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Welcome to 1984 ladies and gentlemen. We really have been there for 30 years.The web of lies is in fact, so intricate that it requires almost 2 brains to navigate it. The screens are lying to us all and that is just the beginning. And you thought the smart TV replaced the idiot box. Would they sterilize all of you by DEPLOYING wireless infrastructure everywhere? Never.

Would they sterilize children by forcing them to be vaccinated with nano tech laden injections to enter school, force them to use wireless devices once they get inside the classroom and then get them addicted to them at home? Never.

Would they lie to us about anything? Never. Governments never turn on their own people. Keep letting the flicker rate manipulated screens turn your brains to mush as they get ready to hand the planet back over to the wolves. By the way, they forgot to tell you that you are not invited. And the band played on…..



I REPORT, YOU DECIDE. By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

C.O.I.N (Civic Openness in Negotiations) – Well a few of us tried valiantly to persuade two other Fullerton council members in addition to our consistent friend and advocate for the people, Council member Whitaker to reject the City of Fullerton’s sham version of labor negotiation reform. Diane Hickey and I presented a comparison between the two tales of “good” government. The real version known as the Costa Mesa version and than the cynical, phony, corrupt version hoisted upon us at council last night by Human Resources Director Gretchen Beatty with the blessings I suspect from her boss, City Manager, Joe Felz.  Read the rest of this entry »





That is a great question that will be asked someday soon unless we wake up to what is being done to our children. I IMPLORE all of you to please read this article in its entirety. This is vital information. This may be the most important article that you have ever read in your entire life.  Read the rest of this entry »



  • I REPORT, YOU DECIDE. By Barry Levinson


    This is my first opportunity to compare an excellent law, the CostaMesa Ordinance on Civic Openness in Negotiations (C.O.I.N.) vs. theFullerton Draft C.O.I.N Ordinance, which can be passed into law by a

    vote of our city council on Tuesday, June 17th 2014.


    Costa Mesa’s Civic Openness in Negotiations ordinance was

    designed to make public employee salary and benefit negotiations

    open and transparent to the public and to all members of the city

    council as well.

    First, the Costa Mesa ordinance makes it clear that “the city shall

    have prepared on its behalf, by an independent auditor, …. a

    study and supplemental data upon which the study is based,

    determining the fiscal impacts attributed to each term and condition of


    More importantly “the above report and findings of the independent

    auditor shall be completed and made available for review by the city

    council and the public at least thirty days before consideration by the

    city council of an initial meet and confer proposal to be presented

    to any recognized employee organization regarding negotiation

    of an amended, extended, successor, or original memorandum of


    Finally, “the above report shall be regularly updated by the

    independent auditor to itemize the costs and the funded and

    unfunded actuarial liability which would or may result form adoption or

    acceptance of each meet and confer proposal.”

    The draft Fullerton C.O.I.N. ordinance includes none of the above

    specific steps to ensure the public is being kept informed with

    accurate and timely data and information.


    What does our draft ordinance include? It includes the following:

    “Staff shall prepare an annual analysis of cost and liabilities related to

    each Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between a recognized

    employee association and the city of Fullerton …”. “The annual fiscal

    analysis shall be submitted to the City’s independent auditor during

    the course of the annual City financial audit.”

    Please notice ladies and gentlemen that this audit takes place

    annually, probably after the conclusion and the signing of the labor

    agreements. Learning of an error after a 3 or 5-year agreement has

    been signed, sealed and delivered is meaningless. How convenient

    for all city employees that City Manager Joe Felz and staff would

    rewrite this ordinance in this fashion. The auditing required under

    the Fullerton Draft Ordinance is a waste of money because it is not

    completed on a timely basis.

    Second, the Fullerton draft excludes the Report Format, which

    provides the framework and necessary detail to understand the

    impacts of various items in the proposals.

    Third, if the two items above do not derail the true purpose of

    C.O.I.N. then a simple majority of the council can do away with the

    requirement to have an independent negotiator. This part of the draft

    ordinance is ridiculous on its face. You take a cornerstone of the

    concept of C.O.I.N. and you make it optional with the vote of 3 out of

    5 members of the council. Section B.1 entitled Principal Negotiator,

    states “The requirement for an outside negotiator may be waived by a

    majority vote of City Council.”

    Fullerton city leaders have taken an open, fair and effective law for all

    parties and made it into a paper tiger.

    This is my first review of the Fullerton C.O.I.N. draft ordinance and

    you can see by the length of this critique that the two ordinances

    have far more differences than key points in common. In fact, I would

    be hard pressed to see any of the Costa Mesa key points being

    brought forward to our Fullerton ordinance. Based on all the above

    facts, it would not be far from the truth to state that our Fullerton

    ordinance literally guts the effectiveness of the Costa Mesa law.

    My recommendation is that we throw out this draft in its entirety. We

    start again with the Costa Mesa Ordinance as our draft ordinance as

    originally brought before this council some 7 months ago by Council

    member Whitaker. If any council members want to change any of

    the Costa Mesa requirements they should have documented valid

    reasons why their change would be for the better and each change

    should be voted on separately by our council.

    In my humble opinion, the Costa Mesa Civic Openness in

    Negotiations Ordinance is an excellent law. The only fault that some

    may find with it (certainly not me) is that it will actually accomplish its

    proclaimed purpose.—BARRY LEVINSON



Dr. Leif Salford on WiFi and wireless: how microwave emissions affect the blood brain barrier.

Are your children the canaries in the coal mine, or rats in a cage with 35 kids in a classroom being forcibly exposed to pulse modulated microwave radiation levels that are trillions of times the normal background levels from multiple industrial strength wireless access points with wireless devices in their laps all day 5 days a week 180 days a year for decades? You can shut the wireless off at home but not at school. Robert Pletka refuses to turn off the wireless systems.

I would listen to this neurosurgeon who has been in practice since 1967 long before any education doctor like the Fullerton School District superintendent Dr. Robert Pletka.


Robert Pletka has gone on record and states that the wireless classrooms are “… totally safe for the children..”



How about Greg Dhuyvetter who while runs all the Catholic Schools in The OC?  ALL of his schools are rolling ahead with wireless in spite of the warnings to him.


Does it not appear that he could very well be in love with the technology if not obsessed with it? Or how about this where he uses Jesus’ name in vain to gain bragging rights to the common core? Are you kidding me? . Is this his fantasy?


How about Petaluma school superintendent Steve Bolman who was refused to turn off the wireless systems in his district?


Why does it appear that he is ignoring the Petaluma based website  run by a local parent group?

It is a no brainer folks. The stuff needs to be turned OFF and taken out of the laps and hands of our children before it is too late.

images (14)

images (5)

Obama’s Connect Ed program, and Wheeler’s FCC are directly involved in what amounts to forcibly irradiating your children at school. This is a non-optional situation for your kids.


“John Krull, the information technology officer for the Oakland public school system, said the need for Wi-Fi upgrades cannot wait another year. “We pretty much need an access point in every classroom,” Mr. Krull said. “Just having a few access points spread around the school doesn’t cut it.”

I guess he hasn’t read this:

I would add that once these access points end up being deployed on the ceilings, their pulse modulated microwave emission equivalents-the wireless tablets and laptops-end up being deployed in their laps with, in this case, the antenna resting right on his zipper.




They will also be deployed near their heads,

images (3)

or even at home deployed right next to their siblings developing brains.

images (2)

May God help us ladies and gentlemen, may God help us.


Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes — another look

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I REPORT, YOU DECIDE.-by Barry Levinson

I attended the Fullerton Republican Women’s Federated meeting on May 28, 2014. The guest speaker was our Police Chief Dan Hughes. He gave an interesting if somewhat disjointed speech. He indicated that it was good for his department to acknowledge when they do not live up to the highest standards. Yet, he then referred to activists and complained that whatever the FPD actually does, these activists are going to complain about his department.

Dan, either you want legitimate criticism or you want to bitterly complain whenever a member of the public has a legitimate beef with the FPD. Your speech certainly sent out mixed messages much like that famous pair, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


He also handed out the 2013 FPD Annual Report, which he indicated was the first one published since way back in 1967.

In it I noted that for 2013, the FPD Supervisor of the Year was none other than Sergeant Kevin Craig, the highest-ranking officer present during the beating death of Kelly Thomas. Craig, you may recall, testified in late 2013 or January 2014 for the defense of Ramos and Cicinelli, claiming that none of the actions taken by any of his fellow officers, including himself that night were indeed against FPD policy. It seemed rather odd that even before the criminal trial had begun, Dan Hughes chose this man to be his star performer.


Why, Dan, did you fire Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe, when your Supervisor of the Year testified that they did nothing wrong? Your training officer, Corporal Rubio also testified that they did absolutely nothing wrong.

images (1)

I guess those officers were just walking by and Kelly Thomas just happened to repeatedly strike himself in the head, face, body, etc. and died. I guess Kelly Thomas asked Fullerton Police Officer, Jay Cincinelli if he could borrow his taser, so Kelly could inflict maximum damage to his own face. I guess it was just those 6 officers’ misfortune that they happened to be on their normal rounds when that terrible incident occurred.



One must accept the above scenario as the truth to be able to understand why not one of those 6 officers ever spent a night in jail. But those pesky activists — you know, the protestors — Dan Hughes will make darn sure that they spend some time behind bars. Because that is the fair-minded, not-politically-motivated police chief we are so lucky to have represent us in the most ethically run city in the state of California. Count your blessings, Fullertonians. The city of Bell has nothing over us. After all, they just stole money, not a life!



I forgot to tell all of you, that our police chief kept on repeating one point over and over again during his presentation. That point was that Dan Hughes just does not pay any attention to the politics within Fullerton. No, he just sends 6 police officers, including 2 supervisors as well as several police vehicles to Pasadena for half a day to arrest AJ for a misdemeanor failure to disperse.


I now have learned from Jean Thaxton’s public comments at last council meeting that Dan Hughes put together a police committee to review the tape of the Ramos, Cicinelli not guilty protest that took place on January 18, 2014. Based on that review, FPD filed that non-violent misdemeanor charge against peaceful protester and live streamer, AJ Redkey for failure to disperse (failure I guess to not disperse quickly enough for Dan Hughes because others have alleged that the same tape shows Mr. Redkey running from the protest area at the time the police asked the protestors to disperse). We all know that had to be the highest priority for our FPD that day. Clearly, if AJ Redkey was the most dangerous “suspect” that needed to be arrested that day 40 miles away in Pasadena, and you could afford to send 6 officers to make that arrest, then I would humbly point out that the FPD is greatly overstaffed!

download (1)

By the way, it is my understanding that the most common way, the easiest way and probably the cheapest way to make that arrest was to call the Pasadena Police Department and ask them to make that arrest. I guess that easy solution never crossed your mind, Chief Hughes. I guess the next question is why did that simple and easy solution never cross your mind? Or maybe it was personal to you Dan Hughes, like the game of political payback! Just like the reports that the FPD riot police who taunted those protestors who were arrested on January 18th, 2014 with saying the words Not Guilty over and over again! If true, it shows a great lack of maturity and professionalism by those officers.

But unfortunately for the good people of Fullerton, the alleged bad acts of one or more Fullerton police officers do not end there. In fact, it was reported that those 10 arrested protestors complained that their very lives were threatened by at least one Fullerton police officer who was transporting them to jail. These protestors complained that they were threatened that when they arrived at the Orange County jail all their faces (including both men and women) will be smashed in by 12 waiting OC Sheriff Deputies. Yet when Dan Hughes was asked whether he had reviewed the DAR’s (Digital Audio Recorder’s) of those officers to investigate those extremely serious charges, our open and honest police chief remained totally silent.

PS: It is now over a month and counting when I first asked Dan Hughes to tell me the name of the Officer who replaced Reserve Officer Bill Wallis performing the very important role of monitoring and enforcing Fullerton’s Sex Offender population. I am becoming suspicious that Dan has not and maybe does not want to hire a replacement for Bill Wallis. That would certainly have the same or greater chilling effect as repealing our Ordinance No. 3149. No manpower, no enforcement, no protection for both our children and our women from dangerous sexual predators.

images (2)

Barry Levinson



I REPORT, YOU DECIDE-by Barry Levinson.



I want to thank all the good people from all over California who graced our city with their presence last night at our Fullerton city council meeting. They really showed everyone there that the truth will win out over the public relations machine known as our current FPD.

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One of the speakers asked Dan Hughes to produce the DAR’s (Digital Audio Recordings) of those officers who arrested the protesters the day of January 18th, 2014 which will allegedly verify that one or more officers taunted the arrestees, with the chant, Not Guilty, Not Guilty with a broad smile. One or more of the officers then allegedly stated that when the protesters are handed over to the sheriff deputies, that they will have their faces beaten in.

Well I now demand that Dan Hughes hand over these DAR’s to prove whether or not those accounts made by I believe all those that were arrested are indeed the truth.

The clock is ticking Dan Hughes and we expect that information to be presented immediately. After all you always tell us that the new FPD is open and transparent and therefore, should have absolutely nothing to hide from the public.

images (19)

One more thing Dan Hughes. What is the more serious crime? A non-violent failure to disperse or a specific threat to 10 people in Fullerton Police custody that their faces will be beaten in by OC sheriffs. Sounds a lot like the threat that Ramos made

images (21)


against Kelly Thomas on July 5, 2011. images (20)

Since these terrible allegations against the police were reported extensively right after the arrests on January 18, 2014, why did you not have the answer to that question last night?

Barry Levinson




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Barry Levinson


There are many people who are upset about the FPD sending 6 police officers and several vehicles all the way up to Pasadena for a half day just to arrest AJ Redkey on a misdemeanor warrant, for failure to disperse during the January 18th protest over the not guilty verdicts of Ramos and Cincinelli. On June 3rd you will have the opportunity to speak before our city council. This issue is on the agenda as Item No. 9 under Regular Business. It will be very interesting if our Police Chief responds to questions from our council members if not from the public.

FPD chief Dan Hughes

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Every time I think of that arrest the only two words that make any sense are; political payback! Unless, AJ is a violent felon (and based on all newspaper reports this is not the case), the FPD’s actions are indefensible. Please note that all 5 people streaming (broadcasting) over the internet during the Kelly Thomas not guilty verdict protest on January 18th, 2014 were arrested by the FPD. Coincidence or payback! Remember it was reported that those that were arrested that day while in the police van were heckled by the FPD’s finest with the chant….Not Guilty, Not Guilty! If true just another example of the total lack of professionalism of some of our men and women in blue. I believe that story because I personally know a woman who was not allowed to use a bathroom that day within FPD headquarters after 2 police officers asked her if she was a protester. She said she was peacefully protesting and they told her to take a hike. This woman had major surgery a few days prior and any fool could see that medically she was not doing well. I happened to talk with her right after this alleged innocent and I believe her story 100%. But I guess it was not those 2 officers day to serve and protect the public. 

images (23)

Dan you must be so proud of those 2 officers for refusing a sick woman the “privilege” to use our taxpayer funded FPD bathroom as well as those officers in full riot gear taunting those arrested protesters. A reasonable person would begin to notice a pattern of harassment, by taunting some of the citizens they come into contact with. We all witnessed for ourselves the taunting of Kelly Thomas by Officer Ramos on July 5th, 2011. Instead of police training Dan, how about sending those officers to a class with “Miss Manners”? How about a civics class that teaches your officers the meaning of the words, public servants?

download (10)

Dan I know a half days pay for 6 highly paid FPD officers for a misdemeanor arrest warrant for an activity that occurred 4 months prior, may not seem like a lot of money to you since you make almost $200K a year plus another over $100K in benefits. However, it makes us taxpayers feel like we had our pockets picked by the FPD.

images (24)

piece of cake

The other words that I cannot get out of my head are these; 2013 FPD Supervisor of the Year, Sergeant Kevin Craig! You know him as the highest-ranking officer participating in the KT beating death. He testified for the defense that he saw no violations of any FPD policy or procedures the night of July 5th, 2011. He came on the scene and witnessed 4 officers literally beating the life out of a 135 pound unarmed shirtless man with enough of Kelly’s blood all around to make an ER doctor sick. Yet he apparently did nothing to stop this totally unnecessary and senseless beating.

images (25)

Question to Dan Hughes. Since your award winning Sergeant Craig and your FPD training officer testified under oath, that all officers conducted themselves within prescribed FPD policies and procedures, why sir did you fire Ramos, Cincinelli and Wolfe? Either they did something terribly wrong that night or they did not. You cannot continue to have it both ways. You cannot continue to state that you took care of the problem while you never have admitted any bad acts by those 6 men!

images (26)

We also know based on the testimony of a Fullerton fireman that Sergeant Craig nor any of the other 5 involved officers directed paramedics to help Kelly Thomas to give him the much needed immediate medical attention he desperately needed that night.

images (27)

In Dan Hughes reformed FPD, Sgt. Craig deserves an award!
In my world, Sgt. Craig and those like him would never wear a police officer’s badge.
Well if you were not there in person or watching on the TV or internet, you need to go the the City of Fullerton website under Departments, City Clerk and hit Agendas to pull up yesterday’s video. It was one of the few meetings where the people of Fullerton got a rare true glimpse of city leadership. Go to Public Comments first and then go to Item 9 and listen to the people speak again. Listen to your Police Chief, Dan Hughes and your Mayor, Doug Chaffee speak. It is very educational.
Decide for yourself who were the truth seekers and who wanted to deceive the public. Look at who behaved like adults and who screamed like spoiled children. By the way it was your Fullerton Police Chief, Dan Hughes who yelled out of turn the word “liar” to me, interrupting my few precious minutes our city gives its citizens to voice their concerns. Didi anyone notice that our police chief was not so cordial and easy going last night. I think we witnessed another side of Dan, another real side of Dan. We now know him much better after last night. The real Dan confronted by the truth by so many of us, cracked under the strain of having to listen to the people for a change. He was not supposed to interrupt,(but he did anyway), while the people got a rare opportunity thanks to Council member Whitaker, to speak their minds about how our police too often abuse their power and authority.Samara already knew the real Dan Hughes as he once yelled at her for no good reason during a break at a former Fullerton Council meeting a few years ago. By the way everyone in that chamber heard the despicable way Samara was treated by our Police Chief that night. We got another good look at the real Dan Hughes last night as well.It is interesting to note that this all took place on Election Day. But do not worry we have another election day coming up in a short 5 months and guess who can be shown the door to the front of the City Hall, right past his self-proclaimed VIP parking place, our own not so sweet, not so kind and not so gentle Mayor Chaffee. People we must ensure that Mayor Chaffee no longer has the honor that he squanders at every council meeting to represent the people of Fullerton. Get him out of here.Did you hear Fitzgerald, Flory and Chaffee suck up to our Police Chief last night. They could care less that AJ Redkey was singled out for political payback. Not a problem, because they like the status quo. They represent their own interests and not the interests of the people.

I ask everyone who reads this message to go out and tell at least 10 or your friends to watch the video of our meeting last night. Watch the video of the May 20th meeting concerning the Assessment of the Sex Offender Ordinance and see how rude and disrespectful our Mayor can be. We have work to do and we must start right now! 




The FCC allows for 100 MILLION more times the microwave exposure than The Austrian Medical Association recommends.

RF Radiation Regulations

It is truly a tale of two cities. Yes indeed folks, yes indeed and oceans apart. The Fullerton School District’s Board of Trustees, administrators, principals, teachers, staff and even most of the PTA groups and Foundations are all aware of what we are attempting to stop which is what we believe to be the extremely dangerous forced irradiation of our school children with pulse modulated high frequency microwave emissions to run these totally unnecessary wireless classrooms. My son, who is not using a microwave transmitter at this time as participation is OPTIONAL if you were not aware, tells me it seems like game day every day. All this just so the kids can play games on their Ipads? He finishes with pencil and paper far ahead of his classmates on problems and assignments. He said the other kids get to play games on their Ipads often and everyday. That is certainly what is going on at the Morningside afterschool day care since WiFi was installed recently as well at the behest of the parents ostensibly so the children can do their homework on the Ipads. Ask the staff. It is game day everyday over there now thanks to Mr. Pletka. His agenda has spilled over into the infant care centers now.

Well there was a time when my wife and I would walk in to the day care facility and see all the kids at the tables with their pencils in hand and their noses in their books doing their homework. Well at least the director has partially followed my advice by shutting off the WiFi until the kids get there in the afternoon sparing the infants, preschoolers and the kindergarten late birds the needless and dangerous RF exposure. Oh I forgot, it is all about the common core. You know even as of today, 6 months into this thing, still not one single solitary servile FSD employee has had the courage or decency to break rank and stand up for these kids. It is amazing what a paltry paycheck and a few bucks will do to peoples’ consciences. Ignoring thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that show harmful effects and sicking an unqualified attack dog on us to obfuscate the issue is not what the children deserve.

So what gives with the folks across the Atlantic deeming 100 MILLION times less microwave radiation exposure as being the upper limit on safe exposure? What do they know that we don’t? Why are their Autism rates one third of the US? How could there be a 100,000,000 variation? THAT IS TOTALLY INSANE.

It can only amount to one of several possibilities. The first is that they know something that we don’t. It is also possible that our government knows something that they know but don’t want us to know, or lastly no one knows anything and they pulled the 10 to 8th power odds off of the back of a powerball ticket. Somewhere in the middle is the Bio Initiative report that the wireless industry and the academia bobble heads pick apart with their RF industry sharpened Pinocchio schnozes. Those folks are a bit more liberal than those from that far land across the sea at the center of culture and wealth at a recommendation of 30,000 times less exposure. Who are these folks? They are scientists. Who are folks at the Austrian Medical Association? They are doctors who happen to live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Who are the folks at the FCC? Well it is simply a regulatory agency. It is not a public health agency. They don’t have one single medical doctor on its entire payroll. So what do they give us? They give us EXPOSURE GUIDELINES 100 million times higher than the Austrians and to add insult to injury, they get themselves off the hook because the guidelines are NOT SAFETY STANDARDS.

How can something so important, be given to chance? How do we have people with Ed.D’s who demand to be called docktahs, people with MBA’s, and risk managers looking the other way while these disparities are glaring them in the face with me at the microphone every two weeks and me passing out fliers in the parking lots every chance they provide me a captive audience making crucial health decisions for 15,000 school children. These folks have appeared to demonstrate that they themselves don’t even understand these numbers by allowing the THE FSD’s RF report and press release to stand with what I believe to be preposterous readings and false and misleading statements of total safety. They just follow orders. If it is legal and the order comes down, they simply flip the switch. We are not getting what we pay for but we are certainly getting what we deserve if no one dares to speak up for these kids.

I firmly believe that these wildly varying numbers clearly show that the meaning of the FSD’s very own superintendent Robert Pletka’s claim that this is “totally safe for the children” is merely based on what I believe to be his extremely limited understanding of the issue, and a mere subjective interpretation of the facts. Ladies and gentlemen, that is simply a chance that none of us should be willing to take with our most valuable assets who happen to be our own children.


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