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Another high density project passed by the sellouts on the planning commission

Yes another 1000 people are going to be crammed right on top of the old chevy dealer.

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Fullerton Planning Commission (Larry Bennett, Peter Gambino, Silber and Dunlap) Once Again Sides with the Special Interests and Ignores the Communities of Sunny Hills Estates and Old Sunny Hills. By Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

I was disappointed but not surprised that the Planning Committee voted for the 32-unit development by Melia Homes on a scant 3.3 acres.  One committee member had the audacity to state that the traffic in and around the Laguna Road Elementary School was not the developer’s problem (but it most definitely should be the city of Fullerton’s problem along with the Fullerton School District).


Fitzgerald appointee and sock puppet Larry Bennett

By voting for the zoning change the developer is requesting, you are allowing him to make the traffic problems worse.  Therefore, the serious traffic congestion at the beginning and end of each day at Laguna Road School is in fact in part the developer’s problem.   The commissioners are making that property much more valuable to the landowner by voting for the zoning change from office/medical space to attached housing, yet giving him a pass on the added traffic congestion and added parking problems the developer will create for the surrounding neighborhood.   It seems that as commissioners you are not thinking clearly and certainly ignoring the very legitimate concerns of the community.



Seaborne appointee Gambino that voted to ruin Fullerton with the yes vote on the DCCSP




It is most definitely the city’s responsibility and obligation to make a decision that does not harm any of the residents.  This commissioner along with the other 3 voting for its approval, have abdicated that role.  This project will exacerbate the traffic congestion and the potential for additional accidents in and around the Laguna Road School.


Big developer puppet Silber who hates cars and loves high density with a yes vote on the disastrous DCCSP

Yes it is also a FSD issue but the last time I looked it is in and within the City of Fullerton.  The next traffic injury or death is on the four-committee members, who voted for this (Peter Gambino, Larry Bennett, Silber and Dunlap).  It should be noted that this very important vote was made with 2 of the 7-committee members not in attendance, namely Kevin Pendergraft and Ma‘Ayn Johnson.


Agenda 21 SCAG operative Ma’yaan Johnson voted yes for the DCCSP was a no show on this mess

A committee concerned about doing the right thing would have at least postponed the vote until they could get all of the committee members to actually meet their obligation and duty to represent the good people of Fullerton.   The way this city conducts business is both indefensible and deplorable.


Bruce’s repeated no show appointee Pendergraft who missed the vote on the DCCSP and missed the vote on this spot zone change-two huge decisions and he decides to stay home-fire this guy and appoint Barry


The “Boss” Joe Felz


P.S.  There was not one bit of evidence asked for by the committee or given by Melia Homes that demonstrated that a smaller single-family development was not financially feasible on that 3.3-acre site.  The public did speak to a new single-family development across from Laguna Road School of 7 houses on about 3 acres of land.  That is obviously financially viable but we are to believe the sales BS of Melia Homes that they need a minimum of 32 homes on 3.3 acres to be financially viable, only a short few hundred feet away.   For all the degrees and education represented on this Planning Commission, they sure seem to lack of whole bunch of common sense and objectivity.

Here is the description of the other project from the City of Fullerton.

The project is a residential development that proposes seven single family detached houses on a 2.97 acre lot, with a gross density of 2.57 dwelling units per acre. The lots will range in size from 17,620 square feet to 20,879 square feet. Vehicular access to the houses would be from Laguna Road via gated private drive that would be constructed

September 16, 2014
City of Fullerton – Initial Study Checklist





Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Question:   Why are Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald and City Manager Joe Felz not being straightforward about their obvious intentions to make it easier for the current landowner to convert the area around and including Polly’s Pies to high-rise high-density apartment complexes via the new tool recently being recommended by the Community Development Director?

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

This new zoning concept is called a Mixed-Use Overlay Zoning Tool.  This would allow the landowners between Chapman and Commonwealth Avenue on the east side of Raymond Avenue to have the right to switch from 100% retail/commercial current zoning to predominantly high-rise high-density housing, which I suspect would increase the value of that property by millions of dollars.  It is good to be the queen and king of Fullerton.

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Joe Felz responded at the April 19, 2016 Fullerton City Council meeting that it would be very difficult to ever get high-rise development at that location as it would involve many steps including public hearing, and then approval by the Planning Committee and then a public hearing at city council and their approval of the zoning change along with the development project.

felza-150x150  All this would have to happen after Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald and Council member Doug Chaffee just told us they are committed to helping the landowner to get new retail tenants in that space and keeping that property a viable retail shopping area in the future.



Sounds like there is absolutely no way then that this property would be anything but retail going forward.  End of story right…well unfortunately it is only just the beginning of the real story.



Joe Felz knows full well that the process he described above during the 4/19/16 Fullerton Council meeting as it relates to a zoning change for that site is currently under fire by his own Administration.  His own Community Development Director, Karen Haluza

halluza is recommending that the current zoning at that site be permanently replaced with the Mixed-Use Overlay Zone Tool allowing for high-rise high-density development without further zoning changes.


To summarize Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald is saying that the citizen’s have nothing to worry about because the city wants that retail area to remain and is actively helping to get in new tenants.  City manager Joe Felz is telling us also not to worry because there are so many official steps and approvals that this landowner would have to undertake including public oversight before any high-rise development could even potentially happen at that site in Fullerton. However, at the very same time Joe Felz is telling us that it would be a very long and cumbersome official process requiring a number of checks and balances before we could have the possibility of high-rise housing at the Polly Pies site, his Community Development Director, Karen Haluza is recommending to the Planning Commission to approve a Mixed-Use Overlay Zone for 6 specific parcels of land including the one at Polly’s Pies that would allow current landowners to use the property for mix-use development with up to 98% of the property used exclusively for high-rise residential development as part of the proposed revised DCCSP.



What would you call someone who assures you that there is nothing to worry about when his direct report obviously with his approval and most likely at his direction is trying to accomplish the exact opposite?  I know what I would call such a man…arrogant, deceptive, and not worthy to be our City Manager.


Therefore, Joe Felz needs to be removed as our City Manager because we need someone who will not make statements he knows are at best deceptive and misleading in nature to the Fullerton public.   Now if the city council majority had any integrity, his removal would be a forgone conclusion. The question I have is the following:  Who on the dais will stand up for the people of Fullerton by not allowing the City Manager and the City Council Majority to get away with spreading misinformation and worse to the general public they are supposed to serve.   For as readers you are starting to realize that it should not have to come down to citizens like myself to point out the chicanery going on at city hall.

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council


What would you call a Mayor who assures her constituents that high-rise development by Polly’s Pies is a pipe dream,

while the city is moving full steam ahead to change the zoning to allow for high-rise, high-density development at that exact location?  Would you call Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald incompetent, delusional or simply in collusion with the City Manager?  I would say whatever your answer, her statements have earned her removal from office.


In fact bringing more high-rise, high-density apartments or condos is exactly what Joe Felz, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jan Flory and Doug Chaffee appear to want in order to collect the $11,700 per residential unit Park Dwelling Fee/Tax.  This will help them offset at least part of the $2.8 million dollar existing budget deficit as well as part of the millions of additional dollars approved by them via a 6% one-year raise for police and 9% over two-year raise for firemen/women.

12063992_1697233570500142_1750532264_n The city council approved these raises prior to the city having the money necessary to fund these multi-million dollar increases in salaries and benefits.  Where is the concern for the Fullerton taxpayer you may ask?   Based on these actions by a majority of our city council there appears to be no real concern for the Fullerton taxpayer.

DSC00036 Their actions in my opinion do demonstrate a contempt for the good people of Fullerton as these changes will lower the quality of life in Fullerton for its residents while do little if anything to help improve roads, sewers and water systems, etc.

DSC00036  Question:  Why is City Manager Joe Felz not being straightforward in his 4/19/16 council comments denying that he previously stated that it would cost the city 1.3 million dollars a year to reopen the Hunt Branch Library?  He also stated at the same council meeting that the 1.3 million dollar figure to run the Hunt Branch Library was provided by former President of the Fullerton Library Board of Trustees, Ryan Cantor and from Library Director, Maureen Gebelein.  Joe Felz went on to state that he personally had no knowledge about how much it would actually cost to run the Hunt Branch Library.  Yet at the very next Fullerton Library Board of Trustee meeting, it was Trustee Ellen Ballard

DSC00466 who stated that it was Mr. Joe Felz himself that had made a formal detailed presentation at a previous Fullerton Library Board of Trustees meeting on the cost estimates to reopen the Hunts Branch Library.


The hypocrisy of the City of Fullerton Government is apparent to those with open eyes and minds.  At the same time they are proposing to erode the quality of life for its citizens by continuing to approve high-rise, high-density apartments/condos, the City Manager recommended to the Library Board that the city should sell the Hunt Branch Library to Grace Ministries as a sole source bid.


Joe Felz’s mentor former city manager Chris Meyer-library board trustee

So the plan is to keep approving zoning changes to allow for high-rise development while selling the community’s treasured resources such as the Hunt Branch Library.  Well at least we have a vacant piece of city land on Bastanchury Road that could easily be converted to a branch library or a much needed park.  Well guess what the Fullerton Library Board voted to get an appraisal for that piece of property, which would only be asked for if the city were contemplating selling that piece of property as well.


Sean Paden’s campaign manager Ryan Cantor-library board trustee

Yes the City of Fullerton is for sale and the people it will benefit are the special interest groups that have the complete attention and apparently devotion of our city council majority.



I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson



Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

It was another interesting/sad night at city hall with the Planning Commission doing another study session on the revamping of the original DCCSP (Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan) into three new zoning tools. What was most troubling was that the Community Development department headed by Karen Haluza still has not given us any definitions in writing of those three key zoning concepts including:
A New Mixed-Use (code word for high rise residential development) Overlay Zone that allows for mixed-use where retail and commercial used to be. Remember the city of Fullerton has only 6% commercial property use, which is less than our neighboring cities.


How can a city government propose major zoning changes and fail to define in writing what the city proposes to do?  Scandalous you say….arrogant you say….contemptible you say.  I say all of the above.


Karen Halluza-we are still waiting

So they i.e. the City of Fullerton through the Community Development Department gave us what they called a good example of what a mixed-use overlay district project would look like. Two buildings, one proposed with 172 apartment units at 600 Commonwealth Avenue and the other across the street with 123 apartment units at 128 Williamson.


The developer dream team-there goes the neighborhood


The only mixed-use actually proposed is in the first building having 4,822 square feet for retail/commercial, which represents a very meager 2.9% of the 1st building total square footage and the other building has 100% high rise apartments with NO RETAIL/COMMERCIAL SPACE! The city is telling the public that a project that has less than 1.8% overall dedicated to retail space (4,822/273,000 = <1.8% retail) with the remaining 98% devoted to high-rise apartments is a good example of mixed-use overlay project.  No attempt from the developers at the Planning Commission meeting to deal with added traffic issues, added street parking issues, added water restriction issues.  They make millions and we the people are left dealing with all these wonderful add-on problems courtesy of our city council if it passes.


Question:  Why would our city government be eager to approve such a high-rise apartment plan with so many built in problems with no solutions in sight?

bbbb-300x145 (1)

Answer:  THREE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($3,451,500).  This is the amount the developer would owe the city for the recently increased Park Dwelling fee/tax per unit (295 units X $11,700 per dwelling unit).  In other words the city is desperate for an infusion of a large lump sum of cash to try to make up part of the already $2.8 million dollar deficit over 2 years that has been increased by millions by approving very large raises for the police (6% for one year) and fire (9% over two years).  In other word this windfall of tax revenue if passed has already been spoken for thanks to the generosity of our council majority.

Question:  Does a majority of our council ever put the hard working citizens of Fullerton first when deciding on spending our tax money?

Statement From the Dais: Mayor Fitzgerald

unnamed (2)

and Council member Chaffee

chaffeesaid at the last council meeting that rumors that high-rise development would replace the retail center where Polly’s is located is nonsense and yet this public notice regarding rezoning the property mysteriously appears.

2101239c3c4758bc098ca0086b4f9b41.JPG.max800 (1)

A notice of nonsense

and that they are actively assisting the property owner to get additional retail tenants into that retail center.

images (16)

This pays alot more than the sales tax on a Polly Burger

Question:  If that is so then why City Manager Joe Felz


and Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

are you including that retail/commercial property as a major part of the new mixed-use overlay district…one of only 6 such parcels in the new DCCSP plan?  

This would allow for developers to put in these so called mixed-use projects such as the one reviewed last night with less than 2% of the entire project devoted to retail space and the other 98% devoted to high-rise apartments without the need for any further zone changes and possibly without any oversight by our council as well.  (I have repeatedly asked that the oversight issue be spelled out in writing and that no DCCSP plan like the original one be allowed to pass if it gives away the right of council to completely review each project separately.  By the way we were told that the above project would be strictly market based apartments, so there will be no bargains for those who are priced out of the apartment market in Fullerton.)  If the city had no interest in converting that property to high-rise residential they certainly would not single out that piece of property on Raymond between Chapman and Commonwealth Avenue for this DCCSP zone change.


I think I smell a few rats at city hall. It is okay to clap politely since you are not in council chambers.  (Yes our Mayor said she was very involved in writing the new decorum rules for council chambers, which was proposed with banning polite clapping by the audience at the risk of being removed from the people’s chamber.  Yes this is what Mayor Fitzgerald wanted for the citizens of Fullerton.  Without major objections by many citizens through public comments that is exactly what would have been passed by our council.)

Question:  Why is it so darn hard to get straight honest answers out of “our” city government?

More Important Question:  Why do the citizens allow our city government to get away with such behavior toward us?

Solution:  November elections are fast approaching and you can send a loud and resounding message to our current crop of elected officials by voting for their replacements.  And when you do this, be smart and do not vote for one of their establishment buddies who are always running for office as well.


I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


Brazen or brainless: who appointed S.C.A.G. operative Mayan Johnson to the Fullerton Planning Commission?

So what city officials would appoint an employee of SCAG to its planning commission? You may be unpleasantly surprised. ALL FIVE OF THEM DID!!!


Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

chaffeejan-florry-by-Samahan-Mohagen-10336840_597500127032663_7859966640831628486_n (1)

This is how massive development moves at lightning speed. This woman works for a private corporation (SCAG) that appears to be in direct conflict with her position on the planning commission.

How could she have been chosen out of 17 applicants and then approved in  5-0 vote? Everyone there knew where she worked, it was discussed she worked for SCAG.

SCAG (Southern CA Assn. of Governments) is the largest regional government in the US covering 6 counties and 191 cities. SCAG has a $540 Billion plan to remake SoCal in the next 2 decades and operates in Near Darkness. Educate yourselves in order to protect your freedoms. PLEASE ADD ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, EVERYONE NEEDS TO LEARN ABOUT REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS. Stop SCAG is dedicated to educating the public about Unelected, Unconstitutional Regional Governments.

Contact them at or at Twitter @STOPSCAG or Facebook

Here is the text of a speech given by Grindall from his you tube channel earlier this year, a recent visitor to our council meeting.

“First and foremost SCAG is a corporation, and because SCAG is a corporation I do not consent to any of your mandates, edicts, or demands. You need to show me the contract I signed as a willing consenting adult before we can even have a conversation.

Secondly, SCAG is not constitutional. Nowhere in the constitution does it talk about JPA’s. It’s a made up term to steal government away from people at the local level.

There is nothing good about regional government. When you take 191 cities and put them altogether into 1 body which is what SCAG is, you have created a massive government.

There is not one big government in history that has ended well for the people.

This whole SCAG regional transportation process proves why regionalism is terrible for this country.

An associate of mine and I discussed sitting down and reading the thousands of pages that are in the Scag Regional Transportation Plan and the EIR document. Making notes and eventually publishing a report refuting the plan. The whole idea of reading the documents and publishing the report are not even possible given the time constraints. Secondly, even if we were able to get the report complete we would then have to go to 191 elected representatives in 191 different cities and try to convince them to side with us on the vote. 191 people. And we only have a couple months to do all of this.

We advocate for localism and local government. If the same thing were happening in a local city we would only have to convince 3 people to agree with us on the plan. That’s 3 vs. 191.

That example that I just read is the very reason why this regionalism has to stop. It completely shuts we the people out of the process.

Now lets get into what this plan is based on. This entire plan is based on sustainability. Now when you ask one of these planners what sustainability is they are likely to say something along the lines of making development that fits the current need while preserving the ability for future generations to meet their own needs…

What the hell that does even mean? Seriously half the time you ask a planner what sustainability is they usually use the word sustainability in their answer which tells me they don’t even know
what it means. I have spent 4 years trying to figure out what sustainability actually is and I have the answer.

Sustainability is rationing. It’s being forced to use less of everything. Less water, they go that covered. Less energy, they are attempting that with renewables. Renewable energy is a giant crony capitalist scam where the government picks winners and losers and props up failed industry via cap and trade. Less food, that’s being worked on by the United Nations
Less mobility, I can’t believe you guys think we are so stupid that people are actually going to believe that going from a car to a bus or a bike is somehow getting around quicker. Seriously you people are insane.

Less freedom. Freedom is choice and you are destroying our choices with this plan. Let’s talk about those choices

You are acting like you are doing us a favor by providing us with bike lanes, buses and trains that most people want nothing to do with.

However this is a all huge scam. Last year the state attempted to cut our gasoline in half by 50% The bill was called SB350. The bill passed but the gasoline language was taken out of the bill. We have confirmation that the state will be trying to pass that again this year in 2016.

So yes the state of California is trying to get us out of our cars.

We are seeing all this planing right now because you know that the main option that everyone wants to use is going to be eliminated. So stop with this garbage that you are doing us a favor. This is a tyrannical big government that is waging war against us. You’re not doing anybody any favors!

Lastly, I want to address this lie about the millennials, how my generation wants to walk and bike everywhere and live in little shoebox apartments.

First off, my generation is glued to their phones so they are completely disengaged. As a result they aren’t coming to these meetings and demanding this. I have yet to see it in my time doing this.

Secondly, we are told that the millennials want to spend lots of money to live in small apartments.

How is that going to happen? We were screwed by the older generations when they told us that we must go to college. Not only is a college degree worthless now but it has put all the young people in debt so there isn’t going to be spending $400,000 on a so called luxury apartment.

The truth is every single city is increasing the number of housing units and we have a president that has opened up the borders and is bringing in illegal aliens and refugees from the different wars that are going on. Those people need a place to live if they are going to be here.”


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Repackaging the destruction of Fullerton with the new and improved DCCSP proposal tonight at Fullerton City Hall



JOE FELZ IS INTRODUCING TO FULLERTON:  the study session on the new DCCSP




Just recently, we the people beat back the horrific College Town plan back for the time being. College town calls for closing the 57 Freeway exits and onramps to Nutwood, closing Nutwood to through traffic, wiping out thriving business that serve southeast Fullerton, adding 12000 more cars a day,4300 high density housing units and the creation of a “parking management district” that is not defined and will bring parking meters to all of Fullerton. THIS THING WAS CHUMP CHANGE COMPARED TO WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED WITH THIS SO CALLED NEW AND IMPROVED DCCSP.


How Awful and Corrupt is the Fullerton Downtown Core and Corridor Special Project?

Please let me count the ways as follows: by Barry Levinson

0022320_IMG_6510_009 (1)

1-  It is an undemocratic power grab by one unelected bureaucrat, City Manager Joe (I want to be king)Felz.



2-  It turns the power to vote on individual development projects from the city council with the requirement to allow public comments prior to any vote, to one unelected man, City Manager Joe (I want to be emperor) Felz.


3-  No honest elected city council majority would ever consider giving away their power to decide on numerous future development projects throughout much of the city to an unelected bureaucrat, City Manager Joe (I want to be a dictator) Felz.


4-  If you think traffic is bad now wait until you add another 50,000-100,000 or more residents with no additional roads or lanes to existing roads. If you do not believe me than look at the million-dollar plan documents. The only traffic improvement called for in the plan is adding one or two roundabouts on Wilshire Avenue.

images (71)

5-  Who do you think might benefit from this project if passed?

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

May I suggest to you that Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald (who is also the Vice President of Curt Pringle and Associates)


and her boss along with a host of developers who will be knocking at our City Manager’s door?


as you can see she has switched to mountain dew instead of water

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

If Ms. Fitzgerald does not recuse herself from this vote when it comes up, I think rather than recalling her we should just run her out of town.

6-  I of course have not yet mentioned the concern as to where the needed water will come from for the 100,000 additional residents.

images (74)

….under a chemtrailed sky, a crowd has gathered…….

It would seem that the City of Fullerton motto must be that no matter how bad the times are for you and me, there is never a bad time to get more money (tax money) for themselves.

images (76)

Good times come to me now.

After all 80% of every dime in tax money that represents the General Fund, does not go for our streets or our decaying sewers and water system.

images (77)

Fullerton’s ground water replenishment system -patent pending. The entire city with its hundreds of center mile streets will soon be part of a special assessment district. This revolutionary aquifer recharging rainwater collection program perfected by our public works department will be the model for the entire nation as a solution to the lingering pension crisis and ongoing drought .

It goes to our friends at city hall for their salaries and benefits.  We get the crumbs that are remaining.  Yet for Joe Felz and his merry men and women of Fullerton Forest they are eager to take even more from the poor citizens of Fullerton to make sure their stomachs are full and their retirements are merry and pay for it by selling Fullerton off to the developers.




Don’t let the flowers fool you. She voted for the DCCSP IN 2014 and  she did not submit a motion to kill this proposal. Her concern was with air quality. How do you mitigate the pollution from increased gridlocked traffic and 50,000 more cars?

You are here to serve the RESIDENTS of Fullerton.  You are here for us, not the other way around.   Many of you just do not get it. I mean how can you logically even consider bringing this thing back for consideration?

This plan should have NEVER advanced and, if you had any common sense or were here for the benefit of the People, you would know that.  You work for us.  Either do your job or resign.  Never lecture us, again, or put us in a position where we have to fight you for our own rights to live in a healthy community.


DCCSP suppoRting John Silber-HE VOTED FOR THE DCCSP IN 2014-This is one to watch. He thinks Fullerton needs this plan and seems to have a huge problem with the automobile. Well pal, start walking, it might do you some good.

We all know this scam would net the city hundreds of millions in developer fees to keep the out of control pensions and salaries’ gravy train on the tracks and not a peep about the park lands this money will be used for because that is not where it will go. We could have bought Coyote Hills years ago and furnished the darn thing with the endless revenue stream that is now not even ENOUGH TO MEET PAYROLL! Stop participating in planning activities that will destroy our homes and lives here in Fullerton.


This DCCSP supporting city hall sycophant Gambino who voted for the DCCSP in 2014 and thinks we need to bring this back because he is ok with density and we should praise the city staff for wasting almost two million dollars of taxpayer money (yes grants are tax money) on these disasters.

Homeowners be damned, Fullerton must grow!  So saith our overlord, Ms. Ma’Ayn Johnson.


S.C.A.G operative May’An Johnson’s mantra back in 2014 at the DCCSP hearing where she moved the motion to pass-“The DCCSP is not the cause of increased density…..Here in 2016 she is at it again.

“We are going to keep growing”  —  Yes, and destroy resident’s property values and quality of life.  Is that what the QB means?

What an Agenda 21 tool, as if you can never pack so many people in so that you have created an overcrowded environment and why when according the census bureau, 95% of the United States is rural open space.

The CT Plan:  “it looks good on paper”  WHAT?  I guess if you don’t mind unbearable gridlock and total degradation of communities.


City hall tool-The Register’s  Lou Ponsi who makes these scams look good on paper too. He has been soft peddling these disasters for years when he is not running cover for the corrupt Fullerton Police department and city hall cabal.

Devalued properties

Significantly adverse impact to air quality, traffic, pedestrian deaths, cyclist deaths and people dying in the ambulances stuck in traffic that this will create.


Ma’ Ayn Johnson thinks Cal State Fullerton can do whatever they want and that she can do whatever she wants as a S.C.A.G operative. Yeah right. I guess she never read a maximum occupancy sign on the wall in her entire life.

Agenda 21-pack em, stack em, and of course stick it to the taxpayers and the residents. Does she even have a clue what a WiFi prison like this will do the inhabitants? I highly doubt it. Does she have a clue what this will do to the residents? I don’t think she gives a damn, regardless of her phony diatribes. She is an AGENDA 21 S.C.A.G operative and needs to be removed from her position.

Does Ma’Ayn Johnson and the rest of the planning commission understand that cramming massive amounts of people into high density, polluted, congested, unnatural, scientific kill grids where they will be forcibly microwaved and sterilized with ubiquitous wireless infrastructure,

images (13)

forcibly vaccinated with toxins, sterilants,  and cancer viruses,


drugged with dosed chemically laced water,

download (12)download (13)

download (14)

force fed GMO foods with no room to grow their own, sprayed from above with aerosolized metallic nanoparticles,

download (15)
pesticides from the vector control district,

images (14)

and having piezo electric geoengineering compounds rain down on them

images (7)

while their brains are turned to mush by the TV screens everywhere

images (12)

is playing right into the hands of the demonic social engineers that are hell bent on depopulation WHILE 95 PERCENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS ALREADY RURAL OPEN SPACE?


and this is what they want for your backyard-

images (15)

Perhaps Ms. Johnson and the rest for the commission does or perhaps this is truly an indictment of just how dangerous our higher education system really is to our society. If for just that reason alone one can conclude that this repackaged DCCSP is a horrible plan. ANYONE THAT GOES ALONG WITH THIS WITH THIS UNDEMOCRATIC POWER GRAB BY JOE FELZ AND THIS DESTRUCTION OF FULLERTON NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSITIONS

We warned you that this project would be back, and you know what? So WILL WE.

Stay vigilant Fullerton.




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Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory: Ladies night featuring the pre peroxide Pringle puppet with her divorce petition purveying pal

November cannot come soon enough to throw these two out of office. Voting records speak for themselves unless you are a city employee, and then their voting records are music to your ears. It’s ladies night all the time now in Fullerton with these two cheerleaders and that emasculated compromised RINO Royce handing out his endorsements like liquor licenses downtown and all this to act as a cover for the moral and economic decay in our city government. Lights camera action and forget the sex trafficked women in the massage parlors and in the personal adds that Dan Hughes ignores, forget the cops that molest women, frame, maim and murder, we need another feel good meeting.



Siamese twin voting records Fitzgerald and Flory

Yes folks these two are up for re election in November and there is still time for these two to ruin Fullerton forever if they pass the DCCSP while they block police oversight committee formation in this lala land of law and order where smashed DAR’s preclude a jail house hanging and an innocent man gets executed on TV by some deranged cops and get away with it. And then there is this guy who is chomping at the bit to ram massive development through and these two work for him.


Yes Fitzpringle won’t disclose her client list with Pringle and Associates while she votes to block an independent audit committee on the City Council while she sits on the FJUHSD bond oversight committee, the second gargantuan FJUHSD taxpayer ripoff in 10 years while overseeing the forcing of wireless radiation into every classroom in the entire district while ignoring 3 years of presentations and thousands of scientific studies on how dangerous wireless in schools is.


Oh yes its ladies night every night when their platform is pure deficit spending, ignoring real issues, massive, horrific Agenda 21 development projects that will ruin Fullerton forever that enrich their bosses, lavish benefits and salary increases for the already overpaid greedy police and fire union employees just so they can get re elected, and of course cell towers and WiFi Transmitters on every light pole everywhere for the forced irradiation of the population as they shut your water off because of the 100,000 more people they want to bring in to Fullerton with College Town and the DCCSP. Ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, they can’t be thrown out soon enough.


When is this guy gonna give it up? The emperor has no clothes. It doesn’t cost $105,000 a month to run paid for building full of books.

Don’t get me wrong, but come on and look who is paying attention, and it certainly isn’t the three stooges that vote together to screw the taxpayers every chance they get. These three amigos have ignored every issue ever brought before them for three years that had any real significance and in exchange, foisted babble on about trite crap to hoodwink the voters. They really pander to the women’s groups so the demise of the city feels like a day spa session while the front ends of everyone’s cars jump up and down on the busted up roads like a five year old on a trampoline as they cross the Fullerton city line as they wait in secret to double Fullerton’s population with the DCCSP and all with no water hoping you will never find out about it until its too late.


You know the ones that appoint rubber stamp hacks to city commissions and pass deficit spending left and right while ignoring the third world roads and water mains. Yeah they want to add 100,000 more residents so they can balance the holes in the budget with the $11,700 per unit developer fees that they voted to put there in the first place with their votes to give away the farm to the city employees with money they don’t even have. Well we aint swallerin that and well, anyways, you know what they say about those who can’t look you in the eye.  By the way, this union hack tool Chaffee is another problem to be dealt with in the following election cycle.

Well at least we finally might have possibly figured out what is wrong with Jencurt Fitzpringle-I believe it is the brominated vegetable oil, sucralose, halide, aspartame and metal poisoning going straight down her gazoo up on the dias on a regular basis.

Check her out chugging down a Diet Dew-right before I opened up another Tuesday night special can of worms on this Royce Hack and Pringle Puppet.

As far as Jan Flory, I believe we might have figured out what is wrong with her as well.

jan-florry-by-Samahan-Mohagen-10336840_597500127032663_7859966640831628486_n (1)

In vast metal vats, tons of pork trimmings are mixed with the pink slurry formed when chicken and pork carcasses are squeezed through metal grates and blasted with water.

The mush is mixed with powdered preservatives such as sodium nitrite, msg, sodium erythrobate, hydrolyzed protiens, ammonia, flavourings, red colouring and drenched in water before being squeezed into plastic tubes to be cooked and packaged.

It is a disgusting process, for the hot dog is arguably the ultimate in processed, industrial food. Remember you are what you eat.

The next issue will deal with brass knuckle Doug so stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t care if these people are your neighbors, drinking buddies or you buy girl scout cookies from their kids. Public office carries tremendous responsibility that is not to be abdicated to the highest bidders. Fitzpringle’s and Fluoride’s voting records speak for themselves. They are unacceptable and you cannot ignore them.

If we remove just one of them and install me, Fullerton can be spared the fate of fiscally failing cities like Glendale or Los Angeles that are flanked by busted up roads, gridlock and high rise housing as far as the eye can see. Get these people out of our city government.

Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council


I stand up for the residents even when no one is looking ladies and gentlemen, and I will continue to do so.




Mayor Fitzgerald along with the council majority have willfully put the city into millions of dollars of debt (current $2.8 million dollar deficit) and yet they want to keep on giving to their special interest buddies nonstop!

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An analysis of the 2-16-16 Fullerton City council meeting-By Barry Levinson

I took the time and effort to explain in detail (at least as much detail that the maximum 3 minutes allows), why College Town should be scrapped permanently and why I believe the city of Fullerton is pushing this disaster so very, very hard.

After I spoke, Joe Imbriano spoke about College Town and correctly stated that the Downtown Core and Corridor is College Town on steroids. (I have commented in past council meetings going… way back that the DCCSP is undemocratic as it gives the power to approve unlimited numbers of high-rise developments to an unelected bureaucrat, namely City Manager Joe Felz and any council member who votes to give their power away to approve individual projects to Mr. Felz is corrupt, period.)

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Fullerton’s Downtown Core Corridor: A Toxic sinking ship, the condemnation of our groundwater and the massive power grab by Joe Felz

Either Fullerton’s DCCP is doomed or all of us are. Look at these maps folks. They are proposing to build massive high rise construction RIGHT SMACK DAB ON TOP OF A POTENTIAL SUPERFUND SITE. These images tell the whole story.


Downtown-Core-and-Corridors-source- The City of Fullerton


Joe Felz tried to ram this massive power grab and development fast track through when no one was looking on a mid summer’s night. They held the Fullerton City Council meeting in the library room instead of The council chambers and tried to pass it at 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night with no live feed to the local cable access channels and no live feed to the city’s online coverage of the meeting.

So why would any sane rational elected representative bury this ticking toxic time bomb in our aquifer under 10 story high rises from here to kingdom come? Do we have any to speak of?  I believe the current council majority comprised of Jan Flory, jennifer Fitzgerald and Doug Chaffee will do anything to generate revenues designed to float the sinking pension ship and to keep the public employee gravy train rolling down the tracks. That is why they were installed by the unions on the Council. Big development brings in big money for the city. Look folks the two year budget they keep passing will come to haunt all of us when the city finally will have to show all the unfunded pension liabilities on their books next year as a result of a new State law. You know what that means? Well for starters, it could spell the beginning of the end of the City of Fullerton’s solvency. So in the meantime, Jan Flory, Jennifer Fitzgerald, and Doug Chaffee will have to act fast and ram this through before the next election so they can account for the windfall ledger entries of future revenue that this treasonous disaster could bring to the city’s drained coffers.

You heard me. They will bury alive your aquifer that desperately needs remediation under a million tons of concrete and steel while they kill what is left of this town with a massive high density housing extravaganza, traffic busting and chocking up our already ruined roads, and a business killing zoning change party just so their friends at city hall can keep burning tri tip boozing it up in their backyards while you are all at work paying for their bacon and wine tasting trips to Europe.

With all the aforementioned aside, this is a massive illegal power grab, as pointed out by Mr. Barry Levinson right here:

All normal case by case project specific checks and balances, public input and commission review which have been a bulwark against out of control development will be done away with, and placed in the fast track lane all at the mercy of and in the hands of an unelected bureaucrat named Joe Felz -Fullerton’s city manager. Yes the end of piecemeal planning and the beginning of the Agenda 21 nightmare for Fullerton.

As a resident and a taxpayer, I am requesting that all of the planning commissioners that approved this be removed from their positions, and that this item tabled indefinitely or shredded until the EPA has cleared our aquifer.  There is absolutely no reason to ram this through right now. This is a one stop shop, one E.I.R., council bypass that, in my opinion, is too huge to be handed off to unelected city staff through the hands of the five on the council. Going forward, there is no objective, honest way that you can conclude that green lighting such a massive project is in the best interests of the residents of this city, especially when hardly anyone knows about it. The insidious irony of projects of this magnitude and nature is that the scope of the public reporting requirements decreases inversely proportionate to the size of the development. Placing this on the ballot remedies that injustice to the residents.

This is leaps and bounds above and beyond the scope and magnitude of what is warranted at this time. It is an immense concession of checks and balances in the City’s long standing traditional approach to planning. Fast tracking makes sense in times of fiscal or other emergencies.The occupany rates of Fullerton housing is no where near 100 percent at this time.

This thing is a total Agenda 21 developer and variance orgy clothed in an affordable housing garb. Send the money back to the state and get Felz to disband the redevelopment has been dream team and you will have doubled your money in 12 months.

In addition, almost none of the claims that this thing makes are even remotely possible to accomplish. Mitigating traffic with a few more trash cans is an insult. I have not even mentioned that there are several legal challenges that will be brought forth if this item is moved forward as it is written.

Put the brakes on this thing and do the right thing. Let’s look at this through the eyes of your constituents by placing it in the shredder where it belongs. No one lives more than three days without water. Don’t build 10 story WiFi prison mausoleums on top of our aquifer just so a few hundred people that work for the city can maintain their standard of living at the expense of the other 150,000 who live in the real world. I will remind you that everyone is expendable, even city employees and even rocket fuel contaminated water seeks its own level as you will all find out with November 2016 being right around the corner.



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