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Air Combat USA files a $500 million dollar lawsuit against the Fullerton airport manager and the City of Fullerton by Barry Levinson.

Barry Levinson


Here is the lawsuit:


Mike Blackstone of Air Combat USA, Inc is suing both the City of Fullerton and Brendan O’Reilly the Fullerton City Airport Manager for damages of $50,000,000 and punitive damages for $450,000,000 for a total of $500,000,000.  I The plaintiff, Air Combat USA, Inc. is suing for damages for Intentional Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract, Negligence and for Specific Performance.  Joe Imbriano and myself have spoken and met with Mr. Blackstone and based on our conversations and the evidence he shared with us we believe Mr. Blackstone has an very strong case against the Defendants in my laymen opinion. 

At the November 21, 2017 Fullerton Council meeting, Mike Blackstone, Joe Imbriano and myself spoke about the lawsuit and things related to it.  Unfortunately both Mayor Bruce Whitaker and Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald behaved rudely and disrespectfully to the speakers.  

Mike Blackstone, Barry Levinson and Joe Imbriano speak at the 11-21-17 Fullerton City council meeting as Air Combat USA filed a $500 million dollar lawsuit against the Fullerton airport manager, and the City of Fullerton alleging breach of contract and more.

Mike Blackstone spoke before the city council first.  As mentioned above, he has brought a 500 million dollar lawsuit against the Manager of the Fullerton City Airport and the City of Fullerton for all the above given reasons.  Mr Blackstone has evidence to support each of his above claims in my humble opinion.  

While both Mr. Blackstone and myself were speaking on this subject during public comments, Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald saw fit to smirk and laugh throughout our presentations from the dais.  What kind of an arrogant, contemptuous individual behaves in such a manner while representing the good people of Fullerton?  Obviously the answer is one Jennifer Fitzgerald.  

Next, Mayor Whitaker added to his many previous sins by not being truthful while both Mr. Blackstone and myself had the floor to speak to them.  I spoke about the fact that Mike Blackstone of Air Combat USA, Inc., who between himself and his father spent the last 38 years being a tenant at the Fullerton Municipal Airport, met with Bruce Whitaker about the failure of the city to provide him a new lease for his business. When Mr. Blackstone did not receive any follow-up from our Mayor, he decided to attend the last Talk Around the Town that our Mayor holds monthly. You know the one that is advertised that the Mayor will answer the public’s questions about any matter concerning our city.  Well Mayor Whitaker would not acknowledge Mr. Blackstone during his question and answer period although he had his hand up throughout that part of the event.  So after being I believe intentionally ignored by our Mayor, he waited to the very end to approach the Mayor just to have a minute of two of his time. Mayor Whitaker brushed him off stating he had to leave immediately.

So what did Mayor Whitaker rudely do while I was speaking, he continuously shook his head “No” and mouthed words denying my comments.   These poor excuses for elected representatives demand from us that we be respectful and follow their self-imposed rules but when it suits them they throw all the rules out the window.   

Of course, the remainder of the city council ignored our comments as well.   That would be Doug Chaffee, Greg Sebourn and Jesus Silva.  I believe that all five council members know or at least at this time should know that the city has breached its contract with Mike Blackstone of Air Combat USA.   And what do these corrupt moral midgets (and I am not referring to their height) do, they along with our new City Manager have placed an agenda item for the very next council meeting to change (I suspect expand) the zoning for the Fullerton Municipal Airport for one of the main antagonists against Air Combat USA who wants to take over their space at the airport.   I am referring to a relatively new business at the Fullerton Municipal Airport, called Hanger 21 owned by La Habra Reserve Officer Robert Sims who works as a Reserve Officer in the Narcotics Unit of the La Habra Police Department. 

Rob Sims

Finally, since Mr. Blackstone reached out to Joe Imbriano and myself prior to filing his lawsuit against the city, I can state unequivocally that his case not only has merit but that he has the documented proof I believe necessary to prove his case before a judge or a jury.  

Please note that in the short time I have gotten to know Mike Blackstone, I find him not only to be very believable but also someone who will fight for his principles, honor and his lifetime business.
An F-18 instructor pilot was conducting a simulated training run on August 24, 2016 at Fullerton Municipal Aircraft for Mikes’ business using one of Mike’s planes when he ran into mechanical difficulty with the rudder of the aircraft while taking off, which caused a crash landing into one of the hangers.   This destroyed the aircraft but luckily the pilot and his passenger were not hurt in the crash.   This was the same plane that Mike himself told me he flew the most out of his entire fleet and it was certainly unnerving to Mike that it could have very easily been Mike piloted that aircraft that day.  The FAA is still looking into what may have caused the problem with the rudder.
Now, I suspect that the city will no doubt try through a large monetary settlement to make Mike Blackstone go away.  I think that strategy will fail because Mike wants to win his case and stay at the Fullerton Municipal Airport for many, many years to come.
This case as presented is a civil case but when it comes to trial, it is my opinion that there very well could be enough evidence to then file criminal charges against certain people either representing the city and/or working for the city.  All I can say to Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald is that this is certainly not a laughing matter! 

I report, you decide-Barry Levinson


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