Repackaging the destruction of Fullerton with the new and improved DCCSP proposal tonight at Fullerton City Hall



JOE FELZ IS INTRODUCING TO FULLERTON:  the study session on the new DCCSP




Just recently, we the people beat back the horrific College Town plan back for the time being. College town calls for closing the 57 Freeway exits and onramps to Nutwood, closing Nutwood to through traffic, wiping out thriving business that serve southeast Fullerton, adding 12000 more cars a day,4300 high density housing units and the creation of a “parking management district” that is not defined and will bring parking meters to all of Fullerton. THIS THING WAS CHUMP CHANGE COMPARED TO WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED WITH THIS SO CALLED NEW AND IMPROVED DCCSP.


How Awful and Corrupt is the Fullerton Downtown Core and Corridor Special Project?

Please let me count the ways as follows: by Barry Levinson

0022320_IMG_6510_009 (1)

1-  It is an undemocratic power grab by one unelected bureaucrat, City Manager Joe (I want to be king)Felz.



2-  It turns the power to vote on individual development projects from the city council with the requirement to allow public comments prior to any vote, to one unelected man, City Manager Joe (I want to be emperor) Felz.


3-  No honest elected city council majority would ever consider giving away their power to decide on numerous future development projects throughout much of the city to an unelected bureaucrat, City Manager Joe (I want to be a dictator) Felz.


4-  If you think traffic is bad now wait until you add another 50,000-100,000 or more residents with no additional roads or lanes to existing roads. If you do not believe me than look at the million-dollar plan documents. The only traffic improvement called for in the plan is adding one or two roundabouts on Wilshire Avenue.

images (71)

5-  Who do you think might benefit from this project if passed?

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

May I suggest to you that Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald (who is also the Vice President of Curt Pringle and Associates)


and her boss along with a host of developers who will be knocking at our City Manager’s door?


as you can see she has switched to mountain dew instead of water

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

If Ms. Fitzgerald does not recuse herself from this vote when it comes up, I think rather than recalling her we should just run her out of town.

6-  I of course have not yet mentioned the concern as to where the needed water will come from for the 100,000 additional residents.

images (74)

….under a chemtrailed sky, a crowd has gathered…….

It would seem that the City of Fullerton motto must be that no matter how bad the times are for you and me, there is never a bad time to get more money (tax money) for themselves.

images (76)

Good times come to me now.

After all 80% of every dime in tax money that represents the General Fund, does not go for our streets or our decaying sewers and water system.

images (77)

Fullerton’s ground water replenishment system -patent pending. The entire city with its hundreds of center mile streets will soon be part of a special assessment district. This revolutionary aquifer recharging rainwater collection program perfected by our public works department will be the model for the entire nation as a solution to the lingering pension crisis and ongoing drought .

It goes to our friends at city hall for their salaries and benefits.  We get the crumbs that are remaining.  Yet for Joe Felz and his merry men and women of Fullerton Forest they are eager to take even more from the poor citizens of Fullerton to make sure their stomachs are full and their retirements are merry and pay for it by selling Fullerton off to the developers.




Don’t let the flowers fool you. She voted for the DCCSP IN 2014 and  she did not submit a motion to kill this proposal. Her concern was with air quality. How do you mitigate the pollution from increased gridlocked traffic and 50,000 more cars?

You are here to serve the RESIDENTS of Fullerton.  You are here for us, not the other way around.   Many of you just do not get it. I mean how can you logically even consider bringing this thing back for consideration?

This plan should have NEVER advanced and, if you had any common sense or were here for the benefit of the People, you would know that.  You work for us.  Either do your job or resign.  Never lecture us, again, or put us in a position where we have to fight you for our own rights to live in a healthy community.


DCCSP suppoRting John Silber-HE VOTED FOR THE DCCSP IN 2014-This is one to watch. He thinks Fullerton needs this plan and seems to have a huge problem with the automobile. Well pal, start walking, it might do you some good.

We all know this scam would net the city hundreds of millions in developer fees to keep the out of control pensions and salaries’ gravy train on the tracks and not a peep about the park lands this money will be used for because that is not where it will go. We could have bought Coyote Hills years ago and furnished the darn thing with the endless revenue stream that is now not even ENOUGH TO MEET PAYROLL! Stop participating in planning activities that will destroy our homes and lives here in Fullerton.


This DCCSP supporting city hall sycophant Gambino who voted for the DCCSP in 2014 and thinks we need to bring this back because he is ok with density and we should praise the city staff for wasting almost two million dollars of taxpayer money (yes grants are tax money) on these disasters.

Homeowners be damned, Fullerton must grow!  So saith our overlord, Ms. Ma’Ayn Johnson.


S.C.A.G operative May’An Johnson’s mantra back in 2014 at the DCCSP hearing where she moved the motion to pass-“The DCCSP is not the cause of increased density…..Here in 2016 she is at it again.

“We are going to keep growing”  —  Yes, and destroy resident’s property values and quality of life.  Is that what the QB means?

What an Agenda 21 tool, as if you can never pack so many people in so that you have created an overcrowded environment and why when according the census bureau, 95% of the United States is rural open space.

The CT Plan:  “it looks good on paper”  WHAT?  I guess if you don’t mind unbearable gridlock and total degradation of communities.


City hall tool-The Register’s  Lou Ponsi who makes these scams look good on paper too. He has been soft peddling these disasters for years when he is not running cover for the corrupt Fullerton Police department and city hall cabal.

Devalued properties

Significantly adverse impact to air quality, traffic, pedestrian deaths, cyclist deaths and people dying in the ambulances stuck in traffic that this will create.


Ma’ Ayn Johnson thinks Cal State Fullerton can do whatever they want and that she can do whatever she wants as a S.C.A.G operative. Yeah right. I guess she never read a maximum occupancy sign on the wall in her entire life.

Agenda 21-pack em, stack em, and of course stick it to the taxpayers and the residents. Does she even have a clue what a WiFi prison like this will do the inhabitants? I highly doubt it. Does she have a clue what this will do to the residents? I don’t think she gives a damn, regardless of her phony diatribes. She is an AGENDA 21 S.C.A.G operative and needs to be removed from her position.

Does Ma’Ayn Johnson and the rest of the planning commission understand that cramming massive amounts of people into high density, polluted, congested, unnatural, scientific kill grids where they will be forcibly microwaved and sterilized with ubiquitous wireless infrastructure,

images (13)

forcibly vaccinated with toxins, sterilants,  and cancer viruses,


drugged with dosed chemically laced water,

download (12)download (13)

download (14)

force fed GMO foods with no room to grow their own, sprayed from above with aerosolized metallic nanoparticles,

download (15)
pesticides from the vector control district,

images (14)

and having piezo electric geoengineering compounds rain down on them

images (7)

while their brains are turned to mush by the TV screens everywhere

images (12)

is playing right into the hands of the demonic social engineers that are hell bent on depopulation WHILE 95 PERCENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS ALREADY RURAL OPEN SPACE?


and this is what they want for your backyard-

images (15)

Perhaps Ms. Johnson and the rest for the commission does or perhaps this is truly an indictment of just how dangerous our higher education system really is to our society. If for just that reason alone one can conclude that this repackaged DCCSP is a horrible plan. ANYONE THAT GOES ALONG WITH THIS WITH THIS UNDEMOCRATIC POWER GRAB BY JOE FELZ AND THIS DESTRUCTION OF FULLERTON NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSITIONS

We warned you that this project would be back, and you know what? So WILL WE.

Stay vigilant Fullerton.




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