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What Fate Awaits Controlled Opposition Alex Jones who is really Bill Hicks?

Ted Turner created Alex Jones out of Bill Hicks. Alex Jones is the mainstream media’s flagship model of controlled opposition. We all know what eventually happens to those who serve the illuminati. The continued destruction of their consumate gatekeeper is apparent. In Christianity, you are born twice and die once. We all know for those wh0 reject and deny Jesus Christ, they are born once and die twice. I believe in the virtual reality world Time Warner has created for him, Hicks aka Jones already has but in reality, there is hope for this troubled soul. It is never too late to do the right thing.

May he turn to The Lord Jesus Christ before they are done with Bill, Alex or whoever they make him into next, if there is a next…. We know the eternal next os what matters.



David Hogg has been exposed.

Yes folks, ban the AR today, they’ll be demanding to ban semi-auto 9mm pistols next year and on it goes.

Just weeks after he became president, Trump signed a bill making it easier for those with mental health conditions to access guns. In his words, “the calm before the storm.”

President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law on 2-28-17 rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun.

The law reversed one that Obama signed in December, which added people receiving Social Security mental health checks, and those considered unable to handle their own finances, to the national background-check database. Trump’s Feb. 28 bill prohibits the Social Security Administration from adding information about such individuals to the database. Problem reaction solution always involves both sides of the aisle. Trump literally set the stage for gun ownership rights to be abused and ultimately even more restricted.

The fact is that David Hogg was on CNN previously. Even if he did go to the school, that doesn’t change the fact that the government was running a drill at the time of the alleged shooting and then passed it off as a real event (known as going live). Everyone should read an operations manual for such and event. The FEMA Capstone 2 day drill known as Sandy Hook has an operations manual as well.

This event was not the first false flag staged shooting the government has pulled off. Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Orlando are also false flag events where few or no one died (as well as the Boston “bombing”).

In San Bernadino, they used paramilitary shooters and then blamed an innocent Muslim couple to support the fraudulent war on terror (the war on Islanm, which has allowed the murder of over 30 million innocent Muslims)

David Hogg has been exposed. David Hogg is a crisis actor hired to push the gun control propaganda though our mass media. He can be seen here forgetting his lines in an interview. This is the video You Tube keeps deleting. HE FOLLOWING VIDEO HAS ALSO BEEN TAKEN DOWN FROM YOU TUBE

Government fingerprints are all over the Parkland event, all the way down to desired outcome and its spokesman. Meet David Hogg, a crisis actor. His father is an FBI agent who works with crisis actor scenarios and his mom works for CNN, and now he has been chosen to be the high priest of the church of gun control. Hitler youth David Hogg wants all of your brainwashed lemmings to turn on over 250 years of American law, history and National Heritage.

David Hogg

Hitler Youth

Was his mother Elaine Hogg in the FLL airport fake shooting too?

How many others? airport drill info fema info linkedin

It has been reported and unconfirmed that Kevin Hogg, David’s father works for the most murderous part of the assault-rifle industry, the killer-training program known as Cubic Simulation Systems. They specialize in Unconventional Warfare and in running prep- and psyops.

David Hogg is a creation of the government spin machine. His twitter account shows 2013 was his account creation date. He didn’t post anything for two years and then everything is specifically left wing highlights from the past 3 years? Where is all his typical teenager stuff? These Twitter posts are not written in teen-form. They are written in the form of a CNN Journalist.

So here we have a kid, who’s dad is with the FBI, is the voice of gun control in regards to one of the worst school shooting that could have been prevented multiple times by the FBI.

How does the mainstream media spin this? Like Sandy Hook where they will not release public information, and birth certificates? Why wouldn’t they do that? The kids that were allegedly “killed” at Sandy Hook were singing at the next Super Bowl.

The Sandy Hook school wasnt even in working order. They wouldn’t let anyone on the grounds for evidence. Just so much to be hidden for such an open and shut case.

Was Hogg there at the Parkland school during the alleged shooting or was he not there? Is David Hogg a crisis actor? He claims that he is a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

So who was really doing the shooting? Was it a group of government mercineries? There is no way some emaciated autistic Cruz could have carried all that gear and ammo and did what he was alleged to have done. The kid was a patsy. Look at him pictured with a harmless airsoft pistol that the media called a pistol. Note the orange tip which clearly shows it is not real handgun. Cruz was a patsy and is being framed.

This is the photo the media put out of the “patsy” holding an airsoft pistol that couldn’t even kill a sparrow.

Just listen to what one of the teachers at the school saw and disclosed on an ABC interview. Cruz couldn’t have done it.

The crisis actor offspring of an FBI agent and CNN employee has now become the head of the victimization of millions of children by demanding the gun rights of the American people be eviscerated while the schools remain in a state of open season on children as endless killing fields with no armed protection nationwide.

Hogg has become the figurhead for the victimization of children as he cheerleads for gun control and repealing the 2nd amendment. He has been chosen by the elite to be the master of ceremonies leader of the “March for Our Lives”  rally in support of gun control in Washington on March 24, 2018.

Hiding in a closet gives him a different perspective than others near the guman getting shot? How about hearing about the shooting while at home, jumping on your bike & peddling 3 miles to school. AFTER the shooting, to get interviews. In his own words…!

I beleive this was another hoax law enforcement drill, or a deep state assasination.






Jane Rands, Where are the keys to your house?


Jane Rands pictured here (left) and Sex Ed Sharon Quirk Silva (right). Silva is a radical Agenda 21 open borders activist in the State Legislature

 Does Jane Rands, Sharon Kennedy’s long term close associate, want to open the doors to all of those who wish to unlawfully enter and hand over everything we own to anyone who asks?

Jane Rands is a reporter for The Fullerton Observer  who wants Fullerton to be a sanctuary city. Listen to her statements above after the presentation of hard hitting truth at the March 19 Fullerton City Council Meeting by Gary Gileno below.

Jesse Letour, also a reporter for the Fullerton Observer, another Sanctuary city supporter, won’t cover any of our statements or print our names in the paper even though we attend and speak at nearly every meeting.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Public Records Requests <>
Date: Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 4:05 PM

Dear Mr. Joe Imbriano,

You have made the following request for documents pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

1-Total number of undocumented students currently enrolled in CSF.

2- Total amount of tuition and fees paid by undocumented students enrolled in CSF

3-Total amount of financial aid paid for the undocumented students enrolled in CSF.

4-Total annual budget for Dream Center operations at CSF.

5-Sources of funding for Dream Center operations at CSF.

6-Complete description of all available fee waivers, financial aid, cost reductions, and any and all benefits available to undocumented students at CSF.


Information about students is retained electronically in various University databases, the extrapolation of which would require several steps in order to attempt to extract the information you have requested and to provide you with supporting documents. The extraction and redaction of names and personal information in order to print and provide you with documents would be time consuming. In an effort to provide you with the information you are seeking that is public, and in order not to violate any right to privacy of any individual student, as protected by state and federal law (Article 1, Section 1 of the California Constitution, the Information Practices Act, Cal. Civil Code Section 1798 et seq. and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g), the University has researched the questions you have posed and without further charge to you shares the following information:

  1. 1-Total number of undocumented students currently enrolled in CSF.

It is not entirely clear what is meant by the term “undocumented” but the University confirms that 914 students as of census for Spring 2017 both (1) requested in-state tuition pursuant to Education Code Section 68130.5 and (2) informed the campus  that their legal immigration status is “none of the above” when asked  to confirm their legal immigration status.


  1. Total amount of tuition and fees paid by undocumented students enrolled in CSF

The 914 students referenced in request (1) were assessed the standard in-state tuition due to their meeting the requirements of Education Code Section 68130.5.


  1. Total amount of financial aid paid for the undocumented students enrolled in CSF.

The total amount of financial aid received by the students as of the census date for the spring 2017 semester who were (1) eligible for in-state tuition under Education Code Section 68130.5 and who self-identified as “none of the above” of legal immigration status, and (2) who applied for financial aid was:   $4,562,136. The entire amount of financial aid distributed for that semester to all CSUF students was:  $301,506,483. 


  1. Total annual budget for Dream Center operations at CSF.

The approximate total funds allocated to the Dream Center in the 2016-17 fiscal year was $76,509 from state-side funds and $38,000 from Student Success Initiative Fees.  The  total operating budget for the campus for 2016-2017 fiscal year was $425,600,000.

  1. Sources of funding for Dream Center operations at CSF.

The funds allocated to the Dream Center in the 2016-17 fiscal year were generated either from the University’s state general fund allocation or the University’s Student Success Initiative, which is a student fee.

  1. Complete description of all available fee waivers, financial aid, cost reductions, and any and all benefits available to undocumented students at CSF.

Generally all students are eligible to apply for all programs and the University does not determine availability for benefits offered to students such as fee waivers, cost reductions or program eligibility on the basis of legal status except where having such status is required by law for eligibility; for example, student financial aid programs designated for AB540 students.

Please confirm whether this information is sufficient for your purposes and if not what information you are still seeking. Thank you.” 

Olivia Uphoff 
Public Records Request Coordinator


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kai Stearns Moore <>
Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 8:52 AM
Subject: Fullerton College Public Records Request
Cc: Gregory Schulz <>, Rodrigo Garcia <>, Lisa McPheron <>

Dear Mr. Imbriano,

This letter is in response to your Public Records Act request, dated April 13, 2017.  With regard to whether your request seeks disclosable public records, the District responds as follows:

  1. Total number of undocumented students currently enrolled in Fullerton College.

The District does not track undocumented status, therefore the District has no responsive records.

  1. Total amount of tuition and fees paid by undocumented students enrolled in Fullerton College.

The District does not track undocumented status, therefore the District has no responsive records.

  1. Total amount of financial aid paid for the undocumented students enrolled in Fullerton college.

The District does not track undocumented status, therefore the District has no responsive records.

  1. Total annual budget for Dream Center operations at Fullerton College

There is no Dream Center at Fullerton College.

  1. Sources of funding for Dream Center operations at Fullerton College

There is no Dream Center at Fullerton College.

  1. Complete description of all available fee waivers, financial aid, cost reductions, and any and all benefits available to undocumented students.

Undocumented students is not a recognized category for community college financial aid. A complete description of financial aid awards available to recognized categories of students is located on the Fullerton College website at:

Have a good day,

Kai Stearns Moore

District Director, Public and Government Affairs

North Orange County Community College District


Take the time to research. I did.  This is not a race/religion thing but a stand for the sovereignty we are guaranteed and the truth of what transpires when it is given up via sanctuary cities. For every illegal alien enrolled at Cal State Fullerton, an American Citizen gets a rejection letter.


Examine the obvious, dig up the evidence, and the crimes that are taking place in US, and acknowledge that.  

  * Jane Rands:  Has she done her research or does she just not care?  If she has researched the crime going on in US from sanctuary policies, is she in active denial of the suffering of the victims?  Does she not understand the results of “multiculturism”?

  * Jane Rands makes naive and ignorant public statements or is she deliberately turning her back on the truth sanctuary city policy devastation? 
  * Does Jane Rands live in a bubble of naiveté? What does Jane Rands say to the Bay Area young woman that was murdered?
  * Has Jane Rands no compassion for women being raped?  That is going on.
  * Does Jane Rands support the illegal overlay of UN of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, does she support the disillusionment of US sovereignty?
  * Does Jane Rands  know how “kind” is it to:   create sanctuaries to allow criminals to enter and commit rapes & murders?
  *Does Jane Rands know how “kind” is it to:  create sanctuaries to allow the fraud of taxpayer funded safety nets?  
Does Jane Rands know what happens when other countries have let in “refugees”? 

Mass Sexual Assaults in Germany and the Liberal Dilemma

“The fact is that many on the liberal left side of the spectrum, at times end up giving up some of their own professed principles likewomen’s right for the sake of being politically correct and not offending some groups.
 More Germans arm themselves amid fears around refugees

The murder that shocked Germany – and why its leaders are still in denial over migrant crisis: Medical student, 19, was raped and throttled to death by Afghan in German town with signs proudly saying ‘refugees welcome’

Read more: 

Muslims trying to close down free speech through violence


London acid attack map reveals the areas of the capital too dangerous for delivery drivers because of the epidemic

, , , , ,


Fullerton’s yellow iron curtain

DSC00434-300x225 (1)


This article intends to expound on Lou Ponsi’s intellectual honesty, journalistic integrity, depth of subject matter, investigative ability, objectiveness, desire to present both sides of the story,  genuine concern for the well being of the community, and how he has lived up to what Fullerton has come to expect from Whiteheads replacement in the midst of ever changing precarious times.

Here is the article: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………





1992 MTV Video Music Awards


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Apples devices are in your child’s laps all day at school AND at home with the mircowave antenna directly on their reproductive organs by design. Read the rest of this entry »


FPD murderers walk as the FPD throws the book at those who dared to stand for Kelly-By Steve Baxter


unnamed (16)

My friend Anaheim James, is one of the most peaceful protesters I know, he was in fact wearing a “no violence” sign on his back when a little over a year ago a police car, filed with soft, slow, angry officers, tried to run him down at a protest we held after the verdict in the Kelly Thomas case came in. Thankfully AJ is swift of foot, he leaped over the hood of the cop car, and as these photos show, dispersed the scene like the fucking wind. Despite all evidence showing James out dispersing overpaid, and overfed fullerton officers, he was arrested 3 months later and charged with … Get this… “FAILURE TO DISPERSE A RIOT”. AJ along with Patti Beers, Juan Zuleta and Adam Adler, all friends of mine, and all equally unjustly charged, will go on trial at north court on March 11th and they are all facing six months in jail if found guilty. According to the 170 page police report, 47 uniformed officers, and multiple plain clothes officers were there to keep the peace on the day of the protest. I was there as well, and there was No fucking Riot. If there had been a riot, you know like every ordinary 2am on a Friday night, it would be the incompetence of this department which should be on trial as they outnumbered us 3-1 by the end of the day.

When the district attorney’s office goes to such great lengths, and is finally tenacious about a prosecution, in order to prosecute protesters, who like AJ, were doing nothing more than filming the police, and they do so at a protest which only came about because this same DA’s office was so incompetent and unmotivated that they could not get guilty verdicts in a murder that a nation watched unfold on national TV, there is something seriously sinister with the OC judicial system. I contend in fact that every single charge against every single protester, represents one more blow, one more boot, one more taser shot, and on moe gloved fist to the legacy of Kelly Thomas.

AJ, Patti Beers, Juan Zuleta and Adam Adler, deserve and need your support, their legal costs are mounting and the press is mostly absent on this story. Please get involved!! One victim in this case is more than enough. More info on how to donate will be posted shortly.








The psychology of Dr Phil and the microwaving of your children.

Go to 18:50 and watch for the next 2 minutes.

Pay close attention to this shrink hack dressed in black as he points his fat finger at and lectures Letterman about how the wireless sterilization program must go on. Watch how this phony ignores the microwave radiation health risks to children question and immediately diverts so the bosses don’t cut his umbilical cord or his access to the boob tube controllers teat either.

unnamed (10)

There is that finger again

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Is this what explains the behavior of the masses who ignore and allow the sterilization of school children with the forced wireless exposure at school? apple 666 the counter intuitive brain damaging common core curriculum, the 65 cancer virus and nano tech laden shots being pumped into our kids before age 5,the ripping apart of the unborn children out of their mothers womb and parting them out, the satanizing video game addictions purloining-their-fecundity, the endless flow of liquor destroying marriages and children, the out of control opiate pain pill addiction epidemic, the satanic mind control hellavison, music, Hellywood movie and media bread and circus mindless sports diversions, the fleecing and betrayal by the fat head pickpocket preachers and the cowards who compromise the clergy, the secular humanist educrat lackeys that teach our children flat out lies as they sip their wine, polish the 12 pack and push their agendas, or our violent, murderous, sexually assaulting, framing and corrupt police department, our two faced betraying sell out local elected leaders, or simply what we are allowing to even be done to ourselves by those who hold us all in derision at the highest echelons of power?

One thing is certain, the end result will be Read the rest of this entry »


Sharon Kennedy and her purple pill pals

So what happens when you take perfectly good, healthy, practical, well researched, and critical information pertaining to school children’s health safety and run it through her yellowing rag’s disfunctional digestive track of reporters? For years her Observer has been twisting and turning peoples’ comments and accounts of events so they fit into the local establishment agendas. Now it is time to shine the light into the darkness and get some magnesium into the distended bowel of the Observer.


The obscure Sharon Kennedy- publisher of the Fullerton Observer

You know the saying garbage in, garbage out right? Well it just so happens that the opposite is true when it comes to the intentional spin, omission, libel and flat out lies Sharon Kennedy keeps churning out week after week in our hometown. Rumor has it that the circulation is way down and the readership is in the crapper. With the fluff and the yarns she spins, Read the rest of this entry »




unnamed (2)

Establishment protecting, status quo aficionado, Fullerton Observer publisher Sharon Kennedy.

The Observer is a local leftist paper that is about as bent on this towns leftist limousine big government liberal status quo as you can get. I believe that as of late however, it appears to be treading into some very dangerous territory with its printing of what I believe to be libelous and slanderous statements penned by Pam Keller and published by Sharon Kennedy herself that were intended to support the framing and incarceration of two totally innocent community activists, Mr. Barry Levinson and Mr. Alfredo Gutierrez by you guessed-Fullerton police chief Danny Boy Hughes.  Read the rest of this entry »


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