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Will anyone do the right thing?

We want to communicate some strategies parents could use to challenge their federal, state and local government officials to get them to enforce existing CA Education code that says whenever improvements are made to school facilities, the school must not introduce toxins or known carcinogens into their facilities, our children’s learning environments. RF/EMF microwave radiation from all sources (including Wi-Fi) was designated as a Class 2B carcinogen in May, 2011 by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. (Details at Our schools can no longer legally pump this toxic, carcinogenic substance (electricity though the air) into  classrooms. Using wired connectivity instead eliminates this problem completely.

The following is a presentation by Dr. Martin Pall, PhD., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, presenting to the Oregon State Legislature House Committee on Health Care. Feb 24, 2014.

[1] The total cumulative amount of RF/EMF microwave radiation in any classroom is what really matters — radiation from all sources: routers, access point and devices.

[2] The FCC RF/EMF microwave radiation guideline is meaningless because it does not consider total cumulative radiation and only applies to one device; it does not consider the total cumulative radiation from all wireless devices in the room.

[3] Senior engineers at the FCC and OSHA have agreed, in writing, how to calculate total cumulative microwave radiation exposure from any wireless device: the peak power density measured 18″ from the device times the total number of pulses transmitted by each antenna of each wireless device over the entire school day times the length (in fractions of seconds) of the duration of each pulse. When you plug in real numbers, the totals are staggering: at least 8 times higher than the current adult maximum public exposure guideline for RF/EMF microwave radiation for every school day (

[4] We have a Watt problem in our country. Watts, delivered over time, is the measure of how much electricity we use. People, in general, are confused about what is a high power (many Watts) and what is low power (fractions of Watts). We falsely think that a bright 100-Watt light bulb is high power and a dim 25-Watt light bulb is low power. The truth is anything in the range of 1-150 Watts is hugely-high power compared to the electricity our bodies use every day to run our heart, our muscles, our kidneys and our brains.

Our cells operate at picoWatts or one trillionth of a Watt. Said another way it takes ten trillion picoWatts to equal 10 watts, which is the the amount of electricity our FCC guideline allows each Wi-Fi device to shoot into the air and through our children’s brains and bodies at over six million miles per hour. It is not at all surprising that electricity that is

[a] ten trillion times higher than natural levels, and that

[b] shoots through our children at over six million miles per hour

might cause their cells to misfire. You think? That’s what’s happening all day long in classrooms with wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity creates hazardous conditions for our children.

Wi-Fi is electricity sprayed into the air at very high speeds. It is designed to penetrate  through wood, concrete and our children. So if our children are allowed to get 10 watts of electricity through the air from one device, what if we have 24 devices in a classroom? That is 240 watts. Do you want 240 Watts of electricity shooting through your children’s brains and bodies, six hours a day, 180 days per year?

What are our school officials thinking? Wireless signals at the very same levels in classrooms today was used as a weapon in World War II. Our leaders and industry lobbyists just conveniently forgot about that. Apparently, it is more important to have a robust economy based on wireless signals than it is to protect our children’s brains, bodies and future fertility.

Using wired connectivity in schools to distribute our internet traffic through Ethernet wires eliminates this problem. Wireless connectivity offers over 15 times higher bandwidth and much greater security at a lower cost, compared to wired connections. It is a proven solution that exists today.

I called the phone number on the Feb 24, 2014 meeting announcement and spoke to a woman who told me that the HHC-201402241308.ram is a RealPlayer audio file. To play/hear this audio file, I had to download and install the free Realplayer 16 media player software onto my HP/Windows 8 laptop, which I did. RealPlayer can be downloaded for free by clicking the orange button, called  “RealPlayer Free Download” at the top right corner of the following page: woman also provided the following link, which has links to all of the pdfs.

I clicked the audio triangle near the top of this page, which downloaded the file called ‘HHC-201402241308.ram’ to my ‘Downloads’ folder. I then double-clicked the file ‘HHC-201402241308.ram’ and it started streaming the 1:08:00 audio file to my RealPlayer software.

I just listened to Dr. Martin Pall’s and Dr. Paul Dart’s excellent 2/24/14 presentation to the State of Oregon’s House Committee On Health Care and read the supporting documents (which I uploaded to my public DropBox for easy access). Just click the following links to download the any of the documents to your computer or device.

2014-0224-Oregon-State-Health-Care-Committee.pdf (the meeting announcement)

2014-0224-Martin-Pall-35597.pdf (the presentation)

2014-0224-Martin-Paul-35551.pdf (scientific paper)

2014-0224-Paul-Dart-35549.pdf (curriculum vitae)

2014-0224-Paul-Dart-35552.pdf (scientific paper)

2014-0224-Paul-Dart-36431.pdf (presentation – part 1)

2014-0224-Paul-Dart-36430.pdf (presentation – part 2)

2014-0224-Shawn-Abrell-35793.pdf (presentation)

2014-0224-Recording-Log.pdf (time log of speakers)

I will send this information to all of my school administrators who have the legal responsibility, accountability and liability to provide a safe learning environment for our public schools. I would encourage each of them to spend the 1-2 hours it takes to listen to this presentation, review the supporting materials and then take appropriate, effective actions:

1. Immediately stop all installation of wireless networking equipment and infrastructure in CA public schools and switch these Common Core funds to improving the schools’ existing wired networking infrastructure instead. A very good solution, complete with 3D classroom drawings, can be seen at

2. Ban the use of any educational device that does not offer a wired connectivity option. This leaves a lot of devices on the ‘approved list’: Android tablets, Windows 8 tablets, ChomeOS Chromebooks, any netbooks and any laptops that enable the use of Micro-USB-to-USB-to-Ethernet adapters. This leaves the Apple iPad on the ‘unapproved list’, until Apple creates a Lightning-to-USB-to-Ethernet adapter and sofware driver that will enable wired connectivity. This is a simple problem that Apple could solve in a few months, with enough pressure from schools.

3. Anyone who has the legal responsibility, accountability and liability for providing a safe environment in public schools, please do not ignore this critically important information.

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014 7:08 AM, Malone Debbie <> wrote:
Rep. Keny –Guyer’s office asked if a cd could be made of the Microwave  portion of the informational meeting. I contacted media and informed the representative a cd would be possible. I was under the impression the arrangements for the cd were with Rep. Keny-Guyer. I did not inquired about a dvd but a cd.  I will happy to contact media about a dvd for you or you may contact them at 503-986- 1196.  Here is the link to the 2/24 meeting.  If you have any questions please contact me.                                                         
Debbie Malone
Committee Assistant

House Health Care




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Fullerton's Police Chief Dan Hughes

Fullerton’s Police Chief Dan Hughes
Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz

Fullerton’s City Manager Joe Felz

I wonder how many Fullertonians know that the city has given one tow truck company a monopoly on all Fullerton city business since the 1960’s, approximately 50 years. We all know that a lack of competition is bad for the consumer and for the taxpayer. It drives prices up. So why has the FPD including new chief Dan Hughes fought so hard to keep that business in the hands of just one tow truck company, Anaheim Towing. I asked Dan Hughes that question shortly after he became Acting Police Chief. He denied that he cared one way or the other but then the consultant report the FPD contracted for proposed to give all the business again to Anaheim Towing,with only a very small amount of actual work to go to a back-up company that would only be called if Anaheim Towing was not able to handle all work.

The city council had specifically instructed our city manager, Joe Felz to initiate a RFP (Request for Proposal) to go out soliciting bids to divide up the Fullerton City tow truck work between at least two or three different companies equally. What was Mr. Felz’s answer when asked by the council why he had failed to do what the council instructed him to do? He said he misunderstood the council’s  instructions. So many more months were wasted because the city manager did not understand the instructions and for some reason never thought to ask the council for clarification or go back to the video that is online for every council meeting.This consultant report was done by former police officers, now consultants. After they presented it to the council in 2012, they had to admit that all their data was straight from the FPD without any verification by the consultants themselves. This is not an audit but in the accounting business is known as a compilation because all they are doing is compiling information given to them into a user-friendly format. These reports are understood to provide no assurances that the information is correct since no effort was undertaken to verify any of the information contained in this compilation report. So the city paid these consultants tens of thousands of dollars for a report that added little or no value. Good job FPD! Unfortunately, many city governments request this type of consultant report rather frequently. A city tells the consultant what conclusions they want to see and the consultant for a handsome fee is glad to provide a very nice report that supports the cities desired results. These reports may not be completely inaccurate or misleading but fall short of the totally objective reports that the public both deserves and should demand.Based on this revelation it was back to the drawing board for the FPD to come up with a better plan! That was supposed to take 4-6 months. Now two years later, I see another attempt by the FPD, the presenting department to get a new tow-trucking contract passed by council on March 18, 2014. After all these many years, with various different councils trying to get a new towing contract with several new tow trucking companies to support our FPD, we see a very familiar recommendation from our FPD. They have rated the same company we have given a monopoly to for over 50 years as the top rated company, Anaheim-Fullerton (formerly Anaheim Towing) and they recommend that we give all the business to only one or at most two companies. FPD must believe that monopolies are good and competition is bad!However, FPD should know that monopolies with the same company are not the way to go forward. We have seen the problems related to towing companies and their relationships with several California cities including El Monte. Should we not heed some of the past and current council members who state it is time to give this contract to different tow companies? I am just having a real hard time understanding what the FPD considers fair andcompetitive when they continue to cling to recommending one company above all others for the last 50 plus years! My education,(MBA), work experience (Ernst & Young CPA firm and Northrop Grumman), in the financial, accounting and auditing fields informs me that having a monopoly with the same company for over 50 years is a terrible business practice. The fact that the FPD wants to extend this practice should send up red flags over every residence and business in this city.

Barry Levinson



Dan Hughes and all the news that is fit to print.



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Soon after Dan Hughes became Acting Police Chief in January 2012,  he gave an interview with the local press. He was quoted as saying the following: “If somebody says there is a culture of corruption,they’re either lying, they have other motives or they are grossly misinformed.”

images (8)

 With those words, you loudly proclaimed that  there were no pervasive problems or corruption within your beloved FPD based presumably on your 29 years of being an integral member of that department.Many citizens of Fullerton disagree with the police chief’s assessment.  But then again as a 29-year veteran on the force, it might be difficult for Hughes to admit any real problems within the department that he has been an integral part of for almost  three decades. He did indicate that the only real problem with his FPD was its failure to keep the public better informed.  So at the March 4, 2014 council meeting, we stated that Hughes has failed to live up to that promise as well! 

images (9)

This was the challenge we presented to Chief Hughes. Fullerton Police Corporal Hugo Garcia was arrested on felony grand theft charges brought by the county district attorney’s office and reported in all the local papers in mid-February.

But the one place you will not see that important local news story is in Dan Hughes official FPD website entitled “Fullerton Police News”. In fact as of the night of the last council meeting ,March 4th the City of Fullerton website. How did they overlook this ladies and gentleman? After all Dan gave his word that he would personally make sure that the information, the news about our FPD would be much improved under his new administration., you would not find that story mentioned anywhere on Well now it is March 26, 22 days after we challenged Hughes on this point and still not a whisper about this police officer’s felony arrest!So we rechecked Dan’s official Fullerton Police News website once again to see if any mention of the arrest of Officer Garcia was posted since the city council meeting. Remember, even Jan Flory the unofficial cheerleader (in my opinion) for the police asked Dan to correct this problem at March 4th council meeting. 


As of March 26, 2014, there is still not a word about it. But the FPD did have the time to make the additional unrelated posts on March 5, March 10, March 11,March 15, two posts on March 17, March 18, and March 19,2014. (Please also note that the March 17 news story of arelative abusing a child conveniently left out the fact that the alleged child abuser is LA Police Officer Daniel Hun Chun, 39.That fact was prominently mentioned in every other TV, radio and newspaper stories covering this arrest. LA Police Officer Chun allegedly hit a teen relative repeatedly with a variety of household items on March 13, “leaving welts and bruises,”according to a statement released by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

He was charged with one felony count of child abuse and one felony count of corporal injury on a child and faces up to six years in state prison!)There are many stories about our FPD under Fullerton Police Newsand they always have one thing in common, they are all positive stories about our men and women in blue.So when Dan Hughes admitted that the FPD had to improve its communication to the people of Fullerton, he apparently meant that the department needed better Public Relations only. It has not meant a more complete, open and transparent reporting of both positive and even sometimes negative news as well. And now ladies and gentleman thanks to Dan Hughes and Joe Felz, our city manager,city we the taxpayers are paying a new communication consultant to do just that: to provide the FPD with better PR articles to disseminate through the Fullerton Police News (launched by Bill Rams of Cornerstone Communications) and also through the Fullerton News-Tribune which is a Thursday section of our Orange County Register.

The FPD thanks to the OC Register basically gets a twofer, two for the price of one. You see this consultant gets paid to write these puff pieces on the FPD and then the OC register essentially reprint them in their paper under the title “guest columnist” in the opinion section. Except this guest keeps on returning, writing guest columnafter guest column after guest column. (I guess he is the type ofguest that never leaves.) And to think we the taxpayers are payingthis consultant a lot of money just to improve the tarnished image ofour FPD!This new FPD consultant cost is in addition to the cost we arealready paying for police public relations as part of Fullerton policespokesman, Sergeant Jeff Stuart police pay. Many people could be hired to perform Sergeant Stuart’s police spokesman duties ata greatly reduced rate of pay.

You see ladies and gentlemen, we are paying Sergeant Stuart at least $140,000 to $150,000 a year(for salary and benefits) to perform in part this non-police officer function. Please note that someone making 50% – 60% less couldvery competently perform that task.So with this as background as to how much the taxpayers are spending on this function, it is very disappointing that Chief Hughes felt it necessary to increase his public relations budget so significantly. The sad truth is that we the taxpayers are paying for all these one-sided positive feel-good police stories. I for one do not feel good about this at all because it is so self-serving rather than serving the public!


Now it has been over two years since Dan Hughes gave us that empty promise to improve communicating all issues relating to theFPD to the people of Fullerton. How much longer Dan are you going to make us wait until you keep that promise? Another year, two years or maybe that will be your successor’s responsibility. And finally Dan, just as a little reminder to you sir, your website does say “NEWS” in the title as in “Fullerton Police News”!

Barry Levinson



Who are the real holocaust deniers?

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This is their utopia and to us a perplexing set of images :

I believe that the frequency specific wireless proliferation coupled with precisely engineered metallic nano components in the forced vaccinations comprise an agenda to affect fertility and the elect scientists and top government leaders are compromised at the highest levels. The emperor has no clothes right now.  Read the rest of this entry »


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