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Fullerton California Campaign Central

Fullerton California Campaign Central:

I Report, Fullerton Voters to Decide-By Barry Levinson

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Rating the Council candidates websites for content and for accuracy.

Rating System:  If the candidate does a good job identifying the major issues, I will give them a rating as high as a C.

If the candidate does a good job spelling out specific solutions to all the problems as well, the rating can go up to an A.

If the candidates’ websites are misleading in any way they are downgraded.  I believe honesty is the “best” policy.  No one running for office should be allowed to either misinform or mislead the public.


  1. Greg Sebourn: B minus for doing a good job of identifying the issues, but failing to give any specifics for solutions. I boosted his score from a C to a B- for not embellishing his record.  I believe candidates should be recognized positively for accuracy and honesty and downgraded for the opposite.


  1. Rick Alvarez: D minus   For identifying only a few of the issues (infrastructure, economic development and public safety) with no specifics on solving our many problems.  Mr. Alvarez does not even mention the huge problem of unfunded pension and retiree health care liabilities.


  1. Jane Rands: D minus I like her opening statement about balance.  Unfortunately Rands has not provided us with much else.  I know where Ms. Rands stands on most issues but she must share that information on her website.


  1. Sean Paden: D minus Like Ms. Rands, I know where Mr. Paden stands on many of the issues however like Ms. Rands his website is silent on all but one narrow issue.  His issues segment states “Coming Soon”.


  1. Larry Bennett: F He mentions pension reform but takes it no further.  He does not state that today’s pensions are way to generous and need to be scaled back if the city is ever to get back on a good financial footing.  I downgraded him to an F for failing to fully acknowledge his past close support of McKinley, Jones and Bankhead and for some misleading comments on his website under his caption Working Together.  He first states that he is a consensus builder.  He was campaign chairman for the NO on the FULLERTON RECALL in 2012, a very contentious and divisive issue.  He also states he is for civic openness but has defended what Councilmember’s Whitaker and Sebourn call the Fullerton Counterfeit COIN ordinance.


  1. Doug Chaffee: F He mentions some of the problems but like the others does not provide specific solutions.  He is downgraded from a D to an F for an important inaccuracy on his website.  His website states that “ Chevron, which owns the land, will work to forge a deal to sell most or all of the land to The Trust for Public Land, a national land-conservation group, city official announced Tuesday evening”. Unfortunately, the Trust for Public Land has totally bowed out of any deal approximately a month and a half ago.  This is a mistake at best or at worst an intentional factual inaccuracy.


  1. Bill Chaffee F He earns a failing grade for not having a website.




Cancer shields for cellphones circa 2001

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THIS LAUSD TEACHER GOT ONE IN THE FORM OF THIS:  Read the rest of this entry »


Fullerton’s downtown skid row: Dan Hughes and Joe Felz failing Fullerton and thier Fascist solution asking for the beginning of the end of the first and fourth amendments.


Want to catch just one more look into her eyes after dinner?  Why go anywhere else? Why wait for the Vegas bullet train to roll into town? Downtown’s got it all north of the tracks after dark ladies and gentlemen. What is your forte, aggressive pan handling, street circuses, drugs for sale, pot smoking with the pungent odor of skunk bud? Maybe you have a taste for the underage with fake ID’s. How about the scantily clad?  Read the rest of this entry »


I am very surprised-I report, you decide by Barry Levinson

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Barry Levinson

Fullerton California Campaign Central – 53 days and counting until Election Day.

(In 24 days Absentee ballots will become available for the November 4th, 2014 Election.)

Last night I revisited all the city council candidates’ websites. I am putting together a review of them that I will be presenting in the next couple of days. But for now I would like to give all of you a brief update as I promised I would keep all of you informed.

In reading the existing websites of Jane Rands, Greg Sebourn, Larry Bennett, Rick Alvarez and Doug Chaffee, I noted no material additions (actually I did not notice any additions) to their sites. That is disappointing in that none of them have any details on how they are going to solve our city’s many problems.

Bill Chaffee has no website and at this point I have no information that one is in the works for him.

The only new activity I have personally witnessed is the addition of candidate signs being put up in more numbers throughout the city. With regard to signs, I have noticed that Mayor Chaffee has probably put up the most signs so far, followed by Mayor Pro-Tem Sebourn, Rands, Bennett and Alvarez.

I have not seen any signs for either Bill Chaffee or Sean Paden. It is interesting to note that no candidate flyers have been left at my personal residence nor have I received any mailers for the candidates as of today. I would assume that some Fullerton residents may have already begun to receive hand carried information about one or more candidates. However, I do expect to get my fair share of them starting in the next few weeks.

I was just contacted by Kim Wolfe that Sean Paden has now set up his website as of today. However, in looking at it just now, I noticed that it is still not complete by his own admission. Under the “Issues Section” it states “Coming Soon” and all it has is a reprint of his official 200-word campaign statement. Hopefully, he will add the Issue Section quickly.  My Issues Paden for Fullerton

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Cover up at the highest levels and children being taken down to the lowest.

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Lennart Hardell’s science is a game changer and the suppression is planned, global and deeply entrenched. The more we expose it, the better.

Susan D. Foster, MSW _____________________________________________________________________________________________

August 31, 2014

Emily O’Reilly

European Ombudsman

European Commission

RE: SCENIHR Report 2014 and The Suppression of Dr. Lennart Hardell’s Science

Dear Emily O’Reilly:

In July 2014 we received individual letters from Acting Director John Ryan following our deeply and urgently conveyed concerns that scientific misconduct had occurred at SCENIHR under the direct actions of Dr. Joachim Schüz. Dr. Schüz took it upon himself to unilaterally write the epidemiology portion of SCENIHR’s report. Because SCENIHR was entrusted with examining the RF standards for all of Europe, this task and position calls for great integrity and objectivity. We are strongly suggesting both were lacking as Dr. Schüz “cherry-picked” the science that went into SCENIHR’s preliminary and then final report, purposefully and negligently omitting the five 2013 studies of independent epidemiologist Dr. Lennart Hardell of Sweden.  Read the rest of this entry »




I Report You Decide. By Barry Levinson

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I Report You Decide.

A friend of mine recently made a very profound comment to me.

He said you could tell how corrupt a city is by the condition of

the infrastructure. Well if that is a correct statement ladies and

gentlemen, Fullerton ranks way up there on the corruption meter. Our

roads, our sewers and water lines are in terrible shape.

Several months ago, Republican former State Assemblyman Chris

Norby was taken into custody after the FPD came to his house as

a result of a domestic dispute. A typical he said, she said, but they

arrested only Mr. Norby anyway. Later they had to drop all charges

because there was insufficient evidence.

In my opinion, why would the FPD want to arrest someone with no

real evidence of any crime being committed? I leave it to all of you to

answer that simple question.

Well yours truly has certainly ruffled enough feathers in this town,

with my speaking out for justice for Kelly Thomas and real reform

of the FPD. I have recently been very vocal about the Downtown

Core and Corridor Project proposal calling it both a huge attempted

power grab by our City Manager, Joe Felz and a move that would

be extremely undemocratic. I have consistently reported that the

percentage of the Operating Fund Budget has to be reduced from the

approximately 80% level for salaries and benefits if this city is going

to make real strides in improving our infrastructure.

No ladies and gentlemen, as George Orwell stated many years ago

and it applies even more today, “In a time of universal deceit – telling

the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I have consistently spoken the truth and will continue to do so.

Dishonest people have and will resort to the use of personal attacks,

when the facts are not on their side. The only difference is that now

all of you know another one of their dirty little secrets.




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