Autism and the designer elimination of the Alpha Male

ASD is about 4 times more common among boys than among girls. Boys had a higher chance of having autism or developmental disability than girls, working out to 1 in 27 chance of autism in boys. In the last 17 years, Autism rates have increased from 1 in 150 to 1 in 36.

There is an Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males…..Documented and Proven.

It involves rewiring the Human Brain to Train it for Obedience and Violence. Enter stage left The Psychological Reality of Military Training.

Enter stage right the unjust wars and video games that have been in place now with the war on terror and the ubiquitous internet access with endless gaming opportunities.

The final death knell to the Alpha Male comes from the wireless and vaccine agendas that has caused the Autism epidemic. I have explained the causes of Autism in great detail right here. Fight for the children before you have to fight your children folks. We will be surrounded with millions of men someday that will be impossible to deal with as a society. It is preventable. Get informed and get involved. Please read this article below in its entirety and share it with everyone you know. Our future as a nation and society depends on it.


Ferritin and iron levels in children with autistic disorder

Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP) Radar and microwave absorbing materials





autism-emf (1)



I had originally posted this on 3-27-13 but decided to pull it. However, I feel now is the time for this side of the story to be told.  I have added some revisions to bring it up to date with respect to recent developments in our quest to end what I believe to be the largest forced irradiation of children  by a trillion dollar industry that the world has ever seen, AND HOW AND WHY IT NEEDS TO COME TO AN END.

What originally began as a quest to get the WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT AND WIRELESS SYSTEMS out of my children’s Fullerton School District classrooms has led to a miraculous hope-that is to prevent newborn and infant children from becoming Autistic and a remarkable hypothesis-the possible connection of pulse modulated microwave EMF emissions’ interactions with metals that induce electrical currents which result in demyelination of neurons, mitochondrial DNA damage resulting in disruption of methylation pathways, the involvement of forced vaccinations, barbaric hospital birthing procedures such as immediate umbilical cord clampings, pitocin and epidural administration at birth, and the role a certain form of iron plays in all of this unfolding epidemic of Autism. WE ARE BEING LIED TO ABOUT ALL OF THIS FOLKS. THE DANGERS ARE AS REAL AS THIS EPIDEMIC.

In the summer of 1983, I was working in a fast food restaurant while I was in high school.  It was my lunch time and I wanted to reheat my burger from earlier that I didn’t have time to finish.  Foolishly, I put it in the microwave in its shiny foil wrapper.  I pushed the power button and what happened next, I will never forget.  The dielectric breakdown of air, as a result of tremendous voltage spikes (roughly equal to 3,000,000 volts per meter) and the resulting high concentrations of electric charge on the metal wrapper, generated by the magnetron inside the resonant cavity we call a microwave oven, was glowing blue and white right in front of my very eyes.  30 years later, I bring this up to demonstrate what we all know TO BE TRUE, that microwaving certain metals is dangerous PERIOD!

Pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation levels that we are all exposed to today in the frequency ranges that approach, equal or exceed the frequency at which the maximum dielectric loss of water occurs are in some cases trillions of times the levels that we and our parents were exposed to as children. These emissions are three dimensional and penetrate our cells, including those of  the unborn. Nothing humanity has ever been faced with before can rival the pervasiveness of this threat to all of our health, especially the most vulnerable among us, the unborn and the young.

Although the levels of microwave radiation drop off inversely proportionately with distance from these devices, you must realize just how close these transmitters are being used to the unborn and the infants. Look around right now. Look where the antennae are located on your iPad and laptop.

Over half of all women in the world experience anemia during their pregnancy and certain metals, depending on what particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum they are exposed to, such as BASF_Carbonyl_Iron_Powder_CIP_DS_USL_sfs.pdf can actually absorb the microwave radiation instead of amplifying it. To stop the fireworks show of a fork in a microwave oven, simply coat the fork in a resin containing carbonyl iron powder, microwave it, and the fork will get hot but will not create an electrical discharge.  I remember that it looked like the 4th of July inside that microwave oven.  I believe that the basic physics involved in that simple event lends tremendous insight into what is going on inside the brains, intestines, and all the way down to the mitochondrial DNA of the EMF sensitive, vulnerable sub-populations such as the unborn, newborns, infants and school children, and the role these microwave emissions play in Autism.

The brain contains about 100 billion neurons  and the  intestine contains roughly 100 million. Both the gut and the brain are where Autistic children show abnormalities. I firmly believe that both the gut and the brain are being affected by the microwave EMF emissions that have become increasingly prevalent in our lives.

Autism is a term used to describe a broad spectrum of brain disorders. It is a complex diagnosis, and rightfully so as  I believe that many children that receive the Autism diagnosis are really suffering brain and intestinal injuries as a result of several factors.  The predominant mechanism that I believe is driving the current new rise of Autism rates into orbit is discussed at length in this article and that is pulse modulated microwave EMF emissions acting upon metallic compounds and nanotechnology creating voltage discharges which demyelinate neurons in the brain, destroy glial cells, specifically astrocytes, interrupting methylation pathways by damaging mitochondrial DNA, and disrupting the colonization processes of fetal intestinal flora by selectively killing off specific microwave sensitive strains that would normally be present in an environment which exposes the unborn and infants to unprecedented levels of these microwave emissions. No generation throughout human history has ever been faced with this.

To repeat, the involvement of the contents of the battery of forced childhood immunizations, hospital birthing procedures such as the barbaric immediate umbilical cord clampings, as well as the out of control pitocin and epidural administrations at birth which are also contributing, driving forces behind the Autism epidemic. These are discussed at length later in this article.

We know that Autism is a brain disorder. The fact is that the brain is an electrical system.  I believe that the current explosion in the current Autism epidemic is largely an electrical problem.  Microwaves are electromagnetic waves containing energy. These waves of energy, because of their specific properties, are most readily absorbed by waters and fats. Myelin, which is present in extremely sensitive and immature form in infants which is the insulation of the neurons, has the highest cholesterol content of any part of the body with a 70% fat composition.  The brain is 90% water and fats. These voltage discharges in the presence of metals when coupled with the known demyelinating effects of the mercury exposure that  children are being subjected to from immunizations simply compounds the epidemic. Demyelination of the autistic brain is confirmed, just not widely recognized. We aim to change that.

As long as the MMR vaccine continues to be administered in its present form, there have and will clearly continue to be demyelination as a direct result of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis from the MMR vaccine which involves a separate mechanism that operates irrespective of the EMF emissions and does cause Autism. Sadly, even if the mercury (thimerisol) is removed from the immunizations, the mechanism will remain in place and the explosion of Autism will continue to increase, as I will go into more detail on later, because the mercury exposure is simply being substituted or replaced by ever increasing levels of  microwave radiation exposure reacting with other metallic nano compounds such as aluminum and other metals from the environment as well as the aluminum metallic nano particles in the vaccines. That is precisely what is being observed and the rates keep going up. Human fetal cell line manufactured vaccines contribute to the epidemic as well.


The following article explains the observations found in an Autistic brain.

In what I have written in this article here before you today, I am providing several mechanisms which I believe that which has long since been observed is sadly being accomplished.

Sometimes something so simple can remain hidden in plain view either by accident or by design.  You be the judge of that.  I believe that the elusiveness of this  foe called Autism facing this generation is about to come to an abrupt end if  the medical and scientific communities can muster the integrity and courage to address these causes and rethink their symbiotic, predatorial relationships with the drug companies and the wireless industry.

Ironically, I believe that it appears that the missing link in this mystery has been hiding right under our noses, in our homes, hospitals, doctors’ offices, workplaces and now, it is heading right for our children’s classrooms and their laps.

Is there a link between the prevalence of microwave emission bombardment of  populations, anemia and Autism? Sources of high power density microwave EMF emissions like iPads, laptops, smart meters behind your headboards, dect phones on the nightstands, wifi routers, xbox consoles, microwave ovens, wireless security systems, wireless baby monitors, cell phones, cell towers, microwave relay towers, cell towers, WiFi repeaters, various wireless tablets, wireless printers, wireless tower computers, wireless mouses, wireless TV’s, wireless DVR’s, children’s video gaming consoles (EVEN WHEN THEY ARE TURNED OFF THEY EMIT UNLESS THE UNIT IS UNPLUGGED), wireless gaming controllers, high gain broadcast antennae, high gain high powered microwave radar installations and the ubiquitous hidden RF modules litter the landscape like broken bottles did in the empty lots when I was a kid growing up. We knew all too well to stay away from the glistening sharp pieces all over the place back then.

Why then, are we so drawn to these black box hazards today? Is it because they are jamming them down our throats? Oh they color some of them white but nonetheless, they are still like jagged pieces of broken glass all over the fields when I was a kid.  These things are sources of damaging emissions. This can no longer be ignored. The researchers need to start looking where they should, not where they are being directed by the powers that be.

When did you get your first cell or cordless phone, around 1993? How about WiFi, around 1998? When did the smart meter end up outside your bedroom?  Now when did you get your iPad, wireless tablets, laptops, TVs, dvr’s, video game systems, controllers, printers, and security systems? Micorwave ovens are a problem but you dont keep one in your lap when you are pregnant do you? An ipad in your lap emits as much microwave radiation as what you would receive standing in front of the microwave ovenwhen ot is on.

Listen, cell towers are bad, but believe it or not, microwave EMF levels are much higher in your home. They are even much greater in high density housing and what is most disturbing is the EMF levels in wireless classrooms.  Most workplace levels are much higher than one might think as well. One in 50 O.C. kids have Autism?  Could it be even higher? Will the numbers go higher? I believe they will.  Please hear me out on this folks.  Expecting mothers and vulnerable sub populations: You are being bathed in these emissions.

When I came upon the following Wall Street Journal article during my daily read, which at face value, appeared to be very confusing, I realized that if I read between the lines, that it provided 2 key points about Autism: the possible cause and  the possible solution.

Autism Linked to Environmental Factors New Studies of Air Pollution, Pesticides and Iron Bolster Evidence Tying Developmental Disorder to Influences in Womb.

I had been doing extensive research on the effects of microwave EMF emissions on various metals as related to my need to clearly understand the interactions of the classroom WiFi networks’ and WiFi enabled devices’ emissions with items in the classroom and the children present.  What I discovered was rather remarkable. I read over a study on asphalt mixes. When carbonyl iron was added to an asphalt mix during the manufacturing process, it increased the microwave absorption by 15X as opposed to plain asphalt.  I remembered  that carbonyl iron was commonly taken as an iron supplement.  I could not believe my eyes.  So the following research paper on asphalt manufacturing  also fits into the puzzle:


This simplified snippet explains how the metals possibly get into the brain and remember that the brain controls the gut:

The Blood Brain Barrier (“Keep Out”)

Anemia shows up in almost all of Autistic children :

So there must be something going on with iron levels or something is happening to the iron such as bone marrow incorporation as a result of EMF exposure. There are some  simple explanations as to why the iron and ferritin levels are not where they should be in the newborn and infants besides heredity. The first cause comes from the lack of available iron or folate in the womb where the mother’s diet is deficient in folates as well as elemental iron. Consequently, so becomes the developing child. The important link between folates and anemia is that when folates are present, it aids the production of healthy red blood cells which help transport oxygen throughout the body. Anemia develops with the lack iron and of folates in the body due to the lack of production of healthy red blood cells. Folate levels and anemia could very well be connected if an individual has a hard time absorbing this B vitamin through regular dietary intake and has a greater need for this vitamin. Pernicious anemia results from eating poorly nutritious foods, microwaved foods, and alcohol consumption, especially during pregnancy as these upset this balance. It can be noted that iron levels can rise quite easily through the supplementation of folates and iron. It is very simple to remedy.

In the brain, there is a certain type of cells that are largely responsible for distributing iron in the brain as they posses transporters for several forms of iron. They are a type of glial cells called astrocytes which help make up the blood brain barrier. Under normal circumstances, astrocytes can accumulate and hold large amounts of iron. This is where the shielding properties of elemental iron (a known microwave absorber) are naturally employed by the body in protecting the developing  brain from the EMF microwave bombardment in or out of the womb from wireless radiation emissions. This prevents the microwave energy’s interaction with metals that would otherwise create the damaging voltage discharges to the neurons and the mitochondrial DNA. Not only does the iron they hold protect the developing brain which lacks mature myelin sheathing from the EMF emissions, but the iron stored in the astrocytes actually protects the astrocytes themselves from the wireless bombardment. The astrocytes also regulate the transmission of electrical impulses within the brain and are are responsible for the promotion of the myelinating activity.  In an environment where our bodies are replete with wireless microwave radiation exposure, without an adequate intake of the proper forms of iron, the astrocytes are doomed and with them go all of their protective and regulatory functions. In this environment, the voltage discharges in the presence of metals and other compounds, continue unabated in their negatively influencing the immature myelin insulation properties of the neurons and destruction of mitochondrial DNA. Low iron equals no or low EMF protection period!

There is much published regarding Voltage-gated calcium channels and their involvement in Autism. As they mediate calcium influx in response to membrane depolarization, one would expect these pathways to be disrupted by the voltage discharges in the absence of proper iron levels in the presence of certain metals that exposure to EMF/RF emissions in and out of the womb induce. I believe that this is the mechanism by which  this is accomplished and it clearly explains what is observed in the medical literature.

I wanted to briefly mention a particularly inhumane and common procedure in childbirth that has always deeply concerned me. I believe that it is primarily driven by obstetricians and hospital staff  in general who are simply following hospital protocols designed in large part to comply with malpractice insurance requirements. Largely focusing on the slight risk of hemmorrage, ironically, the obstetricians appear to be clueless or willfully ignorant of any danger to the newborn incurred by it. More often than not as of late it is necessitated as a result of the pharmacological agents being routinely administered upon admission such as pitocin.  It occurs during term deliveries.  It is the routine medical practice of  clamping the pulsating umbilical cord shortly after delivery of the child which I believe is a form of asphyxia. It interrupts the placental oxygenation and delays the pulmonary oxygenation. This lack of oxygen to specific areas of the brain, caused by lack of proper blood flow to the respective capillaries is also involved.  This is something I personally strongly oppose and I never had done with any of my four children. The following links are of interest:

Cord clamping  stops the placental transfer of blood dead in its tracks at a crucial moment in the newborns life right as the changeover to breathing through the lungs takes place as the umbilical delivery of oxygen ceases. This clearly substantially lowers blood volume and iron stores in the newborn as well as results in hypoxia.  The lack of available oxygen, blood and iron at that crucial moment, I believe, sets the stage for anemia,  and a myriad of other conditions. With respect to Autism, I believe that cord clamping plays a role as it has been implicated in causing anemia in the newborn, and anemia has been demonstrated to be a common denominator in almost all Autistic children. Of course at times, cord occlusion naturally occurs as well and simply cannot be avoided. However, I believe that umbilical  cord clamping prior to the cessation of the pulsing cord and delivery of the placenta should always be avoided if at all possible. After both of the lungs are functioning, the cord vessels close reflexively on their own. There is no need to prematurely intervene. What must come to mind is that no newborn can absorb iron from dietary iron intake. Cord clamping robs the newborn of up to 50% of its blood volume and with it the iron.  For the first few months of life,  the newborn can only use what it has stored. This creates an infant who will be susceptible to the damaging effects of EMF emissions in their environment as their brains continue to develop without the protection that normal iron stores would have afforded.

Fetal oxygen deprivation can occur with epidurals as well. With administration rates approaching 100% and with multiple epidural administrations becoming more common, I believe that there is a direct correlation to the incidence of Autism especially when multiple epidurals are administered. Epidural administration can result in hypotension which is sudden decrease in blood pressure. It is a known short as well as long-term side effect associated with epidural anesthesia. When a woman in labor is administered an epidural, her blood pressure drops thereby substantially reducing the amount of oxygen will be available to the fetus. In addition, it can cause a blood supply reduction to the placenta, which may warrant a C-section which further reduces the iron stores and outcome if the baby becomes distressed.  After delivery, the baby may continue to suffer from hypotension. and how would anyone know? Who checks babies’ blood pressure?

Almost without exception, women upon arrival to the hospital are administered a drug called Pitocin to induce labor. This is done to speed the delivery and minimize the hospital stay.  I have studied the apparent link between Autism and Pitocin administration as it has also been alleged to have some involvement  in Autism:

I, however, arrive at a very different conclusion. Pitocin (oxytocin) has been around for decades. I believe that what is actually being observed in those studies, is that in all term deliveries where Pitocin is administered, due to hospital protocol, the cord is immediately clamped and not delayed at all.  We believe that it is the asphyxia and anemia inducement in the newborn caused by immediate cord clamping that is really driving the perceived Pitocin involvement in Autism and not the  physiological actions of Pitocin. I firmly believe that for the most part, with the exception the vaccine induced events,  Autism is primarily a disease of electromagnetic exposures. The effects of the microwave radiation on the physiology of an unborn child or infant whose iron stores are not sufficient to combat the ongoing microwave EMF bombardment by iron’s microwave EMF absorptive properties and the subsequent net effect of EMF shielding of the sensitive developing brain are disastrous. The observed associations with induced labor were particularly pronounced in male children. If the EMF exposure is the real culprit, then the boys would be most affected and susceptible in an anemic environment because they have a thinner blood brain barrier.

Another cause of the infant being anemic is the prevalence of Cesarean section procedures which clearly reduce blood volumes of the newborn and consequently lower iron stores.  So again we must remember that the majority of Autistic children are deficient in iron.

There is a higher incidence of Autism in children of diabetic mothers. Anemia is a well known common complication of diabetes.

Autism has been linked to pregnant women who took psychiatric medications. These medications most commonly cause aplastic anemia:

Autism has been linked to prenatal and perinatal analgesic exposure. Analgesics, specifically Parecetamol or Acetominophen products.

These medications cause anemia:

These medications like Tylenol, which is the number one doctor recommended headache medicine in the world, is commonly taken by pregnant women.

It is alleged that these analgesics cause depletion of brain glutathione levels.

In reality it is the wireless microwave EMF radiation exposure that is reducing the brain glutathione levels:

Why are pregnant women taking Parecetamol or Acetominophen products? It is for their headaches.  Remember Tylenol is the number one doctor recommended headache medicine.

Their wireless environment is making them have headaches.

There are many studies that link Autism to pesticide and chemical exposure.  Pesticide and chemical exposures lead to anemia:

CHE Toxicant and Disease Database-aplastic anemia

There are studies that link obesity to Autism:

Maternal Metabolic Conditions and Risk for Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Fats more readily absorb microwaves.

Anemia is very common in obese expecting mothers:

PNSS Health Indicators

There are many studies that link Autism to living near freeways.

The air pollution levels in this country have been on the decline for decades. When I was growing up, my lungs commonly hurt, my eyes burned and you could see, feel and taste the pollution. What do you find near freeways? Pollution of course but what kind? Metals from brake dust, particulate matter from exhaust, and noxious gases. They have been around forever. I grew up and lived for 30 years within 1000 feet of a freeway. No one in my neighborhood with hundreds of children within a stone’s throw had Autism. What do we find near freeways today? You will find a plethora of microwave emitting cell towers, antenna arrays, and high density housing with large amounts of people who spend most of their time indoors exposed to EMF from closed quarter contact with multiple WiFi routers, wireless computers, laptops, tablets, wireless phones, microwave ovens, wireless gaming systems from multiple families all in close proximity to each other.

Autism And Pollution Study Links Autism With Prenatal Exposure To Traffic Pollution

The next interesting piece in this puzzle was in the recent W.S.J article that found that women exposed to high levels of air pollution had a 40%-50% higher incidence of autistic children.  Polluted air contains some quantities of  metals.  It got me thinking about smoggy places and I realized that where the air is the most polluted.  Air pollution is prevalent in a majority of large metropolitan areas.  Large metropolitan areas have high density housing as well as high density office buildings with residents that spend very little time outdoors.  These high density housing and workplace settings expose the occupants to very high levels of microwave EMF emissions by virtue of the fact that almost every conceivable housing unit and office has at least one if not multiple smart meters, microwave ovens, WiFi routers, laptops, video gaming systems, tablets, and cordless phone base stations blasting through all of the paper thin walls 24/ 7 both at home and at work, conceivably exposing the inhabitants to potentially much higher levels of microwave radiation than anyone realizes. Add into the equation, the lack of outdoor areas to spend time away from the EMF emissions.  Multiply the number of paper thin walled housing or office units times the power level of the typical router and then add the EMF exposure from the proliferation of cell towers in large cities, the household or workplace use of tablets, laptops, microwave ovens and even occupational WiFi and WiFi enabled device exposure and you have massive microwave EMF exposure. The effects of RF exposure ares cumulative. Take an EMF meter outside and drive by an apartment building or office building and you will get almost the same readings as if you were driving by a cell tower.

So what about the environmental pollution’s connection to Autism?  Once again, it bears repeating that pollution levels, once again have been declining for decades. The US has been virtually de-industrialized and regulations have really cleaned up what industries remain here. So with the  tetra-ethyl lead out of the gas for almost 30 years, lead out of the paint for decades, and the lead out of the pipes for just as long, then why would declining levels of environmental toxins such as lead be increasing Autism rates?

What about mercury? Mercury is no longer widely used in the dental fillings, no longer in the antiseptics like mercurochrome, supposedly no longer in the vaccines, no longer as prevalent in the air as most of the coal fired power plants have gone offline or are thousands of miles away, most cement kilns have gone overseas, incinerators no longer exist to burn our trash, mining operations have been curtailed, our waterways  and consequently our water supplies are not loaded with industrial waste as in the past, and almost all of the chlor alkali plants have switched to mercury free processes. Granted the high fructose corn syrup that has become ubiquitous still contains mercury but overall, Mercury levels in the environment have drastically declined. Sure the CFL light bulbs have them but how many have you broken in your home and breathed in lately? Why are declining mercury levels being associated with rising Autism rates? It does not make sense.  One of several things is going on here. The only way that toxins whose concentrations are are declining in the environment could be responsible for an increase in Autism is if some natural defense against these things is being affected by some environmental influence. I believe that microwave EMF emissions do just that. I believe the microwave EMF emissions that open the blood brain barrier of the fetus and infant and let these toxins in when in the past, without the microwave exposure, they would have never made it past the blood brain barrier. Once inside, the actual damage to the brain is being caused by EMF emissions interacting with other metals inside the brain creating electrical discharges in the developing child’s brain. Either way the microwave EMF emissions are clearly implicated in my opinion.  No matter how you slice it, the EMF emissions do not get a pass.

We believe that this is how these puzzle pieces fit together to solve the mystery of how electromagnetically induced Autism can be prevented:  Carbonyl iron is a common form of iron prescribed and can be taken in supplement form. Carbonyl iron is a pure form of iron that is widely used as a food additive and has been widely utilized for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. When ingested, it requires gastric acid from the stomach to become soluble. Gastric acid converts the carbonyl iron to ferrous iron, and once this happens, it is absorbed in the same manner as ferrous iron.  Because carbonyl iron absorption is dependent upon gastric acid for absorption, it is less toxic and better tolerated than other forms of iron.

There have been studies published that actually implicate excess iron as being involved in mitochondrial dysfunction. Compounds such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) are often found  in diseases involving oxidative stress and elevated iron levels which has been postulated to be a possible contributing factor in Autism. This involves the Fenton reaction in which certain forms of excess iron play a role in the production of free radicals in the presence of EMF. Carbonyl or elemental iron does not contribute to this sequence of events as the body’s natural metabolic functions will properly regulate the iron levels and excess amounts will be excreted. The elemental iron cannot possible be converted to the Ferrous form unless the well regulated gastric acid conversion allows it to be.

The common forms of iron in our diet are non heme forms.Non-heme iron is not absorbed by the body as well as heme iron. Only 2 – 20% of non-heme iron that is consumed is absorbed, which by the way, are already in the ferrous form and readily elevate iron levels if daily dosage is exceeded. You cannot dump the finished product (non heme Ferrous iron) into the body and not expect there to be elevated blood iron levels much like you cannot expect to dump glucose directly into the body and not expect elevated blood glucose to be present.  The Fenton reactions are being driven by excessive dietary intake and excessive blood levels of the wrong forms of iron which lack EMF absorption properties. What would normally block EMF/RF emissions’ exposures cannot occur if iron levels are not under proper metabolic regulation.  The solution is to eat properly and if supplementation is absolutely necessary, then carbonyl iron should the exclusive candidate for such. Carbonyl iron’s gastric acid dependence on absorption ensures blood levels remain where they should. Is it possible to remain anemic even with iron supplementation? Of course it is if you continue to take the wrong forms that are not readily absorbed. Is this possibly another reason Autism and anemia are connected? I believe so.

Why did the W.S.J. study above indicate a 40% reduction in the prevalence of autism among women who took iron supplements before and during pregnancy?  WE BELIEVE THAT THE EMF EMISSIONS IN the microwave range of 900 MHz to the 2.45 GHz frequencies are THE CULPRIT by opening the blood brain barrier of the unborn or infant child while in the womb when the threshold of power necessary is much lower and out of the womb, which by the way, is thinner in boys than in girls. These electromagnetic emissions in the presence of metals that have been allowed into the brain become contact points for these microwave emissions to create electrical discharges which in turn demyelinate the neurons, and damage the mitochondrial DNA.  Also, female brains are more adept at making and produce better better myelin than males. These two factors, in my opinion, explain why boys are at much greater risk for autism, ADHD and other similarly routed problems.

That is what is observed here:  This explains the higher Autism incidence in boys.

Blood brain barrier is affected by microwave emissions:

The womb amplifies the emissions and the multiple EMF exposures due to the high density housing and workplace  arrangement could potentially create enough power to open the BBB in the developing child.  I am not aware of any studies on what power levels would be required to open the BBB of a child in the womb. I believe with all the aforementioned, that  is what is indeed happening to the developing child.  The same interactions can occur in the newborn after birth as a result of  being present in the same environment of staggering levels of invisible EMF emissions. I believe that the well documented actions of EMF microwave emissions creating electrical discharges and voltage spikes on certain metals, that in addition, allow metals and toxins to get in to the brain by opening the BBB channels, are also simultaneously causing damaging voltage spikes and electrical discharge on the metals present in the brain and in the gut.  It is this firework show at the cellular levelthat I believe is interfering with the production of or even destroying the myelin sheathing of the neurons in the brain, damaging the mitochondrial DNA and decimating specific strains of the intestinal flora yielding the imbalances that are almost always present in Autistic children.  When you overload a wire with too much current or too much voltage what happens to the insulation on the wire?  What happens when the insulation is damaged and the power is still on?   Myelin is the neuron’s insulator.  I believe that this cascading sequence of events results in the ensuing brain neuronal demyelination, mitochondrial DNA damage yeilding methlyation pathway disruption and the shortening of Perkinje cells.  This is what I believe is causing the ever increasing non- MMR vaccine induced cases  of Autism.  I believe that removing the unborn child or infant from exposure to microwave EMF emissions both occupationally and in the home environments, Carbonyl Iron supplementation during pregnancy, CAREFULLY MONITORING THE MOTHER’S IRON LEVELS AND MAINTAINING THEM WITH CARBONYL IRON, avoiding unnecessary C sections and delaying umbilical cord clamping, and monitoring iron levels in the newborn child, limiting metal exposures, and avoiding thimerisol in vaccines, and the MMR vaccine with its subacute sclerosing panencephalitis side effect can stop this epidemic in its tracks. 

What about aspartame? The use of the artificial sweetener, aspartame, has long been contemplated and studied by various researchers, and people are concerned about its negative effects AND RIGHTFULLY SO.


The use of wireless technologies has long been contemplated and studied by various researchers, and people are concerned about their negative effects AND RIGHTFULLY SO.



Anyone who consumes massive amounts of Aspartame and exposes themselves to massive amounts of wireless radiation is just a statistic waiting to happen.

Aspartame is composed of phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%) and methanol (10%).

Phenylalanine plays an important role in neurotransmitter regulation, whereas aspartic acid is also thought to play a role as an excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Glutamate, asparagines and glutamine are formed from their precursor, aspartic acid. Methanol, which forms 10% of the broken down product, is converted in the body to formate, which can either be excreted or can give rise to formaldehyde, diketopiperazine (a carcinogen) and a number of other highly toxic derivatives.

In the presence of wireless microwave radiation, the damaging effects of these compounds can be enhanced by the interactions of aspartame’s ability to open the blood brain barrier by its effects on serotonin levels, and the microwave radiation’s ability to open the blood brain barrier and then allow the increased permeability of metals like the aluminum from the soda cans, toxins  and yes, Aspartame, to enter the brain. The brain is electrical and metals and toxins do not belong in the brain. The blood brain barrier was designed by God to keep those thing that don’t belong there out. Wireless radiation was invented by man and is letting those things in.

Previously, it has been reported that consumption of aspartame could cause neurological and behavioural disturbances in sensitive individuals. Headaches, insomnia and seizures are also some of the neurological effects that have been encountered, and these may be accredited to changes in regional brain concentrations of catecholamines, which include norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine. Excessive aspartame consumption is dangerous if not deadly when combined with other irresponsible and dangerous behaviors such as chronic home and occupational microwave exposure from wireless devices.

Evidence suggests adverse neurological and behavioural effects due to aspartame’s metabolic components (phenylalanine, aspartic acid (aspartate), diketopiperazine and methanol), which are produced during its metabolic breakdown.

20 years after the FDA had approved the use of aspartame, we now have a new dynamic being added to this public health crisis. Aspartame crosses the blood brain barrier to some degree as a result of its effects on serotonin levels.

Now we have the blood brain barrier being further compromised by microwave exposure. This exposure comes in the form of wireless microwave radiation emitted by WiLan networks, cell phones, WiFi enabled devices, cellular infrastructure, cordless phones, wirless television systems, wireless gaming systems, wireless security systems, wireless printers, WiFi repeaters, smart meters, and other wireless devices that have been rammed down our and our children’s throats.

Phenylalanine crosses the blood–brain barrier and causes severe changes in the production of very important neurotransmitters. In addition Methanol breaks down into formate, which in turn is very cytotoxic and can even cause blindness. Aspartame lowers seratonin levels which compromises the blood brain barrier and increases its permeability.

Microwave wireless radiation further opens the blood barrier as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you have an acidic beverage stored in an aluminum can with phosphoric acid that leeches aluminum into solution, that contains aspartame, that is heavily consumed by people that spend an inordinate amount of time exposed to microwave emissions, what do you think is going to happen? What happens when metals come in contact with microwave energy?

The synergistic effects of chronic microwave radio frequency emission exposure act in diabolical unison with the deleterious physiological effects of chronic aspartame consumption. The results can be disastrous.

What about the correlation between placental inclusions and Autism?:

Early Signs of Autism May Be Present at Birth

I suspect that the placenta being a window to the baby, has suffered the same effects of the microwave EMF bombardment in the presence of metals in an anemic environment that the developing baby has. The study does not correlate iron levels with the prevalence of these placentas with trophoblast inclusions. I believe anemia and EMF exposure is a common denominator in all of those women.  It is known that 2.45 Ghz emissions have been demonstrated to alter gene expression in human cells via a non thermal mechanism:

2.45 GHz radiofrequency fields alter gene expression in cultured human cells

Could this placental inclusion phenomenon simply be a signature of EMF exposure in the presence of metals in anemic expecting mothers?  I believe that it is.

What about the recent study that connects Autism to in vitro fertilization procedures?  ”A perhaps more unexpected finding was an increased risk for both autism and mental retardation after treatment of more severe and not very common cases of male infertility”-from

Maybe the massive decrease in male fertility is a direct result from the constant EMF exposure from the high tech wireless lifestyle that exists at work and in the home damaging the fathers sperm and sending the father to the fertility doctor in the first place. . Is it possible that the infertility may actually be on the female side of the equation that is bypassing current detection methods? I believe it is possible that specifically the oocytes are being affected by the EMF microwave emissions. Until these eggs are released, they simply remain dormant in their follicle-in a state of suspended animation precariously frozen smack dab in the middle of a cell division for a woman’s entire life. The egg is one of the longest-lived cells in the body, and because a dormant egg cannot perform the usual cellular repair processes, as such, it remains the most vulnerable cell type in the human body.

Aside from the EMF induced degeneration of the oocyte, there remains a more serious concern. Like all microwave irradiated cells in your body, specifically the oocytes in the female ovaries, they all inherently struggle to protect themselves against the microwave emissions’ electromagnetically induced dissonance by hardening their membranes. I believe that in the case of the oocyte, the zona pellucida hardens rendering it impermeable and thus results in human female infertility. In vitro fertilization would forcilby penetrate the hardened zona pellucida. This could be another reason that the perceived rare in vitro procedure is being associated with Autism. So I believe that the wireless radiation environment in the home or work that is causing the fertility problems in the first place with the female or the male, remains the driving force in what is mistakenly being blamed on the fertility procedure. Once the woman conceives, she goes back to her home or job where the wireless radiation no longer simply acts on her eggs, but now begins acting on the fetus and continues to act on the infant after birth.

So maybe it is the EMF exposure to the mother in the home and/or at work that is what is actually damaging the developing child’s brain inside the mother’s womb and not the in alleged in-vitro fertilization procedure at all.

Studies have shown that mothers who eat a diet rich in folic acid such as dark leafy greens  have been found to have a much lower offspring rate of Autism incidence as well.  I believe that it is the foods that are rich in folates which reduces the incidence of anemia, are also rich in IRON that produces the ideal microwave EMF protection.

We believe that the damage to the children’s brain and digestive tract both in and out of the womb is accomplished via this mechanism of EMF electrical discharge in the presence of metals in the absence of the proper form of iron and iron levels that absorb or attenuate instead of amplify microwave EMF emissions in the anemic expecting mother, her unborn child and later in the infant.  It has been widely suspected, in addition to the W.S.J. article’s recent connection, that the presence of metals and pollution is a possible contributor  to autism.

In this recent article : autistic children and gut flora, it shows that a rare imbalance in intestinal flora are present both in the mother and the Autistic child.  I believe this is a telltale sign of  both the mother and the developing child in the womb sharing excessive levels of microwave EMF exposure both in the home and the workplace, not genetics. The following article explains that low power exposure to microwave radiation can selectively destroy certain strains of bacteria in the presence of certain metals: We know that several of the five major types of gut flora are responsible for assisting gluten metabolism as well as other foods. This is where I believe the food allergies arise from: the selective destruction of the specific intestinal flora strains by the microwave bombardment of the gut.

I believe, like the inorganic metallic compounds in your fireworks, that they need a spark of energy to turn on the neurological and ensuing gastrointestinal damaging mechanism. In the case of the sparkler, it could be a match, and in the case of Autism it could be a microwave emission source acting upon the metals that begins the damaging processes. This would explain why, up until the recent advent of the wireless age of microwave emission bombardment on a wide scale, Autism was not on the map but rather a blip on the radar. We know that microwaves alone can exert non-thermal effects in biological systems, at least partially arising from alterations in the conformation of cellular proteins:

Once the extremely delicate balance of intestinal flora has been altered by electromagnetic bombardment, compromised immunity and digestive disorders run their ensuing destructive course.   This syndrome is not the same as the  retardations of the past caused by poor nutrition, birthing complications or genetic abnormalities.

It is widely accepted medical fact that Anemia is a common denominator in almost all Autistic children.   Why?  This is extremely important. The role of iron is crucial to understanding the puzzle.  I believe what has eluded researchers for a decade is right here in the next paragraph.

It is widely known that certain compounds exist that are Radar Absorbing Materials or RAM like those used on the Stealth Bomber.  There is a wide array of magnetically radar absorbing material or mag-RAM as well as EMI suppression materials, or surface wave absorbers available for purchase online if you are interested. You can also purchase iron supplements made of the same materials. All of these different terms refer to materials whose magnetic and/or electric properties have been altered, such that they absorb or attenuate electromagnetic energy instead of reflecting and magnifying it.  What if you could take one of these internally? As a ferro-magnetic metal, carbonyl iron is an extremely effective microwave absorber.  It literally takes the heat.  Early microwave thermometers  incorporated the use of carbonyl iron for this very reason.   Simply look at its properties such as its permittivity at 2.45 GHz. It can effectively absorb microwave emissions with a -19:1 dB absorbing peak at 2.45 GHz frequency-almost to the tee– the emissions frequency of WiFi microwave emissions and WiFi enabled devices, and most other wireless radiation sources.   

It is also effective at the 4-5 GHz frequencies being rolled out as well.  In the paper cited above,  along with countless others, at the 2.45 GHz frequency, which is the identical  frequency of the classroom, as well as home, smart meters, WiFi routers, WiFi enabled devices such as laptops and tablets, wireless gaming controllers, most cordless phones and some cell phones, carbonyl iron appears to be a remarkable candidate for absorbing these particular microwave EMF emissions.  I believe that if taken prophylactically, it could conceivably offer protection by keeping the blood brain barrier closed by absorbing the harmful microwave emissions that would otherwise deleteriously be opening the blood brain barrier to metals and toxins that in the absence of EMF exposure, would normally be locked out.  In theory, it could also possibly be  absorbing the emissions that would otherwise be heading for the metals in the brain, blood and the location where 70% of our immune system resides, the gastrointestinal tract.  The emissions could also be responsible for some sort of interaction with compounds or metals present in the developing gut resulting in the disruption of the natural progression of the colonization processes of the intestinal flora.  The disruption of the gut could also simply be a result of the brain malfunctioning as a result of the preceding mechanism. Here once again is where the digestive and immune system abnormalities arise. The myriad of food allergies present in Autistic children are simply a result of the selective destruction of certain flora  via a non-thermal mechanism due to electromagnetic exposure.  I believe the studies support this as pregnant women who took  iron saw a drastic decrease in giving birth to an Autistic child.

Why do we find abnormalities in specific portions of the brains of Autistic children? The affected areas are the frontal lobes as well as the brain stem and cerebellum. If you look at the most common fetal position, you will notice that those frontal lobes are the lowest lying areas of the brain in that fetal position. Gravity at work ends up concentrating the most metals in that portion of the brain. In the presence of damaging wireless microwave emissions, the interaction with the metals resulting in voltage discharges we would expect the most damage to be found in those parts of the brain.  We actually do:

I believe this explains why we finding a large increase in connections in these parts of the brain as well as a much larger mass of  unusually shorter connections as a direct result of the brain’s ongoing frantic attempts to re route and re wire the connections damaged as a result of the continuous wireless microwave electromagnetic radiation emissions bombardment in utero.

As previously mentioned, when studying the autistic brain, there are also notable increases in the number of abnormalities of the brain stem and cerebellum including what has been largely considered a controversial entity called mega cisterna magna. Upon careful observation, you will notice that when a pregnant woman is seated using a wireless device in her lap, this particular unprotected area of the unborn baby’s brain is what lies in closest and direct proximity to the antenna on the wireless laptop or tablet.

images (28)

No two children are alike.  Some are allergic to peanuts, some to shellfish, some to lactose and some to nothing.  Some are more electro-sensitive as well. Here is where I believe that the vaccine connection lies:

I believe that the vaccines are being loaded with nanotechnology by design. You cannot deny the advances in biotech that we are not privy too. They are far beyond your wildest imaginations.

Nanoparticles are really nothing more than a “smart weapon” that allows the makers to target precise cells, organs or areas of the body. They, once injected, will travel through the body until they find and bind with their target. The potential for discreet, intentional harm is immense. Why do you think there is SUCH A PUSH TO FORCIBLY VACCINATE EVERYONE?

In the fields of bio-medicine and electro-chemistry, Fullerene compounds are the holy grail. They are amazingly able to act as catalysts, polymer makers, and more importantly in Autism, superconductors and microbatteries. I have always known that vaccine production involved nano technologies in production and delivery systems. I have suspected for some time that cylindrical fullerene nano vectors such as carbon nano tubes have been added to the vaccines.  What is so concerning about these is that the incredibly varying conductance of these are relatively simple to tailor. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can  discharge powerful waves of electricity under certain circumstances as well as have  the capacity to penetrate cells and allow nano compounds to travel through.  CNT’s may be designed to posses an   internal geometry corresponding to a particular desired frequency response characteristic of the dielectric surface of the cavity.  Are these a Trojan horse? I believe that they are. When the microwave emissions come in contact with ferro electric ceramics and other certain crystalline structures and metals in the brain and other parts of the body at the cellular level, along with these highly conductive structures, it would provide the conductive carbon-rich track necessary for the piezo electricity induced voltage discharges to negatively influence the neurons’ insulation properties as well as the integrity of the mitochondrial DNA. It is simply the introduction of and presence of metals and metallic compounds, not limited to thimerisol ( a form of mercury) which gives rise to this cocktail of environmental agents’ demyelinating properties being enhanced by the microwave emissions’ opening the blood brain barrier, allowing for them to enter at higher levels than normal, and then trapping them inside and acting upon them, the powerful immune response provoking adjuvants, and modified foreign genetic materials that simply overload the already microwave EMF compromised immune system of the infant. In some extremely rare cases, live strains in the vaccines such as the measles virus can demyelinate as well such as in Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis.  In other words the battery of  immunizations have always been a driving force in the Autism epidemic.  Now they are synergistically, increasingly becoming the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back of the already anemic, microwave EMF damaged, electro- sensitive,  immuno compromised infant. The Most folks that are aware of vaccine dangers who don’t immunize are also aware of the dangers of EMF emissions and thus have neither risk factor as they avoid both and rightfully so. At this point that is my position until the research can prove otherwise.

In summation, we believe that the WSJ article anectdotally confirms the implication of microwave emissions in having a causative effect on Autism.  It is my belief that microwave EMF emissions acting on metals  are the elusive missing link.  We also believe that if all of the iron supplementation of the women was with carbonyl iron, instead of ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate, and, in term deliveries, cord clamping was delayed until pulsation ceases, or C sections were avoided when if at all possible, and vaccines were reformulated or perhaps even avoided altogether, we could quite possibly, see virtually no autism if my assumptions are correct.  If we removed EMF, and to a lesser degree mercury exposure  entirely, we may just see the same results as well.  The study didn’t specify which form of iron was taken. I would venture to say that carbonyl iron and ferrous sulfate are about 40%/50% ratio in terms of use by pregnant women and the other 10% being ferrous gluconate and other plant based forms which all differ in terms of their  EMF absorption and permittivity.

We know that in the fields of holistic and alternative medicine, mushrooms are a key component of the protocol of healing and recovering from Autism.  Why do certain mushrooms help? They contain  nerve-healing substances, known as remyelinating compounds, which stimulate the repair of the protective sheath around the axon of the neurons known as myelin, and which is often damaged in Autistic children.

When you get a bad sunburn, what is the worst thing that you can do?  Well stay out in the sun right?  So to heal you need to seek shade.  That is easy enough, just stay indoors.  Problem solved and your body does the rest.

When your body has been damaged by the  microwave emissions’  interactions with metals, what is the worst thing that you can do?  Well stay exposed to certain metals and the microwave emissions right?  So to heal you need to avoid EMF emissions right?  Well that is almost impossible isn’t it unless you live in a Faraday cage.  So back to the mushrooms. Why do they help Autistic children recover and heal? Mushrooms are a magnet for metals and as such help remove metals from the brain and body. What’s  more, what are mushrooms rich in?  IRON.  There is that iron thing again.  So if they cannot avoid the EMF emissions the iron helps absorb the EMF emissions so the blood brain barrier remains closed to the metals and the metals cannot be acted upon by the emissions because the emissions are being absorbed by the iron.  This way the healing can take place at the neurological level and the immune system in the gut is similarly spared the onslaught of the EMF/metal interactions’ deleterious effects. In my opinion, this is a crucial component of the pathway to healing Autistic children.  Ironically the  Special Education programs are doing the OPPOSITE. They are bathing these children with microwave EMF emissions by putting these autistic children in classrooms with powerful WiFi routers and Wifi enabled devices such as tablets and laptops and wireless game controllers. I believe this is the worst thing that can be done to these children.

This bears repeating. If what I am proposing is true, then one would expect a decrease in the prevalence of autism in those who took carbonyl iron before, during pregnancy, and while nursing, those who minimized the pre and post term EMF exposures and delayed umbilical cord clamping until the placental transfer was completed. What the study in the WSJ found was that iron seemed to lower the incidence of Autism.  What type of iron supplementation taken by the women in the study which was not disclosed,  and in my opinion, may unlock the mystery.   The EMF emissions, I believe, are the trigger and that would explain the exponential increase in autism coinciding with the timeline of the expansion of wireless technology.

When I was a kid, we could see and taste the polluted air.  My parents used to burn their trash, and factories belching emissions were ubiquitous.  Vaccines, metals, and chemical pollution have been around for a long, long time.  The prevalence of autism and wireless emissions have not, and I believe they go hand in hand, and can be observed by superimposing graphs readily available all over the internet.

So why is The O.C. the star on the map on the Autism issue?  I believe that it is due to our prosperity, affluence and the race to be on the technological cutting edge.  If you attended the F.S.D. Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday night April 30th, you couldn’t possibly have missed the emotional presentation on Autism and the horrific fact that Orange County has the highest Autism rate in the State of California.  Fullerton is abuzz as of late with well-intentioned, giving and loving people clearly trying to make a difference.  Sadly, the Autism rates are taking off in The O.C. on a similar trajectory to a flight heading out of John Wayne Airport.   OUR CHILDREN’S HEALTH IS ON THE DECLINE.  Go look and watch a PE class or look at CHOC’s parking lot. There are more pediatric chronic health problems today than you can shake a stick at.

Fullerton is a city full of good deeds and good people. My hat goes off to many of you who clearly give of your time and finances for charities, fundraisers and related causes.  Don’t get me wrong.  Prudence, however, needs to be exercised, however, in regards to WHAT PROGRAMS ARE TO BE BLINDLY SUPPORTED, specifically, like the proliferation and expansion of classroom wireless technology.



IN ORDER TO GET INTO THE CLASSROOMS,  CHILDREN ARE BEING INJECTED WITH GARBAGE: and that list is what they tell you is in them-low levels of metals, specifically mercury and aluminum, are in vaccines: . This list does not include the bizarre witches brew of dangerous live or attenuated  disease strains, adjuvants,  foreign genetic materials, genetically modified ingredients, and trans species viruses and genetic materials.


HOW MUCH OF THIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT’S POLICIES?  What about the expecting mothers?  Do some or all of the preceding apply?   Almost all of the O.C.’s hospitals are now expanding like the Vegas strip did in the last decade.   Folks, we have an entire generation on the line and this trifecta pays the worst purse imaginable to our children.  Extrapolate the graph and you will see that this epidemic is approaching critical mass.

What about the lynch pin, the proverbial elephant in the room?  Ah yes, what about the EMF emissions  that your children are being exposed right now as you read this article.  Where is the informed consent?  The implied consent is already there.  Do you know the difference?  RF emissions in the microwave spectrum frequency range similar to those in the classrooms have been implicated in a myriad of health problems besides the connection to Autism that I am proposing. The emissions coming from these devices such as tablets, laptops and routers in the classrooms are in the 2.45 GHz range.  RF emissions well below the FCC guidelines have been implicated in single and double DNA strand breaks: If you factor in these emissions interacting with metals in the body, you have plenty of power to do harm.

In the FSD, we don’t have informed consent regarding RF exposures.  Why is that?

So back to the issue. Are the EMF emissions, through some complex mechanism, reacting with, or compounding the effects of, or interacting with the complex chemical compounds or inorganic metals in the garbage that expecting mothers and children are being fed, that they are imbibing, or that they are being injected with, that end up in the children’s developing brains or intestines?

Nano technology has progressed to almost unfathomable levels of advancement. The surfaces areas of metallic nano particles can be engineered in such a way as to possess many different properties. These are not limited to  reflecting, attenuating, absorbing or magnifying electromagnetic radiation, specifically microwave radiation. We are being told that despite increasing interest in neuroscience nanotechnologies, little is known about the electrical interactions between nanomaterials and neurons. I believe that is by design. It is a piece of cake to turn a microwatt per cubic centimeter of microwave energy into a biological or neurological damaging voltage discharge in the presence of certain metallic compounds specifically ones that are pointed.  So once again, what happens when you microwave metals? Why can’t we put metal objects in a microwave?  How do metals get into our bodies?  Infant formulas can contain 40 times the amount of Aluminum naturally found in breast milk and believe me it is not the same metallic form. What do you drink your phosphoric acid laced soda solution out of, cook with or on, or bake with?  What fertilizers are used on your or your children’s food at the factory farms?  Heavy Metals in Fertilizers.  What kind of brake pads are on everyone’s cars?  Semi metallic?   We are drinking, eating and breathing in metals. I believe, however, that the metals alone, are not the problem.  Are metals even coming down from the sky on certain days? Are Geo engineering programs using reflective metallic nano compounds, metallic salts, piezo electric compounds, including aluminum nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight actually increasing aluminum  levels in our bodies?   I believe that they are.  The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. Whether or not you believe (and in my opinion you have to be blind to not see the blue sky turn white that after the tic tac toe lines show up), geo engineering programs utilizing aluminum, barium and other metallic oxides exist, the fact remains that  aluminum is ubiquitous; the third most common element of the earth’s crust. It is naturally released to the environment from the weathering of rocks and volcanic activity. Human activities such as mining also result in the release of aluminum to the environment. Without EMF emissions interacting with aluminum and other metallic oxides that have been unnaturally introduced into our bodies, I believe we would be where we were 25 years ago with respect to Autism, that is virtually a blip on the radar. 

Why does South Korea have the highest autism rates in the world with an autism rate 260% higher than the US in light of having very similar vaccine requirements for their children?

South Korea has immersed their population in these microwave emissions as it has become about as wireless as you can get. They are literally drunk on wireless technology.

Microwave ovens operate on the 2.45 Ghz frequency which is the same as the WiFi routers, most smart meters, cordless phones, wireless gaming consoles, controllers, and WiFi enabled laptops and tablets.  Although WiFi and wireless devices operate on a much much lower power level than a microwave oven, REMEMBER, SO DOES YOUR BODY. What does low power mean? What is it relative to? Normal background levels at 2.45 GHz are trillions of lower than what these devices emit.  It doesn’t take much to destroy the myelin sheathing in terms of electrical overload and it is easily accomplished with voltage discharges when these microwave emissions come in contact with certain metals or metallic compounds in our bodies.  Is this happening to the developing brains of the children in or out of the womb from EMF exposures at home, in school or at work from cell towers,WiFi systems or the laptops, smart meters, or the tablets, cell phones or cordless phones, or their base stations on or in direct proximity to your unborn child, toddler or child?  How many microwave ovens, WiFi routers, smart meters or these other wireless devices are in use 24/7, overlapping transmissions,  in  your apartment complex or condominium complex, or in your neighbor’s home compounding your exposures. How many cell towers or antennas are in proximity to your home?  Do you or your neighbors  have cordless phones? They emit 24/7 even when not in use.  These sources send EMF emissions that can go right through walls and right through our bodies. In a pregnant mother, the amniotic fluid aids in the absorption of these emissions and they are multiplied in the womb. I believe that EMF exposure is also resulting in both electrophoration and nanoporation.  It is my opinion that these are taking place as a thinly veiled intended consequence and are also clearly pieces of the Autism puzzle.

So with all of the fundraising, press coverage and Autism awareness,  where are all of the studies on these interactions on the developing young brains in and out of the womb?  THERE ARE NONE EXAMINING THE ISSUE FROM THIS ANGLE that I can find anywhere that look at these real life complex interactions. Why?

Is there an effect on the trillions of electrical components which work simultaneously every minute of every day, including the DNA fractal antennae at the molecular level, that are involved in running our bodies?  Our human brain running at 3 percent of its capacity, which pales in comparison to the entire incredible machine that God has created is not capable of even coming close to grasping all of the effects of the interactions of our Frankenstein creations on the human body.  START MINIMIZING THEM NOW.

Apparently, the industry could care less about looking into this, or doing anything about it.  They claim since the emissions are below the current FCC guidelines and are legal, that they are safe. Ironically, many experts believe that they are not :;

At the local level in Fullerton, why else would the F.S.D. administrators appear to ignore me, apparently refuse to disseminate the information in my 3-25-13 mass email to their staff as I requested, or why instruct their staff to refuse any information that I am handing out in a public place?  You know, the district and industry staff, collectively have enough letters after their last names to compose an encyclopedia in several languages.  You would think that they would look into it.  We deserve better.

WHY IS THERE IS NO EMF INFORMED CONSENT FORM SIMILAR TO WHAT THE LAUSD’S BOARD IS CONSIDERING for parents to sign while the pilot programs continue their expansion in the F.S.D. and classrooms needlessly operate high powered WiFi systems just so the teachers can use a laptop or tablet?

Well there is a bright side to all of this, in a sick and twisted way.  In the meantime, special ed is hiring, new managed care industries are forming, foundations are expanding, new pharmacological, petrochemical poison cocktails are being developed to manage symptoms and the EMF levels are going up all around us.

Now let us address the other most insidious threat facing our children today. In my opinion,you would be hard pressed to find an environment in which the wireless radiation exposure increases will be larger than IN THE FULLERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT’S CLASSROOMS once we are on a 1:1 ratio with upwards of 35+ wireless devices up and running all day with back to back multiple spread spectrum dual frequency industrial strength wireless access points on the walls or ceilings, which in some cases, are a mere few feet from students’ heads.  the dangers of wireless classrooms.

I believe that once they get these wireless access points on the walls and ceilings with the wireless devices  into the laps of every last one of the kids, phase 2 will begin. I think that they will need to double the frequency to 5.0 GHz range and  go to 40-45+ students per room with the kids on a 1-2 dimensional auto pilot program.

I am not an elected representative bestowed with the duty of stewarding the public trust.  I am simply calling them out on a perceived gaping hole in it. I am not holding myself out to be an expert.  I am not an RF industry scientist.  I am not a medical doctor. I am simply a parent whose passing grades yielded a BS degree in Chemistry and a BS degree in Biological Sciences from UCI who understands the science, has a good handle on the issue and dares to stand up for everyone’s children, and not just my own.  I am not a taxpayer funded, pay rolled FSD administrator involved in the roll out of, in my opinion, these insidious programs who refuse to engage me and address this issue.  I am just simply protesting their eerie silence on the issues since they have been put on notice.  At least before, I would get the placation, the phony smiles and that soft NPR voice that says we will look into it, Mr. Imbriano.  Now they can’t even pronounce my last name, and show only the back of my head at the city council meetings, no one at the FSD wants to deal with this or answer my questions in writing, and they treat my gig like a multi-level marketing pitch for some soap products.  It is alright.  I can deal with rejection because I am a salesman.  More importantly, in this role as a concerned parent, I have no choice but to stay the course.

One thing is certain,  however,  and that is “Houston, we have a problem”. I do not hold myself out to be an expert.  I will leave the real fact finding and conjecture to the experts who need to do some real research on the big picture.  I am merely here to ask the hard questions that everyone is afraid to ask.

If this seems like a nightmare, imagine being one of those diagnosed kids waking up everyday trapped in their different world, that in my opinion, could have possibly have been prevented.  This information may seem a bit overwhelming, but the first step is to wake up, second is to get out of bed, third is to stand up and look in the mirror, fourth is to not drink the Kool- Aid another day, fifth is to realize that a first step is all that is required to get on the road to right an egregious wrong, and sixth is not to go back to sleep.  Your children will have children too someday, we can only hope.  Do it for them.

So to the soon to be parents or the parents of children in the FSD or anywhere else for that matter,  I leave a note of caution: Get these wireless things off of your heads and out of your’s and your children’s laps.  Keep them away from your’s and your children’s brains and reproductive areas.  Most importantly-KEEP THESE MICROWAVE DEVICES AND EMISSION SOURCES, AWAY FROM YOUR UNBORN CHILDREN.

Once this stuff goes into the classrooms it will be hard to get it out.  There is still time to stop this.

The real good news is that this issue-Autism is on the radar and a ton of good people have come out and shown that they want to do something to help.  I want to do something to stop it by putting this hypothesis out to the community and the scientific world at large.  There has been remarkable support for the caring organizations out there doing a lot of good. My hope is that there will be those in positions of influence that can take this and run with it all the way to the highest levels.

I, as the site administrator of The Fullerton Informer and as a parent, personally want this public health crisis to come to a screeching halt because I truly know that it can.  Is there any reason that the Autism capital of the State can’t become the Autism cure capital of the world? WE MUST HARD WIRE THE TECHNOLOGY! I believe that the elephant in the room is the MICROWAVE EMF EMISSIONS BOMBARDING THE METALS IN THE DEVELOPING CHILD’S BRAIN AND BLOOD CAUSING ELECTRICAL DISCHARGES IN THE DEVELOPING BRAINS OF ANEMIC UNBORN CHILDREN AND INFANTS. WE MUST ADDRESS THESE ISSUES. 

Although genetic predisposition to certain sensitivitIes or susceptibilities do exist, the fact is that THERE IS NO GENE RESPONSIBLE FOR AUTISM. I believe that the  alleged genetic component is a red herring and a deep dark rabbit hole sucking all of the DIRECTED research money and efforts into. A cursory review of the plethora of studies on the causes of Autism results in far more conclusive findings than blaming sun spots for the condition.  In my opinion, the cause of Autism is clearly environmental and aside from the vaccine induced cases of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, I believe that all roads lead to Rome in all of  the studies-anemia, metals and EMF interactions. Look at yet another recent Wall Street Journal piece: How Autism Is Different in Girls vs. Boys .  The article seems to lead the reader nowhere.  Do I sound like I am leading the reader nowhere with my article?  I am simply laying the groundwork for an entirely new path in Autism research to blazed.

This hypothesis has never been proposed. It is literally nowhere to be found in any of the research anywhere that I can find except this blog. It amazes me that with all of the billions of dollars going into Autism research that what is painstakingly obvious to me is being completely ignored by all involved. Maybe it just sounds too crazy to be true but what the heck, so did the earth being round at one point in time. 

Fullerton School Board Trustee Chris Thompson, who by the way disagrees with our position, has been the only person from the Board of Trustees that has ever picked up the phone and reached out to me with respect to concerns that I may have. The other four could apparently care less. We look forward to working through Mr. Thompson, who in my opinion, has and continues to be, even in the face disagreement on an issue such as this, an advocate of parents and the taxpayers, to gain access to film and record EMF measurements in the classrooms. It is my sincere hope that Chris and I will see eye to eye someday soon on what I believe to be  a potential health disaster in the making. That decision will be up to Chris as my position is not changing. I respectfully urge Mr. Thompson to carefully and objectively look into the research that has and continues to be presented  as I feel that it should be incumbent upon any elected representative to fully investigate any potential danger posed to the children in the F.S.D., specifically the EMF issue that has many well know experts divided on.

I realize that the information herein contained will truly fly in the face of most acceptable medical procedures, protocols, research and mainstream thought. Regardless,  I strongly believe that we need to end the microwave EMF bombardment of the unborn and children, closely monitor iron levels in all expecting mothers, end the rampant and unnecessary medical profession’s pruning of the mental faculties of our children with these barbaric umbilical cord clampings at birth, and reformulate all prenatal vitamins to exclusively contain carbonyl iron as the only source of iron period. Additionally, we need to stop treating the developing child in the womb as the star of multiple ultrasound videos that are not medically necessary.  We also need to question what the heck we are doing pumping 50+ different shots into these kids by age 6 as well as questioning what on earth is in these injections. . The problem in medicine is we are so stuck in seeing what we believe that we often ignore what is right in front of us  because it doesn’t fit our belief system. Nowhere does this ring more true than in the research and treatment of Autism.

If you don’t want to immunize your children, simply sign this form and turn it in to your school office.

If you don’t want your child irradiated, hard wire your home and sign this form and turn it into your school office:,72,44

Ladies and gentleman, look at that graph again. It keeps going up. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.  The time has come to question what has long since been given a pass on involvement in Autism and that is what I believe to be the EMF emissions. We must start thinking outside the box or we will never get ourselves and our children out of it. Autism research thus far ignores studying the interactions of pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation with metals in the body. In general, research into the dangers of exposure to these emissions currently amounts to the likes of approving the use of lasers on humans by testing the lasers effects on the skin and ignoring what they would do the eyes when exposed. Put your hand on the laser at the check out stand at the grocery store and you know what happens? Nothing. Now stick your eye over it. Get the picture. You see it is easy to deem something safe when you direct the research in ways that completely ignore effects on areas of the body which by far would be the most sensitive to exposure. The real science would involve real simulations. We have NOTHING of the sort as it all dances around the issue and in the meantime, we are being bathed in microwave radiation. I believe much larger crisis looms if we fail to act that will have multi-generational consequences. Ask yourself the following question: Where are all the studies on exposure of the unborn and school children to these emissions which analyze effects on the human reproductive organs, specifically the female ovum (your daughters’ eggs that they were born with). Show me the studies anywhere that do just that. There are NONE ladies and gentlemen, none anywhere.

Loving your neighbor sometimes involves sticking your neck out for them and their kids.  With this issue, I am doing that in a big way. This is not making me popular by any means and nor has that ever been my intent.  For those of you who personally know me, you are familiar with the fact that I have always dreamed big, never been afraid to tell it like it is, or tell it like I see it, and you know that I truly care about the well being of everyone’s children. May God bless the future generations and remember that we have been entrusted with caring for them.  May we all take an active role in being part of ending this senseless public health disaster in the making, CDC: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder unfolding right before our very own eyes, in Jesus name. Amen.


Respectfully submitted,

Joe Imbriano




The information in this document is for educational purposes ONLY.

This document contains my personal opinion and experience based on my own research from scientific writings, internet research and interviews with doctors and scientists all over the world.

Do not take this document as a personal advice or medical advice of any kind.

Consult your medical doctor or primary care physician for advice regarding your health and your children’s health.







  1. #1 by Savannah Ramirez on June 27, 2018 - 12:36 pm

    I would like to say thank you for all the work you do and the compassion in your heart. It has helped me a lot! I appreciate it!!!

    I watched your video about this you just did today, 6/27/18.
    I wanted to email you but I’m not sure how to spell it.
    I have two kids and I may have a third in the future.
    I had to have c-section due to the way my uterus is shapped.
    I have a high chance of premature and breech babies.

    Can you please send me a birthing plan for having a c-section?
    As well as a natural one for some mom’s I know and have groups with?

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