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Fullerton California Campaign Central-I report you decide-By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Fullerton California Campaign Central

As a prelude to my upcoming comments on the literature put out by each of the candidates, I decided to check their websites.

All but Bill Chaffee have listed websites for their campaigns.

I will be reporting on the content of their websites in the weeks to

come. Here are their links to their websites as follows:

For now I want you to know that 5 of the 6 websites are up and running.

We noted that currently Sean Paden’s website is not yet available.

We will let you know when or if that status changes for Paden.

Barry Levinson



Robert Pletka, Fullerton School District Superintendant puts another 6000 iPads into Fullerton school children’s laps today


Good evening Fullerton School District parents, this is Superintendent Bob Pletka. I am very pleased to announce that during the coming week, the District will be distributing over 6,000 iPads to all 5th through 8th grade students throughout our District as a part of our 1:1 VIP (Visual Innovation Program). California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, will be joining me at Valencia Park School, Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at a press conference to announce the distribution of these iPads. 

We are excited that the District’s commitment to including high-level technology that reaches beyond the classroom is becoming a reality. We are also committed to being your first source of information regarding our progress. We expect that this announcement will receive broad local news coverage, and we wanted to keep you apprised. Read the rest of this entry »


Are iPads safe in the laps of school children? Why are women getting BREAST CANCER from keeping cell phones in their bras?



Fullerton School District Superintendent Robert Pletka





Flory, Fitzgerald and Chaffee’s 3-2 vote approving the Richman Park cell Tower

It' not funny ya lamebrain

It’ not funny ya lamebrain

I wish it was something to laugh about.

Flory, Fitzgerald and Chaffee’s 3-2 vote approving the Richman Park cell Tower-by Diane Hickey

As in the past, I am following up with the source documents/media references made during my public comments at the August 19, 2014, Fullerton City Council Meeting.  The following are links to the assertions made at that meeting:


1)       Resonance:  Beings of Frequency


“Over the last 25 years:

A number of species, which rely on the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate, have mysteriously gone into decline.

5 species of butterfly have become extinct in Britain

109 species of Arctic migratory birds have declined dramatically in numbers

36 species of Australian shore birds have decreased in numbers by 75%

10% of the world’s butterflies face extinction

45% of a Europe’s common birds have declined in numbers

50% decline in all European grassland butterflies

Bee numbers have dropped by up to 70%

62% of Asia’s migratory water birds declining or extinct

4 species of American bee decreased in numbers by up to 98%

Farmland birds falling by as much as 79%

190 different species of bird face imminent extinction”

2)       Letter from the Department of the Interior to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, dated Feb 7, 2014, “regarding the adverse impact of cell tower radiation on wildlife.”

3)       Washington Post:  Electromagnetic ‘noise’ can confuse migrating songbirds, study says


As time progresses, more information is coming out at an increasing pace in regard to the health detriments of wireless radiation.

As we all know, UC Berkeley is a well-respected education and research institution. You should be interested in the June, 2014, release from UC Berkeley, Center for Family and Community Health,Some Tips For Reducing Your Exposure To Wireless Radiation. Among those tips are:

“Turn off wi-fi on devices being used by kids.”

“ . . .  use hardwired networks in schools to provide Internet access.”

Those of you that have children in the Fullerton School District (FSD) should be asking yourselves the question:  Why is the FSD wireless classroom practice completely contrary to UC Berkley’s tips on wireless radiation avoidance?  Or, why does FSD continue to expose the children to wireless radiation when numerous medical doctors, researchers, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have written letters to Los Angeles USD imploring them to use WIRED technology.   Berkeley is not the only institution telling the schools to hardwire the classrooms.

The link is here:

Do you recall the testimonies of Drs. Martin Pall and Dr. Paul Dart before a state governmental body, the Oregon State House of Representatives Committee on Health Care?  Those testimonies were sent to you a number of weeks ago; did you view them?

It is inconceivable that Mss. Fitzgerald and Flory and Mr. Chaffee voted for a cell tower at Richman Park, where children play, attend school, and reside nearby. Is it only a matter of time before these neighborhoods experience breast cancer rates 23 times higher and brain cancer rates 121 times higher than those not located near the cell tower?  These were rates cited from just one study, conducted in Austria (1984-1987), and you were given this information weeks ago.

Council members Fitzgerald, Flory, and Chaffee, will your vote to allow the cell tower have set in motion the health detriments as testified to by Drs. Pall and Dart?

You were provided many resources from which to examine a topic that has a significant impact on the Richman Park community.  It has been testified to that cancer and infertility are health outcomes of wireless radiation emissions, how could this vote be anything but hugely significant?  Your votes defy reason, logic, and, most of all, human compassion.  Certainly, none of you have the credentials to refute the information provided you.

You three council members could have, as did Messrs.  Whitaker and Sebourn, cited other non-health issues for a “no” vote.

Only you know your motivations for voting for the cell tower and I can only surmise that those motivations held more significance and value to you than did the impact to the health of the Richman Park community.



Diane Hickey, Co-founder

National Association For Children and Safe Technology

I motion to post the ATT report on our website-Potius Pilate

Jan Flory

How much again?

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Where is the flag? I feel a draft.

Doug Chaffee








I report, you decide. by BARRY LEVINSON

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

I report, you decide. By Barry Levinson.


It seems that Mayor Chaffee has a hard time doing anything right lately.

We had a somewhat heated by respectful discussion about an agenda item to approve a declaration passed by the US Congress about 7 years ago concerning the human rights violations by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII as it related to the 200,000 Korean “Comfort Women” forced into sexual slavery.

Mayor Chaffee gave almost all of the speakers many of whom were either of Korean or Japanese heritages more than the normal 3 minutes to speak before them.  It seemed that many of them went over their three minutes by 2, 3 or more minutes easily.

I personally thought it was perfectly okay to give these speakers this additional time.  It was obviously a very personal and difficult subject to talk about and each and every speaker presented their opinions with much grace and dignity.

But then came the public comments for all those items not on the agenda.  It should have been one of the first pieces of business but Mayor Chaffee moved the WWII issue in front of regular public comments.

As is frequently the case, significant portions of the public comments are critical of one or more members of the council.  In this case, no additional time was granted to any of the speakers.  Once again, Mayor Chaffee even when he is going to face the voters in November apparently can’t bring himself to conduct the meeting in a fair manner for everyone.

At one point, a speaker asked Mayor Chaffee if he has paid for all the volunteer signs that he gives out to those he believes are worthy of that honor.  His answer to the speaker was that it was “none of his business”.


Councilperson Chaffee

Once again, Mayor Chaffee you find yourself on the wrong side sir. For it was you early on in this program who declared that you were paying for these signs and it would not cost the taxpayer’s a dime.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.42.34 PM

The ball started rolling on 7-24-14

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.42.48 PM

Doug paid up 5 days after being called out- stringing the taxpayers along for a year and a half. I wonder if he would have ever paid it back if he was not asked to?



Now less than a year later you are telling us it is none of our business.  It is no wonder that recently our fair city of Fullerton was ranked as one of the snobbiest cities throughout the country.  I am now wondering how much Mayor Chaffee had to do with that dubious ranking.



Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.42.21 PM

I guess he only paid up because the heat was on? Since December of 2012 no payments reimbursing the taxpayers through July of 2014? What else does he have going on at city hall?



The strange dichotomy of Dan Hughes

download (4)

To most Fullerton residents, the names Dan Hughes and Barry Levinson ring a bell. Dan Hughes is our current police chief who some say is simply Pat Mckinley with a smile. Others revere him as the much needed solution to the problems plaguing The FPD.  

Barry Levinson, is a Fullerton resident who is a rare breed indeed. He is a civic minded individual who has the guts to tell it like it is and repeatedly ask the hard questions that most political slimeskins in this town wouldn’t dare to touch with a ten foot pole. Personally, the most perplexing questions that I still have, directly relate to Dan Hugh’s comments about the 33 minute and 33 seconds of video where Kelly Thomas was left for dead in the gutter after he was brutally beaten by officers of The FPD. Last night the issue was revisited with no exception.

In my opinion Fullerton is not healed from anything. No, the cancer is now in stage IV and the treatment plan costs are going to run into orbit from the Kelly Thomas murder, the fallout from the sham trial and the precarious termination of the officers.

The current Flory, Chaffee and Fitzgerald council members, in my opinion, still have their little happy parties and fluff gimmicks while holding the resident taxpayers in derision with their voting records. Meanwhile, Bruce and Greg struggle to keep the ship steered in the right direction in rough seas. Who will rise to the occasion in November? Will Barry? Perhaps yours truly?

At this point it is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain and that is Fullerton needs leaders and not lapdogs. Maybe whoever decides to throw their hat into the ring could use a refresher course on what courage really is and how to ask the hard questions. Weak, spineless, slimy politicians are what got us where we are. I say the hell with them and who needs them? Unless we can muster some real contenders coupled with some real civilian police oversight, we might as well leave the vampires in charge of the blood bank, lock our doors and stay home in November. I personally could care less about a few bucks added to my water bill every two months or a stinkin’ pothole if I still have to worry about getting beaten to death for not playing doctor with some deranged cop or framed like an picture at an Aaron Brother’s 1/2 cent sale.  

Here is the clip

Go to 28:20 and see for yourself. Here is what he has written and with his permission the following is published:


By Barry Levinson | It is important to remind our city officials, the press and our community that our “new” police chief was our “old” captain who was the direct supervisor of officers Ramos, Cincinelli, Wolfe, Hampton, Craig and Blatney.

Anyone who is familiar with police work knows that the real training of officers comes not from the training officer but from their direct superior, on a day-in and day-out basis. That would have been then-Captain Dan Hughes. Therefore, I am disappointed that Chief Hughes has never expressed his regret that he obviously failed to train those 6 men adequately.

I have given Dan Hughes’ comments about his viewing the video over 400 times much thought and analysis. First, the video was 33 minutes and 33 seconds in length. It would have taken him over 222 hours to view that video 400 times. Should we believe that he spent five-and-a-half-plus 40-hour weeks reviewing the video while on duty, or even at home?

What about the actual comments he made concerning the contents of the video itself. His contention was that those police officers acted properly as seen on the video.

There are only two possible explanations for his comments.

The first reason is that he really believes that those six officers under his direct command were doing their jobs as he trained them or,

Second, he believed that the video would never be released to the public and so he felt safe siding with his men.

The first possibility shows that he is as guilty as any of those officers for not knowing the proper boundaries for police behavior. That is downright frightening.

The other possibility shows his willingness to mislead the public for his own benefit. This is not behavior that inspires confidence and trust.

But yet he terminated officers Ramos, Cincinelli and Wolfe presumably based on their actions that very night. What is the public to believe? The Acting Chief Hughes’s statements that after viewing that video over 400 times taking over 222 hours to complete, that he saw nothing wrong? Or the other Chief Hughes who terminated those three officers for their conduct that very night. Which Dan Hughes are we to believe?

Finally, when will the press, the public and every one of our council members, demand that he explain those glaring contradictions?

Barry Levinson


Great questions Barry. Let’s see if we ever get our answers.

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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Ring’s comments below about police brutality as demonstrated by the brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas. In that case it was the police who instigated the suspect’s reasonable reaction to flee based on a physical threat of violence against him.

However, I do not agree with Mr. Ring’s assessment of the increased militarization of the police as basically necessary in the face of greater criminal threats and fire power.

Former NYC Police Chief Bernard Kerik made a very scary statement in my opinion on the Megyn Kelly show a few days ago. He said any citizen that does not comply with a police command to be handcuffed for arrest no matter what the alleged crime should get the same physical response from the police. So if you are jay walking, selling individual cigarettes or some other minor infraction, the police should respond to that person the same way when they are trying to arrest a serial murderer for instance.

I could not believe the total lack of common sense by the former police commissioner to state that a single approach by the police is proper no matter the set of circumstances. This attitude by the police which seems to be getting more prevalent smacks of a police state where the citizens are the potential enemy of the police, rather than the people they have been sworn to serve and protect. This is the real danger in my opinion to the increased militarization of police departments. It is not simply the increased fire power, military style uniforms and equipment that they now possess but more importantly the growing police mindset that they are in a war zone with every person in the community a potential enemy. This attitude more than anything else has resulted in too many unnecessary deaths at the hands of law enforcement. Couple this with the lack of will by prosecutors and grand juries to hold those police officers responsible for their actions and we have the sad situation we are too often witnessing today.

Read the rest of this entry »


Barry Levinson on Common Core Curriculum in The Fullerton School District

I report, you decide-by Barry Levinson


We Want Excellence From Our Students, Teachers and Administrators. Why Common Core will not get us there.



We Want Excellence From Our Students, Teachers and Administrators. Why Common Core will not get us there.

I report, you decide.

As a concerned and involved parent of a son in a Fullerton elementary school that is instituting Common Core, I want to know how this major change will impact the quality of my son’s education.

Robert Pletka-He could stop this if he wanted to.

F.S.D. Superintendent Robert Pletka-He could stop this if he wanted to.

What I have learned up until now has been anything but reassuring. My son’s school had a briefing for the parents earlier this year to discuss Common Core. We were told the following:

1. If your child does poorly on a Common Core exam, under Common Core the school will automatically dumb down the next test for your child. This process will not lead to excellence in academic achievement in my opinion. They would not be challenging the students with this scenario. There are many reasons why a student might do poorly on any given exam and to automatically dumb down future tests would be a total over reaction by the school.

2. I discussed with the administrators at the school that I believed there would be a lot of lessons learned in the first year of instituting Common Core throughout this elementary school and throughout the district. I asked at the end of the year a list of lessons learned could easily be created. I then asked would the individual schools and/or the district then make those changes to install those lessons learned the following year or would the district send the list to Sacramento and wait for their guidance. I was very saddened to learn that Sacramento has total control.

3. What real control does both the district and the individual teacher really have in the new Common Core System? In my opinion, it appears that most if not almost all of the control has been relinquished to bureaucrats in Sacramento. This is rarely a good thing.

If you believe that this change is mostly a bad thing, as parents you must let your school district board members as well as your principal know your concerns.

Clearly, this is a big step in taking away parental rights as well. The further away the real power is, the less control parents will have in the quality of the education given to their children.

Finally, I was informed that parents can legally opt out their kids from taking the Common Core tests but not the Common Core curriculum. However, I was also told that without the Common Core test scores the schools do not get money for your child, i.e. it impacts the financing of the schools.

If true, why is this important. It is important because if enough parents have their kids opt out, the schools will not be able to financially function and would have to consider dropping Common Core altogether.

Barry Levinson


And the Race for Fullerton City Council begins: I report, you decide. -By Barry Levinson



And the Race for Fullerton City Council begins:

I report, you decide.

Well the field of candidates is shaping up for the Fullerton City

Council race. Seven have filed papers and assuming they all have

the necessary valid signatures they will be as follows:

Bill Chaffee, (Doug Chaffee’s younger brother)

Jane Rands, Green Party

Doug Chaffee, Democrat

Greg Sebourn, Republican

Rick Alvarez, Republican

Larry Bennett, Republican

Sean Paden, Republican

During the course of this campaign I will be speaking on the issues

and noting each candidates strengths and weaknesses. I will report

on what they have said and what they have done that may or may

not jive with their campaign rhetoric. It is so important that I point out

any candidate’s inconsistencies. I believe this will help the voters

determine who is trustworthy and who may not be as trustworthy.

  • As I have said many times there are certain characteristics that I
  • believe are essential to have for any candidate that I want to support
  • wholeheartedly. Those characteristics are the following:
  • 1. Honesty and integrity,
  • 2. Knowledge, intelligence and wisdom,
  • 3. Common Sense and
  • 4. Guts and strength of character and convictions
  • I believe it should be rather self-evident why all the above
  • characteristics are important for the good candidate to possess. But
  • if I had to name just one reason, it would be that a candidate that
  • possesses all of the above characteristics I believe can be counted
  • on to make informed, impartial decisions that are in the best interests
  • of the citizens of Fullerton. This is something that a majority of our council does not consistently do now in my opinion.
  • A candidate for instance could have the first three characteristics and
  • still not be able to carry forth their principles without guts.
  • So I will be informing all of you what positions each candidate has on
  • all key issues facing Fullerton. I will also be telling you whether based
  • on the candidates previous words and actions that we can reasonably
  • count on them keeping their campaign promises.

Of course I will be stating what positions I believe are best for our city as well.

Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson-My Thoughts on the Fullerton City Council’s Unanimous Vote Passing a Resolution Supporting Proposition 13 and Other Recent Local Developments



The FUJHSD has placed a $175 million bond issue on the

November ballot. The NOCCCD has placed a $574 million

bond issue for North Orange County on the November ballot.

The city of Fullerton when it has the chance to pass

meaningful public labor negotiation reform says no thanks

but we can sure pass a sham C.O.I.N. ordinance instead.

Finally, the city is attempting to ram down our throats a

huge undemocratic power grab by City Manager Joe Felz.

Another really bad idea from the same city that allowed the

bars in downtown Fullerton to expand exponentially in the

90′s and then at the turn of the century shackled the city’s

taxpayers with a huge retroactive pension increase for our

police and firemen that will eventually cost the taxpayer’s

10′s of millions of dollars under the guise that it would cost

the Fullerton taxpayers nothing at all.

Now don’t we all feel much better that our council passed a

meaningless resolution in support of Prop 13. I would not be

poking fun at this resolution if the majority of our council

were doing a good job with making policy that would create

a financially healthy and open city government. But the fact

is they have not even come close to that goal. In fact the

majority of the council I believe does not even have that goal

for the city and its citizens.

We need much better on our council and we better start

demanding much better from our council. If we do not

have the right mix of council members that want to do the

right things for our city, it is the public’s responsibility to

put enough pressure on those officials to force them by

overwhelming public opinion to do the right things despite


Let us start with pressuring our city council to vote down the

DCCSP. It is a real shame that we as citizens have to force

some of our elected officials to do the right thing.


What is your opinion about Judeo-Christian Bible study? Why faith matters? I Report, You Decide. By Barry Levinson



I Report, You Decide. By Barry Levinson

Dennis Prager, a nationally syndicated radio host likes to recount this

story when he speaks before a live audience.

If you were walking alone, late at night on a dark and deserted street

and you saw a large group of teenagers in gang style clothing, would

you feel more safe or less safe if you knew they just came from a

Christian bible study class?

Even the most ardent atheist if they were being truthful, would have

to say that they would feel more safe knowing that this large group of

teenagers just came from a Christian bible study session.

What does that tell you about the goodness of the Judeo-Christian

faiths? It tells you that even an atheist knows that being a religious

Christian is a net positive to how people will behave in society.

I like to recount this story because it proves a point that having

Western religious moral values is a good thing for the individual and

for society as well.

Does that mean that atheists are by in large bad people? This is

obviously not true. But the point is that just knowing someone is an

atheist really tells you nothing either positive or negative about the

character and values of that person.

And in fact that is what I perceive as a real shortcoming in atheism, is

that it provides no moral backbone for the individual to draw on. In the

atheist’s world each individual can and does come up with their own

set of “moral” principles.

For me, I will draw on the 10 Commandments as the cornerstone of

my moral principles.


Who is Behind This Massive Grab of Money and Power Known as the Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan (DCCSP), City Manager Joe Felz?

I report you decide-by Barry Levinson




Who is Behind This Massive Grab of Money and Power Known as the

Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan (DCCSP)? City Manager

Joe Felz?

Fullerton City manager Joe Felz

Fullerton City manager Joe Felz

Let me be as direct as I can be. Any council member who votes for

the DCCSP in its current form is basically thumbing their noses at

democracy and the people of Fullerton.

I say this because this would be a major power grab by City Manager

Joe Felz and a loss of control and transparency for the people of


Those in favor are going to argue that those not in favor are against

development, against progress, etc.

The main thing I am against is having my rights as a citizen of

Fullerton being taken away. My right to be able to go before council

and voice my opinion on a new high tower development in my city

before my elected representatives vote yes or no.

This will be taken away from me if the DCCSP proposal is approved

in its current form. All projects in this huge area of Fullerton will not

require additional EIR’s (Environmental Impact Reports) and will not

normally require any votes by council. All it will need is our unelected

City Manager, Joe Felz. It would be very convenient for him and

awful for the rest of us with the exception of some developers.

Who elected City Manager Joe Felz? Why is he making policy and

then taking over this huge plan that gives the go ahead for massive

high-rise development along most of the major corridors of our city?

Why would any council member vote to give away the necessary

checks and balances and replace it in the hands of one unelected

man, our city manager? This so-called “specific plan” gives almost

unlimited powers to develop wide portions of our city to Joe Felz. My

understanding is that this plan could result in 8,000 new buildings,

almost all of them multi-story in both commercial and also in and

around predominantly residential neighborhoods.

Checks and balances in government is always a good thing. This

aims to take those checks and balances away from future councils

and from the public at-large.

Any Fullerton politician in favor of this monstrosity in my opinion does

not care that they are usurping the rights of all citizens. Governor

Brown ended redevelopment and City Manager Joe Felz and his

minions are bringing it back exponentially with no oversight by future

councils or the public.

If this is passed, there will be no further review for this massive

amount of new development, which could easily increase the current

population of Fullerton from 140,000 to well over 200,000 and

beyond. But don’t you worry Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton citizen, because

Uncle Joe will take care of everything.

Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly what I am afraid of.

So please come to our next Fullerton Council meeting on Tuesday

August 5 at 6:30PM

Barry Levinson


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