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Barry Levinson

Our streets are the joke of Southern California, we are drowning in millions of dollars in red ink caused by overly generous salary and pension increases, our traffic congestion is quickly reaching big city proportions and our elected representatives are the poster children for corruption and crony capitalism, yet the biggest problem still remains the corruption throughout the ranks of our Fullerton Police Department.  They have the power to use lethal force against the public and the ability to put innocent people in jail.  I have first hand experience with the latter statement. This can definitely impact adversely every citizen in Fullerton.  It does not matter if you are an activist or you are someone who does not know the names of any of our elected officials.   We are all at risk and will continue to be at risk until we clean house at the FPD!

So with this as the backdrop, I spoke at the Fullerton City Council during Public Comments on April 18, 2017.  They give you a “generous” 3 whole minutes to speak.  In reality, with the current group of council members, it would not matter if they gave you three hours or even three days to speak because they ignore everything out of the public’s mouths unless you choose to kiss their you now what!


I spoke about two very important subjects.  The first subject was the failure of our “reformed” Fullerton Police Department to take the statements from Joe Imbriano and myself to report the crime of obstruction of justice by recently retired Police Chief, Dan Hughes in regard to his failure to allow his officers to follow normal police procedure to arrest Joe Felz for DUI and for leaving the scene of an accident with damages.  Joe Felz was eventually charged with those two counts, months after the incident by the OCDA Office.   I admonished the entire council for its continued failure to discuss this very important issue.

With my remaining 30 seconds I dropped a bombshell in the laps of our distinguished dais.  I told them that I was informed by Banc of California employees at the Euclid and Rosecrans Avenue branch that it is closing because a developer bought the property to be part of the development of the entire Sunrise Village Shopping Center to become mixed-use high-density high-rise residential units.  The city desperately needs the short-term infusion of money that would be generated by the Park and Recreation Department Park Dwelling fees of $11,700 per residential unit.  If they build 500 units for example that would generate an additional $5,850,000 in revenue.  This would help to cover the extremely generous salary and benefit employee raises approved by the council last year.  More development approvals would be needed to continue paying for these salary and benefit increases approved under Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2016 for subsequent years.   I put the council on notice that I smelled a rat.  Namely that the city in my opinion has been dealing with developers to make this mixed use project a reality in the near future.  Why else would these landlords create vacant properties with the absence of valuable rents if they only had a hope that they could convert the shopping center to a concrete jungle of mixed use high-density housing units.  I told them it was not zoned for that use and that the people of that neighborhood would fight to make sure it never ever came to fruition.  You should have seen the faces of Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald after I finished with my comments.  They did not look pleased at all.

Of course, there was no response by any council members to these comments and the Interim Police Chief also was silent after he learned that his department would not take a simple police report by two members of the community. Gee silly me, I thought it was their job to take the statement and then go and investigate; not determine that no crime was committed so therefore no police report was necessary to be taken by them in the first place.

The first order of business has to be from the OCDA Office by filing obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton Police Department are corrupt and the Fullerton Police Department needs to clean house

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Why do the police and media intentionally leave out vital information about identifying suspects involved in Fullerton robberies and assualts?

Does the Register’s opinion editor Brian Calle have an opinion on endangering the community with The Political Correctness of the Ragister?


We have violent armed robbers running loose in Sunny Hills and FPD is putting the public at risk by failing to properly disclose an accurate description of the suspects.  I initially called the FPD to get a description of the suspects. I was told by desk officer that there were 2 black males and 1 black female suspects involved in the armed home invasion roberry. I then went to seek the FPD press release to see what the official pronouncement was  concerning the event. The press release states there 2 males and 1 black female. This differs from what I was told by the officer at the department. Another source that went to the station today also confirmed that all three suspects were black.

FPD’s Public Information Officer Jon Radus on the left with former Chief Dan Hughes

Why is the press release different? The public has a right to know for their own safety. This is not only problematic for the public but also for the police. A full description of the suspects should always be released and never withheld especially when they are armed and dangerous, still on the loose and prey on the most vulnerable people of all-senior citizens.

Calls to Sgt Radus have not been returned while an email from him revealed the following:

Now as far as the media reporting of this event it gets even worse. The Register reported the following on 8-25 in the morning:

“On Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at approximately 11:10 PM, Fullerton Police Officers responded to a residence in the 100 block of West Las Palmas regarding a possible home invasion robbery that had just occurred.

Upon arrival, Officers determined that the residence is actually a live-in Elderly Care Facility. Inside the Care facility at the time were two female Care Givers and four elderly patients, who were sleeping, in their nineties.

Further investigation revealed that just a few minutes prior to Officers’ arrival, the Care Givers heard a knock at the front door of the Care Facility/Residence and saw that there was black female at the door. Believing that it could have been a late night delivery, one of the Care Givers opened the door.

Immediately upon opening door, two male suspects, both of whom were approximately 6’1” tall and thin, emerged. One of the males was armed with a black handgun. The other male was armed with a shot gun. The two males and the black female entered the Care Facility/Residence and ordered the two care givers to the ground at gun point.

The suspects then began looking for items of value in the residence and then stole one of the Care Givers cars” 

Now later in the day, towards the evening, The Register whitewashed the subject descriptions even further by removing any racial description of the criminals-

“….two men in white masks appeared behind the woman – one with a shotgun and the other with a handgun, said Sgt. Jon Radus of the Fullerton Police Department.”

Ok so who are we to be on the lookout for? First of all I did confirm in speaking with the desk officer on duty that all three suspects were black, two black men and one black woman. In addition, credible sources to the Fullerton Informer went to the board and care home the following day and spoke with the caregiver that was present during the armed home invasion robbery. The person described the three suspects as two black men and one black woman.

So why is the Fullerton Police department hiding vital information regarding the descriptions of the suspects? How are we as neighbors and residents supposed to be vigilant when all we are told to keep a look out for is 2 men and a woman?

This is PC correctness to the extreme where it is not only foolish and silly but potentially dangerous to the public. They release the color of the car but not the suspects?  It was confirmed that the suspects were two young black males and one black female. They would rather go along with the pressure of PC correctness than protect and defend the honest public. Its bad enough that we have to pay millions and millions for the police department’s criminal behavior that we end up picking up the tab for but when the police cannot even report correctly to the public, it is just another insult. Isn’t it about time the innocent people in our community  are considered first and foremost and not the criminals or the crooked cops.

It’s just shameful and could be extremely harmful to the people in that neighborhood to withhold key information that could be used to keep others safe. I don’t know about you but when I have strange people coming to the door, I don’t open my doors to strangers but most people do.

Why is the Fullerton Police department refusing to properly disclose the most important thing about the crime, an adequate and accurate description of the perpetrators? The police department and the media have a responsibility to give the public a complete description of the suspects. By intentionally leaving that out, they are potentially putting the residents at risk of greater harm.

As far as the Register goes, this not not only makes the story useless, but it also makes the story dangerous. Why does the media and the Fullerton police department intentionally leave out vital information about identifying suspects involved in a Fullerton home invasion armed robbery? How about the stabbing yesterday? When you leave that information out, you basically make the story useless to the public and once again dangerous. When people are not warned to be on the lookout for the specifics such as racial description, sex, build, height and clothing, they can be of no use in aiding law enforcement’s apprehension of the the criminals.

Yesterday there was a stabbing on Commonwealth and Cornell. A man was attacked and stabbed from behind multiple times by 2 strangers. The statement from the Fullerton police department that was done in a video interview conducted by Jon Radus advised the public that “the suspects were reported to be two male Hispanics in their early 20’s. ” 

Here is what the Register reported yesterday:

“About 10:35 a.m., a man in his 30s said he was crossing at the corner of North Cornell Avenue and East Commonwealth Avenue when two men came up from behind and stabbed him twice in the torso, police Lt. Robert Bastreri said. The two men, who appeared to be in their 20s, then ran off, Bastreri said, adding the victim was not robbed or acquainted with the assailants. An investigation into the stabbing is under way. It doesn’t appear the attack is gang-related, Sgt. Jon Radus said. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Fullerton police Sgt. Matt Rowe 714-738-6776”

Once again, the politically correct Register puts the community at risk and protects the criminals by withholding vital information from the public. What is their motivation? We their motivations certainly do not have the interests or safety of this community in mind.

When someone robs, kills, stabs, rapes, murders, assaults, or whatever, and a crime has been confirmed to have taken place, an investigation begins. That must involve releasing as much information about the bastards that pulled it off as soon as possible so the other 139,876 residents of this community can help the 120 police officers that are supposed to be looking for these scum bags help lock them up and get them off the streets.

Here are some final comments from The FPD’s Jon Radus in his email to me regarding the stabbing yesterday:

“This is an active, on-going investigation. The information we release takes into account that our investigators are actively working the case and while I understand you may want to have more information, in many cases the release of that information to the public may hamper our ability to not only conduct our investigation, but also come to a successful resolution with an arrest. When the time comes that we are seeking the public’s help in locating an individual, then of course we will release all necessary information that the public would need in order to help us locate that particular suspect. If there is ever a time that, based on our investigation, we believe the public is at risk and needs to know a suspect description, then of course we would release the suspect description at that time as well.”

Well there you have it folks. That is complete BS. You never hide the description of a wanted man or woman EVER! Common sense out the window for 251 thousand dollars a year. When a tiger gets out of the zoo and is roaming the streets of a residential neighborhood, we can’t let anyone know its description until it eats a child, I mean until we believe the public is at risk. Every damn violent crime puts the public at risk!

What good are descriptions that give no identifying information? What good are news sources that purposely withhold suspect descriptions? What good is a police department that holds back, or omits complete suspect descriptions?

Maybe you will be asking these and other hard questions when one of these thugs that have no regard for the law kick your door in, and murder or rape your wife, mother or daughter. You see these thugs are not politically correct and the more they realize the media and the police are, the more brazen these monsters will become.

Let’s hope the FPD can get with the program and work with the community instead of conducting its operations cloaked in secrecy.  Let’s hope the gerbels at the Register can get some psychiatric treatment soon before the entire building on Grand Avenue in Santa Ana becomes a homeless shelter. Until then, stay safe Fullerton and stay vigilant because for the most part you are all still by the looks of things, on your own.



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Here Is A Post Responding To A Citizen Article About Fullerton Traffic Enforcement In The Early June Fullerton Observer By Susan Levinson

In response to Beth Dieckhoff’s letter to the editor in the early June issue of the Fullerton Observer, I have two examples that may shed light on the reason why the Fullerton Police Department doesn’t make an attempt to enforce traffic laws to reduce the number of drivers running red lights in the city. 


About 4 years ago I asked then-Police Dan Hughes to observe the morning student drop-off at Laguna Road Elementary School to witness how drivers did not obey traffic laws for speed & turning lanes that created (& continue to create to this day) a very dangerous situation on a daily basis. When I asked Chief Hughes why drivers were not ticketed for these & other violations in the school zone his response was “the city doesn’t make enough revenue from the tickets to make it worth our time”.


Another example occurred also during Chief Hughes’ tenure. While driving south on Harbor, I stopped in front of Big Slice Pizza because students were coming from the east side of the street in the crosswalk. A Fullerton motorcycle officer (regretfully, I did not see his badge) and I both watched as 3 cars driving north went right through the crosswalk even as the students were already crossing, causing them to jump back a few steps to the sidewalk. After we were able to drive on, the officer and I both ended up next to each other at the red light on Chapman. I rolled down my window & said “excuse me, don’t pedestrians have the right of way in the crosswalk?” He nodded, “yes”. I said, “you very easily could have made a u-turn and ticketed any or all of them then, right”? His response was “I never liked that crosswalk. I told the city it was a bad place for it”. Taken aback by his answer, I told him it was “irrelevant whether he liked it or not”. I said “they should have gotten a ticket, right?” He shrugged his shoulders, nodded his head yes and drove off.

I have never forgotten the quotes from either of those days. I thought our children’s lives were worth more than that but as you can see our Police Department felt otherwise. Their apathetic responses from the top brass on down speak volumes.

Susan Levinson Fullerton 


Crooked, Inept and Negligent City Officials and more of Fullerton’s Third world infrastructure on State College and Kimberly

What kind of Banana Republic engineering is this? What kind of third world infrastructure are we paying for? This photo was taken on June 26. 2017 on the corner of State College and Kimberly. This has been like this for weeks!

Look at this unbelievable sight in Fullerton. Who did this? When did this happen to the pole? How did this happen? Who is allowing this to remain in this condition? What the hell is wrong with the building inspectors and our city officials? Who is paying attention?  What on earth is wrong with our city government? What is keeping this pole from failing and falling down onto the road and killing someone? What about the railroad tracks? Some braided steel guy wire that has been jerry rigged? What on earth?

The police have been called. Nothing has been done. Edison was called weeks ago. Nothing has been done. The fact that the pole has been in that condition for weeks is deliberate dereliction on the part of any city employee that has driven by it for weeks and done nothing. It is still a hazard and threat to the community.


This has been like this for weeks. When public servants ignore major issues, they should be held personally liable. Those wires are live and this power pole has NO structural integrity. There is no way that this situation should have been allowed to go un-remediated for weeks. These lines are near railroad tanker cars that carry highly volatile, caustic, and poisonous chemicals and gasses under pressure. A detonation of these rail cars could kill many people if these lines were to come in contact with these rail tankers. This is putting the citizens of Fullerton at great risk. An earthquake of any size could spell ruin for this Banana Republic rig job. That pole will come down, take the live wires with it and ignite the 38,000 gallons of liquefied petroleum gas in one car, that could explode and release the 38,000 gallons of hydrogen cyanide in the other one which could then react with the 38,000 gallons of oxidizers in the other cars. This could spell a total disaster for a hundred thousand people if things went south on this corner.

This is acceptable to our city officials who for weeks have allowed this situation to go on.

Its an Edison pole located on a city owned utility easement. It has been like this for weeks. The city officials have jurisdiction over city property and can and should demand this be fixed immediately. The current condition of the utility pole is in violation of multiple local, county and state regulations. The fact that it has been allowed to to just “hang there” for weeks in a clear indictment of our city staff and city officials. This is clearly a threat to public safety. Normally, guy wires that are correctly installed to support utility poles at a 45 degree angle also come with non conducting porcelin insulators which are designed to keep voltage that may escape the system from passing through the guy wires into what ever they are in contact with.

These people have fastened a severely damaged utility pole supporting live high voltage transmission lines with compromised structural integrity with steel cable directly to a metal utility pole with no porcelin insulators connecting the cables which could make a circuit out of the steel pole supporting the high tension wires above the transmission lines.

That steel pole could also become a circuit and ignite the high pressure gas line right under the wires on Kimberly. than run parallel to the train tracks. Edison was called weeks ago. They know about this because their subs tied this baby up like that and hung this monster WEEKS ago. I don’t need to send them a photo and a 20 dollar bill so they can get me a room upgrade. This ain’t Vegas. The area is currently undergoing a rail underpass conversion paid for with Measure M and OCTA funds. The project requires daily visits from City Inspectors and public works personnel. For weeks this has been allowed to go unmitigated. I called the police department and of course, they know how to delegate this just like when I call them over a water main break. The facts are the facts and the facts are that no one in city government has nudged anyone to do anything about this problem for weeks, they have all ignored it and apparently it is now incumbent upon me to solve what is supposed to not even be a problem in the first place. Is it any wonder we have such problems when people cannot come to grips with the corrupt, inept leaders and city employees that have left this town in ruin?

This issue involves far more than just Edison or PAR electrical contractors. It involves city inspectors, public works employees, police officers, fire department personnel and city officials elected and unelected. It is not acceptable for that pole to be in that condition for weeks considering what it is adjacent to. I refuse to accept third world infrastructure for the amount of taxes we pay.

Only a corrupt cabal of crooks would turn their backs and not demand that an economic giant like Edison not clean up crap like this. This is not acceptable. How many city employees, police and fire employees drove by this and ignored it? Who is watching out for the residents? Do you people have any idea just what a disaster this could turn into if these rig job wires fail? Maybe they will if this thing ends up killing a bunch of people. Lets hope not.




The Story of Paul Irish and The FPD-just another example that proves the so-called-reformation of the FPD was nothing more than an orchestrated PR plan headed by former police chief DAN HUGHES-by Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


In early March 2015, Fullerton Police Corporal Paul Irish, a twenty plus year veteran, drug recognition expert with an unblemished record of service was terminated.   What did he do that so upset FPD brass lead by Police Chief Danny Hughes that necessitated such severe action?

FPD’s ex chief Dan Hughes

Did he commit some heinous crime such as rape, murder or kidnapping?  NO!    Did he use excessive force against a member of the public?  NO!  Did he commit any other felony or even an alleged misdemeanor crime?  NO!  What got Corporal Paul Irish fired from the FPD?

He conducted an Ethics training course in early September 2014 without specifically telling his bosses that would be the topic of the training.  In other words he basically got fired for teaching ethics to members of the FPD.

I could see how that topic would be taboo by a department run by the likes of one Danny Hughes.  He even had the audacity to state in general terms that he was aware of past ethical breaches in the FPD.  Only in the FPD or in the “Twilight Zone” could such an action take place. (Please remember that the Twilight Zone was fiction but the firing of Paul Irish was and still is reality.)

I guess real ethics and integrity teaching by a FPD officer could not and would not be tolerated by Danny Hughes.


Dan Hughes stated to a City Council member that he hates Barry Levinson and unsucessfully tried to frame Barry Levinson.

Any punishments short of dismissal were not severe enough for our former upstanding police chief.  For Danny Hughes that great reformer of the FPD needed to send an internal message to all Fullerton Police Officers and staff that teaching ethics in the department and how the FPD has sometimes fallen short on that subject would result in swift termination.

The swiftness of the FPD action was startling.  The very next day after the ethics training, Corporal Paul Irish was placed on administrative leave.  Then four months later he received a letter from the FPD informing him that they intended to terminate his City employment and only a month after that was he indeed officially terminated from the FPD.


The Fullerton Police Department rarely acts so quickly in handing out such severe punishment.  But above all else, it is apparent that the one thing Police Chief Danny Hughes can’t tolerate is ethics training and the suggestion that the FPD falls short in that area.

Ethics? … Christian ethics?

What is wrong with you Corporal Paul Irish?  Why haven’t you got with the Public Relations Program that the newly reformed FPD under Police Chief Danny Hughes has no ethics problems and has absolutely no corruption?  After all Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes proclaimed that to a local newspaper during an interview in January 2012.


Not even those responsible for the brutal death of Kelly Thomas were put on administrative leave as quickly as Corporal Paul Irish.


Clearly a RICO investigation by the FBI is warranted and there needs to be a takeover by the US Marshalls of our Fullerton Police Force in order to clean house and get our city police department back on the right course.


As far as the Paul Irish situation is concerned, an honest and fair city council would overrule that termination order and give Corporal Paul Irish, a twenty-year veteran his job back. For to do anything less would be a travesty of justice and just one more clear solid piece of evidence of how corrupt and dirty our FPD and our City of Fullerton still are to this very day!



Just Like Organized Crime Syndicates, They Protect Their Own.

Yes Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to give Joe Felz an evergreen contract



Yes Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to give Dan Hughes an evergreen contract



Yes Bruce Whitaker voted to make a Curt Pringle lobbyist, Jennifer Fitzgerald, mayor just in time for the ballot designation.



Yes Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to appoint a SCAG senior planner Ma’ Ayn Johnson to the planning commission



Now Bruce Whitaker admits he was out drinking with Joe Felz on election night, and in my opinion, no doubt celebrating the re election of those keeping the lid nice and tight on the corruption you know like the 5 million dollar Fullerton golf scandal.

“Whitaker said he and Felz each had a beer around 1 a.m. Wednesday during the councilman’s re-election party at JP23 BBQ & Smokehouse in the 100 block of South Harbor Boulevard” 




………“He (Felz) seemed to be in control of his faculties,” Whitaker said Wednesday night.

Hughes said in the memo that he received a telephone call at his residence from a watch commander who reported that Felz was involved in a minor crash and that a field sergeant believed the city manager was “emitting an odor of alcohol.”

So Joe Felz, after drinking with Bruce, gets in his car, and in a residential area,  jumps the curb at 1:30 am, hits a tree, gets his car stuck, frees the car, attempts to drive off for 175 feet or so and, gets stopped by the police, smells of booze, allegedly demands that the officers call the police chief, is given a private set of sobriety tests and was allowed to delay the breathalizer, and then gets a ride home from the police, no charges, nothing to see move along now even though his car was damaged enough not to be driven to work today.

Dan Hughes apparently had at least four officers present at the scene who did not immediately conduct the field sobriety tests or administer the breathalyzer. The officers on the scene according to an unnamed source were officers Boline, Haid, G. Eibert, and Wilkerson. These officers have the experience, the expertise and  the arrest rates that get them the MADD awards at the council meetings yet they were called off of immediately testing Felz for DUI. Why is that?  That is because Joe Felz allegedly demanded that they call Dan Hughes.

Why did these officers listen to the person who allegedly demanded that they call the police chief when he smelled like alcohol after he just lost control of their car, hit a curb, and took out a tree and not make the judgement themselves to administer tests and evaluate and if necessary arrest Felz?  Why didn’t they put the cuffs on him right away? If this was you or I, they would have.

No, instead these officers listened to the City manager that smelled like alcohol, who just lost control of his car, hit a curb, and took out a tree that allegedly demanded they call  The police chief Dan Hughes instead of immediatley doing what any good police officer would do. That is to immediately administer the tests. Apparently Hughes ordered them to deviate from policy and wait for Jeff Corbett to arrive some time later to evaluate Felz without another witnessing officer present and conduct the tests. Corbett is not one of the FPD’s  field sobriety experts as he has not conducted a DUI test in years. So why delay and bring in someone who is not the most properly suited for the task? Well it is of course to control the outcome. Corbett is Hughes’s special guy.

According to an unnamed source, Corbett led Felz away from the other officers and conducted the tests out of sight of the officers present and he did it alone which is a clear violation of  FPD policy. Perhaps that is why Felz passed the test with flying colors.

Was Felz given a PAS test? Why not?



Felz and John Murray pictured here having drinks in better days

To refresh your memories, this is a bizarre dichotomy of the sickest kind. Let me explain. Joe Felz was obviously driving impaired with evidence of a crash and alcohol on his breath and yet procedures are violated in order for him to go home instead of going to jail.


Remember this man? He was arrested in Fullerton for DUI and was also given a ride home, but his was, unfortunately, to his final resting place


Dean Gochenour obviously was driving impaired with evidence of  alcohol on his breath and yet procedures were violated in order for him to go to the morgue instead of going home.

Supervising Mr. Gochenour while in the jail was FPD Officer Vince Mater who ended up serving probation after pleading guilty to destroying an audio recording of conversations he had with Dean who later committed suicide in jail.

So why was Banana Republic Emperor Joe Felz not arrested for DUI and other misdemeanor charges at the scene?


So why in the world was Bruce Whitaker  drinking with Joe Felz at 1 am on election night?


Why would Bruce appear to come to his defense and state that he had “one beer” with him and just minutes later according to the officers on the scene reek of alcohol and yet Bruce Whitaker stated that “He (Felz) seemed to be in control of his faculties,”?  What kind of BS is this? 

What’s in it for Bruce Whitaker to step out and make a statement?  He covers his own ass.  If Felz was drunk, Bruce knowing this and letting the man drive home would look bad for not only Bruce Whitaker, but could implicate him in liabilities down the road.

Dan Hughes said City Manager Joe Felz was suspected of consuming alcohol – but wasn’t impaired – prior to being involved in single-vehicle crash early Wednesday, according to a memo from Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes.

“On November 9, 2016 at approximately 0130 hours FPD officers were dispatched to 255 W. Glenwood regarding a possible collision where the vehicle had struck a curb and was stuck on the sidewalk. The driver was later determined to be city manager Joe Felz. I received a telephone call at my residence from the Watch Commander who informed me that the city manager was involved in a minor single vehicle collision and that the sergeant believed the city manager was emitting an odor of alcohol. I informed the Watch Commander that I would call the sergeant to obtain additional information and that I would have the field sergeant conduct a preliminary assessment by performing Field Sobriety Tests and if the sergeant believed there was a level of intoxication that met the criteria to be a violation of the law, we would contact the CHP to investigate. I provided the above directions to the field sergeant and also briefly spoke to the city manager on the phone to explain what protocol would be followed. The sergeant conducted the assessment and made the determination that the city manager had consumed alcohol, but did not meet the criteria of 23152(a) CVC. The city manager was driven home and his vehicle was towed. During this time period, I also contacted Mayor Fitzgerald and informed her I was following the protocol of notifying the mayor about the contact with the city manager. I informed the mayor of the directions I had provided to the field sergeant and that I would re-contact her when the investigation was complete. Her only instructions were to follow normal procedures. A collision report was documented under case 2016-74804 and a supplemental report will be completed by the sergeant documenting the assessment of the city manager.”

We know he was consuming alcohol. Bruce admitted it, the officer on the scene smelled it, he crashed his car and gets a free ride home with no charges filed?

I know of people who were given a DUI when their car was already in their driveway, they were on their grass with the keys in their pocket and FPD arrested them. Joe Felz jumps a curb, takes out a tree, smells like booze and gets the royal treatment. That just goes to show how corrupt this city and its leadership is.

Our very own Bruce Whitaker even makes a subjective determination as to his condition at the time they were drinking together and stated  that he was in control of his faculties. What a guy.

Bruce Whitaker needs to stand up now and demand a full investigation of what policies were violated as well as the release of the body cameras and get the department to explain why the breathalyzer tests were not taken not immediately upon arrival at the scene but long after. Nothing short of that is acceptable.

Dan Hughes entered the scene 5 years ago letting the FPD officers that murdered Kelly Thomas watch the video over and over and write their reports,


Dan Hughes is leaving the scene on Friday with what appears to be obstruction of justice involving what should have been the arrest and prosecution of a city official on DUI charges.  mdiex4-b781026172z.120121114192416000g9n1b723p.3

Dan Hughes is now going to work to run security at Disney? What kind of bizarre demented behavior will Dan Hughes be protecting in the Tragic Kingdom? I could go on and on about Disney and what goes on there behind closed doors and under the park.

Folks, just consider where we are and what they have done to the city. It is little wonder these two were throwing back a few that night. The show must go on folks until we replace these kinds of officials and public servants with people possessing integrity and wisdom.

Just look at how corrupt this whole think appears on the surface. This is lawlessness ladies and gentlemen. Heck they murdered Kelly Thomas on camera and got away with it. This thing compared to the Kelly Thomas murder to them is like choir practice.

Back to #1, why was not a breathalyzer required immediately upon arrival at the scene by the attending officers? Why the deviation from the protocol????   Did Hughes wave it off?  Why did the FPD not follow protocol is the question.

This man who is our City Manager, was, according to Bruce Whitaker, seemingly in control of his faculties. What is scary is that this man is in control of our city while we have our esteemed Bruce Whitaker drinking with and defending this man.



All I can say is thank God it was just a tree that got mowed down. Will Fullerton ever learn from its past as justice is dispensed so arbitrarily in this community of roads in ruin overrun by  its city officials and our youth awash in liquor? Based on the outcome of the last election, I highly doubt it.




For the first time in ORANGE COUNTY’S 100 PLUS YEAR HISTORY, VECTOR CONTROL plans to spray 53,000 acres of Orange County with poison from the sky

For the first time in ORANGE COUNTY’S 100 PLUS YEAR HISTORY, VECTOR CONTROL plans to spray 53,000 acres of Orange County with a pesticide called “Duet dual action adulticide” and they are doing it WITHOUT mass mailing, WITHOUT your permission, WITHOUT your knowledge and WITHOUT your input.






The strange dichotomy of Dan Hughes

download (4)

To most Fullerton residents, the names Dan Hughes and Barry Levinson ring a bell. Dan Hughes is our current police chief who some say is simply Pat Mckinley with a smile. Others revere him as the much needed solution to the problems plaguing The FPD.  

Barry Levinson, is a Fullerton resident who is a rare breed indeed. He is a civic minded individual who has the guts to tell it like it is and repeatedly ask the hard questions that most political slimeskins in this town wouldn’t dare to touch with a ten foot pole. Personally, the most perplexing questions that I still have, directly relate to Dan Hugh’s comments about the 33 minute and 33 seconds of video where Kelly Thomas was left for dead in the gutter after he was brutally beaten by officers of The FPD. Last night the issue was revisited with no exception.

In my opinion Fullerton is not healed from anything. No, the cancer is now in stage IV and the treatment plan costs are going to run into orbit from the Kelly Thomas murder, the fallout from the sham trial and the precarious termination of the officers.

The current Flory, Chaffee and Fitzgerald council members, in my opinion, still have their little happy parties and fluff gimmicks while holding the resident taxpayers in derision with their voting records. Meanwhile, Bruce and Greg struggle to keep the ship steered in the right direction in rough seas. Who will rise to the occasion in November? Will Barry? Perhaps yours truly?

At this point it is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain and that is Fullerton needs leaders and not lapdogs. Maybe whoever decides to throw their hat into the ring could use a refresher course on what courage really is and how to ask the hard questions. Weak, spineless, slimy politicians are what got us where we are. I say the hell with them and who needs them? Unless we can muster some real contenders coupled with some real civilian police oversight, we might as well leave the vampires in charge of the blood bank, lock our doors and stay home in November. I personally could care less about a few bucks added to my water bill every two months or a stinkin’ pothole if I still have to worry about getting beaten to death for not playing doctor with some deranged cop or framed like an picture at an Aaron Brother’s 1/2 cent sale.  

Here is the clip

Go to 28:20 and see for yourself. Here is what he has written and with his permission the following is published:


By Barry Levinson | It is important to remind our city officials, the press and our community that our “new” police chief was our “old” captain who was the direct supervisor of officers Ramos, Cincinelli, Wolfe, Hampton, Craig and Blatney.

Anyone who is familiar with police work knows that the real training of officers comes not from the training officer but from their direct superior, on a day-in and day-out basis. That would have been then-Captain Dan Hughes. Therefore, I am disappointed that Chief Hughes has never expressed his regret that he obviously failed to train those 6 men adequately.

I have given Dan Hughes’ comments about his viewing the video over 400 times much thought and analysis. First, the video was 33 minutes and 33 seconds in length. It would have taken him over 222 hours to view that video 400 times. Should we believe that he spent five-and-a-half-plus 40-hour weeks reviewing the video while on duty, or even at home?

What about the actual comments he made concerning the contents of the video itself. His contention was that those police officers acted properly as seen on the video.

There are only two possible explanations for his comments.

The first reason is that he really believes that those six officers under his direct command were doing their jobs as he trained them or,

Second, he believed that the video would never be released to the public and so he felt safe siding with his men.

The first possibility shows that he is as guilty as any of those officers for not knowing the proper boundaries for police behavior. That is downright frightening.

The other possibility shows his willingness to mislead the public for his own benefit. This is not behavior that inspires confidence and trust.

But yet he terminated officers Ramos, Cincinelli and Wolfe presumably based on their actions that very night. What is the public to believe? The Acting Chief Hughes’s statements that after viewing that video over 400 times taking over 222 hours to complete, that he saw nothing wrong? Or the other Chief Hughes who terminated those three officers for their conduct that very night. Which Dan Hughes are we to believe?

Finally, when will the press, the public and every one of our council members, demand that he explain those glaring contradictions?

Barry Levinson


Great questions Barry. Let’s see if we ever get our answers.

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