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The public sidewalk, free speech, our children’s health

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An 87 year old grandmother asked if this is Nazi Germany at Acacia Elementary School in Fullerton California as the school called the cops on her and other law abiding  moms passing out fliers

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From: joe imbriano <>
Date: Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Subject: The public sidewalk, free speech and our children’s health.
To: Karen Whisnant <>
Cc: Robert Pletka <>, Chris Thompson <>,,, “Rep. Ed Royce” <>, Davis Barber <>,, Beverly Berryman <>, lynn thornley <>, Hilda Sugarman <>, janny meyer <>, “” <>, Mar Buc <>, david morrison <>, “” <>, “” <>

Dear Dr. Whisnant,

This morning a peaceful, well rehearsed, information dissemination campaign which consisted of flyers being politely handed to parents was conducted from four strategic locations located on the public sidewalks adjoining Acacia elementary. It was also all filmed as well.
During the course of their peaceful activities, you rudely shouted at a parent from at least 15 feet away that “you can’t be on school property and you can’t obstruct traffic”. Were you trying to intimidate or humiliate this mother? The implication of your rant was that she was on school property and she was obstructing traffic. The fact of the matter is they were doing no such thing. This is a parent with her 87 year old old mother who have lived in the community for well over 40 years and are neighbors. They were handing out fliers on public property. They were clearly on the sidewalk. Review the geography of your facility. They did no such thing.
You accused them of obstructing traffic. Impossible, as the whole thing is on camera and they were in no way, shape or form doing any such thing remotely resembling what you alleged.
Why are you, or your staff so active in trying to get these parents out of the way?
Someone from your office called the police on these parents, including my lovely wife for doing what is perfectly legal, and protected by the first amendment. Review your civics textbook. This was a waste of public resources, tax money and threatens the safety of the community by needlessly tying up 2 officers and 2 patrol cars by having them dispatched to a nonevent.
I am at a loss for words on what lengths Acacia elementary, you or your staff will go to in order to suppress important health information to the parents.
The attached flyer below is what was and will continue to be disseminated at Acacia and all over the FSD.
Is this the truth that you and the FSD appears to want suppressed?
This material is not obscene and pertains to a matter of public safety, relevant to the the intended audience: the Acacia elementary parents. The dissemination of such was done in a manner wholly consistent with and enshrined within the first amendment.
It appears that there is an agenda to infringe on our first amendment rights. It also appears that you are continuing to attempt to keep this very important information pertaining to the welfare of the children out of the hands of the parents, which by the way, you are entrusted with as a principal.
You do respect the first amendment and the rights afforded all Americans do you not, Dr.Whisnant?
We are well aware of our rights, and will continue to peacefully exercise them as this issue should be and will remain at the forefront off all honest discussion in the FSD,
Chief Hughes, I would like to add that your officers were very professional and courteous and I thank you for that.
Joe Imbriano
site admin


THE FULLERTON FIVE PART 2- For the health of our children, can reason prevail?

Today another group in Fullerton has decided to address the FSD Board of Trustess. Lets see if the Fullerton Five still read their mail. This email was sent to me by a fellow colleague and is worthy of a post. It appears to have been produced and sent by a group called FCSST which stands for Fullerton Community for Safe School Technology. I don’t know about you but I should be a card carrying member by now and so should the rest of you. Here is the email that was sent to me: 

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Fullerton Community <>
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 1:12 PM
Subject: Fullerton, California School District Trustees: For the health of our children, can reason prevail?
To:,,,,  Read the rest of this entry »


Back when it was bought with a price and how today it sells for 30 pieces of silver.

by Merijoe and Anonymous

RIFLEMAN Chuck_Connors_Johnny_Crawford 1960

Government uses innocent Americans, by force, to advance their agendas.

In the late 1950’s, many of you will remember an American Western television program portraying Chuck Conners as rancher Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his young son, Mark. The iconic show known as “The Rifleman” was filmed in black and white, set in the 1880’s western genre. Connors cast as McCain was a tough, but fair and trusting man of God who lived by fairness, honor, decency and morality, and he taught his son each of these moral characteristics. His uncanny expertise with a rifle, hence the name, came into play in every episode as he protected the weak or set wrongs to right in a simple morality play we don’t see in today’s television programming.

In several episodes, a villain would apply coercive pressure to McCain, demanding that he provide information or identify someone under duress. In each
instance, McCain refused, often at great cost to himself.


A few days ago I was speaking with a friend who told me her story. I found the plot very similar in that the same kinds of tactics were applied by federal agents who strong-armed her in what passes for an ‘investigation’ these days. The circumstances were so similar, I couldn’t miss the obvious.

She was set up by an individual she knew who was coerced into selling her something that unbeknownst to her was illegal. The person was strong armed by the feds and in an effort to save their own skin, was willing to entice my friend into unknowing crimes to reduce their own sentence. She was charged with a crime she didn’t commit and offered the same plan to avoid prosecution. If my friend would only ‘roll-over’ on others, her freedom could be ‘purchased’ by ratting out, and setting up others in the same line of business.

She refused not only because she didn’t know anyone who was guilty of the crime they sought, but she was unwilling to rat out, or entrap other innocent people. Because she refused their offer of ‘employment’, refusing to work for them even though she knew that she faced prison, they offered her a plea deal and when she refused that, they threatened her spouse with prosecution and children with being thrown into the foster care system.
Obviously under threat, she signed the plea deal and served her time. She had no prior records, and has never done anything illegal before, or since.
She spent several years in a federal penitentiary, is now classified as an unemployable felon and her life and the lives of her family will never be the same.

Like McCain in “The Rifleman”, she could have simply been as weak-minded as the person who set her up, she could have done what they demanded of her to save her own skin, but she didn’t and she paid a terrible price for her integrity. The “Rifleman” may have been a made up show but the characteristics of Lucas McCain and my friend, ring similar and so do the villain’s.

Unlike a simple moral play on television, in today’s world, the villain in our story is the rising police state where every ‘agency’ in the government has a law enforcement division. These agencies operate on the same lines as the TV villains using the same tactics of coercion and intimidation. They violate the law with impunity using the Machiavellian excuse that the ‘ends justify the means’, but wrong can never be used for good.

Unlike a half hour television episode, people who are coerced by law enforcement don’t have a neatly packaged ending where all is well. Millions of great Americans are coerced every year so that tickets can be punched and ‘notches’ scrawled in the grips of the proverbial guns of our police state minions.

It takes sacrifice and unselfish courage to be a man or woman of integrity today. We laud our soldiers but we would do well to remember that they are not all serving in a formal branch of the military. There are many civilians who do their part to keep us safe from the enemy.

gandi quote-freedom-is-never-dear-at-any-price-it-is-the-breath-of-life-what-would-a-man-not-pay-for-living-mahatma-gandhi-68012

Thank you to my friend and a lot of other American patriots I don’t know, who have, and are currently, fighting and sacrificing themselves for my freedom. You are inspiring.




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