Brazen or brainless: who appointed S.C.A.G. operative Mayan Johnson to the Fullerton Planning Commission?

So what city officials would appoint an employee of SCAG to its planning commission? You may be unpleasantly surprised. ALL FIVE OF THEM DID!!!


Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

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This is how massive development moves at lightning speed. This woman works for a private corporation (SCAG) that appears to be in direct conflict with her position on the planning commission.

How could she have been chosen out of 17 applicants and then approved in  5-0 vote? Everyone there knew where she worked, it was discussed she worked for SCAG.

SCAG (Southern CA Assn. of Governments) is the largest regional government in the US covering 6 counties and 191 cities. SCAG has a $540 Billion plan to remake SoCal in the next 2 decades and operates in Near Darkness. Educate yourselves in order to protect your freedoms. PLEASE ADD ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, EVERYONE NEEDS TO LEARN ABOUT REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS. Stop SCAG is dedicated to educating the public about Unelected, Unconstitutional Regional Governments.

Contact them at or at Twitter @STOPSCAG or Facebook

Here is the text of a speech given by Grindall from his you tube channel earlier this year, a recent visitor to our council meeting.

“First and foremost SCAG is a corporation, and because SCAG is a corporation I do not consent to any of your mandates, edicts, or demands. You need to show me the contract I signed as a willing consenting adult before we can even have a conversation.

Secondly, SCAG is not constitutional. Nowhere in the constitution does it talk about JPA’s. It’s a made up term to steal government away from people at the local level.

There is nothing good about regional government. When you take 191 cities and put them altogether into 1 body which is what SCAG is, you have created a massive government.

There is not one big government in history that has ended well for the people.

This whole SCAG regional transportation process proves why regionalism is terrible for this country.

An associate of mine and I discussed sitting down and reading the thousands of pages that are in the Scag Regional Transportation Plan and the EIR document. Making notes and eventually publishing a report refuting the plan. The whole idea of reading the documents and publishing the report are not even possible given the time constraints. Secondly, even if we were able to get the report complete we would then have to go to 191 elected representatives in 191 different cities and try to convince them to side with us on the vote. 191 people. And we only have a couple months to do all of this.

We advocate for localism and local government. If the same thing were happening in a local city we would only have to convince 3 people to agree with us on the plan. That’s 3 vs. 191.

That example that I just read is the very reason why this regionalism has to stop. It completely shuts we the people out of the process.

Now lets get into what this plan is based on. This entire plan is based on sustainability. Now when you ask one of these planners what sustainability is they are likely to say something along the lines of making development that fits the current need while preserving the ability for future generations to meet their own needs…

What the hell that does even mean? Seriously half the time you ask a planner what sustainability is they usually use the word sustainability in their answer which tells me they don’t even know
what it means. I have spent 4 years trying to figure out what sustainability actually is and I have the answer.

Sustainability is rationing. It’s being forced to use less of everything. Less water, they go that covered. Less energy, they are attempting that with renewables. Renewable energy is a giant crony capitalist scam where the government picks winners and losers and props up failed industry via cap and trade. Less food, that’s being worked on by the United Nations
Less mobility, I can’t believe you guys think we are so stupid that people are actually going to believe that going from a car to a bus or a bike is somehow getting around quicker. Seriously you people are insane.

Less freedom. Freedom is choice and you are destroying our choices with this plan. Let’s talk about those choices

You are acting like you are doing us a favor by providing us with bike lanes, buses and trains that most people want nothing to do with.

However this is a all huge scam. Last year the state attempted to cut our gasoline in half by 50% The bill was called SB350. The bill passed but the gasoline language was taken out of the bill. We have confirmation that the state will be trying to pass that again this year in 2016.

So yes the state of California is trying to get us out of our cars.

We are seeing all this planing right now because you know that the main option that everyone wants to use is going to be eliminated. So stop with this garbage that you are doing us a favor. This is a tyrannical big government that is waging war against us. You’re not doing anybody any favors!

Lastly, I want to address this lie about the millennials, how my generation wants to walk and bike everywhere and live in little shoebox apartments.

First off, my generation is glued to their phones so they are completely disengaged. As a result they aren’t coming to these meetings and demanding this. I have yet to see it in my time doing this.

Secondly, we are told that the millennials want to spend lots of money to live in small apartments.

How is that going to happen? We were screwed by the older generations when they told us that we must go to college. Not only is a college degree worthless now but it has put all the young people in debt so there isn’t going to be spending $400,000 on a so called luxury apartment.

The truth is every single city is increasing the number of housing units and we have a president that has opened up the borders and is bringing in illegal aliens and refugees from the different wars that are going on. Those people need a place to live if they are going to be here.”


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