Fullerton’s Troy High School: America’s newest Columbine in the making

“Perception is reality and perspective is,  in all actuality, an inescapable state of perpetual existence.”  – Joe Imbriano




What really goes on behind the metal walls of Troy High school? I think it would honestly shock most people if they really knew.

TROY HIGH SCHOOL for many is a literal hell on earth. It almost became hell on earth for the entire student body and community recently as we all know.

Troy High School has a fatally flawed business model and is really a creation of the FJUHSD designed to bring in massive amounts of daily attendance revenue and grant money based on a scheme designed to steal students who do not live in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, along with their attendance revenue, away from other Districts. What’s more, they actively advertise for, actively recruit and entice the brightest students from all over Southern California to abandon their home school in their home town and in some cases encourage them to drive or be driven in from as far away as Apple Valley. More than half of Troy’s students are FROM OUTSIDE OF FULLERTON.

Fullerton residents pay taxes for, and are currently paying off not one but TWO school bonds to pay for this taxpayer ripoff. TROY High School is really a creation of the teachers union that has been turned into a jobs program for its members at the expense of the taxpayers. Fullerton residents get to subsidize the teacher union jobs program and in return we get free massive increases in traffic and pollution. More disturbingly Troy also comes, at the expense of the well being of its students which is the real subject  of this article.

Troy really needs to be closed down and the property sold off to Cal State Fullerton in order to balance the budget and pay off the bonds. Fullerton taxpayers should not be footing the bill for this teacher’s union jobs program designed to educate students whose parents don’t bear the burden of paying the taxes to run the school.  The FJUHSD does not have enough students to fill Troy High School and that is why they in a sense, steal them from other districts. The burden is squarely placed on Fullerton residents to finance the education of students who don’t live in Fullerton.  Troy also siphons massive sums of money away from other schools in the District that desperately need them as evidenced by their condition. This should be stopped immediately.  The problem is the district (The FJUHSD) has had a school board that has remained unchanged for decades and they refuse to do anything but keep this and other scams going and the teachers union has hamstrung the voters for decades in Fullerton. Now the chickens are coming home to roost big time.

So you may think this magnet school idea seems ok on the surface-the idea to create a magnet school to draw in the brightest students from all over while at the same time accepting student enrollment from Fullerton students who are just normal teenagers. This filled the school to the brim with now over 40 students in each one of these over crowded poorly ventilated classrooms. This had allowed for Troy to achieve amazing results academically, but not without a cost. The pool of magnet students grew each year for years as this was one of the only schools like it around. The staff became increasingly adept at pushing harder and harder with insane homework loads and intense academic rigor. This is how they, in the past, garnered National acclaim, rankings and attention. It had a downside, however. It created the Troy Throwaways-students that were neglected, made fun of, pushed to the back of every line, and doors slammed on them when it came time for help.

Last year, Troy’s ranking tanked because other schools districts began taking back their students along with their attendance revenue as they have begun offering even better facilities and programs within walking distance from their homes instead of the one or two hour commutes that began at 4 am for some students. The once plentiful stock of the best and brightest students from all over has already begun to vanish. Troy’s trajectory continues down hill as it now desperately seeks to bring in any student with a pulse to fill the attendance revenue void regardless of academic ability. The district has now set its sights on pulling in any and all students from other districts such as Anaheim and other nearby cities. The FJUHSD has also begun actively seeking to increase its percentage of students on free lunch because student for student, they garner more attendance revenues. The district is also seeking to plug future deficits now in attempts to shore up their finances as the forecast is for more deficits for years to come. The jobs program at Troy is not sustainable and we are now gaining insight to just what may lie ahead as the district desperately tries to keep a failing ship afloat at all costs, especially to to those they ostensibly exist to serve-the students.

There is a chasm at Troy, a huge chasm between the academic haves and the have nots.  Now we have students not fitting into the high performing scholastic treated as “throw aways”. Were these students plotting the Columbine style attack Troy “Troy throw aways?

Troy has an ego and the staff at Troy have grown massive egos. To feed these egos, there must be constant attention directed at the IB and Tech students, driving them to the brink of insanity with level of academic rigor and homework loads whereby leaving the average students to fend for themselves, fail and fall of the face of the earth so to speak.

These tensions at Troy have been steadily increasing over the years resulting in a myriad of problems such as increases in teen pregnancy, illicit sexual activity, drug use, alcohol consumption, smoking, vaping, depression, even mental illness and attempted suicides.

Teachers brag and joke about sleep deprivation on social media while students confirm it as they fall asleep at at school in their zero and first periods. It was  made evidently clear to me while they arrived to be dropped off looking like they haven’t been to bed, which I have witnessed first hand for years protesting the schools policies out on the sidewalk in front of the school. Now we have the almost unthinkable happening. Today it was reported that students at Troy high school had allegedly threatened to shoot up the school in a manner bigger than Columbine.


S0, now two transfer students from Anaheim Hills are locked up for making the threats. What about the others involved? Why are they being so tight lipped about who was involved? Are there other plans for similar actions by other disgruntled students that are being cooked up below the radar? If things are bad enough for this group of kids, are there others secretly waiting in the wings ready to snap?

Why would children want to murder people at their own school? What drives children to such levels of desperation? Why Troy High School? What makes Troy High School so unique to where students express their intent to “shoot it up”?



This guy runs the pressure cooker and no those are not horns on his head. Troy principal Will Mynster


1.  Troy is a Pressure cooker for students. Just look at the Tech/IB programs- Troy’s are like no other —With high stakes on academic performance, the students are surrounded by others that are high achievers as they all are competing for grades. This results in staff having less interest in regular non-tech students (Troy throw-aways). Instead the focus and pressure increases every year on maintaining high rankings. Troys ego is a meat grinder that needs to be fed students every year being pushed harder and harder because it ranking keeps slipping down from the top 500 ranking. The focus is not and has NEVER BEEN on individual students but rather maintaining the school’s ranking.

2. The value of student is aligned with academic performance, not the character of the student nor the ability to perform to the best of their ability, whether that be a “B” or “C” average.  This is reinforced by demanding parents that also place value of their child on his/her academic achievement. Some parents “pink back” their students, or engage in other physical abuse them if they fail to excel. Throw that in with the adderall epidemic on campus which can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure.


3.  Troy High School is a system that places too much value on those that excel in STEM areas.  Other areas take a back seat and are not as valued.  This is all while STEM programs are disconnected from reality of job projections.  US citizens are competing w/tech jobs that have been going to foreign, cheaper labor.  This goes for UC college seats as well.  The colleges are filling seats to the higher paying foreign students, edging out US kids.  What is the future for kids graduating from college?  The road to nowhere is becoming crowded.

4. Many teachers are preoccupied with their salaries and are willing to protest for higher pay and, at the same time, shut the students, who should be their primary interest, out of the classrooms at lunch time and refuse to write letters of recommendation.  How is the teacher perceived by the student?  Does their pay come before the students? You bet it does.  Is school about paying salaries or educating students?  Now what is more unbelievable is that these myopic, ruthless teachers are unaware that the student/teacher relationship is being changed to a student/device relationship.

5. There is a Culture of Death at Troy especially in the artwork — two years of it.  Is this an expression of the students’ outlook on life?


6. Teachers are allowed to rig school elections, are guilty of “moral turpitude”, are allowed to continue teaching and disciplinary actions not followed through against them until they are made to. Remember Troy student Jacob Bigham, who blew the whistle on election fraud and got suspended? His parents had asked the Fullerton Joint Union High School District to consider expunging from his record his five-day suspension. No one ever got fired over it.

6.  One of the most serious problems in all of this crap at Troy is how the parents do not demand justice for their child. They simply allow the school administrators to keep making backroom deals with the parents so that the information never gets out.  For years in the Geokaris era “Stall & Call” was the mantra. Issues are ignored, parents are ignored and if they push hard enough, staff meets with them, placates them and the issue gets buried.

The father of stall and call Giokaris

7.  Let’s talk about bullying by school and teachers. Troy is a very hostile environment to people of faith, family values, and morals. It’s culture is extremely intolerant of other perspectives, labeling dissenters as “haters” thereby bullying those that do not agree. There is a husband and wife team at Troy who are literally obsessed with normalizing homosexuality on campus. Then we have the newspaper editor/ teacher who pushes transgenderism and alterative lifestyles as well.

Troy Oracle editor who is no one tp smile at who pushes her extremely radical liberal agendas at Troy

8.  Let’s talk about the Perpetuating of “moral relativism”. I wonder if the amount of moral relativism at Troy is in direct proportion to the number of alcoholics on the payroll at Troy. There have been cases of inappropriate behavior towards students that of course get swept under the rug. Well, we can talk about how the young girls at Troy are potentially being exploited by staff.

Just take a look at how this rally starts out days before this shooting plot was hatched at Troy. They actually make take the kids out of class and make them sit through this. Tell me if the way the official school editor of this You Tube channel decided to start this clip is not intentional. THESE ARE MINOR CHILDREN. Do you want your daughters shaking their ass like that on the internet while performing at school? Is this a dance routine or is it students auditioning to work at a strip club?  What kind of sicko pervert allowed this video to be clipped to start right with that scene? What kind attention are the school officials trying to attract? Do they want the perverts to start stalking the school?  Maybe the perverts already work at the school.  According to the Official Troy Dance channel “This channel is intended to promote and share the activities of Troy High School Dance Team, “Red Hots” ” I wonder if “Hot Rod” has anything to do with this?

Parents think they send their kids to school to learn. It puts the mindset to these young girls that you don’t need to use your brain but rather your body. What do you think this does to the boys at school? The school has a dress code for a reason. They don’t want the kids to put their business on display and yet what is this? The school dances are an atrocity as well.

9. Grade deflation at Troy is a huge problem. Students at Troy are victims of extremely ruthless and subjective grading tactics. The hours they put in for a C at Troy would get them an A+ at other schools. What do the students have to say about the teachers and grade deflation? Let’s look at just one teacher who runs the school newspaper and see what her students have to say about her from rate my teacher. Yes it is her again.



10.  The subject of chronic microwave exposure at Troy involving unprecedented levels of wireless radiation has been shown to cause all kids of physiological problems, and psychological problems such as depression, and is especially harmful to children. Troy High School has sheet metal walls inside the classrooms which exponentially increase the radiation levels and a PTA and a staff that are guilty of harming students.

COMPLAINT against Troy High School PTSA (Fullerton, CA) and California Fourth District PTA for non-responsiveness to member communication and active role in funding wireless radiation exposure impacting the health and well being of students and teachers at Troy High School

Seeking to influence FJUHSD parents and school officials to irradiate all Troy High School students and teachers


Troy teacher Jesse Knowles hosts “junk science” presentation


Through a document obtained in a California Public Records Act Request, it has been learned that on August 14, 2013, Mr.  Jesse Knowles, a Troy High School teacher hosted a meeting in his home in which a “Dr.  Ramone” made a presentation to FJUHSD parents as well as other district staff not limited to Troy Principal and Assistant Principal, Amy Avina and Danielle Kenfield.  As the document states, the purpose of the meeting was to “provide an opportunity for interested parents to hear a different viewpoint.”  Per the document, the presentation was to address another parent’s research, Mr.  Joe Imbriano.


A copy of the presentation was provided to Board Members.   Other FJUHSD school officials may have been in attendance.  Knowles’ residence is next door to Mr.  Imbriano, a parent who has been outspoken in voicing the health hazards of wireless radiation, unnatural EMFs, and who was denied by the Acacia School PTA access to share this information with its’ membership.  This is pertinent as FJUHSD was considering installing Wi-Fi throughout all of its’ campuses, affecting the health and well being of a population of approximately 15,000 people, most adolescents.

The 36-page presentation, dated 8/14/2013, was titled EMF-U, Electromagnetic Field University.  Although no name appears on the document, we assume the author to be Dr.  Ramone, as he is the presenter.

Troy staff members have recklessly and knowingly allowed for the deployment of wireless systems in classrooms with metal walls despite almost 4 years of protest, public awareness campaigns

and testimony at board meetings as we explained and pleaded with the district not to do this. 2016 was the first year the systems were deployed at the entire campus. Troy now has deployed extremely powerful microwave communications systems in the classrooms with metal walls. This is the equivalent of a microwave oven.

Perhaps this incident is a direct result of Will Mynster’s and Laura Rubio’s exploits involving cramming 40 students into each room that have sheet metal walls at Troy which has deployed powerful WiFi access points the size of pizza boxes on the ceilings combined with 70 wireless devices in use per classroom (35 cell phones the kids never turn off and the 35 school issued chrome books)  combined with the absolutely inhumane homework loads, horrific academic pressure, sleep deprivation, teachers and counselors that don’t give a crap, combined with bizarre sex ed, Godless common core curriculum and the chasm. This is a recipe for some real psychological problems to arise and low and behold cops and news crews all over Troy because some kids finally got pushed over the edge. You don’t forgo the well being of the students for perceived academic benefit EVER.

11. How about the emptiest part of it all? Godlessness. Troy officials forbid the word “JESUS” to be spoken on campus. Troy has failed thousands of students. These children are taught abject lies, that life is an accident, that there is no God, to question their genders,  and to not question authority. The net result is the mindset that all that matters are their GPA’s, the cars they drive, their college path, their career and all the while as they are encouraged to be sex crazed, doped up on energy drinks and adderall, and who knows what else just so they can graduate.

12. Troy officials, counselors and teachers put down students who are to be attending Fullerton Junior College as if they were too good for them. In additions, students would be weeded out and renditioned to other schools who were not performing and jeopardizing the reputation and it would happen overnight. One day they would be in class and the next day, they were gone. Teachers verbally put down students over their performance in front of other students.

Troy High School is a ticking time bomb hell hole ladies and gentlemen. COULD THIS HAPPEN AT TROY? DID THIS ALMOST HAPPEN AT TROY?



Fullerton’s Troy High School never becomes America’s newest Columbine –




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  1. #1 by Anon on February 6, 2017 - 8:55 pm

    Joe, I guess this is why your child was attending Troy instead of the high school for which your house is zoned for right? Honestly, this was extremely saddening and shocking. There is literally so many extracurriculars, clubs and activities that there is something for EVERYONE to feel very welcome and a part of. Troy is PARENT and STUDENT ranked #2 Best Public High School in California for a reason. Also, for most the kids that enter the Tech and IB programs it is literally the first time in their educational careers that they feel challenged and happy sitting in a classroom. Why shouldn’t there be at least one high school dedicated to gathering enough students together of fairly equal ability to be able to raise the bar in the classroom? These kids also deserve to have their needs met with curriculum that allows them to have to work for it. I’ve always found the teachers and administration extremely supportive and encouraging. I’ve tried to be nice to you on this site and others and I’m honestly disappointed with you exploiting this tragic occurrence for this post of yours. I can’t even find you funny anymore.

    • #2 by Joe Imbriano on February 7, 2017 - 7:50 am

      There is nothing funny about anything posted in this article. These are serious problems, all of which you along with the alcoholic staffers at Troy ignore. Niche rankings are extremely subjective and mean nothing especially to the kids from Anaheim Hills that wanted to commit a mass murder on campus. To be honest with you, the potential for this happening again is now greater than ever because not one thing has come from this incident except continuing the status quo at Troy. The teachers and staff at Troy are to blame for standing back and let everything mentioned in this article continue fast forward. It is just a matter of time unless people that run the school and work there look in the mirror and realize what they are taking part in.

  2. #3 by Anon on February 6, 2017 - 11:38 pm

    Also, since there are so many cut and paste articles here let me give you a link to actual statistics for our Nation’s gifted, who generally, except for A VERY FEW schools have very much been forgotten. http://www.davidsongifted.org/Search-Database/entry/A10398
    This literally could go on for days.
    And ya Joe, talk about hypothetically shooting yourself in the foot. The only reason houses around here are valued at the level they are is BECAUSE of Troy and the desperate parents trying to save their kids from a system that completely fails the gifted for the most part. You should be bringing Troy administration and staff cookies and flowers instead protesting and bashing them at every given opportunity.

    • #4 by realtor.com on February 7, 2017 - 10:13 am

      Troy is not the reason for the home values being what they are in east Fullerton. 92835 medians are way up compared to 92831. Commoditization of real estate began in late 1999 with the repeal of The Glass Steagall act. Fullerton is desirable simply because of the climate and crime rate. The schools are not the driving force.

    • #5 by Anon on February 7, 2017 - 10:38 am

      Joe, Even the news reporters had a hard time working up this story because most of the kids they tried to interview said they felt very positive about their school and felt safe.

      • #6 by Anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 11:33 am

        Do you think that kids would speak their minds in an environment that has no tolerance, labels them “haters” for going against the indoctrination?

        Pressure & retribution from peers, admin & teachers keep any dissenting opinions in check, silences free speech.

        Can you imagine the blow back to a student that came out and spoke a truth that was not in concert with Troy’s image?

        In order to perpetuate an image and do damage control, you will work to silence the those speaking unfavorable truths.

        Troy’s image at all costs — even when a Columbine red flag, that could have resulted in an unknown number of victims, goes up.

        • #7 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 9:28 pm

          Let’s just face the honest truth. Not all minds are created on the same wave length and they shouldn’t be. The fact of the matter is that we pick one type according to current standards that is destined to succeed when the fact of the matter is all mind types are all needed in society. Otherwise , they would not exist. A one size fits all is not a system that has ever worked or ever will. Other nations that are outscoring us have already figured this out.

  3. #8 by Anonymous on February 6, 2017 - 11:58 pm

    Anon different parents and students can have different personal experiences that justify different opinions about a school. What can’t be denied is that the school was going to hard wire all the classrooms for internet access and then a new superintendent came on board and made a 180 degree turn around and reversed that decision and has now put Wifi routers throughout Troy and all the other HS is the district. This was a very bad and foolish decision by the district.

  4. #9 by Anon on February 7, 2017 - 12:25 am

    It’s easy to assume that for extremely bright young pupils, life in the classroom is a snap. But when conventional school curricula fail to stimulate their hungry young brains, leaving them bored and stymied, these kids may get lost in the system. Some end up with C averages and slip into truancy, and many may never blossom to their full potential. It’s a big loss for lots of reasons, including the fact that these precocious kids represent a unique pool of talent for generating new ideas and innovations. And because of inadequate policies, we may be losing opportunities to nurture the Henry Fords and Marie Curies of the future.

    Intellectually talented kids “don’t get the attention of policymakers,” said psychology professor David Lubinski of Vanderbilt University. “But if you’re trying to solve problems in the world like climate change and terrorism and STEM innovation, and transportation and managing our healthcare, you want intellectually precocious youth who have had their intellectual needs met.”

    Lubinski calls gifted kids — the U.S. has an estimated 3 million academically gifted K-12 students — a “precious human-capital resource.” He and colleague Camilla Benbow co-direct the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY), a decades-long project tracking more than 5,000 gifted individuals, mostly identified through talent search programs that put them through SAT testing at age 12 or 13. Founded in 1971 at Johns Hopkins University by talent-search pioneer Julian Stanley, SMPY has yielded a trove of insights into who gifted children are and what they need from schools.

    Some recruits were rare “scary smart” kids ranking in the top 1 in 10,000 in math or verbal reasoning skills. In a report last year, Vanderbilt postdoctoral researcher Harrison Kell, Lubinski, and Benbow checked up on 320 of these profoundly gifted people at age 38. About 44 percent had earned an M.D., Ph.D., or law degree, in contrast to the 2 percent of the U.S. population that holds a doctoral degree. Many had high-powered careers, ranging from doctors and software engineers to artists and leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

    Gifted students who miss out on accelerated learning opportunities still do well above average, but don’t accomplish as much later in life, Lubinski said. That’s a “huge waste of talent,” he said.
    “We were surprised at the magnitude of the accomplishments, even for the top 1 in 10,000,” Lubinski said. “We had no idea that over 7 percent would have tenure at a major research university. We had no idea that so many would be well supported by grants or be CEOs of major organizations, partners in major law firms.”

    Not all was smooth sailing, though. Profoundly gifted students were able to rapidly master new information, but schools often couldn’t accommodate their pace, the researchers noted; teachers often focused on helping the slow learners in the classroom instead. That’s a potential recipe for frustration and underachievement. Other analyses from SMPY suggest that intellectually talented kids don’t live up to their full promise unless challenged with more difficult course material.

    For instance, gifted students who got a high “dose” of advanced and enriched learning activities in STEM areas (such as AP classes, taking college courses in high school, science fairs) were roughly twice as likely to earn a Ph.D. and tenure in a STEM field by their early 30s than those who got a low dose. Meanwhile, in another study published last year, Lubinski’s team tracked 1,020 young students who were advanced in math and compared those who skipped a grade with those who had not. “In every comparison, in every cohort, a greater proportion of grade skippers earned doctoral degrees, STEM Ph.D.s, STEM publications, and patents” — and at an earlier age, the researchers write.

    Gifted students who miss out on accelerated learning opportunities still do well above average, but don’t accomplish as much later in life, Lubinski said. That’s a “huge waste of talent,” he said.


    SMPY holds important lessons not just for the exceptionally bright, but for all students: Kids learn optimally from “a curriculum that moves at their pace and is at the appropriate depth for their rate of learning,” Lubinski said. “If it goes too fast, they’re going to be frustrated. If it goes too slow, they’re going to be bored…. One size does not fit all.” Individual students vary widely in how fast they learn, even among the top 1 percent of intellectual talent, he said.

    Public school systems generally haven’t embraced accelerated learning strategies. Grade skipping is not always ideal partly because of concerns that a budding young genius may not be socially or emotionally ready for an older classroom. Some worry about the lasting harm if a child gets picked on a lot or has trouble making friends. However, in a survey of SMPY participants at age 33, they reported having no regrets about skipping grades in high school or engaging in other activities to speed up their education, Lubinski said. Grade-skipping is good for certain bright kids who are gifted across all academic subjects and mature enough to handle it, he said; but if a child is super-smart at math and average in other areas, other options for acceleration are more ideal.

    Accelerated learning opportunities have been “a real salvation” for some gifted students who were so bored in school, they had nothing to look forward to, said Joyce VanTassel-Baska, education professor emerita at the College of William and Mary. For example, fast-paced residential summer programs for bright kids are often places where “for the first time they found friends, for the first time they had a challenge in terms of their academic diet,” she said.

    But government support for gifted education programs has been scarce in the U.S. Education funding understandably goes to kids with learning disabilities, and while special ed programs deserve every penny they get, VanTassel-Baska said, in many places “gifted students are being cheated out of an appropriate education.” By failing to identify and support these very high-potential students, “we are shooting ourselves in the foot.” Other countries, such as in East Asia, have a clear vision for providing programs for gifted children as part of their national mission, she said.

    As Lubinski pointed out, in today’s competitive global economy, “we have to develop our exceptional human capital.” Even though SMPY shows it’s possible to find the young math and verbal whizzes who are most likely to achieve great works, he noted, the U.S. does poorly at identifying kids with a knack for visualizing objects in the mind’s eye — a skill important for inventors, architects, dentists, and orthopedic surgeons. Such “spatially talented” children gravitate to metal shop or home economics classes, but they aren’t getting the robotics or advanced lab courses they need to take off. As a result, Lubinski said, “We are missing modern-day Thomas Edisons and Henry Fords.”


  5. #11 by Former Troy parent on February 7, 2017 - 10:51 am

    Gifted programs at all costs?

    Do you argue for serving the academic needs of gifted students at the expense of all? Is it okay to foster an environment with extreme pressure on the kids?

    Troy is an unhealthy place for kids. This has happened slowly over time. Two of my children graduated from Troy, the youngest a few years ago. The school admin, district superintendent, trustees, teachers do not care about the kids. Parents that raise any issue are ignored, shoved to the side.

    The Troy environment would be laughable, a black comedy, if there was not so much harm being done to the kids.

    This has been a long time coming and this is another wake up call to parents.

    Face the facts — students were conspiring to commit mass murder at Troy.

    The Troy environment is not defensible and can NEVER be justified in terms of perceived academic excellence.

    • #12 by Anon on February 7, 2017 - 11:26 am

      Gifted programs at all cost? What are you even even talking about? Do you even know how hard it is to keep a gifted child engaged? Tell me where else are these kids supposed to go? How many gifted schools are there? This is not even a technically gifted school. I guess it would be ok with you if these bright minds were to just kept lonely, sitting in the corner sticking out like sore thumbs with boxes of higher level work that the other parents could complain that their kids were not getting. Honestly, you have no idea. These kids NEED this program. Is it really that bad in the non tech portion of the school? I’m sure those teachers are just as passionate and proud of their students.

      • #13 by Anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 11:40 am

        The answer is NOT to create and then foster an environment that is harmful to kids.

        If you have the students’ best interests in mind, scholastic, health, and well being needs would all be met. None of these would have to be sacrificed to the other.

        That’s the point, this school is broken. Having kids’ go off their rails, wanting to kill others, is symptomatic of where things are at Troy.

        • #14 by Anon on February 7, 2017 - 12:28 pm

          Not going to argue with you there. All kids needs should be met. All kids deserve to have their chance to shine and be recognized and encouraged for their passions. If that is something we need to improve on then let’s work on that together. There is no need to be pitted against each other. Please also recognize that there really is a high need for higher level classrooms both on an academic and emotional base. People wouldn’t be driving 4 hours a day back and fourth to school, or spending $630,000 on a 1500 sq ft broken down house if there wasn’t. We are all in this together.

          • #15 by Anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 2:01 pm

            Unless the parents and the students have been sold a bill of goods.

            • #16 by Anon on February 7, 2017 - 2:47 pm

              Ya, I’m pretty sure there are no bill of goods being sold. This school really is as fantastic as it’s ratings. And to be fair stop the, in this case possible, victims blaming. They never even said what the kids motives were. Don’t jump to conclusions.

            • #17 by a mom on February 7, 2017 - 3:32 pm

              Roman Schulze, Jesse Knowles, Michelle Knowles, and Michelle Garden, are all responsible for the Troy metal wall irradiation and the health harms to the children at Troy. They sold it to them.

              • #18 by look at these evil people on February 7, 2017 - 3:55 pm

              • #19 by a mom on February 7, 2017 - 5:07 pm

                Technology is more important than the kids, even their own.

      • #20 by Anonymous on February 8, 2017 - 12:09 pm

        It appears to me that you are in a serious case of denial as well as a serial boot licker…are you sure that you aren’t employed by the FJUSD?

        I honestly think that you must be blinded by your faith in the school system not to acknowledge the excellent points of light that Mr. Imbriano is trying to provide the parents of Fullerton students.

        • #21 by Anon on February 8, 2017 - 2:11 pm

          I’m sure you are just trolling me but I’ll answer you anyway just because I don’t feel the need to let you delegitimize my thoughts. No, I am not employed by the school district. In fact, I am so worn out having to fight through the public school system for 20 years that I avoid having anything to do with it at all costs. The teachers and staff wouldn’t know me by face if I bumped into them anywhere. In fact, I didn’t walk into this happily or with much faith that a public school would be able to get this right. After research, this was just the best option available. I’m just offering one parent’s HONEST opinion. In my experience on the academic, social and emotional support of students the administration, teachers and staff at Troy have gone above and beyond and they have more than proven they ARE worthy of the top ratings they have. Sorry I can’t begin to try to pretend I know a thing about wireless. We are just trying to get an education here.

          • #22 by Anonymous on February 8, 2017 - 5:26 pm

            No, I’m not trolling you, and nor am certainly not trying to invalidate your thoughts or opinions, however I am trying to understand your lack of comprehending the points that Mr. Imbriano is making.

            A) Why are Fullerton taxpayers paying Teachers and Administrators salaries and funding their retirements to educate over half the children that go to Troy that live outside of the district? Would you like it if the sports teams from other cities to use the Fullerton parks which were built and paid and are maintained by Fullerton residents taxes?


            B) I understand that you’re not well versed on WiFi radiation, however would you really want to risk putting your child inside of a microwave oven and bombarding them with radiation for 6 hours a day just because the people that benefit from it’s use tell you it’s perfectly safe? Did those same people share with you about the cases of brain cancers that have been traced to students and staff at Troy?

            C) Did you not read the students ratings of the Teachers at Troy when they have their anonymity to express their true feelings? There are many other Teachers at Troy besides Ms. Cheney that the students harbor serious resentments about , and if your a rational person you should understand that resentment leads to anger which leads to depression, or RAD. Do you honestly believe that that’s healthy emotional environment?

            • #23 by Anon on February 8, 2017 - 6:14 pm

              I don’t know how to answer what seems to be resentment to educating our nation’s students. Maybe it helps to think that one of these kids just might be the one that saves your or a loved ones life one day. What the school has provided is the best answer currently available to that half of the student population. It’s not the kids’ or parents’ fault that they have to drive 4 hours a day to have their needs met. But that is how desperate of a situation this is for some people. That’s something that needs to be looked at within the system as a whole from elementary level and above.
              As far as the teacher ratings, they are teenagers after all. They can hem and haw online all they want most of them are loving every minute of actually being challenged and respect their teachers for providing that.
              I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Joe’s concerns.

              • #24 by Anonymous on February 9, 2017 - 9:55 am

                Being dismissve of your child because they’re a teenager is dangerous ground.

                Just ask the Mother of the teen age girl in Riverside whose Teacher was pulling her from other Teachers classes in order to molest her.

                I’m consoled by the fact that at least one Mother’s was in tune with her teenager, and acted quickly and decisively so that other students wouldn’t have to fall prey to this predator.

                • #25 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 12:29 pm

                  I tend to think of this more of it as training for the real world. You aren’t always going to like your boss but you have to learn how to make it work. You also have to remember, up until this point most of these kids were never pushed to use their abilities in the way typical kids get pushed everyday in school. These kids are getting a crash course on resilience. Learning and reaping the benefits that having to focus, work hard, fail and get back can only teach. Some of the kids have had to work really hard to get to this point. Neither are going to appreciate or see the benefits, at first, of that B or C.
                  That sick situation in Riverside is a completely different topic than being mad because not every paper you turn in is an A right now.

                  • #26 by Anonymous on February 9, 2017 - 7:46 pm

                    That is a very old, tired way of looking at this.

                    You sound as if you are in your eighties, with a Protestant work ethic to match.

                    What you put forth, driving kids to the brink in the name of ‘resilience’ is not healthy. Is that what happened to these kids that wanted to commit mass murder at Troy?

                  • #28 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 7:58 pm

                    So while Troy may or may not have intended to become that beacon of hope in this desperate time to the gifted community, that is exactly what they have become. I, for one, thank them for this.

  6. #30 by Anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 11:34 am

    You are kidding right? Gifted, more like mind controlled.


    • #31 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 2:00 pm

      Also, for anyone interested on researching the TRUE importance of the school’s program and why someone would move or drive four hours to drop their kids off at school I invite you to PLEASE feel free to research here:

      • #32 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 6:04 pm

        Some people are cooking the books with a lot of investment in tutors and good hard work (which there is nothing wrong with and they benefit society regardless ) and some people are just desperately trying to get their kids to actually love being at school and learn what it is like to have to work after being let down by the system all of the elementary years. That’s the truth.

        • #33 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 7:18 pm


          • #34 by Anonymous on February 9, 2017 - 7:55 pm

            I think you are so attached to Troy that you cannot bear to have it criticized. I don’t think you are a troll, just that you cannot face the reality of what has gone on and is going on at Troy.

            Remember, Troy kids were planning to murder fellow students and you don’t seem to really be concerned with that.

            • #35 by Anon on February 9, 2017 - 9:08 pm

              #31 I can’t deny, after 20 years of being completely disappointed in the education system (with a proven gifted minded child), having had a school actually meet the needs of a child would cause extreme loyalty to the school. However, if it were the athletic program that this kid was involved with (and even that is not confirmed but speculated at this point by others) and if it the the threats were that serious, why are there reports from commentators on FPD facebook that the kids were released?

              • #36 by Anonymous on February 10, 2017 - 9:30 am

                ” . . . if it the the threats were that serious, why are there reports from commentators on FPD facebook that the kids were released?”

                Really? So, let’s just all put our heads back in the sand and march on.

                You appear desperate and your ‘loyalty’ is pathologic.

                • #37 by Anon on February 10, 2017 - 12:36 pm

                  I don’t know how the kids received their transfers, to tell you the truth it doesn’t even matter, but I think it’s been confirmed that they were NOT a part of the Tech/IB program. The way Joe worded his post makes me think he knows they weren’t even a part of the program. So why immediately tag the program as the issue? No one knows the issue(s) that led up to this. This is all just speculation.

                  • #38 by Anonymous on February 10, 2017 - 12:52 pm

                    You are evaluating this matter in a vacuum, refusing to acknowledge other statements, experiences.

                    Your ‘loyalty is pathologic.”

                    • #39 by Anon on February 10, 2017 - 1:24 pm

                      Look, I’m too tired from actually worrying and doing years of extensive research about getting through the failing school system to even entertain researching the nonsense. Keyboard diagnose me and call me whatever you like. Makes no difference to me.

  7. #40 by Anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 11:41 am

    More gifted Troy students laughing at their own demise. Joe, why do you even bother with these people? Even their parents were making fun of it all. How do you defend these teachers? https://thefullertoninformer.com/troy-oracle-at-it-again-as-they-maneuver-the-students-against-the-taxpayers-and-turn-their-back-on-the-students/

  8. #41 by Gifted mind control subjects on February 7, 2017 - 11:42 am

  9. #42 by FJUHSD trustees responsible on February 7, 2017 - 12:54 pm

    Wireless radiation harm evidence is coming to your school soon.

    “They are going through bodies as well as buildings inducing electrical currents. The EMFs are compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time while changing frequencies as well as increasing voltages in the body.”

    Wi-Fi Can’t Be Ruled Out Causing Mystery Illness Affecting Staff, Students & Parents At Arlington Independent School District In Texas

    February 7, 2017

    This link was sent to us asking for an opinion on the mystery illnesses in their schools. Look at the news reporting including testing for problems, a reported 60 teachers and staff, plus students and parents impacted. They report teacher’s passing out and one teacher resigned with more wanting transfers.

    The first question for the school was whether they had Wi-Fi and the answer was yes. Regardless of other tests done, Wi-Fi RF EMFs are fast-moving, highly penetrating electromagnetic fields. They are going through bodies as well as buildings inducing electrical currents. The EMFs are compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time while changing frequencies as well as increasing voltages in the body.

    Other applicable professionals need to expand on this for what it means in their area of expertise, our job was substantiating the electrical mechanisms with an EMF. RF EMFs require an electrical interpretation first, the frequency is the speed of the Electromagnetic Field(EMF)


    Here is my email to the reporter yesterday:

    Hello Charlotte(Huffman):

    Thanks for your reporting on the Mystery School Illness. It isn’t a popular job but an important one to represent the best interests of all. I am not contacting you with an agenda except to help isolate the problem.
    I was sent the link to your reporting by an elected official in Washington State. That official had heard me doing an interview on the real dangers of wireless smart meters and Wi–Fi. Politicians in their own areas were being dismissive of Wi–Fi causing harm when it is extremely dangerous as applied. While they call Wi–Fi wireless communication, they aren’t representing that Wi–Fi is fast-moving, highly penetrating electromagnetic fields used for communication.

    One of my jobs as a professor is lecturing magnetic fields and the dangers of EMFsin accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. I was on the Texas PUC’s Expert Panel on Smart Meters which used 2 frequencies in the meter. I provided written evidence for the Texas Senate Committee related to the same. I was a Registered Intervener in a utility application for smart meters and those meters had a Wi–Fi antenna as well. I led our team finding the causal link between the RF EMFs as applied and reported through Health Canada before providing expert witness for Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health.

    I also had to substantiate the harm before it was accepted for lecture for CMEcredits. You may have heard some of the controversy on wireless as applied but there is no controversy. Wi–Fi frequencies are fast-moving EMFs that are going through bodies from head to toe. Exposure codes admit they trigger nerves and the reason people are NOT supposed to be hit by the EMFs. The EMFs are inducing electrical currents into bodies and causing symptoms across the board. During the cross-examination of an electrical engineer he admitted the Wi–Fi frequency in their meter was 2.45 GHz. That means the EMFs will expand and collapse in the body including the brain 4.9 billion times per measurable second. Here is our news and includes the letter written for the elected official. It is important you see the science used to say the RF EMFs are not hurting teachers or students. It is a plastic head with water in it and I would bet a dollar none of the teachers, students and parents have a plastic head.



    As a technical troubleshooting teams for governments, industry, insurers and including difficult diagnosis, Wi–Fi can NOT be ruled out. This technology was never tested or went through any regulatory process. That was part of our 10,000 plus hour investigation.

    I can’t qualify the years of work in an email but it can not be left out. I will add that it has been embarrassing to watch political and self interests try to protect themselves when this is really an assault with an extremely dangerous weapon as applied. It does compromise the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time with zero margin of error.

    My heart goes out to the people of the community and officials trying to deal with something including a technology they were told was safe. I look forward to any questions including challenges. The SAR test for Wi–Fi left out the routers bathing the classrooms in EMFs and they don’t believe there are health effects because the plastic head has no biology.


    Professor Curtis Bennett

    Chief, IHF Science Advisory Board(14,000 members)
    Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits
    Thermal Radiation Consultant for 37 Years
    Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
    Building Engineering Technologist

    • #43 by Anonymous on February 12, 2017 - 8:09 pm

      Jesse Knowles had a brain tumor. Is it from wireless exposure do you think? He always had his blue tooth on his ear. I know in the room he has spent years working in at Troy, there are a lot of electronics. I know he has several systems in his huge home. It is all full of gadgets, Tvs even in the bathrooms. He would show off his gadgets all the time when we would come over for parties after the games. This is all just so unnecessary and really sad.

  10. #44 by Anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 2:31 pm

    Jesse Knowles is the school technology nut who is in love with wireless and had a brain tumor removed recently. Did you know that?

    • #45 by anonymous on February 7, 2017 - 5:14 pm

      He holds the position of District Technology Chair and should be charged with criminal assault.

      He can’t break free from his religion of technology to save his life, literally. He probably has his cell phone glued to his head at this moment. He can’t face the reality himself so you can’t expect him face the reality for other people’s children and his fellow teachers.

      • #46 by How long? on February 8, 2017 - 11:48 am

        The students’ best interests are subordinated to all others.

        How long do you think this school has until a major meltdown occurs?

  11. #47 by Anonymous on February 8, 2017 - 9:52 am

    I was a student at Troy in the 1990’s. I’m conflicted as to which is more corrupt, Troy High, or Fullerton City Hall?

    Many Troy students are afraid to tell their parents what really goes on there. That’s because any reasonable adult just might go ballistic, so kids tend to keep their mouth shut. Also, students obsessed with academic achievement and acceptance at a high profile university never speak up either. They fear Troy having a bad rap will derail their plans for college, so once again, nothing gets reported.

    Not every faculty member was corrupt, but I’ll tell you what was “status quo” in those days. For the current Troy students reading this, I’d LOVE to know if these things (or anything close to them) continue today.

    – Teachers having sex with students. One teacher was convicted of sodomy with a minor, which, surprise, was never covered by the Orange County Register or television news!

    – Teachers drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes near the baseball field, even sharing the latter with students. I know this because a teacher offered me a cigarette. I also saw a beer cooler, lid removed, in the back of one teacher’s car.

    – Teachers physically assaulting students. I personally witnessed it twice: In a fit of rage, a male teacher/coach punched a special ed student (who had Down Syndrome) in the chest inside the weight training room. Another time, a female English teacher got into a fight with a female student and pinned the girl against the chalkboard by her neck. After realizing what she had done, the teacher went next door and got a now-deceased football coach/substitute teacher. They went into the side storage room, closed the door, and conspired on a FALSE story that the student instigated the fight. My desk was closest to the storage room inside the classroom and I overheard the entire conversation. The female student (the victim) was suspended for five days.

    – Troy required expensive graphing calculators for math. TI-82 model or something like that. A couple dozen of us had our calculators stolen. Within a few weeks, they had an idea of who was responsible and forcefully opened a student’s locker. A friend who witnessed the locker search said graphing calculators fell out of it like candy from a piñata. Weeks, then months, passed and we heard nothing from the administration about getting our calculators back. They said identifying the owners was difficult because the serial numbers had been removed. One day I’m sitting in math class when a classmate yelled out that the teacher was using his stolen calculator. You guessed it, at least some of our stolen calculators ended up in the hands of faculty. No explanation, no apology, and nobody held accountable.

    – There was fraud and cheating to keep test scores inflated. Faculty either tolerated it or helped make it happen. I witnessed at least one teacher accepting bribes from a parent. I believe it’s the 400 building(?) with classrooms that face the service road. I used to wait in this area to be picked up after school, and one day, my ride was really late. Some kid’s father pulled up in a high-end Mercedes and went to one of the classrooms carrying his checkbook. I knew this didn’t look right, so I waited closer to the open classroom door and eavesdropped on the conversation. The man’s son or daughter was struggling and they discussed what improvements were needed. Nothing out of line so far. Then, the brown-nosing began. He tried to flatter the teacher by saying she was his kid’s favorite, and on and on. The conversation shifted to where the teacher (probably 23 or 24 at the time) went to college. She insinuated her student loans were huge. Without missing a beat, he offered to make a “donation” toward her loan repayment because she meant so much to his kid. He wrote a check and she thanked him profusely. He didn’t ask (nor did the teacher offer) higher grades in return, but come on. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what the “donation” was intended to accomplish.

    A number of friends had suspicions of fraud by other teachers. I’m not clear on the specifics because I wasn’t in those classes. All I remember hearing is that certain students’ class grades were mathematically impossible based on their test and assignment scores throughout the semester. (i.e. you can’t finish with a B if all of your class work received a C, D, or F)

    We didn’t have cell phones in those days. I would have called the police myself on a few different occasions if we did. There was no campus police officer at the time, and when we tried to tell administrators of things we witnessed or suspected were wrong, a couple of them literally laughed in our faces. One threatened us with Saturday School for “making up lies”.

    I can’t even begin to describe the feelings of helplessness. It was truly miserable being a student there.

    • #48 by Anonymous on February 8, 2017 - 5:02 pm

      The Troy athletic department is riddled with alcoholism. The teachers at Troy, many of whom I know, are alcoholics. Alcoholics have terrible mood swings, horrible ups and downs, exercise all around bad judgement, and can negatively influence student emotions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this combined with the other factors mentioned here, in some cases, is capable of pushing them to the brink. What is odd about this whole ordeal is the surreal silence about the true motivations of this group of kids from Anaheim Hills.

      They are keeping a lid on this because the problem is much bigger than they want to admit.

      • #49 by Anonymous on February 10, 2017 - 10:02 am

        You know for years I have had to sit back and watch the Troy coach/teacher who takes his family to the swim club on Dorothy in the summer. He brings in his own alcohol against swim club policy, drinks it in front of the children, in plastic cups, and gets sauced. He and his friends have turned a family place into an open bar. To top it all off, his wife, who is Fullerton teacher, does nothing and then allows him to drive his truck home DRUNK! Others bring alcohol in too but the point I am making is these people are supposed to be role modeling for our children.

    • #50 by Anonymous on February 10, 2017 - 7:13 am

      This is criminal behavior, child abuse, embezzlement, and so much more. Did you ever report any of this to the police?

  12. #51 by Anonymous on February 8, 2017 - 5:51 pm

    That video is just unacceptable. Troy cheer is run by a bunch of degenerates. Shameful presentation and portrayal of young girls. Who is the choreographer responsible for those moves?

    • #52 by Exploitation of Minors on February 9, 2017 - 8:32 am

      These girls are being exploited by the school.

      • #53 by Anonymous on February 9, 2017 - 8:19 pm

        Yes they are and they don’t even know it.

  13. #54 by Anonymous on February 8, 2017 - 8:51 pm

    Not to get off topic, but what are they feeding these girls in that video? When I was in high school back in the 70’s, the cheerleaders didn’t come so thick.

  14. #55 by Anonymous on February 10, 2017 - 1:11 am

    Troy is a not a great school contrary to what many people think. My daughter had high hopes, high grades, and aspirations until she was harassed by her teacher. This particular teacher was using his Facebook page to communicate with his students. Another student in his class that year went on to win a state championship for a specific competition and yet this teacher failed her in his class and gave her an F. This female student was also the subject of what my daughter referred to as what could be considered unwanted advances. I don’t know what the outcome was with the parents. I know they went to the district. I tend to think like Joe points out that they just sweep things under the rug. BTW the teacher still works at Troy.

    Another practice that continues to this day is the writing of letters of recommendation. If a teacher doesn’t like you or your child, you can rest assured that they will probably be cast in a poor light on these letters. Guess who does the letters? She should be fired but she still works there as well.

    Do you remember the asbestos abatement that went on WHILE school was in session? How about all the cancers with staff?

  15. #56 by It's up to the parents on February 10, 2017 - 9:34 am

    “Too many schools aren’t just schools any more. Some are mini-gulags.
    Some schools knead mushy minds like clay … and glaze kids with a special finish no one asked for … because too many parents are just too easy to blindside. Easily sucker-punched. Because they expect schools to look like the schools of not-so-long ago … you know, places where kids learned to add and read and make pals. And memories.

    They expected wrong. Here’s why.

    Some kids are actually “kid”-napped … by gallsy-ballsy social justice evangelists who think it’s their civic duty to baptize children into their hare krishna-ed congregation. They’re the anti-apostles … preferring their brand of not-so-free will to any other adult influence. And parents have no role. And almost no awareness. The true-believers have it all covered.

    It’s up to parents to sniff out what’s happening.

    And they’d better glare these folks straight in the eye … because they think your kid’s easy to pied-pipe. A cinchy challenge. Because kids trust adults … and in schools … adults are gods.

    Ten years ago … before I was vacuumed into this Common Core nightmare … I met an uncanny lady with a mesmerizing sense of sarcasm. A highly credentialed nurse, a road-runner, and as politically aware as they come.

    And she was a shield-maiden. A shield-banger. Tough.

    She had three kids deep in the high school thing … and a caboose-baby back in elementary school. All in story-book public schools.
    But the stories she heard from her kids troubled her. So she troubled herself to find out all she could.

    Suppertime was her “deprogramming hour”. Her term, not mine. She dug into her kids’ brains as they dug into her dinners.

    She knew everything about every teacher … their reputations, their politics, and their scholarship. And that mattered to her. She kept to that dinner ritual as religiously as teenage schedules would allow … and nothing slipped by her. Nothing.

    She knew of every assignment and project … scanned the classroom radar-blips. And when she sensed teachers or administrators crossing her line in the sand, she’d pound her shield and sprint into battle … armed to the teeth with irrefutable facts and crystal clear logic. Unusual lady.

    She’s not so unique anymore.

    Vigilant parents sense what’s going on. And lots are now steel-spined … and unafraid to lock horns with any adult that tries to put a top-spin on their kid.
    But these social justice pushers are bolder than ever … because they sense a ripe atmosphere for their social sermonizing. And today’s headlines are in-your-face proof of their arrogance.

    “Rochester School District Designates ‘Black Lives Matter at School’ Day”
    “Copiague Teachers Kneel During Pledge on Trump Inauguration Day, Sparking Probe”
    “Philly Teachers Plan Black Lives Matter Week — Not All Are Happy”
    “Bassett Unified Declares all Campuses as Safe, Sanctuary Schools”
    “Kindergarten Teacher Refuses to Let Boys play with Legos in the Name of Gender Equality”
    “’Gender Inclusive’ School District Says Drop ‘boys and girls,’ Call Kids ‘purple penguins’”
    “Purple penguins”. I’m not kiddin’. Now that’s a cold-cold gulag, for sure.
    These social justice junkies see nothing wrong with this stuff. In fact, they’ll rail about their “higher aspirations” for education … and the “new consciousness” their cultivating for the new world that’s under construction.

    They’re real saviors. The saviors lots of you didn’t really ask for at all. Uninvited pests.

    And they think you’re unconscious morons for expecting multiplication or writing or some science to dominate the learning landscape. And so those subjects get “refreshed’ … re-glazed, like your kid … so a geography lesson is premised on environmental terrorism and the inhumanity of borders. And the Civil War is a platform for ripping down 100 year old statues … and forbidding certain flags that just don’t jive with their historical bleaching.

    They don’t even trouble themselves with subtle anymore.

    It’s easy-glib for these guys. And they’re in your face. Replete with corny power salutes, cheapo t-shirts, and jive-epithets … and the ever popular “root cause” pretext. Some schools proudly commit to full-days of hajib-wearing and “white privilege” confessions … set to rap, of course.

    And they get snotty-nervy … peeved-off … when someone like my shield-maiden friend calls them out for their own prejudices and intolerance. So they tattoo questioning parents with labels made famous by the angry-class … bigot, racist, intolerant, xenophobe. You know the spew.

    This goes on in the schools you pay for … by teachers and school leaders in your employ. And they haven’t a blush about sneering at parents who don’t share their vision of the world … and they snicker with that piggish superiority of “Animal Farm”.

    Who recalls a day when these people … paid by us … worked for us and not for some ideology? It wasn’t so long ago that schools were all about kid stuff … untroubled by troubled adults. Unbothered by these ideological hucksters.
    But now they’re here … and they’re taking advantage of the chaos in education brought about by a lousy reform … and a society-splitting political moment that allows them some easy slither.

    That’s the landscape. But not the whole story. Next up … a look at how these social justice pushers skittered into your classrooms … and how they’re junking-up lots of heads.”

    Denis Ian

  16. #57 by Gee, could it be the wireless radiation? on February 10, 2017 - 12:57 pm

    “Since September, teachers and students at Nichols Junior High have reported similar symptoms, including nausea, trouble concentrating and dizziness. Some teachers have passed out in front of their students. Some have refused to return to work. Others say they’re requesting transfers.”


  17. #58 by Joe Imbriano on February 10, 2017 - 1:17 pm

    My multiple requests to Laura Rubio, Will Munster and others to tour the school have all been ignored for over 1 week now. What are they hiding? Why do they refuse to respond to my requests? What are they concerned about me finding on campus?

    • #59 by anonymous on February 12, 2017 - 5:10 pm

      Why? Because they feel they can get away with non responsiveness and no accountability.

      The school folks are in self preservation mode and they don’t care.

  18. #60 by Anonymous on February 11, 2017 - 6:13 pm

    Anon :
    Look, I’m too tired from actually worrying and doing years of extensive research about getting through the failing school system to even entertain researching the nonsense. Keyboard diagnose me and call me whatever you like. Makes no difference to me.

    …pretty much confers what I already suspected about you anon, which is that you’re not too bright, when you refer to something you’ve never bothered to read, much less research, as: “the nonsense.”

    • #61 by Anon on February 11, 2017 - 6:44 pm

      How ironic you judging me on brightness. Written by a person in support of this post about the “academic haves and have nots”. The motive of the slander against Troy is becoming perfectly clear. Just more parents who think they need to be jealous complaining about the harder box of work. Nothing new to see here folks.

    • #62 by Anon on February 11, 2017 - 7:26 pm

      People really need to focus on building their own children’s strengths, interests and gifts instead of making them feel bad about not being in a program they probably don’t even have any interest in the first place. “Perception is reality” – right Joe? You seem to perceive this program means success. To say those that are not in it are “have nots” YOU put out a message that they are less IMHO. WHICH THEY ARE NOT. You don’t have to be in this program to be successful. You don’t have to need more in a classroom to be successful in life. Some students need more in the classroom to be successful in school. It’s really simple.

      • #63 by Anon on February 11, 2017 - 7:56 pm

        We can either work together to educate OUR Nation’s minds or we can keep handing out H1B visas to the countries that already figured this out. Which is another thing you are worried about right Joe?

        • #64 by Anonymous on February 15, 2017 - 2:14 pm

          Nobody in their right mind believes that “educating our minds” can work if they are able to be replaced in the work force with imported labor for half the price right? Its 2nd grade math. These kids are oni the road to nowhere period. There is no future for them. They are just being kept busy in these government babysitting facilities. Really sad what the repubs have done with labor.

  19. #65 by Anonymous on February 13, 2017 - 5:31 pm

    Why would you even have your kid in a school like that Joe?

  20. #66 by DARPA "Cell-to-Cell Communications" on February 16, 2017 - 2:29 pm


    RadioBio: DARPA To Explore Cell-to-Cell Communications

    Investigating “Natural Antennas” Sending and Receiving Messages at kHz to THz Frequencies

    February 16, 2017
    The Pentagon wants to know more about how cells use electromagnetic radiation to talk to each other.

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA or ARPA, is embarking on a new program, called RadioBio, to determine whether cells are able to exchange information with EM signals and, if so, what the cells are saying and how they do it.

    DARPA is the high-risk, high-reward research arm of the Department of Defense. Created in 1958, after the Soviets launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, DARPA bills itself as “creating breakthrough technologies for national security.” Over the years, it has been instrumental in developing the Internet, weather satellites, GPS and drones among many other high-tech tools. Even Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, has its roots in DARPA.

    “DARPA develops the weapons of the future,” says Sharon Weinberger, the author of The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency That Changed the World, which will be published next month by Knopf. “It funds everything from basic science to advanced technology, though the ultimate goal is always to develop something that can be used by the military,” she told us in an interview.

    “The RadioBio program will determine the validity of electromagnetic biosignaling claims and, where evidence exists, learn how the structure and function of … natural ‘antennas’ are capable of generating and receiving information in a noisy, cluttered electromagnetic environment,” DARPA states in its announcement issued yesterday, February 15.

    DARPA notes that some of these interactions are “well known,” citing as examples vision, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, neural networks and magnetic navigation.

    Those awarded DARPA grants under RadioBio will propose “specific EM signaling mechanisms” and then experimentally test those hypotheses. The program will be divided into two phases, each lasting two years. The first will focus on the theoretical models and the second on testing their validity.

    DARPA is open to investigating a broad range of frequencies from kHz to THz in the far infrared (1 THz = 1,000 GHz), and possibly as high as PHz (1 PHz = 1,000 THz). “We are not excluding any frequencies from consideration if a proposal has a good approach for definitely determining whether purposeful signaling occurs in a biosystem,” a DARPA spokesman told Microwave News on behalf of Mike Fiddy, a program manager in DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office.

    When asked about the size of the RadioBio, the spokesman was non-committal, saying only that the budget will be determined, in part, by the number and quality of proposals received.

    DARPA will host a Proposer’s Day on February 21 to brief those interested in submitting proposals (advance registration required).

    Memories of Project Pandora

    Many of these ideas about cell-to-cell signaling are not new. Twenty-five years ago, Ross Adey described how cells “can whisper together across the barrier of cell membranes.” Such messages, he believed, could control complex biological processes. Further, Adey maintained that external EM radiation could also activate, overwhelm or muddle such processes. These are more commonly known as non-thermal effects.

    Back in the 1960’s, Adey worked on a top-secret DARPA project, called Pandora, to investigate the effects of low levels of microwave radiation. The project was initiated after the U.S. government discovered that the Soviets were beaming microwaves at its embassy in Moscow.

    In her new book, Weinberger calls Project Pandora, “One of the more bizarre episodes in the history of Cold War science.”

    For more information on RadioBio, see the full announcement and the news release from DARPA’s public affairs office. Those interested in seeking funds are on a tight schedule: Full proposals are due on April 12.

    DARPA RadioBio

  21. #69 by Anonymous on February 20, 2017 - 7:02 pm

    Troy is a very sad place to be a kid. Do you know anything about all the teachers getting cancer there? I know there was an asbestos scare too. From what I can gather, that school has many problems.

    • #70 by Jeung on April 11, 2017 - 3:17 pm

      many deaths from cancer over years. definity a cancerous cluster -teachers really bad unhealthy people overall. miserable place to work and go to school my brother and sister went there too.

  22. #71 by Chris Tompkins on July 1, 2018 - 1:46 pm

    You sir, are a fine example of what Everyone, on our flat earth, should be. Your mental acuity, to deliver; massive TRUTH, that you bring forward; is fantastic.
    God Bless You.

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