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COMMON CORE REVISITED by Barry LevinsonBarry Levinson

Common Core certainly plays into teaching our children to the lowest common denominator. Instead of continuing to bring up those children who lag in one skill or another, the central bureaucrats decided to lower the standards for our best and brightest children.
Government workers including teachers and especially school district administrators have never been as well paid as they are today with fantastic benefits and retirement plans. One of the things they have to do to ensure those salaries and benefits remain robust is to keep quiet as to the harm Common Core is and will do to our children.
Everything is becoming centrallized like in the old Soviet Union and Communist China.
Freedom can now be partly defined as having 3 minutes to talk in front of our city council while they totally ignore the tough questions posed by the public.
Data mining of kids and their families will soon be tied into the centralized education system. Since when is wireless devices a substitute for preparing our children to become engineers, scientists and doctors.
School district’s provide assurances about the quality of Common Core which turns out to be unsupported by the facts.
But we do know one thing, the state of California Education Department received hundreds of millions of dollars to accept Common Core as the new state standard.
When government becomes more about sustaining itself and less about serving the interests of the people, we the people have a major problem on our hands. Watch the first 6 minutes of this video.

The subjugated peoples of the world did not wake up one day and decide they wanted a totalitarian government.  Usually they watched it happen over time while being in a constant state of denial.
Well the same thing is happening right now throughout the entire United States.  Are we too going to allow it to happen with hardly a whimper from the public?
Well I can only speak for myself and to that question I say heck no!
I report, you decide.
Barry Levinson




This is a re post of an article originally published on 9-23- 2013-it is more relevant today than ever 

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