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Arrow down a few inches and have a look at the proposed real world classroom application of wireless technology in action. This photo truly puts it into perspective. I remember growing up where there were ashtrays everywhere and now I see the poor folks on oxygen.  And then there are those who sadly checked out way too early from an insidious in-your-face out of control marketing strategy that went unchallenged for way too long. Yes, they were lied to in the most egregious manner.   So this begs the question: Does this child know what this is doing to him? Do his parents?

By the way, hook up an earpiece to any WiFi enabled laptop or tablet and guess what? You get a 300% plus increase in the level of EMF emissions as the wire acts as an antenna. What is in the speaker in the child’s ear? The speaker contains a small magnet and a coil which takes it up another couple of notches, and you guessed it, right to the child’s head special delivery. Low intensity is safe you say?

We won’t even get into the children’s orthodontic fixtures at this time. They all come complete with that necessary metallic alloy array that is required for reception. Ok, just a little aside, I digress. Those industrial WiFi systems which already are, or will be installed in the FSD, will STAY ON ALL DAY in the classrooms. They have plenty of power to spare. They go right through wire mesh and concrete unlike those cheap ones you have at home. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Remember, the electrical conductivity of the human body can act as an antenna. Keep in mind that this is all courtesy of what you thought would help your child’s smile but mostly because of what you are being told by the experts that the child needs to learn and can no longer live without.





What do you mean you won’t forward this information?

On Saturday, March 23rd, I was peacefully handing out literature with my daughter for this website to parents in waiting cars and on foot on the sidewalk at Acacia Elementary School-recently rated the number one elementary school in Orange County by the O.C. Register. THIS IS GROUND ZERO FOR THE DISTRICT WIDE ROLL OUT OF WIRELESS CLASSROOMS IN THE FSD.  The information was well received by all except for one parent who I respectfully thanked for his honesty.  When all of the parents had left, I entered the school grounds and approached a familiar group that was curiously watching me that consisted of the principal, several of my children’s teachers, and a non-school district employee who happens to be the foundation president.  I walked up to them and politely handed them a reprint on the blog stories.  Before I handed them the flyer, I stated that I would like to formally present each of you with this information.  I handed it to each of them and they willingly accepted it.  The principal then looked at the information with what appeared to be astonishment and handed it back to me.  She told me that I cannot hand out this information on school property.  The principal then ordered her employees and the one non-employee to return the information to me, which they all did, except for one teacher.  Were they under any obligation to return the material to me?  The foundation president not being an employee certainly was not and the teachers who, clearly all knew who I was, were not really either.  It was a matter of personal choice.  I was simply formally putting school personnel on notice that there is a possible danger on campus that they and the students are all being exposed to.  I then remarked that I will go back to the sidewalk with my daughter, and we did.

Subsequently, I emailed this information to the principal and politely asked her to forward this information to her staff.  After several days,  I asked her  if she forwarded this information to her staff and she said that she did not.  Was the principal within her rights on Saturday?  Was I?  Legally it could be pretty dicey.  However, one could easily argue that in the context of how they were approached as well as how the  event unfolded,  it could go both ways.  I was not passing out obscene material.  I have seen far more questionable material come home with my children like repeated advertisements to a local  bar, and the freaky book catalogue that the school peddles for fundraising.  I digress.  The principal knows who I am and I believe has known about this blog and this information for some time as she was one my first points of contact with regards to this issue.  The foundation president clearly knows who I am as she lives next door to me.  Also, I announced this information at the most recent Board of Trustees meeting on March 12.  By the way, with the exception of ONE elected representative,  since the board  meeting  and the 3-25-13 mass emailing to EVERY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE in the entire district, not one employee from all 20 campuses in the entire district has reached out to me at all.  No questions, no comments, no responses like “thank you for your email”,  no “we will look into this”, nothing, nada, zip.  By the way, every one of those teachers present at that little huddle has had, or continues to have direct contact with my children at this school.

I personally like technology as long as the benefit is not eclipsed by the risks.  Hardwired devices are really the only safe alternative and that is all we want to make evidently clear to all involved.  Mastery of the  technology by our children can be equally accomplished both safely and effectively with hard wiring.  Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

So what are all these people at the district afraid of?  Is this information dangerous?  I believe that it is.  I believe that this information represents a perspective that the industry and the administrators NEVER told you about and sure looks like they don’t want you to know about.  It gets in the way of what the industry, with the help of local school administrators,  have planned for YOUR CHILDREN-turning them into lifetime customers at a very young age.  These corporations have been dangling carrots in front of the administrators for years with goodies and strings attached.  I wish these devices had strings instead of antennae.  Perhaps, if you knew about the possible dangers, you would say no and thwart the industry’s insidious marketing strategy which aims to place these high frequency microwave transmitters squarely in every school age child’s lap in the entire country- in direct proximity to their sensitive, developing reproductive areas.  No Joe, scientists say it is safe you say?  Guess what?  There are just as many scientists that say that it is not.  See all the prior posts and links on this site.  So why then, when they are your kids, at a school paid for with your tax  money, staffed by people paid for with your tax money, is there not FULL DISCLOSURE of the potential dangers of this technology?  What is with the silent treatment?  They tell you when they spray the Monsanto “Roundup” on the grass.  Why is that?  Did your tech night handouts mention any risks associated with these wireless laptops or tablets in your kids laps for 6-8 hours a day?  Why didn’t  cigarettes have warning labels for decades?  Great questions. This technologically intrusive blind leap is problematic on many fronts.  Quite a Saturday morning, to say the least, and one rife with unteachable lessons from a school district where “learning for a lifetime” is ironically embossed on all the district’s vehicles.

Maybe the pledge of allegiance recited every morning needs to have a more in depth study undertaken by all certificated personnel.  In the meantime, we will simply go back to the sidewalk with our side of the story that you all have a right to know.  In addition, we will continue to make it explicitly clear that we will not supply our children as the test subjects for, what I believe, is about to become the largest radiation forced irradiation of school children in human history.  We also hope after you get your hands on this forbidden information, that you won’t either.



From: joe imbriano <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 10:56:42 -0700
Subject: the dangers of wireless classrooms
Good morning. I would like to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Joe Imbriano. I am a Fullerton resident and a parent of three, soon to be four students in the Fullerton School District. I am the site administrator of The Fullerton Informer blog, which at this time, is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of wireless technology in the classroom. This information was informally presented at the Board of Trustees meeting on 3-12-13.

I wish to pass along this website link to all of you. As district employees and parents, I feel it should be incumbent upon all involved in the roll out and ongoing use of this technology to see the issue from both sides of the aisle. I would respectfully request that the principals at all of the schools disseminate this information to all of the staff as well. Below you will find the link. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Our position is simple: HARDWIRE THE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN AS WELL AS  A SAFER AND MORE RELIABLE NETWORK. I hope that in light of all of the evidence that we present you will all agree.

Joe Imbriano
Site administrator





If you have access to an EMF detector which we at the Fullerton Informer do, if you take measurements of the microwave emissions of an in use cell phone and compare them to the emissions of a WiFi enabled tablet or laptop, how do you think they will compare?  The reality is that they actually in some cases exceed a cell phone’s microwave radiation emissions.

No one would conceivably allow 35 children to sit next to each other in an small room while talking on their cell phones for 6 hours a day, would they?  This is precisely why this is our specific area of concern.  Students using their WiFi enabled tablets or laptops for upwards of 6 hours a day at school and several more hours at home on or in direct proximity to their laps could possibly actually receive equal or more microwave radiation exposure than if they were talking on a cell phone for that duration of time.  High powered routers that are potentially hundreds of times more powerful than the home use versions coupled with 35+ WiFi enabled devices up and running easily compound the measured emissions.  That is effectively the scenario being played out with our children in our chic, nouveau, wireless classrooms.   Do you think this won’t affect your children? Think again.  The pilot programs are being expanded and soon enough all the children will have one in their laps.  Ask the school administrators as that is their plan.   Maybe you embrace this technology?  Please read on and PLEASE READ THE PRECEDING POSTS AND VIEW THE LINKS ASSOCIATED. FOR THE RECORD, I AM BY NO MEANS OPPOSED TO TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOMS.  I SIMPLY SUPPORT HARD WIRING THE DEVICES AS THE ONLY SAFE ALTERNATIVE. HARDWIRED CONNECTIONS ARE CLEARLY SAFER, MORE SECURE AND FAR MORE RELIABLE THAN WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY.

As adults, we would never contemplate keeping an in use cell phone glued to our head all day and for a few hours at night. The children are being forced to do the equivalent with their school issued tablets. Something deep down tells all of us that this would be plain stupid and outright dangerous.   One wouldn’t tolerate this behavior in developing young children.  This begs the question.  Where are the safety studies on young children being forcibly exposed 6 hours a day, 180 days a year for upwards of 13
K-12 years, packed 35 to a room with the wireless tablets or laptops radiating in direct proximity to their sensitive developing reproductive areas?  

The current ICNIRP’s safety guidelines for radio frequency exposures were only developed to protect healthy adult males from acute burning exposures lasting 6 minutes. All the scientific research to date have no studies on young children in this setting with this level of exposure.  Don’t buy into the “radio waves have been going through us for decades” line.  That is by no means a relevant analogy.  The intensity, frequency and distance to the source are by no means remotely analagous and no, the sun’s rays are not the same as a cell phone’s  emissions.   All of  this amounts to, in my opinion, a massive forced irradiation of our school children taking them into truly UNCHARTED TERRITORY.  The debate has been ongoing but it is now time for it to take center stage in The Fullerton School District. 

Ask your school administrators for the studies which comprise the basis for their determinations that this technology is safe.  You will be surprised at what you will be given .  Expect slickly packaged apples and oranges comparisons so read them carefully.  I believe this is an egregious error being committed on the part of what could be very well meaning and well intentioned but misinformed school administrators.

Of course you can pretend that I am crazy or perhaps even convince yourself that I am.   Fair enough.   In 10-15 years from now you will know with absolute certainty whether the risk was real.  If I was wrong, so be it. If  I was not wrong, however, then it will have been too late.  Just keep in mind that failing to err on the side of caution in this regard could have life changing,  multi-generational consequences which you can simply choose to avoid by demanding hardwired devices as the only safe option at  SCHOOL AND AT HOME.  Will your children have a  healthy future or have healthy children of their own?  Will they be able to even have children?  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.  Is this technology in the proposed classroom setting  applications  safe?  Is the convenience really worth the risk to the children’s general health and developing reproductive capabilities? We believe that the risks are real and we are not alone.  It is your call and it is your choice.  Make your voice heard now while it is still early in the game or forever hold your peace.

In the meantime, THE PLACATING FSD SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS AND THE INDUSTRY HAVE FORMULATED AN OPINION AND THINK THAT IT IS SAFE.  If you agree with them, in spite of the mounting evidence to the contrary, then may the road rise with you and may the wind be at your back and good luck.

If you agree with me, then you need to know that the road will be rough and the wind will be in your face.  In the meantime,  ask the administrators  and your colleagues to think again and please respectfully let them know that your children don’t eat Timothy hay!



Here is a video from which, in my opinion, is the finest and most comprehensive site in the entire nation in terms of irrefutable evidence that clearly demonstrates we are harming our children with this technology.

You be the judge. WiFi in schools, with their industrial strength routers in some cases just several feet from young children, that are hundreds of times more powerful than the ones in your home or cafe, wireless computers, and tablets in the hands of children emit microwave radiation in close proximity to the developing young bodies of our children, specifically the brain and the highly vulnerable reproductive areas.

I believe that children in wireless classrooms are just like the rats in the cage in the following experiment:

There are no FCC RF exposure guidelines for children, only for adults and that is what the schools are standing on. Also the FCC guidelines ARE DECADES OLD and only take into consideration acute burning from microwave exposure.  The FCC guidelines COMPLETELY IGNORE NON THERMAL BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS AS WELL. An important distinction to note is that guidelines are not safety standards. The FCC is not a health care agency. The FCC guidelines, in my opinion, are woefully inadequate and antiquated. They astonishingly allow for exposure limits in a classroom  high enough to be 1000 times the emissions of a cell tower.  Is the convenience really worth the risk? Let us begin with the basics and welcome aboard.


Look at all of the experts who agree with our position:

Ladies and gentlemen, what your children are facing is a potential public health disaster in the making. Make your voice heard. They are your children. Please take the time to watch the rest of these videos and get informed:

Did you as a parent consent to this? Do you know if this is what your children arleady are or  soon to be subjected to? Just say no!,72,44





WHAT’S IN A NUMBER? 2.4 GHZ-The most dangerous frequency-ideal for cooking food and running a chemical reaction. Just perfect for WiFi, wireless tablets and laptops and wireless classrooms. Why? Because the FCC DOESN’T REQUIRE A LICENSE AT THIS FREQUENCY!

They told us cigarettes were safe and thalidomide was good. The experts never seem to learn.  They are the gift that keeps on giving.  They continue to bequeath  us with drugs like  Epilim and Phen-Phen, things like cases of Diet Joke stacked to the ceilings in all the pharmacies and all of the other dangerous petrochemical poison that will land you on the pharmaceutical industry’s fly paper if you are not paying attention.  Folks, 20-20 hindsight and a quarter won’t even get you a cup of coffee today and that is why we cannot rely on it. When the damage is done, it is done. It is then too late.

2.45  GHz IS A MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC FREQUENCY. Do we have the making of an experiment on our hands? Do we have willing subjects?  Do we have a laboratory?  Do we have informed consent?  It appears that quite possibly, unbeknownst to many of us, that in my opinion, we do.  This particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum is commonly employed in laboratories and medicine.  It is used to move chemical reactions along, anneal, synthesize and polymerize compounds, and among other things, to destroy tissue.

Columbia University actually owns a patent for taking DNA that responds to the EMF and transferring  it to another piece of DNA, which can be turned on. It has been shown that this piece of DNA can be used as an electromagnetic trigger.  A trigger for what? With 75,000 miles of circulatory system in the incredible machine called the human body, there are a lot of variables.  Both the thermal and  non thermal EMF actions elicit responses in DNA and  DNA picks up all kinds of frequencies.  The nucleic structure of DNA is an incredible  fractal antenna on a molecular scale.  The six foot double helix molecule crammed into less than a one micron space is coiled and coiled and coiled many times over.  This DNA response to the EMF emissions’ phenomenon is observed at the very lowest power levels in the 2.45 GHz frequency range. Talk about reception and gain!

Fullerton’s classroom WiFi routers and the WiFi enabled wireless devices all utilize a pulsed  high frequency microwave emission at 2.45 GHz.  It just so happens that maximum dielectric loss of water molecules, the essence of life, begins at 2.45 GHz and it is taking place right in your child’s lap where the essence of your grandchildren will begin.

This is also the same frequency that your microwave oven operates on, however, with the WiFi, the data is sent in ‘packets’ or ‘pulses’ along the waves.

It is this ‘pulse’ and the resulting square waves that many scientists contend is one of several properties of this particular form of microwave radiation that is responsible for the mechanism for adverse health effects that are being reported in the scientific literature.

Although the intensity is supposedly perceived as ‘low’, wireless classroom levels can potentially be trillions of times above the natural background levels in that part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The resulting  high frequency pulsed square waves that these tablets and laptops emanate are a man made freak of nature, and are being emitted right in your child’s lap. Is this a coincidence or is it by design? Is this being foisted on an unsuspecting populace as part of a larger clandestine attempt to effect fertility? I believe that it is.

The current ISM standards were established in 1985 when this application of  the technology was unthinkable. They rolled WiFi out  in 1997 with NO SAFETY TESTING.  Even more compelling is that the  current ICNIRP guidelines are intended to protect in the very short term against gross heating effects-in other words “does it burn” from short term exposures.  In addition to the aforementioned, the long term non-thermal effects and the pulsed square waves are where the additional, in my opinion, far more serious concerns lie.  Studies have been undertaken at length confirming that non- thermal dangers are real. There are NO studies to date, that I am aware of,  on the safety of long term non-thermal dangers or biological effects associated with the exposures to the levels and intensity of high frequency pulsed non-ionizing microwave radiation in the wireless classroom settings- similar to what some of the Fullerton School District’s children are already being exposed to. There are only studies that show we are harming our children.

Will the Fullerton School District and its Board of Trustees allow the expansion of this technology to continue unabated,  in what I believe to be, the complete absence of concrete and conclusive evidence that this technology is safe in its proposed classroom setting applications?  REMEMBER, THESE DEVICES EMIT IN DIRECT PROXIMITY TO THE SENSITIVE DEVELOPING REPRODUCTIVE AREAS OF OUR CHILDREN -RIGHT IN THEIR LAPS. WOULD YOU PUT YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR LAP ALL DAY AND TALK ON IT?

I find it odd that the principal of my child’s school uses a hardwired device on their desk.  If it works in the office, why can it not work in the classroom?  I wonder why what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander?

I urge all of you to please take  the time to educate yourself and read up on the science which is I believe is  largely being ignored by the main stream media and the Fullerton School District.  The evidence for potential harm predates even many of us.

For those of you who need a PLAIN ENGLISH TRANSLATION-THEY ACT LIKE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS STUFF REALLY DOES TO THE KIDS-I for one don’t feel like sitting around for 10 years to find out and neither should you. I personally believe that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. In the meantime, the technology should be HARDWIRED in ALL of the classroom settings and that will eliminate the danger to our children.  Today’s kids already have the odds stacked against them.  Let’s not help the house on this one.  

HERE ARE  ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX  Reference Links to Peer-Reviewed Studies re RF Microwave Radiation  RIGHT HERE:,28,3376




l“EMF exposure during pregnancy… Read the rest of this entry »



Unlike ionizing radiation, microwaves cause molecules with electric dipoles (like water) to rotate in response to the field oscillation. The friction that this generates with the other molecules creates heat.  DNA is an electrically charged molecule, so microwaving it will shake it up. If it gets damaged by the shaking, then you’ve mutated it.  Structural isomerism is another result of microwave exposure and has deleterious effects in living systems.

There is also evidence that acentric fragmentation takes place via a non thermal mechanism which is known to produce deleterious effects in living systems as well.

Will the district look into the evidence supporting that the risks of RF technology are real? Will they allow themselves to become cognizant of the fact that there is a complete absence of research and long term studies on the safety of this technology’s proposed applications in the classroom setting? There is a total vacuum of empirical evidence in the scientific literature regarding the SAFETY of wireless classrooms and a virtual non-existence of studies replicating the proposed classroom setting’s duration of exposure to the developing young children and the intensity of the non-ionizing microwave emissions coming from these wireless devices that the children are being exposed to. There is, however, a plethora of studies that suggest exposure well below the FCC guidelines has deleterious affects.

Will the administration and trustees weigh in on whether or not the potential dangers to human health eclipse the convenience or will the expansion of the district’s wireless classrooms simply continue unabated? We will keep you posted as soon as we hear from them.

We at The Fullerton Informer will now move to agendize this topic at a subsequent board meeting so as to to enter the debate into the public record.

We welcome any comment from the district’s personnel or it’s Board of Trustees in the comments section of this blog to have a public discourse on this topic. May I respectfully remind everyone that the Fullerton School District and its employees have a duty and a responsibility to provide a SAFE learning environment, a SAFE working environment and, at the end of the day, they ultimately all work for US which includes the children, their parents and all the taxpayers. We all have a stake in this and we owe it to the children and the future generations for all of us to do our due diligence. None of us can afford to walk around with eyes wide shut on something that is simply glaring us in the face.



UTLA moves forward in the right direction. Here is an excerpt from the motion:

“I move that UTLA will abide by current National NEA Policy for Environmentally Safe Schools which states Read the rest of this entry »


THE BIOINITIATIVE REPORT:There are two sides to any debate. Could the school districts be wrong? You be the judge. After all they are YOUR children.

Was this information disseminated at the school’s technology meeting? Was there a discussion about the safety of our children?  I don’t believe it was mentioned. Why is there such a push to go wireless? Are textbooks really that dangerous?

Is this really a safe alternative to the printed word? Is there a safer alternative? Of course there is.  It is called the ethernet cable. There is just one problem however-TABLETS DON’T HAVE A PLUG! 

Find out for yourself here.  Section 18 is of particular interest considering these devices spend most of their time emitting right in our children’s laps.


Just say NO!

The informed consent can no longer be consent.



Put YOUR school on notice. It is your right.,72,44


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WE ARE NOT ALONE in our mission to warn and inform parents and educators about the potential dangers our children face with the advent of this technology.


The case builds for the only safe option-the hardwired connection. See for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.


LAUSD GOING WIRELESS to the tune of $500 million for 600,000 students to go 1:1 with wireless tablets-IS OUR OWN FULLERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT NEXT? WILL OUR KIDS BE THE CANARIES IN THE COAL MINE?

Will Fullerton’s students be next?  What will we know after a decade? Can we afford to take that chance? The tech giants are going forward with a full court press right onto our childrens’ laps. Will it lead our kids into more than just the optometrist’s office someday? Do we dare say no to this? I dare say that we do.


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