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Gun free schools are killing fields for children

……… He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

Jesus Christ made this statement on his last night on earth and believe me, when Jesus Christ made a statememt, you better listen up. Americans must never give up their right to bear arms. When we lose that right, we lose all of our rights. Why is it today that the very people who teach the Bible are telling people to turn in their guns? Do they not understand the brutal and barbaric history of the slaughter of the defenseless?

I do not know if in fact the Florida shooting is real, or if it was a deep state government run operation involving multiple shooters and a patsy. I tend to believe the latter. Governments kill their own people repeatedly to carry out their nefarious agendas. As a matter of fact, in many other instances, they have been caught red handed staging false flag fake events. Sandy Hook was a total fabrication complete with fake victims and crisis actors. To this day, the Vegas incident still has no official narrative. The Pulse nightclub was another theatrical false flag. Whether these events are even real or not, no crisis will ever go to waste and once again the door has been swung wide open to proposals of massive sweeping gun control legislation.

People have a basic fundamental right to self defense and the Son of God, Jesus Christ Himself confirmed this 2000 years ago in the Bible. Of course none of the worthless schools or phony churches will EVER teach any of you that but read Luke 22:36 and it’s right there.

So while we have to contend with the worthless schools and the phony churches hiding the truth of the Bible from the masses, we also have to deal with the evil people who hate the Bible and will stop at nothing to attempt to discredit it. Of course the same evil people that hate the Bible are the same ones that think the unborn are a blob of tissue.

Nothing would be more tragic than the killing of innocent children at school but let’s face it folks, we are already allowing children to be killed about 3,000 times a day right in their home, in their mothers womb, every day of the year in the United States right now and there is no denying this. Abortion doctors are muderers folks.  They murder innocent, defenseless unborn children in what should the safest place in the world for them.

A government that sanctions murder of this degree will murder anyone they see fit to. The deep state has their dirty hands all over the recent mass killings in America and they are going to get a hell of alot worse and more frequent in the days ahead.

We know that guns can kill, as they are designed to kill and kill they do when they are used to kill. When considering gun control legislation, you need to be careful what you ask for. All discussion should be backropped by this simple fact, that democide, aka death by government was the leading cause of death in the 20th Century. Upwards of 150 million people were murdered by their own governments in the last 100 years and at the hands of NON RELIGIOUS dictators. Do you recognize some of these devils?

The first thing these men did was end private gun ownership.

The United States was bestowed with the right to have armed citizens under the 2nd Amendment and it was designed to protect us from the government. The problem is that the government has been working with the schools and the media for decades to end this right. What happens if a government turns its military on its own people?

We know that guns can kill, as they are designed to kill and kill they do when they are used to kill but guns can also keep and maintain a balance of power between a people and their rulers. That is still the case today in The United States. Can you imagine what the government would be able to do if they disarmed us entirely?

They could crash the economy and starve us to death and there would be nothing we could do.

They could round us up, imprison and intern us and there would be nothing we could do.

They could forcibly inject us with cancer viruses and sterilants and there would be nothing we could do, well they are already doing that.

They could just rape anyone they wanted to including your children and there would be nothing we could do.

They could confiscate your life savings and there would be nothing we could do.

They could forcibly relocate you and there would be nothing we could do.

They could falsly impison and torture you and there would be nothing we could do.

Because we have guns, they cannot do these things on a wide scale basis because we have the ability to fight back. The 2nd amendment is the enforcement provision of the US Constitution and they know this. Tyrants cannot handle being bound or restrained by laws so they have to find ways to do away with the ones that protect the people and pass ones that protect the tyrants.

Is it any wonder they want the guns taken away from us folks? So if they stage or even carry out a few school shootings and kill a dozen or so innocent children, that means nothing to those who are so inclined to kill, destroy and enslave.

Gun confiscation in the United States is on its way to becoming a reality folks unless we stop it. There is no compromising the 2nd amendment. Schools must arm the staff and protect the children period!

Instead the tyrants seek to disarm and play as dirty as possible to accomplish their goal. Yes the border is wide open as we allow tens of millions of undocumented aliens into the country, many of them violent criminals. That should be your first indication that our government is not in the business of protecting its people. It is the business of carrying out sinister agendas folks and like it or not that is the truth. Gun control leads to genocide and it will come to our shores unless we fight it and fight it to the death. How are they attempting to do this?

The first thing they all do is encourage the establishment of shooting galleries which are known to be the gun free zones found at all public schools. .

The second thing they do is demonize Biblical Christianity which has been the source of morality that has allowed the United States to self govern under the Constitution since its incepcion.

The third thing they do is impelement a war on decency through the media. Sumner Redstone controls CBS, Nickelodeon and MTV but he can barely speak now.

Look at just one the abject, vile, satanic, filth videos this degenerate old man runs on his channel that ruins children’s minds.  

The fourth thing is to totally debase us. Freedom and firearms can not remain in the hands of people that have been turned into animals and the elite know this. That is why they continue to turn people into animals.

The fifth thing is to allow schools to teach children curriculum subersive to Biblical Christianity, death education curriculum subersive to morality, atheistic curriculum subersive to the human spirit, sexually deviant curriculum subersive to human decency, and radical leftist, marxist curriculum subersive to our American way of life.


The sixth thing is schools betray the children by setting themselves up as wide open killling fields and advertising the open season on innocent children all year long. They lock children in literal cages with no escape and advertise to the world that there will be no resistance to a massacre thereby ensuring one.

The seventh thing is media is then complicit in hyping these events by broadcasting footage of literal fake events such as Sandy Hook, Sutherland Springs Church and other completely fabricated events providing the momentum which drives the tyrannical legislative encroachment on our most sacred of rights.

The eight thing finally folks, is we have the schools finishing the job pushing these children over the edge with the endless pressures to perform and the dangerous microwave exposures.


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The tragic suicide death of Corona Del Mar High School’s Patrick Turner

There is no doubt that today’s schools are hurting children but just how much? You may be surprised to learn how dangerous these schools have become. In some cases, these schools can kill. These schools are all over the place, perhaps one is in your neighborhood, perhaps your child may attend one of them. You need to get informed and get involved because the life you may save may be the one of your own child.

Below is another highly paid educrat lackey who presides over metal walled, government mind control facilities that are force feeding brain damaging, government dossier developing, godless common core curriculum, atheism, moral relativism, secular humanism, forced wireless microwave radiation exposure trillions of times the levels we were exposed to as children, sexual perversion, forced vaccinations, marxism, communism, socialism and anti-American globalist indocrination on young, impressionable minds and bodies.

Newport Mesa superintendent  Frederick Navarro whose 2016 Total pay & benefits was $366,051.00  


….for some, hell on earth, for others, they are “Just another brick in the wall..” 

Below is another highly paid educrat lackey who presides over a metal walled, government mind control facility that is force feeding godless brain damaging, government dossier developing common core curriculum, atheism, moral relativism, secular humanism, forced wireless microwave radiation exposure trillions of times the levels we were exposed to as children, forced vaccinations, sexual perversion, marxism, communism, socialism and anti-American globalist indocrination on young, impressionable minds and bodies.

She happens to run the school, Corona Del Mar High School, where a young man named Patrick Turner attended school until he killed himself on January 27, 2018 because of pressures from his school. He left suicide notes which are posted at the end of this article. 

Patrick Turner



Name Job title Regular pay Overtime pay Other pay Total pay Total
Total pay &
Newport-Mesa Unified, 2016
$162,676.00 $0.00 $3,850.00 $166,526.00 $54,866.50 $221,392.50

“I am very excited as we now fully implement Common Core Standards and new instructional strategies across all content areas…”


.. . “Students will be much more analytical in their thinking and creative in how they demonstrate their learning….. Greetings!   As I begin my third year as the principal of Corona del Mar High School and enter my 36th year in education, I am equally as excited as when I was a brand new teacher.   Great things are happening within our learning community and I am pleased to share them with you.”


“Our district has three areas of focus to assure we are meeting the needs of our students– Academics, Behavior and Creativity.  So I will describe what we are doing within each of these areas….” 


…….Behavior- This year we have a team of teachers being trained in the research-based Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) philosophy.  As a team we will be determining three key behaviors we want to foster in all CdM students throughout their six years at Corona del Mar Middle and High School. As of to date we are considering integrity, compassion and perseverance and discussing best practices to brand these three qualities as “Who We Are At CdM.” 

Is it possible that the these teachers possibly pushed this student over the edge? The suicide letters clearly indicate this. Let’s listen to another CDM HS student. Read this information supplied by a current Corona Del Mar High School student which flies in the face of the statement the principal puts out. This is very important. 

As someone who goes to CDM, I can attest that the teaching staff is beyond horrible.

The only reason CDM is rated so high is due to the wealthy parents being able to pay for tutors and SAT/ACT test prep. I previously went to a school in Costa Mesa from 7th grade to 9th grade, and the quality of teachers there was insanely better than at CDM even though the Costa Mesa school was ranked much lower than CDM.

Even though CDM teachers rarely teach anything, they grade incredibly hard due to knowing most of their students work with their tutors 5 days a week. I recall being told by my counselor that a B at CDM, is worth an A at any other high school to colleges, and I just remember thinking how stressful it is for these teachers to be grading super strict when they aren’t even teaching anything.

The clash between the high expectations of the Newport Community and the horrible teachers at CDM is what really makes CDM unique in how stressful it really is.

Just look at the rating for the teacher who openly called Patrick worthless infront of the class a couple days before he died.”   “



Gretchen Reynoso, his CDM laguange teacher who allegedly called him “worthless” in front of the whole class days before he killed himself



Name Job title Regular pay Overtime pay Other pay Total pay Total
Total pay &
Gretchen Reynoso TEACHER 9-12
Newport-Mesa Unified, 2016
$96,014.00 $0.00 $0.00 $96,014.00 $59,009.00 $155,023.00



2985 Bear Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
714-424-5000 Ph

  • Room 220

I will not post her home address here for obvious reasons.












December 21, 2001 – January 27, 2018

These are the suicide notes from a young 16 year old Corona Del Mar High School student named Patrick Turner.





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What do you call elected officials that ignore when an official presentation by their own city attorney’s office is false? You call them Mayor Doug Chaffee, Council members Bruce Whitaker, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Greg Sebourn and Jesus Silva.


Question: Why would a proven lie about which sex offenders are covered (all sex offenders in California’s Jessica’s Law vs. only Child Sex Offenders in the former Fullerton City Ordinance, No. 3149) be allowed to stand without not one person on the Fullerton City Council dais acknowledging the falsehood presented by City Attorney James Touchstone?  Touchstone erroneously stated that Ordinance No. 3149 covered all sex offenders, which is a blatant falsehood. Why would they not correct the record when Joe Imbriano, Diane Hickey and myself pointed it out to them at council real time, prior to making a decision to rescind that ordinance based largely on that proven falsehood?

Bruce Whitaker

CHARACTER COUNTS as I proclaimed in the above video and not one person on the dais including the City Attorney Dick Jones, nor our Interim Police Chief acknowledged the egregious error. When an egregious error from our city attorney in an official presentation to council is brought to the attention of our city leaders, and they ignore correcting it, one could easily conclude that the error was in fact intentional. The fact that not one of the council members responded to us leads one to believe their was collusion on this issue, a clear Brown Act violation. So Dick Jones our City Attorney not only ignored the fact that his partner in his law firm Jones and Mayer misinformed the public with his false presentation and then Jones refused to acknowledge that error but also apparently ignored a very likely Brown Act violation.
Their actions potentially made our kids less safe by siding with a formerly convicted sex offender who filed lawsuits against 17 municipalities in California. The fact that our law was much more specific on who it impacted and covered was something that our city wanted not only to desperately ignore but to attempt to fool the public as well in the process. These are the actions of morally bankrupt elected and appointed officials and they should be roundly condemned for their scurrilous actions.
If you remember one thing come next election day, it is the above charade carried out by our City of Fullerton government at the expense of our children’s safety.   With the knowledge what are entire city council did above, I know all of you will do the right thing and kick their corrupt, morally bankrupt backsides out of office permanently.
I report,  you decide.
By Barry Levinson

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Banned from Nextdoor Neighbor-Joe Imbriano on the Las Vegas shooting and the school prisons

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 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”




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The radical slave, statist, leftist agenda at Troy High School

The worst thing you could ever do is cherry pick the creme of the crop, mind control them, corrupt them and turn them against their ancestors and fellow man.

This school has no balance whether it comes to its curriculum or its publications. Troy is the definition of the system ladies and gentlemen. It’s agents blindly serve the system as they train the children to serve the system. It then sends them on their way with a false sense of intellectualism and genuine authoritarian arrogance that are forever inclined to maintain the protection of the system.

Tyranny seeks only those who will blindly follow and serve the system regardless of the warnings.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Children in harms way, and why people need to pay attention to what Barry Levinson has been saying about the corrupt city officials who repealed the Fullerton sex offender ordinance

Transient roamed onto school scaring children during pick up –


Another unwanted, unwelcomed transient who appeared very inebriated or mentally unstable set foot on campus screaming at the children that he had a taser and was part of Fullerton PD. Teachers and principals lead him off campus and called the police who arrived quickly as he was walking along the middle of Laguna Road holding an object and profusely drooling. He ran off and they chased him, didn’t see how it ended but pretty sure they got a handle. So scary.

1d ago · 24 neighborhoods in Crime & Safety
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Kim Wyse·1d ago

Schools need to have closed campuses Full fencing with access only through the main office. My grandchilds school is secured this way. It is an adjustment that takes getting use to but it is so much safer

Linda Tunstill·1d ago

No were not there yet. This makes me sick that it comes to this way of dealing with a few weirdo’s Be aware of all your surroundings. Pay attention..They are few and we are many. Do you really want to raise your kids like this? Your putting fear into our kids…This is what other countries want us to do..

Angela Jones·Edited 1d ago

I agree, I’d rather not have all of our schools and students fenced in completely. This is a very rare occurence, and I’ve been at the school since 2008. The school has a comprehensive plan for keeping students safe at school. They have really ramped up safety measures in recent years, including keeping doors locked so people can’t enter from the outside. The kids are taught how to be safe and not to answer the door in certain situations. Also, there are a number of parent and staff monitors, who watch the campus. They are so vigilant that they will send parents to sign in at the office if you don’t have a visitor or volunteer sticker visible. In this case, the incident happened right at dismissal time so people were preparing to go home. Teachers and the principal had the situation well under control and there were a lot of people around at the time. This doesn’t mean the the incident wasn’t scary, but the principal, teachers and staff were right on top of it.

Jennifer Lightner

Jennifer Lightner·1d ago

i wonder if it was the same guy that was yelling at car that drove down euclid this morning…it probably wasn’t, but, it could have been…all i thought was how a person on this site commentes on a post that fullerton is known for being soft on homelessness.

John Seminara·1d ago

Or was it the nutty guy that’s been in the middle of the intersection of Harbor and Bastanchury for a few weeks now? That’s right around the corner from Laguna Road school.
Melody Tice

Melody Tice·1d ago

Ever since Kelly Thomas I feel like the fullerton pd just takes a hands off policy in dealing with the homeless. Don’t know what the solution is but I know that 15 years ago when I moved here there didn’t seem to be anywhere near the homeless population that’s here now.

Mike Pippin

Mike Pippin·Edited 1d ago

I’m waiting for someone before the end of the night who will proclaim he is not a transient but a possible homeowner who was once a boy scout, or perhaps a hobo advocate who will will proclaim that we are all just one paycheck away from being him and we should not judge, shame or blame, then there is old reliable of “The data is not in” and if we just paid a little more in taxes, these guys would be living in a beach front condo somewhere and given a 23 chance to turn it all around. I’m glad the kids are safe and the school is following a security minded protocol, kudos to the school administration and teachers. I have said many times, this is just the beginning, it’s all going to get a lot worse, big league. The cops had to deal with this guy today and someone is sure to criticize very quickly. They will transport him to a mental health facility and the staff will pump him full of psychotropics and kick him out the door. And so it goes…….. Everyone stay vigilant and stay safe. This incident today could have been real ugly. Peace out.

Justin Juknelis

Justin Juknelis·1d ago

What school? Seems like an important detail that was left out.

John R. Hogerhuis

John R. Hogerhuis·1d ago

“Who was once a boy scout.” Ironic.

Mrs. Lee·1d ago

This occured at Laguna Road Elementary. I was in the long line of cars waiting to go through the pick up line and I saw him walk right up to the front of school. I knew my daughter was on the other side of where he was standing so I attempted to jump out and then the principal acted very quickly and was able to make him go towards the parking lot away from the kids. This definitely concerns me on so many levels. Fences wouldn’t have helped in this case because it was dismissal, but this school campus is very easy to access on many sides. Although the staff is trained, they can’t possibly monitor access throughout the day. I think there needs to be a discussion about preventing access to the campus during school hours, and I plan on pursuing that. I am very grateful to the principal for making a point to be out there during dismissal and for escorting this individual quickly away from the kids.

Ann Stoddard·1d ago

In May I called the Laguna Road school office to report a man climbing up the cement water shed channel on the north side of campus along Morelia. I did not like his secretive movements and I knew he was not supposed to be there. Even though my kids aren’t there anymore I wasnt going to let him hang out up there.

Angela Jones·Edited 1d ago

True, teachers cannot monitor all day, hence the presence of specific people assigned to monitor during class & more specifically, during recess/lunch times. I know in other areas of the city, like near the armory, there are more secured campuses b/c the schools have to deal with more severe issues impacting campus safety. However, to be fair, you cannot readily access the school from “many” sides. Rather, the main access point is in the front of the school. There is a tall fence to the S (behind the bank and medical offices) and a tall fence all along Morelia to the west and then along Laguna Road to the N. There is a low fence along the E side of the school by a parent parking area and along the playground (which is behind more medical offices). However, this playground is a shared park area with the City of Fullerton Park System. If we lock it down completely, then we lose the only park that’s in walking distance for families in the area. There is no fence around the front of the school or driveway circle entrance. Recently, a tall fence was put in to the north of the playground, to limit access to the playground unless you enter from within the center of the campus. Also new secured gates and tall fences were put in around the Kinder playground. Certainly, someone could scale that low fence, but there are parent/staff monitors outside in that area whenever children are outside & the new safety protocols are intended to keep anyone from just walking into a classroom, if they happen to hop the fence. While, no measures are 100 percent secure, and things like this are unnerving esp. where our kids are concerned, that campus has so many people (adults) around at all times of the day that it’s not as easy as it may seem for people to just walk onto campus w/o being seen. Plus, the monitors are very strict – even if they know you – and require everyone to check in the front office. A review of policies is always helpful, especially to see if there are more things that can be done to make additional safety improvements. But, l hope all avenues are exhausted before we put tall fences all the way around the school, including across the front parking lot area.

Amanda Formes

Amanda Formes·1d ago

Pretty sure that was the guy yelling that he was going to kill cops and had made a bomb threat/scare on Euclid by the DMV.

Tuan Phung

Tuan Phung·1d ago

Amanda, how long ago was that last incident? If he’s back on the streets again then he was most likely held 3 to 14 days during the initial episode, medicated, then released back into society. Once the meds wore off, he fell back into the cycle.

Carol Edmonston·1d ago

For those of you who may wish to stay updated about local crimes you can sign up for daily notices on Every morning I receive a notice alerting me to crimes within a ten mile radius of my home, which is down the road from Laguna Rd School. Needless to say, yesterday’s incidence was listed, although specific details beyond “suspicious person,” “crime scene,” “transient issue,” “burglary”, etc are not included. And, every day I read about a transient issue or suspicious person report around the Harbor and Bastanchury area, whether its related to having CVS open for 24 hrs day, or having an urgent care facility across the street from the school. If you would like to receive notices check out their site at

Amanda Formes

Amanda Formes·1d ago

Tuan, I believe it was the end of Aug… the 26th ish.

Tuan Phung

Tuan Phung·1d ago

Amanda, then the timing is about right given the allotted times for a mental health hold.

Melody Tice

Melody Tice·1d ago

Carol thanks for that info. Very useful.

Debbie Careau·23h ago

The picture is blurred, but this also looks like a man that was walking in front of Hermosa Elementary yesterday (Thursday) at 4:30pm. He didn’t say anything to the kids that were there waiting for pickup up, but he did look like he was intoxicated, not walking straight. No one said anything since we was on the sidewalk and not talking/bothering anyone

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson·23h ago

If he is also a child sex offender he may live nearby as the fullerton city council repealed a law my wife Susan and myself worked diligently in 2010 to get passed to keep pedophiles from living within 2,000 feet of a school, park, day-care center or nursery. The FPD who recommended its passage in 2010 was completely silent and went along with its repeal. What a city council and what a police department.
Mike Pippin

Mike Pippin·20h ago

Barry, what justification did Council use repeal?
Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson·Edited 3h ago

The City Attorney represented by James Touchstone provided false information that our law, Ordinance NO 3149 codified at FMC No. 7150, that it covered all sex offenders in Fullerton. Touchstone stated to council that it restricted all sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school, park or day-care center. It is curious that Touchstone got this wrong since he was responsible for the latest revision of the law back in 2014. But I then went before the council with Touchstone still present and our City Attorney, DIck Jones on the dais and read the pertinent parts of the law word for word that clearly stated that for purposes of our law a sex offender was someone who sexually abused children only. After i did this and then Touchstone came up again to refute my 100% truthful and accurate statement, Mayor Whitaker thanked him for setting the record straight and then they all then voted to repeal a good and constitutional law. The importance of who the law covered was that almost all laws throughout the state including the unenforceable Jessica’s Law (because it had no penalties) covered all sex offenders. In Fullerton we ensured that it only covered those who are a danger to live near children regularly gather, i.e. previously convicted pedophiles. A few Ca. courts had questioned the broadness of the 100% restriction against all sex offenders. Our law restricting only child sex offenders has to this day not been challenged in any California court. If Touchstone did not know he was wrong initially after I corrected him with the law, it was clear that the truth did not matter to our City Attorney, our Police Chief and our City Council who voted unanimously to repeal this very good law. A city government that refuses to protect its children is a city government that does not deserve our support! Now Mayor Whitaker wants to be our next State Senator. Tell Bruce Whitaker that his actions have been noted and that he will be held accountable by Fullerton voters made up of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles!
Melody Tice

Melody Tice·6h ago

Barry you are absolutely right and I agree with you a hundred percent. I’m definitely going to start paying a lot more attention to those running for city council at the next election.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson·Edited 3h ago

I hope this message gets out to all Fullertonians. It should be the nail in the coffin of the political career of Mayor Bruce Whitaker and the rest of our undistinguished city council members. By the way, Jennifer Fitzgerald had the nerve to say that she hated to vote to repeal the law. So my question to Fitzgerald is why then did she do precisely that! Also it is not well known that after Council member Fitzgerald made the most she could politically out of her not accepting any pay or benefits during her first term as our council member, she very quietly requested all pay and benefits shortly after her reelection ( in her case she gets $750 a month salary and another $100 a month in lieu of getting health benefits). Why has Ms. Fitzgerald not made a public statement telling all Fullertonians that she now is on the public dole and by so doing has made a complete 180 degree turn from her many prior public statements? How disingenuous to use her claim that she will not take any payments for her service because she believes public service should not include payment, yet now for her second term has very quietly accepted any and all financial benefits for her service. We truly have some very bad and disingenuous people representing us. I am still waiting for Greg Sebourn to take some action against the vendor/contractor and the city inspectors for the substandard job on the Hillcrest Park Stairs. He said in response to this fiasco being brought before the council in May or June of this year by a Fullerton citizen that he Sebourn would look into it and make sure Fullertonians are not holding the bag for additional costs. If we randomly chose any 5 Fullertonians to represent us, I believe the quality, the honesty and the integrity of our council would improve since we can’t do much worse than the current five people.
Mike Pippin

Mike Pippin·1d agoNew

We must tolerate the government we elect and retain. It is no one’s fault but ours. I for one have no use for political hacks of any party. How about just electing City Council members who simply have an agenda of doing the right thing for our city? People who have backbone and the will to provide leadership, not a political ideology? Not windbags who follow the PC culture and try to be everything to everyone.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson·Just now

Mike I do not think our city council members are trying to be everything to everyone. That implies that they are trying to please everyone. Their aim is to fool everyone into thinking they care about us and our grand city. They only care about themselves and they prove that statement at just about every council meeting. As Park and Recreation Committee member for almost 6 years, (appointed by Bruce Whitaker twice) on a committee with a total of 7 members, I represented the people’s interest to the best of my ability. The result was that Whitaker removed me without giving me any reason in May 2016 and did not replace me with another committee member until the following year. He failed to give the citizens a full committee by having his seat vacant for 8 months. Is that the action of a council member who cares about his constituents? Like I said our representatives on the city council prove on a regular basis that they only care about themselves!


Robert Pletka’s FSD crossing the line: turning fundraising into homework to pay for drinking fountains.

I believe that Robert Pletka, along with many others, but above all others, belongs in jail for irradiating the 15,000 students in the FSD for four long years now. 

No school district official in the entire country has willfully ignored the facts more than Robert Pletka on the imminent harm facing the students in the Fullerton School District from the reckless and dangerous wireless technology programs this man has advanced and deployed. Forget the device addiction issues he has caused thousands of students. No school district official in the entire country has been exposed to and ignored more competent evidence of harm when it comes to what endangers the students in the Fullerton School District than this man.

ROBERT PLETKA has spent almost $10,000,000 dollars of taxpayer money on dangerous wireless technology over the last four years WHILE THE SCHOOLS REMAIN IN HORRIBLE CONDITION and now ONE OF HIS TEACHERS has her students fundraising for DRINKING FOUNTAINS AND CALLING IT HOMEWORK! 



This is clearly a misappropriation of district funds, employee time and a violation of board policies. This is really all about bribing the children, taking advantage of the children, and abusing the system. The children are ostensibly at school to learn, not to be politicizing or carrying water for the wasteful district officials or its employees. This so called homework assignment has nothing to do with learning or the school’s curriculum. It has everything to do with plugging holes in the budget caused by bloated out of control salaries.

Water is a basic right. The FSD is not about “putting the kids first” or providing “a safe learning environment“. If they were, they would have had the lead flux oozing, filthy, disgusting drinking fountains replaced years ago with new ones that filter out all the toxic chemicals being added to the water. Oh yes, they teach the students to recycle when there are upwards of 10,000 plastic water bottles being used and discarded every day by the students. They should have spent the money years ago to provide filling stations. They only cost about $800 each. Adding Reverse Osmosis to each one would add about $200. The students deserve good clean water to drink during the day and thier parents should not be asked to pay for it again when their taxes already go to the district for maintenance and operations.

You would think the PTA would have done something years ago? The school foundations? No, they were too busy raising money to irradiate the students with iPads (infertility pads).

The FSD spends almost $120,000,000 a year on operations with the majority of it on payroll. Greedy teachers remain silent on everything except for when it comes to their pay and benefits.

Students and parents should never be asked to fund or finance basic need infrastructure items like water delivery systems! Well that is exactly what is going on and it is not only a fundraiser, but the FSD is crossing the line by incorporating district fundraising activities into homework and making it part of the academic requirements of the school.

Let’s have a look at the payroll of The Fullerton School District. PAGES AND PAGES OF SIX FIGURE SALARIES FOR 180 DAYS A YEAR WORTH OF WORK AND SILENCE ON EVERYTHING.

Page after page of six figure salaries and the schools are in ruin with overcrowded classrooms that Robert Pletka is trying to pack even tighter by advertising in other areas to bring in free lunch students that generate more revenue for the district and we the parents have to have our children do this to get credit for their homework?


Drinking fountains and water delivery systems are supposed to be paid for with our tax money that amounts to $120 million dollars a year. Why are we being asked to pay for basic needs of our children to be met that actually are consistent with the environmentalism religion being taught to these impressionable children?



What a bunch of frauds. If Robert Pletka cared about the kids, and if he wasn’t so drunk on wireless technology, he would have made drastic improvements in the conditions present at these schools years ago, most notably the disgusting drinking fountains. He did no such thing.




As a matter of fact, Pletka, The PTA and district staff doubled down and went full steam ahead and put dangerous wirless iPads in the laps of every child in the FSD . Instead of providing clean water and a safe classroom environment, they chose to go along with the forced exposure of children to dangerous microwave radiation and forced the children to drink from untested water sources that deliver toxic lead right into their mouths.

When unsafe levels of lead are found in drinking water, the culprit has typically been lead pipes or lead-containing brass and bronze fittings, but in a new study researchers clearly show that lead present in the zinc coating of galvanized steel pipes can be a very significant long-term source of lead in water.

Why is the FSD, its teachers, staff, and board members all complicit in this?


Who is the principal of Ladera Vista? Why is this taking place with this person’s approval? Since when has the learning process been allowed to be hijacked by school officials to ripoff the parents?


Randa Schmalfeld, Principal

The galvanized pipes installed on water lines between 1880 and 1960 were dipped in molten, naturally occurring zinc. Naturally occurring zinc is impure, so these pipes were bathed in zinc that also contained lead and other impurities. The zinc coating elongated the life of the steel pipes, but added small amount of lead and other substances that could potentially harm children. Ironically, lead has the same carcinogenic classification and wireless microwave radiation according to the world health organization.

Water quality testing needs to be done at all Fullerton schools. Water filtration systems need to be installed on all drinking fountains and this needs to be done from the current budget and not from the hardworking parents who already pay their fair share of taxes to support this bloated jobs program that puts the students LAST and in harms way! Shame on the FSD and shame on you if you fail to see anything wrong here.



, , , ,


The untimely death of Gary Carter and what we can learn from what happened to the “kid”





His death was a  tragic, untimely loss, seemingly without reason. The hope of many is that this field of dreams in our home town will offer the next generation what may seem impossible: a chance at the big league and the big time. My sincere hope in this article is, maybe in his memory, I can expose what I believe has stolen the best years of Gary’s and many other ballplayers’ lives. That is what I will attempt to explore and assert. The cruel twists and turns of this arduous life don’t make sense at times, especially when it seems the good die young and the impetuous inherit the earth. I never had the pleasure of personally meeting Mr. Gary Carter,  but his reputation preceded him. His career in the major leagues spanned decades and his philanthropy will span even more. He was known as “Kid” for his ebullient demeanor. He was known to all as number 8 on the field, to some as dad, to some as one of a kind to many more, he will be forever remembered as Gary Carter, one of baseball’s great players.

On Saturday, Febuary 21st, field two at the Fullerton Sports complex will be dedicated and officially named Gary Carter field.

images (7)

One of my sons is a catcher and wore number 8 for several years. My older son will be playing in the tribute game being held in Mr. Carter’s honor, ironically here, just a few miles to the east of where Gary used to play in his younger years in the empty fields on the corner of Rosecrans and Sunny Ridge drive. Today there you can find a 20+ acre golf course which is meticulously landscaped and cared for which is now known as the McColl superfund site.  Read the rest of this entry »



A nation that does not protect its children has no future-An open letter to Josh Newman and Sharon Quirk Silva regarding SB 649

Re:  SB 649 (Hueso):  Wireless Telecommunications Facilities As Amended — OPPOSE

The National Association For Children and Safe Technology (NACST) works to educate the public and support public health policy to protect the safety, health, and well being of children and youth from radio frequency / microwave (RF/MW) radiation exposure originating from wireless technology and infrastructure.   NACST opposes CA SB649 legislation based on health and agricultural science, with human and animal physical injuries and impairments, violation of federal and state laws, and violation of the powers of local government.

This is what will be on the power poles, and street light poles all over Fullerton, including the ones in your front and back yards.


It is essential that you vote NO on CA SB649 Wireless telecommunications facilities.  This bill is an unnecessary taking of public funds and property values, alongside losses of public health and safety, and human and agricultural productivity.  California has strong interest in protecting its economic base and residents’ and visitors’ freedom from physical injury and impairment.  The 4G/5G Distributed Antenna System (DAS) would result in scientifically established hazardous radiation exposure with often immediate and therefore provable adverse effects, particularly immediate neurological and cardiologic effects.

CA SB649 involves telecoms installing powerful microwave radiation antennae, misleadingly called “small cells” to conceal their radiation power and concentration, on light poles and utility poles in the public right of way for 5G.  Poles may be only 15-20 feet from homes and offices.  Thousands of these antennae and large power supplies would be placed on residential blocks and farms, deploying radio frequency / microwave (RF/MW) radiation penetrating homes and bodies 24/7/365 forever.

Pulse-modulated RF/MW radiation, particularly this close to homes, offices and farm animals, is a “hazard”, as acknowledged by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  (IEEE) and FCC in 1991 in the guideline-setting process.

Although proponents claim a financial bonanza from DAS 5G deployment, there is no evidence to support it. In fact, the Russians refused 5G as badly engineered (as also US engineers have admitted) and instead provided fiber optics, which works much better, to all homes and apartments in large cities. Furthermore, cell phones are a mature industry:  everyone who wants a cell phone already has one, including California’s children and youth.


Health and agricultural science, and physical injury/impairments to human, animals, insects:

The Chair of the original FCC guideline Committee himself (John Osepchuk) acknowledges >20,000 scientific studies, with immediate, short-term and/or long-term adverse effects from RF/MW radiation.


5G RF/MW radiation has a 20-inch wave that penetrates the body deeply and is particularly harmful to babies and children. Four wavelengths, each 2-4 inches, are optimally absorbed by the human brain, heart, liver, thyroid, kidneys, and reproductive organs, impairing their functions. Effects include headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, heart arrhythmia, suppressed melatonin production (essential for sleep, productivity and the immune system), DNA damage and much more. The final ten simultaneous wavelengths of 1/10 to 1⁄2 inch target the eyes, ears and skin, and fall within the resonance of pollinating insects’ antennae, producing bee colony collapse.  The U.S. National Institutes of Health, National Toxicology Program’s 16-year, $25 million study concluded in 2016 that cell phone RF/MW radiation causes cancer of the brain (glioma) and the heart (schwannoma).  5G radiation is even worse.


Incredibly, no monitoring of actual radiation emissions from 5G antennae in homes or public places is intended.  The relevant FCC guideline was based in fraud from the start and has not been updated since 1996 to reflect current scientific knowledge.  It does not protect against biological harm, and is based on a false absorption model of a doll head filled with water!  It utterly fails to protect children whose brains are still developing and whose skulls are thinner than an adult skull. Studies show RF/MW radiation even less potent than 5G is harmful to every human, animal, insect and plant.


Proponents misrepresent the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TCA) as preempting all state and local regulation of wireless facilities.  State and local governances are preempted only from regulating the “placement, construction, and modification” of wireless facilities based on their “environmental effects”. Preemption includes neither health effects nor health science.  Nor is regulation of operations preempted on any basis. State and local governments remain authorized and obligated to regulate every activity not preempted by TCA, and on every basis not preempted.


Violation of federal laws:

Allowance of any 5G wireless facilities would not only violate TCA, it would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Federal Fair Housing Act. These laws guarantee equal access for all, but 5G would make public places and federal housing, not to mention all housing, uninhabitable for already injured, impaired and/or electromagnetically sensitive (EMS) persons.  California says it requires compliance with ADA, but given 5G’s multiple simultaneous wavelengths, its intensities, and its 15-degree, near-maser (direct-energy weapon) arc of radiation concentration, compliance is impossible.


Massive industry liability shift to the State of California:

In the July 19, 2017 letter from attorney Harry Lehmann to Jennifer Galehouse, Deputy Chief Consultant, Assembly Appropriations Committee,  Lehmann makes the point that SB 649 is an Appropriations matter.  Furthermore, the letter documents incorrect data given by the Telecom industry in testimony and analysis of the shifting of the massive Industry liability to the State of California.  Please see Mr.  Lehmann’s letter here:


The State of California must protect health, safety, agriculture and its own economy.  CA SB649 would sacrifice it all, with resulting chronic health problems and loss of productivity by some degree to all Californians, right where they live and work, and the permanent loss of agricultural pollinators.

 Time is running out for all Californians and demands that you, as our elected officials, oppose SB 649.




Diane Hickey, California resident, Co-founder

National Association For Children and Safe Technology


[i] Sept. 2013 letter to FCC requesting reassessment of radio frequency exposure limits and policies


Martin Blank, Ph.D, Spokesperson, EMF Scientist Appeal

Mary Beth Brangan, Co-director, Ecological Options

Susan Clarke, Founder, Environmental Health Advocacy League (ENHALE)

Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director, League of California Cities

Devra Davis, Ph.D., Founder and President, Environmental Health Trust

Josh Del Sol, Director, Take Back Your Power

Victoria Dunkley, MD

Lennart Hardell, MD, Ph.D.

Zen Honeycutt, Founder, Moms Across America

Toril Jelter, MD

Olle Johansson, Ph.D.

Harry Lehmann

Ellen Marks, Director, California Brain Tumor Association

Joel Moscowitz, Ph.D., Center For Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley

Kevin Mottus

Martin Pall, Ph.D.

Ron Powell, Ph.D.

Cindy Russell, MD

Zonya Townsend, President, California Nurses For Ethical Standards

Scientists For Wired Technology

Center For Electrosmog Prevention

Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)

Wireless Radiation Alert Network

Consumers For Safer Cellphones
Empower Family California

Electromagnetic Safety Alliance

Center for Safer Wireless

California Department of Public Health

Karen Smith, MD, MPH, Director and State Public Health Officer

Mark Starr, Deputy Director, Center for Environmental Health

Ali Bay, Deputy Director, Office of Public Affairs

Steve Woods, Division Chief, Division of Food, Drug & Radiation Safety

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Karen Ross, Secretary

Jim Houston, Undersecretary

Annette Jones, Director, Division of Animal Health and Food Safety Services

California Environmental Protection Agency

Linda Adams, Acting Secretary

Deborah Raphael, Director, Department of Toxic Substances Control

George Alexeeff, PhD, Acting Director, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

, ,


The Fullerton School District Refuses To Correct Their Erroneous Message To All District Families About The Impact Of The Repeal Of Fullerton Ordinance No. 3149 (The Child Sex Offender Residency Restriction Act).


Screen Time In Schools: Why Parents Should Care

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), today’s children are spending an average of SEVEN hours per day on electronic devices! Screen use and the electromagnetic radiation emitted from these devices have been associated with health risks such as myopia, retinal damage, sleeplessness, addiction and behavioral issues. Screen use at school also brings with it information sharing and privacy issues.

We invite you to experience this well-received event featuring a distinguished panel of experts sharing their experience and advice on this important topic. We believe you will find it worthwhile, especially if you are responsible for the health and well-being of a child.

LINK to Event Website:
* * * * *


Speakers’ Links:

Victoria Dunckley……

Tracy Markle

Camilla Rees…

Cheri Kiesecker
Slides and Video Presentation :
Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy –

Cindy Eckard…

Cecelia Doucette’s Presentation to the Board of Health…

HISTORY: How Did We Get Here?
“The Anatomy of Education Reform, Part 1”…

Wi-Fi in Schools Proven Dangerous…

Turn it Off 4 Kids Initiative…

Screens in Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax…

BioInitiative Report – Announcing a Special Section of Child Development – Child Development: Electromagnetic Fields, Pulsed Radiofrequency Radiation, and Epigenetics: How Wireless Technologies May Affect Childhood Development… 20/20 ABC || Digital Addiction 5/19/17 – May 19, 2017 – Three desperate families have reached the point of no return…their loved ones lost for hours on social media and video screens. “You have used the term Digital Heroine….”…

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014…

Wi-Fi in Classrooms Liability Notice Served to New York School District…




1 Comment



Barry Levinson

There is absolutely no doubt that the biggest financial calamity facing California taxpayers created by our elected officials is the public pension unfunded liabilities followed by the public employee retiree health care unfunded liabilities.

Yet I have been making the point for some time now that as citizens we can’t ignore all the other falsehoods, misinformation and out and out lies given to us by our California elected and appointed officials at all levels of the government and expect to make real headway with pensions.

Why do I say this? It is rather simple really. How do you expect to get an honest handle on pension costs, when we allow our elected and appointed officials to mislead us on just about every important issue facing us today. You want objectivity, transparency, and honesty concerning pensions while letting our officials literally skate on almost everything else. Either we hold all of them accountable and that means they start being honest with us on everything or we throw all of them out and get elected officials who finally have our interests at the forefront of if not everything, at least most official actions they take as our duly elected representatives.

The fact that citizens who only address the big money issue of pensions and actually give cover to those who mislead and lie to us on so much else makes those citizens part of the entire problem and not part of the solution. You can not be honest with pensions and dishonest with everything else and expect a better outcome for both the taxpayers and the citizens of this once great state of California. There is nothing good to come out of supporting your crooked politician because he/she throws us a bone once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, the bone usually is hollow as well. It is usually political grandstanding and not real. So highlighting nothing other than skyrocketing pension costs will not get us where we need to be….which is for once getting a more honest, transparent government led by elected officials with equal parts integrity and courage.

So when will you pension writers start to call out the phonies who say they are for pension reform while lying to us on so many other very important issues and at the same time accomplishing little or nothing in the pension arena either.


A good start in the City of Fullerton would be to ask for the resignations of all Fullerton City Council members,





and Silva

for their repealing a very good law based on false information and assumptions.

It was Fullerton Ordinance 3149, the Child Sex Offender Residency Restriction Act. Now formerly convicted child rapists, molesters, etc. can live right next door to any school, park, pre-school and day-care center in Fullerton thanks to each and every council member going along with a deceitful false premise provided by none other than Fullerton City Attorney, James Touchstone. That false premise was that the Fullerton ordinance covered all sex offenders when in fact it explicitly stated that it dealt specifically with only child sex offenders. The fact is that in no California court has the residency restriction of just child sex offenders every been adjudicated or challenged. The question then remains why would all five council members take action to benefit pedophiles while at the same time making it less safe for our children?

City attorney Dick Jones

It is a question that we the citizens of Fullerton deserve a complete and honest answer to! But I can guarantee that will never happen and that is precisely why they all need to be thrown out of office.


, , , ,


Seeking to influence FJUHSD parents and school officials to irradiate all Troy High School students and teachers, Troy teacher Jesse Knowles hosts “junk science” presentation

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth, if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”   — Leo Tolstoy


We know today that through direct observation, the microwave levels inside the classrooms at Troy and Sonora High Schools are at least 1000 times higher than in a typical home. Troy and Sonora have metal walls and the students are getting sick. Migraines, general malaise, fatigue, chronic insomnia, students falling asleep, and taking pain medication daily have become the norm at Troy and Sonora where the entire schools have sheet metal walls with industrial strength dual band access points deployed throughout. Sadly, these symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg as cancer and infertility are what await anyone chronically exposed to these emissions.

The microwave deployment was done just after summer and against years of protest and warnings at board meetings. This article is to expose a staff member who is directly responsible for the harms being done to all the students in the FJUHSD. This is pure evil folks. The schools are low power microwave ovens. 


THROUGH TOTAL DECEPTION, seeking to influence FJUHSD parents and school officials to irradiate all Troy High School students and teachers,




Troy teacher Jesse Knowles hosts “junk science” presentation.


Jesse Knowles


Through a document obtained in a California Public Records Act Request, it has been learned that on August 14, 2013, Mr.  Jesse Knowles, a Troy High School teacher hosted a meeting in his home in which a “Dr.  Ramone”(aka Roman Schulze)  made a presentation to FJUHSD parents as well as Troy Principal and Assistant Principal, Amy Avina and Danielle Kenfield, respectively.  As the document states, the purpose of the meeting was to “provide an opportunity for interested parents to hear a different viewpoint.”  Per the document, the presentation was to address another parent’s research, Mr.  Joe Imbriano.



A copy of the presentation was provided to Board Members.   Other FJUHSD school officials may have been in attendance.  Knowles’ residence is next door to Mr.  Imbriano, a parent who has been outspoken in voicing the health hazards of wireless radiation, unnatural EMFs, and who was denied by the Acacia School PTA access to share this information with its’ membership.  This is pertinent as THE FJUHSD was considering installing Wi-Fi throughout all of its’ campuses, some of which HAVE METAL WALLS LIKE TROY HIGH SCHOOL AND SONORA HIGH SCHOOL, affecting the health and well being of a population of approximately 15,000 people, most adolescents AND OF COURSE THE ENTIRE STAFF.

The 36-page presentation, dated 8/14/2013, was titled

EMF-U, Electromagnetic Field University.  Although no name appears on the document, we assume the author to be Dr.  Ramone, (aka Roman Schulze) as he is the presenter.


Dr Ramone (aka Roman Schulze)

Divided into five sub headings, the most significant is EMF, Studies and Literature, which focuses on the work of  Dr.  Luc Vershaere, Evaluations of International Expert Group Reports on the Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Fields, dated 3/20/2013.

About Dr.  Luc Vershaere  . . .

The centerpiece of Ramone’s  (aka Roman Schulze) presentation featured the work of Dr.  Vershaere.  The work covers reports published in a two-year window, 2009-2011.  There exist decades of science and studies on microwave radiation, numbering in the thousands, that demonstrate it as a health hazard.  Ramone (aka Roman Schulze) ignores all of that and chose to extract and advance one work, embodying a mere two years.

Why not look at the thousands of studies and appeals by foreign governments and let the parents have an understanding of that?



A close examination of the funding sources and affiliations is always required to better understand if the science is potentially compromised due to a conflict of interest.  Dr.  Henry Lai, University of Washington, performed a study of this:  Radiofrequency Research:  Does Funding Matter?, examining Industry and Non-industry funded studies and whether they found that RF-radiation had harmful effects.  “The EMF industry-funded studies found an effect from EMF exposures in 28% of the studies, and the independently funded EMF studies found an effect from EMF exposures 67% of the time.”   That was from his database of July, 2007, and published in 2009, page 28, in Cellphones and Brain Tumors, 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone.  Ref:


That data was available in 2007; did Ramone (aka Roman Schulze) examine the analysis?

As it turns out, Dr.  Vershaere’s integrity, as well as many others, is sharply called out in this letter to Lancet Oncology Editor, David Collingridge:

“Luc Verschaeve

Declared COI: research institute received a small research grant (less than 5.000 €, ceased in March 2011) from the GSM Operators Forum on environmental effects of mobile phone base stations.

Undeclared COI: Luc Verschaeve is president of the Belgian BiomelectroMagnetic Group, which is sponsored by power grid operator Elia. He also received research funding from Belgacom.”

Source, with links to evidence of Dr.  Verschaeve’s Conflict of Interest


Why is Dr. Ramone (aka Roman Schulze) presenting information by someone with a known conflict of interest and why did the FJUHSD not use his real name?


Dr. Ramone (aka Roman Schulze)



Why didn’t Ramone (aka Roman Schulze) present the February 2013 video statement Dr. Anthony Miller, cancer epidemiologist who served on a number of research groups for the IARC, who pointed that if RF were classified today, February 2013, it would have to be classified as a Class 2A probable human carcinogen?

In 2012 the Italian Supreme Court ruled that a man’s brain tumor was caused by cell phone radiation.  Why didn’t Ramone tell the parents and school officials that? 

Peer reviewed science demonstrates that exposure to RF-Radiation causes cancer.  As of this date, there are at least three such studies and we are, in fact, seeing the cancer rates increasing in our population.   Currently, there is a $1.9 billion lawsuit against Motorola, claiming that cell phones caused a man’s brain tumor.  Everyone at Troy knows Jesse Knowles himself just had a brain tumor removed. Was it caused by his deep love affair with his wireless devices?

There was plenty of evidence in August 2013 that wireless radiation exposures cause cancer.  Certainly, the parents and school officials should have been given this information.  Why did Dr. Ramone (aka Roman Schulze) withhold this critical information?

Instead, the portion devoted to cancer was a shallow walk-through of cancer classifications.  Meaningless information considering that researchers were already speaking up and calling for reclassification to a “2a” and that the lawsuit against Motorola in which the plaintiffs demanded a trial by jury was dated May 3, 2010.

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS), Electrosensitivity, Microwave Sickness  

This is a hugely significant health matter for a growing number of people.

The last bullet point on page 33 reads:  “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” Is Not a Valid Diagnosis.  Ramone ignores the Austrian Medical Association, which released a consensus paper with guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of EHS.  This was adopted in March 2012 a full year and a half prior to Ramone’s presentation.  If he had done the research required, Ramone would have discovered that “in 1970, a report from the former Soviet Union described the “microwave syndrome” among military personnel, working with radio and radar equipment, who showed symptoms that included fatigue, dizziness, headaches, problems with concentration and memory, and sleep disturbances. Similar symptoms were found in the 1980s among Swedes working in front of cathode ray tube monitors, with symptoms such as flushing, burning, and tingling of the skin, especially on the face, but also headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and photosensitivity.”

Why did Dr.  Ramone (aka Roman Schulze)  omit this?


Dr, Ramone (aka Roman Schulze)

“More Info and Links”

Most, if not all, of these referenced sites are known to act as shills for the tech industry, casting doubt on any science that challenges the safety of wireless radiation.

Why didn’t Dr. Ramone  (aka Roman Schulze) include the many websites that take a fair look at wireless radiation? 

Questions Unanswered

Knowles’ motivation in hosting this meeting in which a one-sided, two-year window of selective and biased EMF science by Dr.  Vershaere, a person with verified conflict of interest with the Telecom industry, is unknown but does clearly constitute negligence on his part.  Normally, teachers care for their students and their safety is of primary importance.   By giving this platform to Ramone (aka Roman Schulze), Knowles was working to influence parents and school staff and convince them that any questions as to wireless radiation being a health hazard would be put to rest and the parents could rest easy. The end result was imminent harm to the children and student body.


Jesse Knowles

What was Knowles’ interest in bringing microwave radiation into the high schools?  On whose behalf did he do so?

We know that his wife, Michelle Knowles, began the Acacia Foundation for the local elementary school and worked for years fundraising for iPads that would bring wireless technology to the elementary school.

Is Dr.  Ramone really Dr.  Roman Schulze  ?

This individual name is listed as Dr.  Ramone, a “local physician,” and “active parent in the Acacia (elementary school) parent support education.”   A computer search for ‘local physician,’ Dr.  Ramone, comes up empty.

However, there is a Dr.  Roman Schulze, then an ‘Acacia parent’, also a ‘local physician’ and married to a Ms.  Michelle Garden, a woman very active in bringing wireless radiation to Acacia Elementary School.  On the Fullerton Informer website, Ms.  Garden has publicly stated that her husband en joyed arguing about health effects from microwave radiation exposure and that he did that “for sport.”

Thousands of kids’ health and future on the line and physician, Roman Schulze, views his participation in this critical subject matter “as sport.”


Is Dr.  Ramone really Dr.  Roman Schulze?  It seems highly likely.  If that is the case, why wouldn’t Dr.  Schulze want his correct name in the documentation?  Why is no author listed on the EMF-U presentation?  Why would a physician not lay claim to his own work?  What are the professional ethics of a physician that conveys safety on a substance when no safety assurances can be made even by the tech industry?

“Danielle” Was Likely Convinced

The copy of the EMF-U presentation has a name tag with “Danielle” and handwritten notes on two pages.  We could reasonably assume that “Danielle” is Troy Assistant Principal, Danielle Kenfield.

The notes state, “cell phone, wi-fi . . .  no relation to causing cancer (unlikely to cause cancer)” and “no worries.”   Did Dr.  Ramone’s presentation convince Kenfield that microwave radiation exposures in the classroom were not a health hazard?   It seems likely.  Was Troy Principal Amy Avina convinced?  We do not know, but suspect that since the wireless radiation has begun to advance in our children’s school environment that she most likely was.  Additionally, there has been no evidence of an outcry against wireless from either of these two and that is probably because the presentation was a dishonest portrayal.

How many parents were convinced that unprecedented, all-day microwave radiation exposures at Troy High School would be okay for their students?  Was the Troy PTSA in attendance?

Why was Jesse Knowles allowed this exclusive access to address the parents and school officials, presenting them with corrupted information and science on a matter of huge significance?


Wireless Radiation Science: Ethics, integrity, morality

The study, research of unnatural EMF, microwave radiation, wireless radiation is no straightforward or easy task.  In fact, embarking on this adventure the lay researcher and even the seasoned health professional soon learn that it is a bottomless pit, going back decades.  The science is pulled, distorted, manipulated, destroyed, not funded, and subverted in the cleverest of ways.  One must determinedly stay the course, sifting through evidence, in pursuit of truth.  This is truly a labor of love, a love for humanity and truth.

Dr.  Ramone appeared to lack the ethics, integrity, and morals to fairly portray the science.  Ramone, even as a physician, appears to have no respect for the students or teachers, as he has effectively sold an audience that these emissions are safe.  This is no more clearly conveyed than referring back to the Public Request document, with the following statement:  “Dr.  Ramone’s presentation expressed . . . that in fact there is no correlation between WiFi (microwave exposure) and cancer.”

Astounding.  Our children’s and the teacher’s health is determined by deception and lies by a physician that appears to lack morals, ethics, and integrity. What can be said for the Knowles husband and wife team?

Perhaps, Ramone found this whole matter the same as Dr.  Roman Schulze – a “sport”.

No excuse

There is no excuse for Knowles hosting Roman Schulze’s presenting one-sided, vastly limited in scope, and corrupted science to the parents.  One can readily come to the conclusion that the intent was to deceive them.

Many experts will cite the Precautionary Principal, stating that there is no consensus of science but there is a need to err on the side of caution.  That would mean to wire the technology and not take the chance with people’s health.

Why didn’t Ramone apply the Precautionary Principal and err on the side of caution for the kids? Why did Jesse Knowles and his wife Michelle Knowles continue to support and run the Acacia Foundation as it simultaneously raised funds for wireless devices to be brought into the elementary school in the neighborhood?

What is at stake?

The stakes couldn’t be higher.  The health, well-being, and future of 15,000 students and teachers is on the line.

Refer to the countless sources referenced in the Demand Letter to Troy High School PTSA that document the health hazards:

The Truth Will Prevail 

Appeal to Troy High School teacher, Mr.  Jesse Knowles 

It is difficult to believe that you are intentionally working to bring microwave radiation, a recognized, known health hazard to Troy High School.  The evidence, however, points to that.

It is much too late for denial of the health harms of wireless radiation, as students as well as teachers are becoming sick, dying from these exposures.  Lawsuits, nationally and internationally, are already in progress due to exposure in schools and other environments.  Laws in other countries, provinces are being passed to remove, reduce exposures.  This is starting with the very youngest, as they are the most vulnerable.  Schools that have installed wireless are looking for ways to quietly ‘walk it back’ and reduce/remove wireless radiation and, at the same time, limit their financial liability.

Recently a parent of a child in Jesse Knowle’s class forwarded several letters, studies and scientific information on the hazards of microwave radiation to him and HE REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HE HAD RECEIVED IT.


The lawsuits will continue and schools will continue to pull back and, ultimately, remove wireless radiation.

Every student and teacher has the right to a safe and healthy school environment.  We are looking to you, Mr.  Knowles, to right the wrong that you have actively participated in creating.



For the health and well being of the students and your fellow teachers at Troy High School Jesse Knowles must:

  • Immediately work to remove existing wireless infrastructure at Troy; students should not have to be irradiated in order to receive an education.
  • Actively spread the message by educating students and fellow teachers of the “emerging public health crisis”, leading to premature death, and DNA damage and as expressed by over 200 international scientists in an Appeal to the U.N. and World Health Organization.
  • Work to develop curriculum, programs for teens advising them on the least hazardous method of handling wireless devices.

It is time for unwinding the damage, it is time for defending the defenseless and to stop yielding students’ and teachers’ health and well being to outside interests.

Truth Will Prevail Indeed

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Unconscionable behavior by our Fullerton City Council, Fullerton City Attorney and the Fullerton Police Chief.




Back In February I witnessed unconscionable behavior by our Fullerton City Council, Fullerton City Attorney and the Fullerton Police Chief. The behavior was to provide False And Very Misleading Information about The Fullerton Child Sex Offender Residency Restriction Law To Justify Its Repeal! This False Narrative Lead By City Attorney James Touchstone Demonstrated A Lack Of Character By Him And All Who Played Along With This Charade.

Fullerton City attorney James Touchstone

I Am Here To Proclaim Very Loudly That Character Does Count And Not One Individual On The Dais That Evening Demonstrated Any Character!  Months ago they knew the facts but ignored them and went ahead anyway. They were warned. See this video below.

Whether you happen to agree with their votes or not, it is never good for the public to have elected and appointed officials who mislead, misinform and sometimes out and out lie to us. Diane Hickey, Joe Imbriano and myself clearly documented on the record here in this chamber that the erroneous information City Attorney James Touchstone spelled out as part of an official presentation to council recommending the repeal of Ordinance 3149 was indeed false.  He stated erroneously that the ordinance impacts all sex offenders when the ordinance clearly defines a sex offender as only a child sex offender for purposes of this law.

Here we are months later and still the Fullerton City Council continues to protect the pedophiles and refuses to acknowledge that the official presentation by our city attorney months back on this issue was based on falsehood. What does that tell you about the integrity, honesty and decency of our city council, police chief and our city attorney?

Council person Doug Chaffee”s actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children

Council person Jesus Silva’s  actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children


Council person Bruce Whitaker’s  actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children

Police Chief Heinig on the right’s  actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children

Council person Greg Sebourn’s  actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children. What a guy who thinks it ok to cancel an agenda item when the presenter is at the podium.

Vice President of Curt Pringle and associates Jennifer Fitzgerald.’s  actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children. She has had to recuse herself because one of her clients got a big payday from the Fullerton City Council.


Fullerton City Attorney Dick Jones’s  actions certainly indicate a desire to help protect pedophiles over the safety of our children. Check him out dozing while making big bucks. Could anybody look more disinterested that he?

After we proved that Mr. Touchstone provided false information to the council in support of his recommendation to repeal Ordinance 3149, every city council member ignored that fact and voted to repeal the ordinance, anyway. They in fact by not acknowledging James Touchstone’s egregious error, chose to be part of the deception. Touchstone’s failure to acknowledge his error after we corrected him strongly suggests that it was not an error at all but an intentional ploy/conspiracy to mislead the public on this very important issue. What has City Attorney Dick Jones done in regard to this misinformation given by his partner in his law firm?  As far as I know absolutely nothing! This whole scenario is shameless behavior by our City of Fullerton Government and can’t be tolerated going forward.

I can’t for certain claim that each and every one of those individuals will be held to account by the Fullerton public.  But what I can say is that God will in fact judge them for their ethical and moral failings as our elected and appointed Fullerton officials.

The only thing I can add to my prepared remarks that i presented at the public comment section of the Fullerton City Council meeting on May 15, 2017 is the following:

We the good people of Fullerton must stand up to demand form our city council and city government, integrity, honesty and representation that only considers the overall well-being of the citizens of Fullerton.

This must include coming regularly to city council meetings and making your voices heard by those who are supposed to represent us the people.


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