This video outlining the deep state agenda with Las Vegas and radiation biology is back up here.

It was taken down as a result from censorship from Google from another channel b


Published on Oct 22, 2017

The Fullerton Informer:…



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I have known Joe for the last couple of years and haven’t promoted his work enough. This is someone with a serious amount of knowledge and we all need to subscribe to his channel and watch his work.

John Straumietis 



And people still think the cops are here to protect us. As you can see, cops can be intimidated, silenced and forced to do whatever is necessary to push the agenda of the elite. Cops are now here to throw you in jail if you oppose the ideology of our corrupt government. If they come for you, you can level the playing field by being armed.


FINALLY! A normal citizen coming out with the bare truth!!


With the 5G rollout we’ll be microwaved more than ever too!

Systemic Divide 


Science Proves It's flat. FlatEARTHER 

Great video, well said….


The CIA Phoenix Program is relevant to Vegas.

Erik Hanger 

Yeah I never liked Florencent of bulbs even when they came out people like them because they’re so cheap but I thought I was crazy because I was the only one that felt like this gave us such a ugly cheap feeling like being an old dirty cheap dentist office or Hospital. I always like Amber type color light bulb or just at the regular older light bulbs they give off like a warm feeling with those fluorescent light bulbs I like the ones in Joe Versus the Volcano they just suck the life out of you


Level One – Private Mercenary Kill Teams (Xe?) CIA and other Intelligence agencies with authorization from MGM owner, Sheldon A, and Trump Level Two – Multi-level Active Shooter drill (real-time) FBI Fusion Centers and DHS coordinate with Casinos to have multi-locations attacked Level Three – Local Police respond in confusion, Active Shooter Drill goes live under Level One Level Four – The citizens used as props under a drill, are used to offer up to carry out a real attack, real shelter in place drills on a massive scale, detain thousands with people having to personally verify your identity before being released, confiscating electronic equipment from a large number and deleting evidence. Sandy Hook, The Navy Yard Drill Shooting, Jared Lee Loughner shooting in AZ , The Hunger Games UCSB Shooting in CA, The San Bernardino Drill Shooting, Aurora Batman shooting, etc… all were 9/11 level events.


Yes yes yes and thanks for this video

Hoplite Warrior 

It’s odd that the police scanner I own,which is a very good scanner at that,never received a notification when the shootings happened @ the Mandalay bay and the other places where shots were fired from. My scanner wasn’t allowed to even pick up the channel for the Las Vegas police department during the whole process nor could it find any other channel that would also normally find if the Las Vegas police department blocked people from hearing what they were saying and reporting the whole time. When the riots happened in Ferguson, close to where I live and any other riots that happened long after that one,I was notified and listened to everything. The Deep State/Shadow Government are culprits in many of these incidents. Soros,Rothschilds,Obamas,etc had best be delt with or we will always continue to have problems in America and the safety of ourselves,Constitution/ammendment rights and our Republic. What a time to be alive in America and I pray the SHTF soon so my children and those who think and believe the same as I are still able bodied to fight the fight that desperately needs to happen. We desperately need to fight these evil entities now so that by the time I’m an old man,I can actually relax knowing we have rid America of this Anti-American excrement. Si Vis Pacem,Para Bellum!


I’m a new sub. Thank you for sharing this

Jonny Stugotts 

Sorry grind all61 , no one dead no one hurt. No actual proof of anyone dead . No tears no emts working on anyone, on n on . Anyways, be well.

Victor Bangle 

This was a STAGED FAKE SCI OP and you people are dumb as rocks. Idiots.

michael x 

you are correct about everything you said


US is turning in to a police state by the NWO Zionist NEO-Cons.


Good video. America First.

Wetonia Houlihan 

He received more environmental radiation standing there talking about it than any of those airport screenings etc put off…. lol

Rob Lee 

Vegas shooting is nothing but deception and big cover-up for something they probably that themselves👈💥

cas adaps 



Joe is on FIRE!! Good job . This is a good guy. He came to my City of Glendale when the GUSD was voting on putting on WiFi in the Glendale School Classrooms.

Thystaff Thywill 

Las Vegas was a hoax, a fema drill with crisis actors. They’ve been doing this for years.

Nina Long 

Wow. You have done your research.

Erik Hanger 

Everyone needs to trust in Trump and Putin Putin is actually been saying this s*** for years of what our government is up to and what they’re trying to do to us he has been saying this s*** for years Russia has spies everywhere and Russia has a shitload of spies in here who do you think geard us to vote for Trump


you are so on point about everything

Rob Lee 

Las Vegas was all a big cover-up so that we take our minds off the real important things like them wanting to fit Kris the population in this country wake up America before it’s too late👈👺👎👎 they want to ban guns in this arm Americans in this country so that that way we can be at the mercy of our enemies which they will be no mercy they’re going to try to wipe us out one by one or all of us and one place once they do that they’ll take away our rights and do away with the Constitution God bless us all

Louis Bonasera 



Big oil will not go away until we get away from them, eugenics has always been their goal. Their means only justify their ends and everything else Joe said, I could not agree with more…


Campos was the second gunman


Well put. This is scary stuff…. Thanks


Lawsuits are the biggest loss for casinos not cheaters at blackjack. Paddock sued cosmo over his leg. Campos got shot in the leg.

Angie Fernandes 

White people and their machine gunz are not a good combination

marcia reflects 

people do not want to know… hurts their minds to go against the mind control… I am surrounded by people who get mad or just check out if you try to tell them…. not sure what it will take to break the mind control… maybe if we get that promised emp attack and lose all electricity….. blessings come in disguise…

Will Mason 

Excellent presentation

alex morgan 

Good thing I live in the southern United States because after watching this video I can see why a lot of people would rather vote conservative than liberal. It’s all about our rights and freedoms and people need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

Jorae Goswellen 

Yes! The deep state….. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Jorae Goswellen 

I believe like you …. It’s all staged! They want us unarmed…they want a NWO and a communist agenda21/2030 agenda so they want billions killed by any means necessary! Look up the 2030 map’s that’s your truth of our future… Controlled and slave’s …an AI / transhuman planet this is why they are pushing all these satanic agenda’s! People need to wake up or loss your freedom …. Never give up your gun’s as if you do you will be toast!!!!!


I hope more people wake up to this demonic beast system we are currently living in.

Sheryl St. Germain 

I just about gagged at that FBI operative “Spook” standing over Sheriff Lombardo’s shoulder in Las Vegas, forcing that Sheriff to read from a script that they were going to send Paddock’s brain to have it analyzed. That Sheriff must have been threated with his retirement and the death of his family, because he was choking up.


They are hoping to normalize and legalize pedophila, and they know that is a very sore subject for most people.


I heard a theory that the top floors are owned by the Saudis, but the Saudis weren’t using them that weekend. I also heard a theory that the planes that Paddock owned could have been used in child trafficking. One YT user was able to look up part of his flight log, and that the plane landed in Nebraska which is the home of the Franklin scandal.

Rebekahz Place 



Why would you do a video out on the street? The federal government has no authority over the 2nd amendment and there is no way they would get the support from all the states required.


wow first person that has same theory as me, what if he found out something he wasn’t supposed to. IDK but its all BS

The Deadsky 

Article 1 Section 8 of the constitution lists the specific powers of congress to act on. Nowhere does it state that they have the authority to legislate and pass laws to infringe on any constitutional right. They only have that power when we allow them that power.


Just do a quick study up of electrification of rural areas in America and the increase of cancer and other problems. World government have nearly mastered human experimentation… now it is time for full implementation.


The “Deep State”….. Every member of congress must sign a pledge of allegiance to Israel or the RNC and DNC wont fund their re-elections or organize their fund raisers.. In Texas, if you want to receive Hurricane Harvey Funds, you must swear never to Boycott Israel.. Its #11 on the Funds Agreement Form.. Israel determines who gets Relief Funds in America.. Israel determines who gets to be an American Congressman (power of the purse..) THE DEEP STATE IS ISRAEL… Zionists own us, rule us and send our children to their deaths in the name of protecting Israel.. Nothing will change as long as people lack the courage to call out reality. …Its called the “Synagogue of Satan” for a reason…


The higher the body count the more political leverage they can achieve. Las Vegas was done by the same ‘people’ that did 9/11.

Jami Ross 

Yes it and there’s no real investigation being done here!


A man that knew too much placed his own life in jeopardy……

Truman 300 

I work on the strip in the casino business. Mr. Paddock was a high roller at many casinos. He was also known as a quite man! Does not sound like the type of guy to go on a shooting spree!!! Yeah! I’m pissed!!! In my hometown!!! We are being told LIES!!!… Your 2nd amendment explanation was spot On!!! May God bless you all!

Sheryl St. Germain 

The definition of a legal conspiracy in Black’s Legal Dictionary, and Miriam Webster, is “Two or More Gathered together in and act, collusion of deceit or fraud.” If it only takes two people, then there are probably more conspiracies going on around you than you ever dreamed. The SHADOW Government comes up with people who understand deceit and fraud, especially by them and then say we wear “tin foil hats” which is an Ad hominem attack.

Sheryl St. Germain 

Another theory on Paddock, name indicates fencing in animals for blood slaughter at “The Harvest” music festival, He could have wracked up gambling debts, and they set him in one of their stage craft and play dramas, and helped him get out of town to another country with a clean state, after he worked his gambling debts off in the stage play.

Sheryl St. Germain 

Eventually, they are going to want everyone to go down and get a brain scan, so that they can shoot more radiation in, on you head, and then give you more brain problems, and tumors, so they can get you sick and take even more of your life away. We will all need brain scans, because you never know who might be crazy.

Bristol Girl 

great information

Henry Homes 

hear, here!!

Sheryl St. Germain 

I am very appreciate that someone is finally warning the public what is going on.

Sheryl St. Germain 

This is why home schooling is so popular, and I don’t mean the cult mother in the Pioneer dress that doesn’t let her child associate with other children. I mean online schools, and where parents and co ops take their children on more learning experience field trips. You stage shootings at schools, we will take our classes online.

Ty Bradford 

Definitely going in top favorites and shared Well said!!!!!

Mario Cooke 

for ten years I’ve been waiting for average Joes like this guy to start speaking truths like I have taken so much flak saying.

Mario Cooke 

high executives of Mandalay Bay sold 190 million in stock last month, after the shooting they are in a position to buy back their stock at great discount




Whoever own Mandalay Bay had everything to do with the shooting……..


Killing us softly with their waves, Killing me Softly. This morning I had Chemtrails in my coffee, Chemtrails in my coffee, you’re all so vein, you probably thought the song was about you.


I dont believe Paddock did all the killing by himself,if any at all,they ( whoever they are ) shoot at the people and then shot paddock to make it look like a murder suicide.Paddock is just a witness,two ISIS member or maybe two member of some other organization other than ISIS agree to shoot Paddock after the plans had been carried out and afterward shoot Paddock to make it look like a murder suicide….


Check and balance my man !!!

Nicolas Shane 

They are all doomed. Don’t give the bad guys any hope LOL. The house of cards are in free fall in Hollywood all this toxic mess is finally floating to the surface. Don’t worry folks your not gonna lose your country!! Team USA

John Yates 

It means there will be more work in NV for security and now I can move out of commiefornia move to Reno it rocks

Jonathan Reed 

Maybe Mandalay Bay management kept that corner empty because they feared police shooting back at the hotel. But there isn’t any evidence that this room is where the shots came from.


Sure was.

21st Century Heretic 

Hollywood = jewish. David Coleman aka Common core = Jewish. Marxism = Jewish. Vegas = Jewish. War or christians = Jewish. Cutting on baby boys= Jewish. Cutting on baby girls = Arab, half brother of the jew. Biggest advocates for gun control and hate speech laws = Jews. Perpetrators of the worst mass murders against white christians 100 years ago (bolshevik) = Jewish. Fractional reserve banking, 9/11, wars for israel, ect. Almost all media= Jewish.

21st Century Heretic 

Hollywood = jewish. David Coleman aka Common core = Jewish. Marxism = Jewish. Vegas = Jewish. War or christians = Jewish. Cutting on baby boys= Jewish. Cutting on baby girls = Arab, half brother of the jew. Biggest advocates for gun control and hate speech laws = Jews. Perpetrators of the worst mass murders against white christians 100 years ago (bolshevik) = Jewish. Fractional reserve banking, 9/11, wars for israel, ect. Almost all media= Jewish.

21st Century Heretic 

Hollywood = jewish. David Coleman aka Common core = Jewish. Marxism = Jewish. Vegas = Jewish. War or christians = Jewish. Cutting on baby boys= Jewish. Cutting on baby girls = Arab, half brother of the jew. Biggest advocates for gun control and hate speech laws = Jews. Perpetrators of the worst mass murders against white christians 100 years ago (bolshevik) = Jewish. Fractional reserve banking, 9/11, wars for israel, ect. Almost all media= Jewish.

21st Century Heretic 

Hollywood = jewish. David Coleman aka Common core = Jewish. Marxism = Jewish. Vegas = Jewish. War or christians = Jewish. Cutting on baby boys= Jewish. Cutting on baby girls = Arab, half brother of the jew. Biggest advocates for gun control and hate speech laws = Jews. Perpetrators of the worst mass murders against white christians 100 years ago (bolshevik) = Jewish. Fractional reserve banking, 9/11, wars for israel, ect. Almost all media= Jewish.

AmericaDied 1913 

If the NFL cared about anything real, they would take a knee to this crap.


legalized propaganda

Raya Porter 

Great video but this is unlistenable due to the stupid cars passing by sorry

Nick Stango 

In all reality when you think about it they don’t even need to have anyone in that room, could’ve been drone type of technology. I don’t mean aircraft, I just mean frequency/remote controlled weaponry inside the room.But I’m sure there were multiple people in those rooms, just pointing out that they have the tech. to do otherwise. Great video though.

Rebekahz Place 

The moment my child’s school says they are putting those body scanners in the school. I’m pulling him out and we’ll be home-schooled from now on. When these schools go on lock down. No one is allowed to get in or out to pick up their kid. Putting a bunch of people in large facilities like schools, universities, concerts, etc. that don’t allow guns and then enforcing a lock down will have families separated and imprisoned… Our fate will be sealed…

Jimmy Hagar 

We are going to keep getting regulations put on us and all this shit until we get together and take it back force is the only answer these motherfucking scum need to pay

Piano Lady 

Nothing authorities are telling us about the Mandalay Massacre rings true … none of it … and why was someone doing so much drilling in that room … what were they drilling … possibly the real shooters did escape to another floor … maybe they even got out through the heating/cooling ducts … it did take police over an hour to enter the room.

Cheryl Ling 傅璟玲 

excellent break down , check this out

Samuel Mbengu 

It’s weird, since 2,996 people got killed in 9/11, most of them from the WTC.


This is not just awake, he is fully awake.

Trumpet Of God 


Clyde Burton 

They are already doing the weapons of microwaves on us.Im telling you.Its not a plan they are already doing it!

Karen Omodt 

Route 91 Concert Promoter is a member of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Live Nation changes colors from orangish brown to purple. George Soros PURPLE REVOLUTION??? Why?

Georgia Henderson 

Outstanding synopses.


Uh “socialist sanders” from Vermont which is a pro gun state??? Dude you need to do some homework!! He is a favored by the NRA!! This can be found thru BASIC RESEARCH!!!

Useless Eater 

Excellent video. My only disagreement is I have is that we (and the other Countries) have Nukes. Nobody has em.


You watch too much Alex Jones.
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Karen Omodt 

K3ithp …I watch zero Alex Jones. It’s called pulling your head out of the unicorn utopia and do some research! Btw. The internet has a wealth of knowledge…little unicorn follower.

21st Century Heretic 

(((Alex Jones))) lol


Liked this informative video up to the ending . . . how about God helps those who help themselves ??? or Jesus, we love you dearly but you are being to slow so we’ll have to trust in your help coming through but start this out on our own !!!

Nick Rotellini 

Video of helicopter shooting, check it out
  1. #1 by Rodrigo D on October 27, 2017 - 10:36 pm

    A criminal complaint was filed with the FBI Human trafficking Div on Apr. 5, 2017 by Steven D Kelley detailing the existence of a network of human traffickers who maintain a stable of up to 100,000 kidnapped children who are used as sex slaves, human experiments, who face torture and death, and consumption by the predator elite that use this massive bunker to conceal these crimes. This bunker is accessed through the security entrance and a massive elevator under the Getty Center in LA. Over five years ago, this information was revealed, and it is becoming a matter of concern due to the million children who vanish in the USA EVERY year. Do not let these criminals hide behind the NSA, and national security. End this horror now, and make America Great again. God bless you.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on October 30, 2017 - 8:42 pm

    The number of rounds and shooters position should have resulted in carnage. Where is it? Anyone seen any blood yet? Probably not, no bullet holes in the trailers, banners or anywhere.

  3. #3 by Anonymous on November 1, 2017 - 8:02 pm

    Guy friggin nails it time after time. Keep on keepin on dude. Awesome shit on your channel too.

  4. #4 by Anonymous on November 2, 2017 - 1:57 pm

    In Orlando, everyone said “at first we thought it was part of the music.” In Vegas, they are saying “at first we thought it was fireworks.” No autopsies released, nothing. Illegal alien security guard supposedly shot in the leg who is the most important witness in the supposedly largest mass shooting in US history is allowed to go to Mexico for five days after the shooting? Lies lies lies. The media has buried this epic fail because this false flag fell apart due to all the media coverage by independent sources on the internet.

  5. #5 by Anonymous on November 6, 2017 - 5:45 am

    And dont forget shoeless joe jackson. Most over weight old guys wont be able to take rocks and thorns on their bare feet. If this were true, I would reason his feet should have cuts all over them after that epic shoeless gunbattle.

    Stay here civilian…lets get this feller…keep your sites on his destroyed car.

    Ok hoax planners…put some stunt men into this, drop cayan in all their eyes, and give us a show.

    Is resistance merely just a litmis test to see how asleep we are?

  6. #6 by Anonymous on November 6, 2017 - 12:59 pm

    In the so called Texas shooting, I wonder why Stephen Willeford had to jump into a stranger’s vehicle to follow the shooter when his own house and probably his own vehicles were right there, a block away?

  7. #7 by Anonymous on November 6, 2017 - 10:11 pm

    The fake Texas church shooting is a joke. It’s interesting that you can’t use google street view to drive in front of the church. They removed access in all directions for about half a block in front of the church. Street view isn’t available in that area on bing or mapquest, either.

    • #8 by Anonymous on November 13, 2017 - 9:30 am

      Just like LV. We’ve heard 10 million different stories and none of them add up. False flag period!

  8. #9 by Anonymous on November 11, 2017 - 3:12 pm

    No way the ground area around the concert venue had no evidence of bullet holes. The Texas church shooting had no bullet holes or bodies either. The Trump administration is very dangerous. Conservative people blindly trust him and that is very worrisome.

  9. #10 by Anonymous on November 12, 2017 - 7:11 am

    No way the ground area around the concert venue had no evidence of bullet holes. The Texas church shooting had no bullet holes or bodies. The Trump administration is very dangerous. Conservative people blindly trust him and that is very scary.

  10. #11 by Anonymous on November 15, 2017 - 12:11 pm

    Texas was a false flag. Get ready for a big one in California real soon.

  11. #12 by Anonymous on November 20, 2017 - 12:16 pm

    Everything is a Hollywood psyop-even the globe

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