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Agenda 21 SCAG operative Shawn Nelson wants to be your Congressman

An expose on Congressional candidate Shawn Nelson who for years has been deeply entrenched and embedded in the Unconstitutional regional government called SCAG, which is pushing the Agenda 21, megacities Hunger Games model on California .For years he has never once callled for the dismantling of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL regional government that SCAG is and has never uttered a word against the billions in taxes that this sustainable development carbon tax cap and trade fraud have wrought on all of us.






Shawn Nelson’s Congressional Campaign Pledge Is To Help Drain The Swamp. His Answer To My Question To Him In Front Of The California Republican Assembly (CRA) At Our Orange County Endorsing Committee Meeting Convinced Me That His Pledge Is Just A Political Slogan And Nothing More. By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Shawn Nelson’s campaign pledge to drain the swamp collided with reality at the CRA Orange County endorsing meeting last Saturday.

I asked candidate Nelson about his close ties and support of one Fullerton Council member, Jennifer Fitzgerald in both her 2012 race and 2016 re-election race.  I specifically pointed out that she has voted for just about every raise for all the public employees and has been an Agenda 21 devotee as well, which in my opinion makes her a Democrat/RINO Chamber of Commerce Republican.

(Her anti-conservative votes are too numerous to mention here). Her firm Curt Pringle and Associates where she is VP,  was involved in giving us the neon elephant known as a Anaheim Regional Transportation Center for instance, which cost the taxpayers multi-millions of dollars while being grossly underused even as of today.   In other words a gross misuse and abuse of our tax dollars but all special interests involved with getting it built did very well.  Yet they have not even thanked the taxpayers for the financial gifts they continue to get courtesy of our flawed politicians.

Shawn Nelson’s darling Jennifer Fitzgerald. Nelson supported for two consecutive terms on the council in spite of her disastrous anti conservative Agenda 21 democratic voting record.

Nelson’s response to my question above was in my opinion as phony as a three dollar bill and simply failed to address it honestly.  He would not withdraw his support from her going forward as I asked him to do before the CRA delegates.  Instead, he said he disagreed with a few of her votes but of course did not elaborate leaving the audience wondering which union pay raises or stack um and pack um high rise developments such as the attempted but defeated notorious undemocratic DCCSP Plan did he not agree with if any.  He then continued to infer that she was better than the Democrats and refused to agree with my assessment of her as a disgrace to conservatives in Fullerton.

Nelson with his wife Sharon who tirelessly support phony RINO’s like Fitzgerald

Shawn Nelson in my opinion is a dangerous phony politician.  Only months ago he was supposedly gearing up to run for a judgeship.   Now he wants to be our Congressman.   It seems to me, like so many phony politicians, that his only real objective is more power and money and just about any overpriced government elected position apparently will do just fine.  For being a judge is very, very different than being a legislator.  But politicians if anything are surely opportunists.  He is cagey, smooth and I simply will never put my trust in a man who can’t give a simple direct answer to a very simple direct question.   His answer was the epitome of a man proudly embracing the political swamp not fighting it. 

I guess Nelson is ok with Fitzgerald secretly not keeping her promise of not taking salary for elected government service. Nelson is sinking fast in his own mire as this is being written. He is slick talker who plays fast and lose with the explanations just like he did with campaign funds collecting money for running for supervisor when he was termed out. What does this say about Shawn Nelson?

Jennifer Fitzgerald has been for all true Fullerton conservatives a complete disaster and the center of the political swamp in Fullerton.   I reiterate that Nelson will have a hard time convincing the populace that he will help drain the swamp when he has been leading the charge to get phony, laden with potential conflict of interest politicians like Fitzgerald into and remaining in office.  You know when you are talking about swampy waters, many alligators share the swamp proudly.

Former Chief Dan Huges and Fitzgerald swimming together in the swamp

Another point that provides background about this candidate for Congress.  Shawn Nelson even though he was supporting Jennifer Fitzgerald was the moderator of a Republican candidates forum (possible/and or real conflict of interest) held by the Republican Women’s Federated Group prior to the 2016 Fullerton City Council elections.   There were a list of written questions provided by the audience.   One of them was about SCAG, the Southern California Association of Governments, an Agenda 21 pushing non-elected body that gets approximately 500 million dollars of our tax dollars.  Nelson threw out that question arrogantly stating that it was an “esoteric” topic and would take too long in his view to explain to the audience.

Maybe Nelson believed that the audience was too ill-informed or too stupid or both to discuss in a limited time format.   However, I believe that he knew very well that the topic was an Achilles’  heal for Jennifer Fitzgerald and successfully threw out that extremely important and relevant topic into the trash bin.   Just another example how Shawn Nelson protects the Swamp and is never going to fight it in my humble opinion.

It is a shame that as conservatives we have such lousy choices for our next Congressman.    I had some hope that when Ed Royce (who did more to help get RINO Republicans elected in Fullerton than any other elected politician) decided to call it quits that we could get a better conservative candidate to replace him.   Now that we know the field that hope has been dashed for another two years.

Nelson gearing up for deception at the CRA nominating convention


Nelson obviously is ready to continue the long tradition of Ed Royce of supporting and helping other RINO Republicans get elected down the road, which is really bad news for the citizens of Fullerton California.  For Fullerton’s must know that it has been Republican’s that have dominated our Fullerton City Council going back 40 years and even before then.   Don Bankhead and Dick Jones both RINO Republicans voted for the 90% pension after 30 years of service at the middle age of 50 years old for both our fireman and police officers.   It also made it retroactive to any active safety employee’s first day on the job at the time of its passage.  Total insanity!  That is what we get when we vote for RINO Republican’s.   If you the Fullerton Republican public as well as many, many independents have not learned your lessons by now, you never will.  Please do not make the same mistake this June 5th and this November.



Agenda 21, sustainability, SCAG operative, RINO Shawn Nelson wants to drain the swamp while he fills it, backfills it and sits on the drain plug.


Shawn Nelson is an Agenda 21, sustainability, SCAG operative, establishment politician. With deep connections to regional governments including the biggest and the worst of them all SCAG, and local corrupt polictians he has mentored, I believe he cannot be trusted.

One of the most concerning elements of his behavior on the OC Board of supervisors continues to be his coziness with our corrupt District Attorney’s office and his refusal to act on a Fullerton issue that has been staring him in the face for almost 2 years now.

OC DA Tony Rackaukus

I had contacted his office on several occasions seeking his assistance with a Fullerton issue. It involved what many and myself to believe to be textbook felony obstruction of justice commited by our former police chief Dan Hughes and others in the Fullerton Police department and a Mr. Bayetieh at the DA’s office that refuses to file charges in spite of overwhelming evidence that his agency is in posession of.

THE DA’S Bayetieh

The County Board of Supervisors are called SUPERVISORS BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. The OC Board of Supervisors is the DA’s boss.


Shawn Nelson and his office continued ignoring this issue involving our former city manager and former police chief. It was a major local issue that was the subject of massive media exposure, but like the DA’s watchdogs’ questionable connections, our pathetic Fullerton watchdog Shawn Nelson on the Board of Supervisors, appears to also have questionable connections and that perhaps is why he remains silent protecting what we believe is criminal behavior involving high ranking Fullerton Police department personell. He never responded to any of my attempts to contact his office for assistance.

This issue is so flagrant that the investigator at the DA’s office that was pulled off the case has now had to go to Federal Court to seek redress of his greivances. Santos-Conklin_v_Rackauckas (1)

The Supervisors are supposed to keep their subordinate agencies like the DA in check. Equally troubling was his absolute and total silence on the choice of the watchdog with clearly troubling ties chosen to oversee the Orange County District Attorney’s office as well as his refusal to allow an audit of the Board of Supervisors. These should be of major concern to anyone paying attention. Nelson also has had his share of playing fast and loose with campaign finance rules raising money for a public office he knows he couldn’t run for very recently, funneling tens of thousands of dollars into an account whose future is in question.


Nelson mentors to his lackey underlings who protect corruption and are aligned idealogically with Agenda 21, globalist agendas. Locally he has stacked the city council in Fullerton to vote for all Agenda 21 programs such as adopting international building codes, energy use master plans, legislative support for Agenda 21 regulations, Agenda 21 land use and development master plans, regional government agendas, and various ancillary boards and commissions that are directly involved in Agenda 21 activities such as massive high density development, poisoning our drinking water, spraying us and our trees with dangerous pesticides, restricting water use, forcibly irradiating us with microwave systems and their proliferation, turning our bedroom community into an Agenda 21 compact city, and establishing joint powers authorities at the municipal level which are really all about forced vaccinations. At the core of Agenda 21 is really depopulation which we discussed at legnth here on this site and on you tube. It should come as no surprise that all of the affiliates of this swamp filler and swamp dweller are at odds with what we bring to their attention. It is where we are folks.

So is this some sort of a joke ladies and gentlemen?  He wants to help Trump drain the swamp?

You cannot drain something that you keep filling with your cronies at the same time. Shawn Nelson is no proven conservative or a proven leader. Leaders lead. Shawn Nelson and his underlings are not leaders folks. They are political operatives. Their track records speak for themselves. Look no further than what Nelson, his friends, followers and associates have done to our city.

Next to Ed Royce, Shawn Nelson has done more to fill the Fullerton swamp than anyone else folks. This is Shawn Nelson’s legacy in Fullerton. He and his wife Sharon filled the Fullerton swamp to the brim with the political pawns that for years expended tremendous effort to maintain the funding and the protecting of the corrupt murderous Fullerton police department,

and protecting the fiscal corruption that has run rampant for decades in a first world city with third world roads. Fullerton is missing hundreds of millions of dollars that should have gone into repairing roads.

The Agenda 21 operatives are well connected in Fullerton. Nelson’s connections to many of them are right out in the open. Take for instance Young Kim, who he is running against in this race ironically,

Agenda 21 Young Kim pictured 2nd from the left-forced vaccinator (SB277) and forced irradiator (AB57) who has receieved staunch support for years from his wife Sharon pictured at the far left.

She was the Agenda 21 Fullerton representative in the State Assembly that gave California forced vaccinations which is clearly an Agenda 21 first rate, top shelf priority.

The mega city model is another Agenda 21 top shelf priority,

As a current SCAG board appointee, he is a bonafide Agenda 21 operative. His past behavior, votes and candidates he supports are all Agenda 21 operatives. Agenda 21 is the most evil and obscene land use, social reingineering experiment in human history. This man must never set foot in Washinton DC unless he is on a tour bus as a tourist.

 SCAG is an Unelected, Unconstitutional Regional Government. SCAG (Southern CA Assn. of Governments) is the largest regional government in the US covering 6 counties and 191 cities. SCAG has a $540 Billion plan to remake SoCal in the next 2 decades and operates in Near Darkness. 

SCAG is the heartbeat of Agenda 21 and has plans to cram everyone into scientific kill grid compact cities, re wild 95 percent of the United States, get you out of your cars, end fossil fuel consumption, destroy the economy, get you onto public transportation and destroy your our way of life and the freedoms we currently enjoy.

I believe that this man is a dangerous man because he is extremely deceptive, untruthful, knows exactly what he is doing, Yes he is also an attorney. What a shame because God given talent should be used for good and not for evil or selfish gain.  Take for example how Shawn Nelson tried to put a homeless shelter right next to a Title I elementary school and right next to an apartment complex in Fullerton that would have netted his good friend Cameron Irons a $100,000 real estate comission. This was resoundingly opposed by Fullerton residents.

Step right up and get your Shawn Nelson endorsement. You know the one Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald wrap themselves in as they both voted to install a SCAG senior palnner Mayan Johnson to the Fullerton planning commission. Here she is leading the charge to add tens of thousands of apartment units with ten story buildings all over the place on hundreds of acres of Fullerton with the DCCSP.


2 years ago, The Fullerton Republican Women Federated hosted a candidate forum for the City Council Candidates of which it just so happened that I was one of them. He and his wife did everything they could to make sure I was not invited. I managed to attend. Shawn Nelson should have never been the moderator of this forum because he was not impartial by any means and his wife was running the group at the time. A member of the audience had asked a question about the SOUTHER CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS otherwise know as SCAG. SCAG is about as relevant to City business as you can get because they dictate planning and social engineering plans for the State. This was not only a fair question, but the most important question of the election.

He refused to allow this question to be asked and listen to his reason why.  This is Shawn Nelson, in Agenda 21 mode folks.

Agenda 21 Trojan Horse operative dishonest political fraud Shawn Nelson shows his underbelly as he refers to SCAG as “esoteric”. Yes it is .a secret organization that is ruining our lives and is part of a sinister plan to carry out Agenda 21. Listen to this Orwellian double speak SCAG operative- County Supervisor Shawn Nelson who wants to become your congressman and listen carefully as he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

This SCAG political operative along with his pal Tony Bushala used their influence out in the open to put people in key positions within the city of Fullerton city government to try to pass massive development schemes to add upwards of 100,000 more people to this city. Yes the Agenda 21 DCCSP would have done just that with tens of thousands of apartment units in 10 story buildings on hundreds of acres on just about every major street in town.


If that wasn’t bad enough, we all know that Agenda 21 Trojan Horse RINO phony conservative Shawn Nelson gave us phony conservative RINO, political fraud and liar Jennifer Fitzgerald for our city council and endorsed her for the past 8 years throught 2 election cycles.

Jennifer Fitzgerald REPEATEDLY votes to bankrupt the city with endless raises and giveaways for the police, refuses to take action against criminal behavior by the police and caters to their unions every chance she gets.

Nelson is Jennifer Fitzgerald’s mentor. Jennifer Fitzgerald is Fullerton’s worst nightmare that it hasn’t been able to wake up from for nearly 6 long years. She is a Curt Pringle Fullerton lobbyist for Agenda 21 high density housing and all sorts of eugnenics policies in Fullerton such as microwave system deployment, water fluoridation, Led street light installation and high density housing just to name a few.

SWAMP DWELLER Agenda 21 Fitzpringle LOBBYIST minus the stripes in her hair

She votes for every Agenda 21 massive development and plan that has ever come across her desk.

Jennifer Fitzgerald votes for forced pesticide spraying over all of Fullerton with her position on the vector control board.

Jennifer Fitzgerald makes sure she continues the Agenda 21, deadly, cancer causing water fluoridation with her position on the Metropolitan Water District as an appointee from Fullerton.


On the Fullerton City Council, Jennifer Fitzgerald promotes the consumption of cancer causing and tooth decay causing beverages as the impetus to continue the MWD fluoridation programs.


She continues to vote for dangerous cell tower sitings and 5G deployments right next to homes which guarantee the destruction of wildlife and human health as well as harming our children.


SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER Shawn Nelson backed this woman on the Fullerton City Council for two consecutive terms now and this is the legacy. How would you like to have your bedroom on the second or third floor of one of these Fitzgerald dream projects with the antennae agt eye level?

SWAMP DWELLER Fitzgerald has ignored calls for investigating the missing hundreds of millions of dollars that should have gone into Fullerton’s road repairs. Shame on this horrible SWAMP DWELLING Nelson plant sellout that has turned her back on the residents and sold her soul to telecom and developers.

SWAMP DWELLER Fitzgerald’s swing vote has destroyed Fullerton.

SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER Nelson along with his wife has also backed school board candidates like Janny Meyer

SWAMP DWELLERS Janny Meyer , Jennifer Fitzgerald, and SWAMP FILLER Sharon Nelson

and SWAMP DWELLER Chris Thompson

SWAMP DWELLER Nelson’s water boy Chris Thompson (left)

who voted to destroy our schools and our children BY SPENDING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON horrible child abusing, mentally destroying common core curriculum, common core technology and upgrades, forcing dangerous, highly addictive wireless devices that result in screen time addictions on students while forcing students to be exposed to forced sterilizing microwave exposures,  and all while they refuses to protect the children in the district from dangerous pedophiles.   

In addition they still refuse to address the serious safety concerns at Parks Junior High like how none of the classrooms have any doors.


SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER Shawn Nelson continues to support political frauds like Bruce Whitaker.


SWAMP DWELLER Nelson plant Agenda 21 sellout phony Bruce Whitaker is one of the biggest political frauds in Fullerton history. Like SWAMP DWELLER Jennifer Fitzgerald, SWAMP DWELLER Bruce Whitaker is an Agenda 21 operative who voted to put the SCAG senior planner on our planning commission so they could add tens of thousands of high density housing units in Fullerton with the DCCSP. He and his appointee to the planning commission refuse to speak a work against this Agenda 21 development scheme to this day. Bruce Whitaker is a political fraud.

SWAMP DWELLER Bruce Whitaker (right)

Bruce continues to ignore the aerosol spraying operations in the skies over Fullerton, ignores the warnings and pleas to end the Agenda 21 geo engineered drought while continues to vote for water restrictions.


SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER SHAWN NELSON has continued to support Bruce Whitaker through two election cycles.

SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER SHAWN NELSON’s lackey SWAMP DWELLER Bruce Whitaker continues to IGNORE AND REFUSES to call for an audit of the city’s finances inspite of repeated calls for an investigation and an audit to fine the missing hundreds of millions of dollars that should have gone into Fullerton road repair.

SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER Shawn Nelson and Tony Bushala have long since worked together to shape Fullerton’s political landscape to suit their own corrupt agendas for years.


Please Read The Words Of Long Time Resident Lee About The Motives Of The Friends For Fullerton’s Future Website and Tony Bushala And All His Connections with Fullerton Council Members Past and Present (Bruce Whitaker, Greg Sebourn, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Chris Norby, Shawn Nelson and Travis Kiger) By Barry Levinson

SWAMP FILLER AND SWAMP DWELLER SHAWN NELSON ‘s plants Whitaker and Fitzgerald refused to deal with this local taxpayer ripoff issue as well for almost a year.


Nelson has given us a living nightmare politically in Fullerton and he is not worthy of being called a conservative, muchless capabale of draining anything, forget a Washington swamp. Shawn Nelson is a swamp dweller ladies and gentlemen. Don’t let the ladies fool you either folks.

SWAMP FILLER Sharon Nelson courting the Agenda 21 RINO’s at the RWF group she ran for years.






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Barry Levinson hits it out of the park warning Fullerton residents of the impending collapse of the City’s finances

Killer cops suing for their jobs back,

FPD-s Cicinelli’ “I smashed his (Kelly Thomas’s) face to hell…..”

FPD’s Wolfe who took homerun swings with his baton to Kelly Thomas’s legs.

Ed Royce ruined Fullerton with his lame, phony hacks who stack the council for decades,

Ed Royce ruined Fullerton with years of endorsing total sellouts


Bankhead, Jones and “I hired them all” McKinley

$100-$200 million or more in missing money, yes the audit is coming, roads in ruin, corrupt politicians, corrupt police, corrupt officials, fat pigs at the trough, Fullerton heading into bankruptcy and taxes galore are coming and worse. Yes Barry and I have been telling you so and you say it isn’t so? Think again. All the crooked players came out to play Tuesday night like usual and so did we, to tell it like it is and to call them all out and introduce them to all of you for who they really are and what they have collectively done to destroy this community. We will continue until they build enough oversize jail cells to house them all in and they fix our roads. We want justice and we want our money back.

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Bruce Whitaker buries corruption for a living on the Fullerton City Council

It has been approximately 8 to 9 months since the City’s Christening of the Pinewood Stairs connecting Hillcrest Park and Lion’s Field. The FFFF website has posted new pictures rendering the condition of those stairs. They are simply falling apart with the problems increasing at a very rapid rate.

Yet where is State Senate Candidate Bruce Whitaker on this issue? The answer is that Bruce Whitaker has been totally silent since the beginning. It is very troubling that someone whose only theme for running for State Senate is to fight Sacramento Corruption is once again totally silent on this City of Fullerton corruption and there is no doubt that is what Pinewood Stairs represents. 

Public Works director Don Hoppie needs to be fired over signing off on this outrageous fraud perpetrated on taxpayers.

$196,000 a year for Hugo Curiel and $148,000 a year for these Fullerton park and rec department managers Curiel and Loya who presided over this disaster (compensation source transparent

Sebourn mentioned his concern in response to citizen complaints and then failed to follow-up at all. Nice phony PR work Sebourn.

Worthless Bushala plant Greg Seaborn who doubles down every time with lipservice and ignores the corruption.

Fitzgerald’s response was to totally praise the stairs as a great triumph of city engineering and development.

Shawn Nelson plant Fitzgerald ignores the problem, doubles down and praises this construction defect lawsuit in the making as magnificent.

Who is one of her main supporters and mentors but none other than Shawn Nelson who is now running to replace Congressman Ed Royce. You remember Nelson, the guy who tried to put in a homeless shelter across the street from an elementary school that has many special needs children in attendance and tried to hand over a 100K commission to one of his supporters denying others the right to bid for that commission.   The same supervisor who was against setting up an independent commission to look into OC Supervisor corruption. Here is Nelson hiding SCAG from the public at a candidate forum, yes the one who lobbied his head off to make sure Jennifer Fitzgerald got elected twice and he wants to be your Congressman?


Is this the best the Republican Party can provide as candidates, Bruce Whitaker for State Senate and Shawn Nelson for U.S. Congress? How pathetic? And the State Republican party wonders why Republicans have become pretty much meaningless throughout the entire state. A state that gave us Governor and then President Ronald Reagan. Should those true conservatives that care about our constitution and limited government providing freedom for its citizens, start a new Conservative Party in California? If the State Republican Party does not shape up and shape up really fast, the answer is probably yes!

As for the stairs, well you know you can’t put wood in concrete like that. It swells every time it gets wet. It should have had metal anchors with straps and bolts. So if the City doesn’t sue the contractor for construction defects, no one gets fired, no one goes to jail for this total ripoff, and someone gets hurt when this thing ends up red tagged after the next big rainstorm, well you know it will be you picking up the tab once again.

I report, you decide.

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