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A day of Thanksgiving

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President George Washington made the following Thanksgiving Day proclamation (October 3, 1789):

“Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor, and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness. Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be. That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks, for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation, for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his providence, which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war, for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed, for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted, for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.” …

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This may have been the beginning of a time of great national reverence but it also was a time of the beginning of great slaughter, slavery and bloodshed of the African and  Native American peoples. The fact remains that to this day, as they were then, we are now, all sinners, born into sin and inclined to do evil, all of us. We are all in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  The day of thanksgiving arose from an event where the God of The Bible revealed Himself to those who were forced to set aside their differences in order to survive. Today may we do the same. The source of all life is The Lord. He is to be feared and His handiwork and provision must never be forgotten. The human body is an incrediblecreation with the 75,000 miles of blood vessels inside the average human body, made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms, with a brain that if it were a computer, it could perform 38 thousand-trillion operations per second, with the production of 25 million new cells each second and one that produces differently structured tears depending on the reason we’re crying. The schools have robbed God of his credit, science robs God of his glory, the media robs God of his dignity, the churches rob God of His holiness and we all rob God of  the honor He is due with our politically correct cowardice with all of our attention focused on trite, mindless,meaningless activities and pursuits.

200 plus years later, everything George Washington mentioned hangs in the balance and is taken for granted by so many. No race, creed or group of people like Americans today have ever had life so good and yet so bad at the same time. No nation has ever been blessed more than this nation. To whom much is given, much is required. God is holy and God is all powerful. He is loving but He is not mocked.

We were all bought with a price. May we never forget the true source of our blessings that we in fact DO NOT DESERVE. May we never forget that the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross paid our sin debt in full so we can approach the Throne of The Almighty with confidence to thank Him for His mercies, His forgiveness ,His provision for our lives, our very lives themselves and the many wonders and blessings that we so mistakenly take for granted. Let us look inward on this special day, examine ourselves and align our priorities with His will for our lives in hopes that they will positively affect the lives of others. Let us also never be so foolish and arrogant as to ever truly depend on the works of our own hands for in doing so will only invite His turning us over to our own devices which may fail us, or even worse, turn on us.

I have a feeling that unless we change course as a nation, that we will find ourselves in a similar situation as the Plymouth settlers did after those first few years at the mercy of The Almighty. God can always be found at the end of your rope. It is my hope that you will seek His face long before you get to that point but knowing full well, He will be there waiting nonetheless. Happy Thanksgiving from the Fullerton Informer and may The Lord open all of your eyes widely and bless you all on this special day, In Jesus name, Amen.


I REPORT YOU DECIDE BY BARRY LEVINSON. Michelle Malkin has the facts about Common Core every parent in America needs to know.




There has been a lot of discussion about Common Core lately and a growing swell of concerned parents across the country as public schools nationwide begin to apply the Federal standards to curriculums. But what are the facts?

Michelle Malkin has been doing tireless research and reporting on Common Core, and currently has an ongoing series of articles in which she breaks down Common Core into its essential parts. The truth is that there’s more to Common Core than what you might think, and much of it is very alarming.

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Syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin

Here are excerpts from her articles and links to each one. I would highly encourage readers to click read these in their entirety. It’s important information, especially if you have kids in public schools.

Part 1 – Common Core’s war on math standards

Stanford University professor James Milgram, the only mathematician on the validation panel, concluded that the Common Core math scheme would place American students two years behind their peers in other high-achieving countries. In protest, Milgram refused to sign off on the standards. He’s not alone.
Professor Jonathan Goodman of New York University found that the Common Core math standards imposed “significantly lower expectations with respect to algebra and geometry than the published standards of other countries.”
Under Common Core, as the American Principles Project and Pioneer Institute point out, algebra I instruction is pushed to 9th grade, instead of 8th grade, as commonly taught. Division is postponed from 5th to 6th grade. Prime factorization, common denominators, conversions of fractions and decimals, and algebraic manipulation are de-emphasized or eschewed. Traditional Euclidean geometry is replaced with an experimental approach that had not been previously pilot-tested in the U.S.

Part 2 – Common Core’s deconstruction of English and literature

Take the Common Core literacy “standards.” Please. As literature professors, writers, humanities scholars, secondary educators and parents have warned over the past three years, the new achievement goals actually set American students back by de-emphasizing great literary works for “informational texts.” Challenging students to digest and dissect difficult poems and novels is becoming passe. Utilitarianism uber alles.
The Common Core English/language arts criteria call for students to spend only half of their class time studying literature, and only 30 percent of their class time by their junior and senior years in high school.

Under Common Core, classics such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” are of no more academic value than the pages of the Federal Register or the Federal Reserve archives — or a pro-Obamacare opinion essay in The New Yorker. Audio and video transcripts, along with “alternative literacies” that are more “relevant” to today’s students (pop song lyrics, for example), are on par with Shakespeare.

English professor Mary Grabar describes Common Core training exercises that tell teachers “to read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address without emotion and without providing any historical context. Common Core reduces all ‘texts’ to one level: the Gettysburg Address to the EPA’s Recommended Levels of Insulation.” Indeed, in my own research, I found one Common Core “exemplar” on teaching the Gettysburg Address that instructs educators to “refrain from giving background context or substantial instructional guidance at the outset.”
Another exercise devised by Common Core promoters features the Gettysburg Address as a word cloud. Yes, a word cloud. Teachers use the jumble of letters, devoid of historical context and truths, to help students chart, decode and “deconstruct” Lincoln’s speech.

Part 3 – Common Core’s mindless political correctness

Texas is a right-minded red state, where patriotism is still a virtue and political correctness is out of vogue. So how on earth have left-wing educators in public classrooms been allowed to instruct Lone Star students to dress in Islamic garb, call the 9/11 jihadists “freedom fighters” and treat the Boston Tea Party participants as “terrorists”?
Here’s the dirty little secret: Despite the best efforts of vigilant parents, teachers and administrators committed to academic excellence, progressive activists reign supreme in government schools.

That’s because curriculum is king. The liberal monopoly on the modern textbook/curricular market remains unchallenged after a half-century. He who controls the textbooks, teaching guides and tests controls the academic agenda.
That is how the propagandistic outfitting of students in Islamic garb came to pass in the unlikely setting of the conservative Lumberton, Texas, school district. As Fox News reporter Todd Starnes noted this week, a 32-year veteran of the high school led a world geography lesson on Islam in which hijab-wrapped students were banned from using the words “suicide bomber” and “terrorist” to describe Muslim mass murderers in favor of the term “freedom fighter.”

Part 4 – Common Core’s invasive student tracking database

These systems will aggregate massive amounts of personal data — health-care histories, income information, religious affiliations, voting status and even blood types and homework completion. The data will be available to a wide variety of public agencies. And despite federal student-privacy protections guaranteed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Obama administration is paving the way for private entities to buy their way into the data boondoggle. Even more alarming, the U.S. Department of Education is encouraging a radical push from aggregate-level data-gathering to invasive individual student-level data collection.

Part 5 – How to fight Common Core (and how not to)

In my home state of Colorado, dissent from both conservative and liberal parents forced Jefferson County to allow individual “opt-outs” from the inBloom data-mining machine. The Gates Foundation responded by pouring $5 million into the district for “innovative professional development systems to create personalized learning systems for teachers.” How do you spell special interest payoff?
Not only do these education emperors have no clothes. They have tissue-paper thin skin. Their arrogant, contemptuous and vengeful treatment of dissenting parents and teachers gets a world-class “F.”

Listen up:
We parents of school-age children are all Robert Smalls and Natalie Adamses and Leonie Haimsons. We, not the Obamas or the Bushes or the Gateses or educrats in Washington, are our children’s primary educational providers. Control over our children begins and ends with us.
It is imperative that parents in America be familiar with Common Core’s different functions and how it affects your children’s education. I would highly encourage our readers to pass these articles along to your friends who have kids in public school.
 See more at:…/michelle-malkin-has-the-facts…



Presidential Pletka and his turning Americans into microwaved “citizens of the world”

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Heck tours are almost free these days

Is this Fullerton’s chief irradiator?


F.S.D. Superintendent, Robert Pletka

Word on the street is that our very own Robert Pletka is being sent to The White House folks. Yes he is one of the 100 school superintendents who was selected to be invited to meet the commander in chief irradiator, Mr. Barrak Obama.

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So lets get down the reason for this so called honor. I believe that it is right here folks with the wireless WiFi antenna on his zipper: Read the rest of this entry »



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Kelly Thomas before the FPD made contact with him

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Kelly Thomas after the FPD made contact with him

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Dan Hughes -current FPD chief who let the killer cops watch the video so they could write their reports-I . It appears that he doesn’t review videos before he submits reports to the DA anymore.

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Former Gates protege and bedroom community commando Chief Pat McKinley-“I hired them all”

60 reviews by citizens after THE FPD MADE CONTACT WITH THEM

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James Mills

4 months ago
I’ve had a couple dealings with the Fullerton PD that we very good; but most of the situations between me and the Fullerton PD have been very un-satisfactory. They prowl our street looking for easy-to-get parking tickets. The parking department has an address in Tustin–you simple can not fight against false parking tickets. They are frauds. Weasels really. I hate to say that—but they bring it on themselves–must be the chief of police–trickle down effect. It’s got to be the leadership—it always is.
I hope they wake up…it would be better for our city

John Smith

8 months ago
The city of Fullerton is the worst city to live in first of all, there’s no mall, the streets are patched up horribly, except by the city building and police dept. And that’s the third horrible thing, fullerton police are the worst bunch of s.o.bitches any where, arrogant, lazy. they’re to busy trying to pick up girls in coffee shops and on the streets, I’ve seen them. They should be out there patrolling the streets, Its what we pay them for.Tourist, welcome to Fullerton where the police kill the handicap and its legal.

Tommy Trinh

5 months ago
i go to csuf for school and ive only gotten pulled over 3 times for very minor things, either coming to campus or leaving campus, i never get pulled over anywhere else, this is just harassment

Toby Henderson

9 months ago
Rules For Dealing With Tyrants in 5 Easy Steps:Step #1 Video Tape them and Submit Them in places like this… always submit them where ever and when ever you can… strength is in numbers…
Step #2 File Formal Complaints don’t let them intimidate you like Micheal S. Corona did to me once (Former Head Police Chief Tyrant Orange County, Ca)… a formal complaint is a good complaint… you are making a paper trail…
Step #3 Make Lots of money and then sue the crap out of them with your organization and attorneys… sue them so frigging hard that they are afraid to eat a donuts in public… In a litigious fascist society you must destroy a Tyrant where he feels it… In his wallet not with force
Step #4 Never under any circumstances divulge any information what so ever to a Tyrant you know nothing however your attorney knows everything and would be glad to help… Nothing you ever say to an officer can help you in a court of law
Step#5 A Tyrant is big and powerful and gets away with things for only so long… Use Vigilance Never give up… All tyrants have one thing in common… they fall, every last one. They fall because the G-D of our Universe despises tyrants and will empower people just when a Tyrant feels the most pride and power. (see world history)
Study the Fullerton Police Department to learn more about Tyranny a really great example in modern American society…

Kazi Ahmed

11 months ago
I can see that not all police personnel are violent, egoistic maniacs with an extremely inflated sense of authority over us. I also can see that some cops remember that they are our servants, and tend to carry themselves accordingly while in uniform. However, all of them are disgusting and only deserve shame for the gruesome atrocities they let their colleagues commit. They have become thugs, the biggest and most violent terrorist gang in the country. Only once the policemen stand up for who they are, and kick out the forces of evil working within them – only then will I regain my respect for law enforcement officers. However, as long as the murderers of unarmed people continue to walk the streets in uniform, I will see them as terrorists and will avoid them as I would avoid a gang member.


10 months ago
This must be the worst Police Department in Orange county California. They are not very helpful when you need them. They have their own goddamned ego and pride then comes serving the society. This is one of the worst police departments in the whole state of California. I have lived in several cities in California. Fullerton Police Department is the worst. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO HELP YOU. just phone some other police department, maybe Brea, La Habra would be better than them. They must transfer out their staff and replace new staff with well mannered and well trained officers. The officers at Fullerton Police Department are childish ,fussy, clueless , talentless and WORTHLESS .

mi x

10 months ago
I lived in Fullerton for 4 years. Instead of beating to death homeless people, why don’t you go after the real criminals in your city? You dont care about the people… you make the least amount of effort.. OH except when it comes to beating defenseless mentally challenged people. How many REAL crimes were committed in your city while 6, count em, 6 officers spent in excess of 30 minutes beating a homeless man to death. People of Fullerton WAKE UP.

Paul Suhn

11 months ago
fullerton cops, lazy, rude, careless, bad attitude, but they do have great benefits.not even sure why we need that many cops in fullerton. should got force to half or outsource to OCSD.I always see them hanging out at McDonalds near amerige heights parking lot area. I guess they are just killing time just like they killed Mr. Kelly Thomas. (RIP)

Justin Brock

8 months ago
They killed a homeless man named Kelly Thomas for no reason whatsoever. Using bully tactics and unnecessary force. I know there are good cops and bad cops…but I’m really not so sure about this department. Plenty more cops arrived on the scene and did nothing to stop the other cops from beating this man who was begging for his life. Shame on this entire department. God will have the final say and I hope you all live in fear for the rest of your sorry lives. You don’t treat people like that. Shame, shame, shame.

Judith Estrella

10 months ago
first of all I just want to thank the Fullerton Police Department .They were quick and awesome in my families time of need. I know that many people have other things to say. But I know first hand that working in a place like they due is very hard .They have the hardest job having to protect others and themselves while trying not to take sides . I’m very grateful. thank you for your service.

Ray Ferrero

10 months ago
They’re great. Have a homeless man that is bothersome to look at? Call them, they will promptly come down and beat him to a bloody pulp and claim it was self defense. Hard earned tax dollars at work right there. Be honest, don’t you want your policemen to be murderous thugs who beat on the defenseless?


a year ago
It’s important that we distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. Even in law enforcement we have bad guys but remember the good ones who are truly dedicated to their work and work to protect and serve. Many members of this Dept reflect the bravery and courage we expect from law enforcement. Don’t stereotype all law enforcement because of the acts of a select few who will get their day in court.

Chad Nystrom

9 months ago
this is not a police department- its a group of terrorists who deserve the death penalty for their crimes against innocent Americans! justice will be served pigs!!!

Jeremy Ficarola

10 months ago
This police department murders innocent people. The Kelly Thomas case is a black mark on all law enforcement agencies and there really should be a public citizen committee to oversee this out of control law enforcement agency.

Robby Motz

10 months ago
terrible police department killingpeople for no reason

Gary Busey

2 years ago
After 28 years of never having the displeasure of meeting a police officer professionally I was recently forced into a situation requiring me to do so. I was amazed by the courtesy, professionalism, efficiency and all around quality police work.However I don’t appreciate the time I have spent separated from my firearm while she sits cold and lonely in the Fullerton evidence locker, but I guess that does have to do with the department of justice we will be reunited again soon. keep up the good work.

Mike Squier

2 years ago
Cops USED to be the “good guys”, but this is no longer the case. Are there a few good cops? Statistics say there must be and if they exist, they are not in the majority. (In my opinion) More

John Bradberry

10 months ago
Worst Police Department in NA, Officer Ramos is Murderer that you hired, Kelly Thomas blood is on there hands

Christopher Seow

11 months ago
The gang that killed Kelly Thomas and still became rich by the corrupt government.

Doug Mccoll

2 years ago
If you need help, do not call the Fullerton Police Dept. They will show up and beat you to death. They are just a bunch of brain dead murderers with badges.

Lauren Williams

10 months ago
Gross monsters. The biggest criminals carry a badge.

Zelm Hotzliger

2 years ago
Kelly Thomas RIP, google it. Why would anyone dare to report anything to this PD in person? Look what they did to Kelly Thomas. Big Government Tyranny, Police State!

Kevin Johnson

2 years ago
It’s us against them. These cops are thugs that act like little gangsters. Boycott all donations!

Best Big Mix Radio

2 years ago
Worse than Mexican Police. Bunch of cowboys with badges.

Don Juan Diaz

10 months ago
I hope Karma works on these thugs…

Sean Stagner

10 months ago
They get away with Murder

Steve O'ptional

10 months ago

Austin Holmes

10 months ago


10 months ago
nono thanksno :)no :(no 😛


10 months ago

Ethan Cornejo

2 years ago
1 star for 1 fatality

Heidi Liu

5 months ago

A Google User

A Google User
a year ago
On thutsday May 18th I witnessed corporal Flores and the security guard for Sunny Hills High School Freddy following a student off campus after school at which time Freddy pointed out to corporal floras a 17 year old student and said that’s the one police officer Flores approach the 17 year old student and ask do you have a problem with Freddy at which time the student replied no the police officer stated I’m your problem now officer Flores grab the student around the neck and by the arm and threw him to the ground the student kept questioning why and what was going on not understanding the situation the police officer choked him out twice the student losing consciousness at which time he hogtied him with his knee in his the middle of his back the student was no longer resisting I have video footage from beginning to end and I’m contemplating sending it to the media excessive use of force on a 17 year old child is completely unacceptable Fullerton police department is up to it again

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
who do these guys hire in their police department?? a bunch of freaks, sheesh, glad I don’t live there, I’d be afraid to walk out my door. Why would the police in fullerton be so ready for violence? It’s Orange County for goodness sake! Sheesh….I read an article about the corruption in this department a couple of months ago

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Dirty cops. They steal iPads from the airport. (Google officer Kelly Mejia.) The steal from Boy Scouts and buy illegal drugs with the city credit card. (Google officer Todd Majors.) They sexually assault women in their police cars. (Google officer Albert Rincon.) They brutally beat to death mentally ill 135 pound homeless. (Google Kelly Thomas.) the Chief of Police Michael Sellers instead of talking to the people hides behind indefinite medical leave so he can’t get fired. What is there to like about the Fullerton Police Department?

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
A bunch of bullies. If you like to beat, haze, and murder citizens and yet still have the balls to plead “not guilty,” you should join the Fullerton police department as I’m sure they’ll have an opening for you. The plus side? The city will offer to pay off anyone who wants to put you on trial! It’s a win/win, really.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
I have lived in about 10 cities in my life and I have never encountered such arrogant, power-loving, and downright mean law enforcement. I would give them one star even before they beat an innocent man to death in their gang-like solution to the perceived problem. They make me want to move out of this city.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Criminal behavior from those who are supposed to protect their citizens. The worst part is their cover-up. They won’t even release the police tapes because they know they should be in jail for it. Absolutely sickening.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
These officers are the closest thing to criminals in this country. Each one of them needs to be locked away for a long time. Still in shock about Kelly Thomas.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
City is plagued with police brutality. Police killed Kerry Thomas and ey didn’t even have days off during the investigation. YouTube Fullerton police brutality

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
A new generation of homeless is about to overtake the landscape–returning vets, mentally ill, autistic adults. These are all groups who need to be understood, and not beaten. It requires more wisdom than brawn.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Unbelievable that this police department is allowed to operate. Instead of enforcing the law and being an active part of the community, they MURDER people for sitting on park benches. Several of their officers deserves no less than to be executed. There will never be justice in this town until they turn over 100% of their workforce. Makes you wonder why people don’t just start taking the law into their own hands…

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Fullerton population is 135K+, and they have 153 thugs with blue badges. That’s approx 1,000 people against one thug in blue. Time for Justice in the hands of Citizens!

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
These cops are corrupt, they can kill innocent people smashing there heads in with flash lights and not get in trouble? Your town sucks btw

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Disgusting assholes. Why would it take several men to apprehend a homeless man. You are trash. Your judgement will come, the sooner the better.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
I’ll remember not to shed a tear when i hear of one of yours dying in the line of duty.. you scum sucking cowards are a plague on our society.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
To Serve and Protect their Own. This police department is a joke. Just as corrupt as the police in St. Louis. This isn’t the first instance of incompetent police. A while back an off-duty female cop was caught stealing an i-pad at an airport.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
What is the deal? How could you let your officers be so far from the oath you take to protect the people and help teach our kids whats wrong and right. We trust you as police with so much, and as a department you have so let our country down. You must get back to what is RIGHT and train better, filter you officers. You have a lot to make up to us!!! So sad it has come to this!!

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Stop ALL DONATIONS to Fullerton Police!! You are hated by most! Scumbags!

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Murderers. Street thugs with a license to kill

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Where power-tripping jackboots beat petty thieves to death.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
…bunch of uneducated thugs with guns and badges have been around for TOO LONG!!!

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
They Murdered Kelly Thomas. Never forget!!!

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
If you want to die on holidays this is the place to go, the cops will beat you to death….

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Shame on Fullerton police.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
They kill citizens <– enough said

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago


Public Health is Not a Sport Doc. Don’t Play Games With Our Children’s Health.

images (8)


When learning of the issue of WiFi and wireless device health impacts, one of the first thoughts that often cross our minds is: “This can’t be possible that WiFi and these devices are harmful. Surely some governmental or health agency would have prevented this from happening.”

For many of us it just doesn’t make sense, because we assume that they couldn’t be that bad, otherwise “they” would have stopped it. One of the hardest things to realize is that many individuals, groups, and entities are actively blocking the public from learning about very serious health impacts affecting their communities from wireless technology.

 Why would people do this? Don’t they realize that they are hurting their own children? Parents are busy, and they can’t spend hours upon hours doing scientific research. They therefore tend to base their decision on information that they consider trustworthy. Perhaps they will go on the web and read an article or two, or they will visit the World Health Organization’s website and read up. Not surprisingly, the most common approach is to ask someone who has a medical background, namely a nurse or doctor. In seems that in every school in which parents bring forth the issue of WiFi and wireless device health risks, certain figures manage to appear who will do everything in their power to block the process, and will fight tooth and nail to insist that wireless technology stays, even if it means presenting distorted and or false information to their communities. Usually this is a tech-savvy school board member, a technological integration specialist, or someone whose motivation is borne of his infatuation with gadgets. Sometimes it’s a school board member who doesn’t want the children to be left behind.

In Fullerton California, it’s a medical doctor named Dr. Roman Schulze. Read the rest of this entry »


A Veterans Day Tribute-by Barry Levinson



November 11, 2014 is another glorious day to pay tribute to all our Veterans whether they served in the battlefield or served in peacetime. We thank you for your tireless sacrifices that both you and your families accepted for our country. For the last few decades, we have had a totally voluntary military. Those who serve voluntarily commit willingly to serve our country and risk life and limb for us at home.  There is no braver sacrifice that a citizen can provide for his/her country.


I also want to thank those in my family who served proudly.


First and foremost, I would like to thank my biggest hero, my dad, Murray Levinson. He served in the front lines in North Africa and Italy during WWII. His task was as part of a platoon that went ahead of most of the troops searching for and dismantling mines planted by the retreating enemy. He was seriously wounded but survived intact. His two best buddies were not as lucky. One day under heavy mortar shelling by the enemy, my dad’s platoon suffered some catastrophic losses. My dad suffered wounds that he recovered from and when healed went back into the battlefield. His best friend suffered a direct hit and was literally blown to bits. His other buddy suffered massive injuries loosing all four limbs. These were true heroes. Young men some still teenagers facing life and death situations every single day for 2, 3 or 4 years.

I would also like to thank my dad’s older brother who also proudly served during WWII and my cousin who served in the early 1960’s stationed in Germany.

Finally, to all those men and women who served proudly and their families, I want to thank them for their patriotism, bravery and sacrifice.

Those who fought in WWII were part of what is now known as the Greatest Generation. They fought and many died and even more were seriously wounded so that we can remain free of tyranny.

Today we as Americans have a solemn obligation to see to it that we do not let that freedom slip away by foreign or domestic enemies of freedom.



I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson



I REPORT YOU DECIDE-by Barry Levinson

images-11 (1)


California Policy Center working with Civic Partner, a firm that collects and analyzes municipal finance data, has ranked over 490 California cities and counties with respect to their bankruptcy risk.

images (28) That report contains the complete list. To compile the ranking, they collected and analyzed audited financial statements published by most cities and counties in California. Local governments typically produce audited financial statements if they issue municipal bonds or if they receive more than $500,000 in federal grants annually.

Felz_Joe_2011_sml  Chaffee Jan M. Flory  Pat-McKinley-2011_300 Hughes images (6) JenniferFitzgerald2012sm_1 download (20) download (22)download (21) Pam-Keller4 images-35  download (23) download (24) download (25) 



Cities and counties with default probability scores much higher than 0.1% have substantially elevated risk. Where does the City of Fullerton rank among the 492 cities and counties listed in this comprehensive study?


Winner winner chicken dinner.

It ranks first (i.e. highest probability of Default/Bankruptcy) among all cities in Orange County with a risk factor of .27%.

So the next time a city official tells you that Fullerton is in good financial shape, please remember this study.

download-111  images-15 PD_Bldg_IMG_7110-300x112…/


Pack it tight Mr Internal affairs

Pack it tight Mr Internal affairs and just maybe the south Fullerton soccer leagues can be soaked.

Barry Levinson


William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations

I remember those late night broadcasts that I would pick up with my Grundig Yacht Boy  500 PE shortwave radio.

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This was the information superhighway 20 plus years ago and they could never track or trace who was paying attention.

The early 1990’s were amazing times on the airwaves. There was absolutely no censorship unlike today where The Tavistock Institute trained plants control every lie that you are fed 24/7 on the idiot box and the phony left right paradigm talk radio feed trough. The hour is late folks.

This article was sent to me today by a trusted colleague. It really brought back some memories. Cooper stands the test of time and he was a real patriot unlike today’s CIA creations. For those of you who don’t know of him or have never heard of him before, please educate yourself. I remember listening to him on an overcast June evening in 2001 while in my garage as he predicted 9-11. He laid it all out.

His few years of broadcasts are still available on the internet. Today’s project mockingbird CIA assets like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are really designed to keep your eyes off of the ball. The government put a bullet in his head as is customary whenever anyone gets too close to the agendas. This particular recording is worth the investment of your time unlike all of the mindless trash on TV tonight.


William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations

October 21, 2014

William Cooper’s 1998 MajestyTwelve broadcast: One of the most frightening
things you’ll ever hear. We are victims of an elaborate deception. Almost everything
the US government and mass media tells Americans is a lie.
The US is already a de facto fascist dictatorship run by masonic Satanists
lurking behind a facade of freedom. The foundations for a totalitarian
communist world government are already in place. Those who cannot accept this
“paradigm shift” will be exterminated.

Our political and military leaders are members of this cult — traitors.
The UFO/ET phenomenon, including Roswell, is a long term government psy op designed to trick humanity into accepting a “Messiah”- like ruler. The Apollo moon missions were faked.

When Cooper was employed by US Naval intelligence, (he was mistaken for a Freemason) and had access to the Illuminati’s top secret plans, dubbed “MajestyTwelve.” I don’t want to believe what Cooper is saying, but I find it credible.

by William Cooper
(Excerpt by

Many years ago I had access to a set of documents that I eventually realized was the plan for the destruction of the United States of America and the formation of a socialist totalitarian world government. The plan was contained within a set of Top Secret documents with the title “MAJESTYTWELVE”. The term honored the planned placement of ultimate power in a body of wise men who are destined to rule the world as the disciples of a Messiah front man. This Messiah will serve as a buffer between the wise men and the sheeple. I discovered these documents between 1970 and 1973 while I was a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet. The plan outlined the formation of a world totalitarian socialist government. It is to be ruled by a behind-the-scenes council of wise men. A so-called benevolent dictator, will be presented as the Messiah.

The Constitution for the United States of America and its Bill of Rights will be scrapped. A parliamentary form of government will take its place. All military forces and individuals are to be disarmed except for an internal police force which will carry only the minimum weapons needed to maintain internal order. The only military force will be a world police force under the United Nations in sufficient numbers with state-of-the-art technology so that it can field overwhelming force against any perceived threat to the world supra government – see State Department Publication 7277. The military of the united States of America is currently filling the requirement. The senior officer corps of all of our military forces have betrayed their oaths of allegiance to the Constitution and have joined the conspiracy. They are turncoats who are actively engaged in High Treason.

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The source of this conspiracy will be found in the body known as the Illuminati. It is made up of the highest adepts of the combined total of the so-called fraternal orders and secret societies. They are bound together by blood oaths, a secret religion, and the promise of an elite status within regional government, or the world supra government. Their religion is based upon the Kabbalah, the Luciferian Philosophy, and the worship of the Sun. They are not bound by any oath or allegiance save their own. They are loyal to no government or People save their own. And they are Citizens of no country save their already in place secret world government. In their own words, “If you are not one of us you are nothing.” To garner some sense of “feel” for the concept see the movie They Live.
“It is a largely ‘open’ conspiracy, in that much of its membership, structure, methods, and operations, are matters of public record, however scattered and obscure. Its manner of coordination is atypical. Two nuclei – the elite core of the Wall Street clique (orbiting the House of Rockefeller) and the elite core of the European financial clique (orbiting the House of Rothschild) – coordinate this global conspiracy by waging psychological warfare on the rest of the conspirators, telling each no more than is necessary for him to fulfill his designated role, often with explicit recognition neither of his role, nor of the unarticulated rules that govern him. Thus, the overwhelming bulk of the conspirators do not know, but only suspect, that they are part of and in service to ‘a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” (quoting Woodrow Wilson).
You cannot hope to understand the philosophy (Illuminism) of any branch of the “Mystery School” (Illuminati) without many years of study and a complete knowledge of their “symbolic” language. You must understand that like many other organizations they attract those who completely miss the boat… or are just too stupid to “get it”. When an individual joins a branch of the “Brotherhood,” by any name, Freemasonry, Theosophical Society, Anthroposophic Society, Fraternitis Rosae Crucae, Knights Templar, Sovereign and Military Order of the Knights of Malta, or any other fraternal order or secret society, no one ever sits down with them and explains the meaning of anything. An actual literal esoteric education would be too dangerous. It could result in a public expose’… something which the Illuminati must avoid at all cost. But to give those who might understand a shortcut… Illuminism is COMMUNISM.
Thanks Robert!
MajestyTwelve Excerpt
William Cooper Website
The Late Great William Milton Cooper

First Comment by Dan:

THANK YOU. After all these years and all my research and everything we’ve learned since those naive nineties, more sure than ever that Bill Cooper was the read thing, and he was killed for it – and he knew he would be killed for it. He said in his first “Hour of the Time” shortwave radio broadcast in1993 that he was invoking a death sentence for what he was going to reveal.

Readers hearing of Bill Cooper with this article should listen to history as it happened. Cooper reported the truth of the major psychological operations and false flags during the Clinton ’90’s – while we were all having such a great time with e-z loans and sex-drugs- and rock n’ roll during the ‘dot com’ delusion. Bill Cooper tried his best to warn us what was coming.
Listen, and you will be astounded by what this man knew, saw, and tried to warn us. [2]
I did not hear this broadcast, or any of Bill’s broadcasts until a year after he was killed, Nov. 5th, 2001.

“William Cooper is the most dangerous radio host in America.” – quote – President Bill Clinton in a White House Memo and read on the air by Rush Limbaugh, 1995.

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[1] William Cooper – Waco, Anatomy of a Murder – (7-27-93)
[2] Complete Bill Cooper Hour of the Time MP3 series, 1993-2001 – free downloads from the preserved Hour of the Time website.

Comments for “William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations”

Lois said (October 22, 2014):

Mr. Makow..for those who knew Bill knew his defiance of the NWO, respected his truthfulness and listened carefully to his words of wisdom.

Shortly before 911 he told of the upcoming event which would occur and lives being lost. Also, spoke of his demise for revealing this information. Shortly after 911 he was murdered.
Let us go back to this event as the press released the ‘on the scene’ story.

Evidently, in the middle of the night ‘they’ came to his property in Eagar, Arizona to arrest him on ‘tax evasion’. Bill reportedly ‘jumped from his porch, hopped up into his truck and began chasing these intruders from his posted property. After reaching the line of his property he retreated back to the house with armed militia following behind. He jumped from the truck and then jumped back onto the porch where an armed conflict took place. A couple of the ‘tax’ men were wounded and Bill was slaughtered.

My question has always been this: How does a one legged man do all this jumping and hopping off porches and trucks? What the press failed to reveal was Bill was left to die after being followed by secret operatives and was fortunately found and taken to a hospital where his leg was amputated.

Mr. Makow, Bill was a true patriot of the meaning of freedom. He was a man with flaws like all humans but he was honest, loved his family, country and had a deep faith in God. His words of truth were his demise.

Many networks wanted to interview Bill and he always refused. It astounded me when I called him for an interview and he granted one. On the day this was to take place I was fired from the little radio station and of course the interview never took place.

JG said (October 22, 2014):

This intel here for being 16 years old was ahead of it’s time in 1998 and anyone spewing information like this was considered paranoid and irresponsible.

The economy under Bill Clinton was booming in 1997. People were buying homes, working overtime on their once good paying jobs, and young professionals with college degrees were in demand. Patriotism was still strong;people still had a “trust” in their government. You could still put an American flag on your front porch and not feel ashamed.

All of this changed after 911 and I don’t believe it would have happened under Bill Clinton’s or Al Gore’s watch. 911 was the “game changer” event that launched this plan for world government through war under the pretext of combating terrorism.

This ‘War on Terror’ will not stop until all of the nations of the world surrender their sovereignty to this underground unidentified rogue group of power players and their mercenary military forces that form this New World Order cartel.

The “end game” here, like William Cooper says, is Totalitarian World Communism with all the bloodshed and tyranny.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments

– See more at:



by Barry Levinson

images-11 (1)

Barry Levinson

Not surprisingly when I spoke at Fullerton city council Tuesday night (October 7, 2014) about the federal lawsuit recently filed against a former FPD detective for actions starting in late 2012 through well into 2013, Police Chief Dan Hughes kept looking away from me or had his head down.

Capt Dan Hughes lg photo

You tawkin’ ’bout me?

Maybe he was embarrassed or upset that once again the alleged depravity of another one of his long-time officers and his department as well was exposed to the citizens of this city at a city council meeting.

Here you have former detective Ronald Bair, a defendant in a federal civil case of alleged crimes including sexual crimes committed under color of authority. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that his FPD bosses inappropriately handled the compliant filed against that Fullerton police detective by the female plaintiff with the Fullerton Police Department.  What is worse is that it all allegedly happened under the newly “reformed” Fullerton Police Department. However, Mayor Doug Chaffee, Councilwoman Fitzgerald and Flory I guess, do not have a problem with this alleged commission of multiple acts of depravity, bullying, perjury, abuse and sexual abuse under FPD authority against this woman.  This woman was in a shelter for abused women.

images (25)

Blue shirted Doug Chaffee donning FPD bootlicking garb during a police union worship service circa 2012



I heart FPD


Jan M. Flory

Nothing like a man in a uniform


No not a question or statement or even a whimper from Doug, Jennifer, or Jan at the last council meeting on that topic.  I wonder if all the participants in the last Women’s Conference they attended would appreciate their total silence on this matter. 

download (2)


Also. they have been eerily silent on the well publicized allegations by several arrested Kelly Thomas protesters (10 I believe) who said that an FPD officer taunted them with the potentially deadly physical threat that they would have their F#@CKING FACES SMASHED IN.  This goes way back to January 18, 2014.  Ladies and gentlemen, also not a whimper on this subject from Police Chief Hughes, Councilmembers Fitzgerald and Flory either, since it was agendized by Councilmember Whitaker 4 or 5 months ago. Where is their collective concern about those 10 people both men and women?

Is this what they planned to do to them?

This is what the FPD did to Kelly Thomas. Is this what the officers planned to do to to the protesters in custody in the FPD paddy wagon?

But what Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory felt morally compelled to talk about on the city council dais was my alleged behavior prior to the completion of a so-called police investigation.  I know I have done nothing wrong except upset Joe Felz, Dan Hughes, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jan Flory and Doug Chaffee with my continued attention to the shortcomings of this city government.  As the old saying goes, “you do not mess with mother nature”.  It goes doubly that you do not mess with this city government. I was told by the two detectives that an assault compliant was filed with the police allegedly taking place in the lobby of city hall during the August 19, 2014 Fullerton council meeting.  I can say categorically that I did not touch, threaten, gesture or impede the progress of this person.  The complaint is false and baseless. I do not know for sure the exact language of the complaint because the City Attorney, the City Manager and the Police Chief all refused to provide me with a copy of this complaint filed against me by a contractor of the city. The person is not a constituent as Ms. Flory stated at the last council meeting.

images (5)

As the strings are pulled, the nose grows. Hey that rhimes. Name that dummy.


I would like to point out that Ms. Fitzgerald has always been a staunch supporter of former Police Chief Pat McKinley and current Police Chief Dan Hughes.


Pat Mckinley circa 2011

That is also true for Ms. Flory, Mr. Felz, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Chaffee.

Jan M. Flory

A bust of Jan Flory named “a strong, older woman”




Chaffee -your three minutes are up

I do not recall any of them ever making any negative comments about the conduct  of those 6 officers involved in the Kelly Thomas beating death. They all protect the police department and its leadership.

Ms. Fitzgerald and her allies are trying very hard in my opinion to silence me by character assassination.

My family and I have been subjected to harassment and intimidation by the city carried out by its police department for the past several months.  This I believe is a grave misuse of police resources. (Remember 6 officers going to Pasadena to arrest one local person, A. J. Redkey for a non-violent misdemeanor.)

I also believe that Ms. Fitzgerald has a conflict of interest by being a Fullerton council member and at the same time being Vice President for a very influential Southern California government consultant firm.  I call for her to either step down from the council or quit her Vice President position with that consultant firm.  She can’t serve two opposing masters in my opinion.

images (6)

Red or green depending on the day of the week. Now trans fat free.

She frequently states that she”loves” Fullerton but apparently hates people like me, whose only crime is that I tell the truth.  Again, where is her outrage over the civil lawsuit I discussed earlier filed against former Fullerton Detective Ronald Bair and the female plaintiff’s very, very serious allegations of corruption in the Fullerton Police Department itself?

In my opinion, the city is run like a very closed and secretive club for the betterment of the members of that club and their friends only.

images (24)

Recognize any of these cats?

This is very, very sad.  I have spent almost 5 years working very hard to make this city a better place for the citizens of Fullerton.  The more I have learned and the more I have paid close attention to the actions of our city government the more sickened and disgusted I have become however.  I pledge to continue to stand up for truth and my fellow Fullertonians.  I urge  continued support for Councilmember Whitaker and I urge the reelection of Mayor Pro-Tem Sebourn as the first steps to taking back our city.

I would suggest that Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory both have a whole lot of explaining to do to the Fullerton public for their totally inappropriate and strictly politically driven behavior. Ms. Fitzgerald and her allies have gone way too far even for them this time.

Do Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory who also  attacked me at council, believe that action should be taken against me or for that matter anyone before there is any proof that anything inappropriate even happened? Even before the so-called police investigation of this baseless complaint against me is completed.

Does Mayor Chaffee who supported Council Member Fitzgerald in requesting that the City Council agendize a discussion to consider removing me from the Parks and Recreation Committee (where I now serve as Chairman appointed by Council member Bruce Whitaker) believe that he too should be judge, jury and executioner without any charges being brought against me? I guess the answer is yes. After all it was the mean and vindictive Council member Doug Chaffee who went out of his way to slander me back at the December 18, 2012 council meeting when the council was ratifying several direct appointments including my own. Mayor Chaffee at that meeting said the following: “I’m sorry I would not support Mr. Levinson. I have reports that he has been very disruptive and is not a good choice? Ladies and gentlemen that was pure character assassination in the form of slandering my good name with no attempt to back up his scurrilous comments about me.

If there were any truth to Mr. Chaffee’s statement would my fellow Park and Recreation Committee members unanimously vote to make me Chair of that committee a month or two later?

Ms. Flory as an attorney knows that their actions are reckless, outrageous and very possibly a violation of my civil rights.  Both these council members joined in on the ongoing harassment, intimidation and violation of my civil rights.  The fact is that Ms. Flory, as an attorney should no better. Is any of this fair and objective ladies and gentlemen?   The answer is obviously no.

This so-called investigation is now almost 2 months old and still not completed although City Manager Joe Felz told Councilmember Whitaker that the investigation would be completed by the end of September 2013.  This phony complaint investigation should have been completed in a day (August 20) by reviewing the city’s videotape or in a week (August 27) by the long route by interviewing witnesses. It took the police, exactly four weeks before they attempted to make any contact with me in person or by phone.  The day they (2 detectives) first came to my house unannounced was September 16, the day of the council meeting.  They waited until the next council meeting 3 weeks later on October 7 to contact a witness I provided to the city.  If this is not intentional intimidation and harassment, I do not know what would constitute that claim in my opinion.  Our Orange County District Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate the city’s tactics as well.

I believe this intimidation and harassment has two purposes. The first purpose is to try to keep me away from these important council meetings right before the November elections. The second purpose is pure character assassination because they are very concerned that I might choose to run for council in 2016 or beyond.

images (7)

You can’t keep a good man down

I remember in 2012, Ms. Flory spoke before the council and told Councilmember Kiger that his mother obviously did not breast-feed him. What a crass and totally inappropriate comment to make to anyone about one’s mother? Later that year she defeated Travis Kiger by 29 votes.  Therefore, I am not surprised that both Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory are once again lowering themselves to this level.


I can honestly say that I have consistently stood up for all Fullertonians since 2010. I hope now you will take the time to stand up for me and the rights of all citizens to be treated in a fair and even handed way by our city. I would again suggest that Councilmember Fitzgerald has a choice she needs to make very soon.  Either Ms. Fitzgerald stops being a highly paid, political consultant as Vice President of Pringle and Associates with all that it entails or she resigns her position on the council.   Like I stated above, she can’t serve two very different masters to the best of her ability with two very different agendas. 

images (22)

I urge all of you who live in Southern California to attend the next Fullerton City Council meeting.  It takes place on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 starting at 6:30 PM.  Ladies and gentlemen make no mistake that this is a political witch-hunt against me because I was a political opponent of both Ms. Flory and Ms. Fitzgerald in the November 2012 council election and I have the courage to partake of my 1st Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.

 Approximately 7,500 Fullerton citizens believed in me enough to cast their precious vote for me in that election.  I ask that as many of you as possible come to the next Fullerton city council meeting on Tuesday October 21 at 6:30pm to express you outrage over this obvious misuse and abuse of power by our leaders.  I would also urge that you call City Manager Joe Felz 714-738-6310 or email him at; City Police Chief Dan Hughes at 714-738-6825 or 714-738-6840; Councilmembers Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory at 714-738-6311 or email them at to express your outrage and demand that this injustice perpetrated against my family and me be stopped immediately.  


God bless and I pray for a time real soon that Fullerton can once again be proud of its city government. Please remember the following:

That  all evil needs to triumph are for good men (and women) to do nothing.  Edmond Burke.

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.  George Orwell.

Thank you all for your attention.

Barry Levinson


Parks and Recreation Chair and

Former Candidate for Fullerton City Council




Folks trying to get Zina Gleason’s positions on issues has been, let’s just say, a tad difficult, especially when it comes to what I believe to be the crown jewel of this election- CARRYING OVER THE FORCED CLASSROOM WIRELESS MICROWAVE RADIATION EXPOSURE MODEL FROM THE FSD INTO THE HIGH SCHOOLS. She won’t answer any emails and deletes Facebook posts containing questions about the wireless issue.

So why is it that she appears to love the fence so much?

unnamed (5)

 Why does she love many fences like the bond loving fence?

unnamed (4)

Read the rest of this entry »


Fawley’s follies-The Union Puppet and the union hacks on the front lines



Nuff already with this union puppet

There is a strange phenomenon taking place where the red Fawley signs go up. The opponents signs go down. Fawley is a union trifecta while she makes no bones about it being all in the family.

images (24)

Here is what I think about your questions Mr. Imbriano-Fawley ignores multiple emails on wireless safety

She openly supports the irresponsible Read the rest of this entry »


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