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Was this just another failed attempt to set up Barry Levinson?

Bruce Whitaker shamefully and cowardly removed Barry Levinson from his long term position on the Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commission without any formal written notice and without any reason given.  Bruce has shown his hand and I believe Dan Hughes once again has too. Was Bruce in on this possible set up of Levinson gone bad with the FPD? Who knows but one thing is for sure, the way Bruce Whitaker handled this issue certainly provided an opportunity for a game of FPD “gotcha” that almost played out when no one was looking on a Monday night while everyone was home watching the ball game.


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Larry continues to dig a deeper and deeper hole for himself with his arrogant and contemptuous comments toward the good citizens of Fullerton. He in particular called out the online site called NextDoor, which is a site dedicated to connecting people in the same or adjoining neighborhoods.

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Another high density project passed by the sellouts on the planning commission

Yes another 1000 people are going to be crammed right on top of the old chevy dealer.

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The insubordination of establishment operative Kevin Pendergraft

We all know that Bruce Whitaker’s planning commissioner appointee Kevin Pendergraft endorsed Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2012.

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Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax according to Time Magazine


Well that is a gargantuan statement that Time has made. I believe that it is a relative assertion. In terms of educational outcomes, yes screens in school are a 60 billion dollar hoax.

In terms of a eugenics agenda, it is a massive 60 billion dollar success. Once again thanks to Time magazine for putting the truth out with a twist of lime and a shot of mezcal,  and yes a special thanks to all of you who have sat back, gone along with rubber stamping this fraud in education while ignoring all the warnings about what all this technology was designed to do from day one-to sterilize the children

Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast –





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Is Matt Leslie an Agenda 21 denying, Population reduction supporter and radical environmentalist?

Meet Matt Leslie who wants you to stop having children and leave the earth to the animals, taking us back to the time of the Dinosaurs before people were here.


He is a card carrying Green Party big wheel in Fullerton.

Matt, along with his sidekick, card carrying Green Party member Jane Rands, have some very interesting things to say or not to say about Joe Imbriano and our community.

 Matthew Leslie “They aren’t everyone’s dream (single family homes)…, but I do enjoy mine (no BBQ). I think there should be a place for apartments, rental or not, but if people really have a problem with this much building, I suggest that we decide what makes a livable, healthy community. Also, stop having children.”

 Matt Leslie:  Who is “we” that should decide a “livable, healthy community”?  Is that you and is your definition of this to limit or deny people the right to have children?  Or, do you think that elected officials have the right to make these decisions for people, based on their personal definition of “livable” and “healthy”?  First of all, you have taken a position that points to children as being a problem.  Really?  On what basis do you assert this conclusion to “stop having children”?
Per the WSJ, citing The National Center for Health Statistics:  “The general fertility rate fell in 2015 to tie the lowest level on record. Fertility, defined as the number of live births per 1,000 women ages 15-44, has never been lower than the rate recorded last year and in 2013.

Clearly, the facts and stats do not support your assertions, which begs the question on why you are identifying children as a problem.  Many understand the U.N. document, Agenda 21, to require a 95% reduction in global population.  Do you agree with reducing the world population by 95%, Matt?

Before you point to children as the problem and tell people to stop having children, perhaps you should understand the facts and history.  Above all, you should have respect for the reproductive rights of others.

You are, plainly, anti-children and that is your prerogative.  Imposing your personal choice on others by telling them to “stop having children” is totalitarian and denying others their rights.  No one has this right.

Matt likes to make a mockery out of my articles exposing the facts that moon landings were totally faked and that the shape of the earth is not some spinning ball that the water never flies off of. He likes to make fun of what the school districts are doing to the children with wireless radiation while his sidekick just sits back, ignores it all, pokes fun at it, denies it all and sits back lets it all happen while she focuses on bike lanes and the cactus in Coyote Hills. Matt also likes to make fun of my articles on the other facets of Agenda 21 like Geoengineering and forced vaccinations. Matt is an Agenda 21 and eugenics denier as well. Perhaps that is because he supports eugenics and population reduction policies like the Green political party he shills for in Fullerton does.


Fullerton’s Greenest of the Greenies Matt Leslie


Matthew Leslie I don’t understand why someone needs to cite a global conspiracy to explain developers making money.”

I believe the dark underbelly of this team of leftist radical environmentalists needs to be exposed . The issues I have raised such as the geoengineered drought, the proliferation of microwave systems and wireless infrastructure sitings are well within the purview of the City Council and in terms of public health and welfare, are very significant. Matt and Jane have remained silent for years on these issues and have reared their heads lately making fun of these issues. Leaders lead and don’t just carry their little safe political football issues. Obviously, these are not leaders folks.

Unfortunately, their green solutions comprise ignoring the plight of the children while expanding government and increasing taxes. The truth of the matter is, Matt Leslie and Jane Rands would be willing to give the government unlimited power as long as the government gives them what they want and is run by a bunch of left-wing environmental loonies. They want their version of socialism, you know the one that works for them.

The greenies are only upset with government if it is not following the policies that they want, but could care less about protecting individual freedoms, They put the misdiagnosed health of the planet on top of the rights of people. they put their ideology, radical environmentalism, and their type socialism in front of the individuals’ rights or freedoms. That is what the greenies are really all about.

For years Matt has mocked the undeniable fact that microwaves are harmful. His partner in Green, Jane Rands, a repeat contender for The Fullerton City Council has COMPLETELY ignored this and other serious issues while refusing to respond to multiple pieces of correspondence she had been sent relating to the issues of wireless infrastructure sitings as well as the other disasters taking place in the environment, like geo engineering and the microwaving of children and wildlife. Jane has been so dedicated to peripheral municipal issues over the years and yet drives her car right past the biggest and most serious issues of our time. This is inexcusable, in my opinion. She is no different than the rest of the corrupt politicians running our city.

What is more deplorable for both of them is that they keep trying to make fun of these issues that we are exposing. Matt and Jane continue, along with the rest of Fullerton’s phony establishment sycophant denier’s club in town, to keep trying desperately try to pigeon hole me into a conspiracy theorist while the children along with the rest of our community undeniably remain in harm’s way.

Jane Rands and Matt Leslie have been in attendance at countless meetings where scientific studies and evidence have been presented and entered into the public record right in front of them by myself and others, including research concluding wireless microwave radiation in the schools is part of a sterilization agenda and that cell towers cause cancer. Jane will not be running for office again for a long time as the fifth time at failure would probably be the last. Maybe she and Matt will finally listen to the voters. But will they listed to the evidence or the truth? Perhaps their worldview is incompatible with ours? You know the kind that likes to get married and have a family?

Jane’s direct connection to the Fullerton Observer even further implicates her in this disaster as they too have a hand in covering up these agendas aimed at humanity like geoengineering, disarming all of us,  forced wireless exposure, water fluoridation, and forced vaccinations.

Now I believe it becomes evidently clear why Matt Leslie and Jane Rands have, for years and years, totally ignored these and other issues facing our community including the dire situation of the Fullerton school children with respect to the forced classroom microwave exposure, the autism connection and the agenda to reduce the population as evidenced by my articles on the subject.

It is no secret that Matt Leslie is the Fullerton contact for the Green Party.

Well, here are truths on the Green Party that members in good standing, Mr. Leslie and Ms. Rands, apparently both hold to be self evident.

The origins of the Green Party are steeped deeply in Eugenics and Euthanasia. The Green Party’s origins lie with the document ‘Blue Print for Survival‘; signatory (among others) Julian Huxley, eugenicist (selective human breeding), member of the British Eugenics Society, Fellow of the Royal Society.

The Blueprint was signed by over thirty of the leading scientists of the day—including Sir Julian Huxley, Sir Frank Fraser Darling, Sir Peter Medawar, and Sir Peter Scott

The Green Party was originally formed as PEOPLE, or the Ecology Party, in Coventry in 1973, with the first edition of Manifesto for a Sustainable Society as the party’s statement of philosophy and policies. This document was inspired by Blueprint for Survival, published by The Ecologist (then edited by Edward Goldsmith). The party changed its name to become the Green Party in the 1980s

Julian Huxley and euthanasia:
….on this pro-euthanasia board was: Sidney Goldstein who sat on the American Birth Control League’s National Council and later was on Planned Parenthood’s Board of Directors. Another member was Frank H. Hankins who was a managing editor for Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger’s newsletter called the Birth Control Review. Hankins was also an American Eugenics Society member. Another more famous name who was sat on the advisory board of this pro-euthanasia panel, was Julian Huxley, who was a later recipient of a Planned Parenthood award.

Aldous Huxley (who wrote ‘Brave New World’ and brother of Julian Huxley) is linked to the ‘teens and toddlers sustainability replication programme’ (eugenics education programme) now in UK schools.

Julian Huxley and Prince Philip have both been with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched at the Royal Society for the Arts (and hence of the John Adam St Gang also known as the Committee of 300, or the Olympians

The Green Party and Euthanasia
The Green Party in Tasmania has twice tried to legislate for voluntary euthanasia.
Nick McKim is leader of the Tasmanian Greens Party, the world’s first Green party…..Nick was also the first member of any Australian parliament to introduce marriage equality legislation to Parliament, and has twice attempted to legislate for voluntary euthanasia. [11]

Greens Leader Bob Brown says he will again try to overturn a ban that prevents the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory passing laws allowing euthanasia.

The Victorian Green Party is now looking for the law reform commission to legislate for euthanasia (April 2015)
A Greens bid to get Victoria’s Law Reform Commission to examine euthanasia has been delayed. Party leaders in the state’s upper house agreed to not vote on the motion after it looked like it would fail. But the Greens say a vote will be held in May on whether the commission should report on euthanasia laws.
New Zealand Herald: Beware the policy of the dangerous Greens ‘the Green Party in Germany has similar policies’ (December 2011)

The Green Party in Canada tables resolution on euthanasia, March 2009 [15]

Previous legislation in the Northern Territory regarding euthanasia laws:

The Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 (NT) was a controversial law legalising euthanasia, passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory of Australia in 1995, but effectively nullified in 1997 by the Federal Parliament. Dr Philip Nitschke, the first doctor in the world to administer legal, voluntary euthanasia, founded Exit International in response to the overturning of the Act.
While voluntary euthanasia had previously been condoned officially in the Netherlands and the US state of Oregon, the act was the first time that a legislative assembly passed a law explicitly legalising euthanasia.

The leader of the Green Party in Canada, Elizabeth May, has called for population reduction.


Jane and Matt are both card carrying green party members who categorically deny the dangers of microwave radiation posed to our children in our schools. Both Matt and Jane are also GEO ENGINEERING deniers as well. Now Matt comes forward with his telling position about how people need to stop having children.

Since when is it up to Matt to decide if there too many children? Should the government control the number of children people have?

Has Matt ever flown across the United States are realized that 95 percent of the US is rural open space and that we will never run out of land?

Fullerton does not need Agenda 21 denying, population reduction pushing radical left wing environmentalists on its Council unless of course, you agree with them.

I certainly cannot come to terms with such a truly dangerous ideology.



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The names were changed to protect the innocent

Can we hope this will be the headline on November 9th?

How long will we be putting up with these absolutely worthless empty suits on the council?

Let’s be real folks. 

Jennifer Fitzgerald’s campaign sign should read


Jennifer Fitzgerald’s campaign sign should read


Jennifer Fitzgerald’s campaign sign should read


Jennifer Fitzgerald’s campaign sign should read


Bruce Whitaker’s campaign sign should read 


Bruce Whitaker’s campaign sign should read 


Bruce Whitaker’s campaign sign should read 


Bruce Whitaker’s campaign sign should read 


Larry Bennett’s campaign sign should read 




Larry Bennett’s campaign sign should read 

images (36)

Larry Bennett’s campaign sign should read 


Larry Bennett’s campaign sign should read



So here I am bringing up the biggest issues facing Fullerton, The DCCSP that is still alive and well along with SCAG, The SCAG operative on the planning commission, our roads, and The College Town plan. Watch about 5 minutes after I speak and watch all five of these tools including Fitzgerald and Whitaker ignore everything I said. They do it every time. That is par for the course ladies and gentlemen. The only way to save our city is to clean house and that means all of them need to go. After repeated requests for years to agendize and address the real issues, they just ignore it all, plaster their signs all over town, accept the developer and union money and run one trick ponies as side jobs to keep the coast clear for themselves. Look around folks. They have accomplished nothing in the last four years accept more of the same decline of our community.

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S.C.A.G. IS A GIANT UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 MASSIVE HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT WRECKING BALL. SCAG uses false population growth estimates to ram massive high density housing into places it has no business going and get out us out of cars and onto their various forms of conveyer belts. YES THIS WRECKING BALL IS BEING ROLLED AROUND AND SWUNG BACK AND FORTH IN FULLERTON. You just may be surprised who is letting it. It sure ain’t Joe Imbriano!

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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

There is a pattern of deceit/gamesmanship going on within our Fullerton City Council.  On September 20th, 2016 it was in full view. There was a disagreement between Whitaker and Fitzgerald about answering a few questions from the public as well as the absence of the grant application as part of the supporting documentation for two agenda items. So the argument went like this.


If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing. 

Whitaker commented that the public’s questions needed to be addressed prior to the agenda vote.  Whitaker’s comments annoyed Fitzgerald.  (She frequently gets annoyed when she feels, rightly or wrongly that she is being questioned or second-guessed.  After all, anyone who attempts to legislate the removal of polite clapping has some obvious control issues.)  Whitaker says he is for getting the grant money but will not be voting for it because of the absence of the grant application to review.  Flory reads some of the documentation to suggest that the grant application is not needed at this time but will be produced later.  She insists this is normal and the back and forth goes on and on.  It was great theatre but little else since the agenda item passed easily and nothing was resolved for the future.

unnamed (2)

In politics… never retreat, never retract… never admit a mistake. 

However, in the middle of all this back and forth, the public learned a key point of information.  Namely, that if the council did not approve these two grant applications that night, the city would lose the opportunity for these grant monies for at least a year or maybe even forever.  Once this was learned the solution to all the issues being raised by Bruce Whitaker were solvable in the future.  If I were Bruce Whitaker or any of the other 4 council members, I would have made a motion that all future agenda items that have a date certain necessary for its approval, must come before the council at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to the deadline.   This would allow staff to provide any and all documentation necessary to answer all questions at the next council meeting prior to the deadline if necessary. Whitaker did not consider this simple and very straightforward solution.


Fullerton’s dream team

Why not?  He is a very bright man.  Every council member had the opportunity to actually accomplish a permanent change in process that would have benefited the public’s right to know and ensure that all council members had all the information necessary to make an informed decision prior to their votes.  Yet when push came to shove, not one of our council members had the integrity or the courage to make a motion to do the right thing, the honest thing and the transparent thing.   Bruce Whitaker was once again all talk and no action.    He huffs and he puffs but instead of blowing the political corruption house down, he allows it to continue, to actually flourish in full force after throwing some political phony crumbs to his supporters.


Nice gig huh?


The result of this back and forth accomplished absolutely nothing.  The same problems as discussed will be repeated again and again in the future for all ignored the real solution.  However, Fullertonians it was good political theatre.  For I am certain Whitaker will now claim he was looking out for the people of Fullerton.   But my question is simply…. was he really?


Just you and I, just you and I …..

He had a golden opportunity to make a difference and all he did was object to the process while ignoring the solution staring him and all the others in the face.  He could have accomplished much more than the political points he made in an election season.  Once more, it proves that all on that dais including Bruce Whitaker are self-centered politicians, only looking out for Number 1 and that is certainly not you and I.


Gamesmanship is alive and thriving in the Fullerton City Council.


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When it is really all about them

For years I have been fighting for our children on a wide array of fronts ladies and gentlemen. Many of you have seen me out on the sidewalks in front of the schools with banners and fliers

joe acacia

troy joe 5

warning of the dangers of classroom forced microwave exposures. Many of the school staff have seen me in and out of the principals’ offices, many of you have seen me in the front of the school boards and in front of the city council telling it like it is.


Why do I do what I do? It is for the future, our future, their future which is all of our future and all of our responsibility. Everyone can make a difference, and with your help, we can change the world, one community at a time. It is high time for the people of Fullerton to realize that the rigged game run by the corrupt well connected establishment will forever more be vehemently opposed and challenged by myself and those who will walk alongside and behind me. To do anything less knowing full well what we know about the truth of our current demise is simply criminal ladies and gentlemen.


I want you to look into this young lady’s eyes named Lexy Ayala and tell me the joy, the hope and the dreams of the future have any business being stolen by a corrupt power structure that has so entrenched itself in our city government and school districts halls of power. Yes they have collectively turned their backs on the most vulnerable among us, the children. As they squander our futures and rob the reproductive rights from our children,


Join me as I work along side of those whose voices have yet to be heard, to take Fullerton back and make it back into what it should be-OUR COMMUNITY run by good, honest people who get their orders from you, not from the developers, the public employee unions, the phony bought and paid for establishment political hacks, the likes of Ed Royce and all of his henchmen and women, and those same names that keep appearing on the campaign signs year after year that have all turned their backs on this community, and especially, its children. It is all a big fraud ladies and gentlemen.

The facts are the facts and the fact is, all of our leaders on the Council and The school boards have collectively turned their backs on these children when it comes to the abominable common core curriculum and the dangerously unnecessary forced microwave classroom wireless radiation exposure.

Look around and remember that, for decades, this locked down cabal and its lackeys have collectively run this place into the ground on your dime while they wrap themselves in the flag and have all of you coming back for more every four years.

Remember what matters most this November and I would be truly honored to have your vote so we can finally be part of the long overdue solution.



Joe Imbriano for Fullerton City Council

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Official Bad Acts By Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald Should No Longer Be Ignored By The Fullerton Public

Official Bad Acts By Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald Should No Longer Be Ignored By The Fullerton Public. (Why are so many of the main issues and solutions ignored by all council members; Bruce Whitaker, Greg Sebourn, Doug Chaffee, Jan Flory and of course our Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald?)  By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


September 20th, 2016, there was another eventful meeting of the Fullerton City Council. Once again Mayor Fitzgerald exhibited behavior that proves she is unfit to represent us. She lost her cool simply because another council member rightly asked that the questions and concerns about a grant application for funds to buy open land in West Coyote Hills be answered by city staff.


Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Mayor Fitzgerald obviously would be much more comfortable in a non-democratic venue where she was never held to account at official government meetings. The public mentioned twice that the language on the Fullerton City Council Agenda states that it wants the public to participate in the decision making of city business and welcomes questions from that same public. Yet Mayor Fitzgerald when asked if any of those public questions would be responded to got upset and angry.

Jennifer-Fitzgerald (1)

Let us review the behavior of Mayor Fitzgerald in the last few months as follows:


First she states that she along with unelected City Manager Joe Felz felt the need to fix the rules of behavior by the public at city council meeting with her new rules of civility to include giving the city the right to remove anyone from the council chambers for the “heinous crime” of “polite clapping”.


Then she states more than once that there was no truth that the city was in favor of putting up apartments in the shopping center currently inhabited by Polly’s Pies. Yet at a recent previous Planning Committee meeting the city proposed and recommended a Revised DCCSP plan that including expanding the zoning for 6 retail/commercial properties including the one where Polly’s Pies is located to allow for mixed-use development.  Mixed-use development means putting small retail shops on a ground floor of a multi-story apartment or condo development. This would have given the current landowner the right without any future city zoning approval to add hundreds of apartments and remove most if not all of the current retail shops.

Beloved Polly’s Pies could still close to make way for massive highrise Section 8 housing project

Finally, she gets angry because she is asked to actually respond herself or have a city staff member respond to legitimate questions by the public.



It is clear from the statements above, that Mayor Fitzgerald has problems with the following:


The public’s right to know,

The public’s right to participate,

The public’s right to politely clap and

The public’s right to know when the city is trying to make it easier for large-scale high-rise development by way of a zoning change for six major retail/commercial properties.


In conclusion, Mayor Fitzgerald showed a lack of interest in participatory democracy.


P.S.  It is so sad that once again the disagreements between Whitaker and Fitzgerald missed the most important points.  Namely,that the 4 to 5 million dollars of on-gong net revenue loss over a 20 year period (starting in 2010) related to agreements covering the Fullerton Golf Course, which I disclosed in writing in detail to the entire council in the beginning of the year has been buried by them.  It was buried without the Mayor or the person who appointed me, Council member Whitaker asking me one single solitary question on this extremely important issue.   I am a trained auditor with over 25 years auditing experience with


It was buried without the Mayor or the person who appointed me, Council member Whitaker asking me one single solitary question on this extremely important issue.   I am a trained auditor with over 25 years auditing experience with a MBA with Honors from Boston University.  But Bruce is very good at bringing up relatively smaller points with the help of certain of his supporters and then losing 4 to 1.


Bruce playing ball with uncle Joe

He spoke out because the grant application was not part of the package of information. But the real problem, which would make a difference going forward, he ignored. That was the fact that both grant application items needed to be approved last night or so the city said, or the grant deadline would be missed. What needed to be said by Whitaker or anyone else is the following: Why do you bring us agenda items at the very last minute?


Happy days are here again… for some

They should always be brought to the city council at least three weeks before any deadlines. This would allow for the ability to get more information and then bring it back for a vote at the next council meeting.

seaborne-royce-plant chaffee

But the  city I believe does this purposely, to not allow for such additional scrutiny. Just another example that proves how very corrupt is the Fullerton City Government.  I have to assume that all members of the city council are fine with these items being on the agenda at the 11th hour because they all knew the facts as disclosed at the council meeting but refused to address this very real problem.

unnamed (2)images


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The DCCSP, College Town, and other schemes are alive and well ladies and gentlemen.

The DCCSP, College Town, and other schemes are alive and well ladies and gentlemen. They are just on ice for now and in some cases, one vote away from adding 100,000 people to this town. Fullerton is an Agenda 21 city with a Curt Pringle lobbyist named Jennifer Fitzgerald developer operative running around masquerading as our Mayor ladies and gentlemen. Wake the heck up people. Fitzgerald needs to go along with all the establishment hacks like Royce, Nelson, Bennett and Whitaker that put her there and give her pass after pass because they all have their hands in on all of this Kabuki theater on the council that is destroying Fullerton.


Phony politicians make the strangest of bedfellows

Rocye’s endorsing Larry Bennett in Fullerton is totally unforgiveable and beyond inexcusable considering Mr. Bennett’s involvement in running the anti-recall program protecting the three bald tires that turned Fullerton into a pot hole pit awash in liquor and cheeseburgers.


Royce’s endorsing Jennifer Fitzgerald in Fullerton smacks of Cronyism on steroids given the fact that she became The VP of Curt Pringle and Associates right after Royce, Nelson and Bushala walked her right into office poised to turn Fullerton into a gestapo run gridlocked version of Manhattan blended with the Bronx.


Jennifer-Fitzgerald (1)

Biola’s tasmanian devil

The final hook is the proverbial political swinger Bruce Whitaker


Looks like Royce or Nelson played Bruce by making him fire Barry Levinson and give Fitzgerald the mayor title for the ballot and then by personally recruiting and endorsing Sue Gapinski who is endorsed by Royce. Royce is the same person who endorsed Fitzpringle and Larry Bennett. How do you do that?



Why do you back a candidate that is being backed by Royce who is backing Jennifer Establishment Fitzgerald?



Why do you back a candidate that is being backed by Royce who is backing Larry Establishment Bennett?

Bennett in his better days steeped in the Fullerton establishment


Bruce has for years, to the detriment of the residents, sacrificed his core principles in exchange for selfish political ambitions namely getting into higher office. How many years of Bruce Whitaker have we had and what has he given Fullerton?


Folks, they all got their orders and you know what? So do I.

To anyone with a pulse and in possession of a Pineal gland that has not been crystalized by the fluoride, honestly ask yourself this question?

How can you solve Fullerton’s problems when you are working connected at the hips to those who are Fullerton’s problems?


I rest my case folks




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Eddie Haskell Royce

Eddie Haskell Royce

From Hikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the fictional character.
Eddie Haskell Royce


Ed Royce  as Eddie Haskell Royce at the Whitehouse
First appearance “The Fullerton Informer” (7- 1-2015)
Portrayed by The controlled media as a conservative
Gender Male

Project for a New American Century(father)

Republican party of Orange County (mother)
Spouse(s) The Council on Foreign relations
Children The Patriot Act, The NDAA, The TPP, PNAC(sons)
Jencurt Fitzpringle, Ling aling Chang, Young forced vaccinator Kim(daughters)


Edward Royce “EddieHaskell (also referred to as Edward Royce) is a fictional character in the United States House of Representatives featured on the CSPAN channel and a Fullerton situation comedy called Fullerton’s Conservative leaders on public access, which has run on for the last 22 years. This character is also featured in the many phony conservative campaign endorsements, carpet bombings of Muslim countries, Un American law passages like the Patriot Act, The NDAA,  and treasonous trade deals like The TPP that make the United States the envy of the third world .


  • Character overview

The son of Imperialist politics and the Jesuit order (however, in Season 1, episode 20, Eddie gives his name as “Edward Royce (R)”. Eddie Haskell Royce was the smart-mouthed best-friend of  George Herbert Walker Bush, George Soros and John Ashcroft. The character, played in the original series by Eddie Haskell Royce has become a cultural reference, recognized as an archetype for insincere globalist Neocon sycophants. Joe Imbriano once remarked that “[Eddie] is so polite, it’s almost un-American”

Eddie was known for his neat grooming —hiding his shallow and sneaky character. Typically, Eddie would greet his friends with overdone good manners and often a compliment such as, “That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing, Mrs. Fitzgerald.” or “You look fine today Mr. Bennett. However, when no true conservatives were around, Eddie was always up to no good—either conniving with his friends in Fullerton like Shawn Nelson, Bruce Whitaker, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Larry Bennett, or Pat Shuff or picking on Fullerton’s up and coming leaders like Joe Imbriano.


Eddie’s two-faced style was also typified by his efforts to curry favor by trying to talk to adults at the level he thought they would respect, such as referring to phony conservative candidates as “leaders” or empty suit political hacks as “trusted advisors” with intelligence insulting mailers utilizing a 4th grade reading level in its content.

A weaselly wise guy, Eddie Haskell Royce could be relied upon to connive and instigate schemes with his friends—schemes like rigging local elections by stacking the deck on both sides of the aisles with bonafide phonies and stamping his name all over them.


One of his most infamous pranks with the Fullerton Republican Women’s Federated club involved endorsing candidates with completely opposite voting records and then recruiting a third candidate to siphon votes away from a true reform candidate and future  hopeful Congressional contender, Mr Joe Imbriano. It involved fastening chain around the neck of  the rear axle of their friend The Fullerton Informer’s BMW, causing unplanned damage as the entire third member and wheels became detached when he tried to move the car on his way to a candidate forum that the women refused to invite him to. The prank has been repeated on police and gangster cars in scenes in the films “fast times on Florentine’s expanded sidewalk and “The creatures from the slide bar that gave us Map 8A.



The New Stick it To Fullerton

Last Summer, the season premiere of ” strip mining parental rights” had an episode called ” forced vaccinations do a body good” was released up in Sacramento by Eddie Haskell Royce’s new line of cinema company starring an up and coming Korean actress pretending to be an assemblywoman named Young O Kim.

That same summer, Haskell’s henchmen produced a sequel called “Microwaves from AB 57 are a young girl’s best friend” starring that same Korean national Young Kim in her best role ever posing next to cell towers all around elementary schools and residential neighborhoods.

In an early 2016 revival series, titled No More Ed Royce, 22 years is enough Eddie Haskell Royce was once again featured as being dedicated to supporting political swinging. In an episode called “Fly me with a broom” a female council candidate named Jencurt Fitzpringle makes a deal with a major influence peddler and a county supervisor to to change from a democrat to a republican but still vote like a democrat once elected. In the third episode called “Curt Pringle’s jingle”, she is then hired on as the VP so her new boss Pringle gets backdoor access to the backroom deals city hall.

Up for an emmy, the sequel to “Fly me with a broom” which aired in late 2014 was “A 140 million dollar street car named Desire ” where Haskells darling Fitzgerald used a form of witchcraft to put the other council members under a spell long enough for it almost to pass the vote.

In the series of Haskell’s “Fullerton operatives“, a sadistic tag team of elitist leftists starring Royce darling Jennifer Fitzgerald played the role of an urban planner in a Broadway hit called ” Lets put a homeless shelter next to a Title I elementary school so they can use the bathrooms. 

In mid 2016 follow up, a thriller was released titled “The Nelson plant nobody would water” where Eddie Haskell Royce’s sycophant Jennifer Fitzgerald recollected a failed plot to install a homeless shelter next to an elementary school with the help of a local real estate mogul named Cameron Mywaywardson.

Haskell Royce’s fiscal conservative Siren Fitzpringle also starred in the full length feature film “Stick Fullerton’s COIN ordinance in the Fountain” where she watered it down enough to grow algae on it.

Another milestone from Eddie Haskell Royce’s studios in Fullerton put out the latest edition of “The gestapo gag ball” starring a short haired, napoleonic feminist nazi. who wanted to ban clapping at all public meetings.

To redeem herself, she wrote the screenplay for the Broadway musical called “Amazing Grace ministries” about Fitzgerald tithing the entire Hunt Branch Library endowment to the largest Korean bank/mega church in Fullerton.

In a sequel to “Mutual of Omaha’s dead tree kingdom“, Haskell plant Fitzgerald wrote a book called “I killed my lawn so we can save water for the ten story apartments that are coming to town. ”

In the summer of 2016, Haskell’s production company ran full page ads promoting a  mystery movie called “The hidden developers’ treasure map 8A”  with Eddie Royce Haskell’s all star cast featuring Bruce Whitaker, Greg Seaborne, Jennifer Fitzgerald, and Larry Bennett

Later that same year, Eddie Haskell Royce released a mini series called “For ten years I Never saw you at city hall so now I will endorse you” starring Sue Gapinski and Bruce Whitaker. This was on the heels of the latest edition of “All in the Royce Haskell family” starring Sue Gapisnki, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Larry Bennett who just finished  emmy winning performances in the docudrama “politics makes strange running mates” In this 2016 cinematic release orchestrated by Bruce Whitaker, these three siblings pose for the camera only to be discovered by an innocent bystander who was trying to attend a candidate forum that their stepmother Sharon Nelson wouldn’t invite him to.

Contributions  and philanthropy

His new family, The Youngest Kim and the Lingliest Chang, are both poised to defeat any contenders by spending millions of dollars on mailers while they vote for Big Brother Brave New World Eugenics programs. Both of the participants in his little Asian persuasion mass mailing fun house have turned their backs on millions of children in California as they bow down to the pharmaceutical and wireless industry altars and repeatedly ignore the brain damaging common core curriculum and the reproductive organ destroying forced wireless exposure in the classrooms while he stamps his approval all over the forced vaccination programs that Eddie Roycee Haskell’s lackey Young Kim will not even discuss.

Eddie Haskell Royce operates an eponymously named political consulting contracting company called the Eddie Haskell Royce Endorsement for sale corporation based out of Fullerton California and is rumored to still be run by boss Hog


and the Tasmanian devil from Biola

My boss is Curt Pringle.

My boss is Curt Pringle and Eddie Haskell Royce.

.. and all the while He still remains an avid Woody Woodpecker cartoon fan.

In popular culture

  • In Larry Bennett for Fullerton City council, one of the main characters, Liary Bennett, is inspired by the behavior of Eddie Royce Haskell, whom the cartoon series’ creator Jennifer Fitzgeraldine is considered to be his favorite character. Coincidentally, camera controller Jole Felz, does the voices of Danielle Hughes, Gregster Seaborn and Hugoisimo Curiel in The Framing of Barry Levinson , while Jennifier Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker with the help of Chris Thompson played the character Mayan Johnson (a precursor to the Eddie Haskell character) in the first episode of The DCCSP in Fullerton Agenda 21 California style.
  • One line in the song pothole tax by Fitzpringle’s jingle is “Hey, Jenn don’t let me down”,  will be sung by Eddie Haskell Royce on election night 2016
  • In the movie 90 miles of road repair, Larry Bennett’s character raps about Eddie Haskell Royce and how the life insurance business has never been so lonely in one of the rap battles of the movie.
  • In Beverly Hills 92831, season 1, episode “Election Day“, Dan Hughes says that “Barry Levinson, I hate the guy” as he was sucking up to the Chancellor Felz like he was Eddie Haskell Royce himself”.
  • In the webcomic Fitzgerald for Fullerton, character Fitzpringle uses the pseudonym “Ed E. Haskell Rocye a Roni”, when writing her underground wine cellar documentary “The best Man for the job is a woman”.
  • In the episode “Home Movies“, one of the teen drama TV series from Fullerton Chamber of Commerce Creek’s third season, the character Hugo Curielto calls another character who can see through the elevator shaft at city hall “Xray vision Loya” to be Royce’s campaign manager for 2018 when Joe Imbriano runs against him.
  • In the book Barbarians on the dais, a young SCAG operative is appointed to the  Planning commission because Shawn Nelson’s waterboy Chris Thomlinson introduced her to someone who could never turn down a free meal, This was the theme for the new release, Name that Brice while putting on his “Eddie Haskell”
  • Near the conclusion of the 2016 election cycle the sitcoms The  fresh prince of Raymond Hills, and  “Robbing the Taxpayers, Uncle Joes’s DCCSP is passed in a 3-1 vote with Brice Whithehecker abstaining over a lunch appointment.
  • His brown-nosing assistant is the hit sequel named color me red white and blue is played by Pat Shutt. Her last name comes out when the formal complaint is filed with the National Chapter of the Repuligoon women Federated for protocol violations as they try to place Joe Imbriano under arrest by uniformed officers, having only been ordered by Edward Haskell Royce for most of the candidate forum to keep him from speaking during this episode that they refused to allow him to attend.
  • In the song “Deceived“, the band Imbriano4Fullerton sings “gotta get The United States out of my Eddie Haskell Royce underwear”.
  • In an episode of Designing Fullerton women, somebody in the quartet is talking about is described with the line “He’s such an Eddie Haskell Rocye sycophant”, to which Jen curt Fitzpringle responds, “Who’s Eddie Haskell Royce?” Sharon Neelsoen responds, “Who’s Eddie Haskell Royce?“, incredulous at Sharons’s apparent unfamiliarity with the TV character.
  • In an episode of My ex wife and kids titled “Papa Said Knock You Out“, Joe Imbriano wins the council seat and defers refers to his wife to run against “non religious Jesuit Eddie Haskell Royce” in the 2018 congressional race.


In 2016 ,The Fullerton Informer ranked Eddie Haskell number 1 on its “50 Greatest war monger phony conservative string pulling politician Characters of All Time” as he introduced the phony fall line up for Eddie Haskell Royce’s picks for Fullerton


Larry Bennett and Jennifer Fitzgerald




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Fullerton City Council candidate Joe Imbriano setting the record straight 5-17-16 on the Polly’s Pies overlay zone scam

Fullerton City Council candidate Joe Imbriano setting the record straight 5-17-16 on the Polly’s Pies overlay zone scam that Fitzgerald lied about and Jan Flory’s ducking the vote on letting an unelected bureaucrat spray Orange County with toxic pesticides let Orange County .



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