SB 277 -forced vaccinations-passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee 5-1 with Senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) the only one NO vote. Senator John Moorlach (R-Orange) was absent.


You know I am plain sick and tired of the phony phiscal conservatives that sit back and FOCUS ON SOME LAME FISCAL ISSUE WHILE THEY let our children be destroyed.  Mayday Moorlach has been up on this hill for how long and he is already not showing up for work on the most crucial vote of his life? I don’t care what his excuse was. They have wheelchairs, portable dialysis machines, IV’s with wheels, skype, airplanes, taxis, telephones and just about anything else that could have been used for him to get him into the chair he was sent to Sacramento to occupy. None of these are of any use when you are absent for the wrong reasons. WHERE THE HELL WAS JOHN? He was on a nature hike with his “kids”.

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He had a chance to speak his mind and VOTE his conscience on an issue that if left to the pharma and eugenicist thugs, will guarantee the opening of the floodgates to poison every man, woman and child’s bloodstream in the State of California. John, I don’t give a damn about a few cents a gallon on my gas fill ups or a vector control fee on my property tax bill. I don’t care about statements, hikes and your need for your family time. Don’t take a job representing a million people if you can’t handle the duties. There is more to life than ones wallet and ones own brood. I care about you sitting back and paving the way for legislation that will kill, maim, and sterilize millions of children. Vaccines are dangerous and can be used for nefarious purposes. You were not there to vote no. No excuses John.

Mayday Moorlach is on the Senate judiciary committee and he could have opened his phony phiscal conservative flytrap and at least tried to stop this. WHERE THE HELL WAS JOHN? ON A HIKE WITH HIS FAMILY?



Here is another phony phiscal so called pro phamily conservative in Sacramento who walked out on the committee vote on the sex ed planned parenthood bill that would have required parental signatures for the abortion lovers to mentally molest them




The bill’s thug authors are also being aided and abetted by “OUR KIDS OUR CHOICE and other controlled opposition groups. WHERE THE HELL WAS JOHN? He was on a nature hike with his “kids”.

Just for the record, the word “kid” was given to us by our elite Luciferian masters.

You know the banksters/freemasons who rule our society behind the scenes, oppress us with unjust usary and start all the wars on false pretenses to plunder nations and enslave them as well as to reduce our population and offer blood sacrifices to their master Satan). The children of Satan or his followers are known in the Bible as “goats”, thus the powers that be who control your minds via mass media (movies, “news”, music, other bread and circus mind control) have PROGRAMMED us to call our CHILDREN (HUMAN BEINGS MADE IN GOD’S IMAGE) “kids”….ie baby GOATS. So again, it is YOU being “politically correct” by criticizing others for their spiritual discernment given to them by the Holy Spirit, which is what causes them to naturally cringe inwardly (even though most do not realize why) when they hear the word “kid” used in certain ways. It truly is very offensive when you know the truth behind it and it is one of many forms of mockery used against us by our secret masters (those who have bought and control our government). So, it is you who need to wake up and acquire knowledge before demonstrating your obvious ignorance. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 “The whole world is under the sway (mind control) of the Wicked One.” 1 John 5:19

These are children created in the image of God who we have been entrusted to care for. They are not “kids”

Mayday Moorlach, nature hikes can wait while SB 277- and you are on the wrong side of history this week. Thank God there will be more hurdles for this tyrannical legislation drafted from the pit of hell to be stopped in its tracks. The question remains who will stand in the gap. May God help us.






  1. #1 by Moorlach - just another fraud on May 1, 2015 - 1:11 pm

    Guess what? Everybody just elected another fraud to the CA state senate.

    When our freedoms granted to us in the Constitution are stripped away from us, the right to decide what medical procedures our children will get, this is another move into FACISM.

    How dare Moorlach put anything before this issue? He took a hike?

    Moorlach is not what he portrays himself as, he is a fraud. He is a traitor to the Constitution, which he just took an oath to uphold!!!

    Wake up, demand our rights and don’t back down. We cannot depend on any of the Sacramento frauds, they are TRAITORS.

  2. #2 by Barry Levinson on May 1, 2015 - 1:16 pm

    Very disappointing that a newly elected representative would fail to show up for a crucial vote on SB 277. I hope he explains his absence and pledges to not be a no show again.

    The people of California especially conservatives, libertarians and independents need to wake up about our political leadership.

    I am fond of this saying….No Guts, No Glory. Without courage our political leaders more times than not turn into a bad mix of melting jello.

    Harry Truman had a sign in the Oval Office. It stated “the buck stops here” and he was not referring to money. He was referring to his responsibility to the people of these United States.

    • #3 by Reality of the matter on May 1, 2015 - 6:04 pm

      We are out of time and their is no adequate explanation for his absence; future “pledges” are of no meaning or value when he could not uphold his oath of office to protect our rights.

  3. #4 by 'Merck's "Mandatory Vaccine" Program . . . on May 1, 2015 - 5:21 pm

    Merck’s “Mandatory Vaccine” Program Backfiring Nationwide…
    California, However, is, As Yet, Screwed Up…

    California “NO on SB277” Groups Grinding Away…

    Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

    Friday, May 1st, 2015

    Sleazy Drug Lord Merck, through it’s cash strewing lobbying teams nationwide, set out the same “Mandatory Vaccine” legislation in about twenty States. Now they are suffering the consequences. Backlash.

    Never before has there been such a worldwide “anti-vaccination” campaign, extolling the horrors of vaccines. The Vaccine Construction, made up of Merck, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), State Public Health agencies, are, suddenly getting much more deserved scrutiny then ever before.

    The cutting-edge media doesn’t miss a day, revealing, and analyzing, the fake claims that “Vaccines are Safe and Effective.” Vaccines are, as everyone knows, neither safe nor effective. I think we are well on our way to shutting the whole vaccine hoax down – once, and for all.

    I am very pleased…

    The Good Part…

    There is so much going on nationwide, and worldwide, on the anti-vaccine issue it is hard to find a place to start describing it. FaceBook, and Twitter are alive with it. It is becoming THE ISSUE – the one that encapsulates the problems in America,

    Mayday! Mayday – Radio Broadcast

    Start Time EDT
    8:00AM – Introduction
    8:30AM – Susan’s Story
    9:00AM – Walter Kyle, JD
    9:30AM – Freda Burell / N. Erikson
    10:30AM – Sarah Shoens MD
    11:30AM – April Boden
    12:30PM – Majid Katme, MD
    13:30PM – Adam Crabb / Gen. Lee Maddox
    14:30PM – Sherri Tenpenny, DO
    15:30PM – Dr. Viera Schreibner
    16:3PM – Catherine Frompovich
    17:30 PM – Tim Bolen
    18:00PM – Lawyer’s Hour
    19:00PM – Vinny Eastwood
    20:00PM – Desiree Rover
    21:00PM – Susanne Posel
    22:00PM – Mike Adams
    23:00PM – Round table

    California, I am disappointed to say, is far behind – not because of the people, but because of the “leadership” running the “No On SB277” campaign. There is a VERY good chance we could lose here. There are TWO good reasons for that which I will describe below.

    As a GOOD example – One of the things happening is happening today. It is an event called the “MayDay! Vaccine Truth Internet Talk Radio Marathon.” It is sponsored on the Veterans Truth Network and the American Freedom Network. They have joined forces with the Natural Solutions Foundation and the Vaxx Truth Movement. It will run from Noon to midnight.

    The guest speakers, for this marathon, are from around the world. They include: Rima Laibow MD (Chile), Mike Adams (Republic of Texas), Tim Bolen (California), Jim Turner JD (Washington DC), Veira Scheibner, PhD (Australia), Michael Innes, MD (Australia), Vinny Eastwood (New Zealand), Sherrie Tenpenny, DO (US), Freda Burrell (Scotland), Norma Erikson (US), Ralph Fucetola JD (US).

    And more. You can listen in by going here. Click on this link. Then scroll down and select a radio network to use. To the right is the schedule.

    But this is just ONE THING. The world is coming alive with it.


    But then there is California…

    Admittedly, California presents its own problems as a political entity. Republicans, here, represent only 26% of the eligible voters. In California, the Democratic Party leadership has built an empire around serving special interest. It will go down in the history books being compared to other historical Democratic Party corruption schemes. The Washington Times wrote an article last year titled “Culture of Corruption II: Scandals taint Democratic Party in tough election year.” The article barely touched the surface checking the reality of Democratic party politics, both nationwide, and in California. They said:

    “In a week Democrats won’t soon forget, the Democrat-dominated California Senate took the unprecedented step Friday of voting 28-1 to suspend with pay three state senators in their own party accused or convicted of criminal conduct.

    State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested Wednesday on federal gun trafficking and corruption charges. Sen. Ron Calderon pleaded not guilty Feb. 24 to charges of influence-peddling, and Sen. Roderick Wright was convicted Jan. 28 of perjury and voter fraud.

    None of the state senators has resigned from office, although Mr. Yee has pulled out of the race for California secretary of state.”

    So, let’s ask the questions “What happened? Did the California Senate clean up their act?” Nope – business as usual continued – corruption on a grand scale California style. More, it got worse. They had the election…
    We do know that now-Senator Richard Pan MD had a hard fight to get elected. He was up against another Democrat, who was also well funded by OTHER special interests. Pan, close to election time, had 4.6 million dollars poured into his campaign by PACs. The contest had NOTHING to do with the interests of the voters and constituents. It was a special interest duel. it was Big Environmentalist versus Big Pharma. Big Pharma won…. More money…

    Welcome to the 2015 Democratic Party. No wonder voters, all over the US, threw these assholes from the bus in the mid-presidential-term elections.

    Even before Pan got elected to the California Senate, records show, the plan to make Merck, and Big Pharma, even richer was in the works. That plan was, most likely what sewed up the gargantuan contributions for a state Senate race. It was obvious that Senate Bill 277, with Pan and fifteen other Senator authors (fifteen authors?) was written LONG before Pan was elected, probably by the lobbyists shown in the video attached to my last article.

    So, with all this so very obvious, what do the “No On SB277” teams do to combat the Pro-Vaxxers?

    Arghhh! They strew red flower petals through the capitol buildings.

    Did you need me to repeat that because you are still sitting there aghast?

    OK – “They strew red flower petals through the capitol buildings.” I guess it was a show of civil disobedience – littering. I’m sure the janitorial staff got the message…

    They’ve been through three Senate hearings so far, and have lost them all – Health, Education and Judiciary. But, don’t worry, there is one hearing left – Appropriations, and for that, they are pulling out ALL of the stops. They are going to get everyone to give up Starbucks for the WHOLE HEARING day. More, a smaller, insider group is cutting off those “Do Not Remove” tags on their pillows and mattresses and anonymously mailing them to the Senators on the Appropriations Committee. A show of outright lawlessness. “V” right here in California. (sarcasm intended).

    OK – I was being facetious about the “Starbucks” and the “Do Not Remove” tags just to illustrate my point.

    My Point?

    Despite the fact that there a a whole lot of brilliant people working to stop SB277 there are significant problems with organized leadership. To my way of thinking there are two groups involved that should just go home. They are in the way.

    (1) The first, who I mention constantly are the Health Choice/Canary Party, emphasis on “Party.” For those of you who have just tuned in, please take the time to read about them by clicking here – They are to me, all about the grand gesture, being seen in front, deciding who they will include, or not include, in their group – like a badly run Junior High Prom Queen project. They are about “being in charge” and “partying.” They have a ZERO success rate. They should just put their panties back on and go home.

    The email to Kristen Hundley…

    Kristen Hundley:

    Let me make a guess…

    You graduated from Analy High School in 1981 as Kristen Elizabeth Hanson. You married Greg Hundley.

    You now live with a room mate named Jolie Bullock at 385 Murphy Ave Apt 404 in Sebastopol, CA, Your phone number is 707-917-1242.

    You are unemployed.

    You Kristen, are also, the Elizabeth Hanson on your group.

    You offer your services on elance –

    Your company Families Naturally LLC failed. Your website is failing. You haven’t made an entry since last year.

    You have no expertise in the vaccine issue world.

    You put this together to try and get your life back together.

    Close, right?

    Let’s talk. I’m not your enemy. But YOU are making enemies fast.

    Tim Bolen

    (2) The other group is being run by what appeared to be avatars – for they will not identify who they are. A FaceBook group, calling itself “Our Kids Our Choice” came into question because of considerable “Controlled Opposition” tactics. Frankly, this group looks to me like they are being run by the SB277 bill’s author Richard Pan MD, and/or his associates. And, I have no reason to think differently, even after a fairly thorough investigation.

    The group “Our Kids Our Choice” turns out to be run by a person, I traced, called Kristen Hundsley who claims (snort here) that she has a SECRET GROUP of advisors guiding her. (snort again). She gives out daily “Action Items,” which, uhmmmm, are pretty much stupid and useless.

    After a research effort, I wrote to Hundley, who had contacted me, via email complaining. My email to her is to the right. It is self-explanatory. She did not respond to me personally. But, she did make a video…

    In Hundley’s grainey video she explains, to my astonishment, that she has a secret team of advisors. You can see this short video, by clicking here.

    My thinking – Hundley was HIRED by someone to do this “Our Kids, Our Choice” thing. Her FaceBook page, I suspect, grew quickly because whomever hired her populated it quickly.

    In short, from the reports I am getting , anyone who had a good idea, and posted it on “Our Kids, Our Choice” was banned immediately and their posts were erased. Anyone who inquired about people and posts disappearing, were banned, and THEIR posts erased, immediately.

    So, readers, what do YOU think is going on here?

    Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too.

    Make No Mistake…

    Make no mistake – THERE WERE, and ARE, definitely honest, competent groups working on this problem, some centered around the five thousand (5,000) member “California Coalition For Vaccine Choice,” and the “AWAKE California” FaceBook page. It is just that OTHERS, it looks to me, were attempting to DOMINATE the project and EXCLUDE those that knew what to do, and when.

    But, things ARE getting done DESPITE these two groups. In fact, DEFINITE progress is being made. The SB277 bill, itself, is being whittled down because of the COMPETENT group efforts. For instance, the home school people have a very powerful presence. Their nose-to-nose approach with Pan resulted, early-on, with an “author amendment” to the bill, making it clear that “home schoolers” were exempt. POWER talks – even to the sleazy California Democratic Party leadership. More, in Judiciary, two more “author amendments” were added, grandfathering existing holders of exemptions, and eliminating future additions of vaccines.

    New alliances have been, and are being, formed in California…

    I hope they are in time.

    Stay tuned.

    Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate


  4. #5 by Anonymous on May 2, 2015 - 12:05 am

    Dr. David Gershon
    I’m a 1972 graduate of the NYU School of Medicine with a residency in Psychiatry at the University of Maryland. Through experience, I discovered that mental illness, except where organic, is a spiritual process. Because of this, and the excellent quality of the training I had, I was threatened, essentially pushed out of medicine, much like the more recent experience of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. And much like Dr. Wakefield, this set me free to pursue independent studies: at first spiritual, more recently medical issues considered “alternative.”

    There has been a cure for cancer for some 85 years. The research behind this is related to the work and subsequent Nobel Prize won by Otto Warburg, MD, who not only studied the nature of cancer cells, but also what induces cancerous regression. These factors are (1) too much toxicity and (2) too little nutrition.

    Concurrently, yet independently, another German Jewish physician, Max Gerson, MD, discovered a way to cure his own migraine headaches — by maximizing nutrition and minimizing toxicity. Practical experience treating patients with migraine headaches soon revealed that he had found a cure for most medical problems, including many diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer.

    His work was widely tested in Europe by other physicians before the Nazis came to power, where he developed a worldwide reputation among the wealthy as someone who could cure illness common medical practice could not. Even Hitler adopted his diet. However, forced to leave Germany because he was Jewish, he ended up with a prestigious Park Avenue practice, where he was ostracized by the New York County Medical Society, lied about by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

    As others have noted, this is not conspiracy theory, rather corporate policy. However, I can verify from personal experience with a serious medical problem of my own that Dr. Gerson’s theory, backed by Dr. Warburg’s Nobel Prize winning research, is in fact accurate and true. However, there is no money in oranges, carrots and apples, not compared to drugs that garner billions in profits. We do not live in an ethical world: profits — and eugenics — trump ethical considerations at every turn.

    Subsequent to the False Flag Operation popularly known as “9/11,” I became aware of the autism epidemic and a possible connection between vaccination and autism. This had personal relevance to me, as soon thereafter I moved my family from Maine back to Colorado, where the state insisted, that before entering the school system here in Colorado, my twelve year old son receive Hepatitis B and MMR vaccines. Aware of the issues, instead I chose to home school him, and so avoided forcing him to take the poison.

    Subsequently I have spent some amount of time researching the question of vaccination. One finds the same considerations here as in mental illness and physical medicine: that money — and eugenics (genocide) — trump science. The reading I have done suggests that vaccines do not increase immunity, rather that they decrease immunity, as a result of bypassing the body’s natural cellular immunity.

    There is evidence the absence of epidemics the developed world has experienced in the past century is due to improved sanitation: chlorine in the water; modern water dispersal and sewage systems; washing machines and easily washed cotton/synthetic underwear; affluence allowing people to live in less crowded environments.

    Of even greater concern is the fact that these days, vaccines are being used to poison people. It is my impression that vaccines contain a witch’s brew of toxins, that it is their purpose not to heal, but to sicken. For instance, there are those in the medical community who suggest the toxins in vaccines are the answer to the previously mysterious cause of auto-immune illness.

    Why would this be so?

    Those in power are concerned about overpopulation and resource depletion. One way to address this concern is to sicken people, what is being called sub-lethal warfare. Processed foods contain chemicals which are sub-clinically toxic; so too the water, and now with solar radiation management (Chemtrails), the air. These toxins are synergistic.

    Those in power are brewing a perfect storm of sickness and death. And as they grow ever more desperate about people waking up to their plans, as they grow ever more desperate seeing their well designed plans to steal everything that can be stolen lead to financial and environmental collapse, they are doing everything possible to divert people’s attention. One way to do this is to sicken as many as possible, hence the push to mandate vaccination for the entire adult population. There is no medical justification for this. It is all a fraud.

  5. #6 by Barry Levinson on May 2, 2015 - 11:07 am

    Reality of the matter my comments are precisely meant to hold State Senator John Moorlach accountable for his actions or lack thereof. I believe we still need him to pledge to his constituents that he will not be a no show for any future votes unless he has a family medical emergency. By requiring him to make that pledge we can and should hold him totally accountable if he fails to keep his pledge in the future.

  6. #7 by Barry Levinson on May 2, 2015 - 11:16 am

    I have a suggestion to help make all our representatives in Sacramento faithfully carry out their responsibilities.

    We need a state-wide referendum that states that any State Assembly member or State Senator who misses a vote without a written medical emergency excuse to have one week of his/her salary and benefits taken away. We the taxpayers of California should not have to pay for services not rendered. They get a very generous salary and benefits for what is basically a part-time job. The least they can do is actually perform their job.

    • #8 by Anonymous on May 4, 2015 - 10:34 am

      Moorlach is a total tool. What a dirt bag.

    • #9 by Joe Imbriano on May 7, 2015 - 11:44 pm

      If Moorlach gave a damn he would have had his entire family in the 1000 mom line to speak out against this sterilization agenda instead of eating cliff bars on some BLM trail.

  7. #10 by Anonymous on May 6, 2015 - 12:15 pm

    Hey Joe, when are your going to show up with your side show Bob signs at the council meeting again? We want to film you for a change.

    • #11 by Joe Imbriano on May 7, 2015 - 11:43 pm

      Let me know when the next presentation worthy of attention is scheduled. What color suit would you like me to wear?

    • #12 by Fullerton's Conscience on May 9, 2015 - 3:09 pm

      Anonymous if you attended council meetings regularly you would not have to ask Joe that question.

      But we all know that your interests are purely self-centered. You could care less about improving city government.

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