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How Low Can My Opposition Go? By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Here is one anonymous comment under an article I wrote on the Fullerton Informer entitled “FFFF Once Again Fails The Good People Of Fullerton By Not Allowing Me To Post All My Comments On Their Website. Why Are They So Afraid of My Words? By Barry Levinson


comment entry

“#30 by Anonymous on July 9, 2017 – 9:25 pm 
comment contents Wow, you love expropriating smart people’s quotations – just like you take credit for other people’s work. Here’s a tip from some one who has read a book – rather than just swiping quotes found on the Internet: George Orwell was a hard core socialist.
Good to know who your friends are, right Vladimir?”


Obviously Anonymous does not know the definition of expropriation for his statement makes absolutely no sense. Here is the definition of expropriation and its proper use in a sentence.


From the Merriam Webster Dictionary


Definition of Expropriation

The act of expropriating or the state of being expropriatedspecifically:  the action of the state in taking or modifying the property rights of an individual in the exercise of its sovereignty


Example of Expropriation in a Sentence

The development of the colony involved expropriation of large tracts of fertile farmland from the natives.



My posting quotes with the author’s names clearly stated are hardly the act of a state taking away someone’s private property.   I am not taking credit for these quotes since I provided the author’s names in every single case.  Also to claim that Lenin and Orwell are my friends because I quoted them once is patently absurd.  All these baseless attacks shows how desperate my enemies are and how stupid they must think the Fullerton public is to believe any of it.

These attacks on me are the acts of desperate, despicable people, which includes a few bottom dwellers from the FFFF crowd.  Obviously they have no shame, no integrity and no scruples.  Their tactics are to literally throw as much mud at me as possible hoping that some of it might stick.  The only people that it sticks to are those throwing it.

Another Anonymous comment now infers that Joe Imbriano and I are cowards for not confronting Tony Bushala in person, and also infers they want some kind of physical altercation.   Only bullies use physical force to intimidate their opponents.  Here are those two posts below.

  1. #80 by Anonymous on July 8, 2017 – 5:18 pm
    • #81 by Anonymous on July 8, 2017 – 5:43 pm
    • Yes and make sure Chris Thompson shows up so he can take a swing at Barry. Maybe this time he won’t miss.
  2. To Embriano:I notice you and your partner only talk tough when you are able to hide behind your computer screens or there are Fullerton cops in the room to protect your sorry asses. Ironic, much?Ha!
  3. Go ahead. Make your accusations directly to Bushala. Let’s see what you got. Oh, and be sure to take your big mouth sidekick with you.
  4. Here is Bushala’s address – 110 E. Walnut Avenue, Fullerton. I bet you don’t have the guts to pay him a visit and tell the man to his face the lies and nonsense you casually spew out here without a shred of evidence.

The quote from Anonymous above stating; “Let’s see what you got” sounds like a physical threat to me.

I will stick to the facts, the truth and my intelligence to provide the readers of the Fullerton Informer with the much needed information neccessary to make up their own minds.

I report, you decide!

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