Shame on Fullerton’s homegrown sellout Young Kim for the betrayal of millions of children voting Yes on SB 277

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Young Kim claims that, after a lot of thoughtful consideration, she rises to support SB 277.

Ms. Kim, your consideration is not what matters. What matters are  the rights of your constituents and your duty is to uphold the Constitution and to protect the welfare of everyone.  SB 277 and vaccines do no such thing.  

kim 7
She claims she understands the opposition’s arguments and appreciates their positions.

Ms. Kim it appears that you understand nothing but what Dr. Pan dropped off in your office to read and the only position you care about is yours in the Assembly. 

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She claims that at the end of the day, she cannot vote against a bill that will protect the public and our children.

She actually voted for a bill that is laying the groundwork for the most nefarious agenda in human history-total sterilization of children, forced medical experimentation on school children (read the text of the bill) and making the rest of us sick with toxic injections loaded with cancer viruses,hormones, metals, toxins, nano technology compounds and carcinogens.

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She claims vaccines are safe and effective.

Vaccines are neither safe, nor are they effective. The truth of the matter is she is putting schools and communities at risk by her wholesale sellout to big pharma and the eugenicist interests that are hell bent on the clandestine culling of humanity with these laced injections. 

kim 11

Young Kim claims that personal belief exemptions put schools and communities at risk.

Young Kim never mentions the fact that religious rights are being destroyed and that this is a satanic agenda forcibly injecting parts of murdered unborn children with cancer viruses, sterilants, IQ reducing hormones, metals, nano technology, carcinogens and toxins into the virgin bloodstreams of your children.

kim 12

She claims vaccines wont be effective if we don’t have high rates of participation.

Vaccines either work or they don’t, Ms. Kim,regardless of the percentages. Herd immunity has been scientifically proven to be a myth.

kim 13

She claims that not passing this bill would have a chilling effect on not only California, but it would also undermine the global efforts to safeguard adults and children from disease.

The reality is if this bill fails, then it would send a chilling effect to the entire nation and the world that if any government body attempts to forcibly inject sterilants, disease fragments, cancer viruses or toxins into its citizens bodies against the will of the governed, it will be met with resistance. Defeating this bill will actually undermine the elite’s depopulation plans and would safeguard adults and children from being poisoned and sterilized. 


She claims that vaccines have almost eradicated polio.

Water and sewage treatment, banning of pesticides, the end of nuclear testing, good nutrition, hygiene, ending the spraying of massive toxic pesticides on school children, ending the open dumping of toxic and radioactive waste into rivers and farms and of course the advent of heating have all improved health and reduced the toxic overload that was once labeled polio. Wild indigenous polio virus has never been isolated PERIOD! Polio is still with us, it has just been relabled as muscular dystrophy, ALS, and epstein barr, etc.

kim 3

She calls the measles outbreak an epidemic.

There was never a measles epidemic. The only epidemic underway right now is the full scale attack on parental rights and human fertility by governments all over the world driven by top down eugenics agendas via tyrannical edicts such as this bill.

kim 14

She claims that whether these events or outbreaks occur on a large or small scale, they shouldn’t be happening at all.

Whether vaccine injury that damages children happens on a large scale or small scale, these events shouldn’t be happening to our children at all Ms. Kim. How do you ignore the thousands of parents who brought their vaccine injured children to the capitol and the billions paid out by vaccine injury fund? How do explain your home country of Korea having the highest Autism rates in the world? Do you want to bring that distinction to The US?

kim 3

She cannot imagine sending our kids to daycare or school exposing them to a growing risk that is preventable.

Forced vaccination for school entry is responsible for a documented growing risk to all children that is preventable by avoiding vaccines that are unsafe, made in foreign countries with no quality control which have been found to contain sterilants, cancer viruses, carcinogens, aborted fetal tissue, hela cells and nano technology that is being used as a weapon against our children.

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She goes on to thank the author of the bill for his willingness to improve this bill.

If YOUNG KIM  was concerned about improving this bill and making sure schools  were safe and schools being a hotbed for infectious disease, THEN WHY ARE THE TEACHERS, STAFF, AND ALL SCHOOL DISTRICT PERSONNEL NOT BEING INCLUDED TO BE FORCIBLY VACCINATED AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT in this bill? Why Ms. Kim, after your so called thoughtful consideration, did this not occur to you? PBE’s are already being reduced by AB 2109. Vaccination rates are rising. Well it is not about disease prevention folks, its about pregnancy prevention.

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This bill is aimed right at the children’s reproductive function and that is why tetanus vaccines are required of pubescent middle school children when it is not even a communicable disease and the annual morbidity from tetanus during the 20th century was lower than horse riding accidents. The tetanus vaccine is the ideal carrier for the sterilizing hormone beta HCG. Step right up and read all about it right here.

SB 277  is from the pit of hell and the only way to improve this bill is to gut it or let it die. I cannot believe that for the 25 years that Young Kim worked in Ed Royce’s office and the millions it took to put this sellout in Sacramento, that this is the caliber of representation the 65th gets with this yes on SB 277 hack who found herself absent from the committee vote trying to keep planned parenthood away from our molesting the minds and souls of our children. SHAME ON YOUNG KIM!

kim 5

I am ashamed of this woman ,Young Kim, who asserts herself as a so called Christian conservative Republican. The best she could do was read a canned, prepared speech with a bunch of lies and disinformation just so she can stay popular with the demonically inclined eugenicists that pose as our saviors while they destroy the very foundation of our society by plunging it into medical tyranny on her watch on my dime in my district.

kim 3

Has this poor woman failed to learn or refuse to acknowledge, that not so long ago, in a land not so far away, basic human rights meant nothing to this man?  

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Kim Jong Il who is now spending eternity in hell where he belongs

What this woman has done today has set in motion the slippery slope that this man pictured above could have only dreamed of involving the satanic injection aborted fetal tissue, chemical poisoning, castration, brain damaging and the culling of the innocents in a way that would spark the imaginations of every demonically inclined dictator that ever went before him. Forcing medical procedures and cannibalistic  toxic injections with complete immunity on children violates every tenet of  The Holy Bible, a free society and our Nation’s core principles. This is a direct attack on humanity and  God’s plan for His people.

kim 14

What does The Bible say about those who harm children?  King James Bible
It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

kim 2

Prayer today is in order and it all needs to be in Jesus name. This is a satanic agenda forcibly injecting parts of murdered unborn children with cancer viruses, sterilants, IQ reducing hormones, metals, nano technology, carcinogens and toxins into the virgin bloodstreams of your children. This is the line in the sand. The canary party, health choice, our kids our choice, pharma interests, and the eugenecists have hijacked the movement and have sold you and your children all down the river along with all of the pickpocket church leaders who have been silent all along. Folks, pull your children out of public school and stop giving money to the phony churches that have stood by in silence while yours and your children’s God given and reproductive rights to have a healthy life and children of their own is being stripped away with a syringe and a pen. Home school your children and protect them from the common core, the sterilizing vaccines. the sterilizing forced wireless exposure and the radical godless secular humanist agendas in these prisons called classrooms. Public school is no place for your children. It is not safe anymore. It is time for us to stand our ground, draw the line in the sand and invoke the help of The One who put the 75,000 miles of circulatory system in the miracles of our children. Please read Ephesians 6 and be in prayer today. May this demonic agenda from the pit of hell be stopped in its tracks, may those behind it repent of their evil deeds and may we as parents find the courage to do what is necessary to ensure that children can still be born and inherit eternal life, in Jesus name, AMEN.

  1. #1 by Message to Young Kim on June 26, 2015 - 6:15 am

    “Vaccines are crap. They are NOT safe. They are NOT effective. Forcing vaccines, made in China, India, and Bengladesh, with no safety testing, on our children, and/or adults, is insanity. telling us that our bodies, and our children’s bodies, belong to the state, is un-American. Suggesting that not-fully-vaccinated children are “dirty” and need to be isolated from society, is going to get a revolution started. Denying schooling is simply NOT going to happen. Anyone who proposes this kind of crap is NEVER going to stay in political office – and will NEVER be elected, again, to anything.”

  2. #2 by Anonymous on June 26, 2015 - 12:29 pm

    Hey Joe, why are you giving her alter ego to the north of us a pass?

  3. #3 by The Twilight Zone on June 26, 2015 - 12:55 pm

    When will the electorate learn that RINO Republicans are helping to ruin our country.

    Question: Why are terrorists both dangerous and terrifying to the public?
    Answer: They are dangerous and terrifying because they are in the shadows. What we can not see is frightening to us. All RINO Republicans can be physically seen but the votes they make once in office are not foreseen by us. Therefore, we literally have an opponent that many of us have voted for to represent us in government.

    This is why those who believe it is better to vote for the lesser of two evils usually get in wrong. I say it is better to know your opponent/enemy rather than having your opponent as your supposed ally.

    Ms. Kim has seemingly joined forces with Mr. Sebourn and Ms. Fitzgerald as Fullerton’s RINO representatives.

    I say this because I believe she has not come out against Common Core. This is a very important issue for those who believe schools should be run exclusively at the local level without state and federal interference or bribes (grant money).

  4. #4 by Anonymous on June 26, 2015 - 3:12 pm

    God Bless you Mr. Imbriano. You continue to do what we are called to do as Christians. Your courage and tenacity is amazing! This woman is a very lost soul and is a very dangerous person to all of us. Young Kim is given over to the love of money. She needs much prayer.

    • #5 by streets on July 7, 2015 - 1:42 pm

      Young Kim is a total phony conservative just like her gal pal on the council-Jennifer Fitgerald

  5. #6 by Kameron Krause on September 11, 2015 - 8:37 am

    I absolutely love this publication. You guys rock. Somebody with the balls to say whats really going on. Amen and God Bless you all .

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