Joe Imbriano interviews Barry Levinson-corruption at the Fullerton Police Department. We discuss the special treatment Joe Felz was given by Fullerton Police officers and the pending obstruction of justice charges being filed against Dan Hughes.

This 30 plus minute interview is a must see if anyone still believes The FPD has been reformed.

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  1. #1 by Barry Levinson on April 13, 2017 - 11:29 am

    I will continue to speak out until justice is done. A society that allows the head of police departments and his officers to not follow the law is the definition of a police state. This is a really big deal. The larger question is whether as a society will we state that the line toward a police state has been crossed and it must not be allowed to continue going forward.

  2. #2 by Old School on June 9, 2017 - 11:42 am

    You guys are spot on regarding your thoughts and opinions of the character of Chief Dan Hughes, more than you will ever know….

    You are missing the most important shot caller on scene making the decisions on how to handle the Joe Felz incident…that is the Sgt. on scene, Sgt. Jeff Corbett. Corbett is still employed as a cop because of his friendship with Hughes…build on a history of shady police work that goes back years. Corbett was involved in many instances of unreported, reported and investigated misconduct where Hughes allow him to retain his employment.

    Hell those officers on scene could not do anything without the permission of Sgt. Corbett. In the minds of those officers the last officer who dared to speak up about Fullerton Police Department corruption or buck the culture of corruption was Corporal Paul Irish.

    Corporal Paul Irish, a married father of two with a stellar twenty year police career. A decorated US army veteran, member of the 82nd Airborne with no prior record of departmental discipline. A Hispanic, bilingual cop who was raised in a gang infested neighborhood in Santa Ana. Who’s honesty and ethics were instilled upon him by a hardworking single father.

    Irish provided briefing training on the topic of police corruption and ethics to officers and supervisors working on his shift on September 6th 2014. Because no one was willing or brave enough to talk about it, he discussed crimes and scandals which had taken place at the Fullerton Police Department and other police agencies. But probably most upsetting to Chief Hughes was when Irish discussed the merits of a Civilian Review Board.

    Irish had a history with Chief Hughes, 3 years prior Irish had reported Sgt. Corbett and then Capt. Hughes to the acting Chief of police for Fullerton Police policy violations involving the misuse of informants.

    Chief Dan Hughes heard about the topics discussed by Irish and was outraged…. The next day Irish reported to work, Irish was placed on administrative leave by Chief Hughes.

    Other officers being investigated in the past who have been charged with theft, sexual battery and even murder had been allowed by Hughes to remain at work while their cases were investigated by PSB. No officer had never been placed on leave so quickly…Irish was a real threat to Hughes. Almost a year later Corporal Paul Irish was terminated.

    Months later, Irish’s termination was reviewed by City Manager Joe Felz who sided with Chief Hughes…….Irish’s next course of appeal was arbitration…. Almost one year of arbitration hearings are now finished…The truth and justice is to be rendered by the arbitrator shortly….This will be another embarrassing chapter for the legacy of Chief Dan Hughes “The Reformer” and the Fullerton Police Department….

    The Irish case is a case study in how a Police Chief and City Manager maintain corruption and control over officers who want to do the right thing and live up to the Police Officer’s code of Ethics.

    Irish had the foresight to record the speech that got him fired. It may be of some interest to your readers.

    For further details regarding the Irish case contact:

    Michael Williamson Esq.
    Principal Office
    200 East Del Mar Blvd., Suite 350
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    Telephone: (626) 683-5600
    Facsimile: (626) 683-5656

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