Crooked, Inept and Negligent City Officials and more of Fullerton’s Third world infrastructure on State College and Kimberly

What kind of Banana Republic engineering is this? What kind of third world infrastructure are we paying for? This photo was taken on June 26. 2017 on the corner of State College and Kimberly. This has been like this for weeks!

Look at this unbelievable sight in Fullerton. Who did this? When did this happen to the pole? How did this happen? Who is allowing this to remain in this condition? What the hell is wrong with the building inspectors and our city officials? Who is paying attention?  What on earth is wrong with our city government? What is keeping this pole from failing and falling down onto the road and killing someone? What about the railroad tracks? Some braided steel guy wire that has been jerry rigged? What on earth?

The police have been called. Nothing has been done. Edison was called weeks ago. Nothing has been done. The fact that the pole has been in that condition for weeks is deliberate dereliction on the part of any city employee that has driven by it for weeks and done nothing. It is still a hazard and threat to the community.


This has been like this for weeks. When public servants ignore major issues, they should be held personally liable. Those wires are live and this power pole has NO structural integrity. There is no way that this situation should have been allowed to go un-remediated for weeks. These lines are near railroad tanker cars that carry highly volatile, caustic, and poisonous chemicals and gasses under pressure. A detonation of these rail cars could kill many people if these lines were to come in contact with these rail tankers. This is putting the citizens of Fullerton at great risk. An earthquake of any size could spell ruin for this Banana Republic rig job. That pole will come down, take the live wires with it and ignite the 38,000 gallons of liquefied petroleum gas in one car, that could explode and release the 38,000 gallons of hydrogen cyanide in the other one which could then react with the 38,000 gallons of oxidizers in the other cars. This could spell a total disaster for a hundred thousand people if things went south on this corner.

This is acceptable to our city officials who for weeks have allowed this situation to go on.

Its an Edison pole located on a city owned utility easement. It has been like this for weeks. The city officials have jurisdiction over city property and can and should demand this be fixed immediately. The current condition of the utility pole is in violation of multiple local, county and state regulations. The fact that it has been allowed to to just “hang there” for weeks in a clear indictment of our city staff and city officials. This is clearly a threat to public safety. Normally, guy wires that are correctly installed to support utility poles at a 45 degree angle also come with non conducting porcelin insulators which are designed to keep voltage that may escape the system from passing through the guy wires into what ever they are in contact with.

These people have fastened a severely damaged utility pole supporting live high voltage transmission lines with compromised structural integrity with steel cable directly to a metal utility pole with no porcelin insulators connecting the cables which could make a circuit out of the steel pole supporting the high tension wires above the transmission lines.

That steel pole could also become a circuit and ignite the high pressure gas line right under the wires on Kimberly. than run parallel to the train tracks. Edison was called weeks ago. They know about this because their subs tied this baby up like that and hung this monster WEEKS ago. I don’t need to send them a photo and a 20 dollar bill so they can get me a room upgrade. This ain’t Vegas. The area is currently undergoing a rail underpass conversion paid for with Measure M and OCTA funds. The project requires daily visits from City Inspectors and public works personnel. For weeks this has been allowed to go unmitigated. I called the police department and of course, they know how to delegate this just like when I call them over a water main break. The facts are the facts and the facts are that no one in city government has nudged anyone to do anything about this problem for weeks, they have all ignored it and apparently it is now incumbent upon me to solve what is supposed to not even be a problem in the first place. Is it any wonder we have such problems when people cannot come to grips with the corrupt, inept leaders and city employees that have left this town in ruin?

This issue involves far more than just Edison or PAR electrical contractors. It involves city inspectors, public works employees, police officers, fire department personnel and city officials elected and unelected. It is not acceptable for that pole to be in that condition for weeks considering what it is adjacent to. I refuse to accept third world infrastructure for the amount of taxes we pay.

Only a corrupt cabal of crooks would turn their backs and not demand that an economic giant like Edison not clean up crap like this. This is not acceptable. How many city employees, police and fire employees drove by this and ignored it? Who is watching out for the residents? Do you people have any idea just what a disaster this could turn into if these rig job wires fail? Maybe they will if this thing ends up killing a bunch of people. Lets hope not.



  1. #1 by Anonymous on June 26, 2017 - 8:11 pm

    How can this be allowed to jeopardize our safety like this? Doesn’t anyone care about what could happen? Does anyone remember Bhopal India?

  2. #3 by Poker Player Politician Politics VERSUS Taxed, Tired, Ticked Off Taxpayers on June 28, 2017 - 1:15 pm

    Responding to how can this be allowed to jeopardize our safety like this. We can also ask Sacramento Gov. TAX LOADER Brown and “politicians” that are loyal to him first instead of ALL their constituents ALLOW our infrastructure and roads NOT just in Fullerton but statewide “jeopardize” our “safety” like this!

    You asked a great question: “Doesn’t anyone care about what could happen?” referring to the picture of the telephone pole which is a disgrace.

    The answer is the old adage: Actions Speak Louder Then Words! If our LOCAL or STATEWIDE officials are NOT doing their due diligence and putting OUR safety and best interest first then we have to take ACTION to make it clear when voting time comes around.

    This applies to NOT only LOCAL issues that are of concern to ALL of us in Fullerton, this district and statewide. There is to a certain degree if your think about it a “trickle” down effect and so “activists” that are willing to put themselves out there for public attack and ridicule for a “GREATER” cause should be embraced.

    These “activists” help us not only on local issues but expand to countywide issues, and even state wide issues. One example is exposing Sacramento “yes” men politicians rather the loyal “representatives” who put ALL political parties in jeopardy of having to even leave Fullerton if NOT the state due to it not being business tax friendly or taxpayer friendly.

    If this is happening to those more fortunate then most (and it is) then you can imagine what it is doing to the majority of taxpayers in Fullerton and beyond. The good paying jobs leave when the wealthy business owners see their is NO advantage in staying here and they want to save the jobs for their loyal employees but have to make wise business decisions that cost jobs.

    Stop Gov. TAX LOADER Brown running everyone out of this state before it becomes the WELFARE state as it is becoming known as nationwide. Come one and come all and we will pay for everything with the TAXES we collects from ALL of us (the little taxpaying “freeloader” as he calls ALL of us).

    Actions do speak louder then words, but words help bring about action and attention to important and timely matters. So if you do not like what is happening in Fullerton or statewide help stop it through becoming vocal and active. You can make a difference like this webpage.

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