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Sex Ed Sharon Quirk Silva, her pit of hell planned parenthood endorsement and her cronies.


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SEX ED SILVA has come a long way from her “socks” days.



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Just about everything in this election can be summarized as pure and simple boil over from The Fullerton School District’s technology plan that is at COMPLETE ODDS WITH The Fullerton Joint Union High School District. THE CANDIDATES JUST WON’T PUBLICLY TALK ABOUT IT.


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Getting away with murder: 33 Police Officers Fire 600 Bullets into Car Knowing It Contained a Hostage

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the first time that out of control police turn into assassins.

We are reminded of what The Fullerton Police department did to an innocent, unarmed homeless man named Kelly Thomas. It was all on camera and they all got away with murder.


Southern California is no stranger to high profile trials. I lived through the Rodney King and OJ Simpson trials and were not surprised by the results handed down from the handpicked, stacked deck jury put together by those playing both sides of the aisle with Rodney King. While I believe that similar circumstances prevailed in the murder trial of two Fullerton police officers, what was remarkably different was the significance of the outcome. As a Fullerton resident, this evil must be addressed as this is as close to home as you can get.

Rodney King was brutally beaten by L.A.P.D. officers. Rodney king was evading police during the act of committing a crime. Rodney King was a very tall, strong and healthy man and RODNEY KING WAS ABLE TO WALK AWAY FROM HIS BEATING AND LIVED TO ATTEND THE TRIAL TO FACE HIS ACCUSERS. KELLY THOMAS WAS NOT AFFORDED THAT LUXURY WHICH WAS ACTUALLY HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

Kelly Thomas was a rather thin, small framed schizophrenic homeless man living on the streets of Fullerton California. Known to many, simply as Kelly, he was a fixture in Fullerton’s downtown area in and around the Fullerton transportation center. Known by local police and by some local area merchants, he was looked upon as a nuisance, a bum, and an eyesore. To others that knew him, he was an honest human being with a giving heart and a free spirit. That, however, would be forever changed on that warm summer evening in July 2011. From then on, Kelly was known to anyone with a functioning conscience, as a homicide victim, an innocent man who was brutally murdered by a gang of thugs employed by the Fullerton police department, and a martyr for the cause of ending police brutality in America and to the ends of the earth.

Kelly Thomas was determined to be an innocent man, guilty of no crime and subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing but not until AFTER being brutally murdered by officers working for the Fullerton police department. His exoneration was conducted post mortem. The city’s own surveillance camera recorded the majority of that fateful interaction with law enforcement that led to the deadly, asphyxiating, electrocution, brutal beat down and dog pile that his body was no match for. Two officers were charged with multiple counts including second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. While this event was recorded and played repeatedly on television and all over the internet, as well as being entered into evidence in the criminal trial’s proceedings, on January 13. 2104, a jury of 8 women and 4 men found 2 officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, not guilty. As a result, a third officer, Joe Wolfe, will not be charged in connection with the death either.

So how do we go from months of public outrage, a successful city council recall, a police chief stepping down, police officers being fired and a seemingly open and shut case to not guilty verdicts?

That sadly, is rather easy for me to answer and I will at the end of this article. The much larger question at hand that I have involves many unanswered and difficult ones. Let us begin with those now.

Dan Hughes became Fullerton’s police chief not long after Chief Mike Sellers went out on stress leave. Dan was the one in charge on duty the night the murder took place. He subsequently allowed the officers to view the pole cam video so the officers could rewrite their reports. Dan Hughes was quoted along the lines of saying some time ago that he had seen the video (city’s pole cam video) 300 times and when you see it, it will change your mind too.

So I am assuming Dan Hughes saw the video as representing acceptable behavior and properly followed police procedures. The FPD expert testimony in the trial contended that no procedures were violated either. The officers were found to be not guilty. Is it therefore safe to assume that Dan Hughes’s and Fullerton’s rehiring the officers will logically follow as they could be legally compelled to do? Why were they fired in the first place? How did Dan Hughes, being a man of this particular persuasion end up bequeathed with command of a one hundred million dollar militarized police department that is akin to a standing army in this bedroom community?

Recently the city’s police chief recently spent $14,000 of taxpayer money to send out a letter briefing the community of the trial, its possible outcome and what I believe to be nothing more than greasing the skids for the officers to walk.

How can the OC Ragister continue to refer to the incident as merely a scuffle, an encounter, a confrontation, an altercation, just a beating, or simply just a death?

The Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackaukas, was the one who brought the charges against two of the officers and chose to personally prosecute this case which I believe was designed to fail.

download (8)

The hired guns for the defense were called in and paid big money. Building lie upon lie, they satanically blamed Kelly’s death on him having a weak heart instead of the blunt force trauma, electrocution and torture inflicted on him and portrayed him as a violent and dangerous person. Cameras were not allowed in the court room. The trial went on for some time and jury deliberations were swift and abrupt yielding not guilty verdicts for the defendants. The very next day the pathetic scum bag controlled media jams the Justin Bieber house egging story down all of our throats as if that is going to change what is inherently wrong with our wheels of justice that appear to turn like those from the stone age.

Here are the tough questions that I have to ask.

If the officers did nothing wrong or illegal, then why were they fired? When will they be coming back to work for Fullerton?

How can Lou Ponsi from the OC Ragister yes the Ragister, over the course of several years, continue to call this brutal murder an “encounter” with police. This was not some sort of a date. How about a “scuffle” or an “altercation”? This was not a playground argument between five year old children over who is next in line for the swing.

How can anyone watch that video, no less than 300 times, and not come to the conclusion that Kelly Thomas died as a result of the actions of the officers? How can that person justify what happened to an innocent man at the hands of those out of control officers?

How can the so called “pillars” of the community (and you know who you all are) come out in support of Dan Hughes and overwhelmingly call for his confirmation by the city council to become Fullerton’s chief of police? In a nation of several hundred million residents, was he the best they had to offer our city?

Did the pillars of the community come to the same conclusion that Dan Hughes did after watching the video themselves? How did these so called pillars of this community rationalize speaking out against those involved in the demonstrations against the brutal murder and what appeared to be a cover up?

How can the city council themselves confirm Dan Hughes, knowing that full well, in addition to his decades long career deep in the trenches of the of the department with its questionable longstanding practices, alleged trains of abuses, that he apparently saw nothing wrong with the actions of those officers?

In the wake of the vacuum created by the Fullerton recall, how did the Fullerton residents elect three council members Flory, Fitzgerald, and Chaffee, who remained totally silent during the ongoing protests against the brutal murder of Kelly Thomas who made absolutely no public statements in regards to these obvious abuses of power?

Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe were fired by the department and yet in the trial, the expert witnesses said they did not violate police procedures. To this very day, there has not been one single solitary law enforcement officer that has come forth and decried the outrageous actions of the individuals responsible for the murder of Kelly Thomas that I am aware of. How can that be? What about their spouses or their children? They certainly showed up in droves to stop the city council from getting a bid for the OC Sherrif’s department to contract out services to them. Heck they even had T shirts done up and had a taco truck in red zone out in front of city hall to make them all feel right at home. So do they all agree with the treatment that was given to Kelly?

Fullerton is known as the education community. Where were all the teachers, principals, and administrators while the outrage lasted for months on the streets of Fullerton? Their presence is remarkably notable lining the streets waiving signs and shouting at the top of their lungs when it involves lining their pockets. What kind of lessons are they really teaching our children in terms of leadership, role modeling and civic responsibility? Is this just another example of the secular humanists’ perspective of moral relativism or just cowardly myopic behavior that I am truly accustomed to observing in my other endeavors dealing with these people? In my opinion, the educational establishment in this town is morally bankrupt.

Fullerton has a vibrant business community. Most of the downtown merchants are liquor peddlers drenching our youth in booze, feeding the jails clients and emptying their pockets in the process. Many business leaders actually came forward in support of the police department speaking out against the “lynch mob” of protesters. What is this some sort of mafia?

The most poignant question of all is where were and are all the churches in this town? Heck they only work one day a week and the other day they work they are just counting the loot, so where are they? Where are the members of its clergy with their 30 million dollar parking structures, 30 million dollar sanctuaries, Hollywood production facilities, ornate brick buildings with stained glass windows, stone altars, donning their long ceremonial robes, flip flops, Hawaiian shirts and forked tongues?



Pastor Wiley Drake from First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park,


WAS THE ONLY MEMBER OF THE BODY OF CHRIST that had the courage, character and decency to show up at the protests and speak out at the council meetings against this heinous murder. What about all the rest of the clergy? He puts his money where his mouth is and runs a homeless shelter on his church property. His humble operation over on Western is a Biblical model not a cash register. With almost 100 churches up and running in Fullerton city limits alone with literally tens of thousands of Fullerton residents in church on Sunday mornings supposedly praising the Lord with their lips, where are the so called men and women of God? Is it still business as usual Sunday mornings with the preachers and priests preaching watered down psychology, entertaining the masses, cracking jokes while passing the plate and picking the pockets of the congregants? Are those in the pews, or the theater style seats staring at the jumbo trons, just going through the motions and kidding no one just like in Wiemar Germany when the ovens were going full blast and the churchgoers wiped the ashes off of their windshields as they left the parking lots Sunday mornings?

images (14)

Kelly Thomas CHOSE to live on the streets and as such, he had a right to do so and enjoy the protections afforded him as an American citizen guaranteed by the Unites States Constitution. Those rights were stripped of him as he bled out in the gutter while the first responders applied band aids to a few of the officers and attended to their minor cuts and bruises.

images (15)

What does all this say about the hour of darkness that so many delusionally mistake for the light? America has been allowing the ripping of unborn children apart in the womb with its tacit approval for the better part of the last 40 years.

Our parents and grandparents are now, right under your noses, falling victim to stealth euthanasia practices in our hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes and now a new level of debauchery has been achieved in 2014. The precedent appears to have now been set. I believe that Kelly Thomas was tried, convicted and executed in the streets by agents of the state on camera, in full view of the whole world and it was apparently all legal. The moral compass of that special handpicked jury directed the officers straight to the lock box containing the keys to the kingdom of darkness on their way out of that courtroom. Their freedom was bought with a price in the worst way imaginable. To this day no one directly involved is sorry for what happened to Kelly on that fateful evening. Like rats in the dark when the light switched gets flipped on, they scurry, scidaddle and blame Kelly for everything. Soon they will sue for their jobs back for more plunder and pillage of this city’s lawsuit damaged, bloated payroll and pension drained coffers yielding the residents third world roads, busted water mains, declining city services and residents that now fear for their lives and this is supposed to be called public service?

The message that the criminal justice system has sent to the residents of Fullerton is clear ladies and gentlemen. According to the results of this trial, and bellied by the eerie results of other recent trials, it appears as if you must submit to any Law enforcement command, lawful or unlawful, or you can be beaten and or murdered by the police department on camera with no recourse. Yes the walls have closed in completely on all of us, or so they want us to think. However, the simple fact remains that in spite of police departments all over the country becoming completely militarized, the American people must and will remain armed to the hilt in order to keep the balance of power in a constant state of equilibrium.

The nature of this crime, and the egregiousness of the verdict is just another component in the macabre nature of the majority of the Fullerton community and its crumbling so called community “pillars”. The majority of this community has spoken in the past with their election day lever pulls for the establishment hacks that re brand the status quo and shove it up our backsides. The majority of this community has spoken by sleeping late on all those Saturday mornings while armchair warrioring waiting for the broken, frozen wheels of justice to turn instead of voicing their outrage when the protests were going over this gruesome act. Has the majority of the community spoken once more by ignoring this verdict and instead concentrating their attentions on the 12 pack, the drive thru and the 300 channel idiot box? Where are all the moms? What has happened to all your maternal instincts? While thousands of parents have willingly chosen to turn a blind eye and ignore that there is a distinct possibility that your children are being irreparably harmed in the wireless classrooms in Fullerton schools and at home, I find it impossible to believe that they can continue to turn a blind eye to the obvious in this case. Will they continue to exchange the truth for believing the thousand dollar an hour defense attorney produced lies that Kelly died totally unrelated to injuries sustained at the hands of those men in black?

images (13)

While I believe that there has been little doubt that the most dangerous place in America for the last 40 years has been in a mothers womb, I have and will continue to contend on this blog as well as directly addressing The Fullerton School District, The Fullerton Joint Union High School District, both Boards of Trustees and The Fullerton City Council, that the mutilation of the unborn issue is now being rivaled and will soon be surpassed by the potential reproductive organ damage resulting from the forced microwave wireless radiation exposure in the classrooms our children are being condemned to. The establishment hacks are entrenched in that operation as well.

It is my sincere belief that as a result of constant wireless device exposure in direct proximity to their sensitive developing reproductive areas, they are being rendered infertile and quite possibly by design. Yes, this is a remarkably bold statement but in light of the fact that a televised murder at the hands of police carries with it no recourse to the victim nor his family, and the end result being justice denied to the community, it is not far fetched at all as we are now living in the Twilight Zone. Up is down, torture is massage, beating is love, good is bad and evil is called good. Stop living in denial people.

images (12)

Fullerton is indeed a tale of two cites. It is a downright demonic, forgone conclusion that the unborn have no semblance of protection, and while it now appears as if the wireless assault on the pre born and young school children has been given carte blanche in Fullerton schools despite the evidence against it, it has now been outdone by the unthinkable: the sanctioning of televised pre-trial public executions.



Yes, what is on the line in my hometown is unparalleled in human history. Here on Fullerton’s soil, I believe the battle rages on several fronts for the the future of humanity. The battle for the rights of the unborn have been raging here for decades in spite of the silent pulpits in these cash register churches.

download (7)


For the last 21 months, I have been fighting for protection from, what I believe to be the wireless microwave radiation exposure induced evisceration of the reproductive capabilities and rights of our children, against servile school administrators, lackey board members, and the wireless industry and tech giant’s intrusion into the laps and classrooms of every last one of our school children flanked by an agenda at the highest levels of power on the planet.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The jury selection process serves them up on a silver platter. When T Rack decided to prosecute this one himself, that was very worrisome. The 12 handpicked sausage links, in my opinion, were handpicked to be clay as all involved in the prosecution are on the same side of the fence as the officers. I believe the case was thrown, allowing Kelly’s character to be asasinated instead of defended, overcharging on and undercharging another and as such, designed to fail. It is all a multi million dollar political theater production in my opinion, and the dog and pony show must go on at all costs. You know what? So does ours. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Remember, these are technically all coworkers in a predatory system that ensnares unawares, its victims in perpetuity. You, your loved ones or your kids could be next.

images (10)

To the countless brave men and women who have loudly made their voices heard at the protests and demonstrations, there is no reward, but rather merely more responsibility. Fullerton is home to another 150,000 more people who did not spend their weekends on the sidewalk in front of the police station demanding justice. To those on the sidelines conscription awaits as you have all been drawn into the battle which rages for the rights of all of us not to be executed at whim by those whom we bankroll to serve and protect us. Looking the other way is no longer an option. Protecting the sanctity of life involves NO COMPROMISE, for to do so only eventually dooms those whom it seeks, by its very nature, to defend. The fence is tipped with electrified barbed wire and cannot be sat upon. Once the slippery slope descent has begun, reversing course becomes exponentially more difficult. Is it too late for Fullerton?

download (5)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am no politician, and am beholden to no one or anything except what I believe to be truth. There is no party line in my book. It is all black and white. The controlled media can spin this all they want. Kelly is dead and he was alive before he met the officers that evening. His heart would probably still be beating today if their paths did not cross on that hot summer evening.

images (11)

What will it take for Fullerton, its leaders, its so called pillars and its residents to wake up from their macabre slumber party? Will any one of our elected leaders lay it all on the line and stand for what is right? Will the Feds step in and pick this thing up? Will the attorneys once again thwart justice and the will of the people, that was clearly blocked by the cherry picked 12 T Rak and his cohorts polished up? Will the esquires use P.O.B.A.R. as a battering ram putting Cicinelli and Ramos back in the driver seats with automatic weapons in the trunk roaming the streets of Fullerton once again?

download (6)

The following letter was provided at the site where Kelly was murdered. The author is anonymous:

“Ever wonder why the jury acquitted the two police officers and with such a speedy verdict? Perhaps the reason is that the jury was stacked in their favor. Everyone knows that Tony Rackauckas has never prosecuted a police officer since he has been district attorney, and that he didn’t want to prosecute this time either. But the crime was so terrible that he had to, or put his career in jeopardy However he only had to go through the motions to satisfy an angry public. I am sure if the truth was known he and the defense were in collusion to stack the jury in their favor, and to put on a very weak prosecution. which he did from the very start. I did not see any witnesses or friends testifying in Kelly Thomas behalf. And of course both police officers took the fifth as not to be put on the stand And for the reason that officer wolf will not be going to trial is pretty simple, I do not think that they can stack a second jury What would happen if a jury found wolf guilty as charged. That would pretty much show that the first jury was selected on their belief that cops can do no wrong. Which is exactly what both the defense and the prosecution wanted, to try and guarantee an acquittal. But I don’t think they thought the jury would have such a speedy verdict. And now it is becoming painfully apparent to many people what actually transpired. What is needed is a federal
investigation in to the misconduct of the orange county district attorney. Maybe then Kelly Thomas and those who are also abused by the police will get justice.”

Where does this all lead? Will this soon become the norm in this country?


May Almighty God have mercy on this city, its leaders, its clergy, its so called pillars, its police department and lastly its residents. May He grant the wisdom and courage that is required to effect the necessary change to ensure that the future generations have a chance to be born, exist, and live freely in world where, what we once took for granted, never becomes a luxury reserved for the select few. And finally, may the cowardly, silent complicity on all levels not bring forth the rotten fruits of its idle labor that most Fullerton residents so wantonly pursue with their horrifying apathy. May it be repented of before it becomes too late for all of us. May God truly help those who committed this heinous act as well as the rest of us to realize that forgiveness is possible but only through true repentance and faith in His Son Jesus Christ. May He help us see the light in this darkness showing all of us the peaceful way out of all of our chains that many embrace so willingly and yet some so abhorrently and that it truly is never too late to do the right thing.

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By Virgina Farver
Thank you for sharing this with our readers Virginia.


To Whom it May Concern:
I would like to respond to the installations of PROW cell towers in L.A., and wanted to share my Story with you. I lost my Beautiful, YOUNG Son from Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer on October 11, 2008. Rich, had attended SDSU ( San Diego State University ) ,and was working and living in San Diego at the time of diagnosis. Diagnosis was March 14th, 2008 and Rich, lived just shy of 7 months. Dr. Verjesh Tantuwaya told the family that his cell phone was the culprit. Tumor location was in the right frontal lobe, and he was right handed -Ispwerlateral.
August 7, 2009 while at home in Colorado I found articles and a video about a,’ Brain Cancer Cluster on the SDSU campus.’ I’ll put the links below, and Rich is the graduate student these are referring too. I immediately started to contact the SDSU Administration and found this
to be futile. I then drove out to San Diego, staying the whole month of October 2009. I met with Professors Nancy Speckmann ( Rich, was her TA ) and Farid Abdel-Nour off campus for meetings. Both Professors told me that my Son spent long hours in Nasatir Hall, ROOM 131 (where most of the brain cancer victims were located ). I was told that my Son would meet with students in this room, study and grade papers, even on weekends.

After arriving back home the SDSU Administration had sent me an Epidemiological Report written by a Dr. Thomas Mack. 3rd paragraph of this report he mentions that he has,’ No known knowledge of chemical or radiation concerns and therefore are none.’ I e-mailed Dr. Mack and he called me at home. I asked him about a specific Cell Tower that is directly outside of Nasatir Hall, and room 131. Dr. Mack denied this could be the cause and SDSU BRAIN CANCER CLUSTER – UCSD BREAST CANCER CLUSTER – CARLSBAD CANCER CLUSTER

I immediately started to contact the SDSU Administration and found this to be futile. I then drove out to San Diego, staying the whole month of October 2009. I met with Professors Nancy Speckmann ( Rich, was her TA ) and Farid Abdel-Nour off campus for meetings. Both Professors told me that my Son spent long hours in Nasatir Hall, ROOM 131 ( where most of the brain cancer victims were located ). I was told that my Son would meet with.

You already know about SDSU.  The UCSD campus had protests on campus in 2009 concerning a,’ Breast Cancer Cluster,’ which involved the Literature Building on campus.  I cannot get the link to come up, but if you type in,’ NYTimes 2009 UCSD Breast Cancer Cluster,’ the 1st LINK.  Dr. Leeka Khiefets was commisssioned by the UCSD campus to help in the investigation.

In this article, if you CLICK on FULL REPORT.  Page 4 shows many other people with cancer than reported.  Page 27 gives a Thanks to Jim Turman from SDG&E., for his help in the investigation.   Dr. Leeka Khiefets works, and does research through the,’ Electrical Power Research Institute.’  UCSD also had an Epidemiological Report written.  The proper procedures for both SDSU, and UCSD should have been Toxicology Studies.  Both of these people should have been eliminated from doing a study.  This was a complete conflict of interest!

In 2010 there was a,’ Cancer Cluster at Kelly Elementary School,’ in Carlsbad.  The report I would like you to look at, will not come up.  If you type in,’ Carlsbad Cancer Cluster,’ there is an article written by Dr. Thomas Mack.  Dr. Mack is the one who wrote the Epidemiological Report for SDSU.   These schools are Covering Up.  Had any of these Schools conducted Toxicology Studies, maybe the whole Smart Grid/ Meters could have been stopped.

The HPWREN cell tower on the SDSU campus is connected to the Lambda Grid, Tera Grid, PRAGMA Grid.  Combined this is the,’ SMART GRID.’  It is also connected to the Inmarsat Satellite:
images (21)

Here is the picture of the HPWREN cell tower at SDSU.  This cell tower is on top of the Communications building on campus, and is located at the highest point.  Nasatir Hall is the building on the lower left, and room 131 is the 1st floor bottom window, closest too you.

These two buildings are approximately 100-150 yards apart.  In the movie, it doesn’t go into it, but notice the dead tree foliage on the surrounding trees.  I took this picture in 2009 when I met these professors off campus for meetings.  They are afraid to lose their jobs, but mostly their lives!

I met an emf expert on campus, fall of 2011 with a very good meter, which could not handle the emissions.  The sad part about it, is there is an outdoor courtyard directly underneath this cell tower at the top of the hill.  While on campus ( every day for 3 weeks with signs ) there were kids sitting under this cell tower most of the time, and for long periods of time.  Below is a list of cell towers near Kelly Elementary in Carlsbad.

Subject: Carlsbad Cancer Cluster –

   I did a search on towers and antennas in the Kelley Elementary area of Carlsbad, CA.  here is what I found.  The sheer # is staggering.  59 towers, 219 antennas.  No wonder the kids are sick.  Distance means distance from school.
Alert! 3 New Tower Applications found within 4.00 miles of Kelley Elementary,Carlsbad, California, United States.
Tower Type ID Num Site Owner Height Dist
Registered (1) Oceanside Fire Department, City Of 40 feet 2.16 miles
(2) Sba 2012 Tc Assets, Llc 37 feet 2.30 miles
(3) Pacific Bell Mobile Services 45 feet 2.84 miles
(4) T-mobile West Llc 29 feet 3.41 miles
(5) Sprint Telephony Pcs, L.p. 50 feet 3.58 miles


Not Registered (1) Cox California Pcs Inc 44 feet .29 miles
(2) Nextel Communications 45 feet .63 miles
(3) Gianni Associates Msi 52 feet 1.11 miles
(4) Us West Cellular Of California, Inc. 37 feet 1.21 miles
(5) Verizon Wireless (vaw) Llc 30 feet 1.33 miles
(6) Attws 65 feet 1.37 miles
(7) San Diego, County Of 400 feet 1.42 miles
(8) Nextel Communications Inc 400 feet 1.44 miles
(9) Crown Castle Usa For Sprint 58 feet 1.44 miles
(10) Nextel Communications 35 feet 1.49 miles
(11) Nextel Communications 73 feet 1.92 miles
(12) Airtouch Cellular 80 feet 2.06 miles
(13) Omnipoint Communications, Inc. 31 feet 2.19 miles
(14) Cox California Pcs Inc 40 feet 2.20 miles
(15) Carpenters Garage Inc. 35 feet 2.25 miles
(16) Cox California Pcs Inc 47 feet 2.63 miles
(17) Airtouch Cellular 60 feet 2.66 miles
(18) Pacific Bell Mobile Services 55 feet 2.70 miles
(19) Pacific Bell Wireless 51 feet 2.74 miles
(20) Pacific Bell Mobile Services 30 feet 2.74 miles
(21) Blank 163 feet 2.75 miles
(22) Verizon Wireless Vaw Llc 33 feet 2.80 miles
(23) Nextel Communications 45 feet 2.91 miles
(24) Pactel Cellular 52 feet 3.11 miles
(25) Oceanside, City Of 60 feet 3.11 miles
(26) Blank 50 feet 3.15 miles
(27) Crown Castle – West Area – Deedee Stout 60 feet 3.17 miles
(28) Blank 60 feet 3.19 miles
(29) Cox Communications 65 feet 3.20 miles
(30) Nextel Communications 31 feet 3.21 miles




unnamed (2)

Establishment protecting, status quo aficionado, Fullerton Observer publisher Sharon Kennedy.

The Observer is a local leftist paper that is about as bent on this towns leftist limousine big government liberal status quo as you can get. I believe that as of late however, it appears to be treading into some very dangerous territory with its printing of what I believe to be libelous and slanderous statements penned by Pam Keller and published by Sharon Kennedy herself that were intended to support the framing and incarceration of two totally innocent community activists, Mr. Barry Levinson and Mr. Alfredo Gutierrez by you guessed-Fullerton police chief Danny Boy Hughes.  Read the rest of this entry »


LAUSD WiFi systems “Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.

images (4)

“Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.


In the Fall of 2014, LAUSD, the second largest public school district in the US, officially accommodated teacher Ms. Anura Lawson by approving her request to have the Wi-Fi turned off in her classroom during the 2014-2015 school year and alternatively approving a reassignment to a different school site where Wi-Fi has yet to be installed.

Lawson-Anura.Reasonable-…dation.092214-2 (1)

The Middle School teacher reported that she fell seriously ill after a wireless system upgrade in her school in Spring 2014.  She described her cardiac symptoms during a May 28, LAUSD Common Core Tech Project meeting. Ms. Lawson also stated, “The students are having nosebleeds and the main offices are refusing to do incident reports.  I have had two seventh grade students bleeding out of their ears.” See

This is the first accommodation in a US public school system for microwave sickness.

Microwave sickness, also known as electro hypersensitivity (EHS), is not widely recognized in the US.  However, physicians in many other countries are familiar with this medical condition and the diagnosis is more common.  EHS symptoms include:  headaches, dizziness, anxiety, rapid heart beat (tachycardia) and irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), ear and nose bleeds, tinnitus, red and irritated eyes, increased mucous and upper airway congestion, itchy skin rashes, abdominal pain, poor focus and attention, memory and sleep problems.

In March 2012, the Austrian Medical Association recognized and developed EHS treatment guidelines.  In the United States, adverse effects were identified before 1988 when a US Air Force Review stated that “Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes.”

The LAUSD Board of Education went ahead with a wireless technology plan in February 2013, even after they were presented with numerous letters from many noted medical doctors and researchers, including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, imploring them to use wired technology in the classroom because of the health impacts from wireless radiation.  See

Wireless LAUSD classrooms typically employ 30+ devices (iPads) in addition to an industrial-sized router. These devices all emit microwave radiation and represent an unprecedented level of exposure to children.

Decades of accumulated research show wireless radiation damages neurological, immune, and reproductive systems in addition to increasing cancer risk.  Professor Olle Johansson, Karolinksa Institute, Stockholm Sweeden, has stated that wireless radiation exposure studies have indicated “irreversible sterility within five generations.”  As this damage is cumulative, the longer the radiation exposure, the greater the health impact over time.

“We are getting reports of headaches and cardiac issues from across the country.  The time to act is now,” stated a spokesperson for the National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST).

NACST is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the health impacts of wireless radiation on children.  They are calling for schools to use wired Internet only.  Their website details both the accumulated research showing wireless radiation’s acute as well as long term health impacts.


The National Association for Children and Safe Technology


Folks this is what is going on with your children once they are dropped off at school.



This is what is going on when you keep a cell phone in your bra


this is what is going on when you drop your kids off at school


This is what is going on when you drop your kids off at school.

images (11)

This is worse than a cell phone in the bra because the antenna is on his zipper. What is this doing to him? How about the young girls? Why did they put the WiFi antenna at the bottom in the middle?

This is the truth about emission levels


This is what they have to look forward to.



This is how it is all plays out right here in your own backyard.

Look gang, what is going on with this stuff isn’t going to take 5 generations to accomplish. An ipad in the lap of your child for years in a classroom will probably be 100 percent effective.

A quick look at Apple’s Important Product Information Guide for the iPad WiFi + 3G reveals that the highest SAR value for the WiFi 2.4 GHz is 1.19 W/kg and for the 1800/1900 MHz cell phone network is 1.18 W/kg, which is typical for SAR values of cell phones. What is the difference? To me, the amount of radiation possibly absorbed by the body looks pretty much the same. And when the iPad or any other tablet, for that matter, is conveniently placed in the lap or on the thighs, the distance between the Wi-Fi transmitter and the human body does not look that “much greater,” anymore. It is the same like holding a cell phone to your head. Or even worse! Since our lap lacks a skull-like shell, the whole-body exposure from an RF transmitter in the lap can be much higher, especially for adolescents and children.

RF exposure levels from the Wi-Fi transmitter(s) directly at a laptop or tablet when e.g. put in the lap or on the thighs can be as high as 120,000 µW/m2 (IMTS study on WLAN 2005) or even as high as50,000,000 µW/m2 (NRW Ministry of Environment brochure on wireless devices 2012). For comparison, the exposure limit for cell tower radiation in Canada is 10,000,000 µW/m2, in Switzerland 100,000 µW/m2, in Ukraine 24,000 µW/m2At 2 feet from the iPad, I still measure peak levels of 5000 µW/m2. The EMF Working Group of the Austrian Medical Association considers any RF levels above 1000 µW/m2 “very far above normal” and above 10 µW/m2 “far above normal.”


The science

THERE ARE  ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX  Reference Links to Peer-Reviewed Studies re RF Microwave Radiation,28,3376




The trigger for all of this begins with the corticle granules in your daughters’ eggs and their releasing of calcium ions from the cortical smooth endoplasmic reticulum in response to microwave bombardment. Hardened eggs equal no pregnancy unless you can get you kids in vitro procedures out of your Obamacare policy


download (1)



apple-3 (2)


The solution-You have two choices-


images (20)




Fullerton California Campaign Central I report, you decide. By Barry Levinson


images-11 (1)Fullerton California Campaign Central

I report, you decide. By Barry Levinson


League of Women Voters Fullerton Candidate Forum, Thursday October 2.

Attendees: G. Sebourn, D. Chaffee, B. Chaffee, J. Rands, S. Paden, R. Alvarez and

L. Bennett


I rated the candidates by using both my knowledge of the issues and the candidates.

I considered whether they answered the question fully and directly; whether they

answered honestly, and how well they presented their points.

This is my rating order.


Greg Sebourn

Jane Rands

Sean Paden

Bill Chaffee

Larry Bennett

Doug Chaffee, Rick Alvarez tied for last


images (17)

Greg Sebourn answered the questions directly. Both his content and his delivery

were good. I believed he gave each question some real thought before he gave his

answers. In other words, his answers did not seem rehearsed or pre-planned. That

is a good thing. We want our leaders to thoughtfully answer questions and not give

rote answers.

Grade: A-


download (13)

Jane Rands also answered the questions directly. I thought it was her best

performance to date. I did disagree with a few of her comments but overall thought

she did a good job with the issues and her presentation as well.

Grade: B+



download (14)

Sean Paden also answered the questions directly. His content was good but his

delivery was bad. He discussed the pension problem, which was the highlight of his

presentation. However, on one question he forgot to turn on his microphone so we

missed his first few sentences of his answer. Overall he was hard to follow because

he spoke to fast and did not speak loud enough.

Grade: C+



images (18)

B. Chaffee did his best and answered all questions honestly. He is a nice man but not

qualified enough to be a good council member in my opinion.

Grade: D+



The last three candidates were very disappointing to me.

download (15)

L. Bennett is a smooth talker and tries to sell himself as a real conservative who

will be a good steward of our finances. Yet he was the campaign manager for the

NO on Recall Campaign in 2012 and a staunch supporter of McKinley, Bankhead

and Jones who helped get us into this financial mess. Two of them (Bankhead and

Jones) voted for the huge police and fire pension spike back in 2002 and McKinley

got a huge bump in his pension thanks to that vote which was retroactive for all

active safely employees. That pension spike allows safety employees to retire with

90% of their last year’s pay after 30 years of service as early as 50 years of age.

McKinley hired some bad cops in my opinion that have already cost the taxpayers

approximately 2 million dollars and going higher.

Bennett kept his comments very vague. For example, he mentions the need for

pension and retire health care reform but is totally silent on how he intends to

accomplish this goal. He also does not tell us what pension reform will look like. He

also repeatedly in his campaign has mentioned that he is a consensus builder. I have

a real problem with that claim. As stated above, it was Larry Bennett who was the

campaign chairman for the No on Recall in 2012. This was a very contentious and

divisive issue, regardless of what side you were on. It was certainly not a consensus

building process.

Grade: D-




R. Alvarez gets a failing grade for two reasons. First for making at least one huge

misleading statement and two for failing either in this forum or on his campaign

website to even mention the biggest financial problem facing Fullerton taxpayers,

which is the $182,000,000 unfunded pension liability and the unfunded retiree

health insurance liability. His misleading statement concerned his position on

the Downtown Core and Corridor Project (DCCSP). He stated that he has “serious

concerns” about the DCCSP. Ladies and Gentlemen, R. Alvarez voted to approve the

DCCSP as a member of the Planning Commission just a few short months ago despite

his “serious concerns”. Enough said on that issue.

Grade: F



download (16)

D. Chaffee also gets a failing grade for misinforming the public. He stated in his

closing arguments, which ladies and gentlemen are prepared remarks the following:

He said he is “supported by the Orange County League of Woman Voters”. The

moderator had to remind the audience at the end of the forum that the League is


opinion he had a hard time coming up with the answer to why he deserves to get

reelected. Looking forward to participating in Love Fullerton Day next May did not

strike me as a really good reason to vote for or reelect any candidate.

Grade: F


Why the FJUHSD crosses the line and why The Voters Within The Fullerton Joint Union High School District Should Vote “No” On Measure I

Why The Voters Within The Fullerton Joint Union

High School District Should Vote “No” On Measure I,

a $175,000,000 Bond Issue.

By Barry Levinson
images-11 (1)

Throughout this year I received three color brochures from the Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD).

Each brochure mentioned that they are considering a new bond issue. Finally on
August 5th, the school board voted to place this $175,000,000 25-year
bond on the November 4, 2014 ballot. The added cost to the taxpayer
will be $19 per $100,000 of assessed property value. If your home is
assessed for $500,000, your added tax burden will be $95 per year for
25 years. Taxpayers must remember that the $175,000,000 price tag is
the principal value of the bond. We the taxpayers are on the hook for all
the interest as well, which easily doubles the total cost.

It was irresponsible that the board waited until the very last minute to
make its’ decision to place this bond before the voters. Taxpayers will
be saddled with this increase in property taxes for decades, while the
voters have only three short months to consider this huge bond issue.
What the district will not voluntarily mention is that we the taxpayers
will still be paying off the last FJUHSD bond approved in 2002 for
another 13 years.

Marilyn Buchi

Andy Montoya

Robert N. Hathaway

Barbara Kilponen

Robert Singer Ph.D.

The bond will be repaid over a 25-year period. However, the list of
things that the school district wants to use the bond money for are both
long-term and short-term projects. Finance 101 states that it is bad
economic policy to finance short-term projects with long-term money.
For example, a prudent person would not take out a 25-year loan to
finance the purchase of a new computer with a useful life of only 3 or 4

A responsible board would have proposed this bond issue at least 3-6
months earlier in the year. It seems the board purposely waited until
the very last moment to spring this very large bond issue on the public.
A school board more concerned with transparency and openness would not have waited so long.

They still have not provided the public with
the details we will need to make an informed decision. According to one
current board member, the board members themselves have not been
given a specific accounting on how the money will be divided by school
and by project. Good governance requires better, and we the people
demand better from every member of this board and from our

download (12)

Do not attempt to adjust the resolution. Seeing things clearly is not my intention.

Under Superintendent’s Bond Resolution Remarks – August 2014,
Superintendent Giokaris states the following, in part:
“Bond financed projects will address facilities needs for repairs,
upgrades, and improvements in the following areas if approved by the
voters.” He goes on to state: “During the economic crisis that began in
2008/2009 and still continues, the District’s operating budget was
reduced by $14 million each year. While we have managed with 11%
fewer dollars to improve our programs and student achievement, there
is no money left to address facilities needs.”

The Superintendent is inferring that much of that $14 million yearly
reduction in the FJUHSD operating budget was taken from facilities,
including the repairs and maintenance the district now wants to
complete with part of the bond proceeds. If I do a little old fashioned
math, you will see that as much as $84 million ($14 million x 6 years)
has been diverted away from facility repair and maintenance. Now the
district wants the taxpayers to bail them out and to help cover up their
poor financial management for the last six years. I say to voters within
the FJUHSD, that we should not reward the district for their poor
decisions. Let the district acknowledge that they made poor choices in
the past and that going forward they will now live within their means.
Please note that the FJUHSD has one of the highest average payrolls of
any school district in Orange County.

There are 13 Bond Money Project Areas that are identified in the
Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet. For example one project
category is Competitive Athletic Facilities and Physical Education, which
includes to “Renovate/modernize/expand/upgrade existing facilities
district-wide”. Under Gymnasiums it includes painting. Under Sports
fields/tracks it includes all weather tracks, new and/or artificial turf.
Under Baseball/softball fields it includes field/infield renovation, newgrass and/or artificial turf.

None of the items that I have just mentioned
will last 25 years or more. Clearly repairs should have been done on a
regularly scheduled basis as part of a well thought out maintenance
plan. But your tax dollars to repay the new bond issue will be spent on
repairs and maintenance as well as long-term improvements. Why is this
important to bring up to the reader? The simple answer is that while
some of these repairs and maintenance projects will only last 5 or 10
years, we the taxpayer will be paying for it for 25 years. Does that mean
the board will come back again in another 10 years or so to ask for more
tax money to repair these items once again? Why has the district failed
to set aside the proper amount of annual funds to take care of the usual
repair and maintenance items that are very predictable?

The Superintendent states as I mentioned previously that there was a $14
million reduction in the district’s operating budget for the last 6 plus
years. Why hasn’t the district made the proper adjustments to take care
of these repair and maintenance needs of the district during that
time frame? The taxpayers deserve answers to these questions
While the school board is blindly following the new and unproven
Common Core requirements from state bureaucrats with virtually no
parental involvement or consent, the board at the same time wants a
boatload more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

I ask of you, as taxpayers, citizens and parents:

 Does it sound fair that the same school board who is marching in
stride with state-wide bureaucrats to take away our local control of
our schools is asking us to give them hundreds of millions more of
our hard-earned tax dollars?

 Does the fact that they either do not have or have not shared with the
public any detailed accounting of how the money will be spent by
school or by project seem open and transparent?

 Does it make good fiscal sense that they have listed many projects
whose useful life will be long gone a decade or two before we finally
pay for the bond itself?

 Does it make any sense that we the taxpayers should bail out the
district for their poor financial management of the school budgets for
the last six years?

The only logical answer to these questions is “No”.
Vote “No” on Measure I, the $175,000,000 FJUHSD bond issue.

images (16)

From: George Giokaris <>;

Subject: RE: Campaigning on School Property
Sent: Tue, Oct 7, 2014 12:08:56 AM


Dear Mr.
I did not invite Mayor Chaffee to the meeting and I did not ask him to advocate support for the bond.  I know that to do  so is a violation of District and legal guidelines. Neither Mayor Chaffee or I knew that each other would be at the meeting, and neither of us knew what the other person was planning to say at the meeting.   Thank you for writing me and asking for a clarification.
Attached is the factual information that I passed out and discussed, which is also posted on the District’s Website.  District legal counsel has advised that the attached information is factual and neutral.
If  PTA members are using school facilities and equipment for phone banking, they are doing so in violation of District and legal guidelines.  Phone banking is taking place at private businesses in Brea, Fullerton and La Habra.  If you have any information that phone banking is  taking place at District schools, please let me know immediately so it can be stopped.
Again, thank you for contacting me.
George Giokaris
C: Board of Trustees

Sent: Monday, October 06, 2014 1:43 PM
To: George Giokaris
Subject: Campaigning on School Property
Dr. Giokaris,
I heard something quite disturbing today and wanted to get your side of the story.  What I heard would demonstrate a massive lapse in judgement which I just cannot fathom coming from you.  I heard that you had Doug Chaffee advocating support for the bond on the Troy High School campus today and that you have PTA members using school facilities and equipment for phone banking and campaign organizing.  Please let me know if any of this is true.




“Hello Indians!

I hope everyone has had a great start to their year and have settled in nicely to all that the Tribe has to offer. Attached to this email are some documents to help you understand Measure I that you will see on your ballot on November 4th.  Please take a moment to look over the general information and the more specific information to FUHS.  While not all the work needed at the school will get done if this measure is passed, a lot will be. This means that no matter the project, every student will benefit from the scope of work that is completed under this measure.  Thank you for all you do for the school, your students and as always, Go Tribe!


Rani Goyal



By my reading of page 2 of this fact sheet from the California School Boards Association, even CSBA interprets using the email list as crossing the line, and CSBA is probably one of the friendliest groups to the idea of school districts sending out school bond literature.


On page 1, CSBA notes there are three categories of activities designated by the State Supreme Court regarding public resources on election issues:

  • Permissible informational activities
  • Impermissible campaign activities
  • Unclear activities which require further analysis based on the “style, tenor and timing” of the activity

Even if we generously interpret this document as falling in the “unclear activities” category (if we accept for the sake of argument that the email/attachment never expressly advocates).  However, using the email list just two weeks before the election certainly causes “style, tenor and timing” problems.

A more reasonable interpretation that it’s impermissible campaign activities.  That entire “The Why” section and possibly the last bullet of “District’s Facilities Needs” are express advocacy by my reading.

Under Education Code Section 7054, it appears either the FPPC or the DA could bring an enforcement issue against the district for this.


Cell towers and wireless microwave emissions

images (86)

hidden-cell-tower-5 (1)

Wireless radiation exposure  to OUR CHILDREN-THE MORAL ISSUE OF OUR TIME-Joe Imbriano  Read the rest of this entry »


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