When it is really all about them

For years I have been fighting for our children on a wide array of fronts ladies and gentlemen. Many of you have seen me out on the sidewalks in front of the schools with banners and fliers

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warning of the dangers of classroom forced microwave exposures. Many of the school staff have seen me in and out of the principals’ offices, many of you have seen me in the front of the school boards and in front of the city council telling it like it is.


Why do I do what I do? It is for the future, our future, their future which is all of our future and all of our responsibility. Everyone can make a difference, and with your help, we can change the world, one community at a time. It is high time for the people of Fullerton to realize that the rigged game run by the corrupt well connected establishment will forever more be vehemently opposed and challenged by myself and those who will walk alongside and behind me. To do anything less knowing full well what we know about the truth of our current demise is simply criminal ladies and gentlemen.


I want you to look into this young lady’s eyes named Lexy Ayala and tell me the joy, the hope and the dreams of the future have any business being stolen by a corrupt power structure that has so entrenched itself in our city government and school districts halls of power. Yes they have collectively turned their backs on the most vulnerable among us, the children. As they squander our futures and rob the reproductive rights from our children,


Join me as I work along side of those whose voices have yet to be heard, to take Fullerton back and make it back into what it should be-OUR COMMUNITY run by good, honest people who get their orders from you, not from the developers, the public employee unions, the phony bought and paid for establishment political hacks, the likes of Ed Royce and all of his henchmen and women, and those same names that keep appearing on the campaign signs year after year that have all turned their backs on this community, and especially, its children. It is all a big fraud ladies and gentlemen.

The facts are the facts and the fact is, all of our leaders on the Council and The school boards have collectively turned their backs on these children when it comes to the abominable common core curriculum and the dangerously unnecessary forced microwave classroom wireless radiation exposure.

Look around and remember that, for decades, this locked down cabal and its lackeys have collectively run this place into the ground on your dime while they wrap themselves in the flag and have all of you coming back for more every four years.

Remember what matters most this November and I would be truly honored to have your vote so we can finally be part of the long overdue solution.



Joe Imbriano for Fullerton City Council

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