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Barry Levinson

It is December 26th , the day after Christmas and I hope all of you experienced a warm day shared with loved ones.

As most of you know, I am not Christian, but belong to the Jewish faith.
Having said that, I do participate in the Christian faith, as my wife is Christian and my son has been raised as a Christian since birth.

The story of Jesus is a universal one. It is not about power, or money or even great fame. It is completely about goodness and how that goodness can translate into something wonderful for all of mankind.

We here in America are blessed to be a part of this great nation. But in these tough economic times, it is important, no imperative that we continue to work on our spritual side. For money and/or power are somewhat hollow without goodness in your soul.

It compares to being a child and racing up a hill and using all of your strength and effort to get to that point. Once there if you notice you left all your family and friends behind, you will soon realize that your victory is a hollow one.

We must continue to speak out for justice, openness and truth at all our city council meetings even when those forces of selfishness and self-interest above all else has just won a hollow victory.

No one ever said fighting the good fight, standing up for justice was easy or quickly achieved. However, that is why we must continue to speak out to help achieve the best in ourselves and the best in our city leaders.
The more our leaders ignore us, the more we must stand tall and proud to continue to show them the right path.

An Independent Police Civilian Oversight Committee is the right course and the more it is postponed or ignored by a majority of our leaders, the more I will speak out forcefully for its adoption.

Our City Council should make it a requirement that our next Police Chief accepts the position with a newly installed completely independent Civilian Police Review Board.


The Board must  have access to all police records and they would be required to make public recommendations disclosed at city council meetings.  There recommendations must have real authority to be instituted and could only be overturned by a majority vote of our City Council.

This will make our city council accountable to the people.

Finally, as the City Council considers who to hire for both Police Chief and City Manager, that both positions be given a limited contract to last no more than five years, at which time the city council would have to review their performances and by majority vote either reinstall or dismiss them at that time.

These steps would be the acts of a City Council with integrity and accountability.   Anything less would stamp the 2017 City Council as a failure to the people of Fullerton.




Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for all you law and order types to listen up and listen good. This candidate for Judge is doubling down against the house and she means business. Regardless of what she is up to and what side of the political aisle you are on, what she is saying, cannot be ignored.

If you don’t think the establishment from the top down is corrupt then you might as well put your 1000 dollar a bottle cognac into old wine skins folks.

The CRA is the heart, soul and morality of the Republican party and it is no wonder the establishment hacks didn’t even bother to show their faces yesterday. Does she embody it? You decide that for yourself. Do your homework. I am here to report on the event at Republican HQ and I can tell you that those trusted names should never be blindly trusted. Local politics are a mess and the only way out of these muddy waters is to look for some clarity in your navigation and that means opening your eyes and ears to what those on both sides have to present and say.

KAREN LEE SHATZLE is telling it like it is about some trusted household names, and believe me. you had better rethink what it means to have an (R) next to your name and blindly cast a vote for those who hide behind one.




Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

The conclusions of this report issued in April 2012 to Police Chief Hughes occurred approximately 18 months before the Ramos and Cincinelli trial seems to contradict the sworn testimony of both Fullerton Police Department Training Officer, Corporal Rubio and Fullerton Police Department Sergeant Kevin Craig.  They both testified that they saw no major violations of the Fullerton Police Department Policy Manual during the brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas and the subsequent police response to his injuries.

Did FPD Police Chief Dan Hughes provide this crucial piece of evidence to the OC DA and if not did this directly lead to a not-guilty verdict?

Capt Dan Hughes lg photo

Why has not Police Chief Dan Hughes taken any action to open up a police investigation concerning the alleged perjury by two of his officers? Why did he not follow the same course of action for this alleged felony perjury case as his department did with regard to Barry Levinson’s baseless misdemeanor case that was later dropped by the OC DA for lack of evidence?

Chief Hughes knew that the sealed Gennnaco report conclusions conflicted with his officers’ testimony.  Did he provide it to the Orange County D. A. as requested as part of the packet of information subpoenaed by the Prosecution, or did he not?

This explosive information provided by the City of Fullerton’s own expert, needs to be thoroughly reviewed in light of the contradicting sworn testimony in a criminal murder trial by Rubio and Craig


PS:  Please note that it was Council member Jan Flory,


 who attempted in vain to get our City Attorney to rule that this information that has been out in the public purview for several months could be blocked from being disseminated by a private citizen, Barry Levinson.  Ms. Flory valiantly tried to keep the truth from the public that night.  In my opinion this showed where Ms. Flory’s true allegiance lies and it was not with the public.


Jennifer Fitzgerald- “I move the item”-ANOTHER CELL TOWER NEXT TO A SCHOOL

Folks for the second time in a row, Fullerton City Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald, stepped right up and rammed another dangerous cell tower through the Fullerton city council-this one right next to Parks Junior High School that will penetrate the classrooms and expose all students to microwave RF emissions in addition the the staggering levels already present as a result of FSD’s Robert Pletka’s reckless use of wireless technology in all of its classrooms.

This woman just couldn’t wait to monetize another park and dose the poor kids and neighbors.

JenniferFitzgerald2012sm_1-11-150x150 (1)

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A Recent Incident I Witnessed in Downtown Fullerton by Fullerton Resident Susan Levinson.

images (78)

Is this really all the protection pedestrians and cyclists are afforded in Fullerton?


A Recent Incident I Witnessed in Downtown Fullerton by

Fullerton Resident Susan Levinson.

After hearing Fullerton resident Judith Kaluzny speak at the last City Council meeting about much needed awareness for pedestrians crossing our streets within the crosswalks I am reminded of a situation that I witnessed a few months ago.

While driving my car south on Harbor Blvd. just north of Chapman at approximately 10 in the morning I stopped at the crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross from Angelo & Vinci’s restaurant towards Big Slice Pizza.  In the lane next to me was an on-duty Fullerton motorcycle policeman.  The officer and I both watched as the woman began to cross in the crosswalk and then 2 cars heading north drove right through the crosswalk forcing the pedestrian to stop mid-stream & jump back to the curb.  The policeman watched both cars drive right through the crosswalk, endangering the woman’s life. Yet, even though the officer was in the fast lane and could have easily and safely made a U-turn to pull one or both drivers over, he did not.

After the woman made it safely across the street the traffic resumed, and the officer and I pulled up next to each other at the stoplight.  I rolled my window down & asked him why he didn’t pull over either of those drivers as the pedestrian had the right of way.  His response to me was:  “I don’t like that crosswalk”.  I’ve told them it’s not in a good place”.  I said, “But isn’t it against the law to drive through the crosswalk when the pedestrian is already there?”  He replied, “Yes.”  I said, “Then you should have cited both of the drivers.”  He answered with a nod yes of his head and drove away as the light turned green.

It is not a police officer’s job to choose which crosswalks he or she likes or doesn’t like when it comes to enforcing the law.  It is his or her job to protect and serve.  Because our police department may not protect us as pedestrians we must be ever more vigilant about walking around our town.

Susan Levinson


The strange dichotomy of Dan Hughes

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To most Fullerton residents, the names Dan Hughes and Barry Levinson ring a bell. Dan Hughes is our current police chief who some say is simply Pat Mckinley with a smile. Others revere him as the much needed solution to the problems plaguing The FPD.  

Barry Levinson, is a Fullerton resident who is a rare breed indeed. He is a civic minded individual who has the guts to tell it like it is and repeatedly ask the hard questions that most political slimeskins in this town wouldn’t dare to touch with a ten foot pole. Personally, the most perplexing questions that I still have, directly relate to Dan Hugh’s comments about the 33 minute and 33 seconds of video where Kelly Thomas was left for dead in the gutter after he was brutally beaten by officers of The FPD. Last night the issue was revisited with no exception.

In my opinion Fullerton is not healed from anything. No, the cancer is now in stage IV and the treatment plan costs are going to run into orbit from the Kelly Thomas murder, the fallout from the sham trial and the precarious termination of the officers.

The current Flory, Chaffee and Fitzgerald council members, in my opinion, still have their little happy parties and fluff gimmicks while holding the resident taxpayers in derision with their voting records. Meanwhile, Bruce and Greg struggle to keep the ship steered in the right direction in rough seas. Who will rise to the occasion in November? Will Barry? Perhaps yours truly?

At this point it is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain and that is Fullerton needs leaders and not lapdogs. Maybe whoever decides to throw their hat into the ring could use a refresher course on what courage really is and how to ask the hard questions. Weak, spineless, slimy politicians are what got us where we are. I say the hell with them and who needs them? Unless we can muster some real contenders coupled with some real civilian police oversight, we might as well leave the vampires in charge of the blood bank, lock our doors and stay home in November. I personally could care less about a few bucks added to my water bill every two months or a stinkin’ pothole if I still have to worry about getting beaten to death for not playing doctor with some deranged cop or framed like an picture at an Aaron Brother’s 1/2 cent sale.  

Here is the clip

Go to 28:20 and see for yourself. Here is what he has written and with his permission the following is published:


By Barry Levinson | It is important to remind our city officials, the press and our community that our “new” police chief was our “old” captain who was the direct supervisor of officers Ramos, Cincinelli, Wolfe, Hampton, Craig and Blatney.

Anyone who is familiar with police work knows that the real training of officers comes not from the training officer but from their direct superior, on a day-in and day-out basis. That would have been then-Captain Dan Hughes. Therefore, I am disappointed that Chief Hughes has never expressed his regret that he obviously failed to train those 6 men adequately.

I have given Dan Hughes’ comments about his viewing the video over 400 times much thought and analysis. First, the video was 33 minutes and 33 seconds in length. It would have taken him over 222 hours to view that video 400 times. Should we believe that he spent five-and-a-half-plus 40-hour weeks reviewing the video while on duty, or even at home?

What about the actual comments he made concerning the contents of the video itself. His contention was that those police officers acted properly as seen on the video.

There are only two possible explanations for his comments.

The first reason is that he really believes that those six officers under his direct command were doing their jobs as he trained them or,

Second, he believed that the video would never be released to the public and so he felt safe siding with his men.

The first possibility shows that he is as guilty as any of those officers for not knowing the proper boundaries for police behavior. That is downright frightening.

The other possibility shows his willingness to mislead the public for his own benefit. This is not behavior that inspires confidence and trust.

But yet he terminated officers Ramos, Cincinelli and Wolfe presumably based on their actions that very night. What is the public to believe? The Acting Chief Hughes’s statements that after viewing that video over 400 times taking over 222 hours to complete, that he saw nothing wrong? Or the other Chief Hughes who terminated those three officers for their conduct that very night. Which Dan Hughes are we to believe?

Finally, when will the press, the public and every one of our council members, demand that he explain those glaring contradictions?

Barry Levinson


Great questions Barry. Let’s see if we ever get our answers.

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