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After 9 steady hot and heavy months of attempting to persuade the five board members of the FSD to put the brakes on the district’s wireless radiation filled technology program, they put their stamp of approval on it all by making the front page of Fullerton’s first issue of “School News Roll Call”. Yes step right up to the router folks, line the kids up for their daily dose of compulsory education mandated pulse modulated high frequency microwave  radiation exposure. This is all on the heels of us continuing to force feed them information on wireless dangers that they are appearing to completely ignore. You see, the potential harmful health effects that we and many experts believe that the wireless classroom model poses to the children, is far more important than some paltry $160 bond refinance refund issue which several months ago, packed the board meeting room, crossed party lines and brought out the local media and cameras for the board members to pose for.  Not this issue ladies and gentlemen. You see this issue is a lightning rod and political suicide but this is serious business.  That is why I believe that they are all afraid to do what I believe is the right thing. After all, it involves standing up against a trillion dollar industry, the Federal, State, and County Departments of  Education with every servile Tom, Dick, Harry and Mary Jane bean counter in between. Yeah it would probably cost them some of their thin veneered political connections and their fair weather friends that they think are their friends. It is amazing what a little heat will do to those who have no business being in the kitchen. You see it takes courage to break rank, open their eyes and put the kids first in front of some edict and agenda from on high coming from far above the likes of Obama and Torlakson.

Never you mind that the Council of Europe representing 47 Countries and 820 million people has called for a ban on Wi-Fi use in schools. 

Never you mind that they have appearred to ignore everything on The Fullerton Informer and  as well as  the countless others they have been exposed to. 

Does  “The Fullerton Five” know something they don’t. You know even with all the controversy on both sides, why subject these kids to all this which is so unnecessary. The FSD has fiber optic connectivity up to the walls for cryin’ out loud and so why are they snatching up IPads with tax money with no ethernet ports that are 3x the price of other tablets? Where is that certain somebody who always beats the drum when it comes to wasting taxpayer money?

This propaganda piece which appears to be designed to sell this common core microwave matrix riddled with Apple’s microwave transmitter intrusion into the classroom made it home with my eight grader on Friday. Ironically almost all of the kids threw it in the trash. My son of course, always with his feelers up, especially when the technology foundation twins tag team the unsuspecting Jr. high kids with promises of even more IPad apps at the possible expense of their reproductive capabilities, never misses a beat.

Yes after piles of papers, miles of flyers, links to thousands of peer reviewed studies, repeated dressing downs at the district’s dais by yours truly, they  appear to bequeath the unsuspecting with something right out of a has been marketing executive’s nightmare from Madison Avenue. Get a load of how they dress all of this up to sell you what they are being forced by their superiors to ram right into your children’s classrooms: wireless radiation from industrial strength wireless access points soon to be in every classroom and wireless tablets and laptops in every lap of every last child.

Oh yes, district staff claim it is legal as they hide beind the FCC exposure guidelines that are not safety standards and were NEVER intended to offer protection from non-thermal biological effects, much less address effects on children and pregnant women. They cloak themselves in the FCC exposure guidelines that are 100 million times higher than

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, all the schools are doing this, WiFi is everywhere right? If everyone is jumping off of the Brooklyn bridge, does that mean we all follow suit? Yeah, yeah, sure WiFi is in all the hospitals. Yeah, yeah, sure sure- kids spend 15,000 hours of their lives in a hospital bed under a WiFi router with an IPad in their laps the whole time just like they will in Robert Pletka’s and “The Fullerton Five’s” classrooms by the time they graduate.  THERE ARE NO STUDIES ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET THAT PROVE THAT THIS TYPE OF EXPOSURE HAS BEEN DETERMINED TO BE SAFE PERIOD! No instead the focus remains simply on WiFi which is problematic in and of itself, and ignores the devices in the laps that are actually no different than a router, a cell phone or cell tower in terms of emissions.

Look folks, there are plenty of studies that show harm and plenty that don’t but this ain’t Vegas, this ain’t the craps table and the kids ain’t chips, they are a labor of love to their parents and rely on us for protection. We are talking about UNNECESSARILY FORCIBLY EXPOSING CHILDREN TO A CLASS 2B CARCINOGEN  for 6 HOURS A DAY 5 DAYS A WEEK 180 DAYS A YEAR.  HERE IS A LIST OF CLASS 2B CARCINOGENS:

Agents and groups of agents 

Polymeric, prepared as thin smooth films (with the exception of poly(glycolic acid))
Metallic, prepared as thin smooth films
Metallic cobalt, metallic nickel and an alloy powder containing 66-67% nickel, 13-16% chromium and 7% iron




Ginsborg is the one who did the RF survey for A.S.C.I.P. over at Acacia earlier this year and is the advisor to the FSD. Schulze is known as Schulzee or R Schuzle on this blog’s comment section. We had a post dedicated to him and his tactics:

I believe he has advised PTA and Foundation members that this technology is safe for the children as well. I can only speculate as to what relationship and influence he has had with or over FSD personnel or FSD board members. This is what I am talking about ladies and gentlemen. Is he connected in anyway shape or form with “The Fullerton Five”? Inquiring minds want to know.



Now actually, wireless radiation, according to some experts should be classified as a class 1 or  2A

but we are stuck with 2B for now. Yeah they can’t decaffeinate coffee with a class 2B carcinogen like methylene chloride anymore, and wouldn’t dare let welding fumes in the school’s HVAC system, place gasoline in the drinking fountains, put phenobarbitol in the bacon burgers, put toluene diisocyante in the tortillas, or carbon tetrachloride in the cookies, but wireless, yes wireless microwave radiation (a class 2B carcinogen) and its sources, the Cisco access points and the Apple IPads have protected status in the classrooms and take precedent over parents wishes and students.  When it came down to the wire, whether the kids go or the devices go, guess who has to go? You guessed it-the kids.  The class 2B carcinogen, wireless radiation is the most well protected object in the FSD.

9 months has elapsed since we began birthing our mission to the publicly elected representatives and we are now entering the delivery room. The FSD won’t turn off the wireless systems, and the Board of Trustees keeps their backs turned to the issue and continues to ignore what we present.  To Apple Computer, their prototype came with five 6’s on the box. To the parents of the children in the FSD, here are five boxes that I believe you should not check at the next election.

So without any further ado, may I introduce “The Fullerton Five” here to all of you:

Beverly_Berryman (1)
 Janny_Meyer (2)Lynn_Thornley

Hilda_SugarmanChris_Thompson (1)

It most certainly appears that it is full speed ahead with IPads and laptops embossed with the symbol right out of  the book of Genesis, provided by a company who christened its first flagship model with pricing right out of the book of Revelation.

What I have alleged all along is that it is my belief that aside from cancer, autism, impaired cognitive function and adhd, this wireless classroom model, by design or default, is and will impact human fertility. Of specific concern are the effects on the young school girls’ follicles and the pubescent school girls’ eggs in their ovaries. THERE ARE NO STUDIES THAT EXIST ON THIS ANYWHERE. It is easy to say something is safe when you blatantly ignore research and direct the remaining research away from where you allege the problem lies.

The US is third world status in EMF health effects’ research and we ram wireless down our kids throats with  THE FSD’S blessing. 

What about Dr. George Carlo who had his home burned down?

To the north up in Glendale, Glendale Unified’s Kirkorian, spoken like a true politician last night, lashed out at parents who question this microwave invasion stating that fighting this is mute point , that wireless is going in everywhere and you cannot avoid it. That is simply not true. It is not in our homes, it cannot penetrate a steel roof, pass through  aluminum screens, the earthen berms around a home that  neighbors’ homes are built on, the wire mesh behind stucco or the iron rich blood of family members. It is avoidable in a home school. “The Fullerton Five” currently represent the 15,000 children in the FSD of which whose parents are either clueless, misinformed or are flat out in denial. Their children are being baby sat and being dumbed down with all this 2 dimensional thinking screen time. The video game addictions will soon follow especially with the boys. The potential reproductive harm and the host of other heath effects of this agenda may not manifest themselves for years.

This whole wireless agenda, in my opinion, is designed to suck us in, lay hold of the unsuspecting, and silently work its dark magic as we work, play, sleep and school our children, taking no prisoners, leaving no stone unturned and insidiously expanding its reaches to the ends of the earth.

I believe that this is of course, is all over the heads of who I believe to be these shallow myopic politicians who have thumbed their noses among other things to me and to this information. Are they alone? Hardly, but where else are you going to find the tenacity of, or if you are on the right side of things, the felicity of  such an in your face manic marketing program. Yes they have had it handed to the on a silver platter, spoon fed with the sterling ware and jammed down their throats three minutes a a time over the course of the last 9 months and this is what they give the parents,  and the children. This publication and its corresponding two bit pro wireless pieces by each of the respective principals and administrators in the FSD is exactly what we have been waiting for. Now it is out in the open that the district employees which are in actuality, agents of the state,  have willfully and openly chosen to ignore every mass email sent to every school and administrative office in the FSD which contained links to thousands of studies that show the potential harm of what they are green lighting with their silent complicity. Yes it is to be expected of servile school administrators to thumb their noses at the parents, but the publicly elected BOARD OF TRUSTEES, to follow lockstep? Well that my friends is downright scary. With so much on the line, including what we and many others believe to involve the overall physical health and reproductive capabilities of the children, how could this be? What would motivate these elected representatives to do what I believe to be the unconscionable, that is what appears to be playing  Russian roulette with our children’s health with all this totally unnecessary wireless microwave radiation exposure ? Is it fear? Fear of becoming unpopular and not getting re elected? Is it pride? Is it the pride of having pushed so hard for this technology that it is  far too late to turn back? Is it laziness because they don’t want to invest the time to understand the issue? Or is it just flat out denial like so many people live in a state of when they realize that the necessary steps to rectify a situation would be too disruptive of their current lifestyle?  Folks the studies are out there-thousands of them. What is being foisted on “The Fullerton Five” is, in my opinion, industry and government disinformation that in my opinion, they refuse to look past. While I am being accused of pushing junk science while my website is full of links to peer reviewed studies, and while some school board members accuse me of being a bully just because I understand The Brown Act and The First Amendment, there are many conventions and round table discussions taking place all over the world sounding the exact same alarm that I am.

Who is attending these meetings?  Scientists whose IQ’s are 2 and 3 times room temperature. They will not be ignored forever. People will wake up eventually. The question is will “The Fullerton Five” wake up before it is too late? I am not optimistic as now they simply ignore everything that doesn’t fit their agenda.

We say pull the plug on this wireless crap in the classroom and pull the lever for anyone besides “The Fullerton Five” next election day. If you know anyone who wants to run for school board on our platform, drop us a line. 

In closing, I would just like to say that the last FSD board meeting really summed it all up and with this article from School News Roll Call putting all the FSD’s cards on the table, it makes it so much easier for us to decide that we’re gonna hold onto ours for a long long time. Well that is of course unless “The Fullerton Five” all realize that it is never too late to do the right thing.

  1. #1 by mom1 on December 18, 2013 - 1:01 pm

    Yes, these five FSD elected board members could not do the right thing. They should ALL be recalled, just as they recalled the Fullerton city council members.

    What are they here for? Certainly not for the children.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on December 20, 2013 - 6:56 pm

    damn straight Joe

    • #3 by Anonymous on December 21, 2013 - 4:11 pm

      These board members have selflessly served the citizens, the parents, and the students of Fullerton extremely well over the years. The Fullerton School District is home to many award winning and top performing schools as you are aware. Your children attend one of them that just so happened to be ranked as the number 1 school in all of Orange County.

      The Board of Trustees are extremely well respected in this community. I wish I could say the same for you. We do not appreciate your baseless and unkind words Mr. Imbriano.

      • #4 by Joe Imbriano on December 21, 2013 - 10:07 pm

        You are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine. What people think of me or anyone else for that matter means nothing. I believe that these kids are in harms way and I am by no means alone.

        Acacia’s ranking was an extremely subjective one done by a fluff newspaper that is barely worthy of my children’s hamster cage floor. They won’t touch this issue with a ten foot pole. They are not reporters, they are not experts on schools, they are mere spin doctors keeping the bread and circus crowd feeling good about their demise all controlled by editorial gatekeeping. The Acacia ranking is all hype. It may be the number one school in OC for RF emissions exposure for all I know.

        As far as the board being well respected, sure they are. That is subjective as well. That is why the board room audiences are always comprised of FSD staff engaged in endless, hackneyed, self congratulatory exercises. It is all kind of creepy if you ask me.

        I am not here on an ego trip or in attempts to win a popularity contest. I am here to sound the alarm. It will keep ringing until it is answered. The science speaks loudly enough for itself.

        What is truly unkind if not downright sickening, is what I believe is being done to 15,000 children in the FSD many of whom don’t have a clue as to why they are getting bloody noses, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, having difficulty concentrating, brain fog, vision impairment and the host of other health effects that we and many others allege.

        Yes it is no longer about the wine auctions, the petty elbow rubbing, and the endless accolades anymore. The coattails of a system that has been coasting along on the backs of the taxpayers is no longer the innocuous ride as those who serve it so delusionally think. The common core and its microwave matrix coupled with the systematic ed code changes through the legislative process in Sacramento is going to turn into a nightmare for the children on many fronts. It is a new day in education indeed, a rather dark one for the children that the jaded, myopic, and servile board members and administrators just can’t seem to notice dawning.

        The Fullerton Five, well there are still 13,995 more to go and we are just getting warmed up.

      • #5 by Jamie on December 22, 2013 - 10:27 am

        Are you kidding me? Can you read? Are your critical thinking skills turned “ON”?

  3. #6 by question from a Yonkers resident on December 21, 2013 - 5:59 pm

    Why would this 2 bit MD go to the mat to irradiate these kids? What gives with this Schulze character?

    • #7 by amateur night on December 21, 2013 - 10:49 pm

      me thinks its for his PTA honeys. Its a honeydoo, oh schulzeepoo where are you?

      • #8 by doc? on December 22, 2013 - 11:15 pm

        So, the doctor has chosen the adoration of the PTA honeys over the health of the kids? Is this doc starved for affection?

  4. #9 by Anonymous on December 21, 2013 - 9:57 pm

    Looks like the gloves are off now. But your still not naming names Joe.

    • #10 by amateur night on December 21, 2013 - 10:03 pm

      Whaddaya mean? He never had em on.

  5. #11 by Fullerton mom on December 22, 2013 - 9:47 am

    “The Board of Trustees are extremely well respected in this community.” ha, ha

    If the community understood how the FSD trustees have ignored the most significant issue they have ever had decision making power over, they would be disgraced and removed from office. This is at the trustees’ own doing and I believe their behavior is criminal, immoral, and unethical.

    Prior to this experience, I had no knowledge of the FSD board members. Now that I have seen how they have reacted over the past 8 months, I am at a loss for words. If people think their children’s health and safety is being safeguarded by these individuals, they are sorely mistaken.

    • #12 by Joe Imbriano on December 22, 2013 - 11:07 am

      Extremely well said, in my opinion.

      Dr. Oz just had guests on his show that described how some believe that cancer had arisen on an adult woman’s soft tissue area in her breast where she kept her cell phone. Does this prove anything? Well that totally depends on who you ask. If you ask the girl with cancer or her mom what do you think they will tell you.

      Here is what concerns me but doesn’t surprise me. Guess where the resistance came from when the victim tried to connect the dots that lead to her cell phone being placed there? You guessed it-the doctors. Guess where the resistance to stopping the placement of these wireless devices that emit more radiation than a cell phone called IPads and laptops in the laps of children in Fullerton and Glendale is coming from? Dr. Roman Schulze. Then there is a man, who is not a medical doctor, who everyone in town calls a doctor named Robert Pletka in Fullerton who has an education degree and he along with The Fullerton Five are putting triple priced IPads with no ethernet ports in the kid’s laps with our tax money? Oh yeah, according to Pletka,, IT IS TOTALLY SAFE FOR THE CHILDREN.

      So now we have the testimony of Roman Schulze, who happens to be married to Acacia PTA’s very own Michele Garden, taking his show on the road to Glendale Unified along with A.S.C.I.P.’s go to Ginsborg and Glendale’s IT guy the other night to what I believe amounted to very misleading presentation to the public and the Glendale School Board. It looks like four of the five Glendale board members fell for it. – MOVE ALONG NOW, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

      • #13 by Anonymous on December 22, 2013 - 9:52 pm

        Forgive me for asking but does this physician Roman Schulze realize what you are all alleging regarding his involvement in all of this?

  6. #14 by FSD trustees on December 23, 2013 - 11:15 am

    Looking at them makes me ill.

  7. #15 by amateur night on December 23, 2013 - 8:50 pm

    5 tools in a chest

  8. #16 by Anonymous on January 8, 2014 - 10:05 am

    My daughter brought home a letter from Ladera Vista signed by the principal announcing plans for almost 400 more iPads for the school. Did you know about that?

  9. #17 by foolerton on January 8, 2014 - 7:58 pm

    Just like the city clowncil you got the same problem with the union hacks, even your buddy Thompson is blowin’ ya all off. Go figure that one out.

  10. #18 by Ghost of Thompson on January 8, 2014 - 9:11 pm

    Haha hahah. When he finds the time away from breaking up the whoopie in the Beechwood parking lot, he is always posting about taxpayer money being wasted.

    Aren’t these Apple iPads three times the price of the other tablets? Is he going along to get along?

  11. #19 by Fullerton Five on February 23, 2014 - 2:18 pm

    Apparently, the FSD school trustees answer to no one. They don’t have to respond to any of the questions posed to them by the taxpayers. They get away with it, too. Many letters written to them and they don’t respond.


  12. #20 by Shane on July 13, 2014 - 3:27 pm

    Hey Joe, you in?

  13. #21 by glass houses on July 18, 2014 - 9:57 am

    What is wrong with preparing students for a world in which technology will be an integral part of their lives? The Fullerton School District is no different than any other district in Orange County. The five trustees you are slamming are good people. They have done great things for the students. Just because they don’t share your paranoid views does not make them criminals.

    Take your brood and go live with the Amish. They can milk cows all day long while you chop your wood. No one is forcing you to live here.

    • #22 by a mom on July 18, 2014 - 2:57 pm

      Are you a member of the FSD board of denial or one of Schulze’s honeys? What do you make of all of the scientific experts who have issued stern warnings against wireless in schools? As a mom, I cannot ignore all of this. How do you ignore all of this? How do the Fullerton Five?

    • #23 by Joe Imbriano on July 21, 2014 - 6:37 am

      There is nothing paranoid about my views. As a matter of fact, the plans for what I am alleging are all out in the open.

      Why are the tech execs sending their children to private schools that use NO WIRELESS AND NO TECHNOLOGY?

      Why are you defending five elected members of our community that have remained silent and thumbed their noses at thousands of peer reviewed studies and scientific experts?

      Why would the school district Board of Trustees completely ignore the issue, and one in particular, speak out of order to make fun of me at the meetings? Why, is it because they can’t face the facts?

      You think these people at the very top of things inject their kids 50 times before age 5, feed them the GMO slop and irradiate their brains and reproductive organs all day and night in school and at home?

      No way Jose. They have organic gardens, water filtration and $50,000 a year tuition bills per child so their children’s brains and bodies have a shot at developing normally.

      By the way, the Amish don’t inject their kids with all kinds of crazy crap, they don’t feed them GMO poison and they certainly don’t use all this crap technology to babysit their kids like all of you do while you all suck your thumbs in front of the TV sets all the time while your brains turn to mush.

      The Amish grow their own food and have no Autism. They will be the last ones standing in 40 years as their fertility will remain unchanged, with their immune systems intact.

      You want to keep kissing the backsides of the school district hacks and you don’t want to lose your phony friends and fight for your kids? Yeah the common core is just wonderful too right?

      In 2014, a conspiracy theory is just another euphemism for an inconvenient truth. The booze, the vampire movies, the witchcraft cartoons, the porn, the satanic blockbusters and music videos, and all the pills are just part of the love fest as your reward for going along for the ride on this highway to hell. Heck they probably had you singing along back when you were in high school.

      You and yours have already had your mental faculties pruned at birth in the delivery rooms and will be genetic dead ends unless you face the reality of what is really going on.

      You actually think that a government that legalizes the pumping of unlimited carcinogenic poison compounds into our water supply from fracking and other oil and gas operations is going to protect your children from electromagnetic hazards? Oh that’s a good one. Yeah right. We have a government that legalizes and subsidizes the ripping apart of children in or on their way out of the womb, a government who mandates every child into becoming a pharmaceutical pin cushion for the first five years of its life, a government who is actively involved in spraying depleted uranium all over the middle east and who continues to bomb entire nations of innocent people back to the stone age after it blows up its own buildings and blames a boogie man in a cave somewhere. You think they won’t be actively involved in sterilizing and brain damaging your children and the rest of its own citizens? Are you kidding me?

      I forgot, my buddy just came over because the ball game is on, the hot pocket is ready, juniors lobby time in minecraft is up and Marie Callender’s is having a pie sale. Gotta go.

    • #25 by to "glass houses" on July 21, 2014 - 5:54 pm

      You are absurd. Why do you post here? Are you another one just fighting to irradiate the children?

  14. #26 by amateur night on July 18, 2014 - 10:52 pm

    Keep on denying. The fact is that your “brood” will never have a “brood” of their own.

  15. #28 by Anonymous on July 22, 2014 - 3:34 am

    I live in a 60% amish community and the high voltage lines and cell towers are going up near some neighbours here too. autism, diabetes and maple syrup disease, etc. have begun here but are still relatively rare. houses are further apart and not too many are within 2km of them. here very few amish members have cell phones but a few now do, some have wired phones in the barn for business, but most do not have any phones or hydro. some have riding lawnmowers and many shop in regular grocery stores although there are amish places that supply locally ground non-irradiated grains produce etc

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