Barry Levinson

Our streets are the joke of Southern California, we are drowning in millions of dollars in red ink caused by overly generous salary and pension increases, our traffic congestion is quickly reaching big city proportions and our elected representatives are the poster children for corruption and crony capitalism, yet the biggest problem still remains the corruption throughout the ranks of our Fullerton Police Department.  They have the power to use lethal force against the public and the ability to put innocent people in jail.  I have first hand experience with the latter statement. This can definitely impact adversely every citizen in Fullerton.  It does not matter if you are an activist or you are someone who does not know the names of any of our elected officials.   We are all at risk and will continue to be at risk until we clean house at the FPD!

So with this as the backdrop, I spoke at the Fullerton City Council during Public Comments on April 18, 2017.  They give you a “generous” 3 whole minutes to speak.  In reality, with the current group of council members, it would not matter if they gave you three hours or even three days to speak because they ignore everything out of the public’s mouths unless you choose to kiss their you now what!


I spoke about two very important subjects.  The first subject was the failure of our “reformed” Fullerton Police Department to take the statements from Joe Imbriano and myself to report the crime of obstruction of justice by recently retired Police Chief, Dan Hughes in regard to his failure to allow his officers to follow normal police procedure to arrest Joe Felz for DUI and for leaving the scene of an accident with damages.  Joe Felz was eventually charged with those two counts, months after the incident by the OCDA Office.   I admonished the entire council for its continued failure to discuss this very important issue.

With my remaining 30 seconds I dropped a bombshell in the laps of our distinguished dais.  I told them that I was informed by Banc of California employees at the Euclid and Rosecrans Avenue branch that it is closing because a developer bought the property to be part of the development of the entire Sunrise Village Shopping Center to become mixed-use high-density high-rise residential units.  The city desperately needs the short-term infusion of money that would be generated by the Park and Recreation Department Park Dwelling fees of $11,700 per residential unit.  If they build 500 units for example that would generate an additional $5,850,000 in revenue.  This would help to cover the extremely generous salary and benefit employee raises approved by the council last year.  More development approvals would be needed to continue paying for these salary and benefit increases approved under Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2016 for subsequent years.   I put the council on notice that I smelled a rat.  Namely that the city in my opinion has been dealing with developers to make this mixed use project a reality in the near future.  Why else would these landlords create vacant properties with the absence of valuable rents if they only had a hope that they could convert the shopping center to a concrete jungle of mixed use high-density housing units.  I told them it was not zoned for that use and that the people of that neighborhood would fight to make sure it never ever came to fruition.  You should have seen the faces of Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald after I finished with my comments.  They did not look pleased at all.

Of course, there was no response by any council members to these comments and the Interim Police Chief also was silent after he learned that his department would not take a simple police report by two members of the community. Gee silly me, I thought it was their job to take the statement and then go and investigate; not determine that no crime was committed so therefore no police report was necessary to be taken by them in the first place.

The first order of business has to be from the OCDA Office by filing obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton Police Department are corrupt and the Fullerton Police Department needs to clean house

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  1. #1 by Old School on April 19, 2017 - 8:31 pm

    What about Sgt. Corbett ordering the CSI officer not to take photos of the Joe Felz crime scene? She rightfully was concerned about later being accused of being part of a cover up. She CYA herself by documenting the unlawful order in a inner office letter the next day.

  2. #2 by Barry Levinson on April 20, 2017 - 8:30 am

    Joe and I returned for the third time to fill out a police report on Dan Hughes for obstruction of justice charges.

    Again an off-duty Captain, Captain Siko shows up 5 or 10 minutes later after we speak to the police receptionist in the police lobby.

    He now says that after he refused to allow us to file on April 11, 2017,and instructed Sgt Klander on April 13 to not take our report (our second attempt to file a report) that he now instructed Sgt Klander to file a report and that Joe will be getting a letter and a copy of the report either that day or the next day.

    Are you confused yet. We are to believe that after thwarting us not once but twice, now Captain Siko, (the head of the street division) made a 180% turn and now is assisting us voluntarily. I find that hard to believe.

    Here is what probably really happened. On Tuesday night I spoke at the City Council meeting and told all included the Interim Police Chief present at the meeting that we were not allowed to file a criminal police report. I believe probably the Interim Chief called Captain Siko and told him to file that report pronto. After all my comments at the city council meeting now put their denial of our rights to file a criminal police report on the official record. I believe this is what forced Captain Siko pronounced pycho, to finally stop thwarting our efforts. Even when you get the police in Fullerton to do the proper thing, they apparently still find it easier to tell you a story rather than the truth. This is what I believe happened based on pure common sense. For that would be the likely catalyst for the Captain to help us on our third try to get the FPD to do their jobs and take our report. We will now wait for the US mail to deliver that report. We will keep you the readers advised if in fact a copy of that report was sent to Joe Imbriano.

    • #3 by Barry Levinson on May 2, 2017 - 10:50 am

      Well now we know that there was no criminal police report filed, but instead a Miscellaneous Report That Requires No Action By the FPD. This is after Captain Siko told us he made sure a Police Report was indeed filed as we requested of him not once but twice. He is in charge of the uniform division of the FPD. Yet he thinks he can get away with giving us misleading information. This is not the face or actions of a reformed police department, quite the contrary. This is the face of a corrupt, dishonest police department that does not believe apparently in the rule of law especially when it should apply to their own police officers who swore an oath to serve and protect the community.

      Where is the Orange County District Attorney’s Office? Where is the Federal Department of Justice needed to investigate this cesspool of corruption?

      We want answers and we want action. Are we a nation of laws or are we a third world banana republic? It is a question that I would have never asked or even thought of a decade ago. Now it is imperative that we continue to seek justice and never stop speaking out until our government leaders do their jobs properly!

      • #4 by Nicolas on May 6, 2017 - 8:15 am

        FPD is a joke! I got snatched out of my car & clothes searched with zero consent for minding my own business in front of my nephew as well, You suck department scum Pro Agenda 21 fools. Great video

  3. #5 by Old School on April 22, 2017 - 9:19 am

    Great job putting pressure on the FPD brass to take a police report. Now it will be forwarded to the OCDA’s special investigations unit. Sounds like a serious outfit willing to stamp out corruption. They should gather all the records and conducted meaningful interviews.

    One little problem…..the lead investigator of that unit is Craig Brower (ex-Fullerton police officer and mentor to Dan Hughes). He’s the guy who Dan Hughes selected to pin on his Chiefs badge at the Dan Hughes swearing in ceremony.

    And so it continues

    • #6 by Joe Imbriano on April 22, 2017 - 1:08 pm

      Old school-thank you for your continued information. Some of your comments have not been published simply because of the valuable information. Please continue to post as the move to bring charges against Hughes and possibly others is moving forward. Your input is of tremendous importance to the 150,000 residents of a city patrolled and policed by what appears to be some sort of a fraternity party hosted by a cabal of criminals all the way up the command staff.

  4. #7 by Fullerton's Conscience on April 23, 2017 - 1:37 pm

    The corruption in the FPD goes so wide and deep.

    I believe that if the OCDA office does not have the courage and/or the integrity to do their job than it is time for the Feds to look at the FPD as a Criminal Conspiracy under the Federal RICO statute (The Racketeering Influenced and Corruption Organization Act).

    Time is quickly running out on the OCDA Office to do their jobs honestly and effectively!

  5. #8 by Joe Imbriano on April 23, 2017 - 1:59 pm

    obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes report #17-22902
    The Fullerton Informer Sun, Apr 23, 2017 at 1:13 PM
    Cc: Barry Levinson ,

    Good afternoon. After several visits to FPD HQ to report a crime, specifically, violation of PC 148 (a)1 by Dan Hughes on the night of the Felz incident, Mr Siko told both Barry and I in the department lobby at our last visit, that a police report documenting the allegations of PC 148(a)1 violation was indeed filed and would be mailed to me. A letter arrived on Friday from the chief that stated no such thing had been done nor did the envelope contain any such report.

    I called FPP HQ today and a cadet informed me that no “criminal” report was filed but rather a “miscellaneous” report was filed. I asked for a copy of this “miscellaneous” report after I confirmed that I was the person who filed it and was told that I need a subpoena to obtain a copy of the report.

    Please respond to me in writing and confirm if this is correct or incorrect.

    Joe Imbriano

  6. #9 by Old School on April 24, 2017 - 10:57 am

    Hughes wrote in his going away letter that he was being retained by the City of Fullerton as a Reserve Police Officer….Is he?
    Has he been placed on leave while his crimes are being investigated? Is he collecting pay as a reserve police officer?
    I don’t know either…..

    Hi all-

    It is with mixed emotions that I share with you that after 33 years of service at the police department, I will be retiring effective November 11th. I have informed the city manager and he will be choosing an external interim chief until a wider search and testing process can be completed. I will become a reserve officer in order to complete a few projects I have committed to. I have accepted a position as the Vice President of Security and Emergency Services at the Disneyland Resort and am excited about this new journey in my life.

    There are no words I could use to adequately express how grateful and honored I am of serving as your police chief for the past five years. We have endured many challenges during this time but I believe those challenges made us better and I truly believe the best days for our department are still to come. The future of our department is exciting because there are such strong managers and supervisors prepared to lead our department. I could not be more impressed with our sworn and professional personnel that are committed to excellence and are loyal to serving our community with the highest level of integrity, character, and compassion.

    You should be very proud of what we have been able to accomplish these past five years. We developed a strategic plan of embracing community policing methods and improving and developing strong trusting relationships within our community. We began utilizing a more academic approach to analyzing crime trends and partnering with our community to decrease crime and increase community relations. We created the Directed Enforcement Team to address quality of life issues and to provide more opportunities for investigative development for our personnel. We created the county’s first full time Homeless Liaison Officer Program and partnered with Coast to Coast, O.C. Mental Health, CSP, and other non-profit organizations to deal with this tragic social problem that local law enforcement has been asked to resolve. We have enhanced our presence and relationship with the schools as we partnered with Team Kids and GRIP to demonstrate a sense of caring for the future generation of our community. We have enhanced our relationship with the community we serve by improving how we communicate with one another. We increased department tours, held open houses, increased citizen academies, created a Chief’s community advisory committee, increased our presence at community events, partnered with O.C. United with the Love Fullerton events, initiated Annual Reports and Employee Recognition Ceremonies, created a social media team, initiated the departments first Legacy Album project which is projected to be completed in the next few months, and helped launch Behind the Badge OC so we could profile the many wonderful programs and people we have at our department and share information with our community that most news organizations are not interested in covering.

    There were also many visible changes made within our department. The Traffic Bureau, Records Bureau, and the CSI offices all received significant renovations. We created the Wall of Honor and Wall of Service to memorialize those that have served honorably before us and to challenge each of us to emulate their actions. We transitioned our patrol cars to Ford Explorers and changed the police logo and added a blue lives matter flag on each vehicle. We memorialized five of our police vehicles by placing the names of the five officers whose deaths are attributed to them being a police officer. We provided every officer a Taser and soon each officer will be equipped with a tourniquet kit and Naloxone (Narcan). We were the first department in Orange County to deploy every officer with a Body Camera. We redesigned our web page, approved a new policy manual, created the Peer Support Program, and purchased a new Prism system to improve training. We also created challenge coins and worked with the Legislature to permanently honor two of our fallen officers by dedicating freeway signs in their name. A strategic staffing study was completed and later approved by city council to increase the number of sworn officers from 143 tom 160 in the coming years.

    I will retire with many fond memories but what I will miss the most is the incredible people I have had the opportunity to work with. Each day I have come to work I have prayed for the protection of our personnel and the transformation of our city. I will continue to do so and will make myself available if I can ever be assistance to you.

    I am excited for the future of our department and thank you for the amazing privilege of serving as your police chief.

    With much appreciation, gratitude and respect-


  7. #10 by Fullerton's Conscience on April 24, 2017 - 1:49 pm

    Dan Hughes says that the FPD management staffing is committed to excellence. Excellence in what; deception, lying, not following honest police procedures, or just excellence in having one police standard of justice for everyday citizens and another completely bogus standard for people such as Joe Felz and of course for our former Police Chief Dan Hughes? I forgot Gouchner and Kelly Thomas, etc, etc. The Fullerton Police Department has only two standards, deplorable and criminal!

    One thing is abundantly clear. Captain Siko is indeed following in the corrupt footsteps of our former Police Chief! You must be so, so proud Dan Hughes of your replacement as Captain of the Uniformed Division. Hughes and Siko must go immediately! As far as Disneyland Corporation is concerned, I have one question for you and that is how could you choose this corrupt piece of scum to represent your company. Will you do the right thing when Dan Hughes is finally charged with obstructing justice? And you thought you only had a PR problem with alligators eating a guest in Florida.

  8. #11 by Old School on April 24, 2017 - 9:05 pm

    Former Fullerton Police Chief Says Ex-City Manager’s DUI Stop Handled With “Objectivity”
    By Spencer Custodio

    Former Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes said Monday the investigation of ex-City Manager Joe Felz’ election night car crash was handled in a way that considered “objectivity.”

    “Especially in the city of Fullerton… those type of incidents are going to, what I describe, blow up. No matter what that decision made, regarding the outcome of the case. There will be allegations, conspiracy theories,” Hughes said

    In the early morning of Nov. 9, after attending election night parties, Felz crashed his minivan within a half a mile of his house in a residential neighborhood north of downtown.

    He drove over a curb and into a tree. A witness called police as Felz reportedly tried to drive away. When police arrived, they said they smelled alcohol on Felz but did not give him a breathalyzer test and drove him home, according to a memo from Hughes. In March, the District Attorney’s office charged Felz with driving under the influence.

    Hughes said the Fullerton Police Department conducted an investigation of the crash and “it’s that investigation and my notifying the District Attorneys office and requesting them to investigate that led to him … ultimately being charged”

    Hughes, testifying at an unrelated public nuisance hearing in the City Council chambers, was asked if Felz got favorable treatment.

    “What was special about this was that it involved our city manager. So, in cases that involve a city councilmember, city manager, another city employee … those are cases that generally speaking they would wake a police chief up and let them know about that,” Hughes said, adding that he explained the protocol to Felz.

    Hughes said if the police supervisor thought Felz was over the legal alcohol limit after preliminary sobriety tests, they “were going to push the pause button and we would call the CHP or a neighboring agency to come and handle the investigation.”

    The goal is to provide “some objectivity,“ he said, “especially in the city of Fullerton, where there seems to be such anti-government conspiracy theories from folks that have some emotional issues or some mental issues.”

    When attorneys asked why there was no breathalyzer or urine tests administered to Felz, the hearing officer cut them off and cited irrelevance to the public nuisance case.

    Spencer Custodio is a Voice of OC intern. He can be reached at

  9. #12 by Old School on April 24, 2017 - 9:10 pm

    Hughes said the Fullerton Police Department conducted an investigation of the crash and “it’s that investigation and my notifying the District Attorneys office and requesting them to investigate that led to him … ultimately being charged”


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  10. #14 by Anonymous on April 24, 2017 - 9:43 pm

    Hughes is feeling the heat. Look as he calls the accusers crazy. Thats all hes got.

  11. #15 by Old School on April 24, 2017 - 10:04 pm

    The Head investigator job for the OCDA would be the perfect job for Dan Hughes….He’s the perfect like-minded “leader” for T-Rack.

    The memo from Rackauckas said he is already looking for Hunter’s replacement. “In the meantime,” he wrote, “the OCDA will continue our important work of promoting public safety and ‘doing justice for the people’.” Department spokesperson Michelle Van Der Linden said the office could not comment further because of a state law limiting the release of personnel information about law enforcement officers.

    “In the meantime,” he wrote, “the OCDA will continue our important work of promoting public safety and ‘doing justice for the people’.”

    Department spokesperson Michelle Van Der Linden said the office could not comment further because of a state law limiting the release of personnel information about law enforcement officers.

    The April 2015 email accusing Hunter of sending sexually explicit texts was sent to county officials and to Hunter’s wife, also an investigator with the county at that time. The email came from a Beverly Hills attorney who accused Hunter of texting his fiance 93 times over a span of two months in the summer of 2014.

    In one of the texts, Hunter allegedly describes the messages as “nasty,” said the email.

    Tom Dominguez, president of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs union, which represents Hunter and other district attorney investigators, said Monday that news of Hunter’s departure has led to “a lot of concern and anxiety” in the office.

    His organization sent out a letter Monday to DA investigators, warning them not to be interviewed without representation.

    “It is our understanding that an investigation is underway that’s being characterized as “information gathering interviews.”’ said the letter, obtained by the Orange County Register.

    The letter doesn’t specify the focus of the investigation.

    • #16 by Joe Imbriano on April 24, 2017 - 11:08 pm

      Thank you and I said before some of your posts including some from tonight are being reserved for release at a later date as well as strategy. Keep the information coming. The hole is getting deeper.

  12. #17 by Anonymous on April 25, 2017 - 3:30 am

    Dan Hughes is an evil man. Doesn’t it say in the bible that cowards and liars will be the first in line to enter hell? I suspect many members of the FPD will end up there. At least they will not be lonely.

  13. #18 by Old School on April 25, 2017 - 5:40 am

    Why would Hughes call the DA’s office after he had retired…didn’t he state in his memo that Felz was given a FCT by the SGT. and Felz was not impaired? Why then would he call the DA’s office to have them investigate when there’s no evidence collected? Total B.S and not to the standards of the typical Dan Hughes lie…..He’s lost his gift for BS.

    Hughes coughed up this golden fur ball while testifying on the behalf of Renick Cadillac….isn’t that Joe Felz client?

    Everyone who does not believe the lies of Dan Hughes must be Crazy or mentally ill…….harsh…

    Release the Body cam videos…..there will be no FCT given….will that prove you are a God Damm Liar…Hughes?

    When the video is released and no FCT was given by Sgt. Corbett that’s when Hughes will say he was lied to by Corbett…throwing Corbett under the bus…that will be another proud FPD moment.

  14. #19 by Fullerton - The Most Corrupt City in California on April 25, 2017 - 8:24 am

    How do you know when Dan Hughes is lying?
    His mouth is moving.
    Please state who you believe to be crazy and mentally unstable. How many times are you going to depend on those false claims of defamation and slander to try to alleviate the criminal mess you got yourself into one more time. Those people who are spreading all those truths and facts about how corrupt, dirty and criminal your acts have been as a former FPD officer and Police Chief. I dare you to name names because you know you will be sued for slander and defamation of character. Please let me explain what I have just said to Dan Hughes. A person with character Dan, is someone who is honest and has integrity. Those pillars of personal character Dan are things you happen to know very little if anything about. You know Dan the things that some ethical and moral people live their lives by and that you may have read and dismissed in a book once!

  15. #20 by Anonymous on April 25, 2017 - 10:23 am

    Most Corrupt City is correct. See the exchange between Whitaker and Hughes at the November election night council meeting in 2014 when Hughes gets very agitated and defensive and claims he “could be objective” as it relates to investigating a non-existent incident against Barry Levinson with no video evidence for something that was supposed to take place in the City Hall Lobby. Notice his freudian slip using the term…could be objective.
    I know when you are referring to something in the past, you would refer to your actions as…were objective not could be objective.

    In Spencer Custodio’s article about Hughes, he says that Hughes considered being objective with Joe Felz. Really how about being objective Dan. What a phony lying piece of garbage you are Dan? A residential Fullerton city street and he says he considered giving the CHP the investigation. It is called the highway patrol because they patrol state highways not local residential city streets Dan. Is that the best BS you can come up with to try to cover up your cover up and criminal activities of obstruction of justice. How scary that you had such power as Fullerton Police Chief and now as VP of Security for Disney Southern California? An extremely scary, lying and very vindictive low life continues to have great power over others.

    He needs to be charged with obstruction of justice and hopefully Disney will then finally remove him from their organization. I have told all my family and friends that I will not be going to any Disney property in So. Cal. as long as Hughes is near the very top of the security chain. I suggest everyone think twice before attending Disney until they clean up the mess they created by hiring Dan Hughes. Disney you can do so much better than a former Police Chief mired in so much deserved (in my opinion) negative controversy.

  16. #21 by Charles Lloyd on April 26, 2017 - 3:01 pm

    The Fullerton PD only learned one thing from the Kelly Thomas affair. How to use body cameras to frame suspects. I was recently, wrongfully arrested because city attorney Dick Jones is trying to cover up a child molestation case for the mormon church. Yes, the FPD is helping mormons cover up child molestation. They came to my home searched me twice, then winked and changed positions. while one officer kept the camera on my face the other reached between my legs and grabbed my package. without thinking i spun around and almost knocked him through a plate glass window. fortunately i stopped when i saw the uniform, but not before i barely touched him. fortunately i have a witness. When i was booked they removed 56 dollars from my wallet which they refused to return. there criminal actions against me go back to 1970. i was a straight A student, an eagle scout, and i made the mistake of selling a marijuana cigarette to a friend. when i was arrested the police chief brought a reporter into the booking room and the next day my picture was on the cover of the newspaper. totally illegal. Fullerton, shame on you!

  17. #22 by Anonymous on April 30, 2017 - 5:24 pm

    Good luck with all that. Danny Boy is the DA’s best friend and you mr. Levinson are no such thing. do you think anyone is going to listen to you I didn’t think so. Imbriano is just barking up the tree

  18. #23 by insider on May 3, 2017 - 10:31 am

    Joe your source is spot on and great work last night. You are really pushing and that is so long overdue if Fullerton. There are many people in the department who would love nothing more than to see Corbett gone for good.

    The events of the evening of November 9th will prove to be the ultimate undoing of the culture of corruption at the FPD. On a side note, Hughes is still a reserve officer and still has his service weapon so be careful. He is a dangerous man.

    • #24 by pirate on May 3, 2017 - 9:09 pm

      There are many skeletons in the closet at FPD. Dead men tell no tales.

  19. #25 by Barry Levinson on May 3, 2017 - 1:51 pm

    Thank you insider for your comments. We will push on and will not be bullied or intimidated by the likes of Dan Hughes and his henchmen.

    My question is what is taking so darn long for the OCDA office to do the right thing and file formal charges against Dan Hughes and the Disney Corporation to cut all ties with this man.

  20. #26 by Barry Levinson on May 3, 2017 - 1:57 pm

    Talk to people who have inside knowledge of our FPD and are willing to talk frankly about it and you will learn that they believe the FPD is one of the most corrupt police organizations in California if not the entire country. We certainly believe and have examples to show that the corruption starts at the top and to be promoted to a high level position most likely means you are part of the problem and not the solution. Very sad but unfortunately very, very true.

  21. #27 by Fullerton - The Most Corrupt City in California on May 3, 2017 - 1:59 pm

    Insider I have heard stories about Corbett’s past on duty behavior which if true and I believe they are true should have gotten him fired from the FPD a long, long time ago.

    • #28 by Rudy on May 3, 2017 - 7:10 pm

      This is long overdue. Finally maybe a chance at real changes so we can trust the police again.

  22. #29 by Barry Levinson on May 3, 2017 - 6:07 pm

    Why is retired Police Chief Dan Hughes still a Reserve officer with the FPD. He should be under criminal investigation by said department and the DA’s office and should not be employed actively in any capacity.

  23. #30 by Joe Imbriano on May 3, 2017 - 11:33 pm

    According to our source, it is alleged that Sargeant Corbett had his axon camera turned OFF when he supposedly gave Felz the FCT test. In addition, it is alleged by our source that Corbett gave the orders to The CSI officer on scene to NOT photograph the crime scene, only the tree. According to Dan Hughes’ own admission, Felz smelled of alcohol and was involved in a hit and run and the breathalyzer was not administered because Dan Hughes told the four Fullerton officers on scene Boline, Haid, Gibert, Wilkerson to not do anything until Corbett arrived. Goodrich was the watch commander.

    (a) (1) Every person who willfully resists, delays, or obstructs any public officer, peace officer, or an emergency medical technician, as defined in Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 1797) of the Health and Safety Code, in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his or her office or employment, when no other punishment is prescribed, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

    The state legal system is set up to give police officers the ability to carry out their functions with minimal interference, and you will face arrest and prosecution if you are perceived to be interfering with the operation of law. In fact, you could be charged with the crime of obstructing justice for doing virtually anything that constitutes an attempt to prevent a police officer from performing their duties

    In California, you could be prosecuted for obstructing justice if you:

    Lie to a police officer during an investigation
    Provide a police officer with misleading information
    Try to prevent an arrest (your own or someone else’s)
    Attempt to bar the free passage of a police officer
    Offer or prepare false evidence in court proceedings
    Destroy or attempt to conceal material evidence
    Dissuade a witness or prevent them from testifying

    Under California Penal Code Sections 132 and 134, it is a crime to knowingly present false written evidence during any kind of legal proceeding and/or prepare false evidence with the intent to use it in a legal proceeding. Both of these offenses are considered to be an obstruction of justice, and could lead to serious legal penalties if you are convicted. Offering or preparing false evidence is a felony offense in the state, which means that you could be sentenced to as much as three years in state prison.


    Under California Penal Code Section 135, it is also a crime to knowingly destroy or conceal material evidence that is relevant to a court case or legal investigation. Most people assume that this is only relevant in criminal cases, but this is not necessarily true. You could still be charged with obstruction of justice if you knowingly destroy or conceal evidence that is relevant to non-criminal court proceedings—which could include, for example, destroying evidence in a divorce case or civil litigation case.


    Under California Penal Code Section 136.1, it is a crime to knowingly prevent a witness or the victim of a crime from testifying in court or even reporting the crime to the authorities. This could include making direct threats against the witness and/or members of their family, offering money in exchange for their silence or even leaving covert messages indicating that the witness could be harmed if they attempt to testify or report the crime. This offense could either be charged as a misdemeanor or felony.


    It is alleged that Felz couldn’t stand, smelled of booze and was asking for Chief Danny Hughes. Sgt. Jeff CORBETT arrived and ordered Officer Boline to take Felz home. Fullerton CSI was told to only photograph the damaged tree. The officers were ordered not to arrest Felz or conduct a DUI investigation.

    • #31 by Anna on May 4, 2017 - 7:14 am

      Thank God for people like you Joe. Someone has to stand up against these monsters.

    • #32 by Benjamin on May 4, 2017 - 7:58 am

      It all stems from Pat Mckinley’s leadership. The baton was passed down to Hughes and from Hughes to the current band of so-called FPD “untouchables”. Looks like Imbriano and Levinson are finally gonna crack this mafia.

  24. #33 by Joe Imbriano on May 4, 2017 - 10:58 am

    What the heck is going is on at the DA’s office? When are they going to do the moral, the ethical, and most importantly, the proper thing to do and that is to file obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes and possibly Jeff Corbett and others?

    How do sworn officers let a criminal suspect, namely Joe Felz dictate police policy like was done the night Felz crashed his car and smelled of booze?

    Well get this. The man in charge of criminal investigations for the Orange County District Attorney’s office suddenly left his job Monday, but a DA’s spokeswoman said state personnel laws prohibit the office from saying why.

    “Effective immediately, Craig Hunter is off duty and not expected to return,” District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced to his staff in an email Monday morning.

    Hunter’s second-in-command, Assistant Chief Lou Gutierrez, “is currently on a leave of absence,” Rackauckas added.

  25. #34 by Barry Levinson on May 4, 2017 - 12:14 pm

    I will repeat my question. When will the OCDA Office finally move forward on obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes, Jeff Corbett and possible others in regard to the actions and inactions of members of the FPD on November 9, 2016?

    The DA’s office filing charges after the FPD and Dan Hughes apparently based on the evidence to date ignored all basic police procedure and instead of arresting Joe Felz gave him a police escorted ride home.

    When police at the scene allowed Joe Felz to dictate their actions by contacting first the watch commander and then allow Felz to speak with Danny Hughes at approximately 2 AM, all honest police work at that point was thrown out the window.

    Corrupt does not even begin to describe the activity of the FPD concerning the call to the Joe Felz DUI accident. The DA’s charges not mine!

    Now we learn that FOD (Friends of Danny) are now out the door at the OCDA investigative unit. Why? Did that person decide the spotlight on him was to hot and figured leaving would help protect him from further possible investigation. Why is he abruptly gone for the OCDa Office? They say they can not tell us do to privacy rules. We the taxpayers pay top dollar for salaries and for ridiculously high benefits including pensions and they tell us their ultimate employer that it is none of our F-F-ing business. How is that for arrogance with a CAPITAL A!


    • #35 by Anonymous on May 5, 2017 - 11:01 am

      What makes anyone think the DA will ever go against one of their own? Doesn’t work that way Barry. Gotta go to the Feds. Will they get involved in this kind of forray? Depends on what’s in it for them. Honestly, FPD should be placed under a consent decree. That is what needs to take place. Hughes is a small fish for the Feds. The shakeup at the DA is not going to make for an easy ride for this one.

  26. #36 by Barry Levinson on May 5, 2017 - 11:43 am

    The DA’s office has had more than its fair share of scandal and bad publicity over the last few years. TR will definitely not be running for reelection and I assume he would like to see a protege succeed him.

    That fact may be enough to convince TR that he needs to charge Danny Hughes or else risk having more bad publicity concerning his handling of the entire Joe Felz fiasco.

    Clearly a RICO investigation is warranted. If Kelly Thomas were black or even Hispanic, the Feds would have probably gotten involved in the sordid business of the FPD.

    It is so very sad that are government can’t function honestly and properly much of the time. Everything is corrupt and everything is political starting with our City of Fullerton government. That is why it is imperative that more and more citizens get involved in our local city government. Without oversight by the public, we are doomed for more and more corruption and control by our politicians. They are certainly not looking out for us.

    • #37 by Joe Imbriano on May 5, 2017 - 11:46 am

      Add I believe we need to add Jeff Corbett and the watch commander that night Goodrich, as well as officer Siko for his interfering with the investigative process all to this list.

      • #38 by Anonymous on May 7, 2017 - 1:35 pm

        You need to add Goodrich too because he was the watch commander the night Felz smashed his car.

      • #39 by Anonymous on May 11, 2017 - 9:33 am

        Add the four officers Boline, Haid, Gibert, and Wilkerson to the list. They didn’t arrest Felz on the spot.

  27. #40 by Nicolas on May 6, 2017 - 12:51 pm

    Quit hiring methed out informants too just goes to show the company this shady department keeps they’re making you look way stupid than your departments already does lol

    • #41 by Anonymous on May 6, 2017 - 10:45 pm

      FPD is a dirty bunch for sure. They break every law there is. Even their informants are a bunch of drugged up, fucked up douche bags.

  28. #42 by Anonymous on May 6, 2017 - 9:51 pm

    My brother got a DUI when he was in his house and when he wasn’t even driving. They can’t get away with this.

  29. #43 by Anonymous on May 8, 2017 - 3:38 am

    Calling these bad boys Keystone cops is a compliment. The entire department is comprised of fucking crooks and fucking cowards who remain tight lipped while people get framed, get raped, get the shit beat out of them, and murdered. Then they fire the good cops who speak out. Get rid of the whole lot of them. Bring in the OCSD and have them take it over.

  30. #44 by Real Eyes on May 8, 2017 - 11:06 am

    Come on now everyone!!! We all know every politician has some type of agenda working with “the people”… scratching backs to get their own scratched.
    We all knew exactly how Fullerton was when Kelly Thomas died on our streets by our very own men in blue, and they tried to blame it on the men in red.

  31. #45 by Barry Levinson on May 8, 2017 - 11:10 am

    You want change in the FPD. You want Dan Hughes to be held to account legally by the OCDA. You want an honest FPD and if not a replacement with the OC Sheriffs Department.

    Then show up each and every council meeting and speak out loud and often.

    Then call the OCDA Office and demand that Dan Hughes, Jeff Corbett and others be held to account for their alleged criminal actions.

    I can tell you this, that if the vast majority of you do nothing but complain on this site nothing will change for the better. It is literally all in your hands. Do the right thing! Joe and I no matter how often we inform the public here and at city hall, the real power is in you. In your listening to the truth and then acting on that truth. If you think the politicians will do the right thing you are very sadly mistaken. Politicians as a group are some of the worst people on the planet. They are self centered hypocrites and the very few who might start out with good intentions become either corrupted by the system or are too cowardly to stand up for us. We must stand up for ourselves. Please take a few minutes to call the OCDA. Please take an hour or less twice a month to show up and speak out during public comments about how you demand Dan Hughes be held legally accountable and you want to clean house. The next Fullerton City Council meeting is May 16, 2017 starting at 6:30 PM with the public comments starting shortly after the start of the meeting. Please come to every meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Let the council members for once know that we the people are their bosses and we will no longer tolerate their very poor performance and their ignoring us in favor of the special interests and their own selfish motives.
    Like I said, it is literally up to all of you to make things better!!

  32. #46 by RV Parking on May 8, 2017 - 6:11 pm

    Hey Joe, Bob Muschek on Nextdoor just told you and Barry to “Get a freakin life. Take me off your distribution list”

    This old establishment croon was one of the backers of the three bald tires during the recall. Him and Bennett were really anti-recall big time. I guess he loves the fourth bald tire, Dan Hughes. This guy creeps me out because he looks like McKinley.

    • #47 by DD on May 8, 2017 - 7:01 pm

      Bob is typical of the old left of center Republicans that have governed Fullerton for decades. He has been around for a long time and you can always find him where the do gooders sip their martinis and pose for the camera. That is about the extent of it.

  33. #48 by Barry Levinson on May 23, 2017 - 2:44 pm

    Since April 26, 2017 Joe Imbriano has requested from the Fullerton City Clerk an audio or video of the City of Fullerton Grand Inn Nuisance Hearing. We have learned according to City Attorney Dick Jones there is no audio or video of that public hearing. Question to Dick Jones and the City Clerk; Why isn’t there a video or audio of that public meeting? After all the taxpayers spent a few hundred thousand dollars not to long ago upgrading the audio and video system within the Council chambers. It virtually costs the city nothing to utilize the system and not more than a flip of a switch would be all that is necessary to video record any public function taking place in the City Hall chamber. So once again I ask a very simple question; Why wasn’t that meeting video recorded?

    We now know that the city did however have a paid transcriber officially record that meeting. After much back and forth over many weeks, we now have our less than adequate answer from the City Clerk’s Office as follows:

    On May 23, 2017 11:39 AM, “Mea Klein” < wrote:
    Mr. Imbriano,

    I contacted the Transcript company and they advised that the transcript is a copyrighted document and the property of the court reporter. The city cannot provide a copy.

    You will need to contact them directly to obtain a copy:

    Elite Court Reporters

    23312 Madero Road, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

    The cost for a certified copy of the transcript is $877.25.

    Mea Klein
    Assistant City Clerk
    City of Fullerton

    After learning about this totally inadequate response from the City, I sent them this email earlier today as follows:

    Hi Lucinda and Mea:

    Joe Imbriano just informed me that the cost to get a copy of the transcript of a public Fullerton hearing would be almost $900. I would expect that it is the city of Fullerton's responsibility to have this public information available to the citizens of Fullerton at either no cost or a minimal cost to make copies. I suspect that your response to Mr. Imbriano may break some laws of the necessity/requirement to have public access to public hearings and the transcripts of that hearing. Outrageous charges of close to $900 would clearly not be allowing that public access necessary for the citizens of Fullerton. What part of the term public access or the city employees being public servants does your response attempt to cover?

    I would demand that until this document is provided to us at a very reasonable cost, that you allow us to review the city's copy of that document free of charge for as long as we would like on the premises of Fullerton City Hall. After all it is part of the public record and I assume we did pay for both the hearing and the transcriber as well.

    Please let us know when you can make that document available to us. I would hope that you could make that happen in no longer than a day or two from now.

    Barry Levinson
    Fullerton Resident

    In addition, Joe Imbriano responded to the City Clerk’s Office as follows:

    Mea, what I am requesting is a copy of a faithfully rendered transcript. It is merely a record of the "facts" of a judicial proceeding. Title 17 of The U.S. Code affords no "copyright" protection for such an item. The transcript is simply not copyrighted. Furthermore, this was a public records request made by a citizen and the reporting agency has already billed the city for a certified copy and been paid for his or her services. The city is in possession of the certified transcript. I am formally requesting a copy and it does not have to be certified. Therefore I am entitled to a copy with reasonable charges for the copies and you cannot make me pay some ridiculous ransom money for this document. The law is on my side.

    Besides, everything was in place to record the meeting with the system we already paid for, all ready to go with the throw of a switch. The city chose not to. Now a much lesser document is not available unless I have to pay almost 1000 dollars? Why was this meeting not taped? This is outrageous. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading the video and audio systems at City Hall. This was public hearing and you are telling me that there is no audio available, no video available and no transcript available to me as a citizen unless I come up with $900 for a transcript? I want a written answer from the city attorney immediately from Dick Jones that your response denying me access to what I have requested is legal.

    As for the city council who is copied on this, what are you five going to do about this?

    Joe Imbriano

    • #49 by Fullerton Attorney on May 23, 2017 - 9:02 pm

      You have remedies.

      • #50 by Anonymous on May 24, 2017 - 11:13 am

        Please expand on your answer Fullerton Lawyer.

    • #51 by Anonymous on May 23, 2017 - 10:49 pm

      Hughes incriminated himself big time on the record and under oath.

    • #52 by Anonymous on May 24, 2017 - 8:48 am

      What on earth does the “Grand Inn nuisance hearing” have to do with the price of tea in China? Why do you want the transcript so badly?

  34. #53 by Anonymous on May 24, 2017 - 11:20 am

    So much of what transpires in Fullerton City Government are based on the corrupt connections between the city and the special interests who only care about their pocket books and power and could give a r*** a** about the good people of Fullerton. Unfortunately, that is the truth and the Love Fullerton Day was created by corrupt politician as strictly a diversion and a way to get good natured and well intentioned volunteers to do the jobs the city employees are paid to do. It is not Love Fullerton Day. The much more descriptive title should be Love City of Fullerton and Fullerton Employee Day.

  35. #54 by Arnold Capetti on May 27, 2017 - 12:33 pm

    The Italian and the Jew-Imbriano and Levinson were right all along, even about the crooked DA. Take this to the Feds. Don’t let up. The crooks at the Register print the story on the criminals when everyone is on the freeway and an airplane heading out of town, when no one is looking, just the way Hasse and Calle planned the whole thing.

    • #55 by Anonymous on May 28, 2017 - 2:40 pm

      Nobody gives a shit about these two nutballs. They could be crossdressers and it makes no difference.

  36. #56 by Anonymous on May 27, 2017 - 3:55 pm

    I have been stopped a few times by these police thugs. I avoid this town like the plague. The police troll this place like crocodiles looking to hassle citizens. The day I have enough money, I’m moving away from this cesspool forever. The final straw was the Kelly Thomas murder and it was murder. As long as you are part of the city counsel you are pretty much protected since they protect their own.

  37. #57 by Barry Levinson on May 27, 2017 - 6:21 pm

    Thanks Arnold, yes we were right even about the OCDA. But this is only the beginning of our fight. For now we must demand justice across the board and demand reforms where they are necessary. I know I speak for Joe as well when I say the following: We are not doing what we do just to make noise, just to complain or to say we were right. We do this for two reasons and two reasons only. Those two reasons are to get justice for the good people of Fullerton and Southern California and to set in motion reforms that will make our community a better place for our families and our neighbors.

  38. #58 by Barry Levinson on May 29, 2017 - 4:41 pm

    Dan Hughes is still a member of the Fullerton Police Department as a Reserve Officer. The OC Grand Jury we have learned is looking into filing obstruction of justice charges against him as part of a whistleblower action by 2 OCDA investigators. One of them an Abraham Santos is claiming that after he investigated Hughes he found grounds to file criminal obstruction of justice charges against Dan Hughes as it related to his response to the alleged Joe Felz DUI accident. Yet he still as far as I know is employed as a Reserve Officer and he still has lethal weapons from the FPD in his possession. I demand that the current Police Chief at the very least put him on administrative leave at this time. Not to take this action would only add to the many problems of our FPD. Finally, if the Interim Police Chief Mr. Hinig does not take this action, it should be directed by either our Interim City Manager, Mr. Roeder or our City Council.

  39. #59 by Pat Mckinley = Dan Hughes = John Siko on June 5, 2017 - 8:24 am

    I for one thought that after the retirement of Pat McKinley, Fullerton would never have another Police Chief as bad as that man. You know the man who hired every officer involved in the butchering of Kelly Thomas. I say this because I saw the vicious unprovoked beating murder on video. I then saw what he looked like after Mr. Thomas was so unfortunate to come into contact with some of FPD’s finest better described as some of the worst thugs. You know McKinley, the man who broke the hiring rules to bring on Jay Cincinelli. If you take the number of criminal acts performed by officers McKinley hired, it would have to be one of the highest percentages of criminal behavior by any California police department.

    Well then came along one of his trained protégé’s and voila’, we got Dan Hughes. Finally more of the truth is coming out about this man. I have never seen a more vindictive, angry, short tempered, dishonest and vengeful man ever. I think Satan would even be scared of him and deservedly so. The fact that he was a police chief should send shivers down every law-abiding Fullerton citizen’s spine.

    How much are the good people of Fullerton supposed to take before they catch a break? Well at least we no longer have to worry about Dan Hughes being a part of the FPD. But wait that is not so, for Dan Hughes is now a Fullerton Reserve Officer. That should make all citizens of Fullerton feel really safe. So he now gets a huge six figure check as a Fullerton pensioner, another check for working as a Fullerton Reserve Officer and has the time (what an amazing guy) to work a full-time job heading up security for the scariest (I meant happiest) place on earth.

    Now we have Captain John Siko (pronounced psycho) as the newly appointed Acting Chief of Police. This man is the perfect choice if you were a big fan of McKinley and Hughes. But if not so much, he would be the absolute worst choice for Police Chief.

    Question: Who appointed this man as the Acting Fullerton Police Chief?

    Please stay tuned for more of the ugly details about the Fullerton City Government and the FPD.

  40. #60 by Anonymous on June 5, 2017 - 8:31 pm

    I know for a fact that John is in line for the chief position, and the ink has already dried on the agreement. They are just waiting for things to simmer down. Too much commotion about the department right now. He has been calling the shots since Hughes departed.

  41. #61 by Old School on June 9, 2017 - 6:37 am

    In the Hughes letter regarding Felz hit and run, DUI. Hughes writes that he calls Sgt. Corbett directly. There is something called the chain of command. After hours at a police department the Watch Commander is the acting “Chief of Police”. Why would the Chief of police violate the chain of command and call a field Sgt. directly? Does Hughes have no confidence in the decision-making ability of his Watch Commander Andrew Goodrich? This never happens and in itself is very suspect but we all know why it occurred. Is it possible that Sgt. Corbett called his buddy Hughes, “ The chief of the Untouchables” to directly to start the cover-up ball rolling?

    Several days after this incident Division Commander Siko calls the four initial responding officers to his office, the officers are chastised for comments they made regarding the obvious state of extreme intoxication displayed by Felz and recorded on their Axon body cameras. The Captain was dismayed that the officers did not have the common sense to know when to turn off their cameras when dealing with a highly political situation. (An officer turning off a body camera in the middle of a call is a very serious policy violation and when politics are involved, just plain stupid). The Captain Siko told the officers that they had just ruined the life of a good man.

    One other overlooked fact that may have factored into the nights decision making of the Felz incident by the Mayor, Chief of Police and Watch Commander was on-going police management salary negotiations. At the time of the incident Lt. Andrew Goodrich was representing the Fullerton police management bargaining group and was in the process of working out a new agreement with Felz and the HR manager. One wonders if the thought of leverage in a late night “get out of Jail free pass” played a role?

    Hughes has a history of attempting to trump-up charges on his foes and people he hates. This goes all the back to his patrol days. Hughes has a broad interpretation and selective misunderstanding of the elements of a crime when it suits his needs which when needed he uses as a weapon against others, as in the case of Mr. Barry Levinson. In most if these past cases the charges were baseless and were shot down once they were review by the DA’s office as in the case of Mr. Levinson and Corporal Irish.

    In the case of Corporal Paul Irish the department had suspended Irish for changing his mind about conducting briefing training on “seat belt policy” and instead spoke about “Ethics”. The changing of training topics by a presenter happens all the time in a police briefing and is not a violation of policy.

    Most of the persons present at the Irish briefing were interviewed by PSB and married to their story…a couple supervisors present who knew of Irish’s past history for reporting Hughes and Hughes’ “Untouchables” for ethics violations had embellished their accounts of the Irish Briefing training. Why would those officers embellish and lie about what Irish said in briefing, to gain or maintain favor with Hughes to preserve the status quo?

    Irish was never asked by PSB about a recording but when asked later by the lawyer representing the city if he had recorded his training, Irish told the lawyer that he in fact had a copy of the recording. Fearing that the recording would be used to impeach the conflicting statements of some “Untouchable” witnesses Hughes and the city’s lawyer fought to have it thrown out. Hughes argued that by Corporal Irish, recording himself in a police briefing room in a city building attending by 25 people (most of which are uniformed cops with cameras strapped to their chest) is “confidential communication” as defined by California penal code section 632 PC.

    Hughes amended the administrative charges against Irish and now charged him with the crime of 632 PC. A criminal investigation was now conducted against Corporal Irish. Months later the DA reviewed the charges and determined that Irish committed no crime. Later during arbitration, Irish’s lawyer, Mr. Michael Williamson was able to prove that in fact not only no law was violated by Irish recording himself no departmental policy was violated either.

    One piece of evidence introduced in the Irish arbitration that shed some light on the Fullerton Culture of Corruption was a copy of a poster that was hanging in the locker of Fullerton Police PIO Sgt. Jon Radus. It is a photo-shop likeness of a movie poster from the movie the “Untouchables”. It depicts the face of Dan Hughes overlooking a gun toting gang of thirty’s era cops with the faces of Sgt. Corbett, Sgt. Radus, Sgt. Garah and Sgt. Petropulos superimposed on the bodies. All of these police supervisors played a dubious role in the termination of Corporal Paul Irish.

    The arbitrator allowed the photograph of the poster to be introduced to support the theory that this “Untouchables clique” may have played a role in the treatment of Corporal Irish.

    After one listens to the briefing training given by Corporal Paul Irish on September 6th 2014 those present and the listener does not hear a bitter employee using the platform of briefing training as his personal soap box to deliver a self-serving diatribe. One hears a honest, proud seasoned cop fed-up with the corruption at his department and sick of working with crooked cops and the supervisors who support and defend them.

    Corporal Paul Irish wants his job back. He wants to serve the community of Fullerton again. He thinks he can because Hughes and Felz are now gone. I fear that when the City Council hears the recording and knows the whole story behind the termination of Corporal Irish, fearful of more city embarrassment, they will offer him a settlement he can’t refuse just to go away.

  42. #62 by Lou Romjin on June 17, 2017 - 4:50 pm

    The scandal surrounding departure of former Chief D. Hughes and ex-city mgr J. Felz continues to deteriorate any public trust in the Fullerton City Council, conflicts of interests, selective enforcement of laws, regulations and policies that the public at large are bound by. Board member at Disney have been informed of the alleged conflicts of interests and breach of fiduciary duty on the part of Hughes. In the end, it’s not what they did or didn’t do, it’s what may have been concealed beyond this event that is most disturbing. The city of Fullerton continues to poorly mismanage its fiscal budget, allowing public safety unions to pilfer the coffers of its citizens they are charged with protecting while living on rich pensions and benefits afforded to the elite. The city is losing its luster – once a vibrant enclave of traditional, family values to special interest groups, politics and to down right greed.

  43. #63 by Barry Levinson on June 18, 2017 - 4:15 pm

    Lou Romjin you are absolutely right.

    Please note that in my opinion which is born out with the facts that there are no good guys vs. bad guys on our city council. This is where Tony Bushala, Curt Pringle and Associates and of course the public employee unions play a major role as the puppeteers of Fullerton politics. Too many of the public in the past have been fooled that Tony’s council members are looking out for us. The truth is and always has been that the Whitaker’s, Sebourn’s and yes the Fitzgerald’s have done an abysmal job looking out for us. How can we expect them to do a good job for us when they have special interest masters of Tony Bushala, Curt Pringle and Associates and the public employee unions.

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