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A day late and a dollar short: How Chevron got the goldmine and Fullerton got the shaft

Can’t say I didn’t tell you so.


You know this whole Coyote Hills things really stinks to high heaven. Come to think of it, something is really rotten in the state of Denmark. So let me ask all of you some questions. For those of you on the Coyote Hills mailing list, have you received one iota of information on the platforms of the candidates like they always send out?  Have you been invited to the altar call for the trip to San Francisco to get the EPA involved? How about a liitle rendevous with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the riparian access  sign off issues? Is the answer a resounding NO? So what the heck is going on?

The election is 8 days away, and with last Friday night’s blues, the judge just told you all to stick it and the police and fire unions are running the mail carriers till midnight jamming your mailboxes full of hit pieces designed to put the developers all into striking position. If you haven’t figured it out yet, old time favorites like Royce, The Register, Nelson, Nordell and the NIMBY types like Robert Jensen are all running cover for all of these people. It is how the corrupt game is played in dirty Fullerton politics.

Yes sure, as a matter of fact, you Coyote Hills people probably thought all along that you could trust the city right? You thought that through this process that they would keep their word and help you fill out the forms the correct way right?  Are you kidding me? Well there is nothing like putting all your political capital into a commodity with an expiration date that has already past and that is exactly what the Friends of Coyote Hills has done.


Don’t get me wrong folks. Police union hack Benedict Arnold Chaffee turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us


and sold you all out while you thought the union hack Flory would turn out to be another Socks Silva and boy did you get conned as she turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us

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Then there was the Nelson Royce plant Whitaker who believes property rights mean the owner should be able to do whatever their hearts desire with their property and if he had it his way, there would be no zoning at all who turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us.


Ah yes you can always count on a land surveyor like Greg who emerged from Tony B’s backyard a changed man as he turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us.


You can always trust the Curt Pringle VP, developer lobbyist, Jennifer Fitzgerald to show up to a ground breaking to a church parking structure and  get the entire church to wash police cars as she gets you all sit out the biggest heist in Fullerton’s history as she turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us.


The Fullerton City council turned a rattle snake infested, rat farm, full of owls, mice, lice, fire ants, un remediated polluted soil, and uncapped oil and gas wells on a fault line into a casino ladies and gentlemen and they are playing with your money. They did it when they rezoned the property from oil and gas to residential and with the help of the judicial system, now they want you to buy it back with money we don’t have, at a price we cannot afford and all after they practically gave it away.

Yes Chevron got the gold mine and Fullerton gets the shaft ladies and gentlemen. Of course putting your life savings into a commodity with an expiration date isn’t bad enough, and then you take it one step further and put what has been salvaged into the hands of an elected judge who campaign was probably bankrolled by the same players the players on the council play with.

Man alive folks, you sit back and let the pied piper walk this whole thing right off the cliff while you all wait for the sun to come out at 3 am and elect the same leaders or their con men that put us here.

Fullerton, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times and you deserve all the shame you can handle. You elect Whitaker or Fitzgerald or anyone they are paired up with or  endorse and I will tell you that you will get the leaders you deserve.

Someone better get this bull by the horns before Curt Pringle sicks Jennifer Fitzgerald on them there hills and puts in high rise housing all the way to the County Line or before Shawn Neslon sicks Whitaker on them there hills to build the largest homeless shelter west of the Mississippi.

I don’t know what else to say since the shaft just  got deeper and it will get much deeper for all of us because of  those of you who keep sending the same corrupt leaders and their caddies back to dais every four years.  Ladies and gentlemen don’t blame me because I tried to warn you. You still have a choice.

Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council



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The Coyote Hills real estate ripoff and Fullerton’s billion dollar debt pile.

Going once, going twice, she is almost gone ladies and gentlemen and when she is gone, she is gone for good

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You know one of the oldest professions in the world goes on behind closed doors all over Fullerton. It involves city leaders, city officials, corporate executives, appointed representatives and even residents. It involves alot of money changing hands, a lot of late night secret rendezvous, a lot of phony promises, and worst of all, without the happy endings, it is all perfectly legal.

Folks I am talking about the real estate business, and specifically, the long drawn out and highly contested Coyote Hills/Chevron deal.

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The Coyote Hills Parcel Tax

You don’t actually think the City of Fullerton is going to buy you a park with all the money they have sucked out of all of you through decades of taxative extortion do you? 12004709_10207745040414113_9180720121378584771_n

Just in time for the “H.E.R.O.” program to rear its ugly head on the agenda where the 4F mafia, Jan Fluoride, Jencurt Fitzpringle, and Doug Chaffeeppoo will be voting for thereby setting up the framework for a “Citywide special assessment district” to help bolster the endless, out of control public employee union pay raises and float the sinking pension ship under the guise of “smart” energy programs and red tape ribbon cutting.

Yes folks, introducing the latest and greatest idea since the FPD handed out the blue shirts and set up the taco truck on Tuesday night at city hall. Introducing the new “parcel tax” to pay off Chevron as they ride up the value on their sand dune wasteland called Coyote Hills. Yes it, to this day, remains an unremediated, unbuildable, unstable, seisimic nightmare riddled with hidden improperly capped oil and gas wells with toxic soil abounding flanked by fire ants, rats and rattlesnakes smack dab on top of a fault line without a drop of water anywhere to be found. 

You already gave at the office you say? Haven’t had enough of OC vector control, OC Dept of sanitation, FSD, NOCCD, MWD, or FJUHSD’s catheter into your wallet through their property tax levy party?  Get ready for another mainline insertion of another line item without a veto.

You guessed, you, the residents will be picking up the tab. Of course the city doesn’t have the money to buy the land. Hell they don’t even have the money to fix a stinking drinking fountain that has been broken for 2 and 1/2 years over at the ball field at Chapman park.

Yes the 4f council mafia hands out raises and benies and lawsuit settlements in the back room up behind the dais every 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoon like lolipops on halloween to the unions and the rape victims while you, the taxpayer, are still stuck in traffic. They just don’t have enough left over for the more important things like what they actually exist to procure and maintain, that is crucial infrastructure.

No instead, they ignore the mosquito infested storm drain system, the 300 million in road, sewer and water main repairs while they try to ram through the job killing ten story tilt up nightmare called the DCCP and the WiFi prison called the College Town nuthouse over on Nutwood  to boost revenues just enough to keep the unfunded pension liabilities from affecting Foolerton’s credit rating while you all stay mesmerized by a parade, and a fireworks show.

You want a walk in the park, well, haha, its gonna cost you gang. Chevron will get their money the old fashioned way and you will hand yours over the oldest way in the book: at levy point.

Yes Coyote Hills is beautiful and yes because it is not safe for any sort of development whatsoever in its present form, it should remain as open space. Remember, parks don’t make any money for the city unless they pack them full of cell towers. Development does and as long as we have a Flory, Fitzgerald and Chaffee council majority that exists to protect and serve the 700 city employees and not the 140,000 residents, we will have the devil in the details shoved up our backsides till the cows come home folks. More to come on this gang, so stay tuned.




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