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Fullerton’s Fox Theater-A 26 million dollar black hole.

It is official, Jaws is coming to the Fox theater and for 30 years and 14 million dollars, that is what Fullerton has been waiting for.

I have been trying to wake people up to the grand plan of the smoky back room dealmakers with the city that the 26 million dollar black hole, white elephant is actually slated for high density housing. The Fox Block Project being proposed to surround the theater will permanently damage the theater and result in its eventual demolition and I believe this will be intentional. It is the making of the perfect tragic crime. Is this the plan? Foundations, their power, their influence and their tax exempt status. Foolerton residents: their folly, their apathy and their wallets. Watch and weep as your wallet is about to get hit.


The Fox Theater hasn’t screened a movie for 30 years, yet it has taken in $14 million dollars spent on warehousing the resident rat population as the homeless sleep in the streets right outside. All this while the gatekeepers like Leiland Wilson want people to think that this movie screening is some sort of an accomplishment as this property is kept in a holding pattern out of the reach and access of the good people of Fullerton. Let me tell you a fact ladies and gentlemen, that theater seats 800 people and it will cost upwards of 30 million dollars to finish restoring it. This piece of public property has been held hostage for the better part of three decades to make way for Agenda 21 stack and pack housing. It will never reopen. The full remodel will never happen. Like all the shopping centers that have been run into the ground intentionally, The Fox will instead it will become this unless we wake up.

Yes folks this is what the Fox Block will look like. And this will be what the 57 freeway will look like because there are plans to do this at the Kimberly Clark site as well.

Enjoy your 20 million dollar popcorn as you watch a movie whose net effect on our culture was to result in the demise of the shark populations in our waters forever. Yes you can dream a little folks, you can dream that our crooked city officials are actually planning to do something nice for us for a change while the rats will be back in the morning to eat the popcorn you dropped on the floor. So will the rats at city hall, working feverishly to screw every last one of us as they have for decades.

Joe Imbriano addressing the Foolerton City Council


The condition of our infrastructure tells it all and I did ask the question that very same evening I made the statements about the plans for the Fox.

Fullerton is run by ship of fools on a sea full of sirens. Watch out for the rocks because that is where we are headed folks. Stay vigilant.

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Jerry Brown signed an Agenda 21 executive order four years ago.

Not to be outdone, Jerry Brown recently signed two bills, SB 606 by Sen. Robert Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) and AB 1668 by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman. These bills officially put the death knell to our ability to access water, AND maintain a single family home where we can grow our own food and grow our families. Of course in addition, this ensures massive tree death to pave the way for the 5G kill grid that is being rolled out all over California starting in Los Angeles by the end of the year. Trees block the millimeter wave signals that would otherwise blanket the open air prison they are setting up for the Hunger Games scenario.


I wonder what this woman is going to do in order to get the next round of Agenda 21 High Density stack and pack housing past the council for her boss Curt Pringle now that we are going under permanent water restrictions? Fullerton’s queen of Agenda 21 high density housing Jennifer Fitzgerald.

These new laws require cities and water districts across the state to set permanent water conservation rules, even in non-drought years. I warned the Fullerton City Council members for years about the how and the why of this. Now we are facing the ramifications of their collective cognitive dissonance.

“In preparation for the next drought and our changing environment, we must use our precious resources wisely,” Brown said in a statement. “We have efficiency goals for energy and cars – and now we have them for water.” -Jerry Brown

Bushala’s handpicked hireling Greg Seaborn wont be approving any big development projects anytime soon as he is forced to kill his lawn.

Water use Standards will be based on a formula that is made up of three main factors: an allowance of 55 gallons per person per day for indoor water use and a yet-to-be determined amount for residential outdoor use that will vary depending on regional climates; and a standard for water loss due to leak rates in water system pipes.

Bushala’s other handmaiden developer tool. Bruce Whitaker believes property rights mean no restrictions on development. That is why Tony Bushala spent hundreds of thousands of dollars getting his cronies stacked up on the council. The prospects of more high density in Fullerton are looking bleak.

There are now no options for development because years of drought have created a nightmare for residents as they will be forced to limit their water usage to 55 gallons per person by 2020. There is no water for the build it and they will come crowd. The geo engineering agenda has come to fruition.

For years I have been warning people about the reason for the drought and how it all ties into Agenda 21. We have arrived.

Sex Ed Silva’s husband Fullerton councilman Jesus Silva who stands for nothing and falls for anything has some homework to do. He will be reeling from his study on Title 23 any day now.


Mayor Doug Chaffee can;t figure that out and yet he wants to be your county supervisor.







Autism and the designer elimination of the Alpha Male

ASD is about 4 times more common among boys than among girls. Boys had a higher chance of having autism or developmental disability than girls, working out to 1 in 27 chance of autism in boys. In the last 17 years, Autism rates have increased from 1 in 150 to 1 in 36.

There is an Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males…..Documented and Proven.

It involves rewiring the Human Brain to Train it for Obedience and Violence. Enter stage left The Psychological Reality of Military Training.

Enter stage right the unjust wars and video games that have been in place now with the war on terror and the ubiquitous internet access with endless gaming opportunities.

The final death knell to the Alpha Male comes from the wireless and vaccine agendas that has caused the Autism epidemic. I have explained the causes of Autism in great detail right here. Fight for the children before you have to fight your children folks. We will be surrounded with millions of men someday that will be impossible to deal with as a society. It is preventable. Get informed and get involved. Please read this article below in its entirety and share it with everyone you know. Our future as a nation and society depends on it.


Ferritin and iron levels in children with autistic disorder

Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP) Radar and microwave absorbing materials





autism-emf (1)



I had originally posted this on 3-27-13 but decided to pull it. However, I feel now is the time for this side of the story to be told.  I have added some revisions to bring it up to date with respect to recent developments in our quest to end what I believe to be the largest forced irradiation of children  by a trillion dollar industry that the world has ever seen, AND HOW AND WHY IT NEEDS TO COME TO AN END.

What originally began as a quest to get the WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT AND WIRELESS SYSTEMS out of my children’s Fullerton School District classrooms has led to a miraculous hope Read the rest of this entry »



The medical system fraud


The California Kill Grid



Viruses don’t jump species unless they instructed to by their designers.

Epidemiological studies indicated that reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV) infection and vertical transmission is common in chickens in some areas of southern China. These are immunosuppressive viral infections.

REVs originated as mammalian retroviruses that were accidentally introduced into avian hosts in the late 1930s, during experimental studies of P. lophurae, and subsequently integrated into the fowlpox virus (FWPV) and gallid herpesvirus type 2 (GHV-2) genomes, generating recombinant DNA viruses that now circulate in wild birds and poultry.

The immunocompromised millions of birds are now ideal hosts for the designer zoonotic man made avian flu strains such as H5N1 and H7N9 and others that will follow. The end result will be an attack on our food supply, forced vaccinations and forced aerial spraying of chemicals.

It is imperative that we not allow for our food supply to be destroyed by lackey government agents at the direction of mad scientists who are really wind up toys for the mass murdering eugenecists that will stop at nothing to cull humanity. For now we must demand an investigation into the health of our domestic poultry stocks and a full congressional inquiry on the origins of these zoonotic avian flu strains.





Megachurch pastor Jack Hibbs worshipping the god of Google with Disney props on the Calvary Chapel altar

There is a hidden agenda with Calvary Chapel ladies and gentlemen and there is no doubt in my mind based on what they teach and who they are connected to that it is a nefarious one. The behavior of the staff and the core eschatological doctrine they espouse is downright dangerous. Christianity USED to be the most powerful force in America as it staffed our legislatures, built our hospitals, erected and staffed soup kitchens, orphanages, schools and Universities. Now with the rise of heretical dispensationalism which teaches defeatism, fatalism, that the world is coming to an end, and the self fulfilling prophecy of things having to get worse for Jesus to come back  to suck all his followers to heaven all at once has left things like running the government and business literally in the hands of the devil. Just look at the laws being passed and the behavior of corporate America ladies and gentlemen.


I want to focus on Jack Hibbs and his operation in Chino Hills.

This Pastor of 7000 people apparently sees nothing wrong with any of this.



Jack Hibbs is the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills located in California. He is probably the most politically involved Calvary Chapel pastor in the US. Jack is the tip of Calvary Chapel’s proverbial spear and he is highly controlled. He is an establishment Republican and as such, leads his sheep to the field where only specific political footballs are tossed around while TOTALLY IGNORING the real and serious issues facing our people and our nation. It has been like this for years and the entire Calvary Chapel system is run like a huge cult. Work for nothing, donate donate donate and if you step out of line or question things then you are out. We know this from experience.

At any rate, Jack is overseeing a recent construction boom involving tens of millions of dollars being dumped into the property of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. with wireless systems embedded deeply into every aspect of the Hollywood production facility, it is no wonder Jack Hibbs won’t tell his sheeple about what is being done to them and their children by the wireless agenda aimed at the children.   

All of Calvary Chapel’s schools have adopted the evil destructive common core curriculum, they all use wireless devices like iPads (infertility pads) and some even have cell towers on the property. Their finances are all secret as well.

Jack Hibbs claims to “fight for truth” yet once again he only mobilizes his sheep to fight a very narrow band of political football issues as he continues to ignore the wireless agenda that he has been apprised of. As a matter of fact he has refused to address the recent presentation I did at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs that resulted in the termination of my friend’s long time ministry at the church 2 months ago. This one hour twenty minute presentation that you can watch here laid it all out and Jack Hibbs is actively involved in suppressing this information as he takes part in the worship of the beast technology system. Look no further than Jack Hibbs at his church on the altar of Google whose props were erected and hand crafted by Disney employees. You can’t make this stuff up folks. That is right, Disney employees made this altar and look what they made for everyone to see.

Money is no object when it comes to these megachurch tax exempt corporations but because they come in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ, they are accountable to God and to the Christian population all over the world. Time and time again we hear it is God’s money and so it should be spent on God’s work.

Jack Hibbs on the altar of Google

So what is the difference between God’s work and the devil’s work? Sometimes it is not so easy to tell. Sometimes it is. Take for example the illuminati corporate symbolism in Disney’s logo. This just so happens to be the company that had its employees handcraft the Google logo on the stage along with the dinosaur and the other props for the week of VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL FOR THE CHILDREN!

So what is the Google logo doing up on the stage ladies and gentlemen and to top it off why are Disney people involved in making it? Disney and Christianity are about as mutually exclusive as you could ever get.

This is the company that Dale Goddard over at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs was so defensive of as they kicked my good friend’s ministry out of the church because of my presentation that never even mentioned Disney but my website does. Disney is a sacred cow of the Calvary Chapel elite and for good reason.

Google is clearly a sacred cow to the elite at Calvary Chapel as well. There is no mistaking that this this is the Google symbol that has been placed there for a week of indocrination sessions for young children during their Genesis Project this week. This is intentional ladies and gentlemen. So what is exactly is Google? Google is a CIA creation and is involved in controlling the flow of and access to information. It is also a very powerful tool of the illuminati much like the mega churches are.


Google is the beast system that seeks to rule the world, which is basically lucifer’s all seing eye comprised of a vast supercomputer complex. It is really nothing more than a satanic company that is lucifer’s thinly veiled attempt to become omniscient. It will never happen because he cannot see into our minds, hearts or souls. He does however have quite an army of followers, massive computing power and officers in some of the least likely of places like a church.


I have been suspect of this dispensationialist front group for years and have always known that the eschatology that is taught there is literally destroying America by placing the church in bondage to financially bankrupting unbiblical tithing and escapism with the phony rapture business. That is what Calvary is, a phony rapture business. Giving people false hope that the world is coming to an end at any minute and Jesus is going to rush in and swoop everyone up to heaven has turned our country into a ship of fools with only the devil on deck and now this!


You know what is even worse is how Calvary Chapel is brainwashing the children with the infusion of heliocentrism into their upcoming Vacation Bible School next month. The Disney connections at Calvary Chapels are immensly disturbing to say the least. The following Calvary Chapel website picture depicts the blending of the lies of the Jesuit, Masonic, luciferian NASA ball earth lie, with the movie that Disney just spent 4 BILLION DOLLARS on. Disney is in the business of CORRUPTING AND CONTROLLING children’s minds and they don’t spend 4 billion dollars on gift wrap ladies and gentlemen. This is all part of keeping the deception of the ball earth and the agenda to mock God and His word going on down to the next generation.

You see folks if you want to really want to have a Genesis week for the children then how about teaching the children the truth about what we live on? How about starting in Genesis 1:7  and teach the children that the Bible teaches that we live under a dome called the firmament.

Why bring in the Disney crew? Well it is all about deception and lies. The church is in on it big time. YOU WILL NEVER HEAR ANY SERMON EVER ON THIS ISSUE FROM THE CULT OF CALVARY CHAPEL.

We all know what they are all about over at Disney. They base all their productions on perversion and wickedness. They base their motion picture empire on productions with themes of diametric opposition to The Word of God such as sorcery, spellcasting, witchcraft, necromancy, fortune telling, beastiality, pantheism, gaya worship and of course the 4 billion dollar version of heliocentrism.The Bible is a flat earth book from cover to cover and the least likely cast of charcters just doubled down and got into the NASA fraud business by resurrecting the Star Wars fantasy. Jack Hibbs is an agent of the system folks. He knows better. There is no way he can be that blind. These players are all in on it.

The ball earth model is the second greatest lie ever told ladies and gentlemen and Jack Hibbs is in bed up to his eyeballs with the wrong crowd folks. Jack Hibbs is part of the deception along with the monied interests like Disney,

like NASA, and …..

 Google and its mind control ball earth psyop Google earth,



The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork

The Bible is either wrong or NASA is wrong. Either The Bible is a lie or NASA is a lie. The Bible clearly states the earth is flat covered by a dome. NASA claims the earth is round and revolves around the sun.  From ancient civilizations to modern times we are told that the earth is flat with a dome Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Babylonians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Poets, Philosophers, Historians and modern evidences tell us that the earth is flat. So why does everyone believe what NASA tells us? Which one is it? You decide whether or not The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork..


The government has had a monopoly over the media,

press and academia for decades. Couple that with the 13 years of compulsory education mandated to indoctrinate every man woman and child in the US and you have little room for debate or do we? The Universities and the academic intellencia take it up on a logarithmic scale and yet the only photos of the earth from so called space or satellites are ALL ARTIST RENDERINGS OR COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES. Your eyes and your basic instincts tell us the sun and the moon are the same size, located very close to us as the naked eye cannot see a moon  crater 40 miles across 238,000 miles away, that the oceans cannot stay on a 1000 mile per hour spinning ball and that the 75,000 miles of circulatory system did not get into our bodies by accident. Yet we submit our bodies and minds to those who deny that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. 

It is the school district personnel who teach just that. These are the ones who cement the lies after, through endless rote repetition, they ram the fables deep into the impressionable minds of the children. Do they know what they are part of? How can it be that reasonable, logical people that supposedly are the critical thinkers take part in such a vile endeavor, that is the teaching of the lie of evolution? What are these people thinking? They are not. They are walking lockstep with the machine that turns out children who do not know or believe in God and who can no longer think and interpret what is right in front of their eyes even though The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

The school district personnel are all in on it, every last one of them. Where are all the so called  moral giants, or the so called christian teachers and staff? Why are they silent? Where is their fiece vocal opposition to these flat out lies? Yes they are all part of a regressive, massive dehumanization and sterilization agenda, drugging the children with vision destroying technology,


Yes they are all part of a regressive, massive, reproductive organ destroying wireless classroom technology forced irradiation program that is turning them into satanic video game addicts, teaching them the lies of evolution, the lie that there is no God, that wireless is harmless and that vaccines are safe and not part of a eugenics agenda. Does it logically follow that the school district personnel are not the most dangerous and evil people alive right now because of what they are doing to all the children? Yes you heard me the same ones doing this are the ones who hide that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork..


They sit back and remain silent on the brain damaging sterilization by the forced microwave exposure in the classrooms, refusing to warn parents, accept information and warn the students. They are silent on the perversion being foisted on our children, they are silent on the forced vaccinations that are now part of school entry requirements. They are silent on the lies of evolution, silent on the dehumanization of children they are taking part in and silent on everything that matters except when it comes to their paltry paychecks. Go look out in front of the high schools in Fullerton right now and you will see these overpaid lackeys pissed off about the fact the $125,000 a year is not enough for 6 1/2 hour workdays for less than half the year as they lock the children out of class for tutoring and college letter of recommendation writing.

Yes of course That is when they speak up while they all ignore that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

Firmament does not refer to empty air, a blue sky or a level of the atmosphere, it refers to a physical structure. It refers to the dome that covers the earth, and stated as such in some Bible translations. Yes it is the dome that no rocket ship or 33rd degree mason phony astronaut con job clown has ever passed through with a fake spaceship that really just crashed down in the ocean right after it launched.

The firmament sheweth His handy work. Why hide the dome from us? Why discredit the first chapter of The Bible? Because the total bull crap of evolution folds like a bad hand when people that have been so dumbed down to believe it in the first place realize that a dome over us means that someone put it there and put us under it. Thank the school district personell for all this moral relativism, political correctness, joke science and of course the 65 shots in your children’s bloodstreams and the wireless device in their laps. How long are all you parents and school district sycophants and lackeys going to go along with all of this or are you too going to ignore that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

And yes, there are the doctors, with their academic arrogance, who think the man in the sky is some sort of a joke. In Fullerton look no further than the most outspoken enemies of God in town who mock God, and whose wife publicly calls for ending prayer at public meetings while they both push for the forced irradiation of school children all over California. Just look how and where all that education got those two who publicly ignore and protest that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

I guess the the toxic drugs, toxic treatments and eugenicist shots, are right there behind all of them to help guide the way. Look what these closed minded automaton school district and medical establishment thugs have done to you, your friends, your parents and are now doing to an entire generation of children as these get their body, soul, health and spirit sucked to hell by the well coordinated orchestration of all of the aforementioned on their watch with their blessing.

It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. -The words of Jesus Christ.

Actually It applies to all of them, especially to the nurses and social workers that are putting all these children on medication when what they really need is the knowledge that God made them and God loves them. No such luck at school where they are taught starting in kindergarten that they can have two dads, two moms, that they came from animals, rocks, monkeys and muck and became what they are as a result of some cosmic accident with their faces glued to screens all day and night while they ignore, forget or simply cannot fathom that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

I challenge all of you to consider what has been the norm in our brainwashed society and open your eyes to the ancient wisdom so timelessly established in God’s word that to this very day, remains under attack from some of the most evil people in all of human history who subvert the fact that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

How can a student of the Bible, or even a seminary graduate, believe and even instruct the flock that science has proven The Bible to be in error? How do you ignore chapter 1 when your entire business model is built around the contents of this book? Yes even the dumbed down phony pastors and the pickpocket preachers in the phony churches that go along with all of this for a few measly bucks just so they can sleep in everyday and ignore that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

You will never hear a sermon on Genesis 1 that tells the truth about what we actually live on or one that exposes:

If they can con everyone into believing that there is no God, that we all came from rocks, that we are all animals, that there is no purpose to any of this, then I can assure you ladies and gentlemen, they will treat us like rocks and animals. Sadly with the forced vaccinations, the satanic media, the disgusting fake toxic food, the booze, pills, dope, porn, the wireless emissions beaming through our walls, forced into the laps of children at school, the dosed water, the sprayed skies and the outright lies of the educational and medical system that ARE IN DIAMETRIC OPPOSITION to the Word of God, we are already in dire straights in need of a massive and abrupt about face. The second biggest lie ever told is right here before your eyes. Please open them before you end up spending eternity in darkness. The Bible is true, the earth is flat and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply a victim of an educational system that is designed to promulgate regression disguised as intellectual prowess flanked by foolishness that remains bound up in the child that they can never admit they still are. Take 25 minutes and judge for yourself. The lies have it ladies and gentlemen, and they also have your children all by the throat. It is time to break the grip. The day has finally arrived. The choice is yours.






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