Fullerton Planning Commission (Larry Bennett, Peter Gambino, Silber and Dunlap) Once Again Sides with the Special Interests and Ignores the Communities of Sunny Hills Estates and Old Sunny Hills. By Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

I was disappointed but not surprised that the Planning Committee voted for the 32-unit development by Melia Homes on a scant 3.3 acres.  One committee member had the audacity to state that the traffic in and around the Laguna Road Elementary School was not the developer’s problem (but it most definitely should be the city of Fullerton’s problem along with the Fullerton School District).


Fitzgerald appointee and sock puppet Larry Bennett

By voting for the zoning change the developer is requesting, you are allowing him to make the traffic problems worse.  Therefore, the serious traffic congestion at the beginning and end of each day at Laguna Road School is in fact in part the developer’s problem.   The commissioners are making that property much more valuable to the landowner by voting for the zoning change from office/medical space to attached housing, yet giving him a pass on the added traffic congestion and added parking problems the developer will create for the surrounding neighborhood.   It seems that as commissioners you are not thinking clearly and certainly ignoring the very legitimate concerns of the community.



Seaborne appointee Gambino that voted to ruin Fullerton with the yes vote on the DCCSP




It is most definitely the city’s responsibility and obligation to make a decision that does not harm any of the residents.  This commissioner along with the other 3 voting for its approval, have abdicated that role.  This project will exacerbate the traffic congestion and the potential for additional accidents in and around the Laguna Road School.


Big developer puppet Silber who hates cars and loves high density with a yes vote on the disastrous DCCSP

Yes it is also a FSD issue but the last time I looked it is in and within the City of Fullerton.  The next traffic injury or death is on the four-committee members, who voted for this (Peter Gambino, Larry Bennett, Silber and Dunlap).  It should be noted that this very important vote was made with 2 of the 7-committee members not in attendance, namely Kevin Pendergraft and Ma‘Ayn Johnson.


Agenda 21 SCAG operative Ma’yaan Johnson voted yes for the DCCSP was a no show on this mess

A committee concerned about doing the right thing would have at least postponed the vote until they could get all of the committee members to actually meet their obligation and duty to represent the good people of Fullerton.   The way this city conducts business is both indefensible and deplorable.


Bruce’s repeated no show appointee Pendergraft who missed the vote on the DCCSP and missed the vote on this spot zone change-two huge decisions and he decides to stay home-fire this guy and appoint Barry


The “Boss” Joe Felz


P.S.  There was not one bit of evidence asked for by the committee or given by Melia Homes that demonstrated that a smaller single-family development was not financially feasible on that 3.3-acre site.  The public did speak to a new single-family development across from Laguna Road School of 7 houses on about 3 acres of land.  That is obviously financially viable but we are to believe the sales BS of Melia Homes that they need a minimum of 32 homes on 3.3 acres to be financially viable, only a short few hundred feet away.   For all the degrees and education represented on this Planning Commission, they sure seem to lack of whole bunch of common sense and objectivity.

Here is the description of the other project from the City of Fullerton.

The project is a residential development that proposes seven single family detached houses on a 2.97 acre lot, with a gross density of 2.57 dwelling units per acre. The lots will range in size from 17,620 square feet to 20,879 square feet. Vehicular access to the houses would be from Laguna Road via gated private drive that would be constructed

September 16, 2014
City of Fullerton – Initial Study Checklist



  1. #1 by Barry Levinson on June 25, 2016 - 12:23 pm

    It is amazing to me that our go along with the developer Planning Commission never asked for any documentation that the developer needed a minimum of 32 homes to be financially viable. The committee ignored the fact that a few hundred feet away another developer is all too happy to build 7 single family homes on 2.97 acres of land. Why even bother with any committee, if they are not going to challenge the developer’s assertions? They ask the developer to make modest changes and then pat themselves on the back for doing such a good job. The committee jumped from the assertion that medical space is not needed at that site to accepting a very high density attached homes community of 32 homes for that neighborhood.

    A substantive discussion of the viability of single family residences at the site was brushed over by the committee. I will bring this point up at the next Planning Committee meeting and ask why none of the committee members who bothered to show up (only 5 out of 7) did not demand specific numbers from the developer to prove his financial assertions.

    I just loved the new terminology used by the city and the committee members calling it an “edge” property in a shameful attempt to minimize its impact to the surrounding single family residential community. Lastly, I want to say to those opposed to this development to not give up hope. We need a 100 plus residents to show up when the council puts this to a final vote.

    One more time for the factually challenged in our city government. Private property rights does not include allowing the owner to do anything they want with there property. That is why for well over a hundred years, cities and towns throughout these United States have had zoning laws. A developer or a flipper does not have the legal right to buy a specific piece of property whose market value is based on its current zoning and then automatically get the zoning changed. It is called crony capitalism Fullertonians. You or I would not be allowed to subdivide our single family home lots into 5, 10 or 20 separate homes. But these developers are special friends of the city. What is in it for the city? Only short term one-time fees/taxes in the form of $11,700 per unit of any size called a Park Dwelling Fee. Studies have been done and it is well known that retail, commercial and industrial properties net more revenue to a city than residential units. The city of Fullerton only has 6% commercial/retail and instead of trying to grow this minuscule percentage, the city for its short term greed is doing the exact opposite.

  2. #2 by Mayor Fitzgerald - She's So Special...Interest That Is on June 25, 2016 - 5:16 pm

    It is clear that the Planning Committee majority is just a rubber stamp for development. Yes the developer made some minor changes but in the end he got the zone change which got him his relatively high-density project. It will make him more profit than the single family homes that he could have easily built for a handsome profit but not as much as the 32 units will bring him. The community which represents homeowners living in the area for decades loses and the out of town developer gets to change the zoning of the property, which will bring him hundreds of thousands if not millions more in profit.
    The City of Fullerton is for sale Fullertonians in a very big way. That is what you get when you elect phony council members like Jennifer Fitzgerald. She gets elected and then a few months later we all learn she is now Vice President with the lobbyist and public relations firm Curt Pringle and Associates. This firm routinely helps developers shall we say navigate the waters around various city halls in Southern California. It is so good to be the Mayor and be able to help get your special interest friends exactly what they want. As far as the Fullerton public is concerned…She Obviously Loves To Give Them the High-Density Housing Most of Us Hate along with the help of her appointee on the Planning Commission, Council member want a be Larry Bennett. He does take direction from our Mayor so very, very well. All hail Mayor Fitzgerald.

    • #3 by Shawna on June 25, 2016 - 4:09 pm

      This was a very small development and it is on a busy street. What is the big deal? I mean people have to live somewhere and the property is vacant right?

      • #4 by Barry Levinson on July 19, 2016 - 12:10 pm

        A stone’s throw away on Laguna Road, 7 single family homes are being built on 2.97 acres. I assume that the developer believes he will make a reasonable profit.

        At Melia Homes, the developer is telling us that he needs to build at a minimum 32 residences on 3.3 acres to make a profit.

        If one builder can make money on building 7 large single family homes on just under 3 acres then Melia Homes should be able to make money on building 8 to 12 homes on 3.3 acres.

        But our less than thorough Planning Commission votes for the 32 home development without requiring any documentation from the builder to support their financial claims. It is the builder that wants the zoning changed and therefore, they should be required at a minimum to support their financial assertions before the City Council should even consider their requests.

        • #5 by Reality Is..... on July 19, 2016 - 8:14 pm

          Barry. Question. Did you find that you were the only one that voted a certain way each time something was discussed? Did you find that odd?. Or you just think you are the only smart one? Ever wonder if that might have something to do with you being fired from your job?

  3. #6 by Anonymous on June 25, 2016 - 8:36 pm

    In 100 years from now, the quote “people have to live somewhere” will not be anywhere to be found.

    To answer Shawna, they can live in any of many existing apartments, condos, townhouse or single family homes in Fullerton or anywhere else for that matter.

    Laguna Road is already an traffic accident waiting to happen and our brilliant planning commission just up the odds that someone will get hurt or killed. I thought it was the job of the FPD to kill people, i.e. Kelly Thomas. Now the Planning Commission wants to get in on the act.

    • #7 by Anonymous on July 19, 2016 - 2:38 pm

      And yet we still have a plethora of homeless people living on our streets.

      • #8 by Reality Is..... on July 19, 2016 - 8:13 pm

        Joe says that’s what the library is for.

  4. #9 by Sad But True on July 1, 2016 - 8:01 am

    This Planning Commission voted unanimously 5 to 0 for the original far reaching DCCSP. (Two committee members were no-shows for the most important vote in Planning Commission history including Kevin Pendergraft, Mr. Whitaker’s appointee.
    This Planning Commission voted 4 to 1 for the Melia Homes Project over the objections of dozens of people from the neighborhood to put attached housing at the rate of approx. 10 units per acre where adjacent property is 2 per acre. This is violating the Fullerton General Plan which states that no new development should negatively impact or change the existing neighborhood. Again two committee members were no-shows for this important vote, Kevin Pendergraft and Ma’Ayn Johnson (recommended for the position by Mayor Fitzgerald and approved unanimously by the entire Fullerton City Council.)

    The committee ignored the fact that a developer almost next door is putting in 7 single family homes on 3 acres, disproving Melia Homes contention that a minimum of 32 units is necessary on their 3.3 acre plot to be financially feasible for them. Shamefully, this is not even discussed by our Planning Committee, which allows them to ignore the will of the people, ignore common sense and ignore a real traffic safety issue and votes to give the developer his change in zoning and his 32 unit development. What we are seeing here is that a whole bunch of degrees from college does not ensure either integrity or common sense.

    All this is Sad but true.

  5. #10 by Bells are a ringin' in the City of Hills on July 12, 2016 - 8:51 am

    We had a roomful of Kindergarten kids nearly slaughtered after an errant vehicle ran over the curbing at Laguna elementary because of traffic backed up. There have been scored of near catastrophic pedestrian versus motor vehicle incidents in the direct zone of where this atrocious, ugly and pack-em-like sardines housing development is set to now break ground. More residents are filing for conceal and carry, more residents are growing disgruntled, more residents are simply getting fed up. Our children are being lost to drugs, rapists and burgeoning gang culture. Thank you member of the the City Council. You’ve done a great job!

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