Why School District Officials And Employees Belong In Jail



  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 19, 2018 - 8:44 pm

    I need help I’m a Target individual

  2. #2 by Anonymous on August 20, 2018 - 9:39 pm

    I tell U.S citizens… First of all. Elections aren’t real. I’m 54 years old. Did you just get here??? Chabad Mob rats pick U.S Presidents, for the benefit of their maniacal, Masonic Greater Israel expansionist project. 8 nations bombed for it so far. Killing babies, a 35% Christian Population, Seculars & Muslims for a bunch of land grabbing, Rothschild bankers, and their selected tribe. A cultural and breeding alliance, engaging in incestuous eugenics to maintain caste system supremacy based on usury, not merit. Do you think their new cities like Dubai, Astana, Neom, their completion of 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, and projects like Qatar, are for your benefit?!? Most of these cities will have very little need for petroleum oil. They’ve been designed more like the way Nikola Tesla envisioned over a hundred years ago, harnessing the Sun’s energy, without digging in a porous earth.

    You’re crazy, if you think these turds are building these new ultra modern, hi-tech cities, are somehow for our benefit. They’re to get away from the West. They’re fleeing. Free of maritime laws, and the mess they’ve made of U.S!

    Trump owns property in Tel Aviv, as well as Putin. Trump is invested in 1Belt1Road. China thru Africa. Do you think that old manufacturing’ relic, shipped off decades ago, is going to magically appear? Do you think our U.S, relic infrastructure, and this Transportation, logistical nightmare, can keep up with our need for goods & services. Digging in the ground for fuel, defying Natural Law. And a top-heavy Medical Establishment to conveyor belt the people out of here like spam luncheon meat. Just so off season linebacker-looking mamas & pot bellied beer drinking men can drive around aimlessly in SUV’s. No! No! No! God help us all!

    ‘Gorge & Scarcity’ is the war tactic being implemented on Americans, Latin Americans in their countries, to divide and conquer, I pray they figure it out. They’re not all convinced its a Natural Resource-Based Economy.

  3. #3 by mark stolte on August 21, 2018 - 6:38 pm

    I think I’m gonna take on the school here in WA state to remove the WiFi. gonna definitely take my 7th grade son out of their clutches. They almost brag about their WiFi weaponry like everyone’s an idiot sheep. The teacher I asked about it acted like she hadn’t a clue. I know these educators aren’t that stupid. If they don’t know anything about it, they shouldn’t be teaching. But knowing they aren’t that ignorant and stupid means they are so to speak bought off, complicit, looking the other way because they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. Surely, if this is the case they have morally corrupt. They might care about these kids.JUST NOT ENOUGH TO BE IN THE FIELD THEY HAVE CHOSEN. THESE PEOPLE WE ENTRUST OUR KIDS TO NEED TO HAVE THE MATURITY TO MAKE INFORMED SOUND CHOICES. MORALLY BANKRUPT GOONS!

  4. #4 by Sam Nelson on September 27, 2018 - 12:31 pm

    Commenting as allthegoodnamesaretaken.

    1 hour ago
    So greedy are the human kind, no matter what color or nation they exist in, so greedy, that all the Rothschild’s have to do is send in a few of their agents, tell “the workers” they are being ripped off, that they deserve more, wallah, you have a strike, the people suffer and war is easy to get started.

    Been there done that, after which all the Jews have to do is bribe the Union Leaders like they do the Political Leaders and the Esquire Judges, a prelude to Communism.

    Once the people are confused or angry, they are easy to manipulate, deny them anything they want and they are, insane.

    The Rothschild Family has been playing this murderous game for centuries, still, the Goy never catch on or they just don’t want to. For sure the so called Leadership, pockets full of dollars, don’t want to know.

    People should know, in the minds of the Rothschild’s and the Leadership of the nations the Rothschild’s control, us Goys are just rats, monkeys with our hands in the trap, squirming around trying to get that last little shiny thing for ourselves, refusing to let go of it, so, we might have: freedom.

    Rothschild, is Pavlov, we, us Goys, are the Rothschild’s and the Politicians under the Rothschild’s, dogs. Woof, woof, time for a strike…woof, woof, time to get the killing going again and really good, this time, oh my.

    Will you sacrifices to the Jews and their gods stop playing around, get busy with the blood bath, heck, Rothschild says, I am an old man, I want to be the one, not my clone.

    But wait, I cannot end this here. So much more to know, oh, how the Rothschild’s hide their shet so we don’t see it, but, we can and easily, smell it. The stink of Hundreds of Trillions of dollars’ worth of wealth, wealth more than any nation, more than all the nations, more than any family of people ever in all the history of world. Now, the Rothschild’s say among themselves, if we can just get rid of these nasty Goy people, we’ll have it all to ourselves.

    The Rothschild’s own the wealth but they have yet to own the Earth, this then is their ongoing purchase, the buying up of all the Goy Leadership- (those damn white Iranians, holding things up) -so they, and not, the Rothschild’s, will be held responsible for the murdering of so many hundreds of millions of innocent people, so they, the Leadership, will be held responsible for the murder of the animals and the dying Earth.

    Yeah right, too many humans destroying the Earth, not hardly, too many Corporations, too many Rothschild’s and their games, destroying the Earth, remedy, shut them down, but I digress.


    Hey, do you know which of the Rothschild’s Corporations is the wealthiest of them all? Here we go. The Federal Reserve is the richest Corporation on Earth, is the mightiest Corporation on Earth, is, the disdain of all the living Earth. Could end it here. But, by now you know me, drive that damn nail, drive it, drive it until, maybe, it gets through the thick skulls of these people, who could, who should have, a life of their own, ie, sovereignty.

    The Politician- (Rothschild’s Mouthpieces) -who says people are the cause of “Global Warming” of “Climate Change” of any of the myriad of troubles the very Earth itself is sustaining today, that Politician, that Esquire Judge, that Journalist, should be dragged out of the building and whipped with a cat of nine tails (whatever that is).

    Rothschild’s Corporations are killing us all, are killing all the living Earth, are killing any hope our children might could have for a future, on Earth.

    Sure they use their Hollywood and their Cartoons to make us Goys- as stupid as we are made to be, by them –think, we could live on Mars or someplace else, but: WHY SHOULD WE? Hey, there Rothschild, get your shet and your family, and, you and them, go to Mars, this Earth is ours, got it?

    Yes, this thing you think of as America is a Corporation: THE UNITED STATES COMPANY, 1871, aka, The District of Columbia, a Rothschild Corporation, all the other rich, like JP Morgan, Bill Gates, etc., fronts for the King of the Jews, the Lord God, as agent Balfour said, Lord Rothschild, from his heart and for a few dollars more; anyway, The Federal Reserve, and, don’t start any crap, I know the Federal Reserve was made a thing after 1871, The Federal Reserve, the idea all along, the Bank, whose treaty with the then Politicians, 1871, overrules anything that Constitution the so called Founding Fathers were supposed to have created for us – not for us, a bargaining chip for them, with the Bank of England, the founding Fathers who were then the Landowners, the Rich, old Ben Franklin spent most of his life in England, found the remains of little children under the floor of the cottage he hired there; oh right, so you try to condense hundreds of years and thousands of lie told, into the truth, in a “comment” section, of a web site.

    Here then is the truth, The Federal Reserve is owned by the Rothschild Family, why, Rand, have you never told us; the Federal Reserve is the Wealthiest Corporation on Earth, the Federal Reserve having the “American” Military as its world bully is the strongest, deadliest, Corporation on Earth. Iran is not resisting we the people, Iran is resisting the Federal Reserve, a Corporation, it is a matter of business, no military should be involved. Got it?

    Gotta end it here, I hope a few of you writer, a few of you bloggers, floggers and cloggers get the message and do what I cannot do, explain it to the world, so soon, we might all: be free…

    Lose ends, sure, but good old Zero Hedge is not sponsoring us or what we write, we must be considerate of the cost we incur with our writing.

  5. #5 by Anonymous on October 7, 2018 - 5:30 am

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSIGHTFUL INFORMATION!!! MAKING EVERYONE A BUNCH OF ZOMBIES!!! RIGHT ON JOE. WE NEED TO “WAKE THE HELL UP”!!!!!! The “kill-grid” are the towers! POWERFUL INFORMATION. These symptoms caused by the towers are already affecting many people. Like you said we are already using our cellphones and computers and causing people to be sick. I have parroted the same things and those who are using this technology as you said will also be a part of being destroyed just like I have said. I just saw you video yesterday. But I have “trumpeted” some of these very words to some people that I know who misuse this technology on a minor level. The major level is coming and everyone will be included. No one will be left our “we will all fry” if we don’t wake up. Thank you!

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