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Hilda Sugarman’s dystopic vision of wireless iPads: Every single child will have one 24/7

Hilda Sugarman, a member of the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees, helped create the Fullerton Technology Foundation to aid funding of new devices. The foundation, founded in 2006, gave $175,000 to the district this year, with $40,000 of that total saved for teacher grants. “My vision: Every single child will have one 24/7,” Sugarman said about iPad use. “I want them to take it home. I want families to use it. I want somehow for us to find funds so the families can be connected.” A more immediate goal, Sugarman said, would be to provide every fifth- through eighth-grader in the district with an iPad for daily use in the next year and a half. That adds up to about 4,600 students.

Hilda Sugarman, a member of the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees,
My vision: Every single child will have one 24/7,” Sugarman said about iPad use.

The dangers of microwave radiation have been known for decades. The dangers of the wrong people in positions of authority have been known for millenia. 

Wireless dangers have been thoroughly presented to the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees for the better part of over a year now. 

There are well over 20,000 research papers written on the effects of RF/EMF radiation according to John Osepchuck, PhD the chair of IEEE/ASTM and the the biological effects have been known since the 1920s.

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Make no bones about it, the dosage is higher than a kite and it is not what the doctor ordered. Are your kids at risk at school in these wireless classrooms with the schools using commercial or industrial grade routers that broadcast on several frequencies at the same time? You want your kids slouched over an in use wireless radiation emitting cell phone all day? How about at home  or everywhere else with these things right in front of their heads and in their laps all the time? That is exactly what your children are doing at school and at home. These tablet devices are microwave transmitters and emit wireless radiation trillions of times the normal background levels that many of us and our parents were exposed to as children.  

What will it take to get the parents to act . I think that there are many obstacles, not the least of which is them dealing with the fact that they themselves have been irradiating their children since the beginning. So if they acknowledge this as harmful, then they have to deal with their guilt. It is time to deal with reality, swallow the pride and put your children ahead of your fears, the school administrators and your fair weather friends ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about your kids, a trillion dollar industry that doesn’t give a rat’s behind about them, and school administrators that will do whatever they are ordered to do without batting an eye. Read the rest of this entry »


Launching of the District’s 1:1 Visible Irradiaton Program (VIP)

On March 5th, 2013, we launched this website to end the largest forced irradiation of children that the world has ever known. Millions and millions and millions of hits spanning the globe and all levels of the power structure on the planet indicate that we have struck a nerve. What do we get for our birthday?



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