Question to Mayor Whitaker. As he prepares to have the last of his “Talk Around the Town” meetings with the public where he asks people to bring him questions, why has he not answered specific and direct questions that were posed by his then Park and Recreation Committee appointee, namely myself, one Barry Levinson? I SMELL A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FRAUD AND PHONY HERE! I ask that someone take the above list and ask the good Mayor for answers to any and all of the above ignored issues by him!

Nothing to be proud of



  1. Bruce Whitaker voted to place Ma’Ayn Johnson, a S.C.A.G. senior planner to our Fullerton Planning Committee. S.C.A.G, the Southern California Association of Governments, has been pushing for high-rise, high-density development and the elimination of the automobile as agents of the United Nations Agenda 21 for decades.   S.C.A.G is the largest unelected, taxpayer funded, governmental agency in the country and so-called limited government, Bruce Whitaker voted for her to be on our Fullerton Planning Commission when he himself stated there were 17 well-qualified candidates.  This from a politician who claims to be for limited government.   So what does total phony politician Bruce Whitaker do but vote for someone who is part of an unelected government body.  That Fullertonians is taxation without representation.  That goes against the principles of a constitutional republic. His wife incredulously stated sometime after this vote by Whitaker that he is against S.C.A.G.  Whitaker to this day has never explained why he voted for a senior planner working for S.C.A.G.   What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1.  Bruce Whitaker refused to respond verbally or in writing to my (Barry Levinson’s) extremely well documented analysis of a 4 to 5 million-dollar finding concerning the Fullerton Golf Course.  I am a trained auditor with an MBA and work experience with Ernst and Young, a worldwide CPA firm as well as 12 years as an Internal auditor at the Corporate Headquarters of Northrop Grumman Corporation.  A total of 35 years of accounting and auditing experience ignored by the Council member who appointed me to the Fullerton Park and Recreation Commission and gave no reason. I believe the reason he removed me is simple. I was apparently getting in the way of the city doing its corrupt, phony deals.   I am referring to deals such as the DCCSP, College Town, the Summit House lease extension, and the Revised DCCSP (which would have also removed Polly’s Pies from its current long-time address and basically removed one of the few shopping centers in the eastern part of Fullerton).  What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1. A short time after he chose not to deal with my very large, extremely well documenting and supported finding, he asks for the establishment of an Audit Committee for our City.  Of course his motion got no support and it died immediately.  Was this by design?  Was Bruce Whitaker being a hypocrite?  Did Bruce ever discuss an audit committee with me or ask me as an auditor by trade to sit on such a Committee or give him input as to how to best set one up?  NO.  What a guy!  What a phony politician!


  1. Bruce Whitaker voted to repeal our Pedophile Residency Restriction Ordinance based on false information that the Fullerton law restricted all sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school, park or licensed day-care center provided by City Attorney James Touchstone.  In my public comments I made the point that our law specifically applies to only child sex offenders, not all sex offenders.  The only negative court decisions related to laws that restricted all sex offenders.   There was no case law against our much narrower Fullerton law, which impacted only child sex offenders.

Mr. Touchstone in presenting this agenda item to the Fullerton City Council took exception with my comments.  He stated as follows:

“With respect, I must disagree with Mr. Levinson and his comments.  Specifically, I am looking at the language before you right now of the municipal; code and it states that any sex offender is prohibited from residing within 2,000 feet of any school, park or day care center.”  What Touchstone who helped write the law failed to tell the city council members was the definition of sex offender provided by the ordinance at 7.150.020H of the Fullerton Municipal Code is as follows:

“Sex offender means any person required by law to register with government entity as a sex offender for an offense against or involving a child or children, including, but not limited to, the California Sex Offender Registration Act, Penal Code Section 290, et seq.”

Mayor Bruce Whitaker ignored my comments completely and the Fullerton City Council never acknowledged the correction that I brought forth.  But more importantly the city council voted at the second hearing for the ordinance to make it law with a unanimous vote again after I proved the City Attorney’s presentation was fatally flawed.  Bruce Whitaker and the rest of the city council should be ashamed of themselves to allow a complete and proven falsehood to be used as an excuse to repeal a very important law for the protection of all our children from pedophiles.   What kind of a guy allows false information from our City Attorney to be used to support the repeal of a law helping to protect children?  The answer is Mayor Bruce Whitaker and the rest of the city council members.  What a guy!   What a phony and unethical politician!



  1. Bruce Whitaker in a November 2014 council meeting stated that there was absolutely no evidence to support the charges brought against me by former Police Chief Dan Hughes.   At that meeting Dan Hughes admitted that he could hate that guy (referring to me) and that he took total control of the investigation himself.   When was the last time that any police chief took total control of an investigation including contacting people to interview them and then write the police report to the OC District Attorney recommending that they prosecute me?   The answer is probably never or at least never in an honest police department.  All this time the city, i.e. the police department would not make public the video camera tape where this so-called incident took place.   A few weeks after the OCDA refused to charge me with a crime for lack of evidence, the city video was made public and it showed that no crime, no incident took place.   Yet after a few others and I asked Bruce Whitaker and the rest of the council to open up an independent investigation on this matter, Whitaker and the rest of the council totally ignored our requests.   What kind of a man acknowledges that the police pursuit of me certainly seemed to be all political payback based on nothing and yet drops the matter totally?  That kind of a weak, cowardly man is none other than current Mayor Bruce Whitaker.   The fact that he still sits on the Fullerton City council dais is shameful enough but to now want a huge promotion after the scandalous way he has handled himself is something only an extremely arrogant, self-center phony politician could do with a straight face.  What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1. Bruce Whitaker voted for the absolute worst redistricting map, which I call the high-density, high-rise developers and downtown nightclub owners’ map.   It is the only map presented to the council that basically disenfranchises the good people who live in and around the downtown area of Fullerton.  Rather than being in primarily one district, Popoff’s map divides our downtown residents into five small pieces attached to other neighborhoods throughout Fullerton. This is taxation without adequate representation.  Jeremy Popoff, the owner of the Downtown Fullerton Slidebar and a $1,500 contributor to Bruce Whitaker’s past campaigns, wrote this map.  Is this a coincidence or not?  What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1. Bruce Whitaker voted to make Jennifer Fitzgerald our Mayor almost guaranteeing her to be reelected with the help of the title Mayor on the ballot.  I bring this up because so very often in speaking with me he stated how much he disagreed with so many of Council member Fitzgerald’s votes.   What a guy!   What a phony politician!



  1. The Agenda item to extend an existing Summit House Restaurant lease deal, which sits on Fullerton City Park land was shameful.  The Summit House, not the city already controlled options with the exact same terms including lease revenue to the city to the year 2041.   In other words the Summit House was in the drivers seat until the year 2041 or 26 years from the date of this agenda item.  But the Summit House wanted more and our totally inept and/or corrupt city council and city manager wanted to give them two additional 10-year lease extensions with the exact same terms all the way to October 2061.


This meant that the city council intentionally bypassed the Park and Recreation Committee for this important agenda issue.  I was the only speaker at public comments to point out how the city manager and the city council wrongly bypassed the Park and Recreation Committee.   Based on my bringing this failure by the city to the attention of all that night, it resulted in it supposedly going back to our committee for its recommendation before it went to council.  Guess what, a little over a month later I learned that the agenda item was withdrawn by the Summit House Restaurant owner.


Question:  Would any reasonable businessman leasing out property accept extending a lease with the same current terms for the next 46 years?  Why didn’t Bruce Whitaker inform me as his appointee to the Park and Recreation Committee, that this agenda item had wrongly bypassed the Park and Recreation Committee by the city?


Question:  Was Bruce Whitaker part of this plan to bypass the P and R Committee?  If not, why did he not contact me as his appointed to that committee when he received his council member agenda package several days in advance.   The agenda package clearly stated that the lease extension was recommended by the Park and Recreation Department and not the Park and Recreation Committee, which is the normal procedure.  What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1. Late last year, Bruce Whitaker complained about having to vote on a grant application due to a fast approaching deadline that had not yet been actually filled out by the city.  I spoke at the very next city council meeting and informed Whitaker and the rest of the council that all they had to do to solve this problem permanently was to make it mandatory that staff present agenda items not at the last minute but rather at least 2 meetings prior to any deadline.  In this way any information absent could be provided by the next meeting assuring that the council and the public had all the information necessary to make a fully informed decision.  You would think that every council member especially Bruce Whitaker would be thrilled to finally have a permanent solution to an ongoing problem.   But neither Council member Whitaker nor any other council members ever referred to my very easy and quick solution.  I have to surmise that Bruce Whitaker’s objection to a grant application without it being filled out was just political gamesmanship to win some points with his constituents.   For if he was serious about fixing the ongoing problem he would have pounced on my easy solution immediately.  No he ignored my suggestion completely.  How sad it is when our politicians are exposed for what they all too often are, which are totally phony self-centered individuals.  What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1. Just last month as Mayor he lead a unanimous vote to appoint David Hendricks our next Fullerton Police Chief.   Forty percent of the council was absent that night but Whitaker led the charge to appoint him nevertheless.   This shows the arrogance of Whitaker and the council to not wait until all were present to hear all the comments by the public about Hendricks prior to making their final decision.   That vote with only 60% of the council present should have never taken place.  Yet Whitaker allowed it to happen on his watch as Mayor.  I guess we can conclude that this was just another of one of his mental lapses concerning his fiduciary responsibility to his constituents.  What a guy!  What a phony politician!



  1. Whitaker takes no responsibility for all of his political failures.  When confronted with the facts that except for legalizing fireworks he has accomplished nothing in his 6 plus years of service, his lame answer is always the same.  His answer to these legitimate critiques is that he is only 1 person out of 5 on the dais.   What he fails to tell us that Bruce Whitaker has been part of the majority as a Republican the entire time he has represented Fullerton.  In fact, he has had either a 4 to 1 majority or a 3 to 2 majority the entire time of his service.   Yet now he wants to represent us in the State Senate where he will be one voice out of dozens and his party will be a small minority not the majority he has had for all his time on the Fullerton City Council dais.



  1. To those who believed and trusted Bruce Whitaker to represent us honestly based on his many years of his pontificating fiscally conservative values and limited government solutions, he has let us all down.  He had such a golden opportunity to make a real difference in our City and instead especially over the past 2 years he decided to place politics and his own ambition in front of the needs of the people he swore to represent.



Concluding Remarks:  Bruce Whitaker told me almost two year’s ago that he was planning to run for Shawn Nelson’s OC Supervisory seat when it became available in November 2018.   As recently as a month or two ago on a local news show, he reiterated that he intended to run for Nelson’s Supervisor’s seat.  Yet at the last minute he has changed his mind to run for the 29thCa. Senate seat, now held by Josh Newman. First he wants to represent the people in his District of Orange County on local county issues and now he wants to be in the State Senate dealing with statewide issues.  Why the sudden switch?  I would guess that after Young Kim threw her hat into the supervisor’s race and got the lion’s share of support from local Republican Ca. elected officials, he decided to abruptly change course.  Or maybe he just saw an opportunity to snag a large six-figure paycheck a year earlier.  Does he really care about Fullertonians or is he just looking for that big six-figure paycheck on the government dole for a part-time job whether it is as a member of the OC Supervisors or whether it be a State representative?


With all this factual documentation showing Bruce Whitaker’s actions that goes against his so-called constitutional, limited government philosophy, any conservative who still votes for Bruce Whitaker must have his or her head buried deep in the ground.   The only smart move by the electorate is to not ignore all the facts that I have presented in this article.  His turning his back on his most loyal supporters can’t and should not be rewarded with a large promotion.  You have let us down big time Council member Bruce Whitaker and hopefully now you will have to pay a political price for your phony political choices and  your lack of leadership.


We have now come to learn that the image is so, so different than reality.  All of the above examples prove Bruce Whitaker’s betrayal of his so-called constitutional conservative, limited government philosophy. Anyone objective enough to absorb the facts presented here now knows that the reality falls far short from the carefully cultivated image.


Let me state for the record that anyone who decides to vote for Bruce Whitaker with the “lesser of two evils” argument is only fooling themselves.   A public servant who in my opinion is deceptive, disingenuous and repeatedly fails to follow his own supposed principles does not deserve your vote.



A Few Final Questions For The Fullerton Public As Follows:


  1. How in good conscience could any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle vote for a man, Bruce Whitaker who allowed proven false information about a Fullerton ordinance to be justification to repeal a very good law protecting Fullerton children from pedophiles?


  1. How in good conscience can any voter support Bruce Whitaker after stating during a city council meeting that there was no evidence to support the recommendation by Police Chief Dan Hughes to have the OCDA indict me with a misdemeanor crime and then totally drops the ball? There was certainly much evidence that the investigation led by former Police Chief Dan Hughes, was extremely biased based on his stating to Whitaker that he hated the guy, referring to myself and his acknowledgement that he himself led the entire investigation, i.e. witch hunt from start to finish against me. There was however, incontrovertible evidence that proved my innocence and it was totally ignored by Dan Hughes.   Why do you think Dan Hughes ignored evidence that was always controlled by the city namely the City videotape, which would have proven that there was no evidence to accuse me of any crime whatsoever?  This is a textbook case of police  abuse of power and a blatant attempt by Dan Hughes to make me a political prisoner.  At the same time this evidence, the videotape, was hidden from the public for months, which 100% proved my innocence.   Even though the investigation of the handling of this case by the FPD was requested by at least three people, two others and myself at city council meetings, Whitaker remained shamefully and cowardly silent on getting to the bottom of this apparent criminal misuse of police power.   When you state there is a serious possible criminal misbehavior by the head of the Fullerton police department and Whitaker strongly inferred the same and then failed to take any action to investigate the alleged criminal abuse by the FPD, this defines the antithesis of a leader or a statesman. Again phony, corrupt and cowardly politician Bruce Whitaker never requested that any investigation be conducted to get to the bottom of this apparent total disregard for the law by our own police chief.


  1. How in good conscience could any Fullerton voter cast his or her precious vote for a man who makes a mockery of the very things he has told us he stands for time and time again over his long and not very distinguished political career?


In 2012, Fullertonians by almost a 2 to 1 majority informed Bankhead, McKinley and Jones that we have had enough of them.  Let us send a loud and very clear message that now we have no confidence in Bruce Whitaker in any position of political power.


I report,  you decide.

Barry Levinson


  1. #1 by Barry Levinson on August 29, 2017 - 10:54 am

    How could any objective constitutional, limited government conservative be anything but disgusted with the way in which Bruce Whitaker has conducted himself on the Fullerton City Council dais? Most independents or moderate Democrats would not be pleased with his performance either.

    He allowed a falsehood presented by our City Attorney’s Office, be the primary reason for his vote to make our blessed innocent children less safe by repealing our Child Sex Offender Residency Restriction Law in Fullerton.

    He has voted to greatly diminish the power of Downtown Fullerton voters by voting for the special interest developer redistricting map dividing downtown into not 2 or 3 districts but into all five districts totally watering down their votes on issues impacting the downtown area. He voted for Ma’ Ayn Johnson to sit on the Fullerton Planning Committee knowing she is a Senior Planner for S.C.A.G. The largest unelected government body in California and maybe the entire country. The hallmark of every constitutionalist is no taxation without representation. Mayor Whitaker with these two votes trashed that sacred concept of American freedom. This proves that Bruce Whitaker is a charlatan, plain and simple! He has proven time and time again that he can’t be trusted to do the right thing for Fullertonians.

    We greatly need and we certainly deserve so much better than one phony politician named Bruce Whitaker.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on August 29, 2017 - 2:53 pm

    If Bruce Whitaker truly believed in limited government and lowering our high taxes, he would make himself an example by not accepting a dime of that six figure give away for state legislators’ part-time work in Sacramento. A government job that pays six figures plus fantastic benefits for less time spent as a city council member.

    Well Bruce will you state for the record that you will not accept that ridiculously extravagant salary and benefits for part-time work! For if you do not forgo that salary and benefits, it shows that you are only interested in milking the public like every other politician. It is a fact that Bruce has made a significant amount of his livelihood over the years at the taxpayers’ expense.

    Please do not expect him to do the right thing by stating that he will not accept any pay or benefits if he was to be so fortunate as to win a seat in Sacramento.

  3. #3 by Anonymous on August 29, 2017 - 3:19 pm

    Thank you for this. I am forwarding to Fred Whitaker.

    • #4 by Barry Levinson on August 30, 2017 - 4:30 pm

      I would be very interested in how Fred Whitaker responds to council member Bruce Whitaker’s many votes in stark contrast to his proclaimed political philosophy.

      His failure to acknowledge the false information presented by Fullerton City Attorney James Touchstone concerning our now former Child Sex Offender Residency Restriction Law, Ordinance No. 3149 really was the low point of his time on the Fullerton City Council.

      For three months he has totally ignored the Hillcrest Park Stair scandal or should I say swindle as the stairs are substandard and we the taxpayers will pay through the nose to have it fixed sometime in the future as well as potential lawsuits from people getting hurt due to its defects.

      • #5 by Anonymous on August 31, 2017 - 8:26 pm

        I would be very interested to hear your take on NASA and the shape of the earth.

  4. #6 by Anonymous on August 29, 2017 - 4:09 pm

    I have known Bruce for over 20 years and have never known him to hold down any job aside from the medical office stint for a few years with Steele. All of his employment has been duly derived from government. He is the consumate politician.

  5. #7 by queen ant on August 29, 2017 - 5:36 pm

    Bruce Whitaker’s staunchest allies must be smoking joints with Tony and his rooster right about now.

  6. #8 by Anonymous on August 30, 2017 - 1:09 am

    You got what Bushala paid for. You got Whitaker which Bushala paid for and you got Newman which Bushala helped get elected.

  7. #9 by Anonymous on August 30, 2017 - 4:08 pm

    You forgot the self proclaimed scientist he appointed on park and rec to replace Barry.

    • #10 by Anonymous on August 30, 2017 - 7:09 pm

      Yeah that is Erik Wehn. He goes way back with Bushala.

      • #11 by Anonymous on September 2, 2017 - 7:00 pm

        He also made the earth flat.

  8. #12 by Anonymous on September 3, 2017 - 10:54 am

    All I can say is that we will never support him again. The truth about these politicians that fool us all is ever increasingly difficult to find. There is no excuse for his behavior outlined here, none!

  9. #13 by Anonymous on September 3, 2017 - 12:09 pm

    Bitter Barry was once one of his most ardent supporters. Now look everyone. He has had a change of heart.

  10. #14 by Barry Levinson on September 4, 2017 - 11:48 am

    One more important point to make to my above comments.

    Mayor Bruce Whitaker and his fellow city council members were so anxious to repeal this good solid law that they allowed a totally false justification presented by the City Attorney James Touchstone (with City Attorney Dick Jones sitting on the dais) to stand to give them political cover.

    What kind of morally bankrupt people allow a known lie to be ignored so they can make our children less safe from pedophiles? I have said that Bruce Whitaker has accomplished almost nothing in his almost 7 years on the council. I must now amend that statement. He allowed a good law as Fullerton Mayor that helps protect our kids from pedophiles to be repealed based on a known false premise. We know at least one group that apparently Mayor Bruce Whitaker is trying hard to earn their votes and that would be Fullerton pedophiles.

    What a guy! What a morally bankrupt guy!

  11. #15 by Barry Levinson on September 6, 2017 - 11:35 am

    Bruce Whitaker ignored my 100% proof that the comment by City Attorney James Touchstone to the City Council last February in support of repealing our Child Sex Offender Residency Law about its blanket coverage was factually totally incorrect. I told Mayor Whitaker by reading the law/ordinance line by line to proof that our law only impacted pedophiles, i.e. child sex offenders not all offenders as was claimed by City Attorney James Touchstone incorrectly. Yet he totally ignored me and the truth and voted anyway to repeal a very good law that helped to protect our children from pedophiles

    What kind of human being does this? ANSWER: MAYOR BRUCE WHITAKER and the rest of our City Council!

    What kind of morally totally bankrupt people do such a thing? ANSWER: MAYOR BRUCE WHITAKER and the rest of our City Council.

    When our elected officials turn their collective backs on the safety and well-being of our children, no decent Fullertonian should ever cast a vote for them again!

  12. #16 by Barry Levinson on October 27, 2017 - 10:38 am

    Definition of a hypocrite: Someone who states one thing and then does the exact opposite. Mayor Whitaker asking for the public to bring questions to him about city government when he had repeatedly failed to answer questions and concerns about malfeasance and maybe worse brought with evidence and facts from me who at the time was still his Park and Recreation Committee appointee is the height of hypocrisy. The fact is that both Whitaker and Fitzgerald are from the exact same cloth. They both have no problem being frauds and hypocrites if they believe it serves the selfish self-centered goals. Hail Mayor Whitaker and Council member Fitzgerald King and Queen of Hypocrisy and Phoniness!

  13. #17 by Bruce Whitaker - Diary of a Fallen Politician on October 27, 2017 - 11:52 am

    With the facts presented above by Mr. Levinson, the only thing that still needs to be done is to make sure as many Fullertonians as possible read the above post. For all of the above actions or inactions by Mayor Bruce Whitaker goes against Constitutional Conservative limited Government and libertarian leaning ideology. Yet time after time Mayor Whitaker’s rhetoric is destroyed by Mayor Whitaker’s actions or inactions. It is amazing that all we as citizens have to do is pay attention to both the words and actions of representatives such as Bruce Whitaker to learn firsthand that they are totally phony and totally corrupt.

    For the first time out of three races for Fullerton City Council, Whitaker did not receive the most votes. In fact the last time he ran in Nov. 2016 he barely finished ahead of weak candidate and third place finisher Jesus Silva. The more Fullertonians know the truth about Mayor Whitaker the more supporters he so rightly looses. Mayor Whitaker has proven time and time again that he does not deserve your support.

  14. #18 by Anonymous on October 28, 2017 - 10:59 am

    I predict that there will be more bad news on the horizon for Mayor Bruce Whitaker.

    It would seem that Mr. Levinson’s Critique might soon expand for the purpose of keeping up with Whitaker’s ongoing failures to properly and honestly represent the people of Fullerton.

    Stay tuned.

    • #19 by Anonymous on November 24, 2017 - 2:21 pm

      Bruce Whitaker has announced his bid for Josh Newman’s Senate seat pending a successful recall. All of this negative PR on this site and you tube is not going to bode well for Mr. Whitaker. There have been far too many cogent points raised on this site. The dems will have a field day.

  15. #20 by Anonymous on October 28, 2017 - 5:09 pm

    Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald are the gifts that keep on giving for honest blog writers.

    • #21 by Anonymous on November 25, 2017 - 10:22 am

      And Tony Bushala’s dirty political influence is the nightmare that never ends as he gave Fullerton both of them. That is his legacy, one of a flopped recall after he dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into propping up that one minute wonderboy puppet Travis Kiger who talked himself right out of the job after like 2 months.

  16. #22 by Barry Levinson on November 22, 2017 - 11:19 am

    Well last night at the November 21, 2017 Fullerton Council meeting, Bruce Whitaker added to his disgraceful record as Mayor and Fullerton Council member.

    While I was speaking to the Fullerton City Council during public comments segment, Mayor Whitaker added lying (or a recent onslaught of Alzheimers or Dementia) to his many sins sitting on our dais. I spoke about the fact that Mike Blackstone of Air Combat Systems, who between himself and his father spent the last 38 years being a tenant at the Fullerton Municipal Airport, met with Bruce Whitaker about the failure of the city to provide him a new lease for his business. When Mr. Blackstone did not receive any follow-up from our Mayor, he decided to attend the last Talk Around the Town that our Mayor holds mostly. You know the one that is heavily advertised that the Mayor will answer the publics questions about any matter concerning our city.

    Well Mayor Whitaker would not acknowledge Mr. Blackstone during his question and answer period although he had his had up throughout that part of the event.

    So after being I believe intentionally ignored by our Mayor, he waited to the very end to approach the Mayor just to have a minute of two of his time. Mayor Whitaker brushed him off stating he had to leave immediately.

    So what did Mayor Whitaker rudely do while I was speaking, he continuously shook his head “No” and mouthed words denying my comments.

    Mayor Bruce Whitaker….What a guy, what a phony politician and What a liar!

  17. #23 by A Fullerton Observer on November 23, 2017 - 11:46 am

    Question To All Fullertonians.
    Does it not bother you that the level of integrity, honesty and transparency on the Fullerton City Council is so incredibly low based on the dozens upon dozens of examples documented right here on the website.

  18. #24 by Fullerton - The Most Corrupt City in Calfornia on November 24, 2017 - 11:55 am

    Watched the last video of the Fullerton City Council meeting held on November 21, 2017.

    From comments from Mike Blackstone, Barry Levinson and Joe Imbriano, it appears that there is another scandal resulting in another huge financial lawsuit (50 million) concerning the improper way the City has dealt with one of its very long time tenants at the Fullerton City Airport.

    It is apparent there are only two ways this ongoing corruption will ever end.

    The first way is that we as citizens replace each and every current city council member with honest and brave representatives that will always put the interests of Fullertonians first. That is no small task.

    The second way is that the OC DA or the Feds investigate the numerous criminal activities that have been ignored way too long. I believe any honest investigation would result in a number of City of Fullerton leaders being arrested for criminal corrupt practices.

    This leads me to another conclusion, Tony R our current long-time DA has got to go now.

    • #25 by Anonymous on November 26, 2017 - 1:54 pm

      Thats just it. You nailed it. As long as he is the DA, the powerful cabal knows nothing will happen.

    • #26 by Anonymous on January 18, 2018 - 8:37 pm

      When are these people going to be held accountable?

  19. #27 by Anonymous on December 5, 2017 - 10:57 am

    Do any of you recall that Bruce Whitaker personally recruited a candidate to siphon votes away from Joe Imbriano in the 2016 Election? This candidate that Bruce personally recruited was perhaps the most unqualified candidate in the entire race with absolutely no knowledge of the local issues. This is a fact as demonstrated by this candidates statements. This person even made sexist and disparaging remarks against men. There was a video of it.

    • #28 by Anonymous on December 5, 2017 - 1:32 pm

      Sue Gapinski was a real class act, let me tell you. Her house rivals Bruce Whitaker’s in terms of pride of ownership.

    • #29 by Anonymous on December 5, 2017 - 8:19 pm

      I think the entire political process in Fullerton has been hijacked by scumbags and staffed by stooges.

    • #30 by Anonymous on December 6, 2017 - 10:25 am

      “perhaps the most unqualified candidate in the entire race”

      You’re describing Joe.

    • #31 by Anonymous on December 7, 2017 - 2:01 pm

  20. #32 by Anonymous on December 6, 2017 - 10:49 am

    Where is the video of last night’s council meeting? It is not up. Did anyone attend? What happened with Hangar 21?

  21. #34 by Bruce Whitaker -Diary of a Fallen Politician on December 30, 2017 - 12:41 pm

    Bruce Whitaker you have not responded to all the valid criticisms spelled out in this post.

    You know that like any good phony politician that when you are caught red handed, the best response is no response.

    Guilty as charged!

    • #35 by Armstrong on January 12, 2018 - 6:55 pm

      Whitaker is the consumate bag man for big money pork projects in the Capital. His donor list is rich with developers and big business. Don’t think for a New York minute that any of his positions will improve as his compensation does. He is a desperate and duplicitous chow hound in search of his next free meal.

  22. #36 by A Fullerton Observer on January 15, 2018 - 4:55 pm

    How could any decent Fullertonian after learning about him above ever consider voting for him again? He is a total fraud.
    Integrity, honesty and courage are all characteristics sorely lacking in one Bruce Whitaker. The fact that he pretends to be something that he is not makes him all the more despicable. He is all bluster and no action just light the cowardly lion in the Wizard Of OZ.

  23. #37 by Anonymous on January 16, 2018 - 5:11 am

    Wow this guy is a complete joke. How the fuck did he get re elected? Are the voters that fucking stupid?

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