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The radical slave, statist, leftist agenda at Troy High School

The worst thing you could ever do is cherry pick the creme of the crop, mind control them, corrupt them and turn them against their ancestors and fellow man.

This school has no balance whether it comes to its curriculum or its publications. Troy is the definition of the system ladies and gentlemen. It’s agents blindly serve the system as they train the children to serve the system. It then sends them on their way with a false sense of intellectualism and genuine authoritarian arrogance that are forever inclined to maintain the protection of the system.

Tyranny seeks only those who will blindly follow and serve the system regardless of the warnings.

Pick up a copy of the school newspaper and read the stories. The bend is really far to the left- anti- Christian, anti- family, anti- medical freedom, anti- US Constitution, anti -law and order, anti- free speech, anti -freedom of religion, anti -right to bear arms, anti- private property, and is just  plain anti- American. The sad reality is the very things these children are coerced into promoting by Troy’s leftist cabal are the very things that are destroying their very own future.

Troy High School is a magnet school. This school brings in students with some of the highest test scores in the County. These students are the creme of the crop in terms of what the tyrannical system needs to continue its function. Troy actively inculcates a slave, statist mentality into its students through its corrupted rote repetition curriculum, which is based on moral relativism, radical environmentalism, secular humanism, death education, the religion of evolution, worship of the fraudulent alopathic medical system and the lies of modern science. These students are force fed a steady diet of propaganda which is also served up as side dishes by the school newspaper.

If you tell lies often enough and long enough to the children, they repackage and return the lies as dogma and absolute truth. Troy students are no longer capable of critical thinking as evidenced by their remaining silent on the forced sterilization being accomplished by the microwave systems being turned on inside the metal walls under the toxic radio wave emitting, cancer causing pink fluorescent lighting. They have ignored the warnings for years on social media, on the windshields, the banners on the wall across the street and the banners in front of the drop off on the sidewalk.

These students have the uncanny ability to receive the government programming and follow the government orders like no others. While many may claim these students are brilliant, I would argue that their level of intelligence is really all a subjective determination by those that have already been captured and deployed to further the ministry of propaganda’s objectives and here they are brought to you by the latest edition of the school newspaper. Everyone has the ability to be mind controlled and some of the most educated are the most mind controlled and I might argue, the most dangerous among us.



THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing and glorifying  law breaking illegal aliens 

Enrollment and funding at American’s public institutions of higher learning are limited. As a result DREAMERS  have significant negative implications for American citizens who wish to attend colleges. Many of these institutions are already under enormous fiscal strain, as state and local governments struggle to close large budgetary shortfalls. The DREAMERS do not provide funding to states and counties to cover the costs it imposes. To deal with the added enrollment the act will create, public institutions will have to increase tuition, increase taxes, or reduce the number of spaces available for American citizens at these schools. Many Americans already find it difficult to pay for college. Cheney is anti American Citizen

THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing and promoting forced vaccinations 

Your children are slated for a future that involves medically induced illness as well as having no children of their own. Well that is of course the case unless you simply refuse to go along with this eugenics agenda by simply refusing all vaccines. There is an agenda, and to those involved, it makes perfect sense. The vaccine inserts clearly state that none of these vaccines have been tested for impairment of fertility, none of them. They have also not been tested for mutagenic or carcinogenic potential. This is what I mean when I say the students cannot critically think. Who in their right mind would be allow themselves to be forcibly injected with something that has never been tested to sterilize you, make you sick or give you cancer? Statist slaves that have been mind controlled.  


THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing and normalizing lawlessness and shamelessness

Given the number of eligible recipients and their distribution across states, the likely costs to tax payers would be $6.2 billion a year. Of course, none of these statist, slave, government worshipping, liberalism inculcated students have any real concept of mathematics or logic enough to question who will pay for all of this. They will not realize this until they get their first six figure job (assuming they  will haven’t already gone to the H1B visa holders who work for 25 cents on the dollar) and they can watch over 70 percent of their income evaporate in their first year by the time they get out of college.

THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing the normalizing the suppression of free speech

This is the world Troy is preparing the students for, a totalitarian world where the citizens are disarmed and every facet of their lives is controlled. Ironically much of the student body is foreign born or second generation from these tyrannical hell holes like China or Korea and they are so stupid that they think  it can’t happen here. They will be the very reason it does.

THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing the and celebrating the desecration of our heritage

Taking a knee during the National Anthem these days screams disrespect for our Flag, Our Country and our troops. Actually, Troy does just that by refusing to teach the truth about real history, government sponsored terrorism, civic responsibility, civic mindedness,  and of course our strong Judeo- Christian heritage. Instead it promotes atheism, radical homosexuality, transgenderism and global citizenship instead of teaching the students what it means to be a moral American.

THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing and promoting highly addictive, dangerous wireless technology

Of course all the students are suffering from insomnia and headaches from the extremely high levels of microwave exposure in the classrooms since the FJUHSD installed high powered wireless access points strong enough to penetrate the metal walls after Thanksgiving last year as they rolled out the wireless chromebooks. Add the 35 devices’s emissions to the 35 cell phones on WiFi mode in the classroom inside the metal walls. Of course these kids are too stupid to realize that all the MRI’s their parents have been giving them, or perhaps all of the migraine medications that they take is all because of what these students have ignored for 4 years as I stood on the sidewalk and warned them would happen.

Yes these pills in addition to aderrall, can now be found  in almost every student’s blood stream at Troy because of the forced microwave exposure

  • almotriptan (Axert)
  • eletriptan (Relpax)
  • frovatriptan (Frova)
  • naratriptan (Amerge)
  • rizatriptan (Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT)
  • sumatriptan (Imitrex)
  • sumatriptan and naproxen (Treximet)
  • zolmitriptan (Zomig)


THE TROY ORACLE Legitimizing the and celebrating those who are responsible for taking part in this massive social engineering, mind control, and operating the forced microwave sterilization chambers with metal walls and industrial strength microwave communications systems

The entire staff at Troy is responsible for what is happening to these young men and women. It is truly shameful.

Seeking to influence FJUHSD parents and school officials to irradiate all Troy High School students and teachers, Troy teacher Jesse Knowles hosts “junk science” presentation

If there is any hope for our future, it can be found in the hands of the students themselves. May their God given proclivities to question find a way to rise and overtake the subterfuge in which they continually find themselves immersed. The truth is marching on and until next time on the sidewalk out in front of Troy.


Joe Imbriano

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According to the official dispatch audio of the officers on scene one sees the shots coming from half way up the Mandalay Bay. Now the 32 floor is at the top just below the Four Seasons. That is not halfway up. Another officer reports an active shooter inside the fair grounds. Another officer reports shots were coming from gate 7, another officer reports shots were coming from the 50th floor. Another officer reports muzzle flashes were coming from one of the middle floor in the west end north tower towards the center, over the casino. The officers report fully automatic fire. Another officer reports flashes coming from a third of the way up center tower of Mandalay Bay, the center tower, another report of shots coming from the 15th floor of Mandalay Bay. Multiple witness also confirmed multiple shooters. Mandalay Bay security also reported shots coming from the 29th floor. Another officer confirms two shooters one on the 29th and one on the 32nd floor.

Now none of this coincides with the story being pumped by the media that this Patsy acted alone. Notice how quickly they came out with the lone gunman fairy tale. Police got to the stairs of the 32nd floor 52 minutes AFTER the shooting began, 40 minutes AFTER the shooting stopped. Swat shows up and hour and half later. That allowed for plenty of time for the real shooters to leave the room and abandon the dead body and complete the set up. Presto the alleged lone gunman is already dead before they enter the room. Dead men tell no tales folks.


There are some key characteristics that can be indicative of an attempted false flag. The catalyst is typically an explosive, spectacular event,  which is followed by immediate media saturation. This was a false flag but yes real people died. How many died? We will never know but 50 is highly unlikely and yes there was more than one shooter. Why the lies? Where are the broken out windows on the 32nd floor in this photo after the shooting had occurred? The windows were broken out long after the shooting.

Why are these people playing with their phones while the police appear to be frantic and yet have no idea where the shots were coming from?  .

I believe Steven Paddock was set up. I believe he was in Vegas for a normal gambling stint and was totally framed. I believe nothing else makes sense.

Were high level CIA/NSA or other international syndicate members involved? I believe he was killed for his potential involvement in other activities that involve international connections. I will not go into here. I believe  that the room was set up to resemble a crime scene where it would look like he did the shooting and killed himself. Where are all the videos of him carting in all this luggage through the Mandalay Bay? That place has more cameras than a porn studio for crying out loud. Will they ever show him carrying a dozen suitcases full of guns through the hotel with hundreds of pounds of ammunition? I believe he was not the one who brought the guns and ammo into the hotel. Perhaps he didn’t even fire a shot.

Open your eyes people. It’s a lie,  a government set-up. Aside from the echo, you can hear shots coming from 2 or 3 distinct areas and even the police scanner audio confirms this. At 4:50 or so you can see shots coming from the 4th floor.

Think about what the media has done here. Every pundit and talking head has your head spinning questioning why an otherwise normal white male with no history of mental illness, no ties to any extremist group, no financial problems, no criminal history, no arrest record, no run ins with the law would snap and become a mass murderer. They have everyone assuming he did it and trying to figure out why instead of analyzing the facts. That is the plan. They keep you focused on what doesn’t make sense as they have the public doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out why this man supposedly did this? Well I believe he didn’t do anything and he was framed. That is why none of it adds up. This photo clearly shows the windows intact AFTER the shooting took place.

The shots where from the 4th floor, 15th floor, the ground and other places besides the 32nd floor. I believe that the man who they allege single handedly pulled this off on the 32nd floor was already shot dead by the NSA or CIA operatives and planted in the room. The room was then loaded up with the weapons and the stage was set to blame the patsy while the agents of the state pulled the triggers murdering the innocents below. I believe Paddock was a complete Patsy who was framed and killed.  I believe he was conveniently disposed of and used for this horrendous act of what I believe to be government sponsored terrorism. Evil people involved in heinous activities are capable of anything. They also turn on each other on a dime.

The initial reports by police is that he was killed by police, then we were told he killed himself? We were told that a security guard was shot and killed? There was also an eyewitness report from an Australian Wendy Miller who was also caught up in the attack. Ms Miller said a man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay. “The man that they [security] were chasing was wearing a security jacket like them,” she said.

The audio released from dispatch was also heavily edited.

How many people were involved in this? I would say an awful lot. Remember, it took them over one hour to get into the room. That leaves plenty of time for those who did this to escape and leave behind a dead man who tells no tales.  Anything is possible when you have high levels of government involved in staging and carrying out acts of domestic terrorism on its own people. It is also possible that other secret means of escape were present in the adjoining rooms.

Do me a favor and find one photo or video of the adjoining rooms or rooms below at The Mandalay bay at night showing they were occupied. They have been dark for some time and I believe there could have been some modifications done to those adjoining rooms to provide for an escape for the real perpetrators as they left a dead Patsy behind to take the fall. We do know he arrived on Thursday and wasn’t allowed into the room until Saturday. It is usually the other way around. The suites are usually available more readily during the week when you check in.

History is replete with examples of government-sponsored terrorism as it is a very old Enterprise. If you honestly believe that this man broke those windows out from the 32nd Floor and nobody down below at the valet or on the sidewalk notice that there was glass falling all over the place and no one noticed the windows broken out of that hotel when that thing is well lit at night and any guests in the southeastern strip view wing of the hotel could clearly see that those windows were broken out. You don’t think somebody would have reported that to staff or security?

Do you really think this man with no criminal record no history of mental illness with no financial problems with no other problems aside from the fact that he may have been in the wrong place at the right time could have pulled this off bring all these guns up into his room housekeeping not seeing it nobody questioning the size of the luggage that he’s bringing in. This is a classic example of what I believe to be a frame-up job of a completely innocent person who probably had nothing to do with this whole thing as they probably entered his room and killed him and brought the guns in and had the massacre begin from not only the 32nd Floor but also the 4th floor to about 4:50 or so

Then you have to question why it took so long for SWAT to breach that that door almost an hour took him an hour to get up there are you kidding me? you’re telling me the only reason they found where the shooting was come from his because the smoke detectors were going off in the hotel room are you kidding?

Your all sheep and the wolf is hungry. Get ready to turn in your guns, take your forced vaccinations and board the bus or train when you are ordered to go the FEMA camps when they shut off the power or cause an 8.0 on the San Andreas. Disarming the masses is a must because what they have planned for us is so horrible that they want no resistance.

Today’s false flag operations are much more subversive and don’t give their victims the courtesy of knowing they’ve been duped. Instead, modern false flags go for the long play. This way they can maintain legitimacy and power and commit other false flag acts in the future to further their agenda.

And then this LA attorney was also on KFI today on the John and Ken show. This LA attorney was involved with parents suing the LAUSD for child molestation. He never mentions the two weapons firing from different locations.

Of course this is inevitable in any tragic scenario and simply the nature of news, but there are a few warning signs of a plotted false flag. If the major news outlets are all in sync, reporting on the event without thoroughly vetting the information available, then there is cause for concern. Within a relatively short period of time a scapegoat will be named, establishing an enemy with little to no trial or investigation into other possibilities. The case will be closed, government action will ensue and, on a much more subversive level, we all lose. The bills will fly through the legislatures now making defending ourselves against a tyrannical luciferian government run by pedophiles, while not yet impossible, still even more difficult.

For Millenia, the elite have enjoyed ritual killing. There is nothing new under the sun ladies and gentlemen. You are looking at the altar right here.

You are looking at the the instruments of the sacrifice right here as luficer the light bearer is about to receive his blood offering, flanked by the The Pyramid , Sphinx , and the Obelisk complete with the xenon beam.

Xenon is a chemical element with symbol Xe and atomic number 54-the countdown to the largest mass killing in US history. The stage is set. Xenon. 5-4 (periodic table number) 3-2 (the floor the shots came from) 1-0 (the hour it began) This happened in Route 91 on October 1 put it together 9/11/01

as the revelers participate unknowingly in this luciferian version of THE HARVEST

as they attend CHURCH, are the victims of the HUNT while ALDEAN (English word for old friend) plays on.



Here we have The Pyramid , Sphinx , Obelisk , Route 91 date 10-01 and the shots start at 10 pm from the 32nd floor? It is all occult. The Man accused is 64 that used 23 guns? All occult numbers. What bags held all this armament ? Harvest name of event. This is an Egyptian thing… Alignment, sacrifice, ritual killing


Of course we always find a connection to the Patsy and a government organization and of course one of the most luciferian is NASA. Paddock worked for the government for years. Hollywood has the scripts for movies, wars  and false flags for the next 50 years.  The patsy worked for NASA



These scenarios work best when the stakes are high. The greater the shock value, the less likely people are to question the authenticity of the event. If someone dares to question the mainstream’s sanctioned culprit in a tragedy, they’re labelled crazy, insensitive or unpatriotic. This was probably one of the most well orchestrated false flags in US history. Governments kill their own citizens all the time. I believe this is no exception ladies and gentlemen. This time, it really was like the movies. My prayers go out to the innocents whose blood was shed by these monsters.We must be vigilant and be patient because as The Bible says “vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord, I shall repayeth”

We must tell the truth and let God handle the murderers and trust me He will in due time. In the meantime, may I ask that we all listen to the following song and reflect on the tremendous responsibility we have as Americans as well as what we can do in honor of those who were so needlessly gunned down, not by Mr. Paddock, but by the real cowards that blamed and framed an innocent man. These are the real evil, satanic, vile cowards that want us all disarmed so we can all be next. This is for all of those who never had a chance to say goodbye.


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The ultimate killing machine: The legacy of Pat McKinley-Fullerton’s militarized police department


Ex Chief McKinley in the black hat next to his protege Hughes.


FULLERTON’S POLICE CHIEF MADE SURE FULLERTON GOT ALMOST 150 MACHINE GUNS FOR ITS POLICE DEPARTMENT UNDER THE LESO PROGRAM. This is the program that transfers military surplus equipment to local law enforcement.

McKinley always donning black.

The AR-15/M16-series rifles are considered the finest human-engineered assault rifles in the world. They are designed to kill large amounts of people. They are a weapon of war, of mass casualties, of bloodletting, of the most sinister uses, to kill, and to kill only.

Back in the late 1980’s when Patrick McKinley was with the LAPD, he sadistically wrote in a motion urging a Judge not to temporarily ban the use of the martial arts device when dealing with pro life abortion protesters.

Listen to this disturbing quotation from an LA Times article from the late 1980’s as Pat McKinley an LAPD officer defends, legitimizes and condones the torture of protesters.

Pain for many of the demonstrators is a catharsis for past failures to take action against abortion,” McKinley said. “Therefore, they have an unusual capacity to withstand pain. Some appear as a young child welcoming punishment for past transgressions. With this unique ability to withstand pain comes possibility of injury since a great degree of pain is required to induce compliance by arrest.”

I believe the sadistic nature of Pat McKinley became evidently clear during his tenure with the LAPD long before infecting the FPD. Listen to Pat McKinley in that quote as he acts as a religious guru, an expert in morality, as a psychologist, as a psychiatrist, a judge,  jury and executioner. By the way, that is what the FPD officers hired and trained by McKinley did to Kelly Thomas from inciting him leading all the way up to his being removed from life support and then incineration at the crematorium.

Back to the late 1980’s outside the abortion clinics. The police were breaking peoples arms with weapons: nunchucks specifically. Pat McKinley condoned this behavior. This man went on to become Fullerton’s police chief and ushered in an era of commando head cracking style policing. Beat downs and frame-ups and even murders became commonplace for what would become one of this nation’s most notorious police departments, The Fullerton Police department.

During his subsequent reign over the department and the residents of Fullerton, he tapped the 1033 program now referred to as LESO where military surplus equipment could be ordered from the Feds for the local police for free. You think maybe Pat would have ordered things from the military like emergency equipment that could be used for rescue efforts, stuff for our airport, maybe back up generators, water trucks, cranes, bulldozers, medical equipment, medical supplies or things that could be used to help Fullerton residents in the event of a disaster or emergency? No, instead he orders machine guns and lots of them, almost 150 of them.

This is the SAME man who hired and trained ALL the Fullerton Police officers that brutally murdered Kelly Thomas, including one sadistic police officer who only had one eye and was already out on disability from his loss of one eye.

Jay Cicinelli

….I just started smashing his (Kelly Thomas’s) face to hell”-Jay Cicinelli

The face of Kelly Thomas after the goons Pat McKinley hired and trained in the Fullerton Police Department beat the living shit out of him. He was removed from life support shortly after this photo was taken.

Fullerton’s Kelly Thomas murder- her people, pillars, pillage, plunder and all of our peril.

There is a reason we have a second amendment ladies and gentlemen. It is to protect us from the government. The leading cause of death in the 20th century was death by government. It is called democide. Hundreds of millions of people were murdered by their own governments in the last 100 years. There must be a balance of power between the governed and the government. People like Pat McKinley are reason the scales are tipping. The dark and sad irony of it all is that the police will actually be the ones marched off in attempts to disarm the American people. We all know how that will work out if they are stupid enough to go along with that edict and ever dare to cross that line. In the meantime, unless people wake up, people will continue to be framed and murdered by the police and the police will never get the sentence they deserve until they meet their maker.


The ultimate killing machine: The legacy of Pat McKinley-Fullerton’s militarized police department-


M16 rifle
Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt (direct impingement)
Rate of fire 12–15 rounds/min sustained 45–60 rounds/min semi-automatic 700–950 rounds/min cyclic
Muzzle velocity 3,150 ft/s (960 m/s) (M855A1 round)

THE PERFECT KILLING MACHINE-a militarized police department

Political power does come out of a barrel of a gun but respect is earned ladies and gentlemen. Have some for yourselves because they have none for us. You will soon find out the hard way.

Fear a government that fears your guns because politicians love unarmed peasants, everything Hitler did in Nazi Germany was legal,  and the Holocaust happened to people like you and I.

I know what lies ahead for this nation. It is a rough road to Agenda 21. The flames of racial tensions being fanned by our educational system, the media and the government, combined with our foreign and domestic policies all lead to tyranny. Things like forced vaccinations, confiscation of private property, forced relocation, forced quarantines, forced separation from family members,  staged epidemics and staged natural disasters all require a submissive disarmed population and a well armed, militarized police presence to cull and control us. They will never be able to pull these things off if enough of us are awake and are willing to water the tree of liberty with the patriot’s blood required to keep it alive. Mutual assured destruction kept the Soviet Union at bay as well as other rogue nations even to this day. We must maintain a balance of power.

Keep in mind that the FPD has no duty to protect and serve anyone as the courts have ruled, except for their own. Likewise so do all of us. The department is run by liars and crooks folks. One thing is certain ladies and gentlemen, and that is those who ruin peoples lives will always have their own come to ruin eventually. Stay vigilant Fullerton and stay armed because at the end of the day you are on your own when it comes to dealing with the criminals who in some cases are the police themselves.

Keep in mind that the FPD has no duty to protect and serve anyone as the courts have ruled, except for their own. Likewise so do all of us.


A nation that does not protect its children has no future-An open letter to Josh Newman and Sharon Quirk Silva regarding SB 649

Re:  SB 649 (Hueso):  Wireless Telecommunications Facilities As Amended — OPPOSE

The National Association For Children and Safe Technology (NACST) works to educate the public and support public health policy to protect the safety, health, and well being of children and youth from radio frequency / microwave (RF/MW) radiation exposure originating from wireless technology and infrastructure.   NACST opposes CA SB649 legislation based on health and agricultural science, with human and animal physical injuries and impairments, violation of federal and state laws, and violation of the powers of local government.

This is what will be on the power poles, and street light poles all over Fullerton, including the ones in your front and back yards.


It is essential that you vote NO on CA SB649 Wireless telecommunications facilities.  This bill is an unnecessary taking of public funds and property values, alongside losses of public health and safety, and human and agricultural productivity.  California has strong interest in protecting its economic base and residents’ and visitors’ freedom from physical injury and impairment.  The 4G/5G Distributed Antenna System (DAS) would result in scientifically established hazardous radiation exposure with often immediate and therefore provable adverse effects, particularly immediate neurological and cardiologic effects.

CA SB649 involves telecoms installing powerful microwave radiation antennae, misleadingly called “small cells” to conceal their radiation power and concentration, on light poles and utility poles in the public right of way for 5G.  Poles may be only 15-20 feet from homes and offices.  Thousands of these antennae and large power supplies would be placed on residential blocks and farms, deploying radio frequency / microwave (RF/MW) radiation penetrating homes and bodies 24/7/365 forever.

Pulse-modulated RF/MW radiation, particularly this close to homes, offices and farm animals, is a “hazard”, as acknowledged by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  (IEEE) and FCC in 1991 in the guideline-setting process.

Although proponents claim a financial bonanza from DAS 5G deployment, there is no evidence to support it. In fact, the Russians refused 5G as badly engineered (as also US engineers have admitted) and instead provided fiber optics, which works much better, to all homes and apartments in large cities. Furthermore, cell phones are a mature industry:  everyone who wants a cell phone already has one, including California’s children and youth.


Health and agricultural science, and physical injury/impairments to human, animals, insects:

The Chair of the original FCC guideline Committee himself (John Osepchuk) acknowledges >20,000 scientific studies, with immediate, short-term and/or long-term adverse effects from RF/MW radiation.


5G RF/MW radiation has a 20-inch wave that penetrates the body deeply and is particularly harmful to babies and children. Four wavelengths, each 2-4 inches, are optimally absorbed by the human brain, heart, liver, thyroid, kidneys, and reproductive organs, impairing their functions. Effects include headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, heart arrhythmia, suppressed melatonin production (essential for sleep, productivity and the immune system), DNA damage and much more. The final ten simultaneous wavelengths of 1/10 to 1⁄2 inch target the eyes, ears and skin, and fall within the resonance of pollinating insects’ antennae, producing bee colony collapse.  The U.S. National Institutes of Health, National Toxicology Program’s 16-year, $25 million study concluded in 2016 that cell phone RF/MW radiation causes cancer of the brain (glioma) and the heart (schwannoma).  5G radiation is even worse.


Incredibly, no monitoring of actual radiation emissions from 5G antennae in homes or public places is intended.  The relevant FCC guideline was based in fraud from the start and has not been updated since 1996 to reflect current scientific knowledge.  It does not protect against biological harm, and is based on a false absorption model of a doll head filled with water!  It utterly fails to protect children whose brains are still developing and whose skulls are thinner than an adult skull. Studies show RF/MW radiation even less potent than 5G is harmful to every human, animal, insect and plant.


Proponents misrepresent the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TCA) as preempting all state and local regulation of wireless facilities.  State and local governances are preempted only from regulating the “placement, construction, and modification” of wireless facilities based on their “environmental effects”. Preemption includes neither health effects nor health science.  Nor is regulation of operations preempted on any basis. State and local governments remain authorized and obligated to regulate every activity not preempted by TCA, and on every basis not preempted.


Violation of federal laws:

Allowance of any 5G wireless facilities would not only violate TCA, it would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Federal Fair Housing Act. These laws guarantee equal access for all, but 5G would make public places and federal housing, not to mention all housing, uninhabitable for already injured, impaired and/or electromagnetically sensitive (EMS) persons.  California says it requires compliance with ADA, but given 5G’s multiple simultaneous wavelengths, its intensities, and its 15-degree, near-maser (direct-energy weapon) arc of radiation concentration, compliance is impossible.


Massive industry liability shift to the State of California:

In the July 19, 2017 letter from attorney Harry Lehmann to Jennifer Galehouse, Deputy Chief Consultant, Assembly Appropriations Committee,  Lehmann makes the point that SB 649 is an Appropriations matter.  Furthermore, the letter documents incorrect data given by the Telecom industry in testimony and analysis of the shifting of the massive Industry liability to the State of California.  Please see Mr.  Lehmann’s letter here:


The State of California must protect health, safety, agriculture and its own economy.  CA SB649 would sacrifice it all, with resulting chronic health problems and loss of productivity by some degree to all Californians, right where they live and work, and the permanent loss of agricultural pollinators.

 Time is running out for all Californians and demands that you, as our elected officials, oppose SB 649.




Diane Hickey, California resident, Co-founder

National Association For Children and Safe Technology


[i] Sept. 2013 letter to FCC requesting reassessment of radio frequency exposure limits and policies


Martin Blank, Ph.D, Spokesperson, EMF Scientist Appeal

Mary Beth Brangan, Co-director, Ecological Options

Susan Clarke, Founder, Environmental Health Advocacy League (ENHALE)

Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director, League of California Cities

Devra Davis, Ph.D., Founder and President, Environmental Health Trust

Josh Del Sol, Director, Take Back Your Power

Victoria Dunkley, MD

Lennart Hardell, MD, Ph.D.

Zen Honeycutt, Founder, Moms Across America

Toril Jelter, MD

Olle Johansson, Ph.D.

Harry Lehmann

Ellen Marks, Director, California Brain Tumor Association

Joel Moscowitz, Ph.D., Center For Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley

Kevin Mottus

Martin Pall, Ph.D.

Ron Powell, Ph.D.

Cindy Russell, MD

Zonya Townsend, President, California Nurses For Ethical Standards

Scientists For Wired Technology

Center For Electrosmog Prevention

Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)

Wireless Radiation Alert Network

Consumers For Safer Cellphones
Empower Family California

Electromagnetic Safety Alliance

Center for Safer Wireless

California Department of Public Health

Karen Smith, MD, MPH, Director and State Public Health Officer

Mark Starr, Deputy Director, Center for Environmental Health

Ali Bay, Deputy Director, Office of Public Affairs

Steve Woods, Division Chief, Division of Food, Drug & Radiation Safety

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Karen Ross, Secretary

Jim Houston, Undersecretary

Annette Jones, Director, Division of Animal Health and Food Safety Services

California Environmental Protection Agency

Linda Adams, Acting Secretary

Deborah Raphael, Director, Department of Toxic Substances Control

George Alexeeff, PhD, Acting Director, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

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Fullerton’s Kelly Thomas murder- her people, pillars, pillage, plunder and all of our peril.

I remember back in 2011 at a little league game, one of the FPD officers told me on the steps at the sports complex that it would all pan out. Well, 6 years later, to the day and the hour we know no one was charged, the Information officer that put out the lies about the officers having broken bones that night was the watch commander on election night 2016 when Joe Felz got a ride home from the police after stinking like booze and fleeing the scene of an accident,  the officers who were fired are suing for their jobs back which will cost the city tens of millions, we still have no civilian police oversight, the Pobar act remains unchanged, and the corruption inside the FPD continues despite the PR that they spoon feed the residents. It was a lawless night in Fullerton last night as it sounded like a war zone with all the mortar rounds going up. The reality is that it has been a lawless night every night since Kelly Thomas was murdered back in 2011 because the system is lawless ladies and gentlemen. No one ever went to prison for murdering him.


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The Story of Paul Irish and The FPD-just another example that proves the so-called-reformation of the FPD was nothing more than an orchestrated PR plan headed by former police chief DAN HUGHES-by Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


In early March 2015, Fullerton Police Corporal Paul Irish, a twenty plus year veteran, drug recognition expert with an unblemished record of service was terminated.   What did he do that so upset FPD brass lead by Police Chief Danny Hughes that necessitated such severe action?

FPD’s ex chief Dan Hughes

Did he commit some heinous crime such as rape, murder or kidnapping?  NO!    Did he use excessive force against a member of the public?  NO!  Did he commit any other felony or even an alleged misdemeanor crime?  NO!  What got Corporal Paul Irish fired from the FPD?

He conducted an Ethics training course in early September 2014 without specifically telling his bosses that would be the topic of the training.  In other words he basically got fired for teaching ethics to members of the FPD.

I could see how that topic would be taboo by a department run by the likes of one Danny Hughes.  He even had the audacity to state in general terms that he was aware of past ethical breaches in the FPD.  Only in the FPD or in the “Twilight Zone” could such an action take place. (Please remember that the Twilight Zone was fiction but the firing of Paul Irish was and still is reality.)

I guess real ethics and integrity teaching by a FPD officer could not and would not be tolerated by Danny Hughes.


Dan Hughes stated to a City Council member that he hates Barry Levinson and unsucessfully tried to frame Barry Levinson.

Any punishments short of dismissal were not severe enough for our former upstanding police chief.  For Danny Hughes that great reformer of the FPD needed to send an internal message to all Fullerton Police Officers and staff that teaching ethics in the department and how the FPD has sometimes fallen short on that subject would result in swift termination.

The swiftness of the FPD action was startling.  The very next day after the ethics training, Corporal Paul Irish was placed on administrative leave.  Then four months later he received a letter from the FPD informing him that they intended to terminate his City employment and only a month after that was he indeed officially terminated from the FPD.


The Fullerton Police Department rarely acts so quickly in handing out such severe punishment.  But above all else, it is apparent that the one thing Police Chief Danny Hughes can’t tolerate is ethics training and the suggestion that the FPD falls short in that area.

Ethics? … Christian ethics?

What is wrong with you Corporal Paul Irish?  Why haven’t you got with the Public Relations Program that the newly reformed FPD under Police Chief Danny Hughes has no ethics problems and has absolutely no corruption?  After all Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes proclaimed that to a local newspaper during an interview in January 2012.


Not even those responsible for the brutal death of Kelly Thomas were put on administrative leave as quickly as Corporal Paul Irish.


Clearly a RICO investigation by the FBI is warranted and there needs to be a takeover by the US Marshalls of our Fullerton Police Force in order to clean house and get our city police department back on the right course.


As far as the Paul Irish situation is concerned, an honest and fair city council would overrule that termination order and give Corporal Paul Irish, a twenty-year veteran his job back. For to do anything less would be a travesty of justice and just one more clear solid piece of evidence of how corrupt and dirty our FPD and our City of Fullerton still are to this very day!



Watch Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson at FPD headquarters as they attempt for a second time to get the FPD’s own men in black to take a report on Chief Dan Hughes’ obstruction of justice

Section 148(a)(1) of the California Penal Code makes it a crime to willfully “resist, delay or obstruct” a police officer or emergency medical technician in the performance of on-the-job duties. Ironically, this section of the penal code aka as “the boot of the police state” is the section that is almost exclusively and illegitimately used AGAINST US. This time, I believe that it directly applies to Dan Hughes and possibly even Andrew Goodrich who was the watch commander.

In the wee hours of the morning following election night, Dan Hughes directly interfered with an arrest, and willfully delayed and obstructed his four officers in the performance of their on the job duties. He called off the arrest of and breathalyzer administration to a suspect caught in the act of fleeing the scene of an accident as he reeked of alcohol.  The suspect was none other than our esteemed City Manager-Joe Felz.

The state legal system is set up to give police officers the ability to carry out their functions with minimal interference, including command staff, and anyone who interferes should face arrest and prosecution if they are perceived to be interfering with the operation of law. In fact, anyone could be charged with the crime of obstructing justice for doing virtually anything that constitutes an attempt to prevent a police officer from performing their duties. I believe Dan Hughes signed his own guilty plea when he put out that memo to the council regarding the election night incident involving our city manager.

A petrified Fullerton homeowner had called in a car crash in front of their home at 1:30 in the morning where a van ran over a tree and got itself stuck. The driver of the van  was attempting to free the vehicle by continually reving up its engine, putting it in gear and reverse over and over trying to get away. What kind of police officers does Fullerton have who arrive on scene to where a man smelling of alcohol was attempting to leave the scene of an accident, and they fail to arrest and administer a breathalyzer? Whats worse is they let the alleged drunk driver who happens to be our City Manager Joe Felz call and ask for the police chief at 130 in the morning?

What kind of police chief instructs his four police officers who arrive on scene to where a man smelling of alcohol was attempting to leave the scene of an accident, to NOT to arrest him, not to administer a breathalyzer but rather wait until the police chief sends HIS special guy out possibly hours later to do a PRIVATE field sobriety test with NO BREATHALYZER, AND without the presence of another officer without and then drive him home instead of arresting him and taking him to jail? Hiding or destroying evidence or material that would be useful in proving a crime, or attempting to prevent another individual from providing information regarding a crime would have you or I facing charges of obstruction of justice. Watch Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson at FPD headquarters as they attempt for a second time to get the FPD’s own men in black to take a report on Chief Dan Hughes’ obstruction of justice and they REFUSE.- part 1 and 2. The criminal justice system is broken folks and until law enforcement agents are held criminally liable for their actions, nothing is going to change, We need to send a strong message to all law enforcement that no one is above the law, especially those who are bestowed with arrest powers who are so handsomely paid to and entrusted with the duties to uphold and enforce it.

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The Democrats have a two-thirds super majority in both chambers of the California Legislature now after Republican Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang lost her bid to advance to the state Senate. I was no fan of the hacks Royce was pimping but how fast, how low and how treasonous can you get in 6 months with her replacement Newman? Let us see. And this goes for all of you in Fullerton who were chummy with this clown. Well this isn’t funny anymore folks and this guy needs to be thrown out of office along with his female counter part in the Assembly, sicko Sex Ed Silva.

Darkness dawning on the 65th. Sex Ed Silva is back.

Forget the fact that he REFUSED TO TAKE A POSITION ON SB 18, THE MOST ANTI FAMILY, DANGEROUS, PARENTAL RIGHT DESTROYING BILL EVER PRESENTED IN THE HISTORY OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE. Let’s take a look at how he makes it possible to wreck California by going along with the psychotic, immoral thugs that the stupid people of this once great state keep electing.

The con job Newman’s handlers pulled off that produced Newman’s victory gives Democrats control of two-thirds of the 40 seats in the Senate.  This is enough for them to approve tax increases, suspend legislative rules, pass emergency legislation or overturn the governor’s vetoes without any support from Republicans.

Newman voted for Senate Bill 54, which unofficially has been called a “sanctuary state” bill. It bars state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources, including money, facility, property, equipment or personnel, to help with immigration enforcement.

They would be prohibited from asking about immigration status. They would be prohibited from giving federal immigration authorities access to interview a person in custody or assisting them in immigration enforcement.

This massive burden is one of the main reasons California’s schools and infrastructure are in a total state of disrepair. Newman works for the illegals, not the taxpayers.

Illegal aliens cost California at least $30  billion every single year—this includes their contribution in terms of taxes

These estimates are likely very low, since they don’t include any intangible costs associated with crime or increased systemic strain, they low-ball remittance estimates, and the number of illegal aliens in California is realistically at least double the numbers used.

According to the Pew Reseach, the rate of Illegal Alien Males in the workforce is 12 percent higher that U.S. born males and it is all by design.  An illegal immigrant male residing in the United States is more likely to be gainfully employed than a male who is a legal immigrant or U.S. born citizen, according to a senior demographer at the Pew Research Center think tank. 

This is is a deliberate and Systematic Discrimination of All Natural born American citizens in favor of Illegal Alien Hispanics and a Deliberate Persecution particularly toward White Native born Americans.  At a time of economic crisis and high unemployment.

Illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans every day — that’s a death toll of 4,745 per year. Annualy more than 43,000 illegal aliens, were convicted of drug offenses. The violent crime category of assault, robbery, sexual assault, and family offenses comes to 12 percent. The non-violent crime grouping of larceny, fraud, and burglary totaled seven percent, and on the list goes — equaling 100 percent of illegal aliens who have been through the criminal justice system and inflicted thousands to millions in cost per alien on the system, for issues having nothing to do with their illegal entry into the country. 

In a 2007 Government Accountability Office study of 55,322 illegal aliens, analysts discovered that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per illegal alien: 70 percent had between two and 10 arrests, and 26 percent (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests. Drug or immigration offenses accounted for 45 percent of all offenses, and approximately 12 percent (over 6,600 illegal aliens) were arrested for violent offenses such as murder, robbery, assault, and sex-related crimes.

FBI crime studies also shows heavy illegal alien involvement in criminal activity that revealed these statistics:

  • 75 percent of those on the most wanted criminals list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

  • One quarter of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals, as are more than 40 percent of all inmates in Arizona and 48 percent in New Mexico jails.

  • Over 53 percent of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.


Newman voted for Senate Bill 6 in a 28-11 vote that creates a $12 million legal defense fund for immigrants who are facing deportation.


Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, praises Josh the bear full of bullcrap Newman as Newman toes the party line with the planned destruction of Kalifornia.

What are you afraid of Mister Kevin de Leon? Yo no like the gabachos?

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de LeonD-Los Angeles, WHO IS IN THE PROCESS OF DESTROYING CALIFORNIA with his radical illegal alien invasion agenda and economic destruction policies welcomed Newman to the Senate and said a tireless campaign team helped Democrats succeed in conservative Orange County.

Nice scarf sweetie? Is that you Senor Kevin de Leon?


“Senator-elect Newman was obviously a highly effective candidate, and I know he will be a great elected leader for his constituents,” de Leon said in a statement. Yes this bear is full of bull crap as he votes for the largest tax increase in State History.


Thanks to Newman, barely reaching the minimum necessary number of votes, Governor Jerry Brown and the Democratic Legislature were able to pass the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, also known as SB1.

Newman’s look of sincerity

The new fees and increased taxes will amount to $52.4 billion over 10 years with barely 2 percent making its way to road repair. The vast majority of funding will go towards BACK FILLING AREAS IN THE STATE BUDGET THAT ARE BEING EXPANDED FOR ILLEGALS, Agenda 21 road to nowhere transportation projects and of course pension back fill.

You sick of looking at this guys mug?


political hack defined

Yes all this while they rob us blind with the highest taxes in the nation, the worst schools in the nation, the highest crime in the nation, the worst roads in the nation, the biggest welfare population in the nation,

the most illegals in the nation and the worst leaders in the nation.

What’s next Josh, free college for them, free medical care for them, free dental care for them, free food for them, free housing for them, free fertility treatments for them, free car insurance for them, free bus passes and train passes for them, free drinks for them, free massage parlor visits for them, free sex changes for them? Where does it end? I know where it is about to begin.






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Barry Levinson, the driving force of Fullerton’s sex offender ordinance discusses the despicable behavior of The Fullerton City Council in repealing Fullertons sex offender ordinance.

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Barry Levinson, the driving force of Fullerton’s sex offender ordinance discusses the despicable behavior of The Fullerton City Council in repealing Fullertons sex offender ordinance.


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Off Duty LA Police officer Kevin Ferguson fires gun at teens in Anaheim.

The Video Tapes on You Tube Filming the Incident in Anaheim Involving an Off-Duty LAPD Officer and a 13 Year Old Child/Teenager, Makes Both the Anaheim Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department Look Very, Very Bad!  By Barry Levinson

First, we did not witness the beginning of this incident. What we did see raises grave questions as to the objectivity of the Anaheim Police Department, both the officers on the scene and the police chief who has stated that he will not be bringing charges against the off-duty LAPD officer.

First I saw nothing on those tapes that justified the officer pulling out his service revolver yet alone discharging it in the direction of the crowd.

Second, I did not see anything that warranted him from grabbing and continuing to hold a 13 year-old against his will.

Third, based on the overall behavior of the officer I believe the 13 year-old who said he was going to sue the officer not shoot the officer. Police are trained to deflect responsibility for their actions by claiming their lives were in danger. Yet I saw no gun other then the one the officer pulled out of his pants. I saw no weapon, i.e. knife, baseball bat, etc. except the lethal weapon of the off-duty officer.

Fourth, the very disparate treatment of the kids vs. the officer by the Anaheim Police Officers on the scene was extremely disturbing. Immediately, The AP handcuffed and had the 13 year-old laying on the ground. At the same time a group of 6 to 8 other kids were sat down on the curb with an AP Officer watching over them. What did the AP do concerning the off-duty police officer. At first they had him put his hands behind his back. But a few seconds later an AP officer and the adult suspect were walking side by side and then talking like associates not a detained suspect. This disparate treatment showed to me the built in bias of the Anaheim officers at the scene.

Fifth, that after the APD had the opportunity to view the video tapes and canvass witnesses that they arrested the 13 year-old and a 15 year old but did not see fit to arrest the off-duty LAPD officer was yet another piece of evidence showing a real bias in favor of the officer.

I am not here to state that the officer should be found guilty of a criminal assault, although the video certainly seemed to support that conclusion.  Instead I am here that based on everything the public knows to arrest two of the teenagers and not the officer is indeed a miscarriage of justice way before we know whether the OC District Attorney will follow through on those arrests with filing of charges against the two teenagers.

P.S. Two of my biggest heroes are my late dad and his older brother, both NYC Police Officers. I know they were great officers who always had the best interests of the public first. I only have problems with bad officers who abuse the badge and the people they swore to serve and protect.


Darkness dawning on the 65th. Sex Ed Silva is back.

Abortion has killed upwards of between 60 to 100 million children since that fateful decision at the hands of the black robe donning  high priests of darkness was handed down  on January 22 some forty some odd years ago. Here is Sex Ed Silva at the divisive feminist rally where the right to kill the unborn was one of the major focal points of the rally.











It should come as no surprise that she would be in attendance. After all. this woman has made it her mission in life to make sure that the blood never stops running down the drains of the sinks in the abortion mill killing fields. Make no mistake about Sharon Quirk Silva ladies and gentlemen. She has sold her soul to Planned Parenthood and sold it cheap. Her platforms every time she ran for office,was almost always abortion. Listen as she cleverly promises to keep the baby killers in business and the supply lines going for the body parts industry. MAKE NO MISTAKE FOLKS, THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH WOMEN HAVING ACCESS TO GOOD MEDICAL CARE. THE UNITED STATES HAS UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. She can call it access to women’s health or whatever she wants because it is all about taking the right away from the unborn baby and trying to demonically turn it into a right for the mother to murder the unborn baby.


At one point in the video she states “wow, what did he say”, referring to this …..

Anthony Rendon “….we are gonna make sure women have access to health care….and reproductive rights…”


Cristina Garcia-“….standing shoulder to shoulder fighting for the right for women to control their bodies.”

Yes and of course pro illegal immigration is lumped in with the code words for baby killing as Sex Ed Silva proudly looks on.

.. so that the dreamers get their American dream

You see with Sex Ed Silva, murdering your unborn child is a fundamental right, denying that child its fundamental rights while they labor to bring more illegals into this country while pushing for American citizens to be murdered in the womb. These people are sick and evil.

Meanwhile Sex Ed Silva says she is gonna fight for women and empower women.

“We are gonna do everything we can to fight to make sure that women have access to great health care ”


Out-Heroding Herod-Are these blood sisters and brothers in the baby parts business?


Sex Ed Silva smiles and cheers for the statements of Anthony Rendon

“You are the leaders for equality….”




Sex Ed Silva smiles and cheers for the statements of Anthony Rendon

“You are the leaders for justice”




Sex Ed Sharon smiles at the statements of Anthony Rendon

You are the leaders for opportunity…





Sex Ed Silva looks on….. and on……

“You are what this fight is all about…..”


If you cant handle looking at these pictures then there is obviously something wrong with you not doing something to stop this from happening to several thousand children a day here in the United States with churches on every corner that say or do NOTHING about this


images (35)




Planned Parenthoods Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva


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Forced injections

 California vaccine bill SB 277 signed into law by Jerry Brown-

19 Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, 20 idolatry, sorcery (pharmakeia), enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, 21 envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Galatians 5:19-21

and the light of a lamp will not shine in you (the great city Babylon) any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).

Revelation 18:23


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#SB 18

SB 18- is the most dangerous bill ever to come off the printer in the State Capital and it was written by the most dangerous man in the history of the California State Legislature, Dr. Richard Pan. He is the Author of SB 277, California’s forced vaccination law.


The cat’s meow of the eugenics movement Richard Pan

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Meet Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action

The article contains videos of Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action moonlighting as a  Fullerton Junior College security guard committing what I believe to be a felony assault on and engaging in a false arrest of an unarmed young man who is an American Citizen on public property.

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