It certainly appears that way to me Fullertonians. There have been many, many negative articles on the internet spelling out the many failures of one Bruce Whitaker Fullerton City Council member.


Yet one day a few weeks ago I noticed that when I put his name in the Google or Yahoo browser almost no negative articles appeared about him.  How strange, how curious….or is it?  Did our so-called libertarian candidate spend money to alter what articles appears on the internet when anyone looks up his name?

Phony empty suit career politician Bruce Whitaker is now officially a coward 

Like I said it certainly appears to be the case.  Is this just another example of the phoniness of one Bruce Whitaker?

Search Results are being suppressed by Mr fake Statesmen online reputation defender software hiding the truth that Bruce Whitaker doesn’t want the voters to see.

Bruce Whitaker ignores what is going on at the Fullerton … – YouTube

Nov 27, 2017 – Uploaded by The Fullerton Informer

Mike Blackstone, Barry Levinson and Joe Imbriano speak at the 11-21-17 FullertonCity council meeting as Air …

Bruce Whitaker Fullerton City Council joining the ranks of … – YouTube


Mar 17, 2017 – Uploaded by The Fullerton Informer

Pedophile protectors on the Fullerton City Council Bruce Whitaker, Jesus Silva, Greg Sebourn, Doug Chaffee …

Bruce Whitaker addresses the attempted framing of Barry … – YouTube

Apr 7, 2016 – Uploaded by The Fullerton Informer

Bruce Whitaker addresses the attempted framing of Barry Levinson Fullerton City Council 11-4-14 and watch …

Bruce Whitaker ignoring two of his staunchest supporters … – YouTube

Jul 24, 2017 – Uploaded by The Fullerton Informer

Bruce Whitaker choosing to ignore two of his staunchest supporters who had questions concerning David …

Dec 6, 2017 – Uploaded by The Fullerton Informer

Bruce Whitaker ignores Joe Imbriano as he questions why Fullerton has totally abandoned almost all street …

By his own actions, he has become both irrelevant and a joke to most Fullertonians. I suspect the rest of the 29th Senate District will soon come to the exact same conclusion.

PS: Hint: If you type in “Corrupt Bruce Whitaker Fullerton”, you will see some of the articles written that documents very well a host of Bruce Whitaker’s failings and shortcomings.


  1. #1 by Bruce Whitaker's Political Epitaph on January 16, 2018 - 1:44 pm

    Bruce Whitaker claims to be a libertarian, limited government politician. Shame on you Bruce Whitaker for deceiving the public. You are all talk and no action. A completely ineffective phony politician.

    You are trying to suppress free speech by suppressing articles that are less than positive about you. We can not stop you from lying to the public about your record and your political views but suppressing others is simply diabolical and Machiavellian. You claim you want to stop corruption in Sacramento. Yet you not only have failed to do so in Fullerton for 7 long years but have not even really tried to do so. Your city council record is one of complete failure. You have truly destroyed whatever good reputation you had built up over the years by your actions on the Fullerton City Council. Character and courage counts and their is no substitute for either.

    Some have suggested that it might be prudent to monitor the money he collects for his run for the 29th District Senate Seat. For there are those who might claim that his campaign cash mostly ends up feeding his growing family, which consists of his wife and himself.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on January 17, 2018 - 8:32 am

    If Bruce knew how to manipulate Google results in his favor then he might actually be able to get a job. You are nuts.

  3. #3 by Anonymous on January 19, 2018 - 8:24 pm

    You expect Bruce to sit back and let you whackadoodles slander him on the internet?

  4. #4 by Bruce Whitaker's Political Epitaph on January 22, 2018 - 1:39 pm

    Anonymous claims that stating the facts about Bruce Whitaker is slander. Ha, ha, ha.

    I also want to answer your question about expecting Bruce Whitaker to just sit back. Have you looked at Bruce Whitaker lately? It seems obvious that sitting back is the only thing that Whitaker does regularly. He is a phony, lazy politician. He has been good for nothing when it comes to representing the people of Fullerton.

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