The Fullerton Observer: Preoccupation with the messengers, ignoring the science and two years of forced irradiation of FSD school children

The Fullerton Observer:  Preoccupation with the messengers, ignoring the science and two years of forced irradiation of FSD school children.

Re:      The Fullerton Observer, Mid May 2015

109 Scientists Call for EMF Protection Against Long-term Health Effects of WiFi 

We applaud the recent Fullerton Observer article that brings to light the very recent appeal from 109 scientists worldwide calling on the United Nations, its member states and the World Health Organization to provide leadership in “this emerging public health crisis.”  The “health crisis” is exposure to wireless radiation and the known and serious biological effects.


Fullerton’s Dr. Roman Schulze promoting wireless in schools.

As the Fullerton School District has been bringing wireless devices into the classrooms

for the past two years, the reporting by the Observer is particularly critical and relevant.  Additionally and as explained in the article, the Fullerton City Council approved 3 additional cell towers within the past year, indicating the need for sounding the alarm on health harms from wireless radiation.


A Fullerton school district student using wireless technology with the microwave antenna on his zipper-no respect for reproductive rights

As I am sure everyone would agree, newspapers carry weight with the reading public, serve to inform us with items that are important, sometimes vital to our community and lives.  In order for a newspaper to function in a responsible manner, it is essential that it be truthful, fair and ethical in its reporting.  That brings us to elements of the Observer article that greatly strayed from that integrity that I will now correct.

Fullerton Observer quote:

“Regular commenters on the dangers of WiFi have been appearing at the public comment portions of both the Fullerton city council sessions and school board meetings over the past two years.  Unfortunately, the demeanor of some commenters at these meetings has caused many to dismiss what they say, and has prevented any reasonable discussion.”


Karen Whisnant, Acacia principal who is intolerant of scientific information contrary to the wireless agenda at Acacia elementary.

“Regular commenters” would be Joe Imbriano and myself.  “Some” commenters conveys more than one and implies that both of our demeanors overrode/negated the messages we were communicating.  Accomplished in 3 minutes, my public comments brought forth nothing but the science and messages of PhDs, medical doctors, and researchers that had extensive background in EMF and its effect on human biology.   This was material that had been organized and expressed by myself in order to convey in layman’s terms what the researchers were telling us.  All of the information on all occasions was presented in a professional tone and in keeping with the seriousness and gravity of the subject.   This is all a matter of public record and may be retrieved by anyone that cares to verify it.  I never deviated from this.



It begs the question, why the Fullerton Observer writer tried to cast the scientists’ communications as something that would prevent “any reasonable discussion.”  What was it about the serious tone of my message that would cause the Observer to disparage my demeanor?  After all, isn’t it a very serious situation to have children exposed to wireless radiation from iPads and classroom routers day in and day out?  Is the Observer trying to justify the children being exposed to radiation because, in their words, Joe and I presented in such a way as to make it impossible for them to take the messages seriously?  Is the Observer attempting to let all of the FSD and Fullerton City Council elected officials off the hook in demeaning/degrading these scientists’ work, as if it is not worthy of their serious consideration?

Fullerton Observer quote:

“Numerous email blast follow-ups from one commenter to officials and newspapers with information links that did not pan out, also did not help anyone listen.”

Indeed, the Observer was carbon copied on emails as I felt that they should know of the science and findings of wireless.  I very much wanted the paper to write articles on this subject.  Most, if not every one of the emails to officials, provided citations to source documents, studies, and media including videos.  Yes, these were follow-ups, as I did not expect elected officials to just take my word for the information presented in public comments.  On every occasion, I followed up with the citation sources.



I do not understand the statement “information links that did not pan out.”  As the Observer editor was supplied with information we were capable of obtaining, it should be noted that any information that did not originate from the U.S. did not hold much weight with her.  Many people, including the Observer editor, are both naïve and chauvinistic, perhaps, to think that the U.S. produces the most up-to-date and cutting edge research, especially in the EMF realm.  Unable to accept, acknowledge research from outside our country, the editor appeared to discard or view irrelevant, not worthy, the current studies and findings originating from other countries.


21st Century learning

In the case of RF-radiation studies, the U.S.  gets minimal funding, if that, and as a consequence is not doing significant research.  It is as simple as that.  If there are studies in the U.S., they are industry funded, corrupted to produce results to favor the tech industry.  The U.S. research, when it is funded, is designed not to find the truth about EMF.  That is why the Hardell study that determined cell phone radiation causes cancer was from Sweden and that is why the recent study that demonstrated cancer cell growth with exposure to 3G radiation was from Germany.

If one is only to be satisfied by U.S. research findings then she may very well view the information as not “panning out.”  That, however, does not change the fact that the science is what the science is, regardless of its country of origin.  How unfortunate that she did not take this science, publish the findings in her paper, and use it for ethical reporting on such a significant and vital topic:  the health and wellbeing of the Fullerton children.


FSD trustees, Torlakson and Chaffee on hand for the iPad rollout. All in favor of forcing wireless on children.

Fullerton Observer quote:

“There are legitimate sources advocating caution about the location of wireless devices.”

The inference here is that the many, many citations from researches across the globe did not qualify as “legitimate” in the estimation of the Observer.  That is an absolutely astounding and hugely arrogant assertion.  It speaks for itself.

I will note here that we have been doing this for over two years.  Initially, I thought that the Observer would treat this subject fairly and give it a decent airing in the Fullerton newspaper.  After the Observer treatment and portrayal of two men, falsely accused after a cell tower vote at the Fullerton city council meeting, it became apparent that the paper was not interested in reporting the truth.  It has been several months since I have included the Observer in any of my emails.   You may read about that here:

The two Observer reporters assigned to the schools district meetings reduced the science and news I presented to my “concerns.”  It was about 3 months ago that I began prefacing my comments with a statement of liability for any reporters that mischaracterized my remarks as anything less than substantive.  This was effective in getting the Observer to stop the false reporting.   It was better that the public not learn anything than have the information reduced to my “concerns.”  I understood that one of the reporters actually was laughing at the science.  The children’s health and future is on the line and the Observer reporter finds this humorous?  Why did they not report the many significant findings on health or the actions, such as in France where they have enacted a law that is banning WiFi in environments for age 3 and under?


Microwave transmitters with antennae in direct proximity to their sensitive developing reproductive organs.

Great care and a tremendous amount of dedication in preparing and presenting the information to elected officials in Fullerton has been given.  As so much is at stake here with the children’s health, nothing less was acceptable.  Many times, especially after voting for a new cell tower the same quote comes to mind:  “casting pearls before swine.”  The elected officials have no appreciation of the science, and are either incapable of understanding health consequence or choose to ignore it, resulting in radiation exposure to those living around it.

A lot of responsibility is in our hands, the population is largely ignorant on the radiation health harms, and we cannot afford to do anything but our very best.  I think that I can speak for both of us, neither Joe nor myself care what people think of us, we are here to communicate what the scientists are saying.  Joe is going to continue to share and warn the public in his own unique way.  We will continue to make the now rapidly increasing information and news available.


iPads emit more RF microwave radiation than a cell phone and the users keep getting younger.

In reading the article, one might come to the conclusion that both Joe and I, over a two year period, presented illegitimate material that “prevented any reasonable discussion” and, therefore, were responsible for the officials not taking appropriate action.  This can be viewed as nothing but a mischaracterization that is easily refuted in the public record of the meetings as well as the follow up correspondence providing the citations and source documents.   The information stands on its own, despite the gross misrepresentation as reported by the Observer.  One would have to question the motivations of the editor in doing this.  One might also wonder if the Observer served to delay the information, preoccupied with the messengers rather than the message.


note the location of the WiFi antenna

As there are thousands of studies that have accumulated over the decades, countless websites, Facebook groups and pages, books and films dedicated to documenting and conveying the harms from RF-radiation, neither Joe nor myself had a lock on the information.  It was always in the public domain.  The Fullerton Observer was free to research this material on its own and they, apparently, disliked our demeanor and the science to the extent that it precluded them from reporting on this “emerging public health crisis.”   It’s too bad that they waited these two years, while the FSD students were being irradiated in school, to wait for this one piece of information that they deemed worthy of reporting.


note the location of the WiFi antenna on his zipper

Nevertheless, the issue is and always was about getting the truth about wireless radiation out there, especially where the children are concerned.  For that reason, we are happy that the Observer is finally responding.  I hope the Observer article is the catalyst for the immediate removal of WiFi from the schools in Fullerton.

For a newspaper, ethics is everything and truth in reporting essential.  Nothing less will do.D.H.






  1. #1 by Joe Imbriano on May 21, 2015 - 8:23 am

    On March 5, 2013, the crusade to remove wireless emission sources from classrooms and cell towers from parks and schools began. From day one, credible scientific information in the form of handouts, fliers, and statements from PHD’s, scientists, oncologists, medical doctors, public health researchers and my own personal observations were handed on a silver platter to ALL the school board members, and council members in Fullerton. In addition we expanded the scope of our efforts to include cities and school districts all over the state of California. I personally have placed tens of thousands of pages of quotes and studies from scientific experts as well as my own stern warnings of this wireless sterilization agenda on car windshields at various school functions and sporting events for several years now. The Fullerton school district, Brea Olinda Unfied, PLYUSD, Glendale Unfiied, and even the LAUSD have all ignore the information in spite of a constant barrage of credible scientific information urging them to TURN OFF THE WiFi systems and hardwire the schools.

    The only school district that has hardwired their facilities and refused to deploy WiFi networks thus far is the Fullerton Joint Union High School District. They have gone on record stating that “SAFETY IS ONE OF THE CONCERNS THAT WENT INTO THE DECISION…”

    We have also attempted to block the installation of cell towers next to schools and residences. One success story actually ended up being so heated that several of my associates were framed by the Fullerton Police Department as a direct result of their activism. Fortunately, the DA saw through this scam but the ringleader Jan Flory just can’t seem to let it go.

    The Fullerton Observer is no stranger to this wireless debate or the frame up job either. As a matter of fact, Sharon ran stories slandering several of us running cover for the criminal behavior emanating from our police department. It was amazing to see what a liar she really appears to be. I watched for years how she has also mischaracterized, misquoted, omitted or even totally misrepresented public statements we have repeatedly made at council and school board meetings regarding the dangers of microwave exposure from cell towers, iPads, WiFi and other microwave emission sources. Ironically, initially, she appeared somewhat interested in getting to the bottom of the wireless issue. Obviously the pressure from her establishment goonies that read her rag got the better of her and the issue quickly disappeared from her publication in hopes that the public would forget about it.

    So here we are over 2 years later after the entire FSD has gone wireless with EVERY CHILD FORCED TO USE IPADS AND BE EXPOSED TO MICROWAVE EMISSIONS TRILLIONS OF TIMES BACKGROUND LEVELS as a condition of receiving a public education. Now she is claiming that the demeanor of some individuals at the school board meetings (read that Joe Imbriano and company) is the reason that Pletka, Berryman, Thompson, Thornly, Meyer, and Sugarman couldn’t have a reasonable discussion? Sharon in my opinion, you are a complete moron! So because you don’t like how I speak the truth and how I deliver my message so that gives the FSD and the city council the right to ignore all of the scientific information that they have been provided with and CONTINUE TO HARM THESE CHILDREN FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS?

    Last night I picked up a copy at the Fullerton City Hall and partially read it. I read it again this AM.Ha! Because of one commenter’s demeanor (Joe) and one who presented information that did not “pan out”, we can blame these messengers for the FSD kids’ sitting in RF-radiation for the past two years. Anyone that was present through all of the meetings, that are on the record, and that includes all of the FJUHSD, City Council, and FSD would know that is a lie. We have been very careful and have crafted our comments so that the information is easily understood and organized to convey the seriousness. We always followup with links to the studies, resolutions, media sources. This has been a huge effort and, as a messenger, integrity of the information was always at the forefront as we always realized that this is a very serious responsibility and so much is at stake.

    There are so many liars among these folks that they wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them upside the head. We have it from Mother Jones, now, and so we must act. We never understood because these two commentors were not providing credible information. Indeed, the implication may be that we precluded this issue from moving forward and for the last two years are responsible for the harm to the kids and the teachers. But, now that we have it from the source of all integrity, Mother Jones, we can sit up and take notice.

    Guess what? Fullerton doesn’t need any more nitwits coming after Joe Imbriano because of the lies Sharon is printing. I do want to thank the hacks at the Observer for finally putting the FSD on the defensive and after trying to throw me under the bus, you finally are starting to put the screws to the creeps that ignore everything that is shoved into their face. Now they will have to face the parents because the elephant in the room has taken a huge dump Sharon and you have just wiped it all over your face along with the rest of these idiots that think it is ok to perform radiation experiments on school children. Thank you for finally caving into the pressure, after for two years making an ass out of yourself by throwing the children under the bus. Now you finally are using your rag for something besides lining for pet rodent cages. I look forward to more coverage of the wireless issue. What you printed in your paper about the dangers is merely one piece that you received as a direct result of your communication with my associate. Sharon, there are thousands of studies that we have provided to these board members via email, in person and in blog posts.

    As the readership of the Observer gentrifies, we need another paper that will deal with the serious and significant issues for those that have not yet turned into zombies. Fortunately we have the internet whose content lasts far longer than that printed on the yellowing establishment rag that has come to the end of its usefulness unless it turns around and does what is right, not what runs cover for,serves and protects those who do continue to do wrong.

  2. #2 by AAEM letter sent to FSD on May 21, 2015 - 2:12 pm

    Fullerton Observer quote:

    “There are legitimate sources advocating caution about the location of wireless devices.”

    The Observer cites the letter from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine as “legitimate.”
    Does the Observer know that FSD trustees received a letter directly from AAEM about the radiation? So, what is legitimate to the Observer is not to the trustees?

    I guess it doesn’t matter what the source when FSD is intent on buying iPads and irradiating children.

    • #3 by Joe Imbriano on May 21, 2015 - 8:17 pm

      Ironically, the reason that The Fullerton Observer received this letter from the AAEM was a direct result of our efforts. In addition, back in May of 2013, we had the AAEM draft and sent the letter to all of the FSD trustees and the superintendant. Now Sharon claims that this letter is legitimate while the FSD trustees COMPLETELY IGNORE IT along WITH EVERYTHING ELSE WE HAVE SENT THEM FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS. What an indictment of the FSD trustees and Dr. Pletka.

      Honestly if anyone is really to be blamed for the harm to these children, it would be Sharon Kennedy who has for the last two years,stymied vritually all attempts to protect these children. What she has allowed to happen by refusing to use her paper to do the right thing is in my opinion, criminal. Instead of sounding the alarm, she used her paper to attempt to ruin people like Barry Levinson, Alfredo Gutieerez and myself by printing outright lies. She even went on to mischaracterize, misquote, and omit Diane’s, my own and Mr. Levison’s public comments made at public meetings regarding dangers such as cancer, infertility and a myriad of other chronic health problems these wireless devices and systems have been shown to produce. Diane’s comments were always backed up by science, followed up with links that were valid and her demeanor was the gold standard when it came to citizen activism and civic involvement.

      My demeanor is not the the issue. It has been made the issue as an attempt to create for those involved, a scapegoat, to cover for the fact that they to this very day, continue to harm the children. Sharon just as guilty. Sharon was provided with letters, emails, studies, links and plenty of council feed video, school board meeting public comments where she and her reporters were in attendance.

      The assertion that a reasonable discussion was prevented between those entrusted with safeguarding our children’s health regarding an issue with such incredible importance over one person’s demeanor is just the embodiment of pure evil considering what is at stake here.

      • #4 by streets on May 23, 2015 - 10:11 pm

        Great points as always Joe. Sharon is a liberal establishment hack. Obviously this issue is becoming to large for these people to contain so she will try some political maneuvering to save face. Nothing new here.

  3. #5 by Gandhi on May 21, 2015 - 5:38 pm

    “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  4. #6 by Electromagnetic Warfare on June 10, 2015 - 12:33 pm

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