Watch Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson at FPD headquarters as they attempt for a second time to get the FPD’s own men in black to take a report on Chief Dan Hughes’ obstruction of justice

Section 148(a)(1) of the California Penal Code makes it a crime to willfully “resist, delay or obstruct” a police officer or emergency medical technician in the performance of on-the-job duties. Ironically, this section of the penal code aka as “the boot of the police state” is the section that is almost exclusively and illegitimately used AGAINST US. This time, I believe that it directly applies to Dan Hughes and possibly even Andrew Goodrich who was the watch commander. Here is the claim for damages filed by the DA investigator who was abrubtly taken off of the case


In the wee hours of the morning following election night, Dan Hughes directly interfered with an arrest, and willfully delayed and obstructed his four officers in the performance of their on the job duties. He called off the arrest of and breathalyzer administration to a suspect caught in the act of fleeing the scene of an accident as he reeked of alcohol.  The suspect was none other than our esteemed City Manager-Joe Felz.

The state legal system is set up to give police officers the ability to carry out their functions with minimal interference, including command staff, and anyone who interferes should face arrest and prosecution if they are perceived to be interfering with the operation of law. In fact, anyone could be charged with the crime of obstructing justice for doing virtually anything that constitutes an attempt to prevent a police officer from performing their duties. I believe Dan Hughes signed his own guilty plea when he put out that memo to the council regarding the election night incident involving our city manager.

A petrified Fullerton homeowner had called in a car crash in front of their home at 1:30 in the morning where a van ran over a tree and got itself stuck. The driver of the van  was attempting to free the vehicle by continually reving up its engine, putting it in gear and reverse over and over trying to get away. What kind of police officers does Fullerton have who arrive on scene to where a man smelling of alcohol was attempting to leave the scene of an accident, and they fail to arrest and administer a breathalyzer? Whats worse is they let the alleged drunk driver who happens to be our City Manager Joe Felz call and ask for the police chief at 130 in the morning?

What kind of police chief instructs his four police officers who arrive on scene to where a man smelling of alcohol was attempting to leave the scene of an accident, to NOT to arrest him, not to administer a breathalyzer but rather wait until the police chief sends HIS special guy out possibly hours later to do a PRIVATE field sobriety test with NO BREATHALYZER, AND without the presence of another officer without and then drive him home instead of arresting him and taking him to jail? Hiding or destroying evidence or material that would be useful in proving a crime, or attempting to prevent another individual from providing information regarding a crime would have you or I facing charges of obstruction of justice. Watch Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson at FPD headquarters as they attempt for a second time to get the FPD’s own men in black to take a report on Chief Dan Hughes’ obstruction of justice and they REFUSE.- part 1 and 2. The criminal justice system is broken folks and until law enforcement agents are held criminally liable for their actions, nothing is going to change, We need to send a strong message to all law enforcement that no one is above the law, especially those who are bestowed with arrest powers who are so handsomely paid to and entrusted with the duties to uphold and enforce it.

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  1. #1 by Anonymous on April 14, 2017 - 12:57 pm

    Nice video and nice work. The police officers literally get away with anything they want. My brother is LAPD. He and I were talking about this today and he told me Section 148 is the out every time they feel the need to take someone in for nothing. They always use it when they don’t have anything else. Then DA gets them to plea and that insulates them from civil actions. It would be amazing to see Hughes be charged. He certainly has it coming on this one.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on April 14, 2017 - 2:56 pm

    Fat chance of getting anywhere with this. The whole thing is locked down tight. DA is corrupt as hell, just like the cops. Gotta hand it to you and Barry. You are persistent. Never seen anyone go this far against Hughes. Pretty spooky. Watch your backs guys.

  3. #3 by Barry Levinson on April 14, 2017 - 3:45 pm

    The FPD would not fill out a police report on a crime committed by former Police Chief, namely obstructing justice in the wee hours of November 9, 2016. The evidence of the crime was clearly stated by Dan Hughes himself with his official memo on the subject hours after the incident took place.

    The officer at the desk, a Sergeant Klander (I believe that is the correct spelling o his name), informed us that he would not be taking our statement. I thought it was their Job to take down a citizens statement and then investigate it afterwards. We were informed by Captain Siko two days earlier to file with the OC District Attorney’s Office and not with the FPD. However, Joe Imbriano checked with OCDA Office and their explanation seemed to clearly indicate that the Fullerton Police Department was the proper place to file our police report.

    We will follow-up with the OCDA Office to determine whether the FPD refusal was against normal police procedure or even a violation of the law itself.

    We will not rest until justice is served and that must include charges against Dan Hughes for at least obstruction of justice and at the very least some form of disciplinary action against the four officers who did not follow proper police procedure in dealing with Joe Felz in the early hours of November 9, 2016.

    We will not tolerate actions that constitute a police state here in Fullerton

    • #4 by Anonymous on April 16, 2017 - 5:11 am

      The FPD lets their buddies get away with this crap all the time. Just another night and another day in the life for Danny’s boys. Joe, if that was you instead of Felz, they would have beat the shit out of you.

  4. #5 by Anonymous on April 14, 2017 - 6:11 pm

    Nice videos Joe. Aren’t you afraid of these people? They are really dangerous.

  5. #6 by Anonymous on April 14, 2017 - 8:47 pm

    The police officer seems to be trying to confuse the issue. Good point about the PC. They use it all the time. It is about time a citizen successfully has it applied to crooked cops.

  6. #7 by Old School on April 18, 2017 - 11:03 pm

    Come on Sgt. Tim…..That’s the oldest cop lesson in the book..just take the report…make your customer happy and move on….forward it to the DA’s office and let them decide if they have a crime which they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt ….my god….the report could have been written and finished by the time you spent trying to justify the unjustifiable.

    By the way….who was the WC who hid in the office and made a patrol Sgt…act as the departmental spokesman? Did you say “She”?

    A very sad state of affairs indeed.

  7. #8 by Barry Levinson on April 19, 2017 - 11:36 am

    Old School you are so right. The fact that I got no response from the Interim Chief at last night’s council meeting after I exposed the failure of the FPD to take our police report tells you just how entrenched is the corruption. Those officers that would like to do a good job are intimidated by the crooked leadership.

    Old School if you do not know, my dad and his older brother were career NYC police officers. They took their oath to serve and protect the public very seriously. They are two of my biggest heroes. Crooked police officers tarnish their memory and the good deeds and heroism of all good police officers.

    Dan Hughes has done serious damage to our FPD. He must be held to account for his scurrilous deeds.

    We must mobilize to get the good guys in charge once again. A police state atmosphere should never be tolerated by the public.

    • #9 by Old School on April 19, 2017 - 2:26 pm

      For some police officers, ambition, greed and corruption is what drives them. Promoted to the right position, they form a symbiotic relationship with like-minded supervisors and politicians. When honorable officers dare to speak out or do the right thing they are dealt with swiftly, harassed, denied assignments, promotion or even terminated as in the case of Corporal Paul Irish. Newer officers quickly learn to go along with the desires of police supervisors, management or their misguided career driven peers even if it means destruction of their own integrity.

      Where does an honest cop turn for help to right the ship?

      The Chief of Police the City Manager or the Mayor?

      Corruption is truly top down…….

      Mr. Levinson, I’m glad your father made you proud of him….Every officer, every day should look in the mirror and ask themselves “Will I make a loved one proud of me today”?

  8. #10 by media blackout henchmen on April 19, 2017 - 12:50 pm

    OC Register

    Ron Hasse is President and Publisher of the Southern California News Group representing nine daily and six weekly publications throughout Southern California. Ron has served as President since 2013 and has been a senior executive with the Southern California News Group since 2009. Mr. Hasse lives in Porter Ranch.
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    Brian Calle is the opinion editor of the Southern California News Group, overseeing opinion content for its 11 newspapers and websites including The Los Angeles Daily News, The Orange County Register, The Riverside Press-Enterprise, Daily Breeze in Torrance, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Whittier Daily News, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, The Sun in San Bernardino and Redlands Daily Facts. He is also a professor at Chapman University.

    Twitter: @briancalle

    Mike Brossart is the deputy opinion editor of the Southern California News Group. He lives in Upland and is based in the Ontario office.
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    Sal Rodriguez joined the Editorial Board in 2014. He got his start in journalism investigating the abuse of solitary confinement in American prisons and jails with Solitary Watch, and has been published by a variety of publications including The Guardian and Mother Jones. He is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

    Susan Shelley is a columnist for the Southern California News Group, writing on local, state and national issues. She is a member of the executive board of the nonpartisan civic organization Valley VOTE in the San Fernando Valley and serves on the board of directors of the Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce. A former candidate for the state Assembly, Susan speaks often to schools, clubs and organizations about California politics and policies.

  9. #11 by Anonymous on April 19, 2017 - 1:01 pm

    Joe did you see this bullshit from Whitehead at the Register? Looks like Ponsi got 86’d and its back to square one with Brian. Look at this hogwash on Hughes. Amazing!

  10. #12 by Old School on April 19, 2017 - 1:36 pm

    Fullerton Police Department Report Preparation

    Report preparation is a major part of each officer’s job. The purpose of reports is to document sufficient information to refresh the officer’s memory and to provide sufficient
    information for follow-up investigation and successful prosecution. Report writing is the subject of substantial formalized training and on-the-job training.

    Employees should ensure that reports are sufficiently detailed for their purpose and free from errors prior to submission. It is the responsibility of the assigned employee to complete
    and submit all reports taken during the shift before going off-duty unless permission to hold the report has been approved by a supervisor. Generally, reports requiring prompt follow-up
    action on active leads, or arrest reports where the suspect remains in custody should not be held.
    Handwritten reports must be prepared legibly. If the report is not legible, the submitting employee will be required by the reviewing supervisor to promptly make corrections and
    resubmit the report. Employees who dictate reports shall use appropriate grammar, as content is not the responsibility of the typist. Employees who generate reports on computers
    are subject to all requirements of this policy.
    All reports shall accurately reflect the identity of the persons involved, all pertinent information seen, heard or assimilated by any other sense, and any actions taken. Employees shall not suppress, conceal or distort the facts of any reported incident, nor
    shall any employee make a false report orally or in writing. When an Officer’s conduct may be reviewed, that officer shall be interviewed or complete their written report prior to
    reviewing any audio or video recordings. When any audio or video recording is reviewed by an officer prior to preparing a required report, that fact shall be documented in the
    report. That documentation shall include the circumstances that led to the review, who authorized the viewing and under what conditions the review took place. Group access of
    recorded evidence by involved or witnessing officers is prohibited. Generally, the reporting employee’s opinions should not be included in reports unless specifically identified as such.

    Written reports are required in all of the following situations on the appropriate department approved form unless otherwise approved by a supervisor.

    It appears Sgt. Kandler was following orders from his supervisor, Captain Siko not to take a report from a citizen. The question is Why?

    When an employee responds to a call for service, or as a result of self-initiated activity becomes aware of any activity where a crime has occurred, the employee is required to document the activity. The fact that a victim is not desirous of prosecution is not an exception to documenting a report. The following are examples of required documentation:

    (a) In every instance where a felony or misdemeanor has occurred, the documentation
    shall take the form of a written crime report
    (b) In every case where any force is used against any person by police personnel
    (c) All incidents involving domestic violence
    (d) All arrests

    The following incidents shall be documented using the appropriate approved report:
    (a) Anytime an officer points a firearm at any person
    (b) Any use of force against any person by a member of this department (see the Use of
    Force Policy)
    (c) Any firearm discharge (see the Firearms and Qualification Policy)
    (d) Anytime a person is reported missing, regardless of jurisdiction (see the Missing
    Persons Reporting Policy)
    (e) Any found property or found evidence
    (f) Any traffic collisions above the minimum reporting level (see Traffic Collision Reporting Policy)
    (g) Suspicious incidents that may indicate a potential for crimes against children or that
    a child’s safety is in jeopardy
    (h) All protective custody detentions
    (i) Suspicious incidents that may place the public or others at risk
    (j) Whenever the employee believes the circumstances should be documented or at the direction of a supervisor

    • #13 by Anonymous on April 19, 2017 - 7:25 pm

      Wall of shame is more like it.

  11. #14 by Catte on June 19, 2017 - 4:55 pm

    That officers whole demeanor changed when you moved to the plaque. The atmosphere changed. You were literally speaking truth to power.
    It took him a while to get back to his spin. And spin is EXACTLY what he was doing.
    KUDOS to you and your partner.
    By the way, could it have been more obvious what that officer was doing?
    You’d have to be a damn fool not to know he was lying his pants off. In fact, when you said “the English language as I understand it and the words written on this email”, I cheered out loud.
    Officer, it’s called the truth. Facts. Not opinion.
    Well done you two!

  12. #15 by Anonymous on June 20, 2017 - 7:11 pm

    Every city needs people like you two to hold their feet to the fire. This is really bad behavior by the police.

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