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Just In: Anonymous Source, Old School Has Informed Us That Fullerton Police Department Sergeant Jeff Corbett Has Been Fired From The FPD. By Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson

Old School has reported that many believe this is just the first hammer to fall upon Jeff Corbett and that criminal charges will be filed against him by the Orange County District Attorney.

Please remember that Sergeant Corbett was the one who former Police Chief Danny Hughes called at 2AM on the morning of November 9, 2016 to “take care of the problem” created by DUI Car Accident by then Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz. 

The real question is not whether the OC DA files charges against Jeff Corbett but files charges against the puppet master, Jeff Corbett’s boss at that time, Danny Hughes?


We are anxiously and patiently awaiting for OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to take the proper action relating to all of the above. But I must say that the patience of the good people of Orange County is not limitless.

I Report, You Decide.

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Barry Levinson hits it out of the park warning Fullerton residents of the impending collapse of the City’s finances

Killer cops suing for their jobs back,

FPD-s Cicinelli’ “I smashed his (Kelly Thomas’s) face to hell…..”

FPD’s Wolfe who took homerun swings with his baton to Kelly Thomas’s legs.

Ed Royce ruined Fullerton with his lame, phony hacks who stack the council for decades,

Ed Royce ruined Fullerton with years of endorsing total sellouts


Bankhead, Jones and “I hired them all” McKinley

$100-$200 million or more in missing money, yes the audit is coming, roads in ruin, corrupt politicians, corrupt police, corrupt officials, fat pigs at the trough, Fullerton heading into bankruptcy and taxes galore are coming and worse. Yes Barry and I have been telling you so and you say it isn’t so? Think again. All the crooked players came out to play Tuesday night like usual and so did we, to tell it like it is and to call them all out and introduce them to all of you for who they really are and what they have collectively done to destroy this community. We will continue until they build enough oversize jail cells to house them all in and they fix our roads. We want justice and we want our money back.

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Fullerton is headed for bankruptcy

I never thought I would see the day that I would see a Fullerton Police Chief as bad as Pat Mckinley, you know the bedroom community commando who hired all the misfits that murdered Kelly Thomas. Pat Mckinley was the former LAPD officer that condoned the use of nunchucks to break protestors arms.

Well, we lived to see that day with Dan Hughes. Dan Hughes along with Pat Mckinley need to be excoriated and exposed for what they have  truly done to Fullerton and its finances. Here they are in together outside the house of horrors and the den of thieves at the Fullerton Police department.

Former Chief Dan Hughes (L) and former Chief Pat Mckinley (R)

If you will all remember the grisly murder of Kelly Thomas. He was brutally beaten to death by several Fullerton Police Officers that Pat Mckinley hired and trained. Yes Pat Mckinley hired them all and trained them all. One of the officers had only one eye and was on a disability pension when Mckinley hired him. His name is Jay Cicinelli.

Fullerton police officer Corporal Jay Cicinelli at the arraignment for the rigged trial.

“I … hit him 20 times in the face with the Taser,” former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli can be heard telling other officers in the audio tape from a recorder from another officer on the scene.

Cicinelli later can be heard explaining: “I ran out … we ran out of options, so I got the end of my Taser and I probably … I just start smashing his face to hell. He’s on something, dude.”

Because of former Fullerton police chief Dan Hughes’s statements and actions where he terminated the officers and simultaneously also stated that NO department policies were violated during the beating death of Kelly Thomas, Dan Hughes set the stage for arguably, one of the most solid wrongful termination lawsuits in municipal history.

Dan Hughes department’s chief training officer also doubled down and confirmed that no policies were violated during the murder under oath at the trial. This training officer was then given the award of supervisor of the year by the FPOA. Truly sickening indeed.

Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes — yet another look (Originally posted June 9, 2014; Edited with a few additional comments on January 14, 2015 including new P.S.) by BARRY LEVINSON

So I guess the statements of these animals were within policy as well as their actions. Well we can thank Pat Mckinley personally and Dan Hughes for his decades in the department for for producing and fostering such a breed of ruthless and lawless scum.

One eyed “I smashed his face to hell.” Cicinelli , on the left with “see these fists.. they are about to fuck you up.” Ramos on the right

Since when are police officers supposed to threaten to inflict grave bodily harm, carry it out, brag about it, get away with murder and then sue for their jobs back? Only in corrupt Fullerton where the city government is corrupt as all hell folks. Yes with the help of a crooked DA who personally for the first time in a decade personally took and set the case up to fail as he stacked the jury, and threw the case and with the help of a satanic attorney that defended the actions of these animals, the fiscal left right hook is now coming at the Fullerton taxpayers as we speak. Right on schedule, the lawsuits from Joe Wolfe and Jay Cicinelli are in closed session discussion with more pig at the trough public employee labor negotiatons as they continue to rip off the taxpayers. Roads in ruin while the pigs never leave the trough folks even after they kill someone and get away with it.

The Kelly Thomas lawsuit has already cost the City of Fullerton at least 10 Million dollars. These wrongful termination lawsuits, when settled could cost upwards of 50 Million dollars or perhaps more. Even more are in the works. There are additional lawsuits that are in the hundreds of millions of dollars that the city is faced with. There are many police officers that are jumping ship and getting out while they can. The rest are crowding the trough conning the corrupt city council into signing onto more public employee taxpayer thievery while our roads fall apart under the weight of the insane traffic and the ten story buildings that they are going to try and get away with putting everywhere. Last meeting the crooks on the council gave another 12 million to the cops while the roads are total shit folks. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they all know the municipal bankruptcy is coming.  They have known its been coming for years. Fullerton has unfunded pension and benefit liabilities in the hundreds of millions in addition to the lawsuits. They are all making their plans, jumping ship, spiking their pensions as the crooks on the council get ready to sell you parcel taxes, bond scams, and tax increases, yes their plans to screw us over as hard and as fast as they can folks. The question is what are you all going to do about it.





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Could it be that our new Fullerton Police Chief, David Hendricks is cleaning house? If so, I only have one thing to say….HALLELUJAH! If only we could clean the dais of every single Council Member (Bruce Whitaker, Greg Sebourn, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jesus Silva and Doug could move the public comments to end of the meeting Chafee*), The Prospects for our city may be looking up BY BARRY LEVINSON

Barry Levinson


Why would both Fullerton Police Captains, John Siko and Scott Rudisil, good buddies with former Police Chief Danny Hughes retire at the same time?  As Captains directly under the Police Chief they basically run the police department.    All that experience leaving at the same time with one of the replacing Captains coming from the Anaheim Police Department with no FPD experience whatsoever.  Is this just a coincidence?   I do not think so Fullertonians because any Police Chief would want one captain with experience during this transitional time.   But what if, like I said in the title, this was a clearing of the house?   What if this was a clearing of the Danny Hughes connections at the top of the management food chain?   Then under those circumstances it would make perfect sense.

This allowed a complete makeover of the FPD Command, namely first a New Police Chief and now two new Police Captains, Thomas Oliveras and Robert Dunn. John Siko and Scott Rudisil were closely tied to former Police Chief Danny Hughes.

Capt. Scott Rudisil, left, Police Chief Dan Hughes and Capt. John Siko all out the door

Siko refused not once but twice to take a police report from us when we attempted to report obstruction of justice involving the former police chief.
They are now both gone and based on what I know about both of them, I say good riddance. Mike Chockek, another one of Hughes’ handmaidens also left the department abruptly and is now working with Hughes at Disneyland.

Was Mike Chocek waiting to present information that was never asked for, waiting to answer questions that were never asked or waiting for just another opportunity to set up Barry Levinson? Read the story below and you be the judge.

Was this just another failed attempt to set up Barry Levinson?

But Fullertonians it gets much more interesting.  We now have heard from an anonymous source that another favorite son of Danny Hughes, Sgt. Jeff Corbett has been placed on Paid Administrative Leave.   You remember Sgt. Corbett, the field Sgt. Danny boy called in the wee hours of November 9, 2016 to complete or should I maybe say not complete the job that four officers on the scene of the Joe Felz DUI accident apparently could not do according to former Police Chief Danny Hughes.  Now if true, Corbett will be getting additional paid vacation for an extended period of time while under an apparent cloud at of course taxpayer’s expense.

We tried to confirm the status of Sgt. Jeff Corbett but our current Public Information Officer, another Danny Hughes favorite, Sgt Jon Radis would not confirm the current status of Sgt. Corbett.   A Public Information Officer making close to $200,000 a year in salary and benefits would not give us the public any information.  His reasoning was that it was a personnel matter and that according to Radus that is not given out.

Rudisil and Radus.

Bulletin to PIO Radus.   We did not ask for any details that would be found in his personnel record as to why he may have been placed on Paid Administrative Leave but were simply asking his current employment status, i.e. is he still on active duty or not.   Don’t we as citizens of Fullerton have the right to know who is patrolling our streets?  I think the answer is yes but Sgt. Radus refused to answer that very simple and straight forward question. Shame on you Sgt. Radus.

FPD pubilc information withholder Radus and his pal, ex Chief Dan Hughes

Read this anoymous unconfired information post to the Informer last year about Radus, Corbett, Siko, Hughes and othersThis came from the same source that leaked the Felz drunken hit an run the morning after the election in 2016 that let the cat out of the bag.

“In the Hughes letter regarding Felz hit and run, DUI. Hughes writes that he calls Sgt. Corbett directly. There is something called the chain of command. After hours at a police department the Watch Commander is the acting “Chief of Police”. Why would the Chief of police violate the chain of command and call a field Sgt. directly? Does Hughes have no confidence in the decision-making ability of his Watch Commander Andrew Goodrich? This never happens and in itself is very suspect but we all know why it occurred. Is it possible that Sgt. Corbett called his buddy Hughes, “ The chief of the Untouchables” to directly to start the cover-up ball rolling?

Several days after this incident Division Commander Siko calls the four initial responding officers to his office, the officers are chastised for comments they made regarding the obvious state of extreme intoxication displayed by Felz and recorded on their Axon body cameras. The Captain was dismayed that the officers did not have the common sense to know when to turn off their cameras when dealing with a highly political situation. (An officer turning off a body camera in the middle of a call is a very serious policy violation and when politics are involved, just plain stupid). The Captain Siko told the officers that they had just ruined the life of a good man.

One other overlooked fact that may have factored into the nights decision making of the Felz incident by the Mayor, Chief of Police and Watch Commander was on-going police management salary negotiations. At the time of the incident Lt. Andrew Goodrich was representing the Fullerton police management bargaining group and was in the process of working out a new agreement with Felz and the HR manager. One wonders if the thought of leverage in a late night “get out of Jail free pass” played a role?

Hughes has a history of attempting to trump-up charges on his foes and people he hates. This goes all the back to his patrol days. Hughes has a broad interpretation and selective misunderstanding of the elements of a crime when it suits his needs which when needed he uses as a weapon against others, as in the case of Mr. Barry Levinson. In most if these past cases the charges were baseless and were shot down once they were review by the DA’s office as in the case of Mr. Levinson and Corporal Irish.

In the case of Corporal Paul Irish the department had suspended Irish for changing his mind about conducting briefing training on “seat belt policy” and instead spoke about “Ethics”. The changing of training topics by a presenter happens all the time in a police briefing and is not a violation of policy.

Most of the persons present at the Irish briefing were interviewed by PSB and married to their story…a couple supervisors present who knew of Irish’s past history for reporting Hughes and Hughes’ “Untouchables” for ethics violations had embellished their accounts of the Irish Briefing training. Why would those officers embellish and lie about what Irish said in briefing, to gain or maintain favor with Hughes to preserve the status quo?

Irish was never asked by PSB about a recording but when asked later by the lawyer representing the city if he had recorded his training, Irish told the lawyer that he in fact had a copy of the recording. Fearing that the recording would be used to impeach the conflicting statements of some “Untouchable” witnesses Hughes and the city’s lawyer fought to have it thrown out. Hughes argued that by Corporal Irish, recording himself in a police briefing room in a city building attending by 25 people (most of which are uniformed cops with cameras strapped to their chest) is “confidential communication” as defined by California penal code section 632 PC.

Hughes amended the administrative charges against Irish and now charged him with the crime of 632 PC. A criminal investigation was now conducted against Corporal Irish. Months later the DA reviewed the charges and determined that Irish committed no crime. Later during arbitration, Irish’s lawyer, Mr. Michael Williamson was able to prove that in fact not only no law was violated by Irish recording himself no departmental policy was violated either.

One piece of evidence introduced in the Irish arbitration that shed some light on the Fullerton Culture of Corruption was a copy of a poster that was hanging in the locker of Fullerton Police PIO Sgt. Jon Radus. It is a photo-shop likeness of a movie poster from the movie the “Untouchables”. It depicts the face of Dan Hughes overlooking a gun toting gang of thirty’s era cops with the faces of Sgt. Corbett, Sgt. Radus, Sgt. Garah and Sgt. Petropulos superimposed on the bodies. All of these police supervisors played a dubious role in the termination of Corporal Paul Irish.

The arbitrator allowed the photograph of the poster to be introduced to support the theory that this “Untouchables clique” may have played a role in the treatment of Corporal Irish.

After one listens to the briefing training given by Corporal Paul Irish on September 6th 2014 those present and the listener does not hear a bitter employee using the platform of briefing training as his personal soap box to deliver a self-serving diatribe. One hears a honest, proud seasoned cop fed-up with the corruption at his department and sick of working with crooked cops and the supervisors who support and defend them.

Corporal Paul Irish wants his job back. He wants to serve the community of Fullerton again. He thinks he can because Hughes and Felz are now gone. I fear that when the City Council hears the recording and knows the whole story behind the termination of Corporal Irish, fearful of more city embarrassment, they will offer him a settlement he can’t refuse just to go away.”

end of anonymous post————–

Two hundred thousand dollars a year to keep us in the dark.   No wonder why Fullerton is going broke and doing nothing to make our financial situation any better.   On the contrary they just approved an extension to the current police contract that according to David Curlee will end up costing the Fullerton taxpayers an additional 12.3 million dollars over the next four years for increased pension costs.
Thank you Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jesus Silva and Mayor Doug Chaffee for saddling the overburdened and very underserved residents of Fullerton with these unaffordable additional costs.   You three are truly despicable and it is obvious to me bought and paid for by the Police Union (via campaign contributions by their PAC) harming Fullerton taxpayers and all its citizens of every age.

FPOA sellout Doug Chaffee

FPOA sellout Jennifer Fitzgerald

FPOA water boy lackey Jesus Silva

In Fullerton good news about our government only comes infrequently but the retirement, maybe encouraged by our new police chief of Siko and Rudisil is a very good thing.

We await to learn the fate of Sgt. Jeff Corbett as well.  His departure would also be a very good sign that indeed the new police chief is clearing out the dead wood leftovers from the Danny Hughes regime.  Will Tony Rackauckas, our OC DA finally step up and file obstruction of justice charges against Sgt. Corbett and Danny Hughes for allowing Joe Felz to be given a ride home after smashing his car into a tree and reeking like booze fleeing the scene of an accident?  I can only pray that finally our DA will do the right thing.

Felz and Fitzgerald’s husband

The same week we learn this good news, we also suffer the indignity of having to pay an additional 12.3 million dollars to theFullerton Police Department for their outraguous pension expenses.

Like I said good news does not come often to Fullerton but at least in this case there is some good news along with the bad.  After all with Nelson favorite Jennifer Fitzgerald, Doug Chafee, and Jesus Silva there will always be bad news coming out of the City of Fullerton.  Add in conservative imposters’ and all around phonies Whitaker and Sebourn and that is why the City of Fullerton is a financial and infrastructure disaster.   Keep those high rises coming in boys and girls.  Every one of you vote for these monstrosities adding thousands of cars and no ability to handle the additional traffic.  Along with taking care of the Public Employee Unions it is the only thing you know how to do apparently.
I report but please do not get too sick and then you decide.

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Barry Levinson

Our streets are the joke of Southern California, we are drowning in millions of dollars in red ink caused by overly generous salary and pension increases, our traffic congestion is quickly reaching big city proportions and our elected representatives are the poster children for corruption and crony capitalism, yet the biggest problem still remains the corruption throughout the ranks of our Fullerton Police Department.  They have the power to use lethal force against the public and the ability to put innocent people in jail.  I have first hand experience with the latter statement. This can definitely impact adversely every citizen in Fullerton.  It does not matter if you are an activist or you are someone who does not know the names of any of our elected officials.   We are all at risk and will continue to be at risk until we clean house at the FPD!

So with this as the backdrop, I spoke at the Fullerton City Council during Public Comments on April 18, 2017.  They give you a “generous” 3 whole minutes to speak.  In reality, with the current group of council members, it would not matter if they gave you three hours or even three days to speak because they ignore everything out of the public’s mouths unless you choose to kiss their you now what!


I spoke about two very important subjects.  The first subject was the failure of our “reformed” Fullerton Police Department to take the statements from Joe Imbriano and myself to report the crime of obstruction of justice by recently retired Police Chief, Dan Hughes in regard to his failure to allow his officers to follow normal police procedure to arrest Joe Felz for DUI and for leaving the scene of an accident with damages.  Joe Felz was eventually charged with those two counts, months after the incident by the OCDA Office.   I admonished the entire council for its continued failure to discuss this very important issue.

With my remaining 30 seconds I dropped a bombshell in the laps of our distinguished dais.  I told them that I was informed by Banc of California employees at the Euclid and Rosecrans Avenue branch that it is closing because a developer bought the property to be part of the development of the entire Sunrise Village Shopping Center to become mixed-use high-density high-rise residential units.  The city desperately needs the short-term infusion of money that would be generated by the Park and Recreation Department Park Dwelling fees of $11,700 per residential unit.  If they build 500 units for example that would generate an additional $5,850,000 in revenue.  This would help to cover the extremely generous salary and benefit employee raises approved by the council last year.  More development approvals would be needed to continue paying for these salary and benefit increases approved under Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2016 for subsequent years.   I put the council on notice that I smelled a rat.  Namely that the city in my opinion has been dealing with developers to make this mixed use project a reality in the near future.  Why else would these landlords create vacant properties with the absence of valuable rents if they only had a hope that they could convert the shopping center to a concrete jungle of mixed use high-density housing units.  I told them it was not zoned for that use and that the people of that neighborhood would fight to make sure it never ever came to fruition.  You should have seen the faces of Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald after I finished with my comments.  They did not look pleased at all.

Of course, there was no response by any council members to these comments and the Interim Police Chief also was silent after he learned that his department would not take a simple police report by two members of the community. Gee silly me, I thought it was their job to take the statement and then go and investigate; not determine that no crime was committed so therefore no police report was necessary to be taken by them in the first place.

The first order of business has to be from the OCDA Office by filing obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton Police Department are corrupt and the Fullerton Police Department needs to clean house

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Alica Loya can see through walls and things video cameras do not substantiate. Then Dan Hughes our former police chief agrees with Alice and tries to frame Barry Levinson and make him a political prisoner


The Lynching

Setting The Record Straight Concerning the Articles About Me in the Fullerton Observer’s Early November 2014 Edition by Barry Levinson

Was this just another failed attempt to set up Barry Levinson?

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The Evidence Is Piling Up To Conclude That The Fullerton City Government Is Not Capable And/Or Not Willing To Honestly Carry Out Their Fiduciary Duty To Represent The People of Fullerton. The Following People Must Be Held Accountable: Mayor Bruce Whitaker, Council members Jennifer Fitzgerald, Greg Sebourn, Doug Chaffee and Jesus Silva as well as City Attorney Dick Jones, Former Police Chief Dan Hughes and Former City Manager Joe Felz. By Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson

There are at least a half dozen major scandals in full view now playing out in Fullerton City Government.  Yet our esteemed five-member city council (Mayor Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald, Greg Sebourn, Doug Chaffee, and Jesus Silva) have all remained silent on each and every one of them.   What a City Council?






Why are the City Attorney, Dick Jones,Interim Police Chief David Hinig* and our Interim City Manager Allan Roeder also being totally silent as well?  Here is a partial list of the scandals going on right now as follows:


  1. City Attorney provided blatantly false information about a Fullerton city ordinance 3149, (the Fullerton Child Sex Offender Residency Restriction Act) and then used that to support and argue for its repeal.  I disclosed to the city council and to the city attorney their “error” and what does the city attorney and all five council members do, they ignore the facts and me and vote to repeal a very good and sound law.   It seems to me that California attorneys’ have been sanctioned or even disbarred for less.
  1. Then the city via the FPD and the Interim City Manager provides this false information to the Fullerton School District and they in turn send out via recorded phone message and emails to every parent in the district, a false assurance that the kids are still protected as if nothing has changed.  Others and I then put them on direct notice of their “error” and yet they too have not corrected their blatantly false statement to the parents.  Why not Superintendent Robert Pletka?   The Fullerton School District Mission Statement states that safety of our students is a major goal of the FSD.
  1. Dan Hughes after being contacted by Joe Felz at approximately 2 AM gets a ride home by the FPD instead of following normal police procedure to arrest him for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident with damages.  All five council members, new police chief, new city manager, long time City Attorney all have been completely silent on what I believe clearly demonstrates the corruption as well as a criminal conspiracy lead by Dan Hughes.
  1. The next scandal is the City Council voting to approve a Grant Application that was not yet produced by the City.   But that did not stop our former now disgraced City Manager from putting this on the Agenda for approval and then to my astonishment being passed by the City Council.  This is the equivalent of Approving a “blank check”.  This is a total and complete abandonment of the City Council’s and the former City Manager’s collective fiduciary responsibilities.  I came up with a simple and no cost solution going forward and every council member refused to take those steps to make this problem go away permanently.  What a City Council.
  1. Ignoring documented evidence/proof of city council voluntary actions that over 20 years starting in 2010 will waste 4 to 5 million dollars of taxpayer monies relating to the management of the Fullerton Golf Course.  I was Bruce Whitaker’ appointee to the Park and Recreation Committee, yet he and all the other council members refused repeatedly to have any discussion about this very important and very costly issue to the Fullerton taxpayers.  As of today a portion of that money is gone for good but I have made it abundantly clear that current remedial action by the city council could save upwards of 2 million dollars going forward.  Unfortunately they are apparently not interested in discussing taking action to save up to 2 million dollars.  However our current Appointed Mayor Bruce Whitaker has chosen to talk instead about one or two $300/$400 dollar employee hotel bills.  Which do you believe has the greater financial impact on our city?  Question: Why won’t Bruce Whitaker and the rest of the council discuss this issue?
  1. At the last council meeting we learned that the just completed 1.7 million-dollar Hillcrest Park to Lions Field Stairs has many very serious construction and design issues.   Way too many of the concrete foundations are cracking already and in at least one case has a large portion already broken off.  In addition, the wooden posts are all too often way to close to the edge of the foundations, a structural defect.  Also the poor design had the wood posts sunk into the concrete foundations making it incredibly more expensive to replace and repair any of the wooden posts.   Wood as any laymen knows has a much shorter lifespan than concrete so this makes absolutely no sense from a structural design point of view.  How much did we pay some design company for this fiasco?  We should be asking for our money back and then some for this as well.  This is not a complete list of the design, construction and safety issues.   But one member of the city council, Greg Sebourn indicated after Joshua Ferguson displayed these major problems via pictures that the council should get a refund from the contractor.

So after SEBOURN made that statement, he of course brought forth a motion to sue the contractor for damages, quickly seconded by another council member.   Well that never happened.   Well then of course he made a motion to put the possible lawsuit against the contractor on the next city council agenda for consideration.  Well that did not happen either.   So GREG SEBOURN did absolutely nothing along with so-called self-proclaimed fiscal conservative Mayor BRUCE WHITAKER.   Thank you Greg for sounding indignant and then doing absolutely nothing.  Yet after all this, Ferguson defended Greg Sebourn’s total lack of action on the FFFF website.   Well I guess because they are political buddies you and the FFFF owner and administrator will support them right or wrong.  So this begs the question as to what is the real agenda of the FFFF website.  Apparently it is not to hold all council members responsible to the people.   Certainly not the ones that Tony Bushala went to great lengths to get elected and then reelected, namely Bruce Whitaker and Greg Sebourn.   This is only my opinion based on everything I know and I Fullertonians I know a lot about this.


However, we the people do not have to and should not give Sebourn and Whitaker along with the rest of the city council a pass for their dismal failure to do right by the citizens of Fullerton.  I guess 1.7 million dollars does not buy us much if you have the unfortunate reality of the Fullerton City Council looking out for us.


What does all these items above have in common?  They have several things in common.  First, the abdication of the city council’s fiduciary duty to run the city with a modicum of honesty, transparency and decency.  Second, when very credible evidence and documentation is provided directly to the city council they refuse to deal with it and bury it like they have in each of the issues/scandals above.


What the city needs is a full time ethicist/historian to keep track and document each scandal fully?  Since the City of Fullerton has no one like that on the city payroll, I have taken it upon myself, free of charge to the good people of Fullerton to fulfill this very important role.


What this all proves is that there is no real difference between any of our council members for each and every one of them went along with or failed to deal with each and every scandal mentioned above.   For when it really counts, each and every one of them fails us.  The next time one of our council members states what a great job they are doing for us, please feel free to provide them a copy of this article and watch them ignore you afterwards.  After all ignoring the public is one of the few things our City Council does extremely well.  For example, after Barbara Rosen Sunny Hills resident, spoke about the terrible condition of Las Palmas Avenue bringing large chunks of the road, Mayor Whitaker stated that her concern would be addressed at the completion of all the public comments.  Yet, neither Mayor Whitaker nor anyone else on the dais addressed her specific concern about Las Palmas Avenue.  All you have to do is pay attention at any city council meeting and you learn very quickly that our city council members are anything but good public servants.


* Well I have just learned that Interim Police Chief David Heinig has stepped down and now we have Captain Siko as the Acting Fullerton Police Chief.  Based on my recent past experience with FPD Captain Siko, I will do everything I legally can to make sure that the next City Manager and our City Council do not appoint him as our next permanent Chief of Police.   I also will strongly request that the contracts for our next Police Chief and next City Manager be no longer than 2 years each.  For not to do this shows that the City Council has not learned any lessons from its past mistakes.  With that statement, I am making a very generous assumption that the City Council wants to have a city government more answerable to the Fullerton public going forward and we all know that all the evidence does not support that contention.

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I recently was thinking about the similarities and differences comparing the Tiger Wood’s DUI arrest a few days ago and the free cab service home provided thanks to the FPD and Danny Hughes for Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz back in the wee morning hours of November 9, 2016.

Former City Manager Joe Felz

Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes. Don’t let the cross fool you. 

If only the same never seen DUI arrest protocol referred to by Danny Hughes was in place for the police department handling the Tiger Woods DUI arrest and booking, there could have been a different result for Mr. Woods.

Obviously, the police department dealing with Tiger Woods had not yet gone through a similar extensive and complete reformation as had already been accomplished by Danny Hughes in Fullerton.  For Danny Hughes thank goodness had already completely reformed the FPD.


For if that reformed minded DUI arrest protocol was in place for Tiger Woods, he too could have gotten to speak to the police chief and that chief of police could have explained the protocol to Tiger, thereby negating any reason to arrest Mr. Woods.  Yes if only Danny Hughes was in charge, Mr. Woods would not have had to be subjected to a very, very bad mug shot at police headquarters.  Yes, if only Danny Hughes was in charge of the Tiger Woods case, Mr. Woods would have found himself taken directly from the DUI scene to his sprawling mansion to be tucked into bed like the proverbial bug in a rug!

Tiger Woods is known for starting and supporting various charities by giving millions of his own dollars, while Joe Felz as City Manager gave away millions of our tax dollars not his money for bigger and bigger safety raises and benefits. Yet with all his celebrity and his 100’s of million dollars of net worth, Tiger Woods had to face the laws just like any other citizen but FOD (Friend of Dan) Joe Felz is not held to account by the FPD.

We the entire Fullerton public were so darn fortunate that Dan Hughes ran the FPD ship (kind of like Jack Sparrow in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film) for so many years.  In fact we were so darn fortunate that it is still paying the good people of Fullerton dividends.

Yes and if Tiger Woods had his little car problem in Fullerton, he too would have been assured that everything should be done following normal procedures, which was the alleged comment by Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald to Danny Hughes in their phone conversation shortly after the early morning accident.  I guess the Mayor also was a big fan of strictly following the FPD DUI arrest protocol.  Thank God that our former Police Chief and our former Mayor were seeing eye to eye on this case.  For I am absolutely sure that under the exact same set of events that Joe Imbriano or Barry Levinson would have received the exact same treatment as did Joe Felz.  Does the good news relating to our Fullerton City Government ever end Fullertonians? I guess the answer to that is no unless we the people stop similar charades and/or farces like the one that took place concerning Joe Felz on the morning of November 9, 2016 going forward.

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The Story of Paul Irish and The FPD-just another example that proves the so-called-reformation of the FPD was nothing more than an orchestrated PR plan headed by former police chief DAN HUGHES-by Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


In early March 2015, Fullerton Police Corporal Paul Irish, a twenty plus year veteran, drug recognition expert with an unblemished record of service was terminated.   What did he do that so upset FPD brass lead by Police Chief Danny Hughes that necessitated such severe action?

FPD’s ex chief Dan Hughes

Did he commit some heinous crime such as rape, murder or kidnapping?  NO!    Did he use excessive force against a member of the public?  NO!  Did he commit any other felony or even an alleged misdemeanor crime?  NO!  What got Corporal Paul Irish fired from the FPD?

He conducted an Ethics training course in early September 2014 without specifically telling his bosses that would be the topic of the training.  In other words he basically got fired for teaching ethics to members of the FPD.

I could see how that topic would be taboo by a department run by the likes of one Danny Hughes.  He even had the audacity to state in general terms that he was aware of past ethical breaches in the FPD.  Only in the FPD or in the “Twilight Zone” could such an action take place. (Please remember that the Twilight Zone was fiction but the firing of Paul Irish was and still is reality.)

I guess real ethics and integrity teaching by a FPD officer could not and would not be tolerated by Danny Hughes.


Dan Hughes stated to a City Council member that he hates Barry Levinson and unsucessfully tried to frame Barry Levinson.

Any punishments short of dismissal were not severe enough for our former upstanding police chief.  For Danny Hughes that great reformer of the FPD needed to send an internal message to all Fullerton Police Officers and staff that teaching ethics in the department and how the FPD has sometimes fallen short on that subject would result in swift termination.

The swiftness of the FPD action was startling.  The very next day after the ethics training, Corporal Paul Irish was placed on administrative leave.  Then four months later he received a letter from the FPD informing him that they intended to terminate his City employment and only a month after that was he indeed officially terminated from the FPD.


The Fullerton Police Department rarely acts so quickly in handing out such severe punishment.  But above all else, it is apparent that the one thing Police Chief Danny Hughes can’t tolerate is ethics training and the suggestion that the FPD falls short in that area.

Ethics? … Christian ethics?

What is wrong with you Corporal Paul Irish?  Why haven’t you got with the Public Relations Program that the newly reformed FPD under Police Chief Danny Hughes has no ethics problems and has absolutely no corruption?  After all Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes proclaimed that to a local newspaper during an interview in January 2012.


Not even those responsible for the brutal death of Kelly Thomas were put on administrative leave as quickly as Corporal Paul Irish.


Clearly a RICO investigation by the FBI is warranted and there needs to be a takeover by the US Marshalls of our Fullerton Police Force in order to clean house and get our city police department back on the right course.


As far as the Paul Irish situation is concerned, an honest and fair city council would overrule that termination order and give Corporal Paul Irish, a twenty-year veteran his job back. For to do anything less would be a travesty of justice and just one more clear solid piece of evidence of how corrupt and dirty our FPD and our City of Fullerton still are to this very day!



Joe Imbriano interviews Barry Levinson-corruption at the Fullerton Police Department. We discuss the special treatment Joe Felz was given by Fullerton Police officers and the pending obstruction of justice charges being filed against Dan Hughes.

This 30 plus minute interview is a must see if anyone still believes The FPD has been reformed.

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Barry Levinson

Susan Kang Schroeder
Chief of Staff
Orange County District Attorney

Hello Ms. Schroeder:

It has been a while since we last talked.  I hope you are doing well.
I have blogged that your office did the right thing by recently bringing charges against former City Manager Joe Felz and I commended your office for it.  No one should be above the law.
Implicit in your decision is the fact that our former Police Chief Danny Hughes (hours before he was retiring from his position), made not only a poor decision but a criminal decision in not directing his officers to arrest Joe Felz in the wee hours of November 9, 2016.  The facts are clear that Danny Hughes overruled normal Fullerton police procedure and the law, sending another officer of his own choosing to go to the scene after the fact to conduct a so-called sobriety test away from all the other officers on the scene.
Are you going to charge Danny Hughes with obstruction of justice and any other statute that he may have violated on November 9th?
That Joe Felz used his position of power in the city to escape arrest is one thing but the head of our law enforcement department to make it happen is actually worse in my opinion.  Our whole society is greatly damaged when the citizens loose confidence in the equal application of our laws.
Please let me know what your office plans will be on this matter.


Barry Levinson
Fullerton Resident
In my humble opinion not to take action against Danny Hughes would be a stain against the citizenry and against the tenets of justice.
I did get a response from Ms. Schroeder stating she could not talk about an ongoing investigation.  Well now that Joe Felz has been arraigned in a North Orange County Courthouse on April, 3 2017, it is time for our OCDA to take formal action against Danny Hughes.  We as a democratic people can not have confidence in our law enforcement and our justice system if those charged to enforce our laws and administer justice are not held to the same standards as everyday people.

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It took almost four months for former City Manager Joe Felz to be charged with two misdemeanor counts for DUI and hit and run accident that occurred in the wee hours of November 9th 2016.

It certainly provides evidence that the decision made by Dan Hughes our former Police Chief and now a head security honcho for the Disneyland Resorts in Anaheim, can now be officially called into question.

What was that decision?  It was to ignore the evidence that an officer on the scene said he smelled alcohol on the breath of Joe Felz and that Mr. Felz left the scene of an accident with damages.

Is this just another example of how the Fullerton Police Department throws serious criminal matters under the rug?  If so, can we as a people of laws tolerate those at the highest level of law enforcement abusing the power of their position?

Now the real question to be asked is this:  Will the Orange County District Attorney’s office file charges against former Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes for failure to arrest a high level City Employee; ignoring evidence that Joe Felz had committed one or more crimes?  Clearly, by allowing his officers to not carry out their sworn duty under the law, former Police Chief Dan Hughes also committed a crime that has much more serious ramifications than the hit and run accident itself.

Dan Hughes

We commend District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for having his office finally file charges against Joe Felz.  However, his job is not yet done.  For there is probable cause to charge Dan Hughes for failing to uphold the law when he apparently directed the officers at the scene to drive Joe Felz home rather than arrest him.

We are now waiting for the Orange County District Attorney to prove to us that there can only be one set of laws for all Americans and that those laws must be administered fairly and objectively.  We anxiously wait for him to take the right action, the ethical action and the correct legal action by filing criminal charges of obstruction and any other statutes that may have been broken by our former City Police Chief Dan Hughes? Listen to Dan Hughes after he tried to frame Barry Levinson. This is the same police cheif that made sure a drunk driver got a ride from police to his house instead of jail and is now 2nd in command at Disneyland security. In my opinion Dan Hughes belongs in jail.

P.S.  I truly hope that the Disney Corporation will also do the right thing and reconsider the recent placement of Dan Hughes in a very high position of authority in its Security Organization.  As a good corporate citizen, the failure to reconsider its recent hire will at the very least call into question their judgment.  At worst it will send a signal that the Disney Corporation apparently accepts a code of conduct by a high-level management employee that is not worthy of the Disney name.



Was this just another failed attempt to set up Barry Levinson?

Bruce Whitaker shamefully and cowardly removed Barry Levinson from his long term position on the Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commission without any formal written notice and without any reason given.  Bruce has shown his hand and I believe Dan Hughes once again has too. Was Bruce in on this possible set up of Levinson gone bad with the FPD? Who knows but one thing is for sure, the way Bruce Whitaker handled this issue certainly provided an opportunity for a game of FPD “gotcha” that almost played out when no one was looking on a Monday night while everyone was home watching the ball game.


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