Fullerton City Council Candidate Jan Flory speaks on her relationship with some female anatomy

Looks like some things never change. Well, as this divorce attorney, Jan Flory brags about being self employed and chastises another council member for having a paltry pension from real public service, I cannot understand why she votes to pass a budget with holes big enough for the city attorney to walk through, passes unfunded raises and benefit increases for the already overpaid greedy police and fire unions while voting for spraying duet all over Orange County, voting for first amendment killing ordinances, cell towers next to schools and homes, a homeless shelter next to a title I elementary school and an apartment complex, half million dollar bathrooms for 3 firewomen while ignoring the busted up roads, busted up water mains, busted up sidewalks, continued corruption in the police department, while being the ringleader of the attempted framing of two citizen activists, while she calls the fact that California’s drought that is actually a direct result of geoengineering- voodoo, ignores the fact that the cumulative water storage for the State Of California over the last 13 years is only down by 40 millimeters as she votes to for more agenda 21 water and land use restrictions, remains silent as a water board member on the forced drugging of our population via fluoridation and calls the wireless agenda a conspiracy theory while ignoring the reasons for the autism epidemic as she tries to interrupt me as it is being laid out.  Now I know why, she has a fixation.  Here she was last night after fattening up the firemen with another unfunded gift package, ignoring the million dollar fire department overtime scam, ignoring Felz’s attempt at the secret Hunt Branch library fire sale selloff, the bogus accounting riddling what is being presented to the public in labor negotiations, the brea dam scam, and all fixated once again on the female anatomy. I have to tell you that divorce attorneys really creep me out, especially this one after publicly making similar references to the female anatomy towards a council member not too long ago. This one is a real class act ladies and gentlemen.

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