Is this what explains the behavior of the masses who ignore and allow the sterilization of school children with the forced wireless exposure at school? apple 666 the counter intuitive brain damaging common core curriculum, the 65 cancer virus and nano tech laden shots being pumped into our kids before age 5,the ripping apart of the unborn children out of their mothers womb and parting them out, the satanizing video game addictions purloining-their-fecundity, the endless flow of liquor destroying marriages and children, the out of control opiate pain pill addiction epidemic, the satanic mind control hellavison, music, Hellywood movie and media bread and circus mindless sports diversions, the fleecing and betrayal by the fat head pickpocket preachers and the cowards who compromise the clergy, the secular humanist educrat lackeys that teach our children flat out lies as they sip their wine, polish the 12 pack and push their agendas, or our violent, murderous, sexually assaulting, framing and corrupt police department, our two faced betraying sell out local elected leaders, or simply what we are allowing to even be done to ourselves by those who hold us all in derision at the highest echelons of power?

One thing is certain, the end result will be  the collective goal of what the elite has had in mind for millenia and even for the low level minions as well as their very own children that blindly carry all of this out.  the wireless agenda That goal is to corrupt, subjugate, weaken, sicken, control and cull what they view as a scourge on the earth-you and I and our children.

This is how it moves full steam ahead in linear progression. It is all because of willful blindness. The root of willful blindness is cowardice, which I believe to be the biggest sin of all and The Bible agrees. REV 21:8.

Break your conditioning folks. It is all on the line.

  1. #1 by 1984 on January 27, 2015 - 3:28 am

    Psychotronic warfare depicted has literally hundreds if not thousands of purposes and applications and is only one of many forms of electronic warfare.
    At this point I think we would do well to fabricate some ligatures for the satanic and sociopathic ruthless ruling group and their mind controlled minions.
    With the literature, videos, photos and comments I have posted here and on Faceboot alone you would think the Feds would have come to interrogate or arrest me but not one has bothered after speaking to dozens of low, mid to high ranking officers and officials.
    I have even reported, documented and detailed the murders of my co activists who were silenced for trying to form organisations with me to expose the covert domestic use of directed energy weapons for political control and the genocidal and tyrannical globalist agenda at large.
    So after reporting on atrocities of this nature for sixteen and a half years non stop why are my still alive?
    I am barely alive but am tenacious and do everything Incan to mitigate the symptoms I am continually enflicted with through the technetronic behaviour modification programmes.
    Also – and more realistically Insuspect it is because they are using us to capture their potential resistance in their “WEB”/”NET” and Social “NET”working forums etc, data mining, classifying and processing us – in many cases via the technetronic grid.
    Because there is no component of our respective ‘countries’ power structures capable of or designed to do anything about this it can only mean that they have already established their one world government infrastructure and will not move against most of us until they go “Hot” on our soil (World War) in which case we will be removed from our kennels (homes) and incarcerated, tortured, experimented on some more or simply killed as per NDAA.
    That time is coming fast now – all the warning lights are flashing red across the board worldwide.
    We have precious few moments left to do anything to mitigate what has already been set in motion.
    The neurotoxins that have been deployed on us here in the Vancouver Lower Mainland BC ‘canada’ region – possibly the entire Pacific Northwest – are progressively worse now cycle after cycle, sector to sector.
    Cartilage, ligament, soft and connective tissue injuries, joint injuries, degenerative neurological, spinal and other diseases are increasing along with the death rate which is being hidden by the genocidal globalist puppet governments and their completely controlled and complicit media which is no more than another arm of the genocidal globalist government.
    People are dying from or being otherwise incapacitated and neutralised with neurological disorders, strokes, heart attacks, organ failures etc…
    In the case of politically targeted individuals the technetronic attacks are as Zbignew Brzezinski et al stated they would be.
    Of course the demographics are being withheld across the board.
    Patterns are repeating from previous wars – ie classification and extermination, but with advanced, withheld and weaponised technology.
    This is a covert war against the ‘surplus’ civilian population – just as they stated it would be.
    Anyone that doesn’t get this is listening to the wrong news source and that includes most of the alternative media which is Delphi’d/controlled by their ‘intelligence’ idiots as well.
    Using a myriad of tried and true social control techniques they keep us all eddying and spinning in circles while they flush humanity down the technetronic toilet bowl/Orwellian Memory Hole forever.
    We are out of time and we couldn’t be at a greater disadvantage.
    Knowing this is both enlightening and presents us with the opportunity to test our resolve against their diabolical Transhumanist Technology, Science and systems.
    Never underestimate these maniacs and their contingency plans.
    We must strive to overcome what looks like an insidious end for whatever it is we were.
    Everyone and everything we know and love is in peril.
    The time has come:
    Get off line and away from ALL technology to try to form resistance to globalist genocide, technetronic tyranny and bio – technetronic enslavement.
    That is the Brutal Truth.
    Harden up to it and FTNWO – HARD!

  2. #2 by Wendell B. Gaines on January 28, 2015 - 7:31 am

    Of all the reasons for our society’s demise, the most damning is the failure of our religious institutions. The eternal truths that were designed to set us free are being held in unrighteousness by a handful of compromised cowards.

    What do we tell our children? I spent most my young life in a Southern Baptist church in Alabama. I was raised with fire and brimstone preaching. I know what truth is and I always knew right from wrong. Today, my children’s friends do not even believe there exists any much less an absolute truth. I have lived in Fullerton for the last 6 years and there is NOT ONE church in this city that even remotely resembles a Biblical example of the church. Perhaps this is why we have people like Pat Mckinley, Dan Hughes and Jennifer Fitzgerald that are church going, cowards and corrupt at the same time.

    Joe, your pill is a tough one to swallow but it is truth. All the churches in Fullerton are mere tax exempt businesses that are concerned with one thing-revenue collection. I commend your determination to speak the truth in and out of season. I would say you are something along the lines of a modern day prophet that like in the days of old, was never welcome in their home town. Dust off your shoes and keep pressing forward.

    Sin is still sin and blindness is a conscious choice.
    The choice to accept It is just far too inconvenient so they believe the lie. History is there to remind us all just where willful blindness always leads, it leads straight to hell. God bless you Joe and may your readership continue to grow and may they open their eyes before it is too late and the lights go out for good, literally.

  3. #3 by Mark Powell on January 28, 2015 - 9:17 am

    Amen to that Wendell B Gaines!

  4. #4 by What's good for the goose ... on January 28, 2015 - 12:12 pm

    So in reference to Mr. Levinson’s post about doing away with presentations and such at the beginning of council meetings, let’s do away with the opening prayer while where at it.

    • #5 by Anonymous on January 28, 2015 - 2:22 pm

      I know Chaffee and Flory would like that. Sure Hughes and Felz would be happy and Fitzgerald could care less too because she is a total phony.

      Big difference between prayer and presentations though. I don’t think it is a good idea. On second thought, maybe it is. Maybe if you do, some real prayer warriors will get up there and pray over these sick creeps that need prayer.

      Why don’t you bring it up at the next meeting? What is your name?

  5. #6 by Anonymous on January 28, 2015 - 3:15 pm

    Ah, spoken like a true Christian

    • #7 by Shane on January 28, 2015 - 3:00 pm

      I hate to tell you this but everything Joe said in this article is spot on except he left out the child rapists in the Catholic Church. You are just willfully blind like the lady in the video says.

    • #9 by Sung on January 28, 2015 - 8:25 pm

      You try to get helping family from church and they give you can of soup and no helpf rom police that turture victim. News no speak of these evils. Only man of integrity.

  6. #10 by Anonymous on January 28, 2015 - 5:17 pm

    You want willfully blind? How about trotting out an African American woman knows nothing about, talking about an incident he knows nothing about and who has a fiancé he knows nothing about and then making reckless and irresponsible accusations of a racially motivated hate crime committed by a cop. All because of his raging hatred for police. My friend, THAT is being willfully blind.

    • #11 by Mark Powell on January 28, 2015 - 6:18 pm

      Would you have believed Joe if he was reporting on one of his friends?

      I think your confusing your own prejudices with willful blindness.

  7. #12 by Voltaire's chess board on December 22, 2016 - 3:11 am

    The truth about vaccines has been known for years yet people still continue to vaccinate their children.
    The truth about microwave radiation has been known for years yet people still continue to microwave their children.
    The truth about modern medicine has been known for years yet people still continue to take their children to the doctors.
    The truth about GMO’s have been known for years yet people still continue to feed them to their children.

    The sheepish mentality of humans has been around for thousands of years and yet in spite of history,people still follow their despotic leaders. Yes Agenda 21 is well underway as this blog so frequently alludes to.

    It is so easy to thin out the herd. They will eat and drink and inject virtually anything they are instructed to. The elite wants to get rid of of all these people that are perceived by them as useless eaters who are trained to behave no differently than a bunch of animals. Why do you think they would allow such irresponsibility to engulf the planet?

    • #13 by Anonymous on December 23, 2016 - 3:02 pm

      Agreed and the herd should be thinned.

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