truth and the truth will stand on its own. You are petrified of even looking at the truth now Barry. You wont have an open dialogue with me or David. That makes you no better that the people you continuosly criticize. Well, I have not blocked you here on this page, on North Orange county or the objective discussion on Israel page. You have blocked me from your pages Barry and that speaks for itself. For the record, here is the link to the FB page that has Barry Levinson going off the rails. It is one of about 20 pages that I run. It was started so Barry and David could have a dialogue and like a lefty, Barry headed for the hills. My opinions and statements are all public and in some cases clearly conflict with what Barry is alleging. I hope more of you will join the discussion. Thank you all for listening including you Barry.

      • #3 by Rob and Sheila on May 27, 2018 - 6:12 pm

        This has gone far enough. I am getting really sick and tired of these allegations against Mr. Imbriano. Until now, I have always regarded Mr. Levinson as a man of integrity based on his research, writings and contributions to this site.

        This repeated call to unfriend and to smear Joe has absolutely no merit and amounts to a “witch hunt”. If one were to analyze the facts, which Mr. Levinson clearly has not done in this case, then you would completely agree with me.

        Hear me out on this as it is really simple. If I were to apply the same requirement to Mr. Imbriano as Mr. Levinson has with his “stand up against hate” campaign, to everyone in the Facebook group Mr. Levinson hosts, I can reasonably conclude that there are at least 134 ANTI-SEMITIC MEMBERS in that group because they have all done the exact same thing that Joe has done-ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You heard me, the 134 members of that group have ALL REFUSED TO “stand up against hate” as Barry would call it. Their silence is deafening and according to Barry’s standards, outright damning.

        The members of the group Barry hosts have done nothing, said nothing and responded to nothing and Barry has yet to call even one of those individuals out for being ANIT-SEMITIC. Someone here needs to have their head examined and it isn’t Joe.

        I really appreciate all your hard work Joe and I am truly shocked at the abject hipocrisy of your former longtime colleague. The rift came as such a shock to my wife and I as you two worked so well together for the greater good of your community.

        We have lost all respect for that man and he should be ashamed of himself for what he is trying to do. Do not give him a platform here or anywhere else because he no longer deserves one. His logic is very twisted and his hateful and vitriolic bend is deeply troubling.

        Your reach is greatly expanding and being the subject of baseless personal attacks will become more frequent. You are doing great work and we wish only the best for you and yours Mr. Imbriano. You and your family are in our prayers.

        • #4 by Anonymous on May 28, 2018 - 8:46 am

          Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. I think this whole victimization of Jewish people thing is being promoted and used to bring hate speech laws to The United States. People like this Barry guy are being used as tools by Soros and his ilk. Really sad that it is coming down to that. Like the indians should get all their land back in the United States because they were here first. What a load!

        • #5 by Anonymous on June 13, 2018 - 2:48 am

          TO ALL… and to – JOE IMBRIANO AKA THE FULLERTON INFORMER – “You” MAY BE EITHER 1 (one) OF THE 144,000/ RIGHTEOUS ONES/REMNANT AND/OR SPOKEN OF AS ONE (1) OF THE “ALIVE” – by Enoch, as HE TOO (2) – SAYS HE IS “NOT HEARD!!!”, and you probably haven’t bothered to even read this far, eh? I write many comments and seldom get replies – whether they get Removed or what – Don’t Know – BUT MY ANSWERS ARE MIND BOGGLING – So then, “I” Will Be Brief! …

          You can call upon the minutes of the Abilene, Texas City Council Committee Meetings – and you will see that after I stood up there in front of them, told them our King saw what they were doing – and that them stealing Bass Turds Need to Authorize An Investigation into where the City had like almost 8 Million Dollars that they Did Not Know WHAT TO DO WITH – just a few months Before – and now – IT GOT LOST!???! AND THE CITY GOT BROKE???!!??? AND – THEY RAISE THE TAXES BECAUSE ONE OF YOU LYIN’ BASS TURDS – OR MORE!!!??? ??? STOLE OVER 7 (SEVEN) MILLION DOLLARS – AND WANT THE CITIZENS OF THIS FINE CITY TO MAKE UP FOR YOUR THEFTS??? Did Get that Right???

          I then asked them kindly to get an Independent Investigation that was not Tied to the City of Abilene to investigate this matter – so – the next month – I went to paint my church with my children – and there was WITHOUT ANY NOTICE AT ALL – a Trojan driving all over the roof of my church – BECAUSE THE ROOF WAS ALREADY LAYING ON THE GROUND! …

          Well that was not too long ago – but it all started in 1987 really = WHEN “I” WAS WAKING UP – and… “I WAS NOT AT ALL SILENT” – was even a Radio Show Host of KNTS 1470 AM in Abilene – I believe it was… they went off the air shortly AFTER THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE OF THE U.S. OF A’s CORPORATION – Had me Fired and even removed under Threat that if I ever stepped foot on that property again – I would be Immediately Arrested and put into Jail! – They Recently “murdered” me and burned down my last church/domicile – BECAUSE OF THE EVIDENCE “I” HAD! – DON’T BELIEVE ME? – look at this email that SAYS WHY “I” WAS BURNED OUT! – and…

          The Following Email was sent out to almost 100 Governmental/Law Enforcement/News Agencies!!! AND!!! – NOT 1 (ONE) SINGLE RESPONSE/REPLY FROM ANY HUMAN BEING… I will send to you the Entire Email which will give you all the emails – and 3 Notices I sent them TELLING THEM ALL THAT IF THEY DID NOT INVESTIGATE OR REPORT MY EMAIL – THEN THEY WAS GUILTY AS THE ARSONIST – WHO WAS AND IS KNOWN – BUT THEY WON’T INVESTIGATE and they haven’t even Questioned the Fellow who did it – but they Starved me for 44 Days – using your Tax Dollars to do it – and the 7th day of starving me in Solitaire Confinement FOR A FRAUD AGAINST ME – Obstructions of Justice and/or etc. – but – Enoch Spoke of it – please look at what was highlighted in the email below – nothing else was tampered with:


          “From: Stasia Zizelmann
          To: Al-Yahnai Hawkins
          Sent: Saturday, November 5, 2016 3:17 AM
          Subject: Re: Email

          You can obtain your own copy of the court papers at the courthouse. The court disagrees with your opinion, and the court is a higher authority than anything you have filed. If you are on my property even to mow my lawn or put in windows or to put up a tent etc, then you are trespassing. You have no rights to my property. I do not care about your electric bill. Do not plant anything on my property, including your feet.

          You are incorrect in stating that the sheriff cannot act upon you if you are trespassing on my property. I have notified you and my property is posted. If you are on my property, you will vacate my property or you will be vacated. You do not have my permission to be there, neither do your ‘friends’.

          You keep accusing me of burning down your ‘church/domicile’. I’m not the one who wanted the evidence destroyed. Everyone knows you weren’t growing ‘daffodils’.

          I’m done with the emails on this subject. Do not further harass me.

          Sent from my iPhone,

          “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” Bowie

          These things are what the “Righteous ones” go through – but Are “You” One? – please watch this and see:

          Excellent Video my friend – but “I” WAS “SILENCED” LONG AGO – but Enoch said that I won’t be for Long… But… I was Biting at the Bit waiting for you to mention GMO’s… these are WORSE than the other things – Because – People Defile their Holy Temples/bodies by Putting these things into it… so I pray for them…

          Only thing that I see we Do Disagree on – I will say little about – but when was the Letter “J” Invented my friend? Easiest Study you can do – just pick up any encyclopedia and look at the first thing that comes up under the Letter “J”… it will tell you when it was Invented – then gauge it against when our King Was Born some 2,000 Years ago – vs. when the Letter “J” was invented – hmmm… it’s why I disagree about some things – but what is taking place in these last Days – you right on my friend – and… I am praying for you from now on – night and day…


  2. #6 by Anonymous on May 27, 2018 - 5:33 am

    The United States government, INC. and all the career politicians/lifelong parasitic sycophants and the countless useful idiots within it’s many taxpayer-funded departments and agencies are actively engaged in an elaborate criminal conspiracy and all are engaged in criminal collusion with multiple private international banks and multiple private international corporations in cahoots with the United Nations.

    These thoroughly illegal collaborative entities have been actively engaged in all imaginable High Crimes including but not limited to Fraud, High Treason, Treachery; Embezzlement, Profiteering, Larceny; Slavery; Blackmail, Extortion, Bribery; Human Trafficking, Rape, Child Sex Slavery, Child Pornography, Child Trafficking, Murder; Human Organ harvesting and trafficking; Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering; Multiple Crimes Against Humanity; Domestic and International TERRORISM; Ongoing local and global GENOCIDE.

    The de facto criminal corporation DBA the government of the United States of America along with it’s many tax-payer-funded departments and agencies’ government “officials,” both elected and/or appointed, have actively and deliberately been plotting to undermine the sovereignty of the United States and have been deliberately deceiving the American citizenry since it’s inception.

    The U.S. [corporation] government’s insidious and strictly deliberate use of propaganda and propaganda tools, such as privately-owned media mouthpieces, compliant agency spokespersons and other willing quislings and covert agents do actively and constantly spread outright lies and deliberate misinformation and disinformation through it’s highly organized and directed propaganda outlets also known as the “mainstream media,” to completely stymy and utterly stupefy it’s own population, the taxpaying citizens.

    The U.S. fully-kleptocratic government is today and has been for at least multiple decades, engaged in all manners of thoroughly criminal activities, particularly by the highly contemplated and systematic use of countless choking bureaucratic agencies, including ALL schools, and also notable, the C.I.A.-controlled (Zionist/Jesuit-owned and controlled) so-called Mass Media, which is itself responsible for spreading constant repetitive LIES, half-truths, disinformation and misinformation through insidious and pernicious programs of brainwashing and mass mind control programming through use of pointed Propaganda confabulated by the devious criminals within this treasonous, traitorous, fraudulent, illegal and thus thoroughly illegitimate United States government.

    These highly deliberate and elaborately deceptive programs have long ago been planned, devised and implemented with very specific goals in order to brainwash and thus control every facet of the United States citizenry and concurrently to conceal the multiple ongoing and abhorrent crimes of this United States government.

    The United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, the C.I.A., for only ONE of literally innumerable other bureaucratic criminal agencies engaged in multiple ongoing criminal operations, is entirely funded by the taxpayers of the United States. The nefarious C.I.A. is a government-sponsored Global Terrorist Organization and is linked to many global networks that have long been actively engaged in highly illegal and treasonous operations including but not limited to subversion, collusion; extortion, blackmail, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, fraud; drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, organ trafficking; war crimes, treachery, treason; multiple foreign and domestic coups d’etat; multiple domestic and foreign assassinations; and countless myriad other activities, all highly illegal and all conducted in secrecy and without the knowledge or the consent of the taxpaying citizens of the United States of America.

    We the People of the United States do hereby demand the full and complete DISASSEMBLY of this ENTIRE United States government including ALL government departments and agencies.

    Further, all heretofore “public servants”/”employees” of this [failed] nation DBA the United States of America, are to be held to full account through thorough and rigorous investigations which lead to full disclosure of all to the U.S. citizenry.

    Immediate indictments, public arrests, post-haste legal proceedings, of all employees within every branch, every department, every agency within and of the U. S. government; Public Trials and/or Public Tribunals of ALL heretofore government employees, including the entire so-called Military Industrial Apparatus; Thorough prosecutions of every heretofore public employee; the most severe punitive measures to be meted out to each and every one found guilty of any and all crimes against the taxpaying citizens of the United States; the full forfeiture and seizure of all ill-gotten gains, i.e. everything; Lastly, severe terms of imprisonment and/or exile of any and all guilty parties within this illegal United States government, as strictly determined by the newly-instated U. S. citizens’ Courts of Law and/or Public Tribunals.

    Last, We the People of the United States of America do hereby demand forthwith full retribution to be paid by all those whom are determined guilty of any and all of these most egregious crimes and henceforth, full reparations and full compensation for all citizens of the United States and all other affected citizens around the world.

  3. #7 by Anonymous on May 27, 2018 - 12:30 pm

    William Cooper, Bob Lazar, Phil Schneider, Dr. Steven Greer’s Witness Testimonies. Go research. You’ll be surprised how much you will learn from these 4 people including the dozens of testimonies from the ex gov officials.

    Bill Cooper shot dead in his front yard for spreading truth and predicting 9/11 and calling out Alex Jones, Schneider somehow strangles himself with a catheter yet he is missing half his fingers from a lazer blast.

  4. #8 by humble human angel on May 27, 2018 - 4:51 pm

    JOE…THANK YOU FOR sharing the TRUTH – the ugly truth about where we are at this moment in time!
    EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE SHARED is spot on with one EXCEPTION…..our Lord and savior, was renamed by the Illumanati/cabal/Constantine in the 1500’s to control and manipulate the masses.
    HIS REAL NAME IS YESHUA – not the fake name of jesus.
    As you mentioned, BIlly GRAHAM – who preached over and over and what name did he use – the fake name of jesus and why? BECAUSE IT WAS ALL A LIE TO HIM and had nothing to do with salvation since there is no such being. He like all of the cabal preachers NEVER believed in YESHUA.
    From my research, many of them were demonic and satanic while being the furthest thing from YESHUA.
    BILLY GRAHAM, the fraud he was, COULD NEVER USE THE NAME OF YESHUA, BECAUSE Yeshua IS AND ALWAYS WAS THE SON OF OUR GOD . Since B.G. was NEVER a preacher thereof, it was impossible for him to do so. Just like for the many around him and before him who preached using the fake name of jesus (actually means earth pig) – it was the only name that they could use!
    Please do your research and then SCREAM THIS TRUTH TO the masses!
    What do you think will happen when ALL OF THOSE who truly believe in our God and his son, YESHUA, pray correctly? THOSE OF EVIL will no longer be able to thrive!
    ps. Say the Our Father in the name of Yeshua and you will feel the difference immediately :)!!!

    • #9 by Anonymous on May 27, 2018 - 9:00 pm

      Wait, if all the misguided ideas Joe vomits onto this website, your one problem with him is the way he spells Jesus?

      You win an award for something, not sure what, though.

  5. #10 by Anonymous on May 27, 2018 - 8:26 pm

    You are so right Joe. That was an epic speech. They are working on legalizing Pedoephilia is that is exactly where all this is leading….. You nailed it!

  6. #11 by Anonymous on May 27, 2018 - 11:09 pm

    This is sexual harassment. File a class action lawsuit against the schools for forcing CHILDREN to participate in being sexually violated, and not letting them opt-out. Where are all the “ME TOO” people ?

    The age of consent should be used in the lawsuit against the school too. The children are being forced to see things in their minds (by being forced to imagine such things) and think of things that would never have occurred to them. And most, if not all, are under the age of consent.

    The schools are trying to get to the children as soon as possible because the earlier that the children are exposed to this filth the better that the indoctrination will stick with them for life, and DESTROY their lives. Which is what these demons want.

    These demons want to destroy the goyim, which means: they want to destroy your children, and get your children to take as many family members and friends with them as possible.

  7. #12 by Anonymous on May 28, 2018 - 3:09 am
    Your right Joe it is evil the proof is in the links above.
    This Communism it equals Satanism, think it it’s exaggerated watch the video above and research Joachim Hagopian and his work the unvarnished truth.

  8. #13 by Anonymous on May 28, 2018 - 9:19 am

    were not taking anything down the federal government is a puppet and trump works for the same bankers hillary does hes just 30-40 years behind in thinking, in the end they get it all, if u want the real truth check out jay dyer, the system wants gender fluid tranny retards so pedophiles can rule the world, girls dress like whores and drugs and porn are everywhere, they wana turn men into women and women into men, its all a plan thats been going on since 1890, check out jay dyer he goes over all the books, eventually we will have smart cities, america will go bankrupt, everyone will be on a social point score welfare system, we will live in coffin apartments, all guns and cars and genders will be banned and we will be taught by a robot smart phone droid and no one willg o to school and we will learn false history, been going on sicne 1890 check out jay dyer he explains it all

  9. #14 by Jew Imbriano on May 28, 2018 - 10:09 am

    Barry is just TORAHfied

  10. #15 by Anonymous on May 28, 2018 - 7:03 pm

    “Horrific, grotesque, damaging, dangerous – corrupt and immoral legislature”, “this is evil and this is wicked – brutal horrific trail of suffering” – u don’t have to quote medical profession Joe, just say it like u said it – it’s EVIL – “Legislature hijacked by radical psychopaths” exactly – beyond belief- time to fight back. Legislature has not been hijacked – the #Illuminati have implanted their satanic stooges and minions.


  11. #16 by Anonymous on June 1, 2018 - 9:11 pm

    you do know research does not conclude a biological cause for homosexuality? you see, you thought you were being fair, just and kind however the fact that many lgbt are ALSO childhood sexual abuse survivors is information kept silent. yet since no one cares to really look at the research, no one gets it and we keep getting this. maybe one day folks will wake up and demand the truth seeing our lives change over lies.

  12. #17 by Anonymous on June 2, 2018 - 4:14 pm


    • #18 by Anonymous on June 14, 2018 - 11:07 am

      Sometimes both!

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