Fullerton’s Downtown Core Corridor: A Toxic sinking ship, the condemnation of our groundwater and the massive power grab by Joe Felz

Either Fullerton’s DCCP is doomed or all of us are. Look at these maps folks. They are proposing to build massive high rise construction RIGHT SMACK DAB ON TOP OF A POTENTIAL SUPERFUND SITE. These images tell the whole story.


Downtown-Core-and-Corridors-source- The City of Fullerton


Joe Felz tried to ram this massive power grab and development fast track through when no one was looking on a mid summer’s night. They held the Fullerton City Council meeting in the library room instead of The council chambers and tried to pass it at 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night with no live feed to the local cable access channels and no live feed to the city’s online coverage of the meeting.

So why would any sane rational elected representative bury this ticking toxic time bomb in our aquifer under 10 story high rises from here to kingdom come? Do we have any to speak of?  I believe the current council majority comprised of Jan Flory, jennifer Fitzgerald and Doug Chaffee will do anything to generate revenues designed to float the sinking pension ship and to keep the public employee gravy train rolling down the tracks. That is why they were installed by the unions on the Council. Big development brings in big money for the city. Look folks the two year budget they keep passing will come to haunt all of us when the city finally will have to show all the unfunded pension liabilities on their books next year as a result of a new State law. You know what that means? Well for starters, it could spell the beginning of the end of the City of Fullerton’s solvency. So in the meantime, Jan Flory, Jennifer Fitzgerald, and Doug Chaffee will have to act fast and ram this through before the next election so they can account for the windfall ledger entries of future revenue that this treasonous disaster could bring to the city’s drained coffers.

You heard me. They will bury alive your aquifer that desperately needs remediation under a million tons of concrete and steel while they kill what is left of this town with a massive high density housing extravaganza, traffic busting and chocking up our already ruined roads, and a business killing zoning change party just so their friends at city hall can keep burning tri tip boozing it up in their backyards while you are all at work paying for their bacon and wine tasting trips to Europe.

With all the aforementioned aside, this is a massive illegal power grab, as pointed out by Mr. Barry Levinson right here:   https://thefullertoninformer.com/who-is-behind-this-massive-grab-of-money-and-power-known-as-the-downtown-core-and-corridor-specific-plan-dccsp-city-manager-joe-felz/


All normal case by case project specific checks and balances, public input and commission review which have been a bulwark against out of control development will be done away with, and placed in the fast track lane all at the mercy of and in the hands of an unelected bureaucrat named Joe Felz -Fullerton’s city manager. Yes the end of piecemeal planning and the beginning of the Agenda 21 nightmare for Fullerton.

As a resident and a taxpayer, I am requesting that all of the planning commissioners that approved this be removed from their positions, and that this item tabled indefinitely or shredded until the EPA has cleared our aquifer.  There is absolutely no reason to ram this through right now. This is a one stop shop, one E.I.R., council bypass that, in my opinion, is too huge to be handed off to unelected city staff through the hands of the five on the council. Going forward, there is no objective, honest way that you can conclude that green lighting such a massive project is in the best interests of the residents of this city, especially when hardly anyone knows about it. The insidious irony of projects of this magnitude and nature is that the scope of the public reporting requirements decreases inversely proportionate to the size of the development. Placing this on the ballot remedies that injustice to the residents.

This is leaps and bounds above and beyond the scope and magnitude of what is warranted at this time. It is an immense concession of checks and balances in the City’s long standing traditional approach to planning. Fast tracking makes sense in times of fiscal or other emergencies.The occupany rates of Fullerton housing is no where near 100 percent at this time.

This thing is a total Agenda 21 developer and variance orgy clothed in an affordable housing garb. Send the money back to the state and get Felz to disband the redevelopment has been dream team and you will have doubled your money in 12 months.

In addition, almost none of the claims that this thing makes are even remotely possible to accomplish. Mitigating traffic with a few more trash cans is an insult. I have not even mentioned that there are several legal challenges that will be brought forth if this item is moved forward as it is written.

Put the brakes on this thing and do the right thing. Let’s look at this through the eyes of your constituents by placing it in the shredder where it belongs. No one lives more than three days without water. Don’t build 10 story WiFi prison mausoleums on top of our aquifer just so a few hundred people that work for the city can maintain their standard of living at the expense of the other 150,000 who live in the real world. I will remind you that everyone is expendable, even city employees and even rocket fuel contaminated water seeks its own level as you will all find out with November 2016 being right around the corner.



  1. #1 by streets on September 26, 2015 - 5:51 pm

    Nice work Joe. Just keep handing these people the shovels. Damn you are on it bro!

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