The endorsements Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council will never need

  • The endorsement list for Fullerton’s Mayor Jennifer Fitzpringle who is so steeped in conflict of interest with her position as Vice President of Curt Pringle and associates that she couldn’t find her way out of a wet paper bag in a thunderstorm.

Fullerton is for sale and is about to be ruined for good with the projects that she supports and that her appointees on the city commissions rubber stamped, namely the Downtown Core and Corridor Special Project and College Town which will add tens of thousands of stack em and pack em high rise ten story monstrosity housing units.

Meanwhile, Fullerton’s infrastructure lies in ruin while the city is being bled dry by the greedy police, fire and city worker unions that she hands out raises and benefit increases to like lollipops on Halloween. Fitzgerald thinks she can ram these horrendous projects through to finance this disaster. She has another thing coming. It is called the door in November. I need your help to protect Fullerton.

She needs to be thrown out of office and so does anyone that supports her. As far as her endorsement list below………………….

  • Orange County Register
  • Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson
  • Orange County Taxpayers Association
  • Orange County Business Council
  • Orange County Supervisor Elect Todd Spitzer
  • State Senator Mimi Walters
  • State Senator Bob Huff
  • California Women’s Leadership Association PAC
  • Kevin Pendergraft, Fullerton Planning Commissioner & Past President, Fullerton Chamber of Commerce
  • Gail & Mike Cochran, former Fullerton Planning Commissioner
  • Dexter Savage, former Fullerton Planning Commissioner
  • Gary Graves, Past President Fullerton Chamber of Commerce
  • Virginia & Jim Alexander, Fullerton residents
  • Carl Camp, Fullerton resident
  • Dr. Sueling Chen, Fullerton resident
  • Gizi Clemmer, Past President, Fullerton Chamber of Commerce
  • Scott Dowds, Fullerton Businessman
  • Sam Han, Fullerton resident
  • Cameron Irons, Fullerton resident
  • Daniel Kang, Fullerton resident
  • Joe Lins, Fullerton resident
  • Pat & Bob Shuff, Fullerton residents
  • Dr. Michael Sugarman, Fullerton resident
  • Sally & Jim Williams, Fullerton residents
  • Joe Stopper, Fullerton resident
  • Heather & Josh Dale, Fullerton residents
  • Leland Wilson, former Fullerton Mayor
  • Lois Godfrey, Fullerton Resident
  • Robert Radde, Fullerton resident
  • Jeremy Lins, Fullerton resident
  • Richard Daybell, Fullerton resident
  • Allyn Lean, Fullerton resident
  • Andrew Carroll, Fullerton resident
  • Sophia Gallant, Fullerton resident
  • Lisa Wofford, Fullerton resident
  • Chantel Rosete, Fullerton resident
  • Ruth Glass, Fullerton resident
  • Kristen & Mike Mladenoff, Fullerton residents
  • Christie & Jim Osborn, Fullerton residents
  • Jenni & Wayland Wong, Fullerton residents
  • Janice & Eric Dennis, Fullerton residents
  • Diane & Pablo Salcedo, Fullerton residents
  • Bill & Carolyn Gillespie, Fullerton residents
  • Mayor Carolyn Cavecche, City of Orange
  • Councilman Fred Whitaker, City of Orange
  • Katya Moran-Guavara, Fullerton resident
  • Carrie & Greg Climaco, Fullerton residents
  • Ellen Ballard, former Fullerton School Board Member
  • Larry Ballard, Fullerton resident
  • Young & Charles Kim, Former National President, Korean American Coalition
  • Chris Heusser, Fullerton resident
  • Tom & Kate Dalton, Fullerton residents
  • Chris Reese, Fullerton resident
  • Peter Godfrey, former Fullerton Mayor Pro Tem
  • Serena and Scott Lansburg, Fullerton Planning Commission
  • Walt Johnson, Fullerton resident
  • Lynn Thornley, Fullerton School Board Trustee
  • Tom Meyer, Fullerton resident
  • Mariane & Dr. Bob Dolan, Past President, Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, Fullerton residents
  • Scott Stanford, former Parks & Recreation Commissioner
  • Rose & J Richey
  • Seon & Marty Burbank
  • Rick Doebler, Fullerton Resident
  • Paul Paniagua, Fullerton business owner

……..well, like I have said for years, it is never too late to do the right thing. For those that refuse to, there are 139,950 real people with a brain and a conscience who will vastly outnumber what has been wrong with Fullerton for decades. The party is over ladies and gentlemen. We are going to make this a safe and desirable place to live once again for everyone, not just the cabal that rigs things at every juncture. You have my word on that. Joe Imbriano is not for sale and neither are the good people of Fullerton.

I need your vote in November.

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