Joe Imbriano on The Richman Park Cell Tower

  1. #1 by AT&T- no more RF meters on February 12, 2017 - 9:42 am

    This is an awful conversation I have just read on another group:

    I saw the AT&T trucks today, the guys were working on the towers. I’ve been wanting to talk to them for months but I never get a chance to talk to them.
    So I walk over there today and just then a guy comes down and says “Hey”.
    So I said “Hey man, do you mind if I ask you some questions about the cell towers?”
    I figure there’s no way he’ll want to hear about my health concerns, so I just took the angle of the technology enthusiast and I tried to glean as much knowledge from him as I could.
    He said “Sure thing, go ahead”, real friendly.
    I then asked a bunch of technical questions about the design of the towers and stuff, just saying I was fascinated by the technology. He answered them and I learned a bunch of stuff.
    He mentioned that the round antennas are higher frequency microwaves.
    Then he said that the US is soon going to 5g, Korea (I think) is already going to 5g and “they’re ahead of us”, but that “lots of countries are holding off on 5g because of environmental concerns and health concerns”.
    I said “really?”
    He said, “Yeah, and the head of the FCC recently said ‘We’re not going to let research slow us down.'”
    I said “Wow, he said that? That’s really bold.”
    He said “Yeah I think so.”
    So I said, “Are you interested in the health concerns from this stuff?”
    “Yeah, I mean…yeah.”
    Me: Me too
    Him: Really? Lots of us in this line of work are getting leukemia and cancer.
    Me: I’ve been interested in it for a while because I work here, so close to two towers.
    Him: They used to turn off the transmitters when we worked on them. Now they refuse to turn off the transmitters while we work on them and they don’t let us carry around a meter anymore. They’ve got transmitters on top of buildings now-
    Me: -Yeah I’ve seen them!
    Him: Yeah! You know the Maxwell House Hotel? I was just up there. And you just walk right up to them.
    Me: Really? Man you’re right in front of those things!
    Him: Yeah, and they’re not turning them off anymore. I’m just getting blasted.
    Me: I’ve got a meter and I get readings at this school of 10-20 mW/cm2 per channel. And a cell tower has like 70 channels right?
    Him: You have a RF meter? (He couldn’t believe it).
    Me: Yeah! I drive around town and see what the levels are like.
    Him: No way, eBay? Amazon?
    Me: Amazon.
    Him: How much was it?
    Me: Like… $190.
    Him: No way… Like I said, they forbid us from having them now.
    Me: So I just looked up the federal limits on Saturday. It says the federal limit is 10mW/cm2. On this playground I’ve gotten a reading of 15mW/cm2 on one channel… but the cell tower puts out 70 something channels, does that mean it’s putting out roughly 15×70 mW/cm2?
    Him: Most likely, yeah. Yeah all of us are worried about it. It’s high enough levels to heat things up. My face burns whenever I use a cellphone.
    Me: Everybody at the school is always hot, even when the air is cold.
    (Note: radiant heat [long wave light] heats up a body without heating up air).
    Him: Really? The industry people are actually worried that 5g is going to have a really big, even more noticeable thermal presence because the high frequencies have so much more power in them.
    (His phone started ringing).
    Me: Great talking to you!
    Him: You too! See ya!’

  2. #2 by Anonymous on February 16, 2017 - 11:46 am

    Have you seen silent weapons for quiet wars? This is all part of it. Those towers are huge and are not just for cell phones.

    • #3 by Anonymous on February 17, 2017 - 10:18 am

      Most cell towers are capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of watts. Look at the cables going into these things.

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