The real Reagan legacy-DIVORCE

Ronald Reagan penned the destruction of marriage by signing the first law in United States history legalizing “no fault divorce” in 1970. Talk is cheap and the sad reality of Reagan’s legacy was one of mere finance and not one of morality. It was all about people clutching their wallets much like today’s breed of phony conservative republicans that still turn their backs on the children just like Reagan did on that dark September day back in 1969 when families began to be torn apart and children forever ruined by the beginning of the end of mom and dad. Broken children, broken homes, broken dreams, broken lives and we still wrap this guy in the flag 45 years later? Now we have the highest divorce rate in the civilized world. What is wrong with all of you?


Divorce is the most destructive element in our Nation. In its path lie economic ruin, broken children, poverty, crime, despondency, dependency on government and despair. All the trickle down economic policies in history will never remedy the destructive damage caused by this tsunami unleashed on our society by this man’s stroke of a pen.

Then we have all that time he and his wife spent with the astrologers after he declares 1983 the “year of the Bible” What gives with this guy? Did he ever read it?  Never in the history of the U.S. Presidency has an astrologer played such a significant role in a nation’s affairs of State in spite of the fact that Astrology is a forbidden practice in the Bible. Never in the history of America has a man had so much influence over the destruction of the family and is still honored as a conservative. There are many things that I will never understand.This is truly one of them.


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